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Announcing our new online shop for wedding invitations & more

Permit Permit #707 #43 Pittsford, NY Rochester, NY



Go to the Buffalo Bills Game in Style! Luxury sedan for two • $570.00 9am-6pm Pick up from your home to Bills Game


Parking fee tax & tip not included.

11/21 Bills vs Colts 12/6 Bills vs Patriots

SUV fits up to four passengers • $765.00 9am-6pm Pick up from your home to Bills Game

(Mon. Night Game)

Parking fee Tax & tip not included.

Active Living 50+ ____________________18

Offering an SUV for up to six passengers max • $865.00 9am-6pm Pick up form your home to Bills Game

1/2/22 Bills vs Falcons 1/9/22 Bills vs NY Jets

Parking fee tax & tip not included.

Let Quality Transportation be your designated driver to & from all Bills Games at Highmark Stadium.

Auctions & Antiques _____________________11

Quality Transportation

Body & Mind _____________________5

Call us today to reserve our vehicle & driver! (585) 455-8294 •

Classifieds ____________________25 Employment ____________________22 Garage Sales _____________________8 Give & Take ____________________12 Home Services ____________________13 Hometown Events ____________________10 Kidz Korner ____________________20 Pet Place _____________________6 Puzzle Answers ____________________24 Real Estate _____________________4 Tis the Season _____________________3 Vibes & Rants _____________________9


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MAKE THE HOLIDAY SEASON MORE MERRY Make a fire in a fire pit in the yard and toast marshmallows while sipping hot chocolate.

SPIRITUAL CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS Set out a nativity scene Make a nativity scene the primary focus of Christmas decorations and encourage children to play with the figures and act out the Christmas story.

Smitty’s y Coins,, Cards and Currency

HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! Get Cash for Christmas This Saturday, aturda atu rda we buy your US Gol Gold, d, US 90% Silver, Canadian Gold, and South African Gold at 100% OF MELT. We are also buying sterling, gold jewelry, Magic Cards, and Sports from the 1960s and older.

Saturday from 10am-4pm or Call for apt. (585) 394-3650 80 South Main Street, Canandaigua Tis the Season

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

CHRISTMAS TREES BRIGHTEN THE SEASON Decked out in tinsel, lights, ornaments, and garland, Christmas trees are enduring symbols of the holiday season that boast a rich history. Evergreen trees have been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years, and eventually became associated with Christianity. Plants and trees that remained green all year held special meaning to ancient peoples, and were purported to keep away illness and evil spirits. Germans were credited with tying evergreen trees to Christmas celebrations. In the sixteenth century, devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, is believed to have first added lighted candles to these trees after he was inspired by twinkling stars in the night sky. While early Americans found Christmas trees an oddity, the tradition, brought over by German settlers, eventually caught on. Today, between 25 and 30 million natural Christmas trees are sold in the United States each year, states the National Christmas Tree Association. Trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada.

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Now Accepting Applications Affordable Rents - $821/mo. Includes Heat & Hot Water Discounted Cable TV • Pet Friendly - No extra fees Private Patios and Balconies Resident Activities

585-377-6115 120 Jefferson Ave., Fairport, NY Income Restrictions Apply

HOW TO RAKE LEAVES M ORE EFFICIENTLY A composting vacuum and leaf blow er are other w ays to make quick w ork of cleaning up leaves. Although these devices may not be as eco-friendly as a rake, they can significantly reduce the time it takes to clear a yard of fallen leaves.


1. Fall sunset over Farmington 2. Marzipan And Her Chicken And Biscuits Costume! 3. Roar! 4. Patty Sampson-Bouchard, Daniel Brown, Judith Noel, John Kehoe, Gregory Noel, Bea Parker, Jill Freshman and her young daughter all challenged themselves to hike, bike, walk, or run 65 miles on Victor & Farmington’s hiking trails in the library’s Pick Your Own Paths Trail Challenge this fall. Congratulations on a job well done!



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You’re Never Too Old for HPV Infection ---

DEAR DR. ROACH: I read your recent column

Celebrating 20 Years

stating that the HPV vaccine is recommended up to age 45. Are people older than 45 years no longer susceptible to HPV? Asking for a 52-yearold friend (who thinks he’s Wolverine). -- C.F. ANSWER: The comic character Wolverine has a mutant healing ability (that’s how he was able to survive having his bones replaced with adamantium), so he has nothing to worry about. However, non-mutants do have to worry about HPV, which can come from any kind of skin-toskin contact with a person who has HPV. Having the virus often means having warts, but sometimes people can have contagious HPV without having any visible lesion. It’s been estimated that 90% of people with HPV don’t know they have it. People of any age are susceptible to HPV. Most people have been exposed by age 45, which is why the recommendations are the way they are now, but vaccination might make sense in some situations. The clearest example is someone who has had very few sexual partners and is about to become more sexually active (for example, a person recently divorced or widowed). Although the vaccine is not indicated by the Food and Drug Administration in this situation and the person is likely going to have to pay out of pocket, it might still be worth it to get the vaccine to reduce the risk of acquiring a new sexually transmitted HPV infection. I received several letters from people who acquired new genital warts in just this situation who were upset that their doctor did not offer the vaccine. If people have already been exposed to HPV, the vaccine will not harm them. In fact, there is some anecdotal evidence that the vaccine might help people with difficult-to-treat warts by boosting the immune system specifically for HPV.

Serving Our Community! Discover the Human Touch in Hearing Technology

Lakeville 3513 Thomas Dr., Suite 2

Henrietta 20 Finn Road, Suite C

585.286.3664 Accepting New Patients.

If you are over the age of 40, you may be eligible for a current investigational bifocal contact lens study being conducted by Clerio Vision.

What to Expect • Just 1 visit at our clinic (1892 S. Winton Rd. in Brighton) within the next month • A total time commitment of 2 hours with compensation for your time and effort • The investigational contact lenses will only be worn during the visit • These visits do not replace exams with your primary care provider

Call or e-mail us for more information 585.625.5744 •

Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual questions, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to © 2021 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Are you a current soft contact lens wearer?



Sue DeBruyne, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

1892 S. Winton Rd., Rochester, NY 14618

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Chicken is generally lower in saturated fat than other animal protein sources. Opt for pasture-raised chicken for the greatest nutritional punch.

REFRESH YOUR SMILE! Make your appointment today! (585) 424-5710 Convenient Brighton location 200 White Spruce Blvd • Suite 128 • Rochester

Patient Focused • Family Friendly • Restorative Dentistry

To learn more about Paws With A Cause and to find out how you can help, just download this simple app and watch this story come to life:


Provided as a community service by this civic minded publication and the Association of Community Publishers

Penny Saver

HI! My name is Hailey Marie. I am a 3 year-old Calico. I have a seat at the window where I will sit for hours watching my squirrel & deer friends. Send us a photo and brief write-up of your pet and we’ll feature it. Email to: or mail to: P.O. Box 340; Avon, 14414. Pets will be published at discretion of GVPS. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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Someone You Love is Living with Dementia—Now What? Part I BY NANCY SMYTH


oday, thousands of American families are living with and caring for loved ones with memory loss, making it progressively more difficult to provide a safe and supportive living environment. Let’s explore this situation, discuss potential alternatives for care, and hopefully gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding the long-term care of loved ones. The hope is that this information is helpful while providing peace of mind. Determining the Need: Persons living with dementia experience changes in cognitive and functional abilities as the disease progresses. This varies from person to person depending on the type of dementia and the stage of the illness. Some persons living with a mild cognitive impairment are able to live at home with the support of a family member or caregiver. Many are able to perform daily routines with cues and guidance. These individuals may benefit from an Adult Day Care program or Companion care. The Rochester area has several high-quality adult day care programs and companion care providers. These professionals assess and address the level of support needed. For persons living at home, these services provide stimulation and socialization while offering his/her caregiver respite from the day-to-day care giving role. Residential Care Services for persons living with dementia: Residential care settings may offer the best plan of care for persons living with dementia, particularly as the needs of the individual increase. There are numerous Memory Care providers in both Assisted Living residences and Nursing Homes. The New York State Department of Health (DOH) authorizes the scope of care and services that can be provided at each care setting. Assisted Living Memory Care: Special Needs Assisted Living Residences (SNALR) are licensed by DOH to provide memory care. These residences follow a social model of care in a setting that is less clinically oriented than a skilled nursing facility. And they are half often the cost of nursing home care! Eligibility and Admission: Admission guidelines vary among assisted living providers based on the scope of services authorized by DOH. Some, like the Rochester Presbyterian Home residences, complete an in-person assessment to evaluate our ability to meet the needs of the individual. Admission eligibility guidelines in the SNALR include: • Independent mobility • Independent transfer ability from the bed or chair to standing • Independent with feeding • Independent with toileting or cooperative with toileting assistance

