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2 H2O Summer 2011

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4 H2O Summer 2011

Cheryl Ashton - New Face of Gimli Film Festival Familiar Face to Manitoba Arts & Culture The H2O Guide, along with the Board of Directors of the Gimli Film Festival, are pleased to welcome Cheryl Ashton as Festival Director. Ashton has returned to Manitoba after two years as CEO and Film Commissioner at the Nunavut Film Development Corporation. In the past she has been Executive Director for: the National Screen Institute, MMPIA (now called On Screen Manitoba), as well as Folklorama from 1992 to 1993. Ashton says, “It’s full circle for me, given that I have returned to the province where I began my career in the film industry, and where I can now apply my successes to growing this amazing film festival.” “Cheryl is a tremendous asset to the Gimli Film Festival,” notes Senator, Janis G. Johnson, the GFF president and founder. “She is well-respected in the Canadian film industry and her tenure as a leader and visionary in the Winnipeg film and television industry makes her the ideal candidate to take the GFF into its second decade in 2011.” Ashton shared this year’s exciting program, “The Festival will use our film programming as the backbone but we will begin to introduce more opportunities to celebrate and develop Manitoba’s world- renowned creative

by Kerri Taverner talent. Music @ the Movies will provide new Manitoba musicians with an opportunity to perform live prior to each Beach Screening. “The Lake” Short Film Contest will invite Manitoba filmmakers to produce a 5minute film highlighting their experience with Lake Winnipeg. “ The Look a Like Street Party and Boardwalk Parade, scheduled for the Saturday evening, will encourage everyone to come dressed as someone famous they think they could double for. Celebrity judges will be in the crowd, choosing the best of the best.” The GFF, a big fish in the small pond of Gimli, showcases over 80 feature films, documentaries and short films from Manitoba, Canada and abroad. During the five-day festival celebrating its 11th anniversary, from July 20 to 24, 2011, tune into Gimli Cable T.V. for live updates, interviews and informative behind the scenes footage by GFF’s own on-air Gimli presenters. The GFF is a non-profit, charitable organization that is supported by the private and public sponsors and is Manitoba’s largest film festival. For up to-date information please check the GFF’s website at

JULY 20-24


STARS, NORTHERN LIGHTS, AND MOVIES s“The Lake” contest for Short film sInsight Series; featuring top Canadian Films sWorld Narrative and documentry features sThree indoor Venues and FREE nightly films on the beach screen



photo by: Linda Vermeulen


Energy E nergy g for for G Generations enerations For 60 years, we’ve For e generated generated clean, renewable renew wable electricity electricity for for o Manitoba Manitoba o using the natural natural flow w of rivers. rivers. It started started with cconstruction onstruction of the P ine Falls Falls Generating Gene erating Station Station on the W innipeg River and ccontinued ontinu ued with our first hydr oele ectric developmen ts on tthe Nelson River Pine Winnipeg hydroelectric developments River.. Now, Generating project Burntwood partnership Nisichawayasihk Now w, we are are building buildin ng the Wuskwatim Wuskwatim Gener rating Station Station pr oject on the Burn twood River in p par tnership with Nisichaw wayasihk Cree Conawapa pursuing projects, Manitoba Hydro Cr ee Nation Nation and continuing con o tinuing to to plan for for the Keeyask Keeyask and Conaw apa generating g generating stations. stations. By pu ursuing these pr ojects, Ma anitoba Hydr o is ens uring tomorrow’s tomorrow’s generations generations will also o enjoy the benefits of an affordable afffo ordable and environmentally environm mentally ffriendly riendly sour ce off power ensuring source power.r. Find F ind out more more aatt www w

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by Andy Blicq sometimes wonder what Hjalmar Thorsteinson would say if he could see his handiwork now. He would probably be surprised and I hope, pleased, that the cottage he likely built with his own hands almost a century ago is still standing, still being used and enjoyed by our own family, as it was in the very beginning.


During more than a decade of renovations and repairs I have touched almost every board in that building and marveled, too, at how this simple, sturdy design has withstood more than 90 punishing Manitoba winters and, according to neighborhood lore, two direct hits by tornadoes. I think it has everything to do with Hjalmar’s carpentry skills and the building’s good bones. Like most of the cottages constructed early in the last century, our Gimli family cottage was built with Douglas Fir, the closest thing to concrete Mother Nature has on offer in the lumber department.

As any historic cottage owner will tell you, there’s good news and bad news about Douglas Fir. The good news? It’s beautiful and strong, the product of British Columbia’s old growth forests. The bad news? Try driving a nail into a vintage Douglas Fir two-by-four. It’s best to pre-drill, because after 90 years of baking and drying, these boards are the very definition of the word ‘hardwood.’ But on balance, I’ll take that Douglas Fir over some of the green and twisty Spruce two-by-fours that I’ve dragged home from the lumber store to our house in the city. Douglas Fir and old buildings are an acquired taste. Not for everyone. But for those of us who share a passion for history and the patience required for the renovating, there are many rewards. Our family’s relationship with number 50-4th Avenue in Gimli began in 1997. We have a picture of it, taken shortly after it was built in 1918. It is on the edge of the wilderness. Today, it is surrounded by modern homes, a testament to the progress and growth Gimli has and continues to enjoy. When we got our hands on our cottage, it was, to put it politely, a building mostly untouched by changing times.


H2O Summer 2011

Some advised us to tear down the old shack, but we chose another path. And with the help of master electrician and plumber, Ken Andewshenko, and the advice of Darren, Greg, Andy and the other guys I’m now on a first name basis with at KC Enterprise lumber store, we have ensured that our old building will survive for at least another generation. Using a mix of new technology and recycled Douglas Fir, rescued from other buildings slated for demolition, we now have a winterized home that largely remains faithful to the design and materials of its time. It’s not perfect. Living in a building

like this is a lesson in compromise. Using the old imperial measure, the two bedrooms are small, nine by nine and nine by 10. An example of how our expectations about space have changed over the last century. But the classic cottage verandah that sweeps 28 feet across the front and around the corner makes up for it all, allowing us to enjoy those cooling Lake Winnipeg breezes, without the company of mosquitoes. And our renovation has come with some other unexpected rewards. An invitation to join the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) has connected us to an eclectic mix of neighbours who share a passion for Gimli’s interesting collection of historic homes, cottages, churches and commercial buildings. Gimli’s MHAC, like others around the province, advises the municipal council on heritage matters. Chaired by former MLA and retired teacher, Wally Johannson, and with the generous support of past and present municipal councils and the Manitoba government, Gimli’s MHAC has been conducting an inventory of the municipality’s historic structures. That search has been full of surprises. How about the story of a visit by a certain, chubby prime minister with a passion for the paranormal and the séance that’s said to have taken place in his verandah in Loni Beach. Or, the vintage building in town that has a Buck Rogers-style fridge that’s been in continuous use continued on next page...

Archival photos from the collection of Ben Holyk: (Top) panorama of Loni Beach, Gimli (C.1920s); a family enjoying a swim; the author’s cottage (50-4th Avenue small building in background) taken in 1918; (above, left) 50-4th Ave., Gimli - Andy Blicq’s renovated, historic family cottage today; (above) a bungalow home plan from the vintage Aladdin Homes Catalogue. In the 1930s this home would have cost $1327.00 to build! Next page, the restored Unitarian Church, 2nd Ave., Gimli–one of 10 buildings recognized by the Historic Resources Branch as a “Building of Historic Signifigance” (photo by Linda Goodman). Andy Blicq, is an award-winning, freelance television writer and director. He is currently working on a television documentary on conspiracy theories, to be aired in October, 2011.

year and next, and will receive special signage and acknowledgement. Meanwhile, the hunt is now on for more history. Inventories are underway in the lake communities south of Gimli. Helped by a grant from the province, Wally Johannson is doing the work, and some gems are turning up in the communities of Ponemah, Whytewold and Matlock. A few of these buildings were built around 1907, just after the CPR laid the track North to the lake and on to Gimli. A handful of the cottages are in original condition and one even

since the ‘30s. And members of the committee have all looked with wonder at the beautifully crafted corner joints of some of the surviving log farm buildings west of town, all marvels of ingenuity and craftsmanship, considering that they were hewn from local trees by Ukrainian pioneers, using only a few simple hand tools. Last year, with the help of a grant from the Manitoba government’s Historic Resources Branch, the municipality placed signs indicating buildings of “historic significance”. There are now driving and walking tours for the curious and the just plain nosy to take a look for themselves. Maps are available at the Visitors’ Centre down by the harbour and at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. Some of those buildings will mark their centennial this

has a stunning gas chandelier used long before electricity came to the Interlake. Those findings, along with Gimli’s collection of artifacts and recently unearthed photographs, will be celebrated at a Heritage Open House, scheduled for July 2nd, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Dunnottar Community Club. All may attend, but a warning for property owners: exposure to heritage enthusiasts may result in a serious restoration and renovation habit. All of the interest in heritage buildings reveals an important truth. Through the Municipal Heritage Committee’s research our family has learned that Hjalmar Thorsteinson was probably the builder of number 50-4th Avenue. We’ve also discovered that Stefan Thorson, an early Gimli Mayor, was the home’s first owner and that his son, Charlie Thorson, went on become a distinguished animator who is said to have created Snow White and designed and named Bugs Bunny. The fact is, old buildings are not just made of bricks and boards. As they age, they carry with them the stories and the history of a community and its people. They connect us to who we are and where we’ve been, and they enrich our lives. If you have information on this topic you wish to share, please contact Wally Johannson at 642-9182.

The East Interlake Conservation District (EICD) is a local organization whose role is to provide the residents of the Interlake the resources they need to help improve the health of our watersheds. We do this in a variety of ways which include: education, research and monitoring, program delivery, watershed planning and coordination of partnerships. We are here to help you live in, and enjoy, a healthy environment for years to come.

PLANNING One of the primary tasks of the EICD is to work with local residents, the Province of Manitoba and others to develop strategies and a plan of action to maintain and improve the health of our water. To date, Integrated Watershed Management Plans have been completed, or are underway in three of our four watersheds.

RESEARCH & MONITORING Buffer-Strip Nutrient Abatement In partnership with the University of Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba and AESB, we are studying the ability of grassed strips along waterways to remove nitrogen and phosphorous. Municipal Lagoon Effluent Treatment To foster innovative alternatives to discharging lagoon effluent directly into our waterways, the EICD has sponsored a research project into effluent irrigation and the study of nutrients in wastewater. Stream Water Quality In partnership with the Province of Manitoba, 9 Interlake streams are sampled at 25 different sites on a quarterly basis. Summarized results are avaliable on our website.



Riparian protection through funding support for:

Presentations at: • Local schools • International conferences • Trade conventions • Local municipalities

• • • •

Buffer-strip establishment Off-stream watering systems Riparian enhancements Exclusion fencing

Conservation Programming • Subsidized compost bins • Subsidized rain barrels

Information Pamphlets Interlake Water Days: An educational field-trip for local students to learn more about water & aboriginal culture.

Habitat protection and enhancement

Benthic Invertebrate Monitoring In partnership with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, monitoring of water-bugs is done annually in 8 streams to assess overall watershed health.

Sealing of abandoned wells

Waterway Survey In order to understand surface water flow in our district, the EICD has completed detailed surveys in a number of waterways throughout the district. This data is being digitized for easily accessible viewing for all residents and stakeholders using Google Earth and can be viewed on our website under Waterway Survey.

Door-to-door well water testing

Nuisance flowing well remediation Waterway Survey 8 ON MAP, PAGE 21

H2O Summer 2011 7

hidden gems Heather Hinam


have always been driven by the desire to explore new places and discover new things, whether I am in a different country or my own backyard. Questions like: ‘Where does that trail go?’ or, ‘What’s around that bend?’ can fuel hours of engaging adventure. Here in the Interlake, there is no end to the fascinating people, places and things you can unearth if you are willing to take yourself off the beaten track. To spark your imagination, here is just a tiny sampling of some of my favourite Interlake hidden gems and where you can find them. Take your travels off the main highways. A particularly fruitful journey is the one just up Provincial Road 224. This winding gravel road branches off Highway 8 between Riverton and Hecla. Marked with signs denoting ‘winter roads’ and Pine Dock, it doesn’t really give you any hint to the treasures you might discover along its 80 km stretch. Enjoy a picnic and panoramic views of Lake Winnipeg’s Washow Bay, at Beaver Creek Provincial Park, before heading further north. You can then venture way off the beaten path and pick a

8 H2O Summer 2011

trail over the rocks, going south from the town of Pine Dock. When the water levels are low, you can scramble along the shore to a whole new world. The further you go, the taller the cliffs get. Suddenly, crevasses open up, inviting you to explore the hidden nooks and crannies in the limestone, from small caves to high-walled corridors, reminiscent of Tolkien’s Road Under the Mountain. Once you pull yourself up out of the caves, this road still has more secrets to share. Continue north and eventually you will reach the water’s edge. It may seem like the ends of the earth, but you can still venture further. Hop aboard one of the only cable ferries left in Manitoba and discover Matheson Island. This fishing community of about 100 people offers a picturesque combination of yawls, buoys, gulls and the occasional eagle as you travel along its shore. Come in the fall and watch hundreds of bald eagles as they take a break before winging their way south for the winter. Actually, shorelines all over the Interlake offer up all sorts of hidden treasures, not the least of which is Sandy Bar. This thin strip of land curves out into the lake just east of Riverton, reaching its fin-

gers over to a matching isthmus that stretches down from Hecla Island. Strolling along the shore on a late summer’s day, you would swear that you had been transported to the Caribbean. Just take care to hold off your visit until August to avoid disturbing any nesting shorebirds. As a resident of the eastern Interlake, I sometimes forget that we actually have two lakeshores to explore within our region. For a taste of something completely different, head northwest to Steeprock. Although they are carved out of the same bedrock, the waves of Lake Manitoba have left the Steeprock cliffs rounded and smooth, unlike their jagged counterparts to the east. To get there, follow Highway 6 north of Moosehorn and turn left onto Provincial Road 239. The cliffs can be found by hiking south of the docks. It’s well worth the trip as you weave your way through tunnels and crevasses and clamber up to the top of the cliffs to view a stunning sunset. Timing can make all the difference when searching for new adventures. Sometimes places we know well can offer up a whole new experience when we visit them at a different time of year. When you think of the Narcisse Snake Dens, most of us envision the yearly spring pilgrimage made by thousands of people in May to view the slithering masses of mating, Red-sided Garter Snakes before they disperse into the surrounding scrublands for the summer. A spring visit can be a little overwhelming, especially on weekends, with busloads of almost as many people as there are reptiles. However, if you swing by the dens in September, you’re in for a treat. Most people forget that the snakes have to return in the fall. They have yet to discover the wonder of spending a warm late autumn afternoon marvelling at the equally large masses of snakes soaking up as much sun as they can at the mouths of their dens before having to slip into the darkness for the winter. If you time your visit on a weekday, you can sometimes have the place to yourself and take in the spectacle at your leisure. While getting off the beaten path, both in terms of time and space, are great ways of finding hidden gems, you actually don’t have to go very far to make amazing new discoveries. Sometimes, just adjusting the way you look at things can reveal a wealth of new discoveries. Take aspen for example. We see these trees every day in the Interlake, white trunks a bright contrast against the green leaves of summer. However, there is a lot more to these ubiquitous and, to some, unremarkable trees, than meets the eye. As you stroll among their trembling leaves, you’re actually walking among clones. Trembling aspen reproduce by sending out runners beneath the ground, shooting up new trees. Entire woodlots are often one organism, with all the trunks genetically identical. While each individual tree might only live a hundred years or so, the entire clone can exist for centuries. Some are thousands of years old. So by shifting your lens ever so slightly, you can go from a simple walk in the woods to communing with the ancients. But how do you know where to look? How do you decide which trail to take and where do you learn about those special little details that can shift the context of your experience entirely? Talk to people. Locals know and are often more than happy to share their insights into the places they call home. The fishers, farmers, artists and everyday people, all have stories to tell and many are willing to share them. Ask around and you might be surprised by the places you’ll be inspired to visit. Take advantage of technology. With GPS units finding their way into most people’s lives, it’s easier than ever to explore some of the lesser known corners of our region. Searching for geocaches is a great ...continued on next page

20 ON MAP, PAGE 19

way to find new areas to explore. Geocachers often place their treasures in unusual areas and more communities than ever are using geocaching to promote their special places. Check out to find the hundreds of caches awaiting your discovery in special locations all over the Interlake. Get a guide. Publications put out by groups like the Interlake Tourism Association, Travel Manitoba and Manitoba Parks, and the H2O Guide you are holding in your hands, are all full of great ideas for places to begin your journeys and can be used as a

springboard for more detailed explorations. There are also tour companies in the Interlake geared to helping people reconnect with the world around them and discover the people, places and interesting details that make this region unique. So, whether you go it alone or you have help, just remember to keep your mind open to new possibilities, your sense of adventure and your inquisitive nature primed and you will be certain to enjoy yourself as you explore the fascinating hidden gems of Manitoba’s Interlake.

Photo, opposite page: a high-walled, limestone crevasse located near Pine Dock, Manitoba. Photo taken by Heather Hinam. Above: fishers’ gloves drying on a covey near the shoreline at Matheson Island, a picturesque fishing village north of Pine Dock. Photo by Linda M. Goodman. Heather Hinam is the owner of Second Nature–Adventures in Discovery, a tour company which helps visitors by creating customized Interlake Experiences. She can be reached at 204-619-4119 or by visiting


CONSTITUENCY OFFICE Rm 105, 94-1st Avenue Gimli, MB, Canada, R0C 1B1

Phone 204-642-4977 Toll Free 1-866-253-0255 Fax 204-642-8991 email:


elcome to the Interlake and enjoy your stay!

Our communities along the west shore of Lake Winnipeg are exciting and diverse. A history rich in culture has helped to shape the Interlake area into the fascinating place it has become. We welcome you and hope that your discoveries and journeys are filled with adventure. My wife, Joanne, and I look forward to seeing many of you as we enjoy the upcoming events and celebrations throughout our communities. 9 ON MAP, PAGE 21

H2O Summer 2011 9

My favourite encounter with the “fish hawk,” occurred at Grand Beach. I was working as a summer interpreter/naturalist at the time. I had scheduled a morning walk along the beach to see what we could hear and see. I was talking about the amazing eyesight and great fishing skills of the osprey when, as if on cue, I spotted one flying towards us, scanning the water below. It reached us and began to hover. This gave me a fabulous opportunity to tell my eager party the identifying features of this magnificent hawk and how, from afar, you could distinguish it from the eagle and vulture, just by the way it flew. Suddenly, from a height of about a five storey building, it plummeted from the sky, spiralling down towards the water. WHAM! At once, our group stood stunned. As if placed in a Sam Peckinpah movie, everything began to take place as if in slow motion. Water spewed up in a great splash and the great bird nearly disappeared completely below the surface of the water, only the very top of its head remaining above. Then with powerful thrusts of its great wings Ken it pulled itself from its watery confines. We watched y b the water roll off its back and wings cascading like a waterfall. Then we saw its powerful legs and finally its great talons, formed in a death grip around a huge silver bass. Slowly and more powerfully, with every beat of its wings, it rose up from the water, circling back overhead from whence it came. All at once my charges began to applaud the great bird and what they had just witnessed. It was an incredible experience and clearly, had left an indelible imprint on everyone. There is only one species of osprey in North America. It is wide-ranging having recently been found nesting near Churchill in northern Manitoba. The osprey, also known as a fish hawk or, fishing eagle, is nearly unmistakable in the field. It is dark above and light below with dark patches on the underwing at the elbows. Up close, a distinctive dark eye-stripe and white cap are visible. Both males and females are nearly identical, but the females show a “necklace” of brown on their breast, while the males are nearly pure white. The osprey averages 60cm (24”) with a wingspan of about 1.6m (63”) and weighs about 1.6kg (3½ pounds). It is smaller than a bald eagle, but larger than the common red-tailed hawk and compares in size with the turkey vulture. It is easily distinguished from the bald eagle whose head is all dark as a juvenile or all white as an adult, and from the turkey vulture whose head is small and a naked red colour. Even from a great distance

10 H2O Summer 2011

these huge birds, which can all be observed in the Gimli and beaches area, can be identified simply by the way they fly. The eagle flies with wings stretched out horizontally. The vulture flies with wing tips turned up. While the osprey, when soaring and gliding, forms a wide, shallow letter M, with wings bowed the way you might draw birds flying at a distance in a drawing or painting. Osprey, as their nicknames suggest, feed almost exclusively on fish. They capture their prey in shallow water after spiralling down from a great height and plunging feet first. Their feet are perfectly adapted for handling a slippery, writhing fish. The soles of their feet are covered with sharp, horny processes and their talons are needle sharp. Although there is some debate, most biologists agree that the habit of holding a caught fish so its head is pointing directly in the line of flight, is done to improve the bird’s aerodynamics, making it easier to fly with the fish. It is interesting to note that the larger and more powerful bald eagle has been seen to harass osprey's into letting go of their Porte o us catch. It is then snatched by the eagle in flight or retrieved from the water below for its own meal. Osprey have also been observed migrating while holding a fish. Bird watchers refer to these birds as OPAL – osprey packing a lunch. Osprey's construct massive stick nests. They are always located high in the snag of a dead or dying tree or, a man-made structure. Nests are always near water and afford a 360 degree view. What must be approaching a record is a nest located on a hydro substation near Grand Beach that has been in continuous use for over 30 years. Here in the Gimli and beaches area a new nest was constructed last year at the top of a hydro pole at the entrance to Miklavik, parallel to PTH #9. I watched this nest being constructed last spring. On one particularly harsh day the male had to fight gale force winds to bring nest material to the female who wove it into the structure to her satisfaction. Sometimes the wind was so strong the male could not get the material to the nest. Other times, upon dropping off the material, it blew away before the female could set it in place. ...continued on next page Thank you to Wendy Relf, an avid wildfowl photographer, for sharing her incredible capture of an osprey, (top) taken at Grand River, Ontario, in September, 2009. Many thanks also, to Norman Freedman for sharing his photo of a nesting osprey family that had built their home on a hydro pole at the entrance to Miklavik, just south of Gimli. Norman’s photo was entered in our 2010 Annual H2O Photo Contest. Check pg. 16 for details on this year’s contest.

A friend of mine, who works in Gimli, informs me that there are four nests at his work site, but that only one has been used successfully, the others being only partially completed. This nest was used from 2006 through 2009 with the pair raising 2, 3, 2 and 2 young, respectively. He tells me that last year, a single adult returned for about a week or two, but, subsequently left the nest empty. Afterward, another pair showed up and completed two of the unfinished nests on the north side, but did not lay any eggs. At least there were no young observed. In his words, “they hung around the whole summer yelling at one another every time anyone came close enough to interest them.” Because the birds are located on private or secured property, no official monitoring takes place, so it is difficult to determine what, exactly, took place last year. Did the single bird lose its mate, but find a new one later, setting up nest-keeping duties in Miklavik? Were the pair that completed the unfinished nests juveniles from the previous year that had not yet reached full adulthood? We'll never know for sure, but my friend tells me he'll keep me posted with developments this spring.

Observing past young, he says, “They climb up onto the edge of the nest, grab hold and flap like crazy for weeks. Then, one day, they let go and copy mom and dad until they get their flying down pat. Once we get cool weather and they go away, but as soon as there is open water on the lake in the spring, that's when they seem to show up once more.” In the 1950s and 1960s, osprey populations plummeted, as did peregrine falcons and other raptors, due to pesticide use. The banning of DDT and related substances resulted in a spectacular comeback for these birds. Since the 1980s, osprey are found all across North America, wherever ample fish populations exist. In Manitoba, this magnificent raptor is listed as “Secure” by the Manitoba Conservation Data Centre. Over the years I, too, have observed their population increase. They are visible all around the south basin of Lake Winnipeg and nests are now being observed from Gimli on the west side to Elk Island on the east side. May another threat, like DDT, never again occur so that we may always be awe-struck when “Plunger” the Osprey drops from the sky to secure lunch for his family.

Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Laser Therapy Reflexology Acupuncture Orthotics

Providing Rehabilitation Services at the Lake!



(braces, splints, custom foot orthotics)

Nursing Foot Care

Specializing in the treatment of motor vehicle, work-related and sport injuries, plus, everyday aches and pains. Call for an appointment at

642-5353 Direct Billing to most Insurances. No Referral Necessary. 14 ON MAP, PAGE 20

Ken Porteous is a regular contributor to our H2O Guide “Wild File” feature.

16 ON MAP, PAGE 21

H2O Summer 2011 11


n August 4-7, 2011 the Gimli Yacht Club will be hosting CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) SAIL WEST, the Western Canadian Sailing Championships. The event is expected to attract participation of 180 athletes from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In addition to the athletes, the coaches, parents, and spectators coming to Gimli will bring the expected attendance to 500 people. The four day event will consist of two days of Youth Olympic Training Seminar with expert coaches from across the country, followed by a two day sailing regatta. “I am excited about competing at Sail West in Gimli this year. I was in Edmonton last year for Sail West and it was great. I am looking forward to competing with home field advantage where my friends and family can come and watch,” says Emma Williams, a sailor from Team Manitoba who trains in Gimli. Participants for CYA Sail West will compete in several different classes: 29er, Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Optimist, 2.4m, Martin 16, boardsailing and an open class. The 29er is a high performance skiff. It was specifically designed for youth training for the much larger Olympic class, the 49er. It has a single trapeze and an asymmetrical spinnaker. The Laser and the Laser Radial were originally designed in 1970, over 40 years ago


H2O Summer 2011

by two Canadian designers, and is now recognized as the official Olympic single-handed boat for both men and women. The Laser 4.7 uses the same hull as the Laser and Laser Radial but has a much smaller sail, making it accessible to younger, lighter sailors. The Optimist is a single handed class for youths between the ages of 8-15, and is meanwhile the largest boat class, worldwide. Boardsailing is making its way back on the map once more, and for the first time the 2.4m class (which is sailed at the Paralympics) and the Martin 16s (a development class) will be included for sailors with a disability.

The Gimli Yacht Club was founded as a part of the legacy from the 1967 Pam Am Games. Sailboat racing was the raison d’être for the establishment of the club. “Gimli Yacht Club has been host to multiple title events over the years, including two Pan Am Games in 1967 and 1999, many National and North American Championships, Western Canada Summer Games, Western Canadian Championships, and even a World Boardsailing Championship in 1994,” says Commodore Eric Turner. “For Sail West we will have over 50 volunteers working together to make the event a success. We want to showcase one of the best sailing venues across North America. Lake Winnipeg provides for some of the best inland sailing West of the Great Lakes, and the Gimli harbour has a world class dinghy beach.” On any given weekend in the summer there are over 100 Gimli Yacht Club members that live in Gimli at their summer homes. Most of these weekenders live on their boats in the Gimli Harbour and take day sailing trips on the lake, which adds to the picturesque backdrop of Lake Winnipeg which makes Gimli famous. Many of these sailors also take longer trips and sail up the lake to destinations like Hecla Island, Princess Harbour, and even George’s Island in the North basin. It’s a great way to have an exciting adventure so close to home. Sailing sound interesting? There are lots of ways to give it a try. The Gimli Yacht Club has lessons for kids and adults every summer, or if you are curious about trying keelboat sailing, why not try a one day introduction to cruising course? You will experience the lake from a front row seat. Visit or, for more details and information. Sailing lessons are also available through Sail Manitoba and other Yacht Clubs throughout the province.

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e are extremely proud to announce that H2O Gimli & Beaches Adventure Guide was honored last spring as the recipient of the highly prestigious Travel Manitoba Tourism MEDIA Award 2009. As a multiple award-winner (the first win was in 2004) and the largest tourism magazine in the Interlake, we pride ourselves in continuing to offer our readers the highestquality publication, one that goes beyond the pages you are now holding in your hands. Jumping off the page and onto your computer monitors enables us to invite our readers to become actively involved in discovering everything there is to know about the region. H2O, now on-line in its entirety, enables readers all over the globe to explore our pages. This “green” version of H2O is easily shared simply by passing along our link. On our website we encourage you to explore our interactive maps that will connect you directly to our advertisers’ websites: hover over the location dots and simply click on their links.

Congratulations to our Early Bird Booking Draw winner - the New Iceland Heritage Museum! They were very happy to accept an advertising account credit of $340. The same draw will be offered for our 2012 issue so, be sure to keep an eye on your calendars and watch for our email announcements related to the next draw. Check out our first H2O Crossword Puzzle on page 38. The clues, you will notice, are all Interlake-related, making it a bit of a scavenger hunt for words. Some of the answers can be found in the H2O Guide you hold in your hand. Have fun playing, then send in your completed puzzle for a chance to win prizes. To make things even more interesting, visit our website, click on the “crossword” link and play the game on-line. Cool! Our 3rd Annual Photo Contest, “Interlake Impressions”, invites you to explore your favorite Interlake haunts, then share with us by entering your photos. Last year we accepted 140 entries; take home prizes totalled $2500.00 This year, thanks to our generous ad sponsors, the total prize package is $2700.00! The contest begins May 20th with final submissions being accepted on October 30,

2011. Four winning photos will be chosen by our Contest Judge. See page 16 details and to see last year’s beautiful, winning shots. Our digital submission process is userfriendly and lots of fun. So, whether you’re hiking in the Boreal Forest, beachcombing or picnicking on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, or taking in the festival and weekend happenings, you’re sure to find something interesting to capture and share. Huge thanks to Kerri Taverner for her continued dedication and hard work and to Norman Shewchuk, our H2O resident Webmaster, for his amazing technical skills and wonderful professionalism. Thanks also, to my family for their love and support.


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artist rising by Erika J. Goodman


eet Thomas. A rather sad man, hands in pockets, both face and posture showing a lifetime of toil and worry. An elderly fellow, frozen for eternity–a doll, standing 12” high, born from the imagination of one of the Interlake’s most talented artists–Marilyn Folson. Thomas, sporting detailed handmade clothes, complete with diminutive buttons, a creased bald head, veins protruding from bare feet and untamed facial hair, is as detailed as the dozen or so more, of Marilyn’s polymer creations, the most recent ones selling for $1000 each. Marilyn amazes audiences with the intricacies of her dolls and other works of art such as bronze sculptures and paintings, at galleries such as Fishfly Gallery in Winnipeg Beach. When I first saw Marilyn’s dolls on display there, Thomas’s candor and bodily expression enticed me to create a history for him, and by so doing, I was ”completing the narrative,” a necessary engagement between the viewer and the artwork, according to Folson. Each doll stands on a base which references the theme of the character. Gold, a true grit prospector, full of spunk and grandeur - stands among bits of panned rocks. Howard, wear-

14 H2O Summer 2011

ing a soft expression, textured bathrobe and slippers, reveals a crooked, arthritic hand bent at the wrist as if to balance himself as his other hand grips a cane, stands upon a base of mini-vinyl floor tiles which Marilyn discovered at a store specializing in doll house accessories. Reflecting on the first of her many artistic achievements, Marilyn learned how to “technically craft a piece that would seem to take on a personality and a life of its own. All my dolls were elderly,” remarks Marilyn. Past reviewers have suggested that Marilyn may have insulted the golden age by the frankness of her character’s wrinkles, sagging rolls and cellulite dimples, but she assures this was not the case. “I was interested in the aging process, and by the fact that these dolls, male and female, represented people who had been shaped by life experiences; they had stories to tell.” The Winnipeg Free Press reported of Marilyn’s doll display entitled,

“As Time Goes By” at Craftspace Gallery in 1995: “These dolls show the ravages of time,” and the “exhibit reflects the reality of life.” Marilyn Folson’s dolls were a raging success, featuring five solo shows in Winnipeg and Vancouver, numerous awards and recognitions, but like all great artists, she sensed when it was time to move on to new artistic challenges. “There are so many intriguing paths in this world of art,”

observes Marilyn, who has had a lifetime to explore a world of art in which she participates daily. In the 1970’s, Marilyn got her first taste of art when she took a summer course at the Banff School of Fine Arts. “I came back thinking I would like to teach art,” says Marilyn whose first job was to teach Junior High English and Art. During those teaching years her appetite for art knowledge increased and she followed the advice of artists and friends who suggested the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design as a venue for honing her own personal technical and conceptual expertise. After completeing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a two year sabbatical, Marilyn returned to Winnipeg to teach art again. All the while the only time she actually made art herself was as examples in her art classes, which also included photography. “When I began my career, I was suddenly immersed in the world of art, and I loved that! I knew that in retirement I would have time to further pursue my interest in that world.” Marilyn worked 29 years as a teacher before retiring to a lakefront home in Gimli in 2000 with her husband Bob Coulter, also an artist. By this point Marilyn had moved beyond the polymer dolls and had begun sculpting whole bodies in Sculpey clay, both in relief and in series; each was theme-based and equally as captivating as the dolls. Next came the “Full Moon” series, in which Marilyn switched to a single color of clay to create mostly nude statues of the elderly. I once saw a full-figured, Godiva-type statue of a senior at a friend’s house and knew immediately that it was from Marilyn’s Full Moon series. Her sculptures simply cannot be mistaken. She has a definite style in all her work – somewhat dark, brutally honest and humorous. Preferring at the time to work in series, Marilyn began another challenging endeavour: the clay goblet. Marilyn relished in the technical aspects of using clay and stabilizing the cups on narrow stems. “When I began the goblets I wanted a functional piece and to

incorporate the new round form. I then began to work on a larger scale at the Gimli Art Club, using the kiln to fire the pieces. I used mainly ceramic tools and the process was primarily subtractive, beginning with a solid shape and a stream of consciousness approach,” she explained. Her other “clay narratives,” as Marilyn describes them, include monumentallooking statues, faces, craggy mountainous figures, Roman columns as well as false gods, serpents and other unique, fantastical creatures. Her sculptures have been exhibited at a Manitoba Art Council Show and the Gimli Art Club. Although Marilyn admittedly doesn’t do much in the way of self-promotion, she has sold numerous pieces and holds many awards. “I am very grateful to the many people who have given me the opportunity to show and sell my work,” she notes. An avid traveler, Marilyn and Bob choose their destinations for the quality of “gallery and food – in that order!” she insists. The most inspirational locations, according to Marilyn, are on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, in New York, and Toronto. I could see a Latin American flavor in a painting she showed me during our interview, another location she visited. “I am influenced by everything I have seen, heard or read

about but, my work is fiction, not autobiographical.” Aside from the daily practice of art (aspiring artists take note: Marilyn’s advice to you is: “Paint every day and enjoy the process as much as the product”), and numerous excursions, Marilyn donates her time in the community in which she feels so lucky to live. Involved in her neighborhood association, the Gimli District Health Auxiliary, and the Gimli Art Club, she also continues to review applications for the art bursary at the Gimli High School. Marilyn’s history as a teacher and as an art lover have manifested into a gift for all who appreciate her creations. As the artist behind the work, Marilyn says, “The question is always how much information do I include? Too much and the viewer has no need to spend any time with the work. Too little and there is nothing to build on, no subsequent dialogue or exchange.” This delicate balance she successfully achieves, fully engaging the viewer in the narrative. This reciprocal relationship is what Marilyn relies upon while creating. Choosing to begin without a preconceived idea, Marilyn allows the stream of consciousness to come through her and the object she is working on, and with that, “anything can happen!” Preferring acrylics because of its layering qualities, Marilyn has recently been trying her hand at painting. She has no other goals than to “enjoy the process and to learn what paint can do.” Marilyn hopes that her pieces “will have impact. That there might be viewers that will be drawn into the work, maybe even complete a narrative, engage in a dialogue or exchange. That is very exciting to me. It is really gratifying when someone simply takes the time to look.” If you’d like to look, and maybe even engage in your own narrative, indulge in Marilyn Folson’s art at The Wave Tour in June or September. Or, visit her webiste at Enjoy the adventure!


R.M. of Gimli

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H2O Summer 2011 15


H2O Summer 2011


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2 HWY #9

















MAP LEGEND Match the number or letter listed below (to the left of the businesses, attraction or service) with the corresponding number or letter in the Red or Blue Circle on the map. Example: S Outdoor Stage



1 2 3









Advertisers Helma RogueRaiders Studio Gallery At Boundary Creek Interlake Transit & Tours Blue Rooster GrafficWear Garriock Insurance/Russin Insurance The Olde Gingerbread House Tea Room & Gift Shoppe The Breakwater Ice Cream and Coffee Bar



Attractions & Services Boardwalk & Walking Trail Children’s Park Winnipeg Beach Legion Boundary Creek Marina Public Parking Wpg. Beach Recreation Centre Outdoor Stage Tennis Courts Peter Toth Totem Pole Washrooms / Change Rooms Winnipeg Beach Town Office Winnipeg Beach Water Tower

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Liquor Mart We have everything you need to complement your summer fun: beer, wine, spirits and coolers. Visit our friendly, knowledgeable staff today. SUMMER HOURS* Monday – Thursday 10 am – 8 pm Friday 10 am – 9 pm Saturday 9 am – 9 pm Sunday 12 noon – 6 pm * May 9 – Oct 10, 2011

52 Centre Street 642 - 6540

Follow us:

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Please drink responsibly - Moderation tastes so much better ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

H2O Summer 2011 17

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Camp Morton’s Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails (see map below) offer groomed trails the whole family can enjoy. And don’t forget about Willow Creek’s paddling opportunities. Interested in a more “off the beaten path” kind of adventure? Then, check out Heather Hinam’s story on page 8, “Hidden Gems”, to guide you toward some unique adventures through the Interlake region. And, while you’re out there, be sure to capture the moment then enter your photos in our 3rd annual H2O Photo Contest. See page 16 for all the details.

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Memorial Park









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H2O Summer 2011

Large selection of Basket Stuffers Annuals - Perennials - Herbs - Shrubs Hanging Baskets - Planters 14 ON MAP


3 1/2 miles west of Winnipeg Beach, on Hwy #229 1





3 4

REGIONAL Map Legend Advertisers

5 S 6 7







9 Gimli & Beaches



Clean, dry materials can be dropped off at any of the recycling locations. 642-5028



Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Newspaper, Glass, Milk Jugs, Pop Bottles, Cardboard & Boxboard

P 13

M 14

1 Lil B’s Restaurant–Fas Gas Plus Solmundson Gesta Hús Second Nature - Adventures in Discovery 2 Arborg Hotel, Arborg Nic Nacs & Flowers Interlake Heating & Ventilation Ltd. Smitty’s Furniture & Appliances 3 Spruce Sands R.V. Resort 4 Fat Cat Bistro 5 Nails @ Home - Jannet McFarlane 6 Manitoba Hydro 7 Tumbleweeds Ranch 8 Red River College - Gimli Campus 9 Cornerstone Enterprises 10 Steina’s Studio–Paintings & Jewellery 11 Estates West Real Estate– Odin Green 12 V. Arnason Custom Building 13 Chelsea’s Restaurant 14 Solmundson’s Greenhouse 15 Interlake Garden Centre 16 C. F. Casey Guitars 17 Highway 8 Fuel / Restaurant 18 Whytewold Emporium 19 Interlake Transit & Tours 20 Brushfire Signs; Canadian Cancer Society Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre Poulin’s Pest Control 21 Roseanne’s Interior Restoration Shakti - Beads, Jewellery, Home Decor St-Boniface Hospital P. Crystal Taylor, Ken Taylor Taylor Financial Solutions - Manulife Securities Winmar Restoration Specialists 22 South Beach Casino & Resort


Attractions & Services



18 19




Gimli & District Health Centre Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre Marina Public Park Gimli & District Recreation Centre Gimli Sports Park, Youth Centre, Skateboard Park, Lawn Bowling Club New Horizons 55+ Centre W Willow Creek Paddling Route


RE/MAX Real Estate Service 61 Centre Street GIMLI, Manitoba

204 642-4888 Toll Free 1-866-642-4888

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H2O Summer 2011 19


Gimli Townsite

MAP LEGEND Match the number or letter listed below with the corresponding number or letter in the Red or Blue Circle on the map. Examples: 12 Fish Lips Hemp Co. A A-Spire Theatre

custom framing

10 New Iceland Heritage Museum


85 Fourth Ave, Gimli 642-7453


1 Icelandic Festival Gift Shop 2 Comodo Chinese Restaurant 3 Lakeview Resort / The Pier, 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Seagull’s Restaurant Diamond Beach Giftware / Gimli Florist, Koma Heim Trading, Sandstone Gift & Home, Zumba Fitness with Jan Keryluk Gimli Film Festival (July 20-24) Brennivin’s Restaurant EICD - Eastern Interlake Conservation H.P. Tergesen & Sons Waterfront Centre New Iceland Heritage Museum, Icelandic Festival Gift Shop Isaac & Denchuk, Fish Lips Hemp. Co. Lakeshore Family Chiropractic, Sun Sky Wellness Lighthouse Mall / Quarry Physiotherapy, Royal LePage–JMB Associates, Reykjavik Bakery, Kaffe Haus Mermaid’s Kiss Gallery Taylor Pharmacy Gimli Liquor Mart Remax Realty Garriock Insurance / Russin Insurance Gimli Veterinary Services, Johnson’s Department Store Gimli True Value Red River Co-op / Mac’s Convenience Beachcomber Family Hair Design Stringer Rentals P. Crystal Taylor and Ken Taylor, Taylor Financial Solutions Manulife Securities Gimli Physiotherapy Clinic Mask Restaurant, Mask Pizza Express Royal Canadian Legion Br. 182 Sobeys Viking Inn / Gimli Garden Chinese Dining DIAGEO Canada / Crown Royal

R 30 29

24 27


1 WR



Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre A-Spire Theatre Gimli Beach & Boardwalk Beach Concession/Change Rooms Evergreen Basic Needs Gimli Park Pavilion & Historic Cairn Evergreen Public Library Fishers’ Wharf Gimli Harbour & Pier Gimli Art Club Gimli & District Health Centre Gimli & District Lawn Bowling Club Rural Municipality of Gimli Office Gimli New Horizons 55+ Centre Gimli Public School (1915), Home of the “Huldufolk” - Snorri & Snaebjorn P ublic Parking Gimli & District Recreation Centre Gimli Sports park Gimli Art Club Seawall Paintings Tennis Courts (Gimli High School) Viking Statue Gimli Yacht Club Youth Centre, Skateboard Park Public Washrooms Women’s Resource Centre

H2O Summer 2011


23 18








New Iceland Heritage Museum




















12 11



7 E

8 4 9 10


3 W



6 B


2 GA

1 1








H2O Summer 2011 21

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - 2011 GIMLI & BEACHES ARTS, CRAFTS & HISTORY Planning an event? Book the Gimli Park Pavillion or Rec Centre by calling 642-6670 or email: GIMLI ART CLUB Exhibiting works by many diverse, talented artists, for over 40 yrs. Open daily in summer, or by appointment, off-season. The Sea Wall Gallery is the largest over-water gallery in Canada–open all year long. 642-8217 Centre St., Harbourfront May 13 - June 5 “The Life of an Artist” Featuring the work of well-known local artist and art instructor, Kathy Hastie and her protégé, Ian Johnson, a U of M fine arts student. Presented by the Gimli Public Art Committee at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. Open Daily 10-4. or 642-4001 May 20 - October 30 “Interlake Impressions” - H2O Guide’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest. 4 winners will share $2700 in Prizes!! Enter up to 3 views of the beautiful Interlake area. Visit - click on “Photo Contest” for all the exciting details. May 21-22 Indoor Spring Craft & Vendor Market - Huge indoor market at the Winnipeg Beach Rec Center. 389-5126 June to September - Ponemah Beach Central Art Centre & Dunnottar CPR Beach Station Museum - Railway St. & Central Ave in the Village of Dunnottar (Ponemah). Quilting with "The Thera Piecers" of Ponemah on Thur 1-4pm. Weekends 10am-5pm. Call Betty at 389-5682 or June 11-12 The Wave Artists’ Studio Tour West shores of Lake Winnipeg, 10 am-6 pm. 782-3077 June 18 - Sept 5 “Authors & Landscapes of Iceland” an exhibit featuring the work of Icelandic photographer Jóhann Páll Valdimarsson, at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. 204-642-4001 or June 26 - H. RogueRaiders Studio Gallery Fine Art Gallery at Boundary Creek / Winnipeg Beach GALLERY OPEN HOUSE 3 – 5 pm. “Goat Boy and other stories”, a solo show by H. RogueRaiders. In the Art Annex: ceramics, collage, glassware, pottery, glass jewellery, and photography by the late Renate Gravert Martens. 5 artists–5 different media. Marianne Gopalkrishna, Jolanta Sokalska, Gabriele Neuschwander and guest artist Peter Martens. Call 389-5633 July & Aug weekends by chance or appointment. Join the artist's talk about her studio work or tour the 'happy chaos cottage' grounds. Learn about the regeneration of natural growth along the dike built in 2005. For individual tours: 389-5633 email: July & Aug - Saturdays- 2:00 p.m. Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre - Learn about the abundance of life around our great lake: hands-on activities & beach-combing! $5.00 fee includes admission to the New Iceland Heritage Museum, supplies & snack! or call 642-4001 or 642-7974 July 2 - Heritage Open House - 10am-1pm at Dunnottar Community Club. The Municipal Heritage Committee invites you to share and learn about our comunities historical buildings.

July 2 - Summer Craft & Trade Show Free Admission, Silent Auction. Gimli Rec Centre, Centennial Rd. 642-6670 July 9 & 10 - Fish Fly Foray! Each year harmless little fish flies burst forth from Lake Winnipeg by the millions! Explore the amazing life cycle of this fascinating, but essential little creature. Watch for details at or call 642-4001 Sept 3 - 4 The Wave Artists’ Studio Tour West shores of Lake Winnipeg, 10 am-6 pm. 782-3077 Sept 18 - Nov 18 “Where the Mountains Meet the Sky” A photo exhibit featuring aerial shots of Iceland’s West Fjords by Guðni Þorbjörnsson, at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. 204-642-4001 or Sept 24 - Fall Craft & Trade Show Free Admission, Silent Auction. Gimli Rec Centre, Centennial Rd. 642-6670 Oct 21 - The Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society and the New Iceland Heritage Museum invite you to the annual “Walk to the Rock” along the shores of Lake Winnipeg to The White Rock, the site of the first Icelandic immigrants arrival by barge. Celebrate the establishment of New Iceland, a unique chapter in Canada’s history. Noon at 94-1st Ave. Refreshments. 642-4001 October 22 - National Historic Sites and Monuments Board plaque unveiling. Observing the recognition of Sigtryggur Jonasson (1852-1942), the “Father of New Iceland”, as a Person of National Historic Significance. Dedicated to the betterment of his new home, Sigtryggur’s ties to Iceland remained strong in the spirit of multiculturalism that our nation embraces. New Iceland Heritage Museum 642-4001 or Nov 25 - Dec 11 5th Annual Holiday Festival of Trees! The New Iceland Heritage Museum will make your holidays’ magical Christmas trees, wreaths & locally-crafted gingerbread will be on display then raffled on Dec 11th. Special guests and entertainers each Saturday. adds to the festive atnisohere! Free admission to museum. or call 642-4001.

FESTIVALS & ENTERTAINMENT Enjoy the Gimli Harbour Music Series every Sat evening and Sun aft. from July 2nd to Sept long weekend - Gimli Harbourfront. May 29 - Gimli Shriners Fish Fry For info visit: June 3 - “A Little Night Music” - The Winnipeg Chamber Music Society and Prairie Ocean Centre of the Arts - An evening of enchanting music. Featuring performances by: Gwen Hoebig, violin; Karl Stobbe, violin; Daniel Scholz, viola; Yuri Hooker, cello; and David Moroz, piano. 7:30 pm at Johnson Hall. Tickets $20 at Tergesen’s & NIHM. June 3-5 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For info call: 642-1336 June 12 - South Thunderbird (special time 1-4pm) Outdoor Stage, Wpg. Beach 389-5126

June 12 - Under The Boardwalk Show ‘n Shine Summer Car Show 7 pm at Winnipeg Beach 389-5126 June 17-19 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 June 18 - Steak BBQ - Call for tickets or info: Royal Canadian Legion 642-8824 June 18 - 45th Annual Manitoba Highland Gathering - Selkirk Park, Selkirk, MB. Come rain or Shine. Bring your lawn chairs! Experience the centuries-old Scottish tradition of colour and pageantry! 204-757-4007 June 26 - Sept 4 First church service followed by regular services - 11am at Hecla Community Church, Hecla Island Provincial Park. John & Maxine Ingalls, Lot 20, Hecla 279-2061 June 30 - “Barry G Player Band” at 7 pm. Live band on the Outdoor Stage, Winnipeg Beach 389-5126 June 30 - Canada Day Fireworks A magnificent fireworks display at the Gimli Harbour at night, plus free musical entertainment at Gimli's Pier to kick off the Canada Day festivities 642-5703 July 1 - Canada Day Celebrations Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Gimli Park, 8am. Parade -11am from corner of 6th Ave, down Centre St. to Gimli Park for Ceremony and birthday cake inside the Pavilion. Kinsmen Fish Fry, FREE drinks and hotdogs. Family games and entertainment. Info: 642-5703 July 1st - Canada Day Celebrations Free Admission to the New Iceland Heritage Museum, 10am - 4 pm 642-4001 July 1 - Noon - Canada Day Celebrations Old fashioned family fun day. Echo Park band & Fireworks Wpg. Beach - 389-5126 July 1-3 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For info call: 642-1336 July 1 “Echo Park” Outdoor Stage, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 2 - “Whisky Bent” 7pm Outdoor Stage, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 8 - 10 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 July 9 - “Adam T. Elvis” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 9 - Children's Fishing Derby at Gimli Harbour. Limited to first 75 kids. Same day registration–Gimli Harbour at 9 am. Derby 10am - 1pm. Call Vicki 642-7929 or, 641-4000. Rain date July 10th. July 10 - Cruisin' Gimli Beach Car Show Get up close to awesome vintage, classic & modern specimens of car perfection on Centre St. in Gimli. Call Bob Forzley at 642-9481 or John Hykawy at 642-7554

July 15 - 17 Boardwalk Days - Annual festival with Wonder Shows, street vendors, outdoor craft & vendor market, live entertainment & Fireworks! Wpg Beach - 389-5126 July 15 -17 Triple S Fair & Rodeo, Selkirk Park, Selkirk, MB 204-485-4854 July 16 - Lobsterfest Gimli. July 23 - “Kool Runnins” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 20 - 24 11th Annual Gimli Film Festival showcases the best new work of independent film. Canadian & International Features, Documentaries & Shorts screened in three indoor venues. Guest filmmakers will participate in Q&A sessions and industry events. Free Nightly screenings on Gimli's north beach on a 35 ' screen situated in the water. Tickets available starting July 12 at festival headquarters. 642-8846 July 23 - Men’s 50/50 Cake Auction. Royal Canadian Legion, 642-8824 July 24 - Country Gospel concert with Rick & BB - South Dakota - Hecla Church. Service 11am - Concert 2pm (Location TBA). Contact John & Maxine Ingalls 279-2061or July 24 - “South Thunderbird” Outdoor Stage, 7pm. Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 29 - Aug 1 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 July 29 - Aug 1 The 122nd Icelandic Festival - “Íslendingadagurinn,” one of Canada's largest ethnic celebrations. Authentic costumes, cooking, parade, awesome fireworks, concerts, fine art show & more. Souvenir program available everywhere with all event details. 642-7417 July 29 - Aug 1 - Viking Village on the “Harbour Hill Meet this spirited group of professional, costumed Vikings & artisans and learn all about “The Viking Way.” Authentic costumes, cooking, battle & lifestyle reenactments. Brought to Gimli by the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. July 30 - “Bearcat” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 31 - “Dust Rhinos” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 July 31 - 7th Annual Country Music Festival at the Leigh Cochrane Memorial Centre - Fisher River, MB. Featuring George Canyon and Uncle Kracker! 645-3733 or visit Aug 1 - Gospel Music at the Leigh Cochrane Memorial Centre, Fisher River, MB. Music, Dance, Comedians, fireworks. 645-3733

28 ON MAP, PAGE 20


22 H2O Summer 2011

Aug 1 - Hecla Village Parade at 1pm. Lots of unique and imaginative parade floats, children's activities and craft sales. Not to be missed!! Aug 1 - “Dust Rhino’s ” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 Aug 6 - “Diana Desjardins” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 Aug 12 - 14 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 Aug 12 - 14 8th Gimli Model Fest - Sat afternoon, enjoy the "Fun Fly." On Sun, capture the excitement of the model air show! Don't miss it! For more info: Contact Randy Bohemier 642-7850 or Todd Shulba at 204344-5848. or visit Aug 13 - “Bobby Bilan & The Outpatients” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Wpg. Beach 389-5126 Aug 13 - Manitoba Elvis Fest - Aug 20 - “Jimmy G. & the Doo Wops” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Wpg. Beach - 389-5126 Aug 21 - “Blessing of the Fleet”- 11am Fishermen's Service at Hecla Community Church - Commemorating fishers past and present. Light lunch to follow. Everyone welcome. John & Maxine Ingalls at 279-2061 Aug 26 - 28 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 Aug 27 - Pig Roast & Dance Reservations: Royal Canadian Legion, 642-8824 Aug 27 - “The Christy Kim Band” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Wpg. Beach 389-5126

Sept - Date TBA - Harvest Fest - Annual festival with craft, farmer & vendor market. Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 Sept 2 - 5 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 Sept 3 - “Without A Trace” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 Sept 4 - “Deputy” Outdoor Stage, 7pm, Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126 Sept 4 - Old Timers Dance - Gimli Park Pavilion. Bands – The Canadian Rhythm Masters and Female Beat. For info: 642-6670. Sept 5 - Last Church Service this year at Hecla Community Church, 11 am. John &

Maxine Ingalls 279-2061 Sept 17 - Bud, Spud & Steak Night - Live Band. 9pm - 2am. For tickets or more info: call the Royal Canadian Legion, 642-8824 Sept 23 - 35 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 Sept 30 - Oct 2 Gimli Dragway - Race weekend. For more info call: 642-1336 Nov 11 - Remembrance Day Service 10:30 am Gimli High School - Presented by the Gimli Royal Canadian Legion. Dec 2 - Christmas on the Bandstand Annual Christmas festival with carolers, bonfires and more. Winnipeg Beach - 389-5126

Dec 4 – Kids Christmas Call for info: Royal Canadian Legion, 642-8824 Dec 31 – New Years Eve. Call for tickets: Royal Canadian Legion, 642-8824

FUNDRAISERS May 28 - Hecla Dinner Theatre - Hecla

Community Hall - Proceeds go to Hecla Museum. Tickets: $50. To purchase tickets contact: Maxine at 278-2061, Sharon at 279-2088, or Candyce at 467-8045.

May 28 - Manitoba Motorcycle “Ride for Dad”- An Army of Chrome and Leather, Fighting Prostate Cancer - Proceeds to prostate cancer research & awareness. Go to June 5 - Breast Cancer Motorcycle Pledge Ride - Motorcycle enthusiasts and riders join

together for a worthy cause. Barry G Player Band - Outdoor Stage, Wpg. Beach - 389-5126 June 24 - Viking Open Golf Tournament Texas Scramble with a dinner to follow. Presented by the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. Call 642-7417 to register.

Sept. 2 - A Viking Feast! The New Iceland Heritage Museum invites you to join us for a Viking celebration at the Gimli Park Pavilion. Call 642-4001 or go to for details Sept 18 - Terry Fox Run - Join the annual fundraiser for Cancer Research. Noon at Gimli Park. Call 642-6670. Sept 18 - Parkinson’s SuperWalk 2010 In memory of Leo Kristjanson. Registration at 9 am; walk begins 9:30 am at Gimli Public School, 2nd Avenue. Pledge forms everywhere and at

SPORTS EVENTS Aug 4 - 7 CYA Sail West 2011- Western Canadian Sailing Championships Hosted by the Gimli Yacht Club. A multiclass, open regatta for athletes from B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Sponsors and volunteers are still needed. Contact Brigitte at 204-925-5647. See or email: Gimli Yacht Club - Summer 2011 Dinghy sailing lessons for beginner and advanced sailors, ages 6 to adult. For info on lessons or GYC memberships, visit Keel Boat Sailing Lessons for all ages, boys and girls. Visit Prairie Ocean Cruising at or Trail Rides Cowboy Camp - Day camp for kids 5-10 years. 643-5523 Tumbleweeds Ranch. Equestrian Camp - Week long experience for girls 10-17 years. Tumbleweeds Ranch. Zumba Fitness with Jan Keryluk - The

Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party™. Feel the music and let loose! Summer Classes at Gimli Park Pavilion, Winnipeg Beach Bandstand, and the Selkirk Waterfront. For info on classes and events email or


10 ON MAP, PAGE 21

Gimli Beach Volleyball - Tuesday & Thursday evenings on Gimli Beach. Sign up – don’t just watch! Call Christine Fehler 642-5299 or email: Or, catch us on twitter – tweetgimlibvb. August 13 - Jerry Johnson Memorial Lawnbowling Tournament. Gimli & District Lawnbowling Club - 642-7117 Aug 16 - Gimli Minor Hockey Week-long camps for girls and boys. Gimli Rec Centre 642-7862 Aug 27 - 28 Rona MS Bike Tour “Biking to the Viking”. Then party with everyone on the beach afterwards! Contact,

H2O Summer 2011 23

Blue Dolphin Lounge South Beach Casino & Resort / One Ocean Drive Scanterbury, Manitoba 1-204-766-2100 or 1-877-775-8259 Featuring free live entertainment, playing your favorites from Country to Classic Rock every Friday and Saturday evening. Enjoy a delicious Beer & Steer dinner for only $10.00 (available from 3pm till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays). Lounge hours of operation: 11am to 2am, everyday except Sundays from Noon to 2am.

The Breakwater Ice Cream & Coffee Bar Downtown, Winnipeg Beach Enjoy a cup of Winnipeg Beach's best coffee, or choose from many delicious flavours of hard ice cream for your stroll along the historical Winnipeg Beach Boardwalk. Or, relax and take a break in the shade under our colourful umbrellas and enjoy a refreshing milkshake made from your choice of flavour of hard ice cream. We serve cappuccino, latte, iced coffees and other specialty blends.



Brennivins Pizza Hus 70 First Ave., Gimli / 642-5555 Featuring Wing nights Monday & Wednesday. All you can eat buffet Thursday. Tons of tasty appetizers. We offer an exciting wine selection that goes great with our specialty pizzas! Licensed Dine-In & Patio, Take out and Delivery. Sun-Thurs 4pm - 11pm, Fri-Sat 4pm – 1am. Chelsea’s Restaurant 103014 Hwy 9 Sandy Hook, MB Located at Sandy Hook RV Resort 1-204-389-5085 Offering the “Flavors of the Interlake”. With principles of local support, Chelsea’s Resturant is a quaint and bright eatery that you must visit! Enjoy fresh food and a friendly atmosphere as you let the fabulous local art flow over you! Specialty items include: whole wheat hemp seed pancakes, delicious homemade soups, fresh, hand-breaded chicken fingers and Lake Winnipeg pickerel & chips! Produce, protein and baked goods sourced locally! Breakfast & lunch specials! Extended Hours on Weekends. Comodo Chinese Restaurant 81-1st Avenue, Gimli / 642-1888 Gimli's only Harbourfront Chinese restaurant, located across from the Lakeview Resort Entrance at the end of Centre St. Extended hours for the summer with daily Lunch and Dinner Buffets. Fully licensed dinning room and patio; take out and catering available. Join us on our outdoor patio with fireplace and enjoy the harbourfront weekend bands. Reservations recommended. We have free public Parking at rear.


during summer months. We offer something for every member of your family–daily for lunch and dinner, Monday - Saturday. Eldhus also offers take-out service. For more information please call 1-877-376-5453 ext 2. Fat Cat Bistro North East corner Glen Bay Rd & Hwy #222 - 14 kms North of Gimli / 1-204-642-5515 With local roots, Chef Karen Nielsen believes in supporting local farmers, fishermen and food producers, and in using the best available ingredients. All menus feature fresh, local produce, fish and meats. Classic Manitoba favourites featuring four distinct menus: breakfast, lunch, fine dining, plus beach service for cottagers and lounge patrons. Authentic Icelandic food available upon request. Offering high tea, Multi-Course Tastings, Custom Catering, Event Tent, Weddings, Garden Parties, Gardens. Fully licensed. Outdoor Patio. Open mike night every second Friday. Please call for details. Check out our Facebook Page. For more info, visit Fishlips Hemp Shop & Café 40 Center Street, Gimli / 642-7050 Earth and Lake friendly - specializing in Manitoba Grown HEMP HEALTH FOODS AND OILS and dietary supplements. We offer freshly made Fair Trade coffees & teas (also

Eldhús Restaurant - 285 Main Street Arborg MB / 204-376-5453 or (Toll Free) 877-376-5453 Eldhús is a casual family restaurant, with menu selections that change seasonally, located on the lower level of the newly built Arborg Hotel. Seats 30 inside with a large patio open

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24 H2O Summer 2011

packaged for home use), and fantastic smoothies. Come in for a sip and browse our hemp clothing & crafts, assortment of body-care products, hemp health foods, oils and dietary supplements & much more. Come in and check us out! Using hemp directly supports the transition to a healthier community, lake & planet. Visit us at Highway 8 Service Station 9800 HWY #8 / 1-204-886-3898 Breakfast 6 am-11am, Lunch & Dinner menus featuring traditional local fare including Bannock, Elk Stew, Bison and Pickerel. Breakfast & Coffee Club. Fresh baked goods available – specializing in pies and pastries. Interac, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX accepted. Kaffe Haus Centre & Third Ave. Gimli / 642-9555 Located in the Lighthouse Mall. Dining Room & Outdoor Patio with umbrellas. Serving specialty coffees and smoothies. Take Kaffe Haus home with you! Our retail products include: specialty teas, fantastic selection of packaged coffees, logo cups and Torani syrups. Open late Fri. & Sat. Under new ownership. Open 7 days a week. Lil B’s / 1-204-378-5223 1/2 mile north Riverton on #8 Hwy Licensed family restaurant with great food. Everything from pizza, finger food, home cooked meals and something for the health conscious. Come in and try our signature wild rice soup and bannock or tea biscuit. Free Wi-Fi. 24 flavors of soft ice cream. Open Sunday 9 am - 9 pm and

Monday to Sat 6:30am to 9:30. Fuel up at our Fas Gas Plus pumps. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Debit. Mango's Restaurant - South Beach Casino & Resort, One Ocean Drive Scanterbury, Manitoba / Call 1-204-766-2100 or 1-877-775-8259 We offer exceptional cuisine including many Canadian and tropical favorites. Enjoy our lavishly stocked International buffet, seven days a week. Our Specialty Seafood Feast Buffet - Thursdays (4:30pm – 10pm.). Prime Rib Buffet Saturdays (4:30pm – 11pm). Sunday Brunch Buffet (12 pm – 3pm). And daily Mango’s Dinner Specials: Monday Nights–All you can eat Ribs; Tuesday Nights–16oz T-bone Steak for $9.77; Wednesday Nights– Steak & Lobster $14.44. Mango’s is open 7am–10pm Sunday to Thursday and 7am to 11pm Friday and Saturday. Mask Restaurant / Mask Pizza Express 129 - 7th Ave. Gimli 642-4727 Enjoy Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean flair in our casual and Fine Dining rooms. Choose from the “Benedict Brothers” breakfasts, homemade pasta, burgers, pastries and special entrées made fresh, daily, by our World-Class Chef. After 5 pm, the outdoor patio and Fine Dining Room are reserved solely for our Fine Dining experience. After 5pm enjoy our Take-Out Pizza Express: homemade, Italian-style pizza made with fresh dough. Reserve our Casual Dining Room for

your evening parties! Alternate weekends offer special menus. Call to book your birthday parties & business meetings. Call for info on our monthly Blues and Grill Night. We offer a wide selection of fine wines. Licensed. Reservations strongly recommended. Air-conditioned. Free wireless. NEW HOURS: Mondays closed, Tues – Sun. 8 am to 3 pm and 5pm to 10pm.





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Reykjavik Bakery - Lighthouse Mall, Centre St, Gimli / 642-7598 Celebrating our first year in Gimli the Reykjavik Bakery in the Lighthouse Mall! We specialize in Icelandic and European-style breads and baked products, made from scratch, on-site. Our customers can relax and enjoy breakfast, sandwiches, coffees and our freshly baked products in the dining section of our bakery. We only use all-natural ingredients for our baked products. For special orders, please call ahead or email us Open daily, year round.

The Olde Gingerbread House Tea Room & Gift Shoppe 60 Main St. / Winnipeg Beach MB 204-977-2018 Set on the picturesque Boardwalk, our nostalgic Tea Room features dine- in and take-out service, daily lunch specials, plus a selection of à la carte menu entrées. Come in for a nibble and browse our Gift Shoppe of fine giftware – useful, unique and personal gifts for all ages and occasions. Featuring quality, affordable giftware, local Artisan artwork and craftwork as well as fine collectibles.

Seagull’s / Lakeview Resort 10 Centre St., Gimli / 642-4145 The menu here includes fresh, local fish, steaks, pastas, chicken, schnitzel, fresh salads and more. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also check out our new dessert and ice cream menu! Outdoor patio overlooks Gimli Harbour on beautiful Lake Winnipeg.

The Pier / Lakeview Resort 10 Centre St., Gimli / 642-4145 Gimli’s newest place to drink and dine featuring a cosmopolitan atmosphere with family-friendly service. Full menu with specials and a tasty appetizer menu. Specialty coffees and a full-range bar with daily summer drink specials. Also check out our new dessert and ice cream menu! Enjoy the harbourview from our outdoor patio.

Whytewold Emporium - 3 Sins 190 Gimli Rd., Whytewold, Mb. Reservations / 389-4567 Experience the old world flavor of thin crust pizza, baked to perfection in our wood-fired oven. Our popular traditional crêpes are prepared on cast-iron grills by artisans that truly enjoy making great food. New for 2011 - let us entice you with one of our three delicious and irresistible

“Sins”: European-style Liège Waffles, authentic right down to the caramelized, Belgian pearl sugar inside! Enjoy our summer weekend BBQ specials, baby back ribs, roast chicken and fresh corn in the husk. Listen to the local musicians while you browse our great selection of high-quality silver jewelry, bedding plants and antiques. For our seasonal hours & events calendar visit

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The Sands Beach Café 19 S. Lakeshore Drive, Spruce Sands Resort - Arnes / 642-5761 Celebrating 50 years! Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at our lakefront café, which has a Wi-Fi hot-spot for your convenience. Our bakery offers homemade cinnamon buns, pies, pastries and desserts. For the ice cream lover we offer more than16 flavours of hard ice cream and over 24 flavours of soft ice cream. Open 9 am-9 pm daily.

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Pier relaxation. 3 ON MAP, PAGE 17

Come unwind in our newly named and renovated lounge featuring: » VLT’s » Full menu » Specialty coffees » Daily food and drink specials » Outdoor patio with a harbour view 1 ON MAP, PAGE 19

Open daily from noon-midnight.

Located ocated in in the the Lakeview Lak keview Resort Resort Gimli, Gimli, 10 10 Centre Centre St. St. 204.642.4145 204.642..4145

26 H2O Summer 2011


young boy is armed with a dipping net and plastic pail and is poised to capture his prey. His younger sister has the same dipping net, but she is not quite sure what to do with it as she swings it about in the air. The parents look on with smiles and encourage their children to continue with their task of capturing the unknown critters that lurk beneath the murky waters of the marsh. It doesn’t take long until the young boy yells, “I got something,” and proudly displays his net, which contains a squirming, miniature shrimp-looking critter and a multitude of tiny, unidentified little red dots. He gently puts his catch in his pail for further investigation. As the boy keeps on fishing for unknown aquatic creatures, a nature interpreter comes along with a colourful identification key to help the family identify what they have just caught. The boy had caught a fresh water shrimp, also known as side-swimmer or, gamarus, and the little reddish dots are tiny daphnia, also known as water fleas, which, the family learns, are part of the zooplankton found in many bodies of water, which are an essential food source for many other water creatures. After a successful session of critter dipping, the family gets to see their catch up close by observing under a large

magnifying video. From their tiny legs frantically paddling in the water to their digestive tubes seen through their clear bodies, the tiny creatures are displayed on a large screen accompanied by many

”ohhhs” and “ahhhs” from the observers. The next adventure that awaits the family is the exciting dragonfly survey. With nearly 40 different species of dragonflies found at the marsh, it is no wonder that visitors are very interested in learning about these amazing, graceful and colourful insects. The family is handed a net and off they go on a hunt for these fast-flying and

acrobatic insects. When they finally catch one, an expert quickly helps to carefully remove the dragonfly from the net and assist with the identification before releasing the flying beauty back to the marsh. With over 30 kilometers of hiking trails to hunt for dragonflies, the choice is almost limitless. After about an hour, the family decides to cool off in the award-winning interpretive centre featuring many handson exhibits for all ages. What catches the children’s attention is the critter feeding session, soon to start. Here they will get to watch and help feed the salamanders, frogs, turtles, snakes and fish that live at the centre. “Cool,” they say in unison and quickly make their way to the live exhibit area to meet with the interpreter. As promised, they watch the fish gobble their food. Fish flakes are on the menu for the minnows and tiny shrimp will be fed to the big carp fish. Later, the children help keep track of which salamander has had its mealworm and which one has not eaten yet. The highlight of the activity, however, is when they watch the snake “hunt” for its prey! The parents watch the kids in amusement as the interpreter tells them stories about the life cycle of a garter snake.

As the afternoon comes to an end, a canoe ride is suggested. The kids beg the parents to go and they agree to end the day by enjoying a nice, relaxing canoe ride on the calm waters of the marsh. Wearing life jackets and carrying paddles, the group walks happily towards one of the large ten-passenger, Voyageur-style canoes. The canoe rides always deliver what they promise and the family enjoys a ride through the marsh they have spent the day exploring, while listening to the raucous calls of the yellow-headed blackbirds and the melodic “potpourri” sang by their cousins the red-winged blackbirds. Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre is definitely a place of discovery where one fun adventure is quickly followed by another. This summer, why not make a day of it and take the whole family out to the marsh to explore and discover the amazing creatures that call this place home. For more information, please contact the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre at (204) 467-3300 or check out its website at for all the exciting upcoming events and activities. Jacques Bourgeois is the Events, Marketing and Promotion Director at Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre. Photos courtesy of OHM.

OUT OF THE CIT Y...OUT OF THE ORDINARY! Visit year-round to enjoy:  wildlife and bird viewing  fun, interactive programs  friendly, knowledgeable guides and more! Bring in this ad when you visit for a chance to win a one-year family pass!

Draw closes Oct. 31/11


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For more information contact: 1-888-50MARSH (62774)

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Arborg Nic Nacs & Flowers - Susie Eyolfson 281 Main St. Arborg / 376-5023 Experience the changing seasons reflected in our giftware and new, imaginative floral designs. We also offer personalized memorial graveside arrangements. Ask us about our NEW featured personal product: Colour Energy for Body & Soul. And our giftware selection is amazing...Bradford, Willowtree, Soy Candles, LUG, jewellery, signs, Cherished Teddies, Webkinz, and figurines of many styles. 19 years of design and decorating experience allows me to help personalize my customer’s shopping needs. We hope you can stop by, spend some time, and enjoy the atmosphere. Blue Rooster GrafficWear - Plaza Mall Wpg Beach / 389-5086 Funky comfortwear for all ages. Hats, t-shirts, swimwear, sarongs, activewear. Gifts, cards, music and custom printed clothing.


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28 H2O Summer 2011

C. F. Casey Guitars & Kate Ferris 3028 Prout Rd., Winnipeg Beach 389-2024 / Toll Free 1-866-389-2024 Custom-designed stringed instruments. Master Luthier, Fred Casey, has been building fine stringed instruments for custom orders for over 35 years: guitars, ukuleles, banjos, dulcimers, bouzoukis, and more. Quality repairs and restorations. Free estimates. By appointment only. “Hear The Sound That Quality Makes!” Fred and Kate Ferris can be reached at or, at: See their fascinating workshop on The Wave Tour. Diamond Beach – Gimli Florist 77E First Avenue, Gimli / 642-8001 An attractive boutique featuring unique fashion jewellery, fine gold & silver gemstone pieces, and quality giftware – so much stock to choose from! Fantastic fresh flowers & bouquets for special moments or just because. Your wedding is our pleasure! Wedding rings, flowers, marriage licenses, gifts and flower rentals all available in our one stop wedding shop! Located in the Lakeview Resort. To order flowers visit: Fishlips Hemp Shop & Café 40 Center Street, Gimli / 642-7050 Earth and Lake friendly, specializing in Manitoba -grown HEMP HEALTH FOODS, OILS and dietary supplements. Your only earth-friendly hemp store in the Interlake! We offer hemp clothing, body-care, crafts & a café featuring smoothies & more. Come in and check us out! Using hemp directly supports the transition to a healthier community, lake & planet. Visit our website: Galleries of the Gimli Art Club Center St. - Harbourfront /642-8217 70+ artists display diverse & fabulous art in its lake-side galleries. Indoor gallery is open daily in summer and by appointment off-season. The Sea Wall Gallery, known to be the largest over-water gallery in Canada, if not in the world, is open all year long. In summer, you might even catch an artist at work. Call 642-8217, or visit their web-site at Gimli True Value / Stringer Rentals & Power Products, Gimli / 642-5489 75 Centre Street, Gimli and also at 99-7th Ave., Gimli / 642-7490 Whether you’re in town for the day, own a cottage or, live in the area, we offer great selection & friendly service. Our True Value store is a great hardware store but also stocks all of your general merchandise needs as well. Need rentals or power equipment? Stringer Rentals can help. We do repairs, too. Don’t forget to visit our on-site seasonal greenhouse. H. RogueRaiders Studio Gallery–Fine Art Gallery at Boundary Creek 247 Laurel Ave / 389-5633 Wpg Beach This fascinating gallery features original artwork by talented local artists who bring the European attitude to their expressions in fine art works. Beautiful

and functional pottery, glassworks, photography, and original paintings, prints and cards, including gallery owner, Helma Rogue Raider’s acrylic landscapes and bird paintings. Watch for the sign on Hwy #9 and visit during the Wave Tour! H.P. Tergesen & Sons 82-1st Avenue, Gimli / 642-5958 A Gimli landmark since 1899. An eclectic collection of clothing, footwear, books and gifts in a turn-of-the-century family store. Huge selection of the most fashionable mens’ and womens’ apparel, shoes, beachwear, swimwear, plus great accessories, fabulous gifts, and a large book section. Open 7 days a week. Icelandic Festival Gift Shops 3 Centre Street, Gimli / 642-7305 Waterfront Centre, Gimli / 642-7417 Great gifts & souvenirs. Viking helmets, plastic swords, Icelandic flags and windsocks, adult and kids' Icelandic Festival clothing, plus hats, viking jewellery (plus Rune Stones), mugs, original pottery and so much more. Prices from $1– $75. Open daily 10 am - 4pm (July and August). Call hours for Sept thru June. Interlake Garden Centre Hwy #9 Winnipeg Beach / 389-3200 Come see what you've been missing! Annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, herbs, hanging baskets, planters, topsoil, gardening supplies and giftware. Lawn & garden services. Call Rob or Donna for a free estimate. Visit their website at Johnson's 76 Centre Street, Gimli / 642-4010 Easy lifestyle clothing & footwear for the whole family featuring Manitoba’s largest selection of NAOT footwear. We provide exceptional customer service in Gimli’s cottage country department store. Koma Heim Trading / 642-8725 Lakeview Resort, Gimli Adventure on First Avenue…Exotic or rustic, elegant or fun – home furnishings and accents that will enhance your home and reflect your unique style. From armoires to antique benches, masks to mirrors and beautiful, hand-crafted items from the Interlake to India. Sometimes surprising, always inspiring.

Family Hair Design Pam Natalie Carol Walk-Ins Welcome!

Quantum Hair Products 23 ON MAP PAGE 20

84-6th Avenue - Gimli

642-HAIR (4247)

Mermaid's Kiss Gallery 85-4th Avenue, Gimli / 642-7453 As mentioned in Bartey Kive's A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba, â&#x20AC;&#x153;... as the place for fans of original fine art in the Interlake.â&#x20AC;? Representing fine art in all mediums by well known Canadian artists and featuring award-winning photography and lampwork glass jewellery, by owner Linda Vermeulen. Custom picture framing and photo restoration is available. The Gallery is open Thursday thru Monday. (Tues & Wed by appointment only). Nails@Home / 641-4033 Gimliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first mobile manicure & pedicure service! Jannet McFarlane offers professional beauty services in your own home. Manicures, pedicures, nail art and gels convenient and affordable. Also available: SPARTIES - ladies nights, bridal events! Please call ahead to book your at home appointment or party. Sandstone Gift & Home Lakeview Resort, Gimli / 642-9020 They have a reputation for quality and superb service. Fabulous clothes, unique gifts, art, contemporary kitchenware and garden accessories. Come and explore. Open Daily. Year Round. Shakti / 1-204-415-3338 194 B Osborne St., Winnipeg MB Open 7 days a week. Specializing in beads and jewellery making supplies, Shakti also carries fair trade clothing, furniture, crystals, jewelry, and unique home decor. Our selection of beads includes turquoise, Thai silver, lapis lazuli, pearls and Asian crystal to name a few. We also offer jewelry classes in our beautiful store atmosphere & discounts for jewellers. Shakti also designs and sells, custom jewellery. Be sure to visit our website at Smitty's Furniture & Appliances 321 Main St., Arborg, MB 376-5242 or 1-800-361-4156 Offering personal customer service, competitive pricing and top name brands. Our expert sales staff can help you make a selection from our wide range of superb appliances, front-load or top-load laundry pairs, side-by-side or bottommount refrigerators, freezers, ovens,

cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, warming drawers, microwave ovens and range hoods. Everything you need for a perfect nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep including mattresses, pillows, linens, bed frames and comforters. Finally, we have a beautiful line of stylish and comfortable furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and family roomâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;every room in your home! Solmundson's Greenhouse Hwy #229, Wpg Beach / 389-3016 Large selection of basket stuffers, annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, hanging baskets, planters. 3 1/2 miles west of Winnipeg Beach on Hwy 229. Remember to shop early for the best selection of plants. Steina's Studio / 642-8445 80 South Colonization Road, Gimli Visit Steinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Studio by appointment. Her artworks feature dynamic, original paintings and one of a kind jewelry and sometimes other flights of fancy. Visit Steina in her fascinating and vibrant studio! Please call ahead. Sponsor of the 2011 - H2O Photo Contest. Sun Sky Wellness / 642-4842 2-40 Centre Street, Gimli High quality vitamins, herbs & supplements, homeopathics, probiotics & detox products. Gluten free foods, organic teas, healthy snacks. Natural, organic, affordable skin and body care products for all ages. Taylor Pharmacy 50 Centre Street, Gimli / 642-7470 For all your health needs this summer. Allergy relief, first aid, sun care, cosmetics, magazines, snacks, dry goods, cards and digital photo center. The Olde Gingerbread House Tea Room & Gift Shoppe, 60 Main St., Wpg. Beach, MB / 1-204-977-2018 Set on the picturesque Boardwalk of historic, downtown Winnipeg Beach, our nostalgic Gift Shoppe features fine giftware: useful, unique, personal gifts for all ages and occasions! Our Gift Shoppe also features local Artisan artwork and craftwork as well as fine collectibles. Our Tea Room features dine-in and take-out service, daily lunch specials, plus a selection of Ă la carte menu entrees. Come in for a nibble & browse!

4 ON MAP PA G E 2 1

The Viking's Purse - New Iceland Heritage Museum Gift Shop Waterfront Centre / 642-4001 Unique, imported giftware from Iceland including clothing, music and books. Crafts, fine hand-crafted jewellery and fine art by local artisans plus an array of quality souvenirs. Museum and gift shop open daily, year round. Whytewold Emporium / 389 4567 190 Gimli Rd., Whytewold, Mb. Now, more silver, and antiques â&#x20AC;Ś and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget the homemade fudge, fresh pies, Kettlecorn Popcorn, yogurt, and 16 more flavors of ice cream. We have the

healthiest, most-loved bedding plants in the Interlake, our planted containers and hanging flower baskets are awesome! Browse our wide selection of gorgeous sterling silver jewelryâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;handpicked 925 and 950 silver from Mexico, Arizona, the Dominican Republic, and Italy. We invite you to come in and browse around Country Jenny's Antiques. If you don't see what you are looking for, no problem, we can show you our off-site display (only 5 minutes away). We also have a great selection of wild bird feeders and bird food. Visit our website at for seasonal hours and weekend events calendar.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Worth it.â&#x20AC;?


Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what people say. The only problem with Blundstone boots is that they never seem to wear out. Oh, people try. But after a few years of kicking the bejeez out of them, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more comfortable than ever and still going strong. Expensive ? Nope, they get cheaper by the day.

T E R G E S E Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S


The Original Available in Brown and Black

82 First Avenue Gimli (204) 642 5958

-415-3338 204 Osborne Street, W 194 B innipe g, MB on Gertrude e c n w a ntr



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H2O Summer 2011 29

Arborg Hotel 285 Main Street, Aborg MB /204-376-5453 / Toll Free: 1-877-376-5453 Located in the Heart of the Interlake. Our newly rebuilt hotel features ten beautifuly designed, luxuriously appointed rooms, in-room coffee, and large flat screen TVs. Relax and unwind with friends and enjoy a meal or refreshing drink in our Eldhús Restaurant and spacious Lounge. Convenient Beer Vendor and Laundromat. Whether you are traveling to Arborg, Manitoba for business or pleasure, you will discover comfortable, stylish lodging, delicious food and a relaxing lounge. Check us out on Facebook for Upcoming Events!

special event or reception, the South Beach Casino & Resort is the perfect location. Offering 5000 square feet of event space, we can accommodate up to 300 persons for dinner. Featuring our Grand Ballroom with high ceilings

and unique banquet menus for all your food service needs. Call 1-204766-2100 or 1-877-775-8259 for more information. Visit our website at for more details on all of our offerings.

Lakeview Resort 10 Centre Street, Gimli Call 642-8565 or 1-877-355-3500 Beachfront Resort and Conference Centre offering suites and luxury vacation suites with fabulous harbour views of Lake Winnipeg; indoor & outdoor pools, sauna & whirlpool, plus fitness room. Enjoy a “meal with a view” at Seagull’s Restaurant then share a drink with friends in The Pier. Video games room, free movies, cable TV and DVDs, banquet/meeting space, plus easy access to treasure-filled shops and boutiques offering thousands of unique and interesting items. In the winter months we also offer skating and tobogganing! South Beach Casino & Resort One Ocean Drive, Scanterbury, Manitoba 1-204-766-2100 or 1-877-775-8259 The South Beach Casino & Resort is fashioned in an Art-deco design and tropical atmosphere. Our distinctive resort offers Grand Suites, Junior Suites, Luxury Rooms and Deluxe Guest Room accommodations with the highest standards of service and amenities. Surround yourself in luxury, comfort and relaxation as you visit our tropical pool area. Enjoy your stay with our various Getaway packages, such as: Stay, Play & Getaway, High Rollers Getaway, Romance at the Resort and Green with Envy Golf Packages. Visit our website for more details. Conferences: When planning your next meeting, conference, staff retreat,

30 H2O Summer 2011


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Solmundson Gesta Hús Bed & Breakfast and Wellness Center Hecla Island, Manitoba / 1-204-279-2088 / email Set in Hecla Provincial Park, a mere 45 mins North of Gimli, hosts Sharon and Dave Holtz invite you into their completely modern Icelandic home. Next to the church in the historic Hecla village, this European style B&B has every North American convenience. Four guest rooms with brass beds, cozy duvets, a common living and dining area plus a wellness room. Your stay includes a full, hot breakfast, evening coffee plus use of hot tub, gazebo, bikes, barbeque, fishing rods, etc. Book ahead for an evening meal - the house specialty is fish, caught by your host, Dave Holtz, a commercial fisherman. Relax on the veranda, in the gazebo, or in the outdoor hot tub, enjoy the view of the lake, or gaze at the stars and enjoy the surrounding serenity. The Wellness Centre offers Reiki sessions as Sharon, your hostess, is a Reiki Master. They specialize in SOQI sessions using HTE products. Sessions consist of different combinations of medical devices; The SOQI bed, Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE), and E-power. Beauty sessions also available using the E-power and/or It Works! products. Spa Sessions and Spa Packages are available. Products to improve your personal wellness and the environment in which we live are available to purchase. These products include HTE medical devices, It Works! products, Salt lamps, Orgon Generators and Bio Pro products. Spruce Sands RV Resort / The Sands Beach Café & Bake Shop Spruce Bay Road, Arnes Call 642-5761 or 1-866-642-5671 Celebrating 50 years! 315 full-service RV sites. Enjoy 1/2 mile of sandy beach near by, propane sales, 5 acre playground, kayak and bike rentals. Convenience store, video rentals, laundry facilities, bakeshop and café (with fabulous homemade pies!) and a wi-fi hot spot. Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rates. Viking Inn - Hwy 9 & Centre Street Gimli / Call 642-5168 / Website: A short walk to Gimli shops and our great beaches. 21 air-conditioned rooms, with colour TV, fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. Free wireless internet throughout the building. Gimli Garden Chinese Dining, Dine in and Take-out. Visit "The Viking Bar" with VLT's, dance floor, pool tables and deck. Entertainment, Karaoke, Dancers, Meat Draws and more. Music – Live Bands & DJs on weekends! Open Sundays. Vendor. Meeting / Banquet facilities. Convenient ATM cash machine available.

The Sands Beach Café and Bake Shop Visit us beachside for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy a picnic on the beach or relax in our lakefront cafe where you can enjoy one of our Bake Shop’s freshly baked pastries. Or, if ice cream is your passion, try one of our 16 flavours of hard ice cream and 24 flavours of soft ice cream. Bring your computer and keep in touch at our cafés Wi-Fi hot spot! “Our family campground has been a favorite summer getaway for the past 50 years!”

Phone (204) 3 ON MAP, PAGE 19


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“One of the most common misconceptions people have regarding orphaned animals is that they think you can’t touch a baby bird or the mother won’t take it back into the nest,” says Carey. “Birds don’t have a sense of smell; this is really only an issue for mammals.” The Wildlife Haven offers educational programs and presentations to schools, daycare’s, community groups and at public events. Two popular programs include Rendezvous and Keeping Em' Wild. Groups learn about hawks and owls and their natural history. They will set up an owl pellet dissection which is a popular activity for school presentations. Explanations about the seven non-

he Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre, located in Ile Des Chenes, Manitoba, is a non-profit organization that returns rescued and injured wildlife back into the wild once rehabilitated. Over 1,700 injured and orphaned wild animals come through its doors annually. The majority of animals arrive in the spring; this includes approximately 400 cottontail rabbits, 300 baby ducklings and unnecessary orphans brought in by well-intentioned individuals. Cottontails are often found in backyards where the rescuer assumes that

they have been abandoned. “People don’t realize that the mother only comes around once or twice a day for a quick feeding (usually around dusk and dawn) and then is gone,” says Taylor Carey, who is the Centre Supervisor. “One test that can be done to ensure that the cottontails are not unnecessarily orphaned is to take a string and run an X across the nest. Check in 24 hours and if the string is moved you know that the mom is feeding her babies. When it comes to ducklings that appear abandoned, take time to look carefully around as the mother is usually nearby.” Aside from caring for injured animals, the Centre routinely receives calls from people seeking information regarding what to do if squirrels have invaded their attic, for example, or, what to do when fledging birds are discovered out of their nest and on the ground. According to Carey, “fledglings are frequently kicked out of the nest by the parents to encourage the young to fly but, it doesn’t mean that the bird is injured or orphaned. This is especially true with crows as they are often awkward at the fledging stage because they are almost the size of an adult and their awkwardness is easy to mistake for injury,” she explained. releasable raptors are an integral component of the program. These birds are held back for breeding, foster-parenting and educational purposes. The Wildlife Haven offers school presentations throughout the province for a minimal fee of $99 plus travel with a reduction to the cost with subsequent presentations. Although the majority of the Centre’s clients are birds and the smaller mammals including woodchucks, squirrels, and rabbits, they also treat larger mammals such as foxes and coyotes. However, it is not permitted to take in orphaned bear cubs, deer, skunks or raccoons. If you do happen to come across an injured animal and are unable to take it to the Centre yourself, there are volunteer runners who will come to collect the animal. They ask that you try to do what you can to contain the animal such as putting it in a box for safety. 20 ON MAP, PAGE 19


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Lisa Taylor, DVM Kristine Torske, DVM, DVSc Wendy Slezak, DVM

Your “Other Family” Doctors Transport companies such as Gardewine Transport, Perimeter and Calm Air and local Conservation departments are important partners who assist in transporting injured or orphaned animals to the centre. The Winnipeg Humane Society also serves as a drop off point. Carey is the only full-time employee aside from twelve Green Team summer positions. The Haven relies primarily on volunteers and operates solely on corporate sponsorships and public donations. One can volunteer for a variety of activities including working at the hospital which involves cage cleaning, daily feeding, and treatment; working as a runner to pick up injured animals; assisting with education programs; fundraising and special committees. An orientation training day is offered for volunteers but Carey says that “it is basically hands-on with volunteers learning as they go.” Although there is no set commitment of hours for volunteering, the minimum age to do so is 18 years. For Carey, the most frustrating part of the job is when an animal doesn’t make it after putting in many patient hours working to try to rehabilitate it. “You always want to help them but there are no guarantees that we will be successful.” This situation is made bear-

able by the rewards of being able to release animals after they have been successfully rehabilitated. Carey recalls an incident with a great horned owl that was paralyzed and brought to the centre. She performed physiotherapy twice daily on the owl along with providing appropriate medications. After a few months it was healthy again and was then released! Raising orphaned babies until they are able to live back in the wild is another rewarding experience of the job, according to Carey. Anyone wishing to do so, can become a member of the organization for an annual donation of $30 per individual or, $50 per family. Members receive a quarterly newsletter called the


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‘Wing Beat’, to keep them up to date on all the Haven’s happenings. One can make a donation or apply to volunteer by logging onto their informative website at and completing the required information. The rewards are many when working with animals to improve their quality of life, or to save their lives. The best advice Carey has for anyone who comes across an injured or, what they think is an orphaned baby animal, is to first call the centre at 878-3740 and ask for advice before handling the animal.

Photo above: The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre, in operation for 25 years, is located in Ile Des Chenes, Manitoba. Photo left: The release of an owl into it’s natural habitat after being nursed back to health is a thrill for the staff. All other photos courtesy of Wildlife Haven. Author, Gail Kreutzer, is a regular contributor to the H2O Guide.


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he dinghy sailing program has been going on at the Gimli Yacht Club for over 40 years. Like everything, it has gone through cycles, but this youth sailing program has continued on with the support of the Gimli Yacht Club and the Manitoba Sailing Association’s Mobile Sailing School. Many children have learned to sail through this program and have gone on to enjoy this passion for a life time of recreational pleasure, while others have gone on to excel in the Manitoba Dinghy Racing Program and to represent our province nationally and even internationally. Three years ago, when Cliff Carefoot became the G.Y.C. Volunteer Sailing School Co-ordinator, it was noticed that not one sailing student lived in the local area year round. In an effort to share this sailing opportunity with more local children, the Gimli Yacht Club resurrected an old program and gave a free G.Y.C. Sailing School Scholarship to a student attending Sigurbjorg Stefansson Early School and another one to a student at George Johnson Middle School in Gimli. 5 km to Gimli


Paddling Map



Great birdwatching!

Willow Creek Wetlands Picnic Spot

MIKLAVIK ill ow Cr ee


Start Here WILLOW CREEK Centennial Park





This past summer, ten children from the local community participated in the dinghy sailing program in Gimli. Due to this success, local businesses are being solicited for financial support to set up the $150.00 Sailing School Scholarships at Winnipeg Beach School, Arborg Early Middle School, and Riverton Early Middle School. The Gimli Yacht Club further supports dinghy sailing for the youth by offering a Student Membership at a cost of $110.00. This Student Membership enables the student to sail the club’s 6 Optis, 5 Lasers, or 3 Tumbleweeds all summer. This support is just in time to help youth train for the Summer 2012 Power Smart Manitoba Games at Wellman Lake in Duck Mountain, scheduled in July. They were last held in 2008 at Carman, Manitoba, with great success in participation, as well as the celebration at the closing ceremonies. This summer, each of the 7 regions will be holding a qualifying race to choose 2 female and 2 male competitors to represent each region. Visit for more all the details. Sailing programs and club support help athletes train for local, provincial and national events. The national sailing event happening in Gimli this summer from August 4th to 7th, is the C.Y.A. Sail West–Western Canadian Sailing Championships, hosted by the Gimli Yacht Club. See story on page 12 of this issue for more information. Whether an individual chooses to pursue sailing recreationally or professionally, there is lot to be offered by this sport. A Sport of A Lifetime! Gimli Yacht Club also offers adult sailing lessons and memberships.





by Cliff Carefoot


Boundary Creek Marina, WINNIPEG BEACH 140 slips, seasonal and daily moorage, gas, boat launch, licensed restaurant, picnic area, close walk to town and historic Winnipeg Beach Water Tower. Call 389-3584. Gimli Harbor Marina, GIMLI 300 slips (some newly repaired), seasonal and daily moorage, Gimli Yacht Club, increased water and electrical facilities, diesel and gas, pump-out facility, boat launch, picnic & BBQ area, historic site. Very close to town shops, restaurants, services. Call 642-7517. Silver Harbor Marina, ARNES 110 slips, seasonal and daily moorage, showers, picnic area, boat launch, boat storage. Call 642-7245. 18 ON MAP, PAGE 20



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BUYING PROPERTY? HAVE IT SURVEYED FIRST. Why do I need a survey? To determine the extent of the land that you are buying and to protect yourself from inheriting problems related to building encroachments and zoning violations.

Do I get survey pins with my survey? Upon request. There is a financial saving to be gained by

having pins installed when the buildings are located. Consult a Land Surveyor before your lawyer orders your survey. Do I need title insurance to insure my title? No. By law, the Winnipeg Land Titles Office must assure that your title is valid. Furthermore, title insurance will not tell you where your boundaries are. Should I accept a copy of an old survey? No. Buildings, zoning laws & survey standards are subject to change. Unauthorized copies may have been illegally altered. Copyright violation can result in financial penalty. Who can prepare a “survey”? Under the Land Surveyor’s Act, only a Qualified Manitoba Land Surveyor is authorized to conduct a land survey.

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Open Wednesdays, May 1 - Oct 31)

Selkirk Office: 785-2924

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Toll Free: 1-800-325-5963

Arborg Hotel Beverage Room 285 Main Street, Aborg MB 204-376-5453 or 1-877-376-5453. Try your luck on our VLT's or enjoy one of our cold, draft beers. The Arborg Hotel Beverage Room is perfect for relaxing, watching the game on one of our 5 flat screen TV's or going out dancing with the girls. A full Eldhús menu is served in the Beverage Room - Weekdays until 8pm and until Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Closed Sundays. Brennivins Pizza Hus 70 First Ave., Gimli / 642-5555 Tons of tasty appetizers. Licensed DineIn & Patio, Take out & Delivery. SunThurs. 4pm - 11pm, Fri-Sat 4pm - 1am. Comodo Chinese Restaurant 81-1st Avenue, Gimli / 642-1888 Across from Lakeview Resort entrance Extended hours through the summer; dine indoors or enjoy our outdoor patio with fireplace. Comodo is fully licensed. Fat Cat Bistro / 642-5515 North East corner Glen Bay Rd & Hwy #222 - 14 kms North of Gimli Open mike night every second Friday, featuring local talent. If your timing is right…Chef Karen may sing! With local roots, Karen believes in supporting local farmers, fishermen & food producers and uses only the best of ingredients. Classic Manitoba favourites featuring four distinct menus: breakfast, lunch, fine dining, and beach service for cottagers and lounge patrons. Authentic Icelandic food available upon request. Offering high tea, MultiCourse Tastings , Custom Catering, Event Tent, Weddings, Garden Parties, Gardens. Fully licensed. Outdoor Patio. Check out our Facebook Page.

Kaffe Haus / 642-9555 Centre & Third Ave., Gimli Located in the Lighthouse Mall. Spacious Dining Room & Outdoor Patio Lounge. Check out our retail products and take Kaffe Haus home with you! Choose from specialty teas, a fantastic selection of packaged coffees, mugs and Torani syrups. Open late Fri. & Sat. Open 7 days a week. Under new ownership.

Mask Restaurant Mask Pizza Express 129 - 7th Ave. Gimli / 642-4727 Enjoy Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean flair! Enjoy fine dining in our screened-in, all-weather Outdoor Patio. Take-out Mask Pizza Express–available after 5 pm. Licensed. Blues & Grill Night once a month; every second weekend special menus; reserve our casual dining room for your evening party, birthday parties, business meetings. Please call for details. We offer a wide selection of fine wines. Air-conditioned. Free wireless. Please make note of our new hours: Mondays closed, Tues – Sun. 8 am to 3 pm and 5pm to 10pm. South Beach Casino & Resort One Ocean Drive, Box 777 Scanterbury, Manitoba 1-204-766-2100 or 1-877-775-8259 Our Casino offers 600 slot machines with the latest titles and themes in Manitoba - ranging from 1 cent to $20.00! Table games including: Blackjack, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, MidiBaccarat, Texas Shootout, and Roulette. Poker Room available with ongoing Texas Hold’em tournaments. Join the Ocean Club to earn benefits and redeem for Coupons & Beach Bucks. After, satisfy your hunger at Mango's restaurant. Live entertainment at our Blue Dolphin lounge every Friday and Saturday evening. Also on-site, our Coral Reef Gift Shop. Casino hours of operation: 10 am to 3 am–daily except Sundays Noon til 3 am. The Pier, Lakeview Resort 10 Centre St., Gimli / 642-4145 Gimli’s newest place to drink and dine featuring a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Enjoy our family friendly service with our full menu - daily specials and a tasty appetizer menu. Specialty coffees and a full range bar with daily summer drink specials. VLT’s, & satellite TV. We have the best view in town - sit outside with your friends on our licensed deck overlooking Gimli’s picturesque Harbour.

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The Viking Bar - Viking Inn Hwy 9 & Centre St., Gimli / 642-5168 Dance floor, pool tables and outdoor deck. Entertainment, Karaoke, Dancers, Meat Draws. Music with Live Bands & DJs on weekends! Open Sundays. Vendor. ATM machine. Whytewold Emporium 190 Gimli Rd., Whytewold, Mb. / 204-389 4567 / Reservations Recommended Experience the old world flavor of thin crust pizza, baked to perfection in our wood-fired oven. Our traditional crêpes are prepared on cast-iron grills by artisans that truly enjoy making great food. New for 2011, Liège Waffles, authentic right down to the caramelized Belgium pearl sugar inside! Summer weekend BBQ specials, baby back ribs, roast chicken, corn in the husk. Listen to the local musicians while you browse our great selection of silver jewelry, bedding plants & antiques. See for seasonal hours & events calendar.

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by David Arnason


illow Island is the stretch of land that looks like the south arm of Gimli bay. It is in fact an island joined by a causeway, and the lagoon behind it hides the actual shoreline. It has had quite a few different names since it was first recognized by explorers and settlers. The vagaries of the lake levels mean that it is sometimes a continuous stretch of land and sometimes a series of islands. In 1800, Alexander Henry called it Presqu’Ile, “almost an island.” It first appeared on a map in 1824 as Willow Island. In 1858 and 1860 it was variously mapped as William Point, Willow Isles and Willow Islands. The Icelanders who settled here in 1874 called it Vidirnes, which translates as Willow Point. Of course, Indians had used the island with its protected bay for centuries, and they had their own names for the place. Every year visitors discover arrowheads and scrapers along the beach. When the Icelanders first arrived in 1875, they landed near a large white rock on the beach at Willow Island. There is considerable controversy over that landing, and first hand reports differ. One version says that the Hudson Bay steamship, the Colville, towed the settlers on flatboats into the centre of the bay and cut them adrift so that they landed near the white rock. The most famous painting of the landing supports this version. Another version says that they were hauled into the lagoon and landed on the other side of the island, then made their way to land near the white rock. Supporters of each version cite reasons why it must have been one way or the other, but it is far too late to solve that mystery. At any rate, the first baby born in New Iceland, as they called the settlement, was born in the shelter of the white rock shortly after they landed. Even here there is some controversy about the date of the landing and the birth. Some accounts claim the landing took place on October 21, 1875, but other accounts set the date at October 22. Jon Johannson’s birth certificate says he was born several days later.


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Photo (below) - An early Arnason family picnic on the beach at Willow Island, taken over 80 years ago. In the photo are: Baldi, Runa, Baldi's siblings, Petra, Gudjon along with a hired man, driving the wagon. Opposite page - early marketing “logo” for Willow Island showing the large-scale wooden entrance gate that no longer exists. Artwork restoration: Kerri Taverner. Above and right - a serene canoe ride through the lagoon, Willow Island, and pelican pair, by Linda M. Goodman.

There is, however, a letter in the Canadian Archives written by the leader of the expedition, John Taylor, and dated October 21. that describes the landing and the birth, and so that is likely the correct date. Most of the settlers spent the first winter on Willow Island, though some may have begun to move to the centre of the bay at what is now Gimli. Gimli was named for the High Hall of Gimli from the Elder Edda, where the best of gods, men, giants and dwarves will dwell after Ragnarok, the end of the world as described in Icelandic mythology. It was a tough winter. The settlers built rough log cabins chinked with clay and covered with tents loaned them by the Hudson Bay Company. Conditions were appalling. As many as twenty people shared each dwelling, and if the settlers were lucky, they also shared the space with a cow or two. Smallpox struck during the winter of 1876, and a third of the settlers, mostly infants and the elderly died. My own grandmother, Gudrun Helga Hallgrimsdottir was the first female child born in New Iceland on February 14, 1876, just before the epidemic, but she survived and lived another eighty-nine years. One of the earliest settlers to homestead on Willow Island was Gottskalk Sigfusson, known as “Gossi,” and one of the bays there is named” Gosavik,” after him. The well-known Olson family of Gimli descends from him. Eventually, he sold his homestead to my great-grandfather, Captain Baldi Anderson, a remarkable man who travelled all over North America, sold most of what is now Winnipeg Beach to the CPR, built two hotels, one at Boundary Creek and the other in Gimli, each timed to open the day the railway arrived. He traveled with his dog team to Chicago in 1914 to take part in a silent film called, The Wild Goose Chase, and adopted, and raised, six children besides his own two. In 1914, Willow Island was awarded a subdivision designation that still defines the structure of the lots and roads of the present development. Captain Baldi was determined to start the development in the late twenties and early thirties. He foresaw the development of a row of cabins along a wooden boardwalk. He named the beach boardwalk Marine Parade and that is still its name on the official map of the subdivision. He thought that the CPR would provide a new station stop where the Willow Island road now meets highway 9. He hired my father, his grandson, Baldwin Arnason and together they loaded gravel onto a hayrack and built a road

through the marshes to the beach. He optimistically named the beach Captain Baldi’s Bathing Beach, but he never earned a cent for his efforts. After Captain Baldi’s death, Willow Island passed to his son, Eli Anderson, who raised hay on the field at the end of the island, and sold sand and gravel for road building. In 1956, he offered to sell the place to my father, who was still inspired by Captain Baldi’s vision. Dad and his brothers built a new road, cleared the land, set up tenting lots, built a couple of bath houses and a store, erected a magnificent gate and charged a dollar a car for anyone who wanted to go out to the wonderful shallow beaches with their sandy bottoms and sand bars. During the period of the operation of the tourist resort, many of the tenters built elaborate tenting sites and came back year after year. Unfortunately, 1966 was a year of very high water, and the road was severely damaged so that the resort had to be closed. The family did all it could to repair the damage and opened again in 1967. As a centennial project, the family raised the white rock, the main site for the memory of the New Icelanders, and turned it into a monument dedicated to their parents, Gudjon and Petrina Arnason. Every year,

Icelandic-Canadians turn up on October 21 for the “Walk to the Rock,” which celebrates the original landing. The water remained high and in the end, it became clear that the Island was not a good investment as a tourist resort. The family decided to close the resort and divide up the land among its members. At first, there were only family members, but as children grew up and moved away, they sold their lots to other people, and Willow Island is now a settlement not much different from other cottage developments. After 1967, there were several years of very low water, and the island returned to its original shape. Storms had separated the south shore so that a new island was created People who live there call it Pelican Island, though by now it is no longer a separate island but an extension of Willow Island. The late seventies brought more devastation. The Hydro development at Playgreen Lake meant that for several years high water was back, but that was followed by the drought of the eighties when the lagoon was almost too shallow for boats. Willow Island has a way of healing itself. High water sometimes does damage, but, the shoreline always comes back, and land that seems lost after one storm, returns after another. Willow Island has always been central to the history of Gimli and the memory of New Iceland. It is where this community was founded. Willow Island has been around for thousands of years, and it will be here thousands of years from now.

Author, David Arnason (right) lives in Winnipeg, but prefers to write from his cottage on Willow Island in the summer months. Arnason’s latest novel, published last summer by Turnstone Press, is called Baldur’s Song: a Saga, and is set in both Gimli and Winnipeg. His latest book, along with his many previously published books are available at Tergesen’s in Gimli. David Arnason is a regular contributor to the H2O Guide.

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Get to know the Interlake as you solve the puzzle. Glean information within the H2O Guide, including the display ads. Surf on-line, phone or visit key community and cultural institutions in the area. Clues abound at the New Iceland Heritage Museum (Waterfront Centre), The Icelandic Festival Gift Shop (Waterfront Centre), the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre (Harbourfront), the R.M. offices of Gimli, Winnipeg Beach or Arborg as well as at the Interlake Tourism Association website. Visit the retailers and restaurants. Strike up a conversation with a local “someone in the know” – it could be your ticket to win and is a great way to learn more about the region's history and current happenings. You’re sure to discover something new on your journey. Have fun scavenging for the answers to H2O’s first Crossword Puzzle! Answer key will be uploaded onto our crossword page on our website after December 1, 2011. There are three ways to submit your completed crossword puzzle. 1.) Snail mail: print your answers directly on the puzzle in the H2O Guide. Cut out the completed puzzle, include your name, address, email (optional) and phone number and mail to: H2O Guide, Box 1320, Gimli, MB R0C 1B0. 2.) Digital version: Visit - Click on "crossword" to open the puzzle. Have fun completing the crossword on your computer then print a hardcopy for submission by mail. Neatly print your name, address, email (optional) and phone no. on the page and send to: H2O Guide, Box 1320, Gimli, MB R0C 1B0. 3) In Person: Drop off your completed crossword (with name, etc. included) at the New Iceland Heritage Museum, 74-1st Avenue, Gimli. 642-4001. Deadline for receipt of completed crossword puzzles is October 30, 2011. Only verified correct entries will be gathered for a lottery draw to determine one winner who will be contacted by phone or email on December 1, 2011. No age restrictions. Prizes, listed above in the header, are courtesy of the New Iceland Heritage Museum and the H2O Guide. Answers to the puzzle and the name of the winner will be posted on our website (click “crossword”) after December 1st at Have fun and good luck!


Across 3. In 1947 three beach communities - Ponemah, _________ & Matlock were incorporated as the Village of Dunnottar 6. Bands play on the ______ Stage in Winnipeg Beach on weekends 8. ____ Restaurant, Italian cuisine on 7th Ave, Gimli 9. Last name of Mayor of Arborg 11. Name for craftsperson who builds stringed musical instruments 13. "Grandmother" in Ukrainian 14. Viking ___ , Gimli 16. Arborg & District Multicultural_____Village 17. July 1st holiday 22. Interlake __________ Center, Winnipeg Beach 23. The second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America: The ______________ Festival 25. Name of major sailing event in Gimli, scheduled for August 2011

28. Narrows ______ Lodge 29. Fjallkona's first name (2010) 32. Petersfield Community Statue (Hint: large, winged creature) 34. Fat Cat ___________ , Arnes 36. ____________ Kiss Gallery 37. Name of restaurant in the Arborg Hotel 40. ___ River Co-op 41. Camp ______ , north of Gimli 42. Name for Interlake area settled by Icelanders in the year 1875 44. Locally owned and operated grocery store (Hint: green logo) 45. This ranch offers Trail-rides Cowboy Camp 46. Lakeview _____ in Gimli 47. Huldafolk live here 48. _____ First name of owner of Arborg Nic Nacs & Flowers in Arborg

1. First name of Owner/Broker of Royal LePage JMB & Associates in Gimli 2. Helma RogueRaiders Studio Gallery at ______ Creek. 4. Peter ____ , creator of Totem Pole sculpture at Winnipeg Beach 5. _______ Beach, a local florist and jeweler in Gimli 7. This raptor nested at Siglavik in 2010 10. Crown ______ , the world's most popular whisky, brewed only in Gimli 12. Precipitation 15. ________ Snake Dens boasts largest population of red-sided garter snakes in the world 16. Kaffe _____ , located in the Lighthouse Mall, Gimli 18. First name of new festival Director for the Gimli Film Festival 19. ________ Beach, just north of Gimli 20. Last name of Mayor of Winnipeg Beach 21. ____ Lips Hemp Shop & Café in Gimli 24. Feline 26. The Interlake ________ Resource Center has been serving our communities for 27 years 27. The only business in Gimli which has been in continuous operation by the same family since 1899 30. "Grandmother" in Icelandic 31. Boeing 767 Aircraft #604 known as the Gimli ________ 33. Last name of Mayor of Gimli 35. The ____ Gingerbread House Tea Room & Gift Shoppe, Winnipeg Beach 38. _______ Pest Control Services, Winnipeg 39. Oak _____ Marsh 43. _____ Photo, Winnipeg Sponsor of H2O Photography Contest

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“The Largest Selection of Furniture & Appliances Between The Lakes.”


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