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MARCH 2014



PRINCIPAL’S COMMENT Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou It has been an incredibly busy term. As we near the

daughter to see how many credits your daughter is

end of a 12 week term, it is important to take the

working towards this year.

opportunity to reflect on the term that has been, and the up and coming term 2. Focus areas for reflection needs to be first and foremost, academic reflection.

Interim reports will be issued April 16th, via your daughter. We will also endeavor to have her report e-mailed to you as a pdf file or have it available on

Our junior school needs to be focussing on

the parent portal. Parent interviews will be held on

establishing good routines, study habits and a focus

May 7th and 8th at Hamilton Girls’ High School and

for the future. Our intention is to engage Year 9 and

we encourage you to meet your daughter’s teachers

10 students in learning that enables each student

to further support her learning. Information on

to experience a curriculum that engages, challenges

how to arrange your parent interview online will be

and allows them to strive for personal excellence. If

available shortly.

your daughter requires more support, please make contact with the school, via her tutor group teacher and Deans, as soon as possible.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, which went live a week ago and is located at the same address:

Our staff will continue to provide support for our

nz. Advantages of the new website include a more

students through academic tracking and mentoring.

robust page layout, easy navigation, more detailed

The questions that our tutor group teacher’s are

information about our school organization and

asking of your daughter are:

student achievements. The site will be updated on a

What are your academic goals for 2014?

regular basis to better reflect up to date information,

What are your co-curricular goals for 2014

including notices, up and coming events and

(this means activities outside the classroom,

student achievement. We hope that you find the

such as music, drama, sport or debating)

new website has a fresh look, is easy to use and is

What are your strengths?

informative. Feedback will be sought at a later date.

What are the areas you need to develop?

How will you achieve your goals?

Tell us about your support systems? i.e.

people or systems who will help you achieve

your goals

If you haven’t done so already, this is a great starting point for a “learning conversation” with your daughter. On our new website nz, we have put together a suggested way to track your daughter’s NCEA credits. Please take the time to look at this in more depth and to work with your

On another note, I wish to acknowledge and thank all the students, coaching management and staff for representing Hamilton Girls’ High School with pride at the recent Summer Tournament last week. Special congratulations to Georgia Allen, winning Gold in the U18 Single Sculls, HGHS Softball team for being placed 2nd in NZ and to the HGHS 7’s rugby team for winning the North Island 7’s tournament at the Mount.



BUSINESS STUDIES On Friday the 7th of March, five Level 2 and Level 3 Business Studies classes from our school went along with Mr Mitchell and Ms Murdoch to WINTEC for the Young Enterprise Scheme E-Day (Enterprise Day). We learnt a lot on what we would be doing this year as part of Young Enterprise Scheme. There were various other schools there too and some that came from out of Hamilton. There were many guests there to speed-coach the many student business groups at E-Day. We got speed-coaching from a variety of local business people and we were able to explain our product ideas to them and in return, we received advice on how we could improve our businesses to run more efficiently. We thought it was a great day and we had a lot of fun. We can’t wait to start making our products and selling

GALA DAY FUNDRAIsER April 14th - Lunchtime in the Quad

them. Lisa Joe and Brenda Woods – Year 13 Business Studies students.

VISUAL ARTS LEVEL 2 DESIGN The girls have just handed in their first internal assessment. One of the tasks was a brief given to us by Ara Taiohi for people working with young people group. The brief was to create a poster for the National Youth Week competition, the theme being ‘Be the Change’. This gave the girls a great opportunity to apply the skills they are starting to learn using the Adobe Creative Suite in a real life/industry setting. The girls used Photoshop for this task where they started to learn more aspects of the programme. The girls also looked at a few different designers and did their own brainstorming before they started their layouts. Here are a few examples of the outcome. As you can see, they have all come up with their own individual ideas. The competition closed on the 21st of March. Good luck to the entrants.