Admission eligibility guidelines in the SNALR/EALR include: • Ability to participate with transfer and mobility with assist of one and does not require a mechanical lift • Ability to eat with cues and assistance and does not pose a risk for choking or aspirating • In many circumstances, we are able to provide end of life care through hospice care provided collaboratively with a home care agency. Understanding the Financial Policies and Practices in Elder Care: Skilled nursing facilities may accept persons with limited financial resources if the person is eligible for Medicaid. Most, however, prefer a private pay commitment before spending down to Medicaid. Assisted living residences do not receive any Medicaid funding, so payment is most often private pay or through long-term care insurance coverage. The Decision to Move Forward: You’ve made the decision to move your loved one to a residential care facility. But now, you wonder how the Elder will handle the transition. Families often ask: • What if he (or she) not only reacts negatively, but refuses to come? • What if you know it is the best decision for everyone involved, but you fear it may create hurt feelings, confusion, or anger for your loved one? Check back next week for the conclusion of this article. Nancy Smyth is the CEO of the Rochester Presbyterian Home, a leading provider of Memory Care since 1992.

Enjoy this article? Check out this week’s other great stories online at www. • Autism Nature Trail Opens at Letchworth • Congressman Chris Jacobs Visits Arc Day Habilitation Center

Love to write? You could earn CASH when you share your original story, personal experience, community happening or school event with us! It may be Persons living with advanced dementia may need the additional featured on our popular website for all to see and even selected for print! Go to assistance offered through our Enhanced Assisted Living license. My Hometown at or email our Hometown Editor Amanda Dudek at!


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TOP DOLLAR PAID $$ $$ FOR CARS & TRUCKS Good Runners or Junkers Free same day pick up call 24/7

Our 9 editions are published weekly with a total circulation of over 147,000 Office:

PO Box 340 1471 Route 15 Avon, NY 14414 Phone: 585-226-8111 Fax: 585-226-3390 Email:

Northside Salvage • 585-969-3309

BRIGHTON: 65 Chartwell Court, (off French Rd) Saturday and Sunday, 11/13-11/14 (9-4pm) MOVING SALE. 3 floors of items. Collectible dolls, clothes, and mags Middleton, Resch, Mdm Alex, etc., Music books, music mags, incl. British Q, sheet music popular and classical, Christmas items, Books on dolls, art, travel, music, selfhelp, cookbooks, fiction. Computer desk, book shelves, entertainment center, dressers, and much more. Cash or Venmo only Pick up only.


A Smarter Way to Power Your Home.


Phone: 585-343-3111

Apples w ere taken to North America by European settlers.

Dansville Phone: 585-335-8537

❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■ ESTATE SALE: 2844 Quaker Road Palmyra. November, 13th (9-4pm) lift chair, vintage Campbell Kids collection cookie jar, furniture, tools, freezer, antique Singer sewing machine, Shirley Temple doll, Raggedy Ann original doll, Hess trucks, Cabbage Patch doll 1984, lots of vintage toys, Polaroid model 210 land camera, Snowflite snowblower, Xmas items, nativity set, kitchen items, lots of books, Indian books and more, Ronald Reagan Beanie Baby, McDonald Beanie Baby , Kill a Mockingbird book, Harry Potter 1st edition Goblet of Fire book, outdoor fencing, ladder, bookshelves, walker, tennis rackets and sporting equipment and much more. Lala’s Estate Sales and Organizing. com No bags, No earlybirds, We don’t give out numbers. Cash or Venmo


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Power your home, save money and be prepared for utility power outages with the PWRcell, a solar + battery storage system. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE!



(877) 223-1218 $0 DOWN FINANCING OPTIONS!**

*Offer value when purchased at retail. **Financing available through authorized Generac partners. Solar panels sold separately.

Circulation Manager

............................. Shari Rapone Billing/Office Manager

................................. Beth Garbe

Members of:

Advance Sale Tickets available for $6 each at the Genesee Valley Penny Saver through November 11th. Open Mon.-Thurs.: 8:30am-5pm

Gold Standard Publication

National Award Winning Paper


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Need Cash or a Loan? We pay on the spot! WATCH Coin Collections, Broken & Unwanted BATTERIES Jewelry, Gold/Silver, Diamonds, Silver 1 yr. Everyday Flatware. Stop in & get a FREE Quote Low Price of from a reputable & honest professional. $4.99+tax 1276 Fairport Road • Fairport, NY •


PAWN • BUY • SELL COINS & JEWELRY Mon/Tues 10-5:30; Wed. Closed; Thurs/Fri 11-7; Sat/Sun Noon-5


Suburban Disposal Company Has Great People Recently I had to call Suburban Disposal and inquire as to what the requirements were for pick-up for certain items. Amy was absolutely wonderful! She just didn’t answer my questions, but did so in such a pleasant, friendly manner. It is such a pleasure when a company has such wonderMany Thanks, Kind Neighbor! ful representatives working for them. A company can be Our neighbor, Ralph Burgess, was a Godsend. A few weeks great, but if the people representing them aren’t friendly back, my husband and I were struggling to get the mower or pleasant when it comes to communicating with the back on the tractor. It wasn't going well; we are both in our customers, that can make or break a company. So, hats eighties and don't have the strength we once had. He was off to Amy who was delightful to speak to on the phone. driving past and saw us struggling with it. He pulled in the driveway and said, "I have a tractor just like this." He had Riga Recreation Halloween Parade it on in no time and wouldn't accept a cent. We are very Many thanks to the following individuals and organizathankful neighbors! - Alan & Pat tions that made this year’s Riga Recreation-Churchville Lions Halloween Parade a “Ghoulish” success! Sue, Lily, Teresa House gives thanks and Addison for filling over 100 goodie bags along with The Teresa House Board of Directors, Staff & Volunteers Lion Verna and her Lion Pride for decorating the gazebo would like to thank the Geneseo Garden Club for everyand handing out the bags. The Village of Churchville for thing they do to keep Teresa House looking beautiful all providing chairs and tables. The Churchville Boy Scout season long! Thank you for planting, watering, weeding, troop along with the Churchville Fire Police for providing mulching, edging, decorating, winterizing and all of the safe passage as the tricksters and their parents followed other amazing tasks you accomplish throughout the year. We are blessed to live in such a caring community, and we the Churchville Fire Engine through the streets of downgreatly appreciate your time & talents! Thank you so much town Churchville to the Village Gazebo where they for all the good work you do in our community! Geneseo is received bags and then went on to more trick or treating lucky to have such a wonderful group of gardening enthuin the village. siasts!

Where are we headed? It is being said that sales in some industries are the lowest that they have been since the Great Recession. The price of gas continues to climb; industries continue to suffer from a lack of workers and a shortage of supplies; the national debt continues to mount, and inflation continues to rise. Cargo ships sit off the US coast, unable to unload their goods. Every day you see the shelves in the stores get barer with no relief in site. I am reminded of stories told by my grandparents of the Great Depression, when you were given ration coupons for food due to its scarcity. How long before we have to ration our food?

Go to WWW.GVPENNYSAVER.COM and submit your own Rants and Raves under the tab - SHARE WITH US Views and opinions expressed in Raves & Rants do not necessarily reflect the views of Genesee Valley Publications.


