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Winter 2017

Supervisor’s Update Todd D. Campbell

THE INSIDE NEWS Town Supervisor................... 1 Highway Superintendent..................... 2 West Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Dept............. 3 Millers Corners Cemetery.............................. 4 Fire Marshal/ Building Inspector................ 4 Lima Legion......................... 5 West Bloomfield Historical Society................. 5 Town Historian.................6-7 Ionia Vol. Fire Dept. ............ 7 The Ionia-Oklahoma Connection........................... 8 Wild Hill Farm.................... 9 Ionia Women’s Club........... 10 West Bloomfield Congregational Church......... 10 Bloomfield Rotary.............. 10 Bloomfield Lions Club....... 11 Bloomfield Public Library..................... 11 North Bloomfield Cemetery............................ 12 North Bloomfield Community Association..... 12 Allens Hill Free Library..... 13 Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts....14-15 Ionia United Methodist Church.............. 15 Community Happenings.... 16 Town Information.............. 16 Help Wanted...................... 16

Happy 2017! I am looking forward to serving another year as your Town Supervisor. The Town Board has several areas of focus for this year, but I believe our primary focus will be to finalize our discussions on the Town Hall and present a clear plan to you, our residents, on how we will be moving forward. I will again be working with several groups of RIT students who are using the Town Hall project as the basis for their Capstone (final) project. My involvement helps the students, but also provides some alternatives to the Board and keeps us current with building pricing, etc. as we continue to evaluate all of our options. The Town Board spent several months on the budget—looking at all alternatives to effectively run the town without spending any of our existing fund balance, to continue to build our reserves, with only a minimal increase in taxes. We have created a solid foundation for our future plans and to continue to provide the levels of service that you, as residents, deserve from the Town. We have made some changes here at the Town Hall to better prepare ourselves for the future, and continue to look at ways to make our current location more effective—while we continue to work on our plans for what the next Town Hall and/or Highway Garage will be. Please let me know (send me an e-mail or letter) if you have any thoughts on the issue. I have been assigned to the following committees at the County level for the coming year: Ways & Means, and Public Safety. The County Board of Supervisors has created a new committee structure, with fewer total committees, to benefit the Supervisors and the County staff that we work with. I am also leading a commission that is evaluating ways to help reduce the population in the County Jail and make more resources available to county residents. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions regarding the County, or if there is something that I may be able to provide some assistance or guidance on. Remember, we are always looking for residents to assist us (please see the announcement elsewhere in this edition) on our Boards and also for potential committees. We currently have vacancies on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board--the best way to get involved is to submit your name and interests (I am collecting e-mail addresses for updates, please send me yours if you would like to be included.). Thank you to everyone who has attended our Town Board meetings over the last couple of months—your feedback is important to me and the Board as we work on the Town’s business. My door is open when I am in the office - stop in and visit if you have the chance. I can be reached at my office (585) 624-2461, via e-mail, and also on Twitter and Facebook.

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT ON HOW THE TOWN MANAGES WINTER SNOW AND ICE ACTIVITIES: • We constantly monitor weather forecasts and are enrolled in weather alert services. • When ice and or snow conditions are predicted we may apply salt to our roads as a preemptive application. When the ice or snow does come we are one step ahead of it. Please note, however, we will not always do this salt application - it's based on the forecast and road conditions before and after the event. • When it does snow we will plow and salt when the center line of the road is covered. This is an effective practice followed by most towns because we are removing the snow, putting down the salt to melt what little bit of snow that is left, and having salt there for any more snow that would come. Know, too, that some snow events are such that we cannot keep up with the snow that does fall. • Before, during, and after an event our Highway Superintendent patrols the roads with a pickup truck to monitor the conditions of the road and to decide the actions to be taken to make the roads safe. • At times we have high wind events with minimal or no snow but the wind blows the snow from the fields and driveways into the road in sporadic location throughout the town. Depending on the wind direction, the locations of these blow outs change. For this type of event our Highway Superintendent will patrol the roads and make a list of the roads that need attention and give that list to one or two plow guys to plow and salt those areas. Please note, too, that we hardly ever get an ice or snow event that has the same effect on the entire town. For example, 90% of the time the Ionia area gets more snow than the rest of the town but we cannot predict what roads will get what or how much, so 99% of the time our Highway Superintendent will have the “gang” travel all the roads we are responsible for and take care of whatever conditions are there.

Highway Superintendent’s Update Jim Powers From your Highway Team, we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a wonderful new year. With the New Year come our plans for improving and maintaining our roads. The plan for this year is to build up Cox Road from 5&20 north just past the driveway into the new, very large, cow barn on the west side of the road at the Bonna Terra Farm. I had mentioned this project in the last edition of the Community Focus. This improvement is needed to allow for the increased heavy traffic on this portion of the road. We are also planning on continuing our upgrades on Wesley Road. The plan is to oil & stone the portion of the road we resurfaced last year and continue resurfacing from where we stopped last year (past Taft Road to the west) and later oil and stone that. For our regular oil and stoning, we plan on doing Allen’s Hill Road, N, LeFevre Road, S, Aman Road, N, Daylight Drive, and House Road. Of course in doing the above mentioned projects we will be utilizing highway people and machinery from neighboring towns, as we will be assisting them with their projects. In the majority of my articles I usually mention the fact that the highway departments in Ontario County share resources as a way of keeping costs down, which equates to better managed taxes. It concerns me when elected officials in Albany say that local governments are the drivers of higher taxes and need to share resources - when in fact we have been doing this for years and it’s how we operate. This upcoming March about 500+ Highway Superintendents and I will be traveling to Albany to solicit our Senate and Assembly representatives for additional CHIP’s monies. We do this annually and, in the past, it has been effective because last year they established a new program called PaveNY which gave West Bloomfield an additional $15,000.00 towards improving our roads. This money did go into the projects we did last year, which of course meant we did a bit more work than we planned for. So, our time in Albany has produced very good results and I hope we can continue that. Upgrades for our fleet this year will be the replacement of our one ton truck, pick-up truck and our annual upgrade for the loader. A couple of safe driving tips/reminders: be aware of what other drivers around you are doing and expect the unexpected. Assume other motorists will do something crazy, and always be prepared to avoid it. If you have any questions or concerns concerning highway matters, please feel free to contact me at – email: or office: (585) 624-2900.


West Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. John MacKenzie, President It looks like our weather is very confused this year, temperatures up and down, and limited snowfall, (UP TO THIS POINT!) Hopefully the weather will continue to be mild. With this weather pattern, I hope everyone has had the chance to clean their chimneys and check all your home smoke, fire and CO2 detectors for new and proper battery installations. Please remember, no matter what, if your detectors go off, meaning a steady alert, call 9-1-1 to have your local fire department come and check where the problem is. If any of the detectors are emitting just a small chirp, check and install new batteries. But always remember, we are just a phone call away to help you with these conditions. If you are not sure what the problem is, be safe, call 9-1-1. As the snow and cold shows itself for the year, make sure you have a snow brush, extra gloves, maybe a blanket and some extra warm clothes in your vehicle in case of emergencies. A couple other items you may stick in your glove box (or any place in the vehicle) are “space blankets” and a few of the hand warmer packs that may be purchased at most any store around the area. They both come in very small packages and can be stored almost anywhere without a problem and they can be a very valuable item if you are stranded or stuck in snowy cold conditions. Also, always make sure that you clean your vehicle completely before venturing out - this includes all windows, front and rear signal, head and taillights; the more you keep your vehicle clear of snow, the more visible you will be to other traffic. Please remember the “Move over law” which now includes blue lights for firefighters, green lights for ambulance and EMS providers, amber lights for emergency workers, and red and white lights for police and emergency vehicles is in effect. Recently we have had a few calls that have been roadside involving motor vehicle accidents. Please remember if you approach a scene where blue, or red lights or a firefighter is directing traffic, slow down and obey all commands of the firefighter or traffic coordinator. It is dangerous enough for us to do our jobs correctly, without having to jump out of the way of a car skidding across the highway at the last minute because they weren’t paying attention to all the flashing lights, road flares and firefighters dressed in safety gear and reflective vests. YES, this has happened in the past and it is very scary to the people trying to do their jobs.

We are always looking for new members! We supply all protective equipment, training and answer any questions you may have. We are available any Monday evening at 7:00 pm usually at the Firehouse or around town doing training classes or truck checks. In December, we held our annual elections and the following Officers were elected for 2017: LINE OFFICERS Chief – (280) – Justin Dean 1st Asst. Chief – (2801) – Robert Junot 2nd Asst. Chief – (2802) – Gary John Lewis Captain – (2803) – Robert Wallace 1st Lieut. – Phil Barbeau 2nd Lieut. – Tom McGeary CIVIL OFFICERS President – John MacKenzie Vice President – Ron Sage Adjutant – Robert Wallace Treasurer – Terri Wallace BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Junot Bob Wallace Gary John Lewis BOARD OF DIRECTOR/AUDITORS: John MacKenzie Ron Sage FIRE CHAPLAIN: Bob Wallace FIRE POLICE CAPTAIN: Terri Wallace SAFETY OFFICER: Bob Wallace STEWARDS: Ron Smith John MacKenzie

The West Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Department would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to all the residents of our beautiful town for your continued support with our annual Fund Drive. A few return envelopes are still coming in and we are grateful for the continued support from everyone. Winter 2017


Fire Marshal / Building Inspector Joel Richter

2017 “Spring Burn Ban” The Department of Environmental Conservation “Spring Residential Burn Ban” will be in effect from March 16th to May 14th in all areas of New York State. The DEC may extend the ban longer based on weather conditions. Open burning in the spring is the single greatest cause of wildfires in New York. Since being enacted in 2009, the residential burn ban has been effective in reducing wildfires and protecting people, property and natural resources during the high-risk fire season. Open burning of debris is the largest, single cause of spring wildfires. When temperatures are warmer and the past fall’s debris and leaves dry out, wildfires will start and spread easily and be further fueled by winds and a lack of green vegetation. Prohibited at all times during the year:

1. Burning pesticides, plastics or other non-organic material is prohibited.

2. Burning garbage, household trash and leaves in barrels, wood stoves, fireplaces and outdoor wood boilers is also prohibited.

Burning of household trash, plastics and other nonorganic material releases dangerous chemicals into the air all of us breathe. Dangerous chemicals include arsenic, carbon monoxide, benzene, styrene, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide and dioxin, among others. Contact the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation at (585) 226-2466 or via email at contact@ for further information. Be safe this spring. Please feel free to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office, located in the Town Hall at 2560 County Road 37, (585) 624-2942 or

