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US$900,000 generator rented for US$720,000 annually...

Pres. Ramotar says GPL rental Pg 3

costs are disturbing, if true Two years after commissioning ...

US$200M Skeldon factory set for major overhaul Pg 18

Male GGMC officer 14 female officers accuse senior GRA searches women’s official of sexual private parts for gold harassment Pg 18

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Cops destroy record to cover up prisoners’ escape Pg 9

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Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

Property dispute eyed in Regent Street fire P By Latoya Giles

ersons closely associated with the “Jaigobin building” which was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin on Sunday morning, are debunking rumours that there was an ongoing property dispute. One relative explained that there is “rift” between siblings who own the property. It was explained that the property was left for four siblings-- three sisters and a brother. Kaieteur News was further told that although the matter is before a judge in the High Court, it was there to ensure that the “will” is properly probated. The relative insisted that none of the siblings has problems or anything “ill feeling” toward the proceedings. Meanwhile, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle yesterday stated that they are continuing their investigations. He said that they have not made any pronouncements on the cause of the fire. He could not give a specific deadline when the report would be completed. Gentle further stated that it was a miracle that the fire did not spread to other buildings because the contents inside were highly combustible.

The remains of the building

Store owner Dalip Murjani was still in tears yesterday. Murjani could not give a specific figure for his losses, but said it was in the millions of dollars. He now contemplates his next move which he says would be “rough”. Murjani, like the

other store owners did not have any insurance. The stores, Dalip Variety, Akash People's Variety Store, Prakash Discount Store and Monty Smart Choice Store were all housed inside the Jaigobin building, which is located at the corner

of Regent and Wellington Streets, opposite the Guyoil Gas Station. Several others suffered from major water damage. A c c o r d i n g t o eyewitnesses, the fire started some time after 05:00hrs. Good work by fire fighters

enabled them to contain the blaze to the Jaigobin building alone, saving other stores within close proximity. Fire Chief Marlon Gentle had stated that the Fire Service received a telephone call around 5:35am on Sunday from a male, stating that he saw flames in the building. Gentle said that the units responded immediately, two from the Central Fire Station and one from Alberttown. He said that when the units arrived, thick smoke and flames were seen in Dalip's Variety Store, which is located on the upper floor of the building. According to the Fire Chief, the building was heavily grilled and contained shutters, which initially hampered the work of the fire fighters. He further told the media that the building had a variety of items inside, such as batteries, aerosols, plastics and clothing, all of which would have fuelled the blaze. The Fire Chief said that it took very little time for the entire wooden building to become engulfed in flames. Gentle said that as the fire threat was raised, a second alarm went out and two other units were dispatched to the scene, one from West Ruimveldt and the other

from Campbellville. Many “experts” at the scene were critical of the methods employed by the fire service and openly voiced their displeasure. The Fire Chief explained that firefighters used the heavy capacity hose-laying lorry which brought up water from the North Road Canal to the building. Gentle said that despite what people are saying, the Fire Service had to put up with two security barriers which caused a delay. He said that he could not risk sending men into a building which had heavy smoke, adding that one needed to take the fire fighters' safety into account before they committed them to enter the building. As the blaze began to die down, other irate storeowners disregarded orders and broke the doors of their buildings to access their belongings. With the help of workers and residents, they quickly loaded trucks as they tried to save goods that were not damaged. Kaieteur News was told that several bags containing money were also found in the stores. Police Divisional Commander George Vyphuis had his ranks were on high alert to prevent any form of looting.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

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US$900,000 generator rented for US$720,000 annually ...

President Ramotar says GPL rental costs are disturbing, if true President Donald Ramotar yesterday toured operations of the cashstrapped Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) and did not dismiss questions raised about the lack of prudent spending at the utility. “If what they say is true, it is obviously something to be concerned about,” Ramotar said regarding statements by GPL officials that a new Caterpillar generator costs US$900, 000, but the company rented 12 generators last year at a cost of US$720,000 each. The revelation comes at a time when GPL is lamenting a mammoth fuel bill coupled with a growing demand for electricity. The government plans to plough $6 billion into the company this year, saying this is meant to address its

financial constraints and avoid already burdened consumers from paying higher electricity tariffs. Ramotar toured the major operations of the company, namely its Kingston and Sophia operations in Georgetown, and those at Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara. “Power is important to a country’s development and I wanted to get an appreciation of the challenges that GPL faces,” Ramotar told Kaieteur News at the end of his visit to the Kingston operations. For Ramotar, the biggest challenge GPL faces is to develop the capacity to catch up with the growing demand. He said that the company would need to generate another 20 megawatts of electricity even before the much touted Amaila Falls

14 women allege sexual harassment against senior GRA official Several women have come forward claiming that they were allegedly coerced or sexually harassed by a senior official of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). Late last week, following complaints, management of GRA asked the embattled Head of the Integrated Regional Tax Offices, to hand in his resignation. However, the official who has reportedly served almost 35 years with that statecontrolled agency has refused and is said to be seeking legal advice. Kaieteur News understands that yesterday, several women, about 14, met with top GRA management, including Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur, on the matter where they

allegedly made the sexual harassment complaints. Including among the women was said to be a secretary. Over the weekend, GRA officials said that it is not the first time that the man has been mired in such complaints. The senior official reportedly went to Berbice recently where he was asked by a staff member to approve a transfer for her. However, the officer allegedly told the woman she had to “stump it up”. The matter was taken to the highest forum at GRA. It was also alleged that there were complaints from Essequibo about the official. Commissioner-General Sattaur last evening again declined to comment on the matter.

Hydroelectricity Project begins operations. On Sunday, Kaieteur News reported that GPL last year paid a hefty US$8.6M to rent 12 Caterpillar generating sets for a period of one year when it could have spent just US$2.2M more to buy them all. Last week, the company said that renting the generators was the only feasible option, as opposed to buying them. Each of the generating sets is actually rented for a base rental of US$43,000 every month, whether they are used or not. If they are used, that base rental only caters for 200 hours of work. Anything over the 200 hours automatically bumps up the rental to US$60,000, monthly. GPL sources confirmed that GPL worked the generators to the maximum; therefore what it has been paying is the full US$60,000 rental, per month.

This means that rental cost for the 12 generators amounted to some US$720,000 for each month last year. In any given month, GPL loses a few days of work from the generators, to facilitate “top-up maintenance.” Further, the generators are subjected to scheduled general maintenance every two months. With the “top up maintenance” and the “scheduled maintenance” time it means that every two months GPL does not benefit from the usage of each of the generators for about one week. However, it still has to pay the full rental cost. The makers of the sets are retailing one for US$900,000 (G$180M), according to GPL officials. This means that purchase cost is a mere US$180,000 above the rental price. GPL has said that it decided to rent against purchasing, because it did not have up-front capital at hand

to go ahead and purchase the Caterpillar sets. GPL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bharat Dindyal, along with his Deputy Aeshwar Deonarine, in replying to questions, insisted that it is far more beneficial to rent the sets since the state-owned power company is not burdened by maintenance costs; maintenance fees are covered by the rental fee. Further, Elwyn Marshall, Divisional Director (Operations) said that the generators which are rented are not fit for long-term operations, and are more ideal for a temporary solution. This is despite the fact that in June last year GPL said that it had 22 of the same Caterpillar sets in the system. Six Caterpillar sets brought in last June are still in the system at Versailles and Leonora, West Demerara, and at Garden of Eden, East Bank

President Donald Ramotar Demerara, among other places. Government is moving ahead with plans to build a 165-megawatt hydroelectric project at Amaila Falls, Region Eight, to meet growing demands. GPL has said that electricity demands have been growing at least 10 per cent annually, outstripping investments and power production which until recently countrywide were over 80 megawatts.

City banks affected as GT&T hit by vandals The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has said that there have been 12 attacks of vandalism within recent weeks. “Telephone and other telecommunication services for thousands of customers including seve r a l businesses in and around the central Georgetown area have been repeatedly disrupted over the past weeks as a result of what seems to be organized rampant vandalism,” the company yesterday said. “Our records indicate more than twelve attacks over the past weeks.” Yesterday, there were even more reports of a 200 and 300-pair of distribution cables being vandalized in Independence and James

- 12 attacks in recent weeks Streets, Albouystown and in Meadow Brook/Durban Backlands respectively. In the Sophia area, a 200pair of cable was also vandalized, it was repaired over the weekend after being vandalized on Friday. “Some of the other areas vandalized between February 22 and March 2 are Liliendaal, Church Street, Woolford Avenue, Kara Kara Linden, Sophia, Houston Public Road and South Road which was vandalized four times during this period. The repeated vandalism of the South Road Cable has affected commercial activities at Demerara Bank and

Citizens Bank.” GT&T urged communities across Guyana to be vigilant in looking out for the vandals and helping to protect equipment of the company so that “we can offer vital telephone services to our customers. There is so much more we can and want to do but we are prevented by wicked acts such as these.” The telephone company said that in excess of US$2M was expended to effect

repairs caused by vandalism during 2011 and had pushed back installation of 350 new lines, and repairs to over 300 faults. “We want to assure our customers that the errant acts of vandals will not deter us from our commitment to providing our quality service to Guyana. We are cognizant of our strong customer base and we will continue to make every effort to ensure they have the best telephone services the country can offer.”

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Education demands more of the budget The national budget is out. There are allocations for every major sector with the most going to agriculture, the largest sector in the country. However, there is evidence that the major focus should be on education. The budget does place some emphasis on the development of education but from the point of view of making sure that certain school buildings are rehabilitated and that furniture are repaired or are in adequate supply for the growing number of children entering the institution. We see a mere $8 million going to teacher training. One would have expected an expansion that would have necessitated more money for the recruitment of staff, the development of additional facilities and perhaps, facilities for practical learning. The scope of expenditure speaks to providing microwave ovens, desks, chairs, beds and brush cutters. With the focus on technical and vocational training one would have expected to see a corresponding increase in the preparation of the people to man the various centres. Indeed there is the Government Technical Institute which to its credit has attracted $63 million. The sad fact is that the bulk of the teachers are part time lecturers, people who must seek employment elsewhere and give what little time they have left to imparting whatever skills they have. In the past the people who were employed in the area of technical education were trained by the teacher training institution. The training meant that they were exposed to every aspect of education development—child psychology, the basic skills such as language, principles of teaching, mathematics and of course, sociology. The technical education teacher was a rounded person. Times have changed from the days when technical education was intended to prepare a young person to become masons and carpenters and motor mechanics. Today, technical education is also about producing entrepreneurs who in turn would train those who may not have been academically inclined and who, because of enough opportunities and because of poor parental guidance, are roaming the streets and making a nuisance of themselves and tormenting the society. The budget allocates $534 million to technical and vocational education. This money is to complete two centres and to allow for institutional strengthening. Whatever that means we can only conclude that the authorities must surely be using some of that money to recruit staff for the existing technical institutions and perhaps to train staff to man the new centres. The focus on education cannot be over estimated. As if to rectify a critical shortage at the most critical level of the school – the entrance level—the government is spending $600 million to upgrade nursery and primary schools. What is not clear is the focus on teachers to operate at this level. We had been saying for some time now that we have been concentrating our best teaching skills in the areas where they focus on those students about to enter the worlds of work. However, there is the argument that if there is no foundation; if the children are not properly grounded then by the time they are at school leaving age they would have assimilated precious little. The money allocated for the more than 1,000 nursery and primary schools may not be a lot but if it does create conditions to make school comfortable then we may see a turnaround in the fortunes of the education sector. We surely do not want a situation that currently occurs in the health sector into which the government is pumping money and is not seeing the results. It has spent a fortune training young girls to be nurses and is finding that less than 20 per cent of them actually pass the most basic of examinations. Those who are failing in an area that does not demand too much academic skill are the products of the very education system on which we focus. Surely there is a link between education and every other facet of life—health services included. The government may wish to move away from some notions and focus even more money on education. We may find that what is passing for remarkable achievements would be really nothing spectacular.

