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Summary of Admission Plan Requirements Nature of plan:

Early Decision (Hampden-Sydney is first choice)

Early Action I and II

Regular Decision

Early Admission (after three years of secondary school)

Application and fee due:

Postmarked on or before November 15 of senior year

I. Postmarked on or before December 15 of senior year II. Postmarked on or before January 15 of senior year

Postmarked on or before March 1 of senior year*

Postmarked on or before July 1 after junior year

Other credentials due:

As soon as possible after application is submitted

As soon as possible after application is submitted

As soon as possible after application is submitted

By July 15 after junior year

SAT or ACT tests taken:

Before November of senior year

Before January of senior year

Before February of senior year

Before May of junior year

Notification of decision sent to applicant:

14 Business days after file is complete

14 Business days after file is complete

14 Business days after file is complete

By July 31 after junior year

Reservation deposit due:

Postmarked on or before January 15

Postmarked on or before May 1

Postmarked on or before May 1

Within three weeks

*Freshman candidates considering applying after March 1 should contact the Admissions Office to determine the availability of space.

academic work completed at the college level is a more current indicator of a student’s potential success at Hampden-Sydney, the Admissions Committee also considers the high-school record and test scores. Personal interviews are strongly encouraged. Qualified transfer students desiring to enter in the fall semester should apply by July 1. Those interested in second-semester admission should apply by December 1. Hampden-Sydney normally offers junior-year standing to students holding an A.A. degree in liberal-arts subject matter from an accredited community or junior college. A 3.0 (B) or higher grade-point average is usually required for automatic junior-year standing. Up to, but not exceeding, 60 credit hours may be given for course work similar to that offered by HampdenSydney for students applying under this category. A student from another institution must have earned a grade of “C” or better in all courses which he presents for transfer. Credit is normally awarded only for those courses equivalent to courses offered at Hampden-Sydney College.

A transfer student must meet all of Hampden-Sydney’s proficiency and distribution requirements, either as a result of his previous college work or after matriculation at HampdenSydney. After a student has been accepted for admission, the Registrar will evaluate the student’s official transcript and award applicable credit. The College normally denies admission to a transfer applicant if he is ineligible to return to the college from which he wishes to transfer, or if his previous college work fails to show promise of success at Hampden-Sydney. Transfer students who expect to receive six credit hours for composition courses taken elsewhere must take and pass the Rhetoric Proficiency Examination at the beginning of their first semester of residence. DUAL ENROLLMENT Dual enrollment credits for students earning college credits while enrolled in high school are handled like transfer credits (please see previous section). It is the student’s responsibility to see that an official transcript from the community

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Academic Catalogue, 2019-20  

Academic Catalogue, 2019-20