Millers Corners Cemetery Wayne Parrish It has recently come to our attention that many people do not understand how public cemeteries are funded. The Millers Corners Cemetery is a public cemetery. Here is a brief explanation: New York State Department of State has a Cemetery Division that oversees the rules and guidelines for the operation of all public cemeteries in the state. These rules and guidelines are extensive and include such activities as periodically auditing the financial records of the cemeteries; inspection of cemeteries for proper upkeep of grounds, buildings, memorial stones and signage, etc; and approval of service and lot fees. Financially, two funds are required: A General Fund to pay for the operational expenses such as lawn mowing, painting, fence repair, etc. and a Permanent Maintenance fund that provides for the long-term care of the cemetery. The principal may not be touched for any purpose. Only the interest from this fund may be transferred to the General Fund. Income to the cemetery comes from four sources: One Sale of a lot, Two - an interment, Three - a donation, Four a bequest from a Will. By cemetery law a specific portion of a lot sale and an interment must be placed in the Permanent Maintenance Fund. Donations and bequests go into the fund designated by the donor or the bequest. Since interest rates dropped, our cemetery has been operating at a loss due to the small number of lot sales, interments, donations and bequests. We strongly encourage people to bequeath a portion of their estate to the cemetery and to designate the cemetery in the obituary as one of the places to submit donations when a loved one passes. There is currently a memorial fund established in memory of Anne Parrish. If you would like to donate to this fund, send a check to Millers Corners Cemetery, PO Box 52, Ionia, NY 14475. This fund was established to supplement the Permanent Maintenance Fund. SAVE THE DATE: The Annual Cemetery Meeting will be at 7 PM on the last Wednesday of March in the Ionia United Methodist Church hall. If you wish to purchase a lot, or schedule the installation of a monument, please contact the Superintendent, Larry Evans, at (585) 624-4993.


West Bloomfield Historical Society Sue Washburn, President

Lima Legion Frances M. Dalton, Post 282 Located at 2475 State Route 65, in the old West Bloomfield Union School. Beginning January 5th, the Sons of American Legion (SAL) will host "Wing Night" every Thursday through March from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. Eat in or carry out. Please call (585) 582-1024 for orders. Help us raise money to help Veterans! REGULAR MEETINGS: • Legion - 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 PM (excluding July & August) • Auxiliary - 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM (excluding July & August) • Sons of American Legion - 1st Sunday of each month at 12 Noon • Legion Riders - 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM If you or anyone you know would like to join the American Legion and/or the other organizations, stop in Tuesday - Friday after 3:00 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday after noon. Please check the sign out front for upcoming events!

Editor’s Note We would love to hear from anyone in the West Bloomfield community who has town information, happenings, or historical information to share. Please don’t hesitate to send your article submissions and photos! Submission dates are January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th; and all submissions can be emailed to me at kjbarker@ I look forward to hearing from you! Please check out the West Bloomfield Community Focus on Facebook – it’s a work in progress but it’s active. Please feel free to message any upcoming dates for posting to the page! SAVE THE DATE: Submissions due date for the next edition of the Focus is April 15, 2017! Winter 2017

We are busy planning for the 2017 season (April through December). Our museum will be open through mid-October and we invite you to visit. Watch our website, the Daily Messenger, the Genesee Valley Penny Saver, and the Focus for announcements of public programs. Our programs normally take place on the first Tuesday of the month at the museum building, 8966 Rt. 5 and 20. NEW THIS YEAR . . . We will also hold a monthly open house on the third Tuesday of the month. The open houses replace our weekly open hours and all are welcome to visit and browse on these evenings. Each open house will include something special. A community member may bring in a collection to display or demonstrate a skill like carving or needlework. It may be an evening of reminiscing with people who attended our one-room schoolhouses, a gathering of West Bloomfield businesses, or a reunion of those who worked at local restaurants. The possibilities are many and we would like to include you (no public speaking required). If you want to share a collection, a skill, or an idea for an open house, please contact Sue at or at (585) 657-7060. Of course, feel free to stop in at other times when we are having a work night or the historian is available on-site. You’ll see the “Museum Open” sign out front. You can also reach historian Pat Talley through our website or at (585) 703-8961. CLEANING OUT . . . If you are getting organized at home, don’t forget to save a few items for our annual Community Yard Sale in July. KIDS . . . Are you working on a project to benefit the West Bloomfield community through a group like Scouts, 4-H, your church or school? If so, you may apply to our new Youth Fund and be considered for a donation. To find out more, call Mike at (585) 624-7796. THE SOCIETY IS ALWAYS HAPPY TO WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. Dues are $12 individual, $10 senior individual (age 62+), $15 per family, $8 junior/student, $25 business, $100 lifetime. New members may send 2017 dues to WBHS, PO Box 173, West Bloomfield, NY 14585. Include full name(s), mailing address, phone, and email address if you have one. Questions? Contact Mary at (585) 657-7722. 5

Town Historian If anyone is interested in writing an article for a future issue of the Community Focus, or to request we cover a specific topic, please feel free to contact Pat Talley at

How the Ionia Women played a part in the 18th Amendment In going through some of my Grandmother's things I found the minutes of the Ionia W. C. T. U. or the “Women’s Christian Temperance Union.” My grandmother was Hazel Louisa White, the daughter of Waldo & Cora Parrish, the wife of Edwin E. White. She was born in 1895 in Ionia, married in 1917 and passed away in 1969. Her early relatives Bazye Baker, The Manns, The Griffiths, and the Isaac Parrishes were all early settlers of West Bloomfield Township. The 18th Amendment of the United States was certified on January 16, 1919, established as the prohibition of alcoholic beverages. It was declared that the production, transport and sale of alcohol were illegal. The Amendment was repealed in 1933, with the passing of the 21st Amendment. My Grandmother was Secretary of the Ionia W.C.T.U. These are the Minutes of their first meeting:

Ionia, December 6, 1913

held yesterday at the Methodist Church at Ionia, N.Y. The convention was called to order by the President Mrs. J.S.M. Mallette of Geneva, NY. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President Mrs. Janet S.M. Malette, Geneva; Vice President, Mrs. Jennie Trickey, Shortsville; recording secretary, Mrs. Maude White, Ionia; corresponding secretary, Miss Elizabeth Malette, Geneva; treasurer, Mrs. Mary Ingraham, Naples. After the election of officers the convention adjourned for lunch. In closing Mrs. Malette told the story effectively of David and Goliath and said, in substance, “We are a good deal like David; we have a giant to fight. We fight in our own way, as did David, but it is telling all over the world. All our departments tend toward the salvation of the home. Our giant is the liquor traffic. There is no one that the liquor men are more afraid of than us women. They know what the white ribbon means and know will soon be ‘down and out’ The next number on the program was one of the most interesting of the afternoon. Several girls, belonging to the Young Campaigners for Prohibition, marched on the platform with red pennants upon which was the motto “The Liquor Traffic Must Go” and wearing blue caps with the letters Y.C.P. It is interesting to note that 106 people were in the Church at one time, before the addition of Fellowship Hall. What would the fire inspector think? September 28, 1915 – Proceeds from the Flower Carnival and Baby show was $44.60 (see below).