Will the AFC act responsibly, or will they continue to rubber stamp everything APNU does? DEAR EDITOR, This year’s recordbreaking $193billion national budget has been presented by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh for passage through Parliament, and remarkably, there is no mention of any tax increase or new taxes anywhere in this budget. The debate that follows will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition, their follies and their agenda. And Guyanese will determine how serious these law-makers are at putting personal differences aside, and finding common ground in the best interest of our nation. But most importantly, the true character of the Alliance For Change (AFC) will be defined. Will they act responsibly, or will they continue to rubber stamp everything APNU does? On its merit, the budget is commendable. Guyana achieved a 5.4% real growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2011, making this the sixth consecutive year of positive growth in the economy. And despite allegations of corruption and lack of transparency, the PPP/C Administration continues to manage the country’s resources responsibly. Hats off to former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who must be given credit for this. This time next year, we will be able to judge the performance of newly elected President Donald Ramotar to see if he can continue the upward trend in the country’s economic growth. Overall, I believe the budget as presented is a good one that favours most Guyanese, and certainly, it appears to be working-class friendly. With passage, the Income Tax threshold will be increased from $40,000 to $50,000 monthly. This in itself is remarkable, considering 21,000 workers will be

removed from ever paying income tax. In fact, this can be seen as a $3 billion living allowance that these workers will be able to use as additional disposable income. In keeping with its ongoing policy, Government will invest another $3.6 billion in the housing sector, to increase access to affordable housing, improve the quality of infrastructure of housing schemes and regularize squatter settlements. Twenty-two million dollars has been allocated to enable the Small Business Bureau to discharge its functions, and over the next four years, Government proposes spending an additional US$10M to finance the development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). Public Assistance will increase from $5,500 to $5,900; and Old Age Pension from $7,500 to $8,100 per month. Although I would have preferred to see a much larger increase in benefits for both Public Assistance and Old Age Pensioners, this may have been compromised by the sizeable bailouts to GuySuCo and the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) amounting to some $10 billion. GuySuCo is the nation’s largest single employer, and earns more foreign exchange than any other industry in Guyana. It is precisely that reason why government must rescue this industry. But a bailout alone will not resolve the problems there, and taxpayers must be assured that this will not be repeated next year. Serious reforms must be implemented to greatly improve efficiency and productivity, by ridding the industry of incompetence and ineptitude. GuySuCo must find ways to increase production at a comparatively lower production cost. For had it not been for the saving grace of

DEAR EDITOR, I read in yesterday’s newspaper (April 2) that the Government intends to spend some US$22.5 million on the proposed airport expansion and it raises several questions as follows: 1. Does Guyana need an airport expansion at this time? 2. Has a feasibility study been completed for this project which d e m o n s t r a t e s that the benefits will exceed the costs of nearly US$200 million? 3. Who did this study and

were the results made public for scrutiny and review? 4. What is the general logic behind this new airport project - just to spend money and say we have a new airport? 5. Could that money be spent on something different which will provide more benefit to the Guyanese public - schools, hospitals whatever? 6. Why shouldn’t the opposition not approve this expenditure? JSS

The proposed Airport Expansion

various agreements and arrangements: EU/ACP Sugar Protocol; the EU/SPS programme; the USA sugar programme; and the Common External Tariff (CET) which allow preference to the entry of Guyana’s sugar at prices that are usually higher than the cost in the nonpreferential market, the economy would be in distress. I was pleased to hear the Finance Minister’s reassurance that government will spare no effort to ensure that the sugar industry is transformed to a viable and competitive one, and I expect no arguments from the opposition in this regard. However, immense pressure must be brought upon the Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light to demonstrate his ability to effectively manage this vital utility as a business, or be replaced for incompetence. Internal corruption within GPL must be eradicated completely, and dealt with severely. Merely admitting a loss of $4.5 billion last year is totally unacceptable, when it’s common knowledge that senior officers at GPL are blatantly involved in corrupt practices. And the decision to rent a US$900,000 generator for US$720,000 annually demonstrates poor judgement

in spending taxpayers’ money. Is management that dumb or is someone getting a handsome kickback from this deal? I can understand why the government would want to bailout these two, but the subsidies to GuySuCo and GPL must come with some real ‘teeth’, no more business as usual. Although space does not permit me commenting on other aspects of the national budget, I must commend Dr. Ashni Singh for having the courage and fortitude to discontinue the subsidy on electricity for the town of Linden. According to Dr. Singh, since the privatisation of the bauxite operations in Linden and the Berbice River, Government has been subsidising electricity rates in these communities. “Currently, in Linden, electricity costs between $5 and $15 per kWh, while on the GPL grid customers pay an average of $64 per kWh.” He said that the total cost of this electricity subsidy was $2.9B last year, the equivalent of 10 per cent of GPL’s total revenues. And for those who believe the decision to remove the subsidy was politically motivated, this may be so, but it was also a (Continued on page 5)

What about persons with disabilities? DEAR EDITOR, It would appear that the disability community has been left out of the 2012 budgetary allocations. On November 10, 2011, the then President Bharrat Jagdeo pledged $20M to the disability community in Guyana, at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary, where he met with representatives of the different organizations representing persons with disabilities in Guyana. The funds which, according to Mr. Jagdeo, are to be managed jointly by the National Commission on Disability and the Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities should have been released one week later. The Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted Mr. Jagdeo as saying, “You will sit together and start deciding on what are the initiatives you want funded that could make a difference in your lives, that could make you more productive (either) training initiatives or initiatives geared towards employment creation.” Mr. Jagdeo gave the assurance that this special

fund will be recurrent in the national budget annually, aside from initiatives that the government will fund through the various ministries and agencies for persons living with disabilities. The stigmatisation and discrimination accorded the disabled in Guyana is firmly grounded in our culture, beliefs and attitudes, which resulted in social exclusion. These factors which hinder the smooth integration of persons living with disabilities in society make it imperative that all sectors of society create awareness in the public for attitudinal change towards members of this important group. Sadly, we in the disability community have seen little indication of this in this year’s budget and are urging the Members of the National Assembly to ensure that Mr. Jagdeo’s commitment is honoured since it does not depart from what they promised in their various manifestos. Leon Walcott Chairman Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyana needs to safeguard the environment in any oil find DEAR EDITOR, President Donald Ramotar last week visited two offshore oil rigs, REPSOL and CGX, to “get a feel” for their oil drilling operations. According to press reports, the President was “struck by the isolation and the environment in which the workers carried out their duties”. Critically, most important to discovery of oil in Guyana is the high powered oversight to ensure that adequate legal safeguards have been negotiated and are in place to ensure that the environment is safeguarded and protected. No such oversight institution for oil currently exists. Any oil spill like that of BP in Florida and Exxon Valdez in Alaska would completely ruin Guyana’s ecosystem. Our fishermen, farmers and coastal dwellers, who depend on the oceans for economic survival, and Hindus for religious practices, would be seriously compromised. Guyanese welfare must not be an afterthought. All Guyanese culture, economics and health would be irreparably damaged.

Preplanning must also take into account the likelihood of substantive gas deposits being discovered. The Guyana Government therefore urgently needs to establish a Guyana Energy & Oil Authority (GEOA) to oversee all the ramifications legalistic, environmental, revenue oversight, labour facilities, workers’ rights, housing, recreation, health etc., and of course encourage and monitor the “ do good” community giveback of the oil companies in Guyana. The replacement of current rigs must be addressed since they are not built to adequately service workers on a 24/7 basis. When thousands of barrels are likely to be produced daily, two or three highly talented GEOA officials must be posted on board the rigs to ensure that the amount of barrels declared by the oil and gas companies is what is actually produced; similar to the non company guardian at GuySuCo caneweighing scales. GEOA must have its liaison on all rigs at all times. Establishing two electronic counters, i.e. “one

From page 4 necessary inconvenience. I am very pleased with Government’s tangible commitment to health care, education, water purification and distribution, sanitation, and the development of our youth. Government’s decision to vigorously pursue all major projects initiated by the Jagdeo Administration is highly commendable, as these are vital to the continued growth and development of Guyana. The national budget is one that inspires confidence and pride: The Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project; the Specialty Hospital; the Airport Expansion and the Marriott Hotel, will not only provide jobs and a better

standard of living for all, tourist arrivals will drastically increase, and all Guyanese will benefit from life-saving medical procedures at home. I sincerely hope that the AFC will allow commonsense to prevail and give critical support to bring these to fruition. Sadly, I do not have the confidence that APNU will ever capitulate in the national interest. After all, their opposition is motivated by sheer envy. The PPP/C is doing for Guyana what they would have loved to do but can’t. As the former PNC, they were always bankrupt of ideas. And the few that they’ve had, bankrupted the economy. Remember those days? Harry Gill

Will the AFC act...

fuh dem and one fuh we” to double-check for production accuracy is not a bad idea. Of course the human and “electronic” counters must have frequent and impromptu inspections, with the former being rotated or moved around to other sites, so that they do not fall victim to bribery and corruption. Our experiences with rigging must always keep us on guard. What is more reassuring for Guyana striking oil is the bonanza last week of nearby Trinidad’s massive 48 billion barrel discovery. The Trinidad Guardian newspaper on 4-1-12 reported that “the find was located four miles off the west coast of Trinidad in 60 feet of water. It is an area known as Cluster Six in the state-owned Petrotrin’s Trinimar Gulf of Paria acreage. The find is at a depth of 4,000-5,000 feet and is close to established offshore infrastructure. The oil discovery was both light crude - a more marketable type - and heavy crude”. Coming so soon after oil was found last year offshore French Guiana, it gave Guyana much hope for great optimism. Trinidad can be of much help in all of Guyana’s oil and gas ventures. REPSOL, which began Guyana operations on 5th December 2011 at the Jaguar1 site, claim they spent some G$52 million (of a G$180 million budget) while CGX, which began drilling in February 2012 is drilling at the same location on the Corentyne River from which it was evicted some 12 years ago by Suriname. They have

reportedly spent some G$55 million so far. Trinidad’s 48 billion barrels potential is contrary to the Guyana Chronicle’s citing of “the US Geological Survey (which) ranked Guyana as having the second most attractive under explored oil basin in the world with a possibility of 15.2 billion barrels of oil.” With no authentic estimate of what is actually below the ground, there may be less deposits, but it could also mean that Guyana potentially has considerably lots more oil and gas since it is virgin territory, in which case the oil companies will get a huge financial windfall, which dwarfs their initial investments. Now more than ever the Ramotar PPP/C Government needs to publicly reveal and clarify what are the terms of the agreement between them

and the oil companies. In the meantime, the PPP/C urgently needs to institute a more proactive monitoring of Guyana’s oil and gas resources. With the current low wattage bulbs in charge of Guyana’s legal affairs, it leaves much to be desired. None can be impressed after the recent legal mess which witnessed Norway’s circuitous funneling of the forest protection funds to the World Bank. This should never have occurred if adequate legal oversight was done in the first place. An oversight body such as the Guyana Energy & Oil Authority should have all the legal, geological, environmental and cultural awareness, as well as compassionate and professionally skilled staff, to safeguard and protect Guyana’s oil resources. Its

leadership must be of the highest incorruptible calibre and be held accountable in parliament or in camera as required. Former Speaker Mr. Ralph Ramkarran is an excellent candidate to head GEOA. His non-hesitation to recommend the termination of the Guyana Airways Corporation when it was hemorrhaging money bespeaks well of his decisiveness. With his legal experiences and acknowledged incorruptible history of looking out for the disadvantaged, he now has an exemplary tradition of looking out for Guyana. Our oil and gas resources cannot be left to chance, but must be protected by the best and experienced, and only those who will not fall to corruption, but keep Guyana safe and protected. Sultan Mohamed

Pensioners granted bounty of US$3 DEAR EDITOR, As a patriot, allow me to compliment the President and the Cabinet for our fantastic Budget 2012. You see the caring, sagacious government has kept VAT as is, so more money in the State coffers $10Billion can be expended on our two white elephants, with super salaries at the top – GPL and GuySuCo. But our greatest gratitude is how generous the Minister of Finance was when he graciously granted the bounty of US$3 to Old Age Pensioners. With the proposed increase in Linden electricity

rate, it means the pensioners at Linden may well find that their burdens have increased. Public assistance is increased by a massive US$2 per month. The indecency is compounded not from January 2012, but from May 2012 – the height of generosity and concern for the most vulnerable, maybe voiceless group. I’m reminded of the

parable by Jesus as found in Matthew 13:12, “Whoever has will be given more [GuySuCo, Ministers, Advisors, top brass], and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him [old age pensioners, the City Council]. Have we no conscience or no sense of justice? Hamilton Green, J.P., Mayor

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Women’s groups want Greene fired for professional misconduct Members of women’s rights organizations, Red Thread and Help and Shelter, yesterday picketed the Office of the President calling for Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, to be terminated for professional misconduct since he had admitted to having sex with a woman, who had sought assistance from his Office. Last December, a woman alleged that she was raped by the Commissioner of Police after she sought his assistance in a police matter that she was engaged in. The Commissioner maintained that the sex was consensual. After weeks of investigation by independent investigators from the Jamaica Constabulary Force and amidst much speculation and anxiety, the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Ali-Hack advised that Green be charged with rape. However, the Commissioner moved to the High Court to challenge the decision by the DPP that he be charged for rape. Chief Justice Ian Chang, who heard the challenge, reviewed the evidence and gave his ruling. The outcome of that ruling has stalled the institution of the rape charge against Greene. According to Red Thread’s executive member, Karen De Souza, the picketing exercise stemmed from Chief Justice Ian Chang’s ruling last week that Shalimar Ali-Hack, Director of Public P r o s e c u t i o n s ’ recommendation that Greene be charged with rape was irrational.

The Chief Justice in his ruling had said, “While the complainant did set out circumstances which unequivocally point to Greene’s commission of the offence of rape against her, it strains one’s credulity to believe that she, succumbing to verbal pressure and any threatening conduct by Greene, came out of a car and entered the hotel room without seeking to run away or escape from Greene, even though he had expressly made clear to her his intention of having sexual intercourse with her.” According to De Souza, the Commissioner has confessed his misconduct and since the Office of the Commissioner of Police is a constitutional appointment the President (Donald Ramotar) should terminate Greene’s appointment. “There is provision under the law and constitution for the authorities to address Greene’s confessed misconduct… When Mr. Greene had ‘sexual intercourse’ with the woman he knew the police were investigating her. There is something seriously irregular in the Police Commissioner soliciting sex from a woman who was vulnerable,” De Souza said. She asserted that Red Thread is also disputing the legal ground of the Chief Justice to review the evidence the way he did and arrive at conclusion since nobody was cross-examined. “Mr. Chang managed to examine the evidence and presumably dispassionately arrive at a conclusion. Something is severely wrong

Members of Red Thread picketing Office of the President yesterday with that because we are not aware that, that is the way the courts work,” she stressed. De Souza noted that Chang’s ruling has many wondering if the Sexual Offence Act of 2010 was given careful consideration in this case since the Act speaks specifically of consensual sex. She explained that in Greene’s affidavit to the court he said that his sexual encounter with the woman was consensual. However, Red Thread believes that such a claim should be determined by a judge and jury and not for Chang to examine. She stated, “The Sexual Offences Act is very clear about the circumstance of consent- the fact is if you are in a position of power and authority over somebody like the rape victim then sex cannot be assumed to be consensual and particularly given Greene’s admission it is important to us that the matter be given to a jury to

determine.” De Souza stressed that it was out of order for Chang to make that determination in his own deliberate judgment. “I certainly feel that Mr. Greene’s position did not weigh heavily in Mr. Chang’s deliberation and it should have, because every Guyanese in this country knows it is not possible to get

a report against the police taken by the police, much less the Commissioner of Police,” she said. De Souza stressed that Chang has dismissed the Sexual Offences Act designed to hopefully increase the rape hearings in the court to create conditions where women could take their reports to the police.

