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June, 2009

I FIND the start of sale of a new vehicle exciting, rewarding and invigorating. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and commitment from many people. And let me tell you the hard work has paid off! Camaro commenced production on 16 March, 2009 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and as of 2 June, 2009, 14,140 vehicles had been produced. The vehicle has hit the right chord with motoring media, dealers and customers with demand outweighing supply to the point that the plant has added 17 overtime days and scheduled production for the first week of the traditional summer shutdown.

Gene Stefanyshyn - Global Vehicle Line Executive

project was timed as a thirty-one month program as compared to the templated thirty-six months.

I am particularly proud of how well the team supported the Oshawa Assembly Plant.

When the time came to begin manufacturing builds we set up a team in Oshawa which included several of our Australian team members with a communication channel back to the engineers located here at HQ191.

Oshawa has a very long and proud history of being one of the top assembly plants in North America and sets very high quality expectations of their team members and products.

one of the most by GM. This is a fantastic outcome particularly in the tough automotive environment in which we are operating. The GMX521 Chevrolet Camaro Project was truly global in nature and required precise communication and commitment. The project commenced in Detroit and was concepted and styled with the support of our AVDC organisation here in Australia.

Concepted in Detroit, styled and engineered in Port Melbourne and manufactured in Oshawa, making this possibly one of the most challenging global programs undertaken by GM.

It is also important to note that After the concept was revealed to while the Holden team was going fast on Camaro they were also rave reviews at the North executing a Go Fast Pontiac G8 American International Auto Show in Detroit, it was shuttled to Program and a compressed Holden Sportwagon Program. Port Melbourne for detailed styling and engineering I take my hat off to the Holden execution. team who worked so tirelessly to make these three programs The Camaro team was established in early 2006 and the a reality.

It is fair to say, that our Holden team has won the praise and respect of our Oshawa colleagues for the support provided throughout the manufacturing launch. Personally, I am proud of each and every one of you for the dedication and excellence you directed towards the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. You are a great team and I am extremely fortunate to have been included in this effort and in getting to know so many great people. Thank you for your dedication, passion and excellence.

What did you enjoy most about working on Camaro?

“There can only be one winner, and the Camaro SS is clearly that.” -

“Bringing a huge team together from North America and Australia led the way for cooperative work for Design.”

“Chevy's new two-door is...very good. Very, very, very good.” - Motor Trend

Fiona Carney, Design Progam Manager

"The Camaro essentially blows away its competition" -

“Great to see the car go from concept through to actual production.”

"The ride quality of the Camaro doesn’t even rate a comparison with the lesser Mustang..." - Car and Driver

Andrew Bruton, Senior CAD Designer

“Proud to be part of the team working on a global project.”

Erun Solak, Future Model Engineer

“Privilege to be involved in such an iconic car for North America.” James Amari, Specialist Engineer

“Brilliant project which touched on all areas” Peter Foulson, Specialist Engineer

“This is a car people want. I think this will be a tremendous hit for General Motors.” - Jay Leno

Gene, Fiona and Andrew smile for the camera

Sitting down on the job

Strike a pose at the Proving Ground

Proud trio at the Proving Ground

HQ191’s Camaro team come together

Yellow fever in the Atrium

IN May, more than five hundred members of the Holden Camaro team came together for a photo shoot hosted at HQ191 and the Proving Ground. The shoot took two days to complete, but as you can see, the results were well worth it. Every member of the Holden Camaro team will

receive a digital copy of the photo they feature in to keep as a souvenir. Thanks to Proving Ground employee David Hyde who volunteered to take all of the photos. You can view and download them at:


Holden Camaro Team Brochure


Holden Camaro Team Brochure