Meeting at Mrs. Bailey’s called to order by Mrs. Ida Van Valkenburg. Mrs. Van Valkenburg gave a very interesting lecture on Temperance. After which a W.C.T.U. was organized with 12 members. Officers were elected as follows: Mrs. C.M. Johnson, Pres.; Mrs. Briggs, 1st Vice Pres.; Mrs. Prachel, 2md Vice Pres.; Mrs. Turvey, 3rd Vice Pres.; Miss Hazel Parrish, Secretary; Mrs. L.L. Pierce, Treasurer. Mrs. Johnson’s invitation for the next meeting to be held at her home was accepted. The meeting was adjourned. At the next meeting January 8, 1914 – 7 members present, 2 visitors present. The 23rd Psalm, followed by the “Lord’s Prayer”. Mrs. White (Maude) (C.R. White‘s wife) gave reading on the State Convention at New York. It was moved and seconded that the meetings be held every third Thursday of the month. Excerpts from the “Geneva Daily Times” August 27, 1914: - ANNUAL CONVENTION OF COUNTY W.C.T.U. – Interesting Meeting Held Yesterday at Methodist Church in Ionia –One Hundred and six Delegates Present. The thirty-eighth annual convention of the Ontario County Women’s Christian Temperance Union was 6

Ionia, March 15th 1917 – Meeting at the home of Mrs. Buckley’s called to order with President in chair. Scripture reading, followed by Mrs. Suttle in prayer. Sixteen members and five visitors present. After adjournment, a surprise shower was given to Secretary. (that would be my Grandmother, as soon she would be married.) Ionia, August 6, 1919 – Meeting held at the home of Mrs. Cora Parrish, called to order with seven members present. Motion made and seconded that the W.C.T.U. be discontinued. (This probably done as the 18th amendment was passed in January of 1919) Motion made and seconded that our treasurer draw the money we have on hand in the bank, and turn it over to the treasurer of the board of Trustee of the Church, stating that the money $33.62 should be used at such time as they were kalsomining (in other words using lime and water to whitewash walls and ceilings) the interior of the Ionia M. E. Church. Some of the women who attended from Ionia were Mrs. Oscar Bailey, Mrs. Ira Baldwin, Mrs. May Briggs, Mrs. Harry & Mrs. O. M. Dibble, Mrs. Minnie & Miss Esther Johnson, Miss Hazel & Mrs. Waldo G. Parrish, Mrs. L.L. Pierce, Miss Lillian, Miss Mary & Mrs. George Suttle, Mrs. Turvey, Mrs. Washburn, Mrs. C.R. White, Mrs. R. L. Wood, Mrs. Ed, Mrs. Lester &Mrs. Ida Bennett, Mrs. John Buckley, Mrs. Lottie Conklin, Mrs. Sybil Cook, Mrs. Wm. Tooley, Mrs. Jacob Heech, Miss Reita & Mrs. Wm. Skilton, Miss Amelia Smith, Mrs. L. Evans, Mrs. Charles Claflin, Mrs. Nina Sheehan, Miss Francis Edwards, and Miss Mary J. Taylor.

Welcome to West Bloomfield! Moving to a new home is an exciting and stressful experience. It takes some time to become acclimated to a new town. If you are new to West Bloomfield, or have a neighbor that is new to our town, please call Leslie Giering, (585) 624-3622, Judy Del Vecchio (585) 624-9772, or Sue Linder (585) 657-4715. We have some information that may be helpful to our most welcome newcomers. West Bloomfield is a town of just over 2,500 people. Like all towns there are many jobs that rely on citizen volunteers. Because of our size, your contribution can make a big difference. Won’t you consider a position on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board or Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee? If you have questions ask any Town Board Member or feel free to call the Supervisor. Letters of interest and resumes can be sent to the Town of West Bloomfield, PO Box 87, West Bloomfield, NY 14585. Winter 2017


Officers for 2017 are: Chief - Lynn Parrish 1st Assistant - Darrick Groet 2nd Assistant - Kevin Carey Captains - Doug Kostyk and Chris Ballet President - Randy O'Brien Vice President - Doug Kostyk Secretary - Cheryl O'Brien Treasurer - Dan Broadwell Chaplain - Tom Wickett Facilities - Gary Evans BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Wayne Parrish • Gary Evans Curt Barnes • Pete Miller • Doug Kostyk •

Our retired 1987 fire truck was finally sold to a fire department in Bennington, Oklahoma. They have six firefighters and the hamlet is smaller than Ionia. Two of their firefighters flew up here in January and drove it back to their home in Oklahoma. This truck will replace their 1966 fire truck. In light of their needs, we provided them with some additional equipment to go with the fire truck. •

Status of our firehouse as of January 15th: By the end of January, a mediation process is supposed to take place to determine the settlement of the old firehouse. As soon as an acceptable settlement is reached, the old firehouse will be demolished. Meanwhile the Building Committee is beginning work to design a new firehouse and get the required paperwork in place with the various Town boards so that construction can begin as soon as good weather breaks. 7