Top Row - Romana Auer Bottom Row - Leah Nicholson RIGHT PAGE:

Top Row - Gabrielle Gardner and Alysha Ellis Bottom Row - Leah Nicholson and Karen Leng

ENGLISH The focus of Year 10 English this term is writing. All Year 10 students have been analysing effective writing and are now beginning to produce their own creative pieces. The students in 10XA have written their own poetry, some of which is reproduced here for your enjoyment.


1APS and 1APO Beach Education Assessment at Raglan On 14th and 17th March our four Level 1 PE classes

aid, CPR and keeping safe in rips. The afternoon

travelled bright and early to Raglan to complete

included a run- swim- run where the conditions

the Beach Education assessments that they have

on Monday were brutal, followed by a beach flags

been working on since the start of term 1. The day

competition and a tube rescue. It was a long and

started with a 5km run along the beach dodging

tiring day but we were proud of the commitment

the jellyfish, followed by beach sprints in the soft

and determination shown by all students. Well done

sand. The students also took a tour of Raglan surf


life club and then participated in workshops on first

Miss Cox, Mr Devcich and Mrs Rakete


We have been learning about the states of matter and Mrs Le Miere brought in some dry ice which is solid carbon dioxide. When we put a metal spoon on the solid carbon dioxide it made a squeaky sound because the solid boiled and changed to a gas. We also put some dry ice into a beaker with water. It bubbled lots and the indicator showed that it made the water turn acidic. It was fun!


The Microscope World: Yr 12 Biology There are four Y12 Biology classes at Hamilton Girls’ High School and the students in these classes

The material being prepared for viewing includes

are busy practising their microscope skills for an

different plant tissues such as onion epidermis,

Achievement Standard worth 3 credits. The students

potato cells, Elodea cells and rhubarb leaf epidermis

are practising the preparation of biological material

and animals cells such as cheek cells. As well as this

for viewing under the light microscope to enable

they have looked at daphnia and lots of different

the detail of cell structures and components to be

unicellular organisms. This has been lots of fun and

determined. After preparing slides and focusing the

some students have been taking some great photos

material under the microscope the students record

with their phones. These are some of the pictures

their observations in biological drawings in order to

the girls in Mrs Bergman’s class have taken.

identify the specialised features.

SOCIAL STUDIES MP visits Year 12 Social Studies On Monday the 10th March, the Social Studies

votes and why different MP’s vote for different

department invited David Bennett, MP for Hamilton

reasons. Mr Bennett also explained why he changed

East to come and speak to the Year 12 classes about

his vote from not wanting a change in the existing

the gay marriage legislation. The students have been

legislation to voting for a change. His first-hand

examining different perspectives around this issue

account of this is invaluable and many students were

and David Bennett was an MP who changed his

able to use his perspective to help them develop

position on this Bill in the third reading. He spoke

their answers for the internal assessment on Social

to the girls about how MP’s get to have conscience


SOCIAL STUDIES Year 11 Geography Tarawera field trip Earlier this term 42 Year 11 Geography students travelled down to Rotorua to get some first hand experience on the Tarawera eruption of 1886. First we had an insightful visit to the Rotorua Museum, where an educator spoke with the girls about the different types of eruptions that had happened in the area. They also experienced first hand what it would have been like to have been in the eruption in the Movie Simulator. After lunch, we travelled out to the Buried Village. These are the buried remains of the Te Wairoa village which was destroyed in the eruption. Here the girls were able to see first the amount of ash and volcanic mud that rained down on the village and the impact on the cultural and natural environment that the eruption had on surrounding areas. It was an extremely interesting and valuable trip for the girls and provided them with a real life examples for their external exam on Extreme Natural Events.

9EA have been practising their poetry writing skills using figurative language by working in a group to produce a poem around the theme of New Zealand.


Swinging in the hammock by the Pohutakawa tree

Not a care in the world, I feel so free.

Hot summer days

Beaming sun rays

Kids going slpash,

Waves going crash. Chips attracting seagulls, like bees to honey

Ear to ear smile because the weather is so balmy.

