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This is a view of Venable Hall from the southeast. Today’s rear parking lot would be just to the left out of the picture. It captures the only known image of the Seminary Gymnasium (at left) that once stood behind the building.


ost of the brick-and-mortar buildings that rose to replace the Old College of 1775 have remained stubbornly resilient in their refusal to fall. Cushing, Venable, Graham, and others were the products of a massive fundraising effort during the 1820s, and through the years thousands of students, faculty, and staff have walked through their seemingly timeless halls during their lives at Hampden-Sydney. Bellringer “Uncle John” Evans circa 1920 at the original Cushing belfry.

Profile for Hampden-Sydney College

Record of Hampden-Sydney, Spring, 2016  

Record of Hampden-Sydney, Spring, 2016