The Ionia-Oklahoma Connection By Kevin Carey, Asst. Chief, Ionia Vol. Fire Co. Chances are you’ve heard of the Sister Cities program. This program was developed in 1956 as a way to encourage world peace through citizen involvement and fellowship with other parts of the world. Rochester currently has 12 sister cities, and you can see flags for each of these along the Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Rochester. It’s quite a sight to see if you’re up that way. While there's no official program for fire departments that I am aware of, the Ionia Volunteer Fire Company now has a special connection with a department 1,363 miles away in Bennington, Oklahoma. We recently sold our 30year old fire truck to the Bennington, OK Volunteer Fire Department, and it is already in service there, serving this town of less than 400 residents. They have just six active firefighters in their department, and operate out of a very small building. As a general rule, fire trucks typically last 20- 25 years before they are ready for replacement, but through careful maintenance at Ionia, we have managed to stretch this out in many cases. Truck 1631 is a good example of this. It was a pumper-tanker built in 1986, with a 1,250 gallon water tank and 750 gallon-per-minute pump. It served our town very well, but we were able to include many of its features into our newest first-line engine, Truck 1633. As a result, it was time to retire the old truck, and we were delighted to find a department in true need. Chief Eddie Waley and firefighter Travis McIntyre of the Bennington, OK Fire Department flew into Rochester

and were picked up at the airport by Chief Lynn Parrish. We had a welcoming committee waiting for them at the Ionia fire station, as well as a pizza and Buffalo wings dinner, with dessert. They were very excited to see the truck in person and said it was even bigger and better looking than what they expected from the pictures. We went outside and gave them a brief orientation on running the pump and testing out all the equipment. We emptied the water tank and drained the pump to make it lighter for the long trip back to Oklahoma. Our “brothers and sisters” in Bennington, OK got in touch with us just a few days after placing the truck in service, and reported a very busy day with their new truck. They responded to four fires with it in just one day, and it performed perfectly each time. By the way, this truck replaces a 1966 model that they were using, and is by far their most capable piece of pumper apparatus. So, if you’re ever down in Oklahoma and see a truck that looks familiar from back home, you might just be on to something! The truck made the trip all the way from Ionia to Oklahoma with no problems. Bennington, OK is about 100 miles north of Dallas, TX. (Above image courtesy of Google Maps) To the left is Truck 1631 in action at a working structure fire in Oklahoma. It performed perfectly at this, and three other incidents they responded to that day. (Image courtesy of Bennington Vol. Fire Dept.)


Wild Hill Farm Erin Bullock

What’s “Community Supported Agriculture” All About? You might have heard about “CSA” but wondered what it actually is. Basically, it’s a way for people who eat to buy directly from people who grow food, without any middleman. Both sides benefit from this direct connection. Farmers have a dependable source of income, upfront in the spring, and the satisfaction of nourishing their neighbors. “Eaters” get delicious fresh food harvested weekly for them, like having their own garden but without all the work! They also get to know they are supporting small sustainable family farms in their community. There are over 7,000 CSA farms in the U.S., most of them growing vegetables, but some offering fruit, eggs, meat, dairy, and more. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Families or individuals join the farm in the spring as “CSA Members,” paying an upfront membership fee for the whole season. The farm then grows food for its members, who receive weekly “Shares” of the harvest. Often CSA farms grow a great diversity of produce, which helps to mitigate weather challenges. Members pledge to support the farm through whatever the season brings, being flexible with each week’s harvest. Sometimes a good tomato year is not a very good year for broccoli. Eating seasonally and being so connected to a farm gives us a more rich understanding of our relationship to the land that supports us. CSA farmers, like any good farmer, have a deep commitment to their community, as well as a sense of responsibility for taking care of the soil, water, air, and overall ecosystem of their farm. The difference is the commitment on the side of the “eater” to taking back their involvement in agriculture. It’s a delicious choice. Wild Hill Farm is a brand-new CSA program located on Elton Road in Ionia. 2016 was our first year, growing

A sample summer share! pesticide-free produce for over 100 local families. We grow over 30 different kinds of vegetables. There is no work requirement for members, however many choose to volunteer occasionally. Members pick up their weekly or biweekly veggie shares right on the farm, also getting the opportunity to U-Pick flowers, herbs, cherry tomatoes, and more. Our community potlucks and barn dances help keep the old traditions of agrarian life alive, in this era of fast-paced living and faceless social interactions and food choices. I like to say that it’s about more than just the vegetables -- it’s community. People who wish to improve their health by eating organic food find that joining a CSA works out to be a real bargain in the long run, too. Many farmers in the US will retire over the next few decades, so we need to invest in the next generation of people willing to grow food for a living, and food systems that work for everyone. CSA is a way to do this. I have mentored over a dozen beginning farm apprentices over the last 7 years, local twenty-somethings who want to learn how to grow organic vegetables for a living and give back to their community. It’s inspiring to see this movement grow. ABOUT ME: Before settling in Ionia, I rented land in Victor for 5 years, founding Mud Creek Farm CSA in 2009, which is still in operation. I also helped start the EquiCenter Farm in Mendon, a non-profit therapeutic horticulture program that helps Veterans learn how to grow healthy food for themselves and their community. I love living and farming in Ionia, and look forward to learning from my neighbors and giving back to my community.