Salt in the air,

Sand in my hair. A beautiful breeze, floating across the seas.

The wind whistles, the water ripples

Drawing in the sand, getting tanned. To call this our home, we are proud

Image: Yvannia And Georgia saying their poem “Home�. Poem to the right.

The land of the long white cloud.

This is the grand,

And beautiful New Zealand.


School in the Philippines - Shaira Mendoza In the Philippines: We don’t get two weeks of vacation at the end of every term. We only have Christmas and Summer vacation.

project and the exam. We have three full days of exam at the end of every term. All of these are repeated four times through the year.

School starts at 7am and ends at 4pm.

We all speak Tagalog but we are required to speak English in most subjects, as it is the medium of instruction. We stay in one classroom for the whole year. It is really fun because we develop strong friendships.

We can’t choose our subjects. We are required to take all of them. They are, English, Filipino, Maths, Science, History, Technology, and Livelihood Education, MAPEH – Music, Arts, PE and Health and Values Education. Instead of combining credits from all subjects to pass, each subject is graded individually. We receive these grades every term and by the end of the year, we’ll get the average. For each subject we are graded on homework, quizzes, recitation, performance output,

Moving to HGHS was a very big change but I do like it better. I crammed a lot back in my country. It felt really good to know that I have a lot of time here. In HIS (Philippines), we were all Filipinos, so it’s a great experience to be in this school where there are a lot of international students.

Comparing HGHS to my old school back in Tonga - Mele Nginingini First of all both schools have hard subjects. I know it would be easier for me to work, complete tests, exams and homework at my old school as we use Tongan which is my first language. Here it is more difficult for me to learn as I am still struggling with the language but I like the way the teachers at HGHS teach students. Both schools teach mostly the same subjects except HGHS has Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and French. Both wear uniforms. I liked my old uniform but I like HGHS uniform more. There is no winter in Tonga. Both schools finish around the same time, but my old school has only one week of holidays between each term. We have 4 terms also that start on the last week of January and end in the last week of November. My old school is co-educational.

My old school allows hitting (corporal punishment) for boys only. Teachers are allowed to hit boys if they have done something horrible but teachers don’t hit them very hard. My old school has an assembly every Monday and Friday mornings and for special occasions like a funeral. Notices like athletics are read out in front of the whole school. My old school is a Catholic school, not very expensive to attend like some of the other private schools. There are about 30 schools in Tonga. I think the best way to increase or develop English for International Students is for the teachers to give us basic word exercises and test us regularly, making each exercise harder. All of this depends on the student – if they are willing to do it.

Differences between school in Kiribati and New Zealand. Betty Taraua In Kiribati schools starts at 8.00 and finishes at 3.00. When we go to school in Kiribati, we don’t speak English; we speak in our own language. When we are late to school the gate is locked and we have to go back home. We have 6 subjects and in Kiribati we don’t have poly groups. However we have only one lunchtime. School breaks at 12.00 and all the students go inside the dining hall. First we go and order our food, and then we go and sit around the tables and wait for our food. The people who work inside the hall bring our food to us. We are not allowed to stand up and take our food because there are people who

bring our food to us. After we have eaten they take all our rubbish to the rubbish bin. Then we go to our last period when the bell has rung. In NZ school starts at 8:40 and when we are late we need to go first to the office and take our pass. We always speak English at school in NZ, but we have Poly in school and we have two lunchtimes. We break at 1:25, then we go and buy our food and sit near the classrooms or near the library and eat. When we finish we take our rubbish to the bin and wait for the bell to ring.

How are schools in Fiji different to schools in New Zealand? - Kelera Masiniqa Most of the schools in Fiji don’t have many special events, for example Pasifika by nature, Drama etc. Students get hidings, e.g. slapped on the face. The uniforms are different from here. In Fiji Form 7’s (Year 13) wear uniform. Schools here are much bigger than the schools in Fiji. Female students have to braid their hair in some schools in Fiji. This is different to girls’ schools here. Not many

accessories are allowed. Fijian schools don’t have tutor groups. Kids on the island don’t really use lunchboxes, especially the ones from the villages. They don’t talk back to the teachers. Students wear different kinds of jandals and jackets. They don’t use timetables like the ones we use here. Students stay in one class and don’t change rooms, only the teacher changes. There is only one Dean for Years 9-13.