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East Rochester Public Library 317 Main St., East Rochester, NY 14445 (585) 586-8302 Mon.-Thurs. 9:30am-7pm Fri. 9:30am-5pm; Sat 10am-2pm Sun. Closed. ERPL Book Nook: Mon.11am-1pm; Wed. 11am-1pm; Sat. 11am-1pm

Fairport Public Library 1 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport (585) 223-9091 Mon.-Thurs.. 9am-9pm Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-5pm Sun. Closed

Penfield Public Library 1985 Baird Rd., Penfield (585) 340-8720 Mon.-Thurs. 10am-9pm, Fri. 10am-6pm; Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 2pm-5pm

Penfield Public Library: “Preschool Crafts”: Wednesdays, Now-December 15 | 11:30-Noon | For Kids | Registration Required “Reading and Robots”: Sunday, November 7 | 2-3 PM | For Kids | Registration Required “Using Social Media as a Job Search Tool”: Monday, November 8 | 7-8:30 PM | For Adults | Registration Required “Mama Goose on the Loose”: Thursday, November 11 | 10:30-11 AM | For Kids | Registration Required “Tween Makers”: Thursday, November 11 | 4:15-5 PM | For Tweens | Registration Required “Science Saturday”: Saturday, November 13 | 1-2 PM | For Kids | Registration Required “A History of Native American Battles”: Sunday, November 14 | 2-3 PM | For Adults | Registration Required “After-School Book Bites”: Wednesday, November 17 | 4:30-5 PM | For Kids | Registration Required

24 State St., Pittsford (585) 248-6275 Mon. & Wed.; 10am-7pm Tues., Thurs., Fri.; 10am-5pm Sat: 10am-1pm; Sun. Closed

Webster Public Library 980 Ridge Rd., Webster (585) 872-7075 Mon.-Thur. 9-8; Fri. & Sat. 10-5; Sun. Closed

Here’s what’s happening at your local library…

Perinton Historical Society Yuletide Donations Needed - Perinton Historical Society is looking for gift cards and gift baskets for it 2021 Yuletide fundraising event. Baskets of all sorts and sizes are appreciated as well as gift cards to be used in your business. Our silent auction will take place November 16th through December 7th. Please use this registration form YT2021FlyerRegistration.pdf ( and donations need to be received by Saturday November 13th. For more information, please see Fundraising (

Moms for Liberty - Wayne County Hosts a Town Hall Discussion. Moms for Liberty-Wayne County is hosting a peaceful, open forum regarding masking policies, vaccine, quarantines, etc...and what we as a community can do to take back local control. We are inviting guests with diverse perspectives to share their unique stories, and invite the community to join the discussion; we appreciate civil discourse among neighbors. Comments, concerns and questions will be addressed Saturday, November 6th, 5-7PM at the Lyons Community Center, 9 Manhattan St, Lyons NY 14489. MASK OPTIONAL, but you are responsible for your own safety. Information available on Facebook: Moms for Liberty-Wayne County, 6 6 1 - 4 9 2 - 9 7 1 7 o r

Oh how we love pumpkin season. You did know this gourd-ish squash has its own season, right? Winter, Spring, Summer, Pumpkin.... We anxiously anticipate it every year. ~Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, October 2010 GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

Shopping Fling November 12, 13 & 14 • 10am-5pm 20 shops participating and a free gift at each location. Plus enter to win a gift basket. Please check our website for participating stores!





Pittsford Community Library

Wayne County

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Surviving the Holidays for the Bereaved: If you are recovering from the death of a loved one and don’t know how you’ll get through the upcoming holiday season, St. Mark Lutheran Church in Mendon is offering our 3rd annual Surviving the Holidays seminar. New this year is the option to attend in person or through Zoom. Registration required. Held November 20, 1-3pm, St. Mark Lutheran Church, 18 Victor Mendon Road, Mendon. http://


STRANGE BUT TRUE By Lucie Winborne * Babe Ruth paid a fan $20 to return the baseball he hit for his 700th career home run.


Home For the Holidays Bazaar The North Ontario United Methodist Church (otherwise known as “The Brick Church”) will be hosting a Home For the Holidays Bazaar on Friday, November 12th from 9am3pm and Saturday, November 13th from 9am-3pm at 7200 Ontario Center Road in Ontario. We will be serving Take Out lunch only on both days from 11am-1:30pm and sharing many delicious baked goods, crafts and “Next to New” treasures to share with everyone that stops by for a visit. We look forward to seeing you there! Masks are Required. Http://www.noumc. com

Autumn is the season of change. ~Taoist proverb Something Rotten! A Musical by the Neighborhood Acting Company. The Neighborhood Acting Company proudly presents Something Rotten! a musical with Shakespeare, romance, eggs and lots of singing and dancing. Recommended for ages 13+ due to adult language and innuendoes. Tickets are on sale at: http://www. . Masks are required at all times while indoors. Held November 12 & 13 from 7pm-9:30pm and November 14, 2-4:30pm at the Wayne Central School District, 6200 Ontario Center Road, Ontario.

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Perinton Recreation Art Show & Sale - The Perinton Art Group is having a Perinton Recreation Art Show & Sale. Held November 5-20 from 6:30-7:30pm at the Perinton Community Center, 1350 Turk Hill Road, Fairport.

RTOS November Theater Organ Concert - The Rochester Theater Organ Society proudly presents our next theater organ concert on Sunday, November 14th at 2:30 PM at the Auditorium Theatre. Awardwinning organist Donnie Rankin will entertain on the RTOS-Grierson Wurlitzer 423 theater pipe organ. Admission for NON-members is $15 per person. Children 12 and under, and students with school ID are free. The doors open at 1:45 PM. Proof of Vaccination, photo ID, properly worn mask, and social distancing are required. General admission seating. Accessible for people with disabilities. For more information, visit the RTOS website at or call the RTOS Concert & Information Line at 585-234-2295. Gates Historical Society November program - The Gates Historical Society’s November 15th program will be the history of the Gates Police Department presented by Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode. Come hear about the Gates Police Department and the history of policing in the Town of Gates! You won’t be disappointed. The meeting will be in the Gates Town Hall Annex, 1605 Buffalo Rd. at 7:00 pm. Admission is free. Masks and social distancing are encouraged.



Annual Fall Roast Beef Supper Fundraiser - The First Presbyterian Church of Chili, at 3600 Chili Avenue, invites the community to their Annual Fall Roast Beef Supper fundraiser on Saturday, November 6th. Drive thru TAKE OUT ONLY 4pm until sold out. Generous portions for only $14. For more information, call 585-889-9896 or check out our website at http://

WEBSTER Program “Lest We Forget” at Webster Museum - Webster Museum is honored to have a program on November 14 at 2PM. We will have Ted Ellstrom, a WWII veteran, who flew the hump from India to China tell his stories. We will have other vets share their stories. The program is free and we are handicap accessible. Website. We are at 18 Lapham Park, 585 265-3308.

NOTICE OF SALE Henderson Ford’s 11th Annual Toy Drive Benefiting Rochester Families - The dealership and collection partners will be accepting donated toys for the annual US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots campaign. New, unwrapped toy donations can be dropped off at any of the locations listed below, throughout the month of November. Enter any address into your GPS to deliver Christmas magic: Henderson Ford (810 Ridge Road, Webster), Dancing with Denise (1077 Gravel Road, Webster), Edge Advertising Group (Box Factory, 6 N. Main St., Fairport), OMEROS, (585-737-9666; mPiccone@, Steinmiller Insurance (1223 Bay Road, Webster), The UPS Store (1900 Empire Blvd., Webster), Webster Chamber Health Insurance Enrollment Service (1110 Crosspointe Ln, Suite C, Webster), Kids First Childcare Inc. (1101 Clover St, Rochester and 1676 Empire Blvd, Webster).

Town of East Rochester, County of Monroe, State of New York Notice of sale under Section 182 of the New York Lien Law. Hereby gives notice to all interested parties, that all contents of the following storage locker, located at Village Warehouse, Inc., 10 Ontario Street, East Rochester, NY 14445, will be sold to the highest bidder due to nonpayment of rental agreement. Auction will be held at: Wednesday, November 24th Steven Norman Hutchison SB #50

GUIDELINES FOR HOMETOWN EVENTS: Events should occur on a specific date at a specific time. Due to the increasing number of submissions, we will no longer be able to publish the following items: • Businesses/schools seeking registration for classes or program • Organizations seeking crafters or vendor • Organizations seeking donations of items

MAKE THE HOLIDAY SEASON MORE MERRY Share favorite memories at family holiday dinners.

Genesee Valley Penny Saver reserves the right to approve/reject events for publication. Events are published as space allows. Event deadline is Monday, 2 weeks prior to publication date R E G I ST E R A N D S U B M I T YO U R E V E N T O N L I N E AT Log in to your account or register on our website to start submitting your events today! under ‘Share With Us’ Events may also be submitted at: 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414

Try Our • Salads • Wings (Reg. or Boneless)

• Chicken Tenders


Bushnell’s Basin

A Tradition For 70 Years!

