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Dear Business Owner We would like to introduce HLLS and our Low Level Laser Light Therapy and discuss the opportunity of becoming a Distributor of HLLS Products, Programs, and Lasers. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a profit retailing Clinically Proven Hair Loss Products and Programs to your clients that suffer from Hair Loss! For some Salons, managing a full Hair Loss treatment center within their salon is more than they wish to do right now, or in some cases unaffordable. The option of becoming a Distributor, allows you to market successful treatments to your clients with hair loss for home use, without having to have a Laser in your Store or Salon. Attached, please find information on this unmatched business opportunity, as well as our Wholesale Product Guide, with pricing, and a Distributor breakdown of profit on Home Treatment options. As you will see, our Products and Lasers are top of the line, Professional grade, which have been researched and developed to be the highest quality Hair Loss Products on the Market today. As a Distributor, you not only may profit from retailing individual Products and Complete Programs, but also Handheld and Home Lasers as well, providing them with the best over-all program to stop hair loss and re-grow hair. Utilizing a Multi-therapeutic treatment approach of our clinical grade products and laser, we boast a 98% success rate for Stopping Loss, and a 97% success rate for Re-growing Hair! Becoming a Distributor of HLLS is easy, and requires no minimum purchase over the course of the year. Please contact me with questions. I may be reached at 800-728-5790, or via email at support@hairlosslasersolution.com Best personal regards and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the near future. Thank You Hair Loss Laser Solution 619.765.0244 www.hairlosslasersolution.com www.hair90210.com www.iambeautifulfoundation1.com

Hair Loss Laser Solution Business Opportunity Hair Loss Laser Solution (HLLS), XTC Hair Growth System™ offers signature salons and spas, turn-key opportunities for implementing an exciting new service for the treatment of hair aging, damage, thinning and loss. HLLS/XTC provides professionals the education, confidence and tools they need to be successful and build their hair loss and healthy hair businesses by offering a comprehensive training and certification program. XTC provides an opportunity for any size salon or spa and independent operator, to increase profits, attract new clientele, and build long term residual revenue. If you are interested in becoming an XTC signature salon, or prefer to start simply by retailing the XTC Hair Growth System™ to clients for home use, we can assist you in tapping into this $5.4 billion dollar hair loss market today. Professional Salon Treatments and Training HLLS/XTC Hair Growth System ™offers the most comprehensive professional salon treatments available, providing simplified, easy to use systems, combating 9 of the underlying factors contributing to hair loss and hair aging. XTC Hair Growth Systems™ promote the optimum growth environment by insuring good scalp hygiene by utilizing products free from irritants and chemicals known for causing inflammation. XTC ‘s products also specialize in addressing the hair’s nutritional needs by providing the highest level of vitamins, minerals and amino acids specific to healthy hair growth, strengthening, as well as containing a marine concentrate proven in 8 scientific studies to regrow hair. XTC Hair Growth System™ encompasses natural DHT inhibitors containing the highest percentage of sterols known to combat DHT, which are used both orally and topically to address the major underlying causes of genetic hair loss at its source. XTC Hair Growth System ™provides natural and aggressive treatment for all types of thinning hair and hair loss conditions. All natural treatment includes Xtreme Growth Therapy™, which contains additional DHT inhibitors, hair strengthening vitamins and other healthy growth ingredients. For more aggressive treatment, XTC provides Xtreme Hair Boost™; a Minoxidil product enhanced 6 ways to increase client results and combat irritation and inflammation.

XTC Hair Growth System’s™ incorporates the highest quality products combined to work synergistically with Xtreme™ Laser Hair Therapy for maximum effectiveness. About Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy XTC Hair Growth System and Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy utilize a doctor-developed system, combing low level laser technology, with patented formulas, healthy hair products, and nutritionals for the highest level of result. With this 18+ year proven program, men and women all over the world have experienced continued hair growth successfully. XTC is the specialized Salon division of HLLS. XTC and their partners has been in business for over 25 years, and using low level laser therapy for over 18 years successfully to stop hair loss and re-grow fuller, thicker hair. XTC Hair Growth System offers the highest quality Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy cosmetic low level lasers for Salon, Spa and Clinical use. When combined with the XTC Hair Growth System’s products which have been developed to work synergistically with laser, XTC can combat over 9 underlying causes of hair aging, thinning, and loss, while repairing damaged hair, or addressing scalp issues. Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy will benefit: Men & Women with Hair Aging, Hair Thinning, & Hair Loss- Assists in reversing hair aging and thinning, stopping hair loss and promoting the strongest cycle of growth. Hair damaged by chemicals, heat, extensions and keratin treatments- Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy deep conditions and helps to repair hair damage, strengthen hair growth. Revives moisture and shine to dull and lifeless hair. Color Treated Hair- When used between coloring Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy helps to maintain true to tone color and vibrancy. Man & Women suffering from Scalp Conditions- An increase in circulation of nutrition and O2 assists in clarifying the scalp, balancing natural moisture, and healing conditions of the scalp. What Is Laser Hair Therapy? Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair aging and thinning, hair loss, and scalp problems. LHT has been tested for effectiveness and safety for over 30 years all around the world. Using a 650 nm wave length of light and 5mw power output, Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy offers successful cosmetic treatment to hair loss suffers, mirroring technology found in several medical and cosmetic lasers which have been proven and cleared by the FDA to safely and effectively treat both men and women’s hair loss. The Xtreme LHT non-surgical cosmetic treatments utilize a device containing 120-160 therapeutic soft low light level lasers. LHT delivers light energy directly from 120-160 laser diodes covering your head. Xtreme LHT functions on the same scientific principle, as that of photobio-stimulation; laser light stimulates cell metabolism and helps damaged cells to repair themselves.