Congratulations to Denis Eltringham who has been appointed as the Assistant Head of Department of Maths in a long term relieving position for 2014.

Scholarship Classes

The Year 9s seem like an awesome bunch and we are

Scholarship classes have started for Calculus at Level

and into their maths classes.

2 and 3. Both classes run after school on Mondays from 3.30pm. The Level 2 class is taken by Ms Chan and Level 3 by Ms Leong.

very pleased that they are settling well into school

There are no study periods timetabled for Yr 11 and 12 seniors this year but students are expected to do

Statistics Scholarship classes will be starting in week 9. A definite day and time has not yet been finalised but, if you are in the 3MTS class and are interested, please contact Mr Eltringham in V5 (email: to let him know your name and days, and times you are not available out of possible Monday, Thursday or Friday afternoons

some revision and/or homework daily. This will help them to keep up with their lessons. Year 13s need to make good use of their study periods and manage their time wisely.

Message To Parents and Students who no longer study Maths:

(3:30 start).

We are currently trying to source second hand

Maths Tutoring

students to purchase. If you have one that is no

Graphics calculators (Casio FX 9750GII) for our

The Mathematics Department is running lunchtime tutorials in the first half of lunchtime for all year levels and the schedule is as follows in M11: There will be a current teacher of that year level taking the tutorials.

longer used and are willing to sell it, please phone the school (ph: 839-1304, ext 844) and leave your name and phone number. We can give you an idea of what it will be worth and pass on your details to potential buyers. You can then organise the sale yourselves.

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My name is Kelsey White and I am fortunate to have been given the role of Year 13 Technology prefect for 2014. I am a textiles (soft materials) student, and have been part of technology since I started school in Year 9.

We’re just over half way through Term 1 and

design ideas which they’ll later use in a product

technology has already started off with a bang.

design portfolio. The year 10 visual and design

Technology is an important part of school and life

classes have been learning skills such as how to

in general. It has that fun side of cooking, sewing

sketch and render and have been designing eras in

and building things but you also learn valuable skills

history, looking at each particular style and how it

in analysing, problem solving, critical thinking and

came about.

you gain technical knowledge and skills. These skills and knowledge are useful for all parts of life, and

Biotechnology: The senior biotechnology classes

it’s training for when us students go out into the

have been learning about health and safety as well

Tech industry or other jobs. Technology is now a

as researching and investigating soap (cosmetics),

University approved subject and it is highly sought

and the skills and processes involved, such as melt

for in jobs.

and pour skills, and cold process.

We’ve got a wide range of technology areas such as

Food technology and soft materials: The junior

digital technology, food technology, soft materials

food technology and soft materials classes have

(textiles), biotechnology, product design, graphics,

been learning skills to do with sewing machines and

hard materials, early childhood and hospitality.

cooking and learning the importance of health and safety. The senior food and soft materials classes

Year 9: Year 9’s have been learning to use the food

have been researching planning tools and concepts

rooms, learning about cosmetic products and after

around their chosen contexts and issues, to later

experimenting they’ll be designing and making

design and produce a final product.

their own. The year 9 product design classes have been learning how to use google sketch up to make

Hospitality: Due to changes being made to the

3D models, they’ve been researching jewellery and

hospitality standards this year, food and nutrition

containers as well as learning skills and techniques

standards have been introduced.

involved then practising and testing these skills.