DID YOU KNOW? Without pollinators, more than 100 crops grown in the United States would not be able to thrive. Plants, including various fruits, vegetables, nuts and more, rely on pollinators to ensure to transport pollen. Though many plants are self-pollinating and others are pollinated by the wind or water, many others rely on insects and animals to become pollinated. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says birds, bees, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, and small mammals all can work as pollinators. Examples of crops pollinated by pollinators include apples, squash and almonds. Animals and insects help pollinate more than 75 percent of the world’s flowering plants, and nearly 75 percent of all crops, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Unfortunately, pesticide use can diminish the number of natural pollinators. Natural gardening and pest-control can help protect the habitats of pollinators. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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and RECLINER CHAIR, beige. Very good condition: 585-229-2262

A few POTS/PANS, pretty BOWLS and older UNCANCELED STAMPS for senior hobby. 10-mile radius of Brockport: 602-717-6178


Old iPad needed to ready library books. iOS 10 or greater needed. Thank you:

KODAK CAROUSEL SLIDE PROJECTOR 600 and a SCREEN. You pick up, Penfield: 585-348-9092

ROCK 8 TRACKS and/or CASSETTE TAPES for personal collection. Thank you:

Two HUMIDIFIER FILTERS, Air Care #1043, ordered in error. Avon area: 585-447-0351 leave message


UPRIGHT PIANO, fair condition. Good for child: 585-245-9043

WURLITZER SPINET PIANO with BENCH. Good condition. Pick up, Canandaigua: Text 585-690-9916 FOLDING TWIN SIZE BED on casters, mattress covered in plastic. You pick up: 585-335-2382

AM/FM CLOCK RADIO (brand new) for someone in a group home. Delivery appreciated to Penfield: 585-219-7181 FOLDING TABLES, 6-8’ long: 585-748-8531

Two BERNZOMATIC PROPANE 8oz Powercells, one full, one partial:

EMPTY PAPER TOWEL and TOILET PAPER ROLLS for school crafts and interest projects. Approx. 40. Brockport: 585-637-7505

ELECTRIC STOVE, white, 30”. Very good condition. Pick up, Canandaigua: 518-275-9345

NINTENDO Wii: 585-764-8174

60 packets of XYLITOL for use in nets pot:

Old MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTOR, running or not. Green top preferred:

LARGE CAT TREE and a MICROWAVE in good working condition: 585-309-6760

CRAFTSMAN 12” BANDSAW and 12” WOOD LATHE with some accessories. Good condition. You pick up: 585-880-8944 ANTIQUE HUMPBACK SETTEE/LOVESEAT. 60” L, 32” W. Clawfoot front legs. Great upholstery project. Pick up only. Email for pictures: Medium blue ROCKER-SWIVEL CASUAL CHAIR. Slightly faded: 585-394-4638

Does anyone have LILY OF THE VALLEY or BLOODROOT PLANTS they can spare? Happy to come dig them! COMIC BOOKS and GRAPHIC NOVELS for a legally blind senior citizen. Please contact me at

PROFORM 580X TREADMILL. Gently used. Electronics not functioning. You pick up: or 585-374-5404

WASHER and DRYER: 585-536-6269

DIGITAL PHOTO ALBUM with keychain, INDOOR ELECTRIC BARBECUE, older SINGER SEWING MACHINE with cabinet, COUCH with wooden sides. Pick up:

Used or unwanted CPAP MACHINE for senior with COPD sleep apnea:

1950s GROMMES 20PG MONO AMP, any condition: 585-346-3683

DEPEND ADULT FIT-FLEX UNDERWEAR for women. Five packs of twenty-eight in each: 585-433-8034 6’ tall UMBRELLA PLANT and a 4’ tall MOTHER OF THOUSANDS PLANT. Both need repotting and a pick-up truck: VERMONT BLUESTONE, 15-20 large pieces, some squared, some angular. Take all: QUEEN MATTRESS FOR SLEEPER SOFA. New, never used. You pick up: Text 585-406-3686 SCRAP METAL – Heavy locked safes, cattle gate, copper, asst. metal. You pick up, Geneseo: 585-243-4894 VHS TAPES. Some unopened. Movies, children’s, assorted. Ten contractor bags full. You pick up and take all, Geneseo: 585-243-4894 7’ ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE. Lights need checking. You pick up, Pittsford: 585-381-0318 COMPUTER TABLE, 35” x 23”. Has smaller attached tables for printer, etc.: 585-872-2015 Long SLIP & SLIDE used once. You pick up, Fairport: Boxes of CANNED GOODS, Mount Morris: 585-447-0720


UPRIGHT PIANO. You move: 585-245-9043 Blue ARMCHAIR with cushions. Slightly used. You pick up, Webster: 585-545-4330

Submissions published as space allows. We reserve the right to decline/edit/omit info. We assume no responsibility for submissions. Submissions must include phone # or email. Noncommercial use only. 20 word limit.

Many UNOPENED CASES OF SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION – Vital 1.5 calorie and Jevity 1.2 calorie: 585-290-6273

Submit at under Share With Us - Give & Take or call 226-8111 x 111

4x4 LUMBER or 2x4’s, 2x6’s, 2x8’s or 2x10’s – 8’ long: 585-764-8171


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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IMPROVE PRIVACY AND SECURITY AT HOME Privet hedge, arborvitae or Italian cypress are fast-growing evergreens that provide privacy around a home for homeowners who do not want to install traditional fencing. These trees also provide a natural habitat for various yard animals. Layering various plants of different heights and textures also can create a more natural and less imposing look. Fencing remains a viable option to create privacy and stop noise pollution. Privacy fences come in various materials, colors and sizes, enabling homeowners to choose styles that fit their landscapes.

CARPET/FLOORING We are proud to say we received the BEST OF AWARD From for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020


Dries in Hours, Not Days!! (585) 482-3896 $ 25 OFF 3 areas or more $ 50 OFF 5 areas or more $ areas or more 100 OFF 8Cannot be combined with any other offer. Clean 2 Pieces of Furniture and get $30 OFF


Expires 11/30/2021

Jim Baker & Sam Gange Co-Owners

• Toilets, Faucets, Sump Pumps • Sewers & Drain Cleaning • Boiler Replacement • Water Tanks • All Carpentry Work • Drywall Repair • Gutter Repairs • Basement Repairs • Plumbing Repairs Fully Insured • Soffit & Fascia Repairs Senior Citizen Discounts …and more!

Serving the Greater Rochester Area for over 21 years.



Clean Sweep Janitorial Maintenance Help Wanted



(585) 748-7196

Cleaning Specialist

e Part-Tim

• Our Specialty - Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

• Commercial • Offices • Apartments • Warehouses

DECKS Bill Slater, Owner

Fairport, NY 585-773-2563

INTERIOR REMODELING Specializing in Finished Basements/Bathrooms

Retired Engineer Insured • Reasonable Rates

Framing/Drywall • Ceilings/Painting Hardwood Floors • Ceramic Tile Call Tony Today! 585-755-0086



Interior Painting

Staring at $179.99

• Remodeling • Staining • Basements • Kitchens • Roofs • Power Washing • Exterior Painting • Gutter Cleaning

GUTTER Cleaning & Repairs Starting at $119.99

CHIMNEY Cleaning & Repairs Starting at $179.99

ROOF TUNE-UP $299 Includes - Replace up to 10 shingles, Inspect Chimney Flashing, Tar all Vents

No job too small!

Commercial & Residential Flat Roof Specialist

Affordable rates

Roofing • Chimney • Siding • Gutters • Foundation & Porch Repairs Veteran & Senior Discount 15% OFF • All Work Guaranteed

Fairport, NY

Family Owned

Mark’s (585) 329-5996


Home Services ●

Home Repairs? Roof Leaks?