Some placards held by members of Red Thread read: “Where is the protection of women from the professional predators”; “Charge Greene for subverting police investigation”; and “Henry Greene is guilty of professional criminality.” The group plans to protest outside the Ministry of Home Affairs today.

Magistrate suspended since court appearance … due back in court next Tuesday

Magistrate Haymant Ramdhani will return to court next Tuesday for the continuation of the matter accusing him of failing to submit himself to a breathalyzer test. The charge came after an incident that occurred at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara on

January 29 last. Magistrate Ramdhani had reportedly crashed into the motorcycle of one Victor Adams. The man’s cycle was said to have been parked on the parapet in front of his home as he attempted to open his gate. The Victoria, East Coast

Demerara resident was allegedly struck by the Magistrate’s vehicle which hurled him into a nearby trench. Adams was taken to the hospital by public spirited persons. Subsequent to this, Magistrate Ramdhani was taken to the Cove and John Police Station, East Coast Demerara where he was required to undergo a breathalyzer test. It is understood that the Magistrate refused to take the test claiming that the instrument was not sterilized. It is also understood that Magistrate Ramdhani was required to remain in custody while the condition of the victim was being ascertained. However, according to the police, the Magistrate, after using a series of expletives, walked out of the station and went to retrieve his car from the scene and disappeared. When Magistrate Ramdhani appeared before Magistrate Nayasha Williams-Hatmin on February 10, at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court to answer the charge, he appeared with his Attorneys Nigel Hughes and Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos. He was placed on self bail. Ever since, Ramdhani had been suspended from his duties as Magistrate. In his place Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty has been appointed.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

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Annan says Syria agrees to April 10 peace deadline Gunman kills 7, wounds 3 at (Reuters) - Syria has pledged to withdraw all military units from towns by April 10 to pave the way for a ceasefire with rebels two days later, though Western envoys were skeptical yesterday about Damascus’ intent to halt its year-long assault on opponents. The U.N.-Arab League peace envoy briefed the U.N. Security Council on the deadline behind closed doors, telling them there had been no reduction in violence so far, but urging them to consider an observer mission nevertheless, diplomats said. Washington’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, president of the 15-nation Security Council in April, said some council members “expressed concern that the government of Syria not use the next days to intensify the violence and expressed some skepticism about the bona fides of the government in this regard.” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly promised to end his campaign against anti-government activists that has brought the country to the brink of civil war but has not kept his word. International envoy Kofi Annan told the council that the Syrian Foreign Minister sent him a letter on Sunday saying they accepted the deadline. “The Syrians have told us they have put a plan in place for withdrawing their army units from populated zones and surrounding areas. This plan ... will be completed by April 10,” Annan’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi said in Geneva. “If we are able to verify this has happened on the 10th, then the clock starts ticking on the cessation of hostilities, by the opposition as well. We expect both sides to cease hostilities within 48 hours,” he told Reuters. Annan met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in

Kofi Annan and Bashar al-Assad Damascus on March 10 and presented him with a six-point plan calling for the military pullout. His spokesman said a week ago that Assad had accepted the terms, adding that the “the deadline is now”. Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari, confirmed to reporters that Damascus accepted the April 10 deadline but said the government wants the opposition on board. “The Syrian government is committed but we are expecting Mr. Kofi Annan and some parties in the Security Council also to get the same kind of commitments from the (opposition),” he said. “A plan wouldn’t be successful unless everybody is committed.” Diplomats said Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin expressed no reservations to the deadline when he addressed the council behind closed doors yesterday. He did not speak to reporters. Russia and China have vetoed two council resolutions condemning Assad for turning the army on civilians demanding change. Diplomats said the

Security Council might try to issue a statement in the coming days formally endorsing the deadline. One diplomat said Annan confirmed to council members that there had been “no progress on the ground” towards halting the violence, which continues with daily reports of army shelling and shooting, and clashes with the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA). “Today doesn’t feel much different from yesterday or the day before, or the day before that,” opposition activist Waleed Fares said from inside Homs. “Shelling and killing.” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britishbased activist operation that collates reports from around Syria, reported 35 people killed yesterday, including eight soldiers and nine rebels, after 70 deaths on Sunday. The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday to press for a daily two-hour ceasefire to evacuate wounded and deliver vital supplies to civilians, a proposal first made

in February. Despite the lack of progress, Annan urged council members to “begin consideration of deployment of an observer mission with a broad and flexible mandate”, a diplomat said. The U.N. peacekeeping department is already planning for a ceasefire monitoring mission that would have 200 to 250 unarmed observers. It would require a Security Council resolution. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen repeated that the Western allies have “no intention whatsoever to intervene in Syria”. He said he did not believe providing weapons would help. Saudi Arabia and Qatar favour providing arms to the FSA. But most Arab states and Western backers of the rebels oppose that. Ja’afari blasted the support the rebels have received from abroad: “This is a violation and a declaration of war against the sovereignty of Syria.” FSA rebels have said they will stop shooting if the army pulls heavy weaponry out of cities. But the Assad government has said it must maintain security in urban areas and there has been no sign of tanks, armor or artillery moving out. The United Nations says Syrian soldiers and security forces have killed more than 9,000 people over the past 12 months. Damascus says rebels have killed 3,000 troops and police. Assad blames the unrest on foreign-backed “terrorists” and has put forward his own reform program, which his domestic foes and international opponents have dismissed.

California Christian college

(Reuters) - A gunman opened fire at a private Christian college in Oakland, California yesterday, killing at least seven people and wounding three others before a suspect, reportedly a former student, was taken into custody, authorities said. Oakland city officials said they believed the gunman had acted alone in the midmorning shooting at Oikos University but did not immediately identify him and declined to offer a motive for the rampage. The school’s founder, Pastor Jong Kim, told the Oakland Tribune newspaper the man arrested at a shopping mall about five miles (eight km) from the scene had previously been a nursing student there, but was no

longer enrolled. Kim said he heard about 30 gunshots. Oakland police spokesman Johnna Watson said seven people had been killed and three others wounded. Images from local TV stations showed frightened students and staff running from the school, located in a light industrial area near Oakland International Airport, as police and SWAT teams carrying assault rifles surrounded the area. Hours later, two bodies remained on a grassy area outside the school, covered by yellow plastic sheeting. Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were also on the scene, along with dozens of local police.

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Tuesday April 03, 2012

Driver killed in Houston crash

Arthur blasts DLP on CLICO (Barbados Nation) Blasting the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) as a Government in shambles “with a serious void of leadership”, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur has declared that the current administration has a moral obligation to “fix” the CLICO insurance problem. At the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) headquarters on Roebuck Street on Sunday night, Arthur said that the Dems, with former Prime Minister David Thompson tied to the CLICO fallout,

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur should make the issue a priority. “They have a moral obligation because a former leader of the Democratic Labour Party was at the scene of every decision that was made by CLICO, that has brought CLICO to this sorry mess and it is about time that we start talking in these terms about David Thompson. “The Dems have an obligation because CLICO was not brought to this state without David Thompson being aware of everything that CLICO was doing. The DLP, who are the inheritors of his legacy, have a duty to those who have invested in CLICO, to fix that problem and fix it now,” he said

The victim’s car A 29-year-old Canal Number One resident was killed shortly after 20:00 hrs yesterday after the car that he was driving slammed into a utility pole at Houston, East Bank Demerara. Dead is Reuel Roberts of Lot 6 ‘B’ La Heureuse,

Adventure, West Bank Demerara. An aunt of the victim said that she was told that the self-employed man, who had just left home, was heading towards the city in his car when he lost control and slammed into a utility pole. She said she was also

told that the vehicle then struck a minibus. The woman was unable to say whether he died at the scene or at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. She said that Reuel would have celebrated his birthday on Friday.

Cops not satisfied with reduction in crime figures (Jamaica Observer) Despite making gains in curbing the crime monster for the first three months of this year, the security forces are sending a signal that they do not intend to rest on their laurels. The police have reported that for the month of March murders have been the lowest for any month in the past nine years and significant reductions have been made in reducing shootings, robberies, break ins, larceny, rape and carnal abuse. In addition the cops report an increased seizure of firearms and ammunition while reporting that less persons have been cut down by their bullets between January 1 and March 31 when compared to the same period in 2011. However Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, said during a press conference at his Old Hope Road office today that despite the gains, the crime situation in the country is still grave. “We have been at pains to point out that the crime and

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington (L) and deputy Commissioner in charge of operations Glenmore Hinds at the press briefing yesterday. (Photo: Michael Gordon) security situation created by criminal gangs, organised crime and corrupt entities in Jamaica are undermining public confidence and investor confidence and are denying many Jamaicans the opportunity for gainful employment as businesses contract or those with capital are hesitant to make investments and so we have

committed to reducing Jamaica’s murder rate to 12 per 100,000 in the population by 2017,” he said. Ellington said the security forces are committed to restoring public and investor confidence with an aim to grow the economy to provide citizens with the means to create wealth to take care of their everyday needs.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

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LINDEN HAS ALWAYS BEEN PAMPERED BY THE PPPC The AFC is up to its old tricks. This time it is recklessly and irresponsibly suggesting that the decision of the government to align electricity rates in Linden with national tariffs is a vengeful act. It claims that this decision highlighted in the Budget presentation last Friday is retribution for the manner in which the people of Linden voted. The AFC has to know the background to this issue of electricity tariffs and its outrageous conclusion is a sure case of its mischief making in opportunistic attempt to ingratiate itself with a constituency that did not offer the AFC the support it expected last November. The PPP has a long history of pampering Linden and it bent backwards on more than one occasion to assist the people of that area. The AFC on the other hand did not get the votes it anticipated in Linden in the 2011 elections and therefore if there is any party that suffered the most in Linden it was the AFC and not the PPP.

The AFC was hoping to win at least one of the constituency seats in Linden in the 2011 elections. It had always contended that Sam Hinds’s seat in the ninth parliament rightfully belonged to the AFC since there was a miscalculation in the 2006 elections. The Elections Affairs Bureau (EAB) Report on those elections agreed with this assessment. The AFC must have therefore been hoping that in the 2011 elections the two constituency seats for Region Ten would have been divided equally between itself and APNU. This was not to be as APNU swept both seats. But the PPP while losing electoral support did not perform poorly. In fact, given the way the vote went nationally, the PPPC has to be satisfied by its performance in Region Ten‘ which includes Linden. The issue of electricity tariffs for Linden predated the elections. It has always been the case that the prohibitive subsidy which was applied to tariffs in Linden constituted positive discrimination for

Dem boys seh ...

Jagdeo learn fuh thief since he small There is a true saying that the love of money is de root of all evil. Some does wuk hard fuh money like dem boys. Some does wuk pun dem belly fuh money like Kwame, Knee Ass and de people who surround dem. Some does do de most weird thing, all kind of thing, including thiefing. And thiefing is a skill. You got to get that skill through immense training and tutoring. In short, dem does learn this thing from a baby. Jagdeo is one. He start thiefing since he li’l. He use to go in de milk pot. He mother use to lef cream pun de milk. He use to tek a straw and bore de cream and drink out de milk. When he start go to school he thief nuff thing—school biscuit, milk powder, lead pencil. One day he even hustle fuh go in Teecha Prayree purse and get ketch. He tell she that he was looking fuh a hair net. He get big and he get friends and he teach all of dem fuh thief. He tun out to be de biggest thief de region ever see. Now Uncle Donald got fuh hide de treasury from he kavakamites like Rob Bert, Irfaat and Shaatie. Well Brazzy and Mannie gone, suh he nah got to frighten dem no more. De GRA man learn fuh thief other thing. He start fuh thief dem poor li’l and helpless gyuls. Then he start fuh tek advantage by demanding lef, right and centre. He get greedy and glutton. One and two not enough. He like de Rat; one and two billion not enough - and dem boys mean ‘Merican money suh you understand wha dem boys talking about. Another one from Rob Bert Ministry. He learn from Rob Bert who get full schooling from de Rat. He ah look fuh gold. He ah push finger in man best plaything and seh he looking fuh gold. Dem boys got a message fuh he, he Boss and de Boss, Boss. When all of dem go to Lot 12, or in any place wheh dem does wear de pumpkin or orange jump suit, dem boys inside deh nah gun push finger in dem; dem gun push wallaba. Talk half and save Uncle Donald from dem thief.