This breakthrough technology has recently been featured on national newscasts across the country. Physicians, as well as Beauty Industry Professionals are praising this new technology as an effective treatment of hair loss, when used in conjunction with proper scalp hygiene products, topical growth serums, DHT inhibitors and total hair nutrition. Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy News FDA - Approves a second Laser for Hair Regrowth*!It's been featured for years on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News, and most recently on the Doctor's TV Show Now, the latest study released at the ISHRS Convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands* 2009 showed:  100% of the subjects saw an increase in hair growth  97% increased hair count equal to or greater than 20% 77% of the subjects increase of greater than or equal to 51% *Study presented by Dr. Grant Koher called Effect of Laser Biostimulation In The Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss  Dr. Martin Unger conducted a study which showed a 94.4% increase in Hair!  A European Study showed 100% retention of hairs and a 20% improvement in thickness and density of hair follicles using Laser Bio-Stimulation**. A Laser received certification by the Canadian Government to claim and indicate that it strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and stimulates re-growth of hair in men and women. *Dr. Roy Geronemus, Dr. Martin Unger, The Toronto Star - Your health - Salon offers balding men a cool zap. 6/6 (2008) Contact: Hair Loss Laser Solution Ph: 1-800-728-7590 / 619.765.0244 Email: orderhumanhair@gmail.com Web: www.hairlosslasersolution.com

Become a Representative for Hair Loss Laser Solution (HLLS) Thank you for your interest in working with our products. We wanted to outline for you the terms that will apply to becoming a Rep for Hair Loss Laser Solution (HLLS), Hair Growth System. HLLS Hair Growth System will be sold Only to licensed Salon or Spa Professionals. This would refer to licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers, and cosmetology trade schools. There will be no direct sale of HLLS Hair Growth System to the consumer. HLLS Hair Growth System will sell direct to you the Xtreme Lasers- we will email the laser guide with the suggested Salon cost. You will be entitled to all profits made from the sale of Xtreme Lasers. HLLS Hair Growth System sales will be handled start to finish by you with the assistance of our Atlanta Office (HLLS), Hair Growth System Training will be your responsibility. You will have access to the HLLS Online training to utilize for Salons/Spas as needed. Follow Up Support to Salons will be offered thru the HLLS Hair Growth System Hotline. Salons you have sold will order direct thru HLLS Hair Growth System via phone and email to start. You will be commissioned 25% of the total product sale minus cost of shipping. This commission structure will remain in effect for all product sales from first sale, until you are no longer a rep for HLLS. Commissions will be paid quarterly on all product sales. Your territory will be defined if you are interested in going ahead as an HLLS, Rep. As we move forward in the future, depending on your success and desire, we can discuss expanding the territory to include locations in states nearby. Questions? Call 1-800-728-7590 Example of Some Commissions 1. Sale 1 Xtreme 120 Diode Salon Starter Laser Commissions Paid to You $1,000 2. Sale 1 Salon Xtreme 120 Diode Laser Commission Paid To You $1,749 3. Sale 1 Salon Xtreme 160 Diode Laser Commission Paid To You $2,499 4. Sale 1 Xtreme Spa 160 Diode Laser Commission Paid To You $5,499 Know that most Salons and Spas are not equipped with these laser. But within the next few years it will be unheard of not to be. Get ahead of this opportunity, take advantage of the income that will be generated by this new technology. Contact: 1-800-728-7590 / Email: support@hairlosslasersolution.com Website: www.hairlosslasersolution.com

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