Free Estimates • Quality Work


• Indoor Work • Custom kitchen cabinets & kitchen design • Custom bathroom vanities & bathroom design • Other custom wood projects including: built-ins, fireplace mantels, wainscoting, stairs (straight or spiral), floor installation & custom furniture. • Custom countertops including: marble, quartz, Corian, Formica • Basement remodeling • Ceramic tiling • Interior painting • General repairs - plumbing, electrical, carpentry

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111


We will beat any Roof Estimate by $1,000! Page 13





Family of 1 $29,928 Family of 2 $39,144 Family of 3 $48,360 Family of 4 $57,564


DRYWALL SPECIALIST Old & New Insurance Repairs Texture & Drop Ceilings Complete Finished Basements


Interior / Exterior Painting & Staining Commercial / Residential / Industrial

Free Estimates

In Business since 1989

Call Ron Colon of All Property Maintenance • (585) 802-6934 DID YOU KNOW? The American Heartworm Society advises dog owners to have their furry companions tested for heartworm annually. Such tests can typically be conducted during routine preventive care visits to the veterinarian. The AHS notes that such tests are necessary even for dogs that are taking year-round heartworm prevention medications. Tests can confirm that such programs are working or indicate if they are not effective. The American Veterinary Medical Association notes that antigen tests are the most commonly performed tests. These tests detect the presence of adult female heartworms and they are typically highly accurate. If a test is positive, veterinarians may recommend further testing, including radiographs, a blood profile and an echocardiogram. Such tests can determine a number of things about the infection, including its severity. The AVMA also notes that the additional testing can help determine the best course of treatment. Cat owners should know that it’s more difficult to detect heartworm in cats than in dogs. The AHS indicates that cats are much less likely than dogs to have adult heartworms, making the disease harder to detect in felines. Veterinarians may recommend cats receive both the antigen test and an antibody test, which detects exposure to heartworm larvae. The AVMA notes that more testing may increase the likelihood of detecting the disease in cats. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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NOW HERE’S A TIP "You can reuse the envelopes that come in junk mail and solicitations. I use them to keep coupons together for when I go to the store, and magazine clippings that I save for my daughter." -M.W. in Alabama




MAKE FALL CLEAN-UP ECO-FRIENDLY Rake leaves sensibly Power blowers and mulchers make fast work of leaves, but at the expense of the environment. Gas-powered devices discharge fuel exhaust into the air, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, reap the benefits of peace and quiet as well as exercise from manual raking.

Gutter Contracts


4 Season Contract Available

While raking, do not feel the need to remove every leaf. A certain amount of organic matter can be beneficial to the soil and even insulate the lawn somewhat. A leftover leaf here or there also may provide protection for insects and small animals. For example, many native bees spend the winter in tunnels in the ground, cracks in mortar, holes in dead wood, or within hollow stems, and they need lawn and garden litter to survive.

• Yard Clean-Up • Rototilling • Mulching • Overseeding • Fences • Power Washing • Staining • Painting • Trimming and/or removal of bushes & trees • Lawn thatching • Rolling & Core Aeration • Dumpster Service Bids can be done by • Stump Grinding • Lawn Mowing • Snow Removal phone & email All plants and landscaping products used are from the Garden Factory. We are an essential business using personal protective equipment to keep you and us safe. 40 Years in Business •

Call Ron for a free estimate

Tim fo



Payment plans available. (Discounts for combined season contracts.)

Unlimited Fence Solutions, LLC. FREE Quotes

Residential fence installer

We set the standard Quick turnaround and exceptional service. Vinyl, Aluminum, Custom Built Wood and Chain Link Fences.

• Trimming • Leaf removal • Cut back hedges & bushes Free estimates & references Fully Insured

Josh Creager Owner

Sawyer's Landscaping Jeff: 585-737-2702 • 25 years’ experience 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!




owner CARE FOR TOOLS PROPERLY Whether garden tools are kept in a shed or inside the home, hang them so they don’t crowd the floor. Moisture can creep up from concrete or dirt floors and eventually compromise the tools. Keep cords neatly wound and secured as well.


585-261-5681 Kevin Doser Stone - All types (Driveway Stone, Drainage Stone, Pea Stone) Sand - Mason, Pool, Concrete/Fine Screened Topsoil Quality service. Competitive prices.



Oxygen is essential for the roots of grass to breathe and grow strong enough to support healthy lawns. But according to the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, compacted soil can produce a decrease in oxygen content that can make it hard for roots to thrive. Soil compaction can result from a number of activities, including walking on grass or driving or parking vehicles on grass. When soil is compacted, it breaks into small particles that reduce the amount of pore space in the soil. That makes it hard for water, oxygen and nutrients to get through, threatening the strength of the roots and putting the grass in jeopardy. Aerating a lawn can help homeowners foster strong root growth and healthy grass. When to aerate may be contingent upon local climate, so homeowners who suspect the soil in their yards is compact should consult with a local landscaping professional to determine the best time to aerate their lawns.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

585-519-9073 Free Estimates Fully Insured

We cantake care of your rainy-day projects like interior painting and deck washing.

PRO-VISION PAINTING Interior/Exterior Painting Power Washing, Deck Staining, Gutter Cleaning


Have your house protected before the mice and rats come in. Mice and rat removal $175.00 One Year Warranty Call about pricing for Bed Bugs & Roach Removal.

Page 15

Call and book now 585-405-1171




Roof Leaks? • Roofing • Roof Repairs • Soffit & Fascia • Chimney Repairs • Chimney Re-builds

TREE SERVICES Fully Insured/Licensed 10% Senior Discounts

We Believe We Can Beat Any Competitor By 25% • Insurance Work Affordable • Stump Grinding, Removal Pricing • Trimming, Cleanup SENIOR DISCOUNT


Fully Insured (formerly Sawyer Tree Service) Free Estimates





• Trimming • Take Downs 20% OFF • Stump Grinding All Jobs! • Lawn Installation & Repair

Siding • Painting

585-248-4949 Credit Cards Accepted

I will beat any reasonable price - guaranteed! 30+ years’ experience

• 73 yrs. In Business • Lifetime Guarantee • Fully Insured • Free Estimates

Free Estimates • Fully Insured • Best Prices!




American Aerial Tree Experts

24 Hour Service/7 Days a Week

• Tree Removal

Multiple routes & trucks available.

• Tree Pruning

Call Ron for a free estimate

• Stump Grinding

All Property Maintenance • 585-802-6934 Since 1989

Fully Insured • FREE Estimates Call


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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ot 0 Fo et 65 Buckice Serv

FALL SPECIALS • Trimming & Removal • Affordable Stump Grinding • Professional/Insured • Free Estimates • Senior Discounts

Best stump grinding prices in town.

Overwhelmed with getting organized?


Keep opening closets and things fall out? Need organization for the holidays?


Give a Lala’s Estate Sales And Organizing GIFT CARD! Contact 585 750 5621 or Venmo @Lynne-Stewart-6


WILL BEAT ANY REASONABLE QUOTE • FREE Estimates • Over 20 years’ experience • Fully Insured • 20% discount for all military, seniors and first responders


Over 200 Bikes in Inventory Including

STRANGE BUT TRUE By Lucie Winborne * In 2017, social robot Sophia was given citizenship by Saudi Arabia -- the first robot to be given legal personhood anywhere in the world.


Start your holiday shopping early while supplies last!

338 Route 14A, Penn Yan




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SENIOR NEWS By Matilda Charles

It’s Time to Review, Renew Medicare This is that time of year, again, when we need to make decisions about Medicare plans. From Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, we are eligible to compare our coverage between the original Medicare, Advantage plans and the Part D drug plans in open enrollment. They change every year, and we need to know how those changes will impact us. To compare plans, go online to and click on Preview 2022 Health & Drug Plans. Click on the plans you’d like to see and enter your ZIP code. If you want to compare drug costs, enter that data as well. Have pen and paper on hand and do the math. While it’s said that the average Advantage plan will come down $2, the average drug plan will go up that much. Beware the deductibles. If you have an Advantage plan and think you want to continue it, read the fine print. If you’re used to having benefits for glasses, gym membership or other things, check to be sure you’ll still have those. Compare all of the plans to get what you need. If you have a Part D drug plan and need insulin, be especially careful in selecting your plan. An additional 500 plans will include insulin this year, but again, read the fine print to be sure it’s what you need. A warning: Be sure your drugs are covered. If you have questions you can call 1-800-MEDICARE, 24/7, to get help. You can also seek assistance at the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for your state ( If you are low income or have a disability, you might be eligible for the Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs). They help pay for premiums and deductibles, as well as co-payments. Go online to and search for Medicare Savings Programs. Click on one of the four categories for more information and income limits. (c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

This week’s puzzle answer is elsewhere in this paper. The Crossword Puzzle is provided by Tribune Media Services. Any questions or comments should be made to 1-800-346-8798.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research has shown that strengthening exercises are safe and effective for men and women of all ages, including seniors. The CDC also notes that men and women with heart disease or arthritis may benefit the most from exercise regimens that include lifting weights several times per week.