Linden. The government, in fact, has long faced criticism that it was overtly subsiding electricity tariffs in Linden as against other areas where the cost was multiple times higher. A decision was taken, and this was made a long time ago, to eventually bring the Linden rate in line with the national rate. This decision was delayed for many years but because of the high per capita subsidy, it has to be implemented now. Linden has always been the most pampered town in Guyana. Not only were electricity rates low, but also for many years when the state-owned bauxite company was in the doldrums, the industry was being bailed out for years simply to keep the jobs of the employees going. Even though there is great need within the mining town, Linden has on a per capita basis been treated better than most communities. And as

outlined by the former Minister of Human Services and Social Development, this includes legal aid. It was inevitable that with rising fuel prices that the low electricity tariffs charged to consumers in the mining town would have to be adjusted in line with the national rate. In order to cushion the effect on consumers in Linden, it was agreed that the increases will be phased in. There will be complaints but the government cannot simply continue to offer a subsidy to Linden greater than what is given, for example to consumers in Georgetown. This was always an unfair situation. The AFC therefore should try to offer more constructive criticisms of the intended measure and not try to use it to stir problems and enhance its appeal with the people of Linden. One possible option would be to suggest that Lindeners pay the actual cost

of generation of their electricity less the average national subsidy. The cost per kilowatt of generating electricity in Linden should be calculated and this would constitute the economic cost to the consumer. From this, should be deducted the amount by which government subsidizes all consumers in Guyana. In this way, persons in Georgetown and New Amsterdam do not have to feel that they are being asked to pay high electricity tariffs while the people of Linden are obtaining electricity at a cheap rate. In fact this same formula should be applied throughout the national grid. This will encourage the various districts in which electricity is generated to do so more efficiently. There can also be a plan to promote a system whereby private low producers can sell or donate excess power to the various district grids and this

could help reduce the cost of electricity for persons in this area. Thus, if some of the bauxite companies can produce electricity cheaper or can afford to freely give excess power to the Linden grid; this would lead to an overall reduced cost for the consumers in the mining town. It is patently unfair for any area which is part of the national grid to be paying $15 per kilowatt when other areas are paying $64 per kilowatt. Electricity tariffs have to be regularized because if they are not, the country will find itself in serious problems in the face of rising oil prices. If the AFC cannot accept this, then it has a serious problem.

Cops destroy records to cover up prisoners’ escape The Guyana Police Force is contemplating criminal proceedings against two of its ranks following the escape of two prisoners from the Leonora Police Station on Sunday. News of the escape was disclosed by Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell, y e s t e r d a y, d u r i n g a n address to junior officers at the official opening of their statutory training course. A livid Brumell explained that the prisoners, one of whom was being held for armed robbery and the other for indecent assault, managed to prise their way out of the lock-ups and even had time to collect some of their belongings which were in the custody of the police before disappearing from sight. The Police Commissioner (ag) said that while the investigations are still in progress, there appears to be some amount of criminality on the part of the ranks who were left to guard them. According to Brumell, investigators have found that two pages containing the prisoners’ individual information were missing from the police records, an apparent attempt by those responsible at a cover-up. Kaieteur news was told that sometime between 03:45 hours and 08:00 hours on Sunday, the men made good their escape. At the time of the escape,

two ranks, a female Corporal and a male Constable, were on duty. The escaped prisoners were the only two men in the lock-ups. “I told the Commander, I don’t think that any (escap i n g ) p r i s o n e r h a s time to tear out a charge sheet.” Brumell suggested that “the ranks were sleeping, the men broke out,

collected their shoes and when they woke and didn’t find the men, they tore out the charge sheet.” “I’ve told the Commander to launch an investigation and we’re going criminally. If they (ranks) have to go before the court, then so be it,” Brumell threatened, adding that he had not ruled out collaboration between the ranks and the prisoners.

He referred to another recent case of prisoner escape in Berbice and declared that the force will have to arrest such occurrences before they get out of hand. “It’s obvious they (ranks) were sleeping. They are lucky that the men did not take the firearm that one of the ranks had in his possession,” Brumell said.

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Tuesday April 03, 2012


You can hold electricity and fire in your hand There are ways in which you can hold both fire and electricity in the palm of your hand. First, magicians take actual fire in their hands all the time. They do it in two ways just in case you want to emulate them as our politicians and other stakeholders do in Guyana. They have on an insulated skin-coloured glove that defies the heat and you think that it is their actual skin that the fire is on or they paint their palm with a chemical that prevents penetration. Secondly, when you see the GPL workmen up on the pole and the current is still in the wires, these workers have insulated gloves that absorb the shock. The brutal fact of life is that you don’t play with electricity because it will shock

you and you don’t play with fire because it will burn you. Such a priceless lesson is still to be learnt by both the opposition and the society in this unyielding and tragic land. The opposition and other stakeholders are playing with fire. They have been burnt. They will continue to get burned. The only Guyanese who understood this lesson of life was Desmond Hoyte. Mr. Hoyte’s relentless theory was that the PPP will not adhere to democracy, decency in politics and morality in governance unless they are confronted by the politics of protest and forced into the war room to negotiate. Some political observers nicknamed his strategy, “Slo fyaah, mo fyaah.” Once Hoyte died, the Macbethian witches

extinguished their flames and disappeared into the woods forever. There are those in Guyana who were glad that “slo fyaah, mo fyaah” was doused. Since then the monsters in Greek mythology have taken up residence in Guyana. These monsters are spewing fire and many in Guyana are playing with it. I repeat – if you play with fire you will get burned. Christopher Ram and the TUC President, Norris Witter, are friends of mine. These two gentlemen have come out against the Jagdeoite gorgons that have literally eaten up the political economy and social fabric of Guyana. But both of them will tell you, I disagreed in separate conversations with them on their attendance at

the stakeholders’ forum that President Ramotar hosted last month. They put forward their polemic. I offered an alternative theory. I openly (on this page) opined that the Red Thread organization and the Alliance for Change should not have gone into the studios of NCN and participated in a forum with Minister Manickchand. There were two moral dilemmas that immediately surfaced when the invitation was accepted. First NCN is a symbol of all that is rotten, evil and utterly unacceptable in the political culture of the PPP. NCN descended to a level of gutter journalism and Hitlerite propaganda that was incredible to see during the elections last year. Rupert Roopnaraine said on television before the elections that he was an election observer in Zimbabwe and despite the nature of the dictatorship there, more openness exists in the state media in Zimbabwe than in Guyana.

When Red Thread and the AFC went on NCN, did they think of how Lindeners felt about NCN? What about symbolism in politics? Do the AFC and Red Thread believe in that concept? Secondly, Red Thread and the AFC should not have engaged the Minister of Education on the very NCN given the nature of governance at UG. She is the subject Minister. Now we see the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Deborah Backer calling on the Minister of Education to apologize for a personal attack on the President of the Women Lawyers’ Association. Emily Dodson. Soon all will be forgotten and the opposition and other stakeholders will cozy up once more with those who have no intention of ever democratizing their own political culture much less the exercise of power. It was put most brutally by Roger Luncheon. If ever there was a sweet piece of realpolitik it was shown by Luncheon last week at his press conference. When it

Frederick Kissoon was described for him that under the Constitution, the Deputy Commissioner of Police can only hold office if the Opposition Leader was consulted, Luncheon was barefaced but brave and daring. In his drooling way, he nonchalantly intoned that when the PPP sees something unconstitutional it goes to the court as with the parliamentary committees. He was neatly suggesting that others can do likewise when the government acts unconstitutionally. Against this background, one man is playing with fire – the Speaker. He says he will be neutral. We are in the burning season in Guyana.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

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West Demerara Regional Hospital…

Patients' relatives, nurses concerned about TB, HIV, general patients mix

A section of the ward that is being used to house TB and HIV patients.


elatives of patients at the West Demerara Regional Hospital are calling on the Minister of Health to investigate the situation that has HIV and Tuberculosis patients housed in the same block with other patients at the hospital. According to sources in the hospital, the hospital's administration decided to remove the patients from the Male Medical Ward and surgical section. These included TB, HIV and other patients being placed in the same block. “This is where more than 30 patients will be in one atmosphere closely with various sicknesses,” one nurse related. The hospital officials explained that the patients were removed from the Male Medical Ward because repairs need to be done to the building. Relatives of patients said, that nurses recommended that the new male medical ward which was recently completed should have been used to house the tuberculosis patients, since such a virus is air borne and can be contagious. “Now regular patients who just have a severe flu or any other injuries can be exposed to TB just because the administration doesn't care to take this into

consideration,” another nurse noted. “The place so small that between bed spaces there is no space to walk”. It was further disclosed that the hospital's administration placed two different wards into one block and this is dangerous to patients' health. “Imagine we also have a female medical ward that has no privacy and no door. Anybody passing can see them and both females and males use one toilet facility…in the male medical you can't put all types of patients together.” In 2010, the hospital benefited from a $43M project which entailed the complete rehabilitation of the inpatient surgical block which houses the maternity ward, two surgical theatres, and the male and female surgical wards. Another $25M project was spent to see the complete rehabilitation of the Male and Female Medical block. Another $9M was spent in 2011 towards the rehabilitation of the outpatient/accident emergency department, which is yet to be completed. When Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran was contacted, he said to email him questions and he would reply, such was done, and no reply was received.

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Tuesday April 03, 2012

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Abused husband spearheads daughter's corrective surgery By Leon Suseran

While society hears often about husbands and men who abuse and beat their wives and women, men who are subjected to abuse from women choose to remain silent. Often too, it is the children who suffer the most, and silently too, when their parents are at odds with each other. An East Bank Berbice man has done the brave thing and has stepped forward to tell the story of a very dysfunctional home and relationship with his common- law wife of eight years. Seeram Yudharam, 33, a cane harvester attached to the Rose Hall Estate and of Lot 8 Lonsdale Village, East Bank Berbice, has decided to speak out about the daily harassment he has to endure in his home, however, he is more concerned about the daily traumas being experienced by his three children, and more particularly his 14-monthold baby. He contends that his child is not being cared for properly since the mother is an alcoholic and would wander the streets looking for alcohol, with the child in her possession. Little Lalita had a cleft pallet until a few months ago when she received much needed surgery in Georgetown. Yudharam related that a good Samaritan, Sayeada

A photo of Lalita Yudharam before she went into surgery Lalita and her father after the successful cleft pallet surgery Manbodh, who partnered with some corporate entities in Georgetown helped them. Manbodh met Yudharam and his wife while they were in Georgetown and listened to a painful story about the child; and the couple received more assistance than they had expected. The parents received $218,000 for the surgery; $16,000 to get zinc sheets to look after their house; $35,000 for transportation back and forth to Georgetown and “she even bought porridge and so for the baby”. Yudharam then decided to relate to Manbodh what he was going through with the wife and explained how his four-month-old daughter's life is being endangered. He was then advised to get in contact with this newspaper to tell his story

and let the public know how the baby's life is being endangered due to the careless actions of its alcoholic mother. The child still needs another surgery on her gums but this cannot be done until 18 months after the first surgery. The man said that the situation in the home is becoming unbearable since his wife is constantly consuming alcohol in the presence of the children and it is driving him insane. She squanders all of the money that he gives her to cook and to look after the children on alcohol. He also reported that she would carry the 14-month-old baby with her on her drinking sprees in the village. Most days he does not work, since he has to be at home “to look after the baby

because in eighteen months she gotta go back and do surgery, so me gotta feed she good.” His wife, he said, does not do much housework

or cook...”I gotta do work, cook and so...The two other children sometimes don't even get food and so me gotta buy things for them to eat”. “Me does give she one, one lash for not looking them children but (the name of the good Samaritan) told me not to hit back she”. His wife, he also alleged, would make false reports about him at the Sisters' Police Station that he abuses her. While he admitted that he did hit her on a few occasions, he stated that he did so because he is pushed over the edge regularly by the woman who “when she does do she work, she a cuss up me, so me does lose

faith”. Yudharam was placed on one- year bond by a magistrate last year for hitting the woman. He did state that the magistrate was lenient with him after it was discovered that the woman was constantly using alcohol in and out of the home. The wife, he noted, was supposed to be put on counseling but that never happened. He added that he is afraid to report the matter to the Sisters' Police Station since the cops there “have it in for him” due to the false reports that the woman usually makes about him. A few weeks ago, he (continued on page 17)

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Tuesday April 03, 2012

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Govt undecided on Greene's return


he jury is still out on whether embattled Police Commissioner Henry Greene will resume duty as the country's Top Cop. This is according to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee when asked about the return of Greene to office. Greene is currently on administrative leave, which commenced last December to facilitate an investigation into rape allegations made against him by a 34-year old mother of two. Following investigations conducted by Jamaican investigators, the Director of Public Prosecutions recommended that the commissioner be slapped with a rape charge. However, Greene successfully challenged the DPP's advice in the High Court, with Chief Justice Ian Chang ruling that the recommendation of the DPP was irrational. This ruling has angered a large section of the society, with many now resuming their call for Greene's r e m o v a l a s t h e Commissioner of Police. Yesterday, the main opposition- A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U) renewed its call for Greene to be removed from office. “In renewing our call we wish to remind the Guyanese public that having passed the age of retirement Mr. Greene is no longer the constitutional holder of the office of Commissioner of Police. Rather he is an employee/servant of the Government and as such he can be removed forthwith. As he continues to occupy the office of Commissioner of Police, Mr. Greene has no more security of tenure than Mr. Freddie Kissoon has had at the University of Guyana.” The party said that while Commissioner Greene may have temporarily succeeded in having a rape charge against him blocked, the fact is that he has admitted to having sex with a female citizen who went to him for help in his official capacity as Commissioner of Police, a serious misconduct which should have been met with immediate removal. “We strongly disagree with the ruling of the Honourable Chief Justice Ian Chang in this matter but we are confident that, given a recent ruling by the Privy Council, the Honourable Chief Justice's decision will be overturned.” APNU has placed on

record its dismay and disappointment at the several disparaging statements attributed to the Chief Justice on the character of the alleged victim and his apparent lack of sensitivity and knowledge revealed by his statements. “On the issue of the Chief Justice's lack of sensitivity he must be aware that progressive countries, recognising that the trial of sexual offences often turns out to be the hardest on the victims, have enacted victim friendly legislation empowering Courts inter alia to hold trial in camera and also forbid the publication of reports of certain details of the alleged act,” APNU pointed out. The party said that rather than adhere to these modern principles, the Chief Justice quite happily read to the packed court room and by extension the entire country all the gory details of the alleged rape. “What a travesty! The fallout from the posture taken by the Honourable Chief Justice will undoubtedly further cower already traumatized women and reinforce their belief that our judicial system is unconcerned about them.” On the issue of the behaviour of the alleged victim after the alleged incident, APNU said that the Chief Justice seemed to have concluded that the fact that the alleged victim took a week to be assessed by a doctor and went into the vehicle with the Commissioner of Police after the alleged rape, strained her credibility. “These statements show a remarkable lack of reading on the part of the Chief Justice on how women and children react to the barbaric offence of rape. Thursday the 29th day of March, 2012 will remain a black day for all right thinking people of Guyana. We trust that the Director of Public Prosecutions will appeal the decision of the Honourable Chief Justice and we trust that the Government of Guyana will act now and remove the Commissioner of Police from office,” APNU declared. But Minister Rohee in response to the question on Greene's return to active duties responded, “Why don't we wait and see. Let's wait and see, don't rush to judgement,” the Minister declared. “The jury is still out,” he added.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Budget 2012 an incomparable test of Parliamentary Configuration … Ashni Singh challenges MPs to put Guyana first As Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh wrapped up his budget presentation Friday last, he charged, “We have before us an incomparable chance to put this configuration to the test.” He was at the time referring to the current makeup of the Parliamentary Structure, where the ruling party has a 32-seat bloc as against a combined 33-seat bloc for the combined opposition. “Much has been said about the opportunities presented by the current Parliamentary configuration and the promise it holds…Much has also been said about the perils and challenges that emerge from this configuration,” reminded Dr Singh. The Finance Minister Dr Singh, said that “it is my fervent hope that the debate on this budget will see all of my colleagues in this Honourable House putting Guyana first, recommitting to the better Guyana of tomorrow, to which we all aspire, and voting in favour of Budget 2012.” Dr Singh’s presentation reminded that the political configuration that emerged from the 2011 elections,

whereby the Party in Government does not hold a clear legislative majority, “is a domestic novelty even if similar situations have been experienced by other democracies the world over.” According to Dr Singh, Members of Parliament will meet to debate the National Budget but, “we cannot be unmindful of the context in which small economies such as ours confront the challenges of development.” He sought to impress on the MPs that “today’s external environment is characterised by a virtually limitless interconnectedness that exacerbates exposure and vulnerabilities as much as it creates opportunities…The resulting uncertainty has manifested itself in considerable economic trauma for many small economies, including some in our Region.” He said, too, that it is to the collective credit as a country that “we have traversed these perilous times and emerged thus far an even stronger economy.” Dr Singh reminded that the growth that the country has achieved in recent years bears testimony to the soundness and

responsibility of the administration’s policies. “It also bears testimony to the response by our private sector which has been positive and sustained…we are literally at the most exciting juncture in our country’s economy history, poised for rapid takeoff.” The Minister urged that as long as the large scale investments in such sectors as information technology, mineral extraction, and agriculture materialise, the implications for growth and job creation, and income and wealth generation will be vast. He said that the beneficiaries will ultimately be the people of Guyana “whom we in this Honourable House serve.” Dr Singh reminded that it is against the external factors and its contagion effect that the budget has been crafted. “Ours is therefore the responsibility to ensure that these opportunities are mobilised as quickly as possible, that we take the actions necessary to keep Guyana on the path to accelerated economic growth and social development, and that we avoid any actions that could possibly jeopardise this being realised…No less is

required of us, as responsible representatives of the Guyanese people.” He said that the arrangement beckons Guyana into a new political epoch and heralds an opportunity for the nurturing of a new political culture. “The prevailing dispensation will test and hopefully prove our resolve as a people, and within this House our respective will to serve as responsible representatives of a deserving People, to work together in service to the

cause of national development.” The Finance Minister also reminded, “lest we be misunderstood to be under an illusion of some sort, let there be no doubt that as much as the current dispensation provides important opportunities so is it fraught with formidable challenges.” He said that in the quest for lasting solutions the debates will have to be dominated not by partisan agendas but by rational and meritocratic considerations,

driven less by impulsive instinct and more by careful and deliberate judgment. He cautioned the politicians in the house to resist the political lure of making choices that might have short term appeal but that compromise long term imperatives. “Most of all, the current dispensation will require us to eschew po l i t i c a l opportunism and grandstanding, and work together to make good and sound decisions that can withstand the test of time.”

Guyana’s South American link could benefit CARICOM integration The development of the highway south of Guyana linking the country to the rest of South America holds great possibilities for the Caribbean, moreso, for CARICOM member states, says President Donald Ramotar. The Head of State noted that CARICOM countries have been talking about integration but until countries start integrating their economies more and more it would only remain talks.

Canada, Guyana launching mining ‘toolkit” tomorrow

Ramotar emphasized that it was within this framework that Guyana embraced President Desi Bouterse’s initiative at the last Heads of CARICOM meeting held in Suriname to have CARICOM invest in important sectors in Suriname for the Region to move forward. He made those comments at the launching of GuyExpo 2012 at the International Conference Centre, on Friday last. The event was attended by members of the private and public sectors and members of the diplomatic corps. According to Ramotar, the financial and economic crises in Europe and to some extent in North America have many lessons that Guyana and the rest of CARICOM could take. He related that the signs indicate that the United States is coming out of the recession but recent scenes in Spain show that situation is tuff.

“When you take into consideration that these are our major trading partners of course we have to take a great interest and hope they come out of the recession very quickly,” Ramotar said. Guyana has to look at other possibilities such as broadening its relationship with the South. “We are very fortunate to be situated geographically next to a country which is now the fifth largest economy (Brazil) in the world and a huge market to the South of us,” Ramotar said. He further stressed, “It is time also we try to grasp the opportunity that this offers not only us (Guyana and Suriname that are right at the border there) but through us being part of CARICOM offers the whole of CARICOM of coming and taking advantage of the huge South American market.”

Police hunt suspected rapist

Canada and Guyana are collaborating to launch a mining ‘toolkit’ tomorrow. Amidst high interest by investors in the mining sector, Canada has announced its intentions to introduce, locally, what it calls the “Guyana Mining Toolkit”. The aim of the guide is to help communities who live close to mining and exploration operations to better understand miningrelated operations and the roles of stakeholders and

communities in relation to the execution of those activities, the Canadian High Commission said yesterday. “The toolkit is a practical guide that will help companies, communities and all stakeholders to appreciate how to guide their interactions with mining activities, since it sets out to simplify the mining process from start to finish and to ensure that all who would

have to be involved understand their role.” The High Commission acknowledged the growth of mining in Guyana with more and more persons getting involved both as producers and partners. The sector is also seeing significant investments by foreign investors. The launch of the guide is set for tomorrow at the Guyana International

Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. A significant portion of Canada’s investments in Guyana is centered in the mining sector. With increasing emphasis being placed on protecting the environment and the rights of indigenous people, organisations and governments alike have been increasing oversight of mining activities.

Police have said that they are hunting a 26-year-old man who reportedly raped his 14year-old cousin over the weekend. The man, who has not been located to date, is said to be from Tapakuma, an Amerindian community, some 15 miles south of Anna Regina. The victim is also from Tapakuma. According to reports, the victim was sent to uplift a document some distance from her home. The 14year-old, upon making her way back home was offered a ride by her 26-year-old cousin who was passing her. The teenager reportedly agreed and accepted the lift. Instead of taking the teenager home, her cousin, reports further indicate, took her in

the opposite direction and had sex with her. It is now believed that the two of them shared an intimate relationship. The teenager underwent a medical examination on Monday at the Suddie Public Hospital Corporation. Meanwhile, the man who allegedly raped a Pomona Secondary School student has fallen ill and is presently a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital. Police said due to his illness they were unable to institute the charge of rape against the man. But that charge will be implemented as soon as he is out of the hospital. Reports are the 22-year-old allegedly impregnated the 15-year-old student.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

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City Hall purchases laptop from US increases fee for tourists’ visa to US$160 non-existent company - Deputy Mayor … Reduces fees for immigrants’

The US has announced increased visa processing fees, effective April 13th The US has announced an increase of the tourist and business visas while there has been a decrease in all other categories of visas. The changes, according to a US Embassy statement yesterday, are to take effect from April 13, 2012. The fees for most non-immigrant visa applications and Border Crossing Cards will increase, while all immigrant visa processing fees will decrease. Increasing from US$140 to US$160 are visa processing fees for Tourist, Business, Transit, Crew Member, Student, Exchange Visitor, and Journalist. The US said that the current fees, in some cases just do not cover the cost processing the visas. “The Department is required to recover, as far as possible, the cost of processing visas through the collection of application fees. For a number of reasons, the current fees no longer cover the actual cost of processing non immigrant visas. The non -immigrant visa fee increase will support the addition and expansion of overseas facilities, as well as additional staffing required to meet increased visa demand.” The US Georgetown Embassy added that although most categories of non-immigrant visa processing fees will increase, the fee for E visas (treaty-traders and treaty-investors) and K visas (for fiancé (e)s of U.S. citizens) will decrease. NONIMMIGRANT VISA PROCESSING FEES

Because of a reallocation of costs associated with immigrant visas, all categories of immigrant visa processing fees will decrease, the embassy said. IMMIGRANT VISA PROCESSING FEES

Abused husband spearheads daughter's ... From page 13 related he was locked up and forced by the police to sign a paper that stated he would be locked up after another report was made against him by the wife. “Me frighten to go to the

station to report she because they would lock me up and the children would punish. Yudharam does not believe he is a free man. “I must be a free man to look after me kids them; me ain't free with she”. Her drinking

habits are getting out of hand, he noted since “actually she does stop during a two-week and make one take off again”. The Human Services Ministry is now involved in seeking to resolve the issue.

Investigations are yet to commence into the acquisition by the Mayor and City Council of a laptop computer from a company that does not exist. This is despite officials at City Hall being aware of the apparent malpractice on the part of senior staffers. A high official of City Hall told Kaieteur News that the laptop is being utilized by the staff of the City Treasurer’s Department. According to Deputy Mayor, Patricia Greene, City Hall has halted the processing of the payment voucher claiming $120,000 for a Dell Latitude D800, laptop computer, for the City Treasurer’s Department. The document had been approved by only the Finance Chairman, Junior Garrett. Greene added that the said computer was rented from an individual for staff to prepare the budget document. However, with the conclusion of that project the laptop is now acquired for staff to use on and off site in the developmental and consultative process. She related that there were concerns about the cost of the computer and its importance. In addition, the supplier’s name on the payment voucher, AP Global Supplies Inc, located at Lot 232 Grove Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, does not exist. Greene emphasized that a call to the residence revealed that it was a private residence. When Kaieteur News visited the location the only business being conducted there is a small snackette. The owner (name given) of the house stated that no one operates a computer business from her home. According to Greene, though City Hall lacks a

Chairman of Finance Committee, Junior Garrett

Deputy Mayor, Patricia Greene

proper tender document outlining a transparent tendering process there are some set procedures that must be observed. She explained that every payment voucher should be approved by the Chairman and another member of Finance Committee. The voucher is then received by either the Town Clerk or City Treasurer for payments to be released. However, the payment voucher dated February 24, 2012, was approved by only one member of the Finance Committee, Chairman Junior Garrett. She asserted that finding other members of the Committee to sign payment vouchers is not difficult since City Hall has contact information for all Councillors. The Deputy Mayor assured that Town Clerk, Yonette Pluck, is currently preparing a new tender document patterned after Central Government’s, for City Hall to follow. During City Hall’s 2012 budget presentation Garrett had stressed the need for the creation of a Procurement

Commission and an Oversight Committee to monitor the works of the City Engineer’s Department. It is unclear whether Garrett would remain the Finance Committee’s Chairman when the Procurement Commission and Oversight Committee would have been established. At the Council’s next Statutory Meeting, Councillors are expected to elect a new Chairman for the Finance Committee. During the previous Statutory Meeting the new Finance Committee was constituted. The members are Garrett, Oscar Clarke, Pamela Ross, Fitzpatrick Agard, Shirley Sheppard, Eon Andrews, and Hamilton Green. However, the political head of City Hall, Mayor Hamilton Green, has denied knowledge of the purchase of the computer and investigation into its acquisition. Mayor Green assured that he would check to find out if there was a fraud. Attempts to contact Garrett for a comment were unsuccessful.

Security guard slaps student in HM’s office A Security Guard attached to a security firm in New Amsterdam allegedly slapped a 13-year-old student last Tuesday. The incident occurred in the head teacher’s office at the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School Annex. According to the teen, the guard summoned her “to tell me something” while she (the student) was entering the gate around 11:30 hrs. She said the guard had threatened to slap her over a year ago and would normally “make trouble with students” whenever they want to go outside to purchase items. “I stand up and she said it was her job and she said she don’t play with her job and she started to curse me up and I walked away. She said she will ‘box’ me and I

told her she is not my mother”. The student then reported what the guard told her to the head teacher of the school who then summoned the guard to the office. The guard related what she had to say to the head teacher. The student then alleged that “the guard slapped me in my face”. The head teacher immediately put her out of the office. No Student Welfare Officer was available for intervention at the moment at the Department of Education in New Amsterdam, so the child, her mother and the security guard visited the Probation Department at Princess Elizabeth Road on Wednesday where an officer reviewed the matter. The guard was asked to

apologise to the child, but refused to do so since she said “that the girl told her about her mother”. The child’s mother then reported the matter to the Regional Education Department which in turn made a report to the Guard’s place of work in New Amsterdam. The police advised her to obtain a medical certificate at the New Amsterdam Hospital. She added that her daughter has since suffered from ear pains. According to the mother, the police are now handling the matter and a court date is being awaited. Efforts to contact the guard or guard service for a comment, proved futile.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Mere two years after commissioning…

US$200M Skeldon factory set for major overhaul Just two years after launching the country’s most expensive project to date, the government yesterday announced plans to begin a major overhaul of the Skeldon factory. The US$200M factory, on which Guyana has been pinning its hopes to revive a struggling industry which is the country’s biggest employer, has been plagued with problems. These problems were there since the sugar factory was commissioned in August 2009, raising questions whether Guyana had received its value for money. Government has been blaming the “hiccups” on teething problems with accusations that the Chinese contractor had failed to deliver. Even former President Bharrat Jagdeo had promised to “personally” intervene in a project that went wrong in the construction phase. According to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) yesterday, it will now be gearing to re-engineer the bagasse feed system, redesign the cane conveyors, drill a new well and replace a five-megawatt alternator to a power engine. These were all handed over and suppose to have been fully working within months of the August 2009 commissioning, plus or minus a few defects. It will also be modifying the problematic punt dumpers, build a section of all-weather road, upgrade the

drainage and water management system and convert additional lands for mechanized harvesting. FINANCING? While the GuySuCo statement yesterday did not immediately say where the money will be coming from to carry out the “major rehabilitation” as the works were described, last week’s National Budget of $192.8B had earmarked a $4B allocation for the sugar industry. It is unclear whether that $4B will be used to facilitate these works but Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, is yesterday quoted as telling the government’s NCN that GuySuCo faced a deficit of $2M last year. To meet the 265,000 tonnes of sugar target for this year, it is more than likely much more than the allotted $4B would be needed, NCN reported. According to GuySuCo yesterday, in keeping with a plan approved by its Board of Directors, GuySuCo has begun to implement plans to undertake several major rehabilitation projects at Skeldon Estate during the upcoming out of crop period -June 2012 to August 2012- as part of its efforts to “turn the industry around”. “Working wíth reputable international engineering experts and technical professionals in the area of diffusion technology together with agricultural specialists, GuySuCo

identified the major factors that are preventing the estate from reaching its full potential and design capacity. As such, it will undertake several major projects in both the factory and cultivation at Skeldon Estate,” the Corporation said in the statement. GuySuCo disclosed that in an effort to enhance the cooperation and communication among the major stakeholders in the industry, it’s Board, management and the unions (GAWU and NAACIE) and workers’ representatives recently met and discussed a number of issues including bolstering production and the rehabilitation projects at Skeldon estate. PRODUCTION INCREASE “GuySuCo anticipates that additional projects will be undertaken during 2013 resulting in a significant increase of production.” The construction of the Skeldon factory was part of a modernisation plan by GuySuCo that involved expanded cane cultivations, the establishment of a refinery, and the cogeneration of electricity for the national grid. Guyana had lost the preferential prices offered by its biggest customer in Europe, losing around $10B annually in revenues. In 2008, the sugar industry directly sustained some 18,000 jobs. Sugar exports account for as much as 20 percent of the country’s

Villagers capture teen who allegedly killed uncle - suspect had fled murder scene in stolen boat Residents of an Amerindian community have captured the 15-year-old boy suspected of brutally killing his uncle at Kariabo Backdam, North West District last Friday. Kaieteur News understands that the teen was nabbed on Sunday at Kokerite Mission, a community some 40 miles for the area where the murder occurred. According to reports, the lad was trying to persuade a suspicious villager to take him by speedboat to Mainstay, when the residents took him into custody. He was reportedly armed with a cutlass and with bow and arrows. A source said he also had a leg of smoked wild meat, which he had stolen. The boy has been on the run since Friday, when he allegedly killed his 50-year-old uncle, Michael Williams, during an argument over raw gold. He reportedly fled the

area in a stolen canoe and paddled to Kokerite, another community several miles away. There, he encountered a villager who owns a speedboat. According to a source, the lad told the man that he lived at Mainstay, and persuaded the villager to take him there. But during the journey, the villager became suspicious after the teen repeatedly kept hiding near the bow. At one point during the journey, the boat became stuck on a sandbank, but the lad refused to leave the vessel to assist the villager. This further aroused the man's suspicions and he eventually stopped at Kokerite Mission and alerted other villagers who then tied up the youth and alerted the police. Kaieteur News understands that the captured youth has denied killing his uncle. According to reports, the

victim, Michael Williams, and a friend were walking in Kariabo Backdam last Friday when Williams stopped to rest while his friend continued walking. Sources say that the man's nephew was seen walking on the trail with a cutlass over his shoulder. According to persons from the area, Williams and his nephew were seen arguing before the teen chopped his uncle, almost beheading him. It is alleged that the teen calmly wiped off his blood stained cutlass in the mud before walking away. Some of Williams' friends placed him on a makeshift stretcher and tried to take him to the Mission. However, Williams died on the way. This publication was told that Williams was immediately buried, but the remains will be exhumed to facilitate a post mortem examination.

annual revenue. Therefore, the survival of the industry is seen as crucial to the country’s economic and social stability. The new factory was intended to increase national production to more than 450,000 tonnes. It was to be the most modern sugar factory in the Caribbean. The factory also uses bagasse (the waste of the

sugar cane) as fuel part of the co-generation power section of the factory that would have provided most of the daily base load power requirement for Berbice. The factory was constructed with a combination of selfgenerated funds and loans from the Caribbean Development Bank, the People’s Republic of China

and the Government of Guyana. The Project Engineer was Booker Tate, UK Ltd and the Contractor was CNTIC Ltd, the Chinese company. Government fired Booker Tate saying it failed to supervise the construction of the factory properly. Several millions of US dollars were reportedly withheld. The Chinese contractor, CNTIC was supposed to fix several defects plaguing the factory and while some were fixed, many of them were still outstanding. That amount is unclear. It is also unclear how many still have to be fixed as the defects liability periodthe time in which the contractor has to fix problemshas already elapsed. GuySuCo’s officials remained unavailable for comments yesterday. Skeldon factory has been failing to meet its production targets since the commissioning two and a half years ago.

Male GGMC officer searches women’s private parts for gold - facing major disciplinary actions A major shakeup continues to be on at the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) with a Mines Officer now in hot water for allegedly conducting illegal cavity searches on female passengers passing through a hinterland checkpoint. An official of the recently launched Women Miners’ Association said that the shocking searches on the women were allegedly done under the pretext of searching for gold and precious stones at the Itaballi Outpost , Region Seven. The area is renowned for its mining activities. Officials of the GGMC confirmed that the department has almost completed investigations and that disciplinary actions will soon be taken against the officer. The officer has since been placed on desk duty and half-pay. According to the official from the association, following numerous complaints, it wrote to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment seeking his intervention. This was after complaints were made to GGMC but there were no immediate actions. Kaieteur News was told that the GGMC officer has also been accused of asking miners for bribes and would even allegedly use force. The

actions are totally against the procedures of the Commission, this newspaper was told. It was noted that while the office of GGMC has authority to conduct random searches on persons passing the checkpoints, it would be totally inappropriate for men to conduct searches on women. At least one embarrassed female has lodged complaints with the GGMC and the Women Miners Association, Kaieteur News was told. There were also allegations that some miners, intent on defrauding the state, would prefer to deal with

specific mines officers to benefit from favours and other benefits. Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also announced that it was investigating a possible fraud at GGMC and an overseas-based mining company after a refund was reportedly paid out in a highly questionable manner to a staffer of that company who has since disappeared. There is a major restructuring process underway at GGMC with Karen Livan, a long time staffer recently confirmed as the Commissioner.

Nigerian nabbed with cocaine again At around 05:30 hours yesterday at Springlands East Berbice, ranks from the Customs Anti- Narcotics Unit (CANU) intercepted a “backtrack” boat operating between Guyana and Suriname and found 22 kilos of cocaine in a suitcase. An African national is currently in police custody assisting with investigations. According to reports, the drug ranks acting on information, stopped the boat and conducted a search. The drugs were reportedly discovered amongst some pieces of clothing which the

passenger had in his possession. The detained man has been identified as Nigerian born, Sulaiman Delodin. Delodin was on February 24 of last year charged for a similar offence. He faced Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrate Court with three others after they were reportedly nabbed at a city hotel with 430 grams of cocaine in their possession. Delodin was denied bail but was later granted his pretrial liberty after applying to the High Court.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column It’s possible to forgive and yet not be able to forget Dear Abigail, Almost two years ago, my wife of five years learned that I had a two-year affair with her closest friend. I had ended that relationship, but then I had a two-year affair with another friend of hers. (Affair partner No. 1 exposed my second affair to my wife.) I moved out, my wife divorced me and our two kids were traumatized and disappointed in me, but chose to see that I was horribly ashamed of my behaviour and forgave me. My former wife and I continued in therapy with the

hopes of reconciliation. We are now living together. My commitment to her and our family is certain. I live with shame for what I did and how it affected many lives. My former wife will not go anywhere with me if she might see the women who betrayed her. We have not seen the other couples for sometime. My ex-wife’s pain from these traumas is always just below the surface, and I hear about my affairs again and again. I love her, but I am tiring of hearing about my actions, which traumatized me too. I can’t take back those years of adultery, but I want a future with the woman I loved all along. Distraught

Dear Distraught, It is possible for your wife to forgive you and yet not be able to forget. Remember that she was betrayed not only by you, repeatedly, but by two friends. That’s a lot to get over. It is exceptionally hostile for you to choose to be unfaithful to your wife with her friends. I can only hope that in addition to atoning for your own actions, you have also at least attempted to understand them. I believe that full reconciliation is possible, but your wife may not want to reconcile - or she might be ambivalent.

Tuesday April 03, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Money matters could have you descending into a state of pure gloom, Aries. On the surface it might seem like you’ll never be able to sort through all the paperwork, but you will. Don’t give up. ********************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Is your sweetheart out of town, Taurus? If so, you’re probably feeling a bit lonely and insecure. You need to ignore those fantasies of your beloved out on the town having a great time with lots of glamorous people. ********************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You probably won’t feel like working today, Gemini. You may not be tired, but you’re probably bored, restless, and unable to focus. ********************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Love matters could appear to be moving far more slowly than you’d like, Cancer. Both you and your romantic interest may be overloaded with responsibilities now and unable to see each other much. ********************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Today’s planetary configuration will give you a strong urge to be out and about, Leo, but responsibilities could keep you at home or the office. ********************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Are your views about certain intellectual or spiritual matters slowly changing, Virgo? If so, you may not be all that comfortable with the changes.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Business success may have come your way, Libra, but today you could find yourself feeling a little sad and wondering why, since there’s no real reason to feel this way. ********************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Today you could feel torn between the desire to get a little exercise and a powerful inclination to curl up in your favorite chair and catch up on some reading, Scorpio. ********************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Do you have the uncomfortable feeling that you’ve forgotten something but you have no idea what it is, Sagittarius? Are you haunted by the memory of a seemingly insignificant past event, but can’t figure out why? ********************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): If you’ve been thinking about starting a new creative project, Capricorn, don’t try to do it today. Friends and family could vie for your attention and distract you. ********************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Business might be going very well for you, Aquarius, but intense changes on the job could have you feeling stressed. Delays in starting new projects could prove frustrating. ********************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Have you been planning a vacation to a distant place, Pisces? Unexpected, discouraging glitches could interfere with your plans, which could have you thinking that you’ll just cancel the trip.

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Sensei Nagatomo and the Georgetown students after the examinations. Being the first grading exercise of 2012, and with the previous day’s public awareness in the media; karate examinations for the Japan Karate Association/ World Federation Guyana created much hype and excitement and drew great spectatorship at their Headquarters Dojo, National Park, Thomas Lands. Their Region 6 arm of Dojos, (Port Mourant and Canje) had a similar reception, when both Dojos merged to take their examinations at the Rose Hall Community Centre. Present to conduct the examinations was ‘A’ Class JKA Judge and Instructor, Sensei Yuasaki Nagatomo (6th Dan). The results are as follows: Georgetown:10 kyu (white belt) to 9 kyu (yellow belt) – 12 students; 10 kyu (white belt) to 8 kyu (2nd yellow belt) – 2 students; 9 kyu (1st yellow belt) to 8 kyu (2nd yellow belt) - 8 students; 8 kyu (2nd yellow belt) to 7 kyu (orange belt) - 7 students; 7 kyu (orange belt) to 6 kyu (green belt) – 2 students; 6 kyu (green belt) to 5 kyu (1st purple belt) - 4 students; 5 kyu (1st purple belt) to 4th kyu (2nd purple belt) - 2 students. In advance ranking, 3rd kyu (1st brown belt) to 2nd kyu (2nd brown belt) - 2 students, while 7 other brown belts students were promoted to 1 kyu (3rd brown belt). In Dan ranking, 1st kyu

brown belts Shermon Kyte, Samuel Arjoon, Storm Katchay, Shaqueel Amin, Shankar Singh and Marlon George all advanced to the rank of Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt). The Dan examination was of an exceptionally high standard with all six students displaying high levels of technical development in their basic techniques and Kata form. In the Kumite section of the exam, examinees executed their attacks with much precision, speed, power, and control while some showed great defensive and counter attacking ability. Sensei Nagatomo was pleased to announce shortly after grading concluded the results of their promotion. He elaborated the need to keep training with pride and commitment so as to continue to excel to higher levels, and to maintain the high level of JKA karate. Results for Berbice: 10 kyu (white belt) to 8 kyu 2nd yellow belt) – 2 students; 9 kyu (1st yellow belt) to 8 kyu (2nd yellow belt) - 3 students; 8 kyu (2nd yellow belt) to 7 kyu (orange belt) - 5 students; 7 kyu (orange belt) to 6 kyu (green belt) – 3students; 6 kyu (green belt) to 5 kyu (1st purple belt) - 3 students; 5 kyu (1st purple belt) to 4th kyu (2nd purple belt) - 2 students. In advance ranking, Andy Sam-Reddy, Deoram Ramdas,

Romesh Narain, Khargesh Munilall, Ray Marcus Persaud, and Natasha Persaud, all students of Port Mourant Dojo were promoted to the 2nd level brown belt. Sensei Nagatomo was especially happy to be present at the Rose Hall Community Centre, Canje, where he conducted a training session on Kumite before conducting the grading exercise. After grading was completed, a social was held where Sensei Nagatomo was able to interact with karatekas from Berbice. He was very pleased and thankful for the hospitality received there on his first visit. Local Chief Instructor of JKA/WF Guyana, Sensei Christopher Chaves - 4th Dan; took pride in the performances of his students noting it was another milestone that was achieved through much hard work, practice and commitment by students, parents and instructors. JKA/WF Guyana’s next main event will be preparation for the JKA/WF America Summer Camp and Goodwill Tournament in Panama City, Panama-June 7 -10, 2012. Much recognition and Congratulations to Sensei Chaves and the members JKA/WF Guyana, students and a warm welcome to the Six newest Black belt students into the Black belt fraternity.

Although both teams created a few chances in the dying moments, Pepsi Hikers managed to hold onto their 10 margin to claim the men’s division trophy. The women’s final proved to be an even closer affair as it took a penalty shootout after full time to separate the teams. Bokra, a side made up of mostly under-21 national players, managed to eventually pull off the victory by a 3-1 margin over Flora GCC.

GCC squandered several chances in the early minutes of the game as strikers Kerensa Fernandes and Carol Caine were able to gain position on their junior counterparts. Tr i s h a Wo o d r o ff e a t central midfield for Bokra, however, was the launching point of their counterattacks which saw the dangerous Gabriella Xavier troubling the GCC backline on a number of solo runs. With the score still levelled at 0-0 after full time, the

teams went into a penalty shootout. While GCC’s Captain Sonia Jardine was only member of her side to score against Bokra goalkeeper and Captain Alysa Xavier, Gabriella Xavier, Trisha Woodroffe and Ashley DeGroot each converted their penalties to secure the win. Michael Xavier of GCC received the Most Valuable Players trophy for the men’s competition, while Trisha Woodroffe of Bokra received the accolade for the women.

Pepsi Hikers, Bokra claim titles From back page Semple and Stuart Gonsalves orchestrated several attacks into the Hikers defensive area, but the wall of green proved impenetrable.

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 15 CXC Adults Lesson for students. S.A.T.-Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008/611-3793

Six students of JKA /WF Guyana promoted to Blackbelt

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Hilux 4x4 solid Def pick up, Diesel, long base, excellent condition. Call: 623-0243 CAR RENTAL

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Tuesday April 03, 2012

Kaieteur News

Damascus Dream creates big upset at Norman Singh Guyana Cup Fever Race meet As Shariff stable roast opponents in incident filled event The ‘Sheriff’ is large and in charge was one thing being said as horses of the Shariff Racing Stable of Number 4 Village, West Coast, Berbice were red hot and in top form as they roasted their opponents to dominate proceedings and take most of the top awards and the lion’s share of the prize monies when the Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club in collaboration with the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales held their Guyana Cup Fever Pre Easter Horserace meet on Sunday last at the Club’s track at No6 West Coast, Berbice. It must have been the upset of all upsets, or was it a dream, but patrons were brought back to reality as Damascus Dream of the Shariff Racing Stable defied all the odds and destroyed a star studded field and took the feature B class event and race away with the $1.5M winning purse and the banks DIH trophy. Shariff had mentioned that like any good ‘Sheriff’ his mission was to take charge and he did just that Sunday. Mr. “Nanku” as he is called was determined to make his dream a reality when he entered Damascus Dream for the feature race. Classified G3 and sourced from Jamaica with just one win to its name, the animal ridden by Randy Drepaul lead for most of the race as it galloped away to create one of the biggest upsets in the horseracing arena. Who so ever of the Simply Royal Stable came in second ahead of Who is On the Case and Jet Set Go as the Message Night, Marathon Man, Crescendo and the Clever Cat among others all finishing down the order. Settle In Seattle of the Shariff Stables and ridden by 62 yr old grandfather Desmond rode away with the $600,000 and trophy in the Three year old Guyana and West Indies bred 1200M

race from Rock Sona, Storm in tea Cup and Red Cloud. Work Force of The Desmond Vibert stable, ridden by Desmond continue its winning ways with its third consecutive victory as it took top honours in the 1200M E class race from Got to go, Top of the Line and Home Bush baby. The win was worth $500,000 and the Anil Nandlall trophy. The Shariff Stables were again in winner’s row when Swing Easy with Rupert Ramnauth in the saddles won $500,000 and trophy compliments of Digicel in the very competitive 1200M race for four year old horses ahead of Work Force, Technology and Captain Crook. There were also wins for Appealing Harvest as it took the $400,000 winners money in the G class 1100M gallop ahead of Prado’s Gold, Gabriel’s Gold and Bridal stone corner. Third World came first and took home $400,000 in the three year old Guyana Bred 1100M event ahead of Watch My Shadow, I want Revenge and Blessings. The Gump of The Nigh Eyes Racing stable was a double winner as it took first place in both the H class and I3 races. The Division 1, 2, 3 race was won by Mr Cool. Despite the influx of as much as six foreign Jockeys on show the Guyanese were in top form winning eight of the nine races contested. At times the day’s action more resembled a Rodeo as there were many spills as a number of horses threw their riders, with a number of Jockeys being injured, including top Jockey, Yap Drepaul. It was reported that medical facilities were not as it should. Jockey Desmond was the top Jockey on show with the Shariff Racing Stable named the top stable. Zahir Shariff and G. Sooklall of the Shariff stable were the top trainers.

POWERADE 50 miler set for Sunday at West Demerara Local cyclists will continue their hectic 2012 schedule when they collide on the streets of the West Demerara on Sunday in a Powerade sponsored 50-mile contest. Organised by National Coach Hassan, the race will pedal off from the Wales Police Station, West Bank Demerara at 09:00hrs, proceed

to Bushy Park on the East Bank of Essequibo before returning to Demerara Harbour Bridge for the finish. Veteran, upright and female competitors will turn back at Uitvlugt Community Centre. As usual, the first six riders overall will be rewarded as will the first three juniors, veterans and upright riders to cross the line. The top two

females and first over-60 will also be recognised. Eight prime prizes will be up for grabs during the course of the event for the junior and senior riders. Outdoor Events Manager of Banks DIH Mortimer Stewart will be on hand to distribute prizes to the category winners and other top performers.

Guyana seems to be on a mission... From page 22 from three starts and someone who has shown steady improvement over the years, guys like Vishal Sawh, Motilall Deodass and Syed Hassan has shown the ability to tussle with the best. In the Superbike category, Stephen Vieira was once again on top of his game and as the defending champion, his form early in the season looks impeccable so Guyana could very well guarantee maximum points should he stay healthy. But, the other

encouraging development was the steely performance of Joel ‘GM’ Neblett, who appears to be enjoying the sport once again. Neblett has always been someone touted with the talent and daredevilry to challenge the best in the business, but somehow walked away after sponsorship had dried up thereby decreasing his hunger for the sport. That seemed to have been rectified and the challenge he threw down on Vieira and Canada’s Kevin Graham was

just as heartening as any other seen throughout the day. With the anticipated recovery of Carlos Rodrigues and the maturation and subsequent graduation of ‘B’ Class riders such as Carey Griffith and Ricardo Fagundes, Guyana looks dauntingly formidable in this department. All in all this year should be a positive one for Guyana in motor racing and the recapture of the coveted Caribbean title should be the culmination of such.

Page 21

CARIFTA athletes impress at 3rd developmental meet By Juanita Hooper Guyana’s CARIFTA athletes impressed on the track Sunday when they proved their worth for a third time after the AAG CARIFTA trials at the Upper Demerara School Track Club Developmental Meet on the 300m perimeter ground at the McKenzie Sports Club, Linden. Running Brave Athletic Track Club athlete, Stephan James clocked 47 seconds in the Men 400m to leave Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Patrick King and Police Progressive Youth Club’s (PPYC) Shawn Semple in second and third in 48.3 second and 48.6 seconds respectively. James, a South American Junior bronze medalist, who clocked 49.5 seconds at the CARIFTA trials, easily clocked 47 seconds after taking charge of the race from the final 150m mark on the track. The Women 400m saw CARIFTA team athlete Shamaine Daniels clocking 59.8 seconds to settle for third place, Natricia Hooper 58.2 seconds (first) and Tiffany Smith (second) 59 seconds earned the two top positions. Letitia Myles was equally impressive in the 200m after outclassing the field to clock 24.3 seconds ahead of PPYC Shannon Thornhill (25 seconds) and Nadine Rodrigues (25.3 seconds). Alita Moore took the Women’s 100m in 12.2 seconds after Myles was left in the blocks, Shaquane Daniels’ 12.7 seconds was second and Snaska Rogers’ 12.9 seconds was third. The short little merging bullet, Tevin Garraway, bolted to a personal best time of 21.3 seconds in the 200m Men’s event despite crossing the line second to GDF Akeem Stuart (21.1 seconds) who also ran a personal best time. Chavez Ageday comfortably bolted away with the Men’s 100m in 10.4 seconds leaving James and Linden’s Winston Caesar to battle for the other two top positions. James, the quartermile athlete clocked 10.7 seconds while Caesar finished third in 10.8 seconds. Samuel Caiton and Andrea Foster, were steaming cookers in the distance events when they displayed their athletic talent. Caiton defeated Nathaniel ‘Brother’ Giddings for the second consecutive time for the year in the 5000m in a superb 16:18.0 seconds. No other athlete clocked under the 17 minutes barrier, Giddings was second in 17:18.8 seconds, while Winston Missigher was third in 17:22.9 seconds.

Kevin Bayley Foster took a double win in the 800m and 1500m against her rivals. The 800m was a battlefield when Foster and Adama Roberts clashed but the strong young Foster (2:20.4 seconds) claimed the race when she took charge, sprinting to the finish line to leave Roberts behind in 2:21.9 seconds. Janella Jonas was third in 2:27.0 seconds. Roberts 5:13.8 seconds was no match for Foster’s 4:54.5 minutes in the 1500m. Foster long strides allowed her to easily separate the girls as she sprinted home on the back stretch, Cassie George who was second in 4:56.7 seconds, was the only female along the Foster to run under the 5 minutes barrier. PPYC athlete Kevin Bayley repeated his outstanding performance on the track in the middle distance events when he made his second appearance in competition to outclass his opponents. Bayley displayed his ability in both the Men’s 800m and 1500m as he showed he was a force to be reckoned with after alienating the field in times of 1:55.8 seconds and 4:11.9 seconds respectively. Devon ‘Scooby’ Barrington 1:58.5 seconds and Carlton Halley 2:02.2 seconds were second and third in the 800m, while Tyshon Bentick (4:15.2 seconds) and Winston Missigher (4:17.9 seconds) were second and third respectively in the 1500m. CARIFTA athlete Timothy Fullington threw 11m32cm in Men’s Shot Put to settle for third as PPYC’s Julio Sinclair and Cordell English took first and second place with throws of 14m94cm and 11m76cm. Natasha Alder took the Women’s version in 11m56cm. Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) gold medalist Troy Lewis won the Men’s Javelin with a best throw of 56m15cm, while Alder won the Women’s in 30m32cm. English came second with 49m40cm ahead of Delon Young’s 44m63cm throw. GDF Phillycia Burke (29m80cm) and PPYC Stacey Wilson (26m93cm) were

Chavez Ageday

Letita Myles second and third in the Women Javelin. University of Guyana student, Lawanda Whaul, who won gold at the 2012 Barbados Rely Fair with a 29m96cm throw, sailed the Discus to 30m05cm in the Women category ahead of Burke 29m19cm. Sinclair took the Men’s Discus easily with a best throw of 50m44cm ahead of Lewis’ 41m64cm throw. PPYC girls repeated their clean sweeps in the Women’s Long and Triple Jump when Juanita Hooper, Alita Moore, Marica Isaacs, Tracey Moses, Cindy Fraser, and Iesha Parris registered their distances in pit. Hooper leaped away with the Women’s Triple Jump with best jump of 10m12cm, Tracey Moses and IGG High Jump bronze medalist, Marica Isaacs jumped distances of 9m52cm and 9m50cm to claim second and third place respectively. Alita Moore took the long jump with a distance of 5m03cm as Moses and Hooper battled for second and third. Moses 4m97cm leap narrowly edged out Hooper’s leap of 4m96cm for second place. Leon Bishop, who was second at the last Developmental Meet at the Guyana Defence Force ground, sprung to 6m89cm to claim the Men’s Long Jump ahead of Linden’s Parris Cadogan (6m75cm) and Winston Caesar (6m72cm). Winston and Parris leaped away with the Men’s Triple Jump with distances of 14m51cm and 13m63cm.

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Tuesday April 03, 2012

GFF Super Amelia’s Ward beat Victoria Kings 2-0; League 2012... Buxton 0 Milerock 0; Den Amstel 0 Rosignol 0 Amelia’s Ward United recorded the lone win in the latest round of play in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Super League sponsored by FIFA under the Win in CONCACAF with CONCACAF Initiative. The other two matches ended in exciting draws, Milerock were held to a 1-1 draw by the much improved Buxton United, while home team Rosignol United were held by the visiting Den Amstel 2-2 in an exciting encounter. Playing in the first game of a double header at the BV Ground, Buxton United showed great resolve when they took the lead against Milerock in the 38th minute compliments of a Jamaal Booker goal. The home team was able

to hold the advantage until the 66th minute when Milerock struck back through Dishawn Joseph. Buxton did not help their cause in search of an upset win as they missed a first half penalty. In the afternoon’s feature game, Amelia’s Ward United thumped Victoria Kings 2-0, Matthew White rocked the nets in the 30th minute, while goalkeeper Odel Allicock performed the final rights from the penalty spot in the 54th minute. Up at the Blairmont Community Centre Ground, West Coast Berbice, the home team had to come from behind twice to share the spoils with a rampant Den Amstel, debutants at this level. Den Amstel’s Gideon Payne it was who sent his side into the lead in just the 5th minute of play. The home

Gideon Payne team had to quickly compose themselves and hit back 22 minutes on much to the delight of their fans. Den Amstel however, came with a plan and that they worked, regaining the lead in the 73rd minute through a Rondel Hutson goal. With the minutes ticking away, the visitors were sensing an upset win but the

tension and pressure was building on the home team to pull one out of the bag; and that they did with one minute to full time when Delbert Wilson tucked in the equaliser. Competition will continue with three more games at two venues this Sunday. At the BV Ground in the lone game from 15:45hrs, Victoria Kings will entertain Milerock. Super League action makes a return to the Mecca of football in the city, the GFC Ground where Pele and Amelia’s Ward United will face off in the first of a double header from 18:00hrs with the main event bringing together defending champions and current leaders Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United and BK International Western Tigers in a game that is expected to be a humdinger of a clash.

Guyana seems to be on a mission to recapture C/bean title - Sunday’s Meet gave early indications By Rawle Welch After meekly relinquishing the Caribbean crown to Barbados last year, Guyana seems to be on mission to recapture the title judging from the encouraging performances that were witnessed on Sunday when the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) held its ‘Race of Champions’ Meet, at the impressive South Dakota Circuit. Every category that was contested saw some frenetic battles and even though the nerve tingling showdown in the Group 4 Division had the fair-sized crowd on the edge of their seats and bracing every part of the fenced facility, no one could dispute the fact that the other smaller categories also had their fair

share of excitement. However, perhaps the most positive development apart from the fact that the Group 4 has once again come alive and is now fully subscribed, the mere fact that former champion Mark Vieira is back in the seat in his imposing Mazda RX8 should be welcome news to the fans and more importantly lend credible evidence that once he manages to keep it in tip top condition, the rest of the Caribbean will be in a serious dogfight to deny Guyana the regional crown. Vieira’s performance barring the first race when he suffered an electrical malfunction was not only uplifting, but scary as he wormed through the field in an impressive display that will

Group 4 champion Mark Vieira (fourth right back row) poses with his family and Team in the pits yesterday.

Joel Neblett

surely send fits of fright to Jamaicans David Summerbell Jnr and Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, while as fast as Roger Mayers’ Ford Focus may be, the skill and mastery of the local speedster was on show and all Guyana must be relieved that we have an excellent chance of regaining

the title this year. When you add the likes of Andrew King, who was unavoidably absent, the ever improving Mazda RX7 of Paul Vieira, Ryan Rahaman, who though he had told this newspaper that the car is still some way off its peak, looked pacy. Add Vishok Persaud, Kevin Jeffrey, Rupie Shewjattan, Danny Persaud and Irfaan Kalamadeen to the fray, halting Guyana’s march to victory will take some stopping. Persaud and Kalamadeen have been the two finds in the division, especially the former, who drove courageously to battle his more established counterparts tooth and nail throughout the day and it certainly seems that with a little more exposure in the Group he could be a difficult proposition for anyone. The Group 2A and B categories also had some close battles and even though Suriname’s Oliver Tjin-LiepShie dominated with two wins (Continued on page 21)

Pacesetters topples Ravens in top-of-thetable showdown - floodgate wide-open as GABA League intensifies

Travis Burnett By Edison Jefford Ravens and Pacesetters produced a quality basketball game befitting a duel between the two best clubs in Georgetown with Pacesetters prevailing in the last five minutes to secure the crucial win that kept their hope of topping the Georgetown League alive. Pacesetters suffered an upset the night before against a reformed Bounty Colts team, and needed to win against the top-ranked Ravens to ensure that they are still in the reckoning in Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) Division I League. When it mattered, as it did against Ravens, the new-look Pacesetters came up with a performance that local basketball had missed for a long time; Pacesetters prevailed 75-70 after the preceding quarters of what is always a grudge contest swung in both directions. Veteran shooting guard, Naylon Loncke was clinical for Pacesetters on a court he knows like his palms. Loncke scored 25 points with point guard, Travis Burnett adding 14 points; guard, Steffon Gillis and forward Royston Siland had 10 points each. Akeem Kanhai scored 19 points for Ravens as Jermaine Slater added 16 points and Ryan Gullen 11 points. The defeat was the first for Ravens in the League, and could decide how they finish in what is expected to be a threemonth long competition. Unusually, Burnett, who Pacesetters Coach, Robert Cadogan, likes to give license to manage the team’s offense, was subdued against Ravens; he is a natural scorer, but Burnett played within his defensive limitations to support Loncke, who was on fire. Ravens got the best offensive start with the young combination of Kanhai, Slater and Gullen into their best game from jump-ball. The topranked Ravens jumped out to

Naylon Loncke

Steffon Gillis a 19-16 points’ lead at the end of the first quarter, but had an offensive meltdown in the second. Pacesetters upped their defensive tempo on their home-court, and literally shutdown the Ravens offense. The free-scoring in the initial period ended as Ravens only managed to score nine points in the second period, succumbing to Pacesetters’ excellent transition basketball. Pacesetters took a 10-point 38-28 points lead at halftime. The second half produced an even contest as both teams showed why they are among the best in the country. Ravens recovered from what can be called an offensive slump to dominate the third quarter and regain the lead. Ravens Coach, Darcel Harris opted for man-to-man defence in the penultimate period of normal time and it brought them back in the game. Ravens led 55-52 with Rudy James and Gullen doing an excellent job on the defensive end and Kanhai producing the points. However, Pacesetters went to their most senior player, Loncke, who kept knocking down the big shots, in the final period with Burnett contented with distributing the ball. It was a good indicator of what can be expected when the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) finally decide to host the longoverdue national final between these two teams.

Tuesday April 03, 2012

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Linden’s Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ thrills hundreds on opening night


e g i o n a l Chairman for Region 10, Kuice Sharma Solomon believes that the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ football tournament is ideal to help develop the community with the 2012 Linden Edition of the competition thrilling hundreds on its opening night. Solomon was speaking at the opening ceremony for the competition Sunday night on the tarmac adjacent to the McKenzie Municipal Market. He said that the tournament encourages businesses in Linden as was evident when it was first held there last year. “I think this Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ gives us a good impression of what Banks intend to do with this community in terms of community development. This can be classified as sportsentertainment, which is needed for economic stimulation and generation within our community,” Solomon told a large gathering. “I could remember last year when this tournament was held, we saw small businesses popping up in various communities. This

- Regional Chairman says event necessary for community development type of event will continue to promote such activity where persons can become entrepreneurs,” he continued, thanking Banks DIH for investing in Linden through a popular sport. Solomon indicated that he hopes that the event will remain in Linden as Banks has recognised, as a corporate entity, that they have a duty to return to the community what they would have earned over the years. He encouraged teams to display high levels of discipline. B a n k s D I H Communications Manager, Troy Peters said that the tournament is a “wonderful” one and Linden will be treated to quality football over the next few weeks. He said that he anticipates fair competition while encouraging fans to support the activity. “I know that one million dollars will be up for grabs with 32 teams competing for the prizes. We wish you well on behalf of Banks DIH Limited and the Guinness family. I know Linden will be hyped over the coming

Briso Promotions and GABA team up for amateur card at Linden Seon Bristol and his Briso Promotions Group has teamed up with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) to stage an amateur boxing card at Linden, which will be part of their Town Week activities on April 30. The open air event will be staged at the Car Park in the Mining Town and will feature 12 fights involving the cream of the country’s amateur boxers including several from Linden. The boxers hunting Olympic glory will also feature, led by Imran ‘Magic’ Khan. This card will be welcomed by the fans at Linden as the top amateur fighters display their skills. The Linden representatives will get the backing from the home crowd, but eyes will be on the Olympic hopefuls. Four boxers and two officials will make the journey a few days (May 2)

Imran Khan later for the Olympic box off set for Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Khan is a certain pick for the box off after one of the conditions made with AIBA, the international governing body for his training stint in Cardiff, Wales, was that he is one of the fighters selected for the box off. Keen competition is anticipated.

weeks,” Peters said. Meanwhile, when the competition got underway, some of the teams that made early predictions managed to fulfil them when play in this year’s Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football opened before a capacity crowd at the Wisroc/Wismar bus park. In the first game, The Amazing beat Constab Warriors 7-1. Scoring for the winners were: Andre Phillips 9th, 12th and 17th minutes, Jermin Fordyce 5th and 17th minutes, Travis Leitch 17th and 19th minutes and for Constab Warriors, Jose McKenzie 8th minute. In Game 2, Top Class and Mini Bus played to a 2-2 draw. Top Class goal scorers: Bryan Joseph 4th minute and Bunny H amilton 12th minute and for Mini Bus Godfrey Johnson 2nd minute and Johnny Fredricks 15th minute. In Game 3, Classic Six ed g ed P o k er b u rg 1 - 0 . Scoring for Classic Six was Romel Mathews, who netted in the13th minute.

Part of the action in the Linden Guinness in the Street football tournament at Wismar, Wisroc Bus Park on Sunday. In Game 4, Wisroc and Goal Getters drew 3-3. For Wisroc, Orande Wills tucked in a hat-trick in the 13th, 18th and 19th minutes. Goal Getters got their goals off the boots of R. Summer 5th, K. Bristol 17th and A. Moore 18th minute. In Game 5, the Star Boyz and Pepper Skull clash ended 1-1. Jermin Granderson 6th minute strike gave Star Boyz the lead, before Romel Pickering levelled for Pepper Skull. In Game 6, Sheriff Squad beat Ripping Bullets 2-1.

Quacy Johnson 1st minute and Collie Hercules 14th minute netted for Sheriff Squad, while Shawn Seaforth responded for Ripping Bullets in the 13th minute. In Game 7, Attackers and Eagles drew1-1. Fitzroy Chin’s 2nd min strike handed Attackers the ascendancy, but Delon McAllister 13th minute effort levelled the score. In Game 8, Amelia’s Wa r d R u s s i a n s b e a t Speightland 2-1. Shaun Daniels 11th and Travis Waterton 14th minute were

the marksmen for Amelia’s Ward Russians, while Alwin Creighton 4th minute goal was not enough to stave off defeat. The competition continues tonight at the Silvercity Hard Court with the following games: Exodus vs. Coomacka United; Eldorado vs. $100 C a r ; Wa s h B o y z v s . Cherokee Park; South Stars vs. Rough and Rugged; Retrieve Unknowns vs. Barsenal; Street Vybz vs. High Stars; Hard Knocks vs. Trainline Warriors; ½ Mile/1Mile vs. Scheme.

t r o Sp Bounty One-Day Hockey Challenge...

Pepsi Hikers, Bokra claim titles

The victorious Bokra Ladies pose with their Coach Damien Woodroffe following the completion of the presentation ceremony on Sunday.


he Pepsi Hikers reversed an earlier defeat at the hands of arch-rivals GCC to pull off a 1-0 victory in the men’s final of the Bounty One-Day Hockey Challenge which was played on Sunday, at the National Stadium. In the female segment, Bokra grabbed the title after defeating Flora GCC 3-1 on penalty flicks after regulation ended in a 0-0 stalemate. In the men’s final, the competitive rivalry could be felt from the opening whistle as both teams seemed determined to claim the victory. Speedy forward Robert France of the Pepsi Hikers made several early forays in the GCC defensive area, but was met with equal pace and firm tackling from GCC central defender Dwayne Scott. It was veteran GCC midfielder Alan Fernandes, who created the first major threat on the Hikers goal with a scorching shot from the top of the circle which was deflected over the top bar to the roar of the spectators. As the game approached its ninth minute, Hikers strung together a quick build-up through the left that caught the GCC defence struggling to adjust and left an unmarked France on the far post for the tip in. With the score at 1-0, Hikers adjusted by falling back to protect their lead around their already secure defence marshalled by Jerazeno Bell. The skilful GCC midfielders, Kevin Spencer, Orland (Continued on page 20)

A representative of Digicel presents the winning Digicel trophy to Sherifa Shariff for Swing East win in the race for Four year old horses.

Men’s champions Pepsi Hikers pose for a photo op shortly after being presented with their prizes.

Damascus Dream Pg 21 creates big upset at Norman Singh Guyana Cup Fever Race meet As Shariff stable roast opponents in incident filled event

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