Early childhood: Early childhood has full classes this

Digital technology: The junior digital technology

year and it’s a promising subject area, as this leads

classes are learning skills around word processing,

on to courses in Early Childhood care.

typing with both hands and layout documents, while the seniors are building on these skills and using databases. There’s currently a code club running which just started last week, where you learn how to programme and anyone is welcome to join. Design and visual classes: The senior design and visual classes have been learning skills such as sketching models and computing images, and they’re researching around a topic to help innovate

Kelsey White.

sports at hghs


100m, 2nd in the 200m, 3rd in the high jump and

We travelled to Porritt Stadium on 4th March full

place. For the intermediates Eden Bates had an

of trepidation but excited about our events. HGHS had a large team with 42 athletes representing our school. We were dignified in our approach and our sportswomanship epitomised everything our school is about. Our team spirit was outstanding, with many of the intermediate and senior girls mentoring the juniors and we were definitely the team that cheered the loudest in the home straight! Our finest athletes were on show and they didn’t disappoint! In order to qualify for the Waikato Bay of Plenty Championships our athletes had to achieve a top six finishing position. In total 23 students managed to do this and will be competing again at Porritt Stadium on Saturday 22nd March, so come along and support us. In our junior age group Tiana Parker came 1st in the javelin and 2nd in the shot putt and Jazmin Felix- Hotham came 2nd in the

also anchored the 4 x 100m relay team into 2nd outstanding day with 1st in the triple jump, 2nd in the high jump and 3rd in the long jump; Michaela Foster was 2nd in the shot putt; Keely Jennings was 2nd in the triple jump and 3rd in the 400m; Makaia Riki TeKanawa was 2nd in the javelin and Stephanie Lualua was 3rd in the shot putt. In our senior age group Tessa Leong ran an outstanding race in the 3000m, finishing 2nd; Mikaela Jefferson was 3rd in the shot and Jhanayah Nathan was 3rd in the discus. Other qualifiers in their respective age groups were Talei Fendall, Kelsey Phillips, Liekina Finau, Abbie Hanson, Anna Gallaher, Sharnae Taylor, Tara Kingham, Ashleigh Stoupe, Katie Lush, Renee Allan, Peaches Fletcher, Stacey Littleworth and Rhiannon Dunn. What a day girls! You did HGHS proud! Miss Cox

SPORTING SUCCESS AT HAMILTON GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL Sporting Success at Hamilton Girls’ High School

not only taking out her age group, but also coming

The last month has been a golden one for many of

in first female overall. This is a great achievement

our students and teams at Hamilton Girls.

for Katie, who continues to go from strength to strength. This placing earned her a spot in the New

Georgia Allen not only won the NZ Club U18 single

Zealand Secondary Schools Championships held on

scull final but was a convincing winner at the North

27th March in Gisborne where she finished 16th in

Island Secondary Schools Regatta in the U18 single

the U16 division.

scull final. The athletics team also had some stand out Tenika Willison, Te Awatea Whitiora-Te Uira, Carmen

performances at the Waikato-Bay of Plenty

Mataira, Leah Meagher and Manaia Waudby were

Championships. At the Waikato-Bay of Plenty

part of the winning U21 team at the Touch Club

Championships Eden Bates took out the

Nationals. Furthermore, Tenika Willison and Te

Intermediate High Jump, Jazmin Hotham won the

Awatea Whitiora-Te Uira were both selected for the

Junior Girls 200 metres and Mikaela Jefferson the

NZ U19 Girls Touch team.

Senior girls 300 metre hurdles at the Waikato-Bay of Plenty Championships. Eden, Jazmin, Mikaela, Tessa

The HGHS Senior Touch team showed their class at

Leong, Michaela Foster and Tiana Parker qualified

the Waikato-Bay of Plenty Zones competition. Not

and were selected to attend the North Island

only did they go through the competition unbeaten

Secondary Schools Championships in Masterton.

but no tries were scored against them. This is a truly outstanding effort.

We are very proud of all of these students and their accomplishments.

Katie Lush had an outstanding performance at the Waikato Secondary Schools Triathlon championships

SUMMER TOURNAMENT WEEK From Monday 24th through until Sunday 30th

Champs. Softball headed to Christchurch to play in

March we had a number of teams seeking National

the National Division 1 championships. Waterpolo

and Regional honours in their respective codes.

competed in the Senior North Island Championships

Our rowing team headed off to Lake Ruataniwha

in Auckland and Basketball also played in Auckland

in Twizel for the AON Maadi Cup, our U19 rugby

at the first 3 on 3 National Championships. Our

7’s team went off to Mount Maunganui for the

Equestrian team competed in the North Island

North Island Secondary Schools, the bowls team

Inter-school Dressage Championships held at

played here in Hamilton in the Waikato Secondary

St Peter’s School, Cambridge and Katie Lush

Schools competition and Waka Ama headed to

headed to Gisborne for the North Island Triathlon

Rotorua for the New Zealand Secondary Schools




Our elite squad of 19 athletes represented Hamilton Girls’ High School on Saturday 22nd March in the Waikato Bay of Plenty School Athletics Championships at Porritt Stadium. Our athletes were professional in their approach, extremely determined, supportive of each other and a real pleasure to watch. In order to progress to the North Island Secondary Schools Championships in Masterton on 5th and 6th April, athletes had to achieve a top three finishing position in their respective finals or gain a qualifying time. There were some fantastic performances throughout the squad which

Tenika Willison Selected for the NZ Under 19 Touch Team

are shown below.

Junior Athletes

Jazmin Felix-Hotham- 200m Champion (27.57seconds) and 2nd in the 100m Tiana Parker- 3rd in Javelin

Intermediate Athletes

Eden Bates- High Jump Champion (new personal best of 1.61m) and Triple jump 3rd place Michaela Foster- 3rd in shot Keely Jennings- 4th in 400m but achieved the qualifying time

Te Awatea Whitiora Te-Uira Selected for the NZ Under 19 Touch Team

Senior Athletes

Mikaela Jeffeson- 300m hurdles Champion, 2nd in 100m hurdles, 3rd in 100m Tessa Leong- 2nd in 3000m



200m Champion

300m Hurdles Champion

Gold Medal for Single Sculls at the NISS Rowing Competition

CAREERS University Liaison Visits

Looking Ahead

This is a busy term with a number of universities

1. Senior students interested in a career in the

coming to make presentations to our Year 13

agriculture industry will have the opportunity

students about the various courses and degrees

to participate in the annual Get Ahead day on

they offer. These are usually held at lunchtime

April 3 at Karapiro, which features activities

in V3. By the time you read this newsletter, we

and talks about careers in the agri-science

would have already hosted the Universities of

and agri-business industries as well as “hands

Auckland, Massey, Otago and Canterbury, as well

on” farming.

as the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). If students missed these liaison talks, they are

2. Year 13 have the chance to gain their First Aid

welcome to call into the Careers Office to pick up

their latest information booklets.


The following is a list of Liaison visits for the

3. Term Two – STAR courses for seniors begin

remainder of this term:

with the chance to spend a day on a wide

variety of courses eg interior design,

Wednesday, April 9

horticulture and landscaping, child minding,

Waikato University Liaison visit

Police preparation, hospitality and interactive

Monday, May 26


certificate on a two day course in the April

Victoria University Liaison visit 4. Liaison visits by Victoria University ( May By going to the websites of tertiary providers, Year

26) and the Defence Force (May 21) as well as

13 students should be familiarising themselves with

Open Days for Wintec (June 27) and the

their courses, their entry requirements and any

Waikato University (May 16) and the Careers

scholarships they may have on offer.

Expo (June 8) will be held during Term Two.

HGHS Careers Facebook Page

More details on all of these will be in future newsletters.

Hamilton Girls’ High School Careers now has a

All you need to do logon to Facebook and click the

Facebook page. We look forward to providing you

‘Like’ button on our page. You can find us searching

with up to date news of our events and tips related

Hamilton Girls High School Careers or by visiting the

to future career pathways, as well as offering tips

the link below:

about how to job hunt, prepare a CV and prepare for




Kimberley Allan at The Warehouse—Central Hamilton Hi, my name is Kimberley and I participate in The Warehouse Red Shirts in School Gateway Community program. To make this brief, this program consists of bookwork, homework and shop work. Yesterday I completed my 4th week of this program

Cairo Kingsbury at Riverlea Theatre This year I decided to get involved and applied to do Gateway Work experience. I was placed in classes in Riverlea Theatre, have my name put down for backstage work and have the opportunity to do film crew work.

and am feeling accomplished. The work is hard and tiring but very fulfilling and I love to help the

All this happened within a few weeks and I’m very

customers to the best of my ability.

happy with where I’ve ended up. Without Gateway I

I have made many new friends that I know will always stay just the way they are now: amazing, of course. I have also learned many new skills that will benefit me in retail if I decided to continue. Some customers can be a little intimidating but most of the time they’re nice to interact with and can make your day very interesting. The staff are extremely encouraging and love to learn all sorts of things about you. They want to know what you want to do as a career, what school you go to, what your favourite colour is (just kidding), etc… And they make you feel at home. I think that that is an important element to have in a work place and it is most certainly present at The Warehouse.

wouldn’t have meet all the amazing people I have or gotten involved in the area I love. And it’s even better that I’m earning credits while I’m at it. I’d recommend giving it a go. This is a great opportunity, one that won’t come again after school.

Hamilton Girls’ High Head Girl - Tessa Cowley

Deputy Head Girl - Stephanie Hunia

Academic Council Academic Captain - Alex Mayer Mathematics Prefect - Holly Robins Social Sciences Prefect - Hyebin Han Science Prefect - Georgia Allen International Languages Prefect- Yasmin Brinkworth Technology Prefect - Kelsey White English - Yasmin Brinkworth Health & PE Prefect - Emma Ballard Ka Awatea Prefect - Carmen Mataira

Arts Council

Arts Captain - Georgia Morrison Visual Arts - Ashleigh Miles Pasifika - Ema Bourne Kapahaka - Devena Ruwhiu-Edmonds Music - Cecelia Lockley Drama - Samantha Fowler Dance - Olivia Godfrey Multicultural - Amun Muhktar Media - Ashley Beuncamino

SENIOR LEADERS 2014 BoT Student Rep - Brooke Baldwin

Student Council - Kaitlyn Cook

Service Council Service Captain - Danni Ryan Ashley Smith - School Services Prefect Olivia Voss - Community Services Prefect Jacqueline Kirk – Campbell House Anna Hall – Edgecumbe House Vasanthi Lualua – Heads House Prefect Jacqueline Bragg – MacDiarmid House Antonia Timings – Wilson House Prefect

Sports Council Sports Captain - Stephanie Hunia Tessa Leong Emma Ballard Emily Coll Mikaela Jefferson Sarah Rendle Terina Te Tamaki Kennedy Simon Te Awatea Whitiora-Te Uira Ariana Hira-Herangi Manaia Willison

NCEA Key NZQA Dates 11th April 2014

Start checking your results on the NZQA Database NZQA Fees Financial Assistance Last Date to Withdraw from External Exams Last Date to Withdraw from Internal Standard

(Updated on the 5th day of each Month)

School’s deadline – 13th June 2014 School’s deadline – 13th June 2014 School’s deadline – 15th August 2014 School’s deadline – 21st November 2014

Unless you have been given an adequate assessment opportunity

NZQA Fees are due to the Finance Office by the 13th June 2014 NZQA will charge an extra $50.00 fee for any late payment. They will also withhold student’s results until the fees are paid in full. This could cause problems for any student wishing to gain entry to courses, polytechnic, or university in 2015.

NZQA Fees for Domestic Candidates Entry Entry for all NZQF standards including Scholarship subjects

Fee $76.70

NZQA Fees for International Fee Paying Candidates Entry Entry for all NQF standards Entry for each Scholarship subject

Fee $383.30 $102.20 per subject

Financial Assistance To be eligible for financial assistance the applicant (normally the parent or guardian of the candidate) must be the fee payer and meet at least one of the following criteria:  Be receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit. (benefit-based applications)  Have a joint family income that would entitle the applicant to receive a Community Services Card. (income-based applications)  Have more than one child undertaking these qualifications in the same year, irrespective of income and the total fees to pay are higher than $200. (multiple candidate applications) Applications are due to the Finance Office by the 13th June To apply: Complete the “Application for Financial Assistance” form. You can obtain a financial assistance form from the student finance office or download it from the NZQA website (

Eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance One child who is a candidate More than one child who are candidates

Not eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance


Full fees ($76.70 for NZQF and 3 Scholarship subjects)

A maximum of $30.00 per family

Where fees are payable for more than one candidate, a maximum of $100.00 per child and $200.00 per fee payer1

International fee paying students are not eligible for financial assistance. NZQF = New Zealand Quantifications Framework

External Examination Timetable The external examination timetable can be viewed on the NZQA Website. Students/Examination timetable Alternatively you can go directly to the page by typing in

Course Endorsement Students will be able to have their strengths in individual courses recognised with a course endorsement at Merit or Excellence. Students will gain an endorsement for a course where they achieve: 1. 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence at the lower level that supports the endorsement 2. at least 3 credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards (Physical Education, Religious Studies and level 3 Visual Arts will be exempt from this) 3. sufficient credits in a single school year.

Certificate Endorsement Students studying for NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 certificates will be able to achieve these qualifications with Merit or Excellence endorsements. 1. Merit endorsement = 50 credits at Merit (or Excellence) at the same level, or higher. 2. Excellence endorsement = 50 credits at Excellence at the same level, or higher. 3. Credits can be accumulated over more than one year for the purposes of certificate endorsement. 4. In any one year a learner will be awarded an endorsed certificate only at the highest level of endorsement recognised that year except when a learner has achieved two or three NCEA qualifications in a single year.

School contact Mr Mitchell is the Principal’s Nominee (NZQA Liaison) at the school. You can contact him by: E-mail:


07 839 1304 EXT 839


Mr Mitchell Principal’s Nominee PO Box 4082 Hamilton


Term One:

Term Three:

Term Two:

Term Four:

Thursday 30th January to Wednesday 16 April

Monday 5 May to Friday 4 July

Monday 21 July to Friday 26 September

Monday 13 October to Thursday 11 December


10Sport Tri Day

2ARP Field Trip


2TOU Field Trip

1SOS(6) Field Trip 3 APRIL

13APS Tennis Practical

1APO Tramp til 15 APRIL

Whanau Hui 1SOS(2) Field Trip 2ECE Work Experience 4 APRIL

1SOS (3) Field Trip

NZSS Adventure Racing til 6 APRIL

Kapa Haka Practice

2BIO Assessment 5 APRIL

NISS Athletics til 6 APRIL

World Challenge Training Camp til 6 APRIL

Kapa Haka Practice


Kapa Haka Practice


2BIO Assessment


3TOU Field Trip

2ECE Work Experience 10 APRIL

Yr 12 & 13 Science Wintec Field Trip til 11 APRIL

1SCIA Practical Assessment

1APO Tramp til 12 APRIL

Kapa Haka Camp til 13 APRIL

School Closes at 12.25pm


3APO Rockclimbing


Sheilah Winn Competition til 16 APRIL


3LAW Field Trip

Yr 12 & 13 French Field Trip


WSS Swimming Champs

17 APRIL School Closed 24 APRIL

NZSS Water Polo


The school has received notice from the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) of a union meeting to be held on Thursday, 10 April 2014 at 1.30pm for union members. This will mean that the School will be closed for instruction from Period 4 (12.25pm) on this day. Students are requested to go home from school and to use this time wisely, rather than venture into town. If you are unable to make other arrangements, supervision will be available at school. Please e-mail or phone our main reception desk on (07) 839 1304 to advise if your daughter requires supervision for the afternoon.

HGHS eNewsletter March 2014  
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