Atrial fibrillation, is the most common type of arrhythmia, which is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat during which the heart can beat too fast, too slow or with an irregular rhythm. Atrial fibrillation, or AF, occurs when rapid, disorganized electrical signals cause the atria, which consists of the heart’s two upper chambers, to contract very fast and irregularly.

Medicare... We Make It Simple! • Turning 65 or retiring soon? • Confused about Medicare coverage? • Looking for a locally trusted Medicare Advocate? • Let us help you find the best plan that fits your needs! • Advantage Plans • Supplement Plans • Part D Plans

We are scheduling safe in person or virtual meetings!

Open Enrollme nt Oct. 15th – Dec . 7th

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation! (585) 218-0904 15 Schoen Place, 1st flr. East • Pittsford, NY 14534

Tricia Solt A locally trusted Independent Medicare Advisor with 10+ years of experience. I am contracted with all the local carriers!

Choose a partner, not just a plan. MVP Medicare Advantage Call 1-833-368-4624 (TTY: 1-800-662-1220) MVP Health Plan, Inc. is an HMO-POS/PPO/MSA organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in MVP Health Plan depends on contract renewal. Y0051_5630_M


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Sponsored By:


10 m inute gardening tutorials | ispy virtual storytim e,field trips & activities diy m asks | kidz korner puzzles & m ore!


w w w /explore

Can you find all of the differences between the two Totem Poles shown below? Circle the differences on the right totem pole. Here’s a hint, there are a total of 4 differences!

The oldest Native American nation is the

Totem poles are monumental carvings, a type of Northwest Coast art, consisting of poles, posts or pillars, carved with symbols or figures.

which are natives of northwestern Arizona, where they and their ancestors have been living for thousands of years. There are some similarities between some of the Hopi stories of origins and those of the Aztec.


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MAKE THE HOLIDAY SEASON MORE ECO-FRIENDLY Create an eco-friendly party theme. Many holiday parties have themes. For example, “ugly sweater parties” have become so popular that many clothing manufacturers now intentionally produce colorful sweaters that might otherwise draw the ire of fashionistas. Hosts planning to throw an ugly sweater party can easily transform such festivities into something more eco-friendly by encouraging guests to purchase their sweaters from thrift stores. A Christmas tree planting party is another eco-friendly party theme that can benefit the planet and revitalize local forests at a time of year when they might be depleted due to the demand for natural Christmas trees.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

DID YOU KNOW? When remodeling a home with the ultimate goal of making it more attractive to prospective buyers, homeowners can benefit from taking stock of current trends, including the style of home that’s most popular. According to a 2020 survey of more than 5,000 adults across the United States, modern farmhouse is the most favored house style. The survey asked participants to choose from a selection of styles, including mid-century modern ranch, Spanish colonial/ southwest, bohemian craftsman, Italianate, French chateau, and Tudor. The modern farmhouse style was the most popular choice in 42 of the 50 states, proving that home style preference is not beholden to geography. Respondents gave a host of reasons for favoring the modern farmhouse look, including that the style is “aesthetically appealing but not boring” and that it looks “simple, cozy, and not too busy.”

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Night Shift Warehouse Supervisor Position


Discover Real Estate

The Anderson-DuBose Company, located at 41 Cook Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, is currently seeking an individual for a full-time position as a Night Shift Warehouse Supervisor. Position Details: • Work Schedule – Monday through Thursday from 5:00pm-4:00am. May at some point need to cover weekend shifts. • Pay – $55,000-$65,000 annually to start depending on experience. • This position takes a role in the supervision of warehouse operations, providing direction to warehouse associates and handling numerous projects and operational initiatives. Continuous improvement, safety, ongoing training, and driving efficiency in operations are all critical for this role and its success. Requirements: • Must be able to efficiently operate a sit-down forklift. • Education – Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field preferred but not required. • Experience – 3 to 5 years of supervisory experience with 1 to 2 years’ related experience and/or training in Warehouse Management. Benefits: Anderson-DuBose offers an excellent benefits package including 401k retirement, medical, dental, and vision benefits. Life insurance policy provided by the company, with the option to take out additional insurance, paid vacation and personal time.

Please go to to fill out an application for this position.

Day Shift Warehouse Supervisor Position

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Rochester Real Estate Agents Needed to Join our Expanding Office! • Unlimited Income Potential • Licensed or Unlicensed • Motivated and Dedicated Business-Minded Entrepreneurs • Free Training, Support & Education • No Desk Fees

Call 585-729-4886 Or email:


Craftworks Custom Cabinetry is growing fast and we are looking to build a strong team in our Fairport shop. Must be mature and a dependable self-starter with reliable transportation. Work available year-round. Compensation depending on experience.

Position Details: • Work Schedule – Mon. through Fri. – Hours may vary during the day. Will be required to work every fifth weekend. • Pay – $55,000-$65,000 annually to start, depending on experience. • This position takes a role in the supervision of warehouse operations, providing direction to warehouse associates and handling numerous projects and operational initiatives. Continuous improvement, safety, ongoing training, and driving efficiency in operations are all critical for this role and its success. Requirements: • Must be able to efficiently operate a sit-down forklift. • Education – Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field preferred but not required. • Experience – 3 to 5 years of supervisory experience with 1 to 2 years’ related experience and/or training in Warehouse Management. Benefits: Anderson-DuBose offers an excellent benefits package including 401k retirement, medical, dental, and vision benefits. Life insurance policy provided by the company, with the option to take out additional insurance, paid vacation and personal time.


to join one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in the U.S.!

Email resume outlining experience to:

The Anderson-DuBose Company, located at 41 Cook Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, is currently seeking an individual for a full-time position as a Day Shift Warehouse Supervisor.

Please go to to fill out an application for this position.

Real Estate Agents Needed

Fair Housing Statement All real estate advertised in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Fair Housing Enforcement Project Monroe County Legal Assistance Center 1 W. Main Street Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 325-2500 • EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

Page 22






• Residential/Shop Glass Installers • Residential/Frameless Glass Shower Installers • Auto Glass Technicians • Commercial Glazier • Commercial Estimator • Commercial Project Managers • Office Personnel

CNC SET-UP OPERATOR A SHIFT Responsible for setting up and operating Mills and Lathes using deburring equipment and measuring tools. • Ability to calculate and set machine controls manually & enter commands • Experience with HAAS and MAZAK preferred • Sets up machine and observes machine operation to verify accuracy of machine settings and to detect malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining, using precision measuring instruments such as micrometer and caliper. • Sets up and controls operation of computerized deburring and tooling machine to perform series of machining operations, such as drilling, chamfering, and deburring. • Inspects “first part,” and inspects work pieces throughout the production run for out-of-tolerance machining. • Minimum 5+ years’ experience • H.S. Diploma or GED

Customer First Attitude

Mr. Glass Fax Resume to 271-1279 or Email: RELIEVE STRESS THROUGHOUT THE DAY Walk away. The APA notes that taking a break from a stressor is one of a handful of healthy techniques that research has indicated is a successful way to reduce stress, both in the short- and long-term. If a project at work is proving especially stressful, step away for a short period of time to do something else, whether it’s to go for a brief walk or converse with a coworker about something unrelated to the project. Avoiding the stress entirely, especially if it’s a work project or a bill that must be paid, is not the answer. But a short break from the stressor and thinking about it can provide a new perspective and time to calm down.

JOB BENEFITS Vacation, Paid Sick Leave , Holidays, Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401(k) Plan Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen. Advantech Industries is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Any person with a disability needing special accommodations to the application process please call Human Resources.



Prioritize saving. Lightning may not strike twice, but plan ahead for another job loss by prioritizing savings in the future.

We’re hiring Pathstone Weatherization Program

Experience a plus. Valid driver’s license a must. 401K, health care package.

Anderson-DuBose has full-time employment opportunities for Warehouse Associates Job entails order picking with electric pallet jacks as the primary tool, pallet stacking, and loading trucks. Must be capable of performing physical labor, lifting up to 50lbs. Must be able to work early mornings or late nights and a weekend day. The schedule is a 4-day work week with overtime during the season. Pay is $20.00/hour to start. Generous benefit package including medical, dental and vision insurance. Benefit package also includes a 401k plan and paid time off.

