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Sarner Ski Rohrer Leiten 12 39058 Sarentino BZ Italy IG




Multipurpose ski that lends itself to multiple uses. If mounted with a track binding, it will be the ideal weapon for long days of freeridring. If equipped with a mountaineering binding, it can be used by the most demanding freetourers for challenging open mountain tours. The large 350mm rocker guarantees excellent floatation in fresh and deep snow, without affecting performance when encountering windy snow or more difficult terrain. Solid and versatile ski.

All-around ski suitable for both intermediate skiers and demanding sportsmen with a good technical background. The improved longitudinal flexibility, combined with increased torsional stiffness make this ski more intuitive, without hiding the intrinsic sporting feature of the model. Mainly suitable for the track, it performs very well on all types of snow, whether compact or icy, always transmitting safety and precision of action.

Developed for the female audience, it maintains the same technical features as the men’s version, but with updated measurements. Ideal ski for long days on the slopes: whatever the type of snow, this ski will respond in a precise and safe way and will guarantee excellent performance even for the most demanding female skiers. Softer longitudinal flex and increased torsional rigidity allow an intuitive and stable edge grip on all types of slopes.

Size 168-178-188 Sidecut 136/99/122 Rocker Tip Rocker 20cm Radius 21m Gr 1900 € 700,00

Size 157-164-170-176-181 Sidecut 121/71/106 Rocker No Rocker Radius 14m Gr 1720 € 860,00

Size 145-151-157 Sidecut 121/71/106 Rocker No Rocker Radius 10m Gr 1534 € 820,00