Visitors are welcome at the farm anytime! 2176 Elton Rd., Bloomfield -- (Big grey barn and the "Wild Hill Farm" sign out front) Wild Hill Farm is accepting new members for 2017 - you can sign up online at or call (585) 455-1260. A free informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd at 6:30 at the Bloomfield Public Library. People often ask if we also do local farmers markets, and the answer is no, we market 100% through our CSA. Farmers that can do all their marketing over the winter can focus on growing the best food possible during the summer! Hope you consider joining us for a great adventure in fun, healthy, eating. Winter 2017


Ionia Women’s Club Mary Twardokus The Ionia Women’s Club welcomes all women living in the Ionia area to their meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month in a member’s home at 7 PM. This group began many decades ago (probably in the 1940’s) as a Home Bureau Cooperative Extension group. The basic purpose of the club has remained the same – to share friendships, homemaking skills, cooking and crafts, to keep abreast on the current trends, community action, and to give back to the community in the form of a scholarship each year. For information on joining in on the gatherings, call Kay Bennett, (585) 657-7483. Besides donating a scholarship to a graduating senior at Bloomfield High School each June, the group collects General Mills “box tops” for area schools, so if you have any to donate, give them to a club member. The group will meet on Wednesday, February 15th at the home of Erin Bullock to learn more about the Bloomfield Library. March 15th, the Rotary exchange student from Spain will talk about their homeland at the home of Meg Huff. In April, the Club will gather for their annual outing to dine at a local restaurant.

Bloomfield Rotary Patricia Overmoyer The Bloomfield Rotary Club meets most Monday mornings from 7:30-8:30 AM at Veterans Park in Bloomfield. The 4th week of every month we meet on Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM, instead of Monday morning. The general public is invited to all meetings, and new members are always welcome. The Bloomfield Rotary supports such causes as Camp Onseyawa (for youth with disabilities), ARC home, Serenity House, the Blessing Room food cupboard, Boy Scout Troop 55, American Heritage Girls Troop NY0024, Arbor Day trees, literacy programs, international exchange students, BCS students of the month, summer concerts in the park, international aid projects, BCS scholarships, BCS all-night grad party, and many more community needs.

West Bloomfield Congregational Church Sarah Williams • Service 10am. • Sunday School for kindergarten through 5th grade during service. • Middle school youth group (6th - 8th grade) meets during service on the 1st and 2nd Sunday. • High School youth group (9th -12th grade) meets 4th Sunday during service. • Adult Bible Study Monday at 6:30 pm. • Nursery care available. • Fellowship following service each week. West Bloomfield Congregational Church UCC will host a Chili & Soup Cook Off event on Saturday, February 25th at 6:30 PM. Come on out for a delicious chili and soup dinner, and entertainment by our talented youth band. Dinner served with salad, rolls and dessert. (Your FREE WILL offering is greatly appreciated and will go toward WBUCC missions and operations.) Do you have a winning recipe? Enter your soup or chili for $5. PRIZES for best soup or chili will be voted on by attendees. Contact Sarah Williams at to enter your soup or chili. Entertainment by the WBUCC youth band YB3 at 7:15 PM. ** The WBUCC Youth Group kids will also be collecting SPICES for the Cameron Ministries Food Pantry and the Food Pantry of Honeoye. (Think about it. People who rely on the food bank eat a lot of canned food, rice, oatmeal, white bread, etc. They love spices - seasoned salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, oregano, basil and so on.) West Bloomfield UCC is located at 9035 RTs 5 & 20 W. Bloomfield. We are wheelchair accessible. Find us on Facebook "West Bloomfield UCC,", (585) 624-1313 for more information.


Our knitting and needle craft group meets in the library on Fridays starting at 1:00 pm. All are welcome. Don’t forget to stop into the library and see the artwork on display. Every 6 weeks we feature the work of a different local artist!

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NEWS FROM THE BLOOMFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY We have a new website! Please visit us at to get up-to-date news and information about what is happening at the library. We have modified our story times. Please join Mrs. Miller on Tuesdays at 10:30am for “Stories and More,” a 30 minute story time with stories, songs and a craft, and on Thursdays at 10:30 am for “Simply Stories,” a 15 minutes story time with stories and songs. Please register by calling the library at (585) 657-6264, emailing the library at, or just join us! The Adult Book Club meets on the first Monday of every month at 2:30 pm to discuss a book the group members have chosen. All are welcome. Please call the library or check the website to find out what they are currently reading! Teen Club meets the first Thursday of every month at 2:45 pm. Join us for a snack and a book discussion. Call the library to find out what they are reading.

The Friends of the Bloomfield Public Library is a volunteer group that works in a variety of ways to support the library. They meet the second Monday of every month at 7:00 pm in the library. The more the merrier! Please plan to attend a meeting and see how you can help support the library! Support the Friends when you shop at… go to and select Friends of the Bloomfield Public Library as your charity and Amazon will make a donation to the Friends based on your order total! What an easy way to help the Friends help the Library!

Upcoming Programs: • Sleep Better, presentation by a sleep technician from Thompson Sleep Center. Date and time TBD. Call or check the website. • National Take Your Child to the Library Day. Saturday, February 4th • Chocolate Tasting for Valentine’s Day. Date and time TBD. Call or check the website. • AARP Safe Driver course. Coming in late March – call for more info • Annual Book and Bake Sale. May 4 – May 6th. • Chicken BBQ. May 6th

Library Hours Mondays & Wednesdays 2:30 PM – 8:00 PM Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00 AM – Noon 2:30 PM – 8:00 PM Friday 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM Saturday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Bloomfield Lions Club The Lions are currently looking for new members who want to volunteer their service to our community. If you are interested please contact Bob Knopf at (585) 919-7592. Our primary dedication is to helping the sight and hearing impaired, but all forms of community service are included in what we do. The Lions motto is…… Winter 2017


get yours today! They can be purchased from Community Association members or at the Memorial Day parade. Monies raised from this will be used towards our continuing maintenance of, and building improvements to, the Chapel.

North Bloomfield Community Association Doreen Haller Happy New Year! Welcome to our new neighbors we look forward to meeting you. We are continuing with our building enhancements in order to bring the Chapel to a sufficient level of sturdiness to have it last another 100+ years. This year’s project includes creating a more solid foundation in the back southwest corner of the building and painting or siding the building. If there are any Scouts looking for a community project, please consider donating your time to this historic building. It would be greatly appreciated. Contact Doreen Haller at (585) 732-7545 for information. Our first meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 PM at the Chapel (1924 State Route 65). We will be assessing the projects and creating a strategy for completion. Everyone is welcome to attend - your input is valued. Our second meeting will be on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:00 PM at the Chapel. We will be cleaning the Chapel for the Memorial Day Parade. Dues are $10 per family and are used for both building upkeep and paying the electric bill. Checks are payable to North Bloomfield Community Association and can be mailed/dropped off to Doreen Haller at 1891 State Route 65. We make every effort to keep everyone informed about our community. We can keep everyone informed on a timelier basis, up-to-date and our costs down if we have your email address. This list will not be sold or marketed to anyone other than for North Bloomfield Community Association business. Please send your email address to: Our notecards for the North Bloomfield area are still available for $5. You will get 6 cards/envelopes which are blank inside. These have been a big hit, so make sure you

It is important to remember that we are Town of West Bloomfield residents and that our town needs our support as much as we need theirs. It is easy to forget that we live in West Bloomfield as we have Honeoye Falls listed as both our mailing address and school district and is most likely, your shopping area. While we may enjoy the Honeoye Falls status, we have significantly lower taxes due to being in Ontario County. We have no representation or input into Honeoye Falls or Monroe County, but we have plenty of opportunities within our town and county. There are a number of volunteer and/ or elected board positions available and we need to have our area represented on these all of these boards. Please consider volunteering your valuable time. Visit the Town of West Bloomfield website for opportunities and contact information, or feel free to contact me. We thank the Town of West Bloomfield Highway Department for hanging our holiday banners and keeping our roads in great condition during the winter season. You spoil us! Thanks for a wonderful job! Remember to help our local fire departments this winter by cleaning out the fire hydrant closest to your home. Make sure that all snow around the hydrant is removed and the hydrant is visible. We all want the firemen to have easy access to the hydrants in the time of need.

North Bloomfield Cemetery Debbie Jahn

** REMINDER** Please keep your cemetery in mind when you are making out your wills. Death notices can be put in the paper with contributions directed to: The North Bloomfield Cemetery Assoc.


Allens Hill Free Library News Dorothy Graziano The Allens Hill Free Library, located at 3818 County Road 40, Bloomfield, had a December activity afternoon to give parents a chance to wrap presents or go shopping. Those in attendance had a wonderful time playing with Ozobots, making buttons, and doing crafts. Please stop by and meet our new library manager, Emily Pecora. We thank Debbie Bartell for her years of service to the library. Follow us on Facebook to see the new materials we have and the activities we have planned. Stop by Sundays 1:00 – 4:00 PM, Tuesdays 2:00 - 5:30 PM, Wednesdays 6:00 – 8:00 PM, Fridays 2:30 – 8:00 PM, and Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00 PM. Please let us know what materials you would like, any activities you would like at the library, or how we can help you. Check our website,, or call (585) 229-5636 for more information on our offerings!

Winter 2017


CUB SCOUTS / BOY SCOUTS Pack/Troop 56 News This year with the generosity of the community we collected and delivered almost 100 cartons of food, with each box weighing about 25 pounds. This is up from the past few years; we feel our mailers have finally been a benefit. While mailing the fliers costs us a few $$ it saves us volumes in time and fuel expense. Changes in the delivery and routing of the mail a few years ago put a “hitch in our giddy up” but we believe the bulk mail has helped us get the word out in time to our general community. In the event you do not get our flier, it is the same day each year, the second Saturday in November. Our Troop takes the month of August off and with the beginning of the school year we begin our season as well. This year we have been busy right out of the gate! You may have noticed a fresh new look at the West Bloomfield Pioneer cemetery, Life Scout Ian M has completed his Eagle Scout project sprucing the cemetery up. An Eagle Scout project is intended to be a leadership project. The Scout is not supposed to do each aspect of the project, but instead he is challenged to provide leadership and delegate an organized effort to accomplish something that may otherwise not have gotten done. To accomplish this he must put his thinking cap on and take time to consider a project that may benefit his community or a local group or organization. The project must not benefit the Scout or his Troop. Not all Scouts are destined to be leaders, and some Scouts who may not have been “ a born leader” still achieve the goals the Eagle Scout Project are intended to create. It is my hope as a Scout leader that every Scout has the opportunity to be an Eagle Scout. I would like to think the majority of our Eagle Scouts wanted to be Eagles because our program was fun and the atmosphere in our Troop provided what they needed to achieve their goal.

While writing this article, we have been working on our Klondike Derby sled in preparation for the 2017 Klondike Derby. Much like a camp-o-ree, the Derby is a three day event with snow! (we hope) We have the coolest sled around, with a custom built aluminum frame and a wider lower stance - when we go to Klondike Derby we are serious! Almost every year we work on the sled in preparation of the Derby, this year we made new supports for our skis (made them from steel with custom fit supports to accept axle shafts). Axle Shafts? Over the years we have learned we can’t always count on snow, and the sled gets difficult to drag around on the dirt. So we have a set of 4 wheelbarrow wheels we put on the sled so it will roll. In years past, many from our Troop have chosen to winter camp at the Klondike.

Thank You West Bloomfield! Each November our Cubs and Boy Scouts together “Scout for Food.” The past few years many receive our mailers and donate nonperishable food items. Our Scouts, leaders and parents organize and collect those donations, sort the food all out, then pack it all up in boxes for the trip to Friends In Service Here (the food cupboard in Honeoye Falls). Why does it go to FISH? I am too young to know how the relationship between Troop 56 & FISH came to be, but I do know that they distribute the food to needy folks here in West Bloomfield, Ionia and North Bloomfield - in addition to Honeoye Falls and Mendon. 14

Winter camping can be fun! However, yours truly has become a “winter lightweight” and I will only participate during the day. Now a heated cabin, that is something different. Most times when we do winter camp, it includes access to a safe haven. Remember, these are “Boy” Scouts. As leaders we need to think safety first. These days our society is quite fickle and the need for proper safety and supervision has never been more important. Years ago it was very common to “just go out and camp.” Our motto “Be Prepared” means just that, preparation. A proper plan with some thought to what we will be doing, where we will be going and what we may expect is all a part of “Being Prepared.” Now for some serious thoughts, with dwindling elementary school enrollment, parents who work two jobs and share responsibilities we have noticed our numbers getting smaller and smaller. Ten years ago we had a Scout Troop with more than 20 youths, these days our numbers are closer to 5 or 6 active Boy Scouts. While we anticipate three WEBELOS crossing over this year we are slowly losing the challenge to keep our Scout Troop healthy and active. Today, more than ever, we need to provide our youth with a way to meet the challenges of their future. Would you consider the Boy Scout and Cub Scout program for a young man in your family? Better yet, have you ever thought that your experiences and abilities may help mentor young people? Why not take an evening and come experience what we offer. Maybe you have interacted with one of our fine Troop 56 youths? Why not give a boy an opportunity of a lifetime? Where else can you find a program that teaches selfreliance, provides self-esteem and real skills that you will use the rest of your life, life-saving instruction and techniques, a moral code to guide you, citizenship; as well as community spirit and more! Please consider introducing your son or daughter to the Scouting program. With Cub Scouts for boys 5 years to 11, Boy Scouts for Boys 11 to 18 and Venture Scouts for boys and girls 14 to 21. These opportunities exist right here in West Bloomfield. Don’t be fooled by other towns when they pitch to sign you up to their Troop/Pack miles away from your home. Troop and Pack 56 are here right in your own town serving the hamlets of Ionia, North and West Bloomfield! Contact me at (585) 509-1350 for more information, or better yet come to one of our meetings any Tuesday night at 7 pm at Welch Hall located on County Road 37, just next to the Town Highway Department. Boy Scouts meet every Tuesday night at 7 pm at Welch Hall located next to the Town of West Bloomfield Highway department. Any boy from 11-17 is welcome to come and see what we are all about - parents and siblings are welcome as well. Winter 2017

Ionia United Methodist Church Mary Twardokus The Ionia United Methodist Church Sunday Worship is held at 9:00 AM at 2120 Elton Road with a “Coffee/Fellowship Time” held after the service. The first Sunday of each month, our church family holds a Pot-Luck Brunch after our worship service, with good food and fellowship. All are welcome to come, worship, and enjoy fellowship with us! A Nursery is provided for preschool children during the worship service every Sunday. Sunday morning DVD Bible Study with Ray Vander Laan is held each Sunday at 10:30AM. Other Bible Studies or Study Groups are held throughout the year on Wednesdays. On the 2nd Monday of each month, the church continues the mission of preparing & delivering dinner to the Veterans’ Club outreach house on Foster Street in Canandaigua. Our Food Cupboard continues to furnish food and holiday dinners to area people in need. Some of our members will be traveling to the Virginia coast after Easter to repair and/or rebuild after the hurricane damage there last year. Anyone interested in joining them should contact Rev Mary Rublee at (585) 497-7041 or at Visit our website for more information about our events, newsletters, calendars, history, and other information.

Mark our upcoming events on your calendar: • Ash Wednesday, March 1st service. • Easter Worship Service and Breakfast Sunday, April 16th. All are welcome to worship with us and come to the breakfast. • Rummage Sale in May - Save your “treasures” while cleaning out your attics and consider donating them to our sale. • Our Summer Socials will be held in June and July - hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, salads, & fruit desserts. • Fall Festival – Saturday, September 16th. • Holiday Fair Craft Show: Saturday, November 18th Applications will be available after July 1st on our website at 15



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COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS “Hands of Hope” Kitchen

Free noon meal every Wednesday at the East Bloomfield Firehouse.

HELP WANTED Town of West Bloomfield Notice is hereby given that the West Bloomfield Town Board is accepting applications for the following positions:

Zoning Board of Appeals Planning Board Interested parties should submit resume and/or letter of interest to the West Bloomfield Town Board, PO Box 87, West Bloomfield, NY 14585.

• Town Board Regular Meeting: 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 PM • Town Board Workshop: 4th Wednesday at 7:00 PM • Planning Board: 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 PM • Zoning Board: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM • Town Court: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays at 4:00 PM

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Monday 9:00 AM – Noon / 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Tuesday 9:00 AM – Noon / 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Wednesday 9:00 AM – Noon / 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Thursday 9:00 AM – Noon / 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM Friday 9:00 AM – Noon

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News Of The West Bloomfield Township 6735 County Road 30 Bloomfield, NY 14469


Permit No. 298 Rochester, NY

Deadline dates for articles are as follows:

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COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS “Hands of Hope” Kitchen

Free noon meal every Wednesday at the East Bloomfield Firehouse.

HELP WANTED Town of West Bloomfield Notice is hereby given that the West Bloomfield Town Board is accepting applications for the following positions:

Zoning Board of Appeals Planning Board Interested parties should submit resume and/or letter of interest to the West Bloomfield Town Board, PO Box 87, West Bloomfield, NY 14585.

• Town Board Regular Meeting: 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 PM • Town Board Workshop: 4th Wednesday at 7:00 PM • Planning Board: 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 PM • Zoning Board: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM • Town Court: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays at 4:00 PM

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Court Clerk Hours • Monday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM • Thursday 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM • Friday 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM • Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Wednesday afternoon • Building Inspector/Fire Marshal: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings **The above are "typical" hours however they may be out of the office performing reviews and/or inspections