To apply or

Full-Time Temp to Permanent Positions Providing energy saving measures to lower energy bills & improve comfort in Monroe County

Crew Positions General labor skills with carpentry, insulation and minor home repair experience preferred.


Also accepting applications for:

Crew Leader and/or Home Energy Auditor


Knowledge of the home performance industry or experience in a related field preferred.

Millwright - Full-time Maintenance Mechanic - Full-time

All Applicants Must: • Have Valid Driver’s License, vehicle & insurance • Pass Background Check

Heany offers competitive pay & benefits. Medical, Dental, Life, LTD, Paid Sick Days, Vacation, Holiday, and 401(k) Plan.

All tools, equipment and additional training will be provided. Send Resume to: No Phone Calls Please EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Call Joan at 585-889-2700 or send resume to: Page 23



LOCAL DELIVERY DRIVER • FULL-TIME Salary Range • Approx. $75,000 a year to start $3,000 Retention Bonus Program as well Excellent medical, dental and 401k benefits package! Full-time employment opportunities for CDL-A drivers for current and future openings. Duties consist of delivering to McDonald’s restaurants in New York State. No layovers. Must be willing to work in the yard fueling and switching when not driving. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule, including a weekend day. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. 18+ months’ driving experience preferred.

To apply:

By Fifi Rodriguez

NOW HERE’S A TIP By JoAnn Derson

View complete employment listings at


Puzzle Answers This Week


1. FOOD & DRINK: How many different flavors are in a Dr. Pepper soda?

* Three ways to use an empty tissue box: 1) Store plastic grocery bags inside; 2) line with a small plastic trash bag and use in your car as a travel trash can; 3) cut out the bottom and use it to disguise an extra toilet tissue roll in your guest bath!

2. AD SLOGANS: Which product was advertised as “the quicker picker upper”?

* Love oranges? Save the peels to add to your potpourri mix. Remove as much of the pith as possible and cut into strips. Air dry in bright light for about a week. Or you can set the strips on parchment and dry in a partially closed oven set to 175 F for about 45 minutes. Check often.

5. MUSIC: What was Madonna’s first Top 10 hit?

* “To separate yolks from egg whites, simply crack eggs into a shallow bowl and ‘suck’ the yolk out using an empty plastic water bottle. Squeeze the bottle slightly, then position the mouth of the bottle at the yolk and let go. It will magically slide up into the bottle, leaving the whites behind!” -- T.T. in New York

8. GEOGRAPHY: Which European country is known as Osterreich in its native tongue?

3. U.S. STATES: What is the capital of Washington state? 4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of hummingbirds called?

6. MOVIES: Which blockbuster movie had this final line, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”? 7. TELEVISION: What was the name of the pet pig on “Green Acres”?

9. MEASUREMENTS: How many tablespoons are in 1 fluid ounce? 10. ASTRONOMY: Which planet in our solar system is known as both the Morning and Evening Star?

* “When the last serving of jam has been used, I will happily add some oil and vinegar to the jar, along with a few choice spices, then shake. It’s an instant vinaigrette, with a fruity tang.” -C.L. in Tennessee

Answers 1. 23 2. Bounty paper towels 3. Olympia 4. A charm 5. “Holiday” 6. “Back to the Future,” Dr. Emmett Brown 7. Arnold 8. Austria 9. Two 10. Venus

* Keep your jeans or other denim items from fading by soaking them in a solution of cold water and salt (2 tablespoons to a gallon) for about an hour before washing. * “To clean a can opener, get it wet and run a folded paper towel through it while turning the handle. Works best if done after each use.” -- H.P. in Washington GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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© 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.



ANNOUNCEMENTS DID YOU KNOW... Placing an Obituary in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver Passages Section is far less expensive than other media? Call: 585-226-8111 for more information!


To place a classified ad…

EXPERT PIANO TUNING & REPAIR. Since 1980. Musician Extraordinaire, Charles M. Freida, 585-426-2334.


or call 1-866-812-8111

WHISTLE STOP ANTIQUE CENTER: 6363 Knickerbocker Road, Ontario. Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10AM5PM. Our Holiday Open House is Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, November 5th, 6th, & 7th with 3 day sale. Up to 30% store wide. Our November Thanksgiving Sale is November 5th -14th. Up to 30% off Store wide. The Winter Wonderland Shopping Fling (Free Gifts) will be Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, November, 12th, 13th, & 14th. 315-524-3965 L.W. EMPORIUM CO-OP: Gifts, collectibles, antiques, and home decor. 6355 Knickerbocker Rd., Ontario. Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10AM- 5PM. Our Holiday Open House is Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, November 5th, 6th, & 7th, with Gift Baskets and Door Prizes. The Winter Wonderland Shopping Fling will be Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, November, 12th, 13th, & 14th, with free gifts.315-5248841. Stop by the Feathered Nest for that special gift! Also participating in the Holiday Open House and Winter Wonderland Shopping Fling.

AUTOMOTIVE DONATE YOUR CAR to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veterans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398.

infoClassifi atedgvpennysave ads with the Ads DONATE YOUR CAR TO CHARPlus logo have more pictures, videos or info online providing you with more details before making your decision to purchase! Go to www.GVPennySaver. com and view the ad online to see the additional details. Scan the QR code below to learn more!

ITY. Receive maximum value of write off for your taxes. Running or not! All conditions accepted. Free pickup. Call for details. 1-855-587-1166. CASH 4 CARS, trucks, vans, SUVs. WE’RE LOCAL! Up to $500 cash. Up to $5000 for newer models. 585-482-2140

CLEANING HOUSEKEEPER AVAILABLE: Senior Citizen Discounted rate, orgainizing is my specialty, references available, 25 years, experience, reasonable rates. 585-353-4059

A bushel of apples w eighs 42 pounds w hile a pec k w eighs approximately 10.5 pounds. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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EDUCATION PIANO/ ACCORDION LESSONS: Any age welcome. 6 week trial program. I will furnish accordion. Many years experience. Ask for Deanne. 585-624-9118 TRAIN ONLINE to do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Professional at CTI! Get trained & certified to work in months! 888-572-6790. The Mission, Program Information and Tuition is located at (M-F 8-6 ET). TRAIN ONLINE to do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Professional online at CTI! Get Trained, Certified & ready to work in months! Call 855-516-1375. The Mission, Program Information and Tuition is located at consumer-information. (M-F 8am-6pm ET).

FIREWOOD FIREWOOD: Cut, split and seasoned. Delivery or pick up. Face cords, 1/2 face cords and car packs. 40 years of service. Thomas Garden Center 775 Ridge Road, Webster 585-671-8476 SEASONED FIREWOOD (1 YEAR) FOR SALE 4’x8’x16” (Face cord) $95 delivered. Current special: 5 or more face cord, $90 each. Fresh Mulch Available. 585-924-3377 or 585-402-4806

HEALTH VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 50 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99. FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-445-5928 Hablamos Espanol. DENTAL INSURANCE - Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Covers 350 procedures. Real insurance - not a discount plan. Get your free dental info kit! 1-888-623-3036 www. #6258. ATTENTION OXYGEN THERAPY USERS! Inogen One G4 is capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery. Only 2.8 pounds. Free info kit. Call 877-929-9587.

VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills for $99. 100 pills for $150 FREE shipping. Money back guaranteed! Call now 1-833-666-8336. ATTENTION: Oxygen Users! Gain freedom with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator! No more heavy tanks and refills! Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Call the Oxygen Concentrator Store: 855-839-1738. ATTENTION MEDICARE RECIPIENTS! Open Enrollment for Medicare health plans is here! Call our licensed insurance agents for an affordable quote for your needed coverage. Call for a no obligation free quote now! 844-808-9374 (TTY: 711)

ITEMS FOR SALE A QUANTITY OF good quality brand name air, electric, and hydraulic tools for shop, home, and construction. Also portable compressor, toolbox, and heavy duty work bench. Vern 585-857-7391 HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATING Air Vacuum. ETA Certified. Used twice, $626 new. Selling for $300. Serious callers only. 585-360-4106. RED BRICK: Standard size. 100 available. $2 each will seperate. 585-880-6917

PERSONALS PRAYER TO THE Blessed Virgin (Never known to fail.) Oh, most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request). There are none who can withstand your power. Holy Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee. (3 times). Holy Mother, I place this in your hands. (3 times). Say this prayer 3 days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. Thank you Virgin Mary for answering my prayers. P.G.

PETS THE KIT INN: Cat Boarding. Spacious Suites. Peaceful. Private. Affordable. Immaculate. Insured. Home Away From Home. Visit www. 585-698-8799

STROKE & CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE are leading causes of death according to the AHA. Screenings can provide peace of mind or early detection! Call Life Line Screening to schedule a screening. Special offer 5 screenings for $149. 1-833-549-4540 DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Coverage for 350 plus procedures. Real dental insurance - NOT just a discount plan. Do not wait! Call now! Get your FREE Dental Information Kit with all the details! 1-855-434-9221 #6258

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WILLIAMSON NY. AKC German Shepherd Puppies, AKC Papers Vet Checked Parents on site Family Raised 12 Weeks Old 2 Boys All Black $800 or Best Offer Call or Text Kris 315-359-7111



REAL ESTATE RECEIVE LOCAL OFF-MARKET motivated seller leads with the click of a b u t t o n a t w w w .

FOR RENT HENRIETTA: Hair Salon for lease. Convenient location on East Henrietta Rd. near Lehigh Station Rd. Well Equipped, business ready. Call for more info. Tim Borshoff Realty 585-334-2578 FOR RENT: Clearwater, Florida. Nice Furnished, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Carport, porch. Close to shopping, beaches. January - May. $1,600/ month +. 585-533-1447. AVON: Centrally located. 1 bedroom upper. Water, heat, sewer, refuse included. No Pets, no smoking. $700/ month. Security, 1st month required. Available Immediately 585-226-2885.

SERVICES CHIMNEY CLEANING: Help Prevent Chimney Fires. Have your chimney cleaned. Call Smokey The Chimney Sweep, 315-524-5172.

STEVE´S MASONRY AND FIREPLACE SERVICES: Brick, block, concrete, stamped concrete, chimney repairs, foundations, brick and stone veneers. 585-309-4295. M&M´s E-Z CLEANERS Residential Junk Removal Cleanout... Estates, Hoarders, Move Outs Attics, Basements, Garages, Barns Demo... Garages, Pools, Sheds, Barns BBB Member Mike, 585-975-9019, 585-482-8366. MASONRY & CONCRETE WORK: Brickwork, Blockwork, Walks, Steps Experienced, Honest **FREE ESTIMATES** Frank Torchia Masonry, 585-586-6224


❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■ PAINTING, WALLPAPER, DRY WALL REPAIRS. 35 years experience. David Papineau, 585-737-7027.

❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■ NATE’S HANDYMAN: *No job too big/ small. *Free estimate. *Interior/ Exterior *Honey Do List *Basement Waterproofing *Roofs, *Windows, *Doors $59 Gutter Cleaning 585-755-NATE (6283) DON’S GENERAL HANDYMAN SERVICES: Roofing, siding, exterior, and interior work done at affordable prices. 24 hour emergency services available. All kinds of jobs big or small accepted. 585-360-7974

COMPUTER ISSUES? GEEKS ON SITE provides FREE diagnosis REMOTELY 24/7 SERVICE DURING COVID19. No home visit necessary. $40 OFF with coupon 86407! Restrictions apply. 855-385-4814.


NEVER PAY FOR Covered Home Repairs Again! Complete Care Home Warranty COVERS ALL MAJOR SYSTEMS AND APPLIANCES. 30 DAY RISK FREE. $200.00 OFF + 2 FREE Months! 844-649-4766

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VALUATION OF LARGE ESTATES -Jewelry -Watches -Military -Artwork & Sculptures -Hunting / Fishing -Americana & Advertising -Transportation Items -Vintage Toys & Trains -Much, Much More Featured front page of Buffalo News

WATERS BASEMENT SERVICES, INC. The only WATER that should be in YOUR BASEMENT is BOB WATERS! Waterproofing, Drain Tile, Sumps & Backup Pumps, Wall Cracks, Stone Foundation, Structural Repair & More! 585-765-3369; 716-474-3898

TIM CALLAGHAN PAINTING *Interior/ Exterior *Wallpaper Removal *Drywall Repair *Deck Staining *Over 25 Years Experience *FREE Reasonable Estimates Tim, 585-259-6758 PAINTING: Quality Workmanship and Materials for all your interior/ exterior painting needs. Honest, dependable service. Small jobs welcome. Free estimates. C&F Painting, 585-671-8021 anytime.

HANDYMAN SERVICES: No job too small! Most any type repairs, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU NEED! Specializing plumbing, electrical. Doors, windowsinstallations/ repairs. Fair, reasonable. COVID precautions sensitive. 585-233-8007 B.Z. HOME IMPROVEMENT & LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Custom Tile and Flooring, Interior/exterior, kitchen, bath, windows, doors, drywall repair, decks, sidewalks, patios, painting, power washing, fencing. Fully Insured. Free estimates. Brian, 585-330-7256.


CM GOLD Call or Text: 716-472-8450 In Home Appointments & Williamsville Location

JUNK CLEANOUT SERVICES: Rates starting at $49. Cleanout of Attics, Cellars, Houses, Barns, etc! Removal garages, fences, etc. Also, Tree/ Brush Removal Fast Response Time SAME DAY SERVICE! MasterCard or Visa accepted. Fall COUPON SPECIAL: Expires 11-10-21 JD Junk & Cleanout Service, 585-719-8004

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

WANTED COINS - CURRENCY US Coins, Currency, Collections HIGHEST PRICES PAID Private Collector Honeoye - Pittsford 585-322-5909 WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, CO 80201. CHAPPELLS JUNK YARD: Free towing of your junk cars, trucks, vans. WE’RE LOCAL! Up to $500 cash. Up to $5000 for newer models. 585-394-9450

WANTED ANTIQUES WANTED: Coins. Furniture, Toys, Crocks, Oil Paintings, Oil/ Farm Signs, Pedal Tractors. Howard, FOX FARM ANTIQUES, 585-226-6160, 585-747-0193.


THE GENERAC PWRcell, a solar plus battery storage system. SAVE money, reduce your reliance on the grid, prepare for power outages and power your home. Full installation services available. $0 Down Financing Option. Request a FREE, no obligation, quote today. Call 1-877-350-0197. ●



PAINTING: Ask about FREE room with any complete interior or exterior or cellar waterproofing. 25 years experience. References. Frank Ange, 585-467-5827. MARAL ELECTRIC LLC: Commercial/ Residential. Licensed/ Insured. 25yrs experience. FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS! All Major Credit Cards Accepted. 585-490-3607.

TRI CO DOOR COMPANY for garage doors and openers. Parts, Service, Sales and installations. Commercial, Residential, Automatic. FREE ESTIMATES. 585-924-3210. Insured.

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Jewelry/Diamonds/Coins & Gold & Silver Bullion S and G Coins 1276 Fairport Rd. 585-348-9038 Mon./Tues. 10am-5:30pm Closed Wed. Thurs./Fri. 11am-7pm Sat./Sun. Noon-5pm

MISC. !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! GIBSON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR PAID. CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-433-8277. DISH Network. $59.99 for 190 Channels! Blazing Fast Internet, $19.99/ month (where available.) Switch & Get a FREE $100 Visa Gift Card. FREE Voice Remote. FREE HD DVR. FREE Streaming on ALL Devices. Call today! 1-866-713-1595. BEST SATELLITE TV with 2 Year Price Guarantee! $59.99/ month with 190 channels and 3 months free premium movie channels! Free next day installation! Call 888-570-0887. YEAR ROUND R.V. & Boat Parking, Mini Self Storage 5x10 to 10x14, video surveillance, secure, 24 hr access 10 Ontario St., East Rochester 585-586-2483 www.



ELIMINATE GUTTER CLEANING FOREVER! LeafFilter, the most advanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule free LeafFilter estimate today. 15% off Entire Purchase. 10% Senior & Military Discounts. Call 1-855-995-2490. LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Call for a free quote from America’s Most Trusted Interstate Movers. Let us take the stress out of moving! Speak to a relocation specialist 888-721-2194 HUGHESNET - Finally, super-fast internet no matter where you live. 25Mbps just $59.99/ month! Unlimited Data is Here. Stream Video. Bundle TV & Internet. Free Installation. Call 866-499-0141 DIRECTV for $69.99/mo for 12 months with CHOICE package. Watch your favorite live sports, news & entertainment anywhere. One year of HBO Max FREE. Directv is #1 in Customer Satisfaction (JD Power & Assoