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Carbon dioxide treatment


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Miracle Gas

Carboxy is a carbon dioxide treatment that can improve the skin in a very efficient way, without surgery and side effects. With this equipment you can perform several different treatments in a convenient, fast and secure way.

How does the method work? Carboxytherapy is described as the biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox. How does it work? Carbon dioxide, the invisible, odorless gas that is part of the air we breathe, is injected just under the surface of the skin using a fine needle. According to our studies, it diffuses into the surrounding tissues and causes blood vessels to dilate. Wider vessels mean a stronger blood supply, which brings a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. The results are fewer fat cells and firmer, younger skin.

Here is a short description of the CO2 mechanisms: The effects of Carboxytherapy on the microcirculation

The effects of Carboxytherapy on adipose tissue:

It has been shown that CO2 administration can determine:

University studies shown the lipolytic action of Carboxytherapy, due to the effect on microcirculation (vasodilatation, increased speed of the microcirculation, neoangiogenesis) and the direct effect (lysis of the adipocytes by breaking the cell membrane).

- Improvement in local tissue blood flow velocity and increase of the oxygenation (The Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve shifts to the right when CO2 or H+ ion concentration is increased – this facilitates increased oxygen dumping); - Increase in microcirculatory vascular bed (angiogenesis).

What can be treated? Aesthetic medicine (cellulite, skin laxity, localized adiposity and bodycontouring, anti-aging of the face, neck, dĂŠcolletĂŠ, upper arm and hands, stretch marks, scars, dewlap) Dermatology (psoriasis) Plastic surgery (pre/post liposuction)

Phlebology (venous insufficiency and lymphatic insufficiency) Angiology (peripheral arteriopathy, microangiopathy, Raynaud syndrome, acrocyanosis) Andrology (erectile dysfunction of microangiopathic etymology)

Stretch marks and scars Recent post-partum red stretch marksare definitively resolved, after few sessions of carboxytherapy. White, old stretch marks and the various scars, even if not removed, improve significantly. Before

Chronic wounds


A common cause to all chronic wounds is hypoxia, which, for various reasons, leads to degenerative phenomena. Uppermost universities and multi-centric studies shoed a neoangiogenesis and increased arterial sphygmicity following subcutaneous administration of CO2 on cutaneous ulcers and difficult wounds, such as decubitus ulcers.


Cellulites & body remodelling


In the so-called cellulites, the alterations of the micro-circulation, of the tissue metabolism and of the lymphatic drainage, induce a series of functional and aesthetic symptoms (orange skin, dimpling, water retention, etc…) The effectiveness of CDT is linked with its action on the microcirculation trough the reopening of closed capillaries, an increase in the physiological lipolytic oxidative process and the stimulation of the lymphatic and venous drainage.

After a therapeutic cycle, the functional and aesthetic results are appreciable: lighter legs (after only one session), brighter tonic skin, reduction of the tissue’s irregularities and volumes.

Skin laxity Before


On skin laxity, the first results are visible after only few sessions – carboxytherapy improves the skin texture, it increases the tonicity and thickness of the dermis which results more compact and revitalized. Studies demonstrated an increase of the UE/UR - skin elasticity between 7,5% and 171,2%.

Advantages Pre heated carbon dioxide gas which reduces pain. If cold gas is injected under the skin it may feel uncomfortable. The Carboxy method is a non-surgical treatment. No recovery time and no side effects. Simple equipment to use. Fast results.

A few words about Carboxy Carboxy is a proven technology in the U.S. and Europe (15 years of experience), wich can dramatically reduce cellulites and stretch marks by improving local tissue and metabolism. The treatments are fast, comfortable and efficient. The most common thought after liposuction is usually “why do i still have cellulites?�. Cellulites is difficult to get rid of, 95% of us have cellulites, even after liposuction. Carboxy body sculpting is the latest technology to improve and reduce cellulites. Carboxy treats cellulites, fat and stretch marks without damaging surrounding tissue, which liposuction can do. It is a safe treatment for the entire body. With carboxy you can also treat scars and dark circles around the eyes. Carboxy is perfect to combine with other treatments, such as IPL or body sculpting equipments. It gives an even better effect of carboxy therapy. The increase of oxygen is important because it eliminates the fluid around the fat cells. The end result is less fat cells and firmer tissue.

Comments about Carboxy CDT More recently, research by the University of Siena in Italy showed Carboxy therapy is effective at smoothing skin and reducing fat. In the study, 48 women had six sessions over three weeks. On average, their thighs reduced by 2cm, and they lost 1cm from each knee and 3cm from their stomach. At the same time their skin became thicker and their cellulite smoother. Read the full article about carboxy therapy:

“I give 5 stars on my experiences at WELLPATH and my carboxy therapy sessions for eyes and legs.” CARBOXY THERAPY for eyes : “I had issues with protruding fat in the lower eyelid areas. (under eye BAGS) Dr. Heskett explained Mode of Action or how the carboxy therapy worked for purging fat. I have received the treatment 3 times as of past Monday, and I am very pleased with the results I've been seeing so far. It really WORKS! The results were more than expected. I now added this treatment for my legs.”

Q. How is carboxytherapy different from Botox? A. Botox acts to prevent muscle contracting; the administration of CO2 gas for therapeutic purposes acts to open capillaries, increase collagen supply to the skin and improve drainage Q. What are the applications of carboxytherapy? A. This is an excellent treatment for dark under eye circles, skin revitalisation, scars and stretch marks and small deposits of fat.

Big respons in SWEDEN Stureplanskliniken is one of the first clinics in Sweden working with carboxy cdt injections. They are one of the most known and trusted surgeons. We are delighted that they have chosen to work with carboxy CDT.

Equipment Price for Finland (reduced price)


20 778 euro

Leasing: 607 euro (36 months) (aprox) 391 euro (60 months)

The miracle gas Carboxy Do you want a free demonstration at your clinic? We would be delighted to come and demonstrate our Carboxy CDT for you.


18 690 euro

Leasing: 601 euro (36 months) (aprox) 410 euro (60 months)

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carboxy CDT injections  

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carboxy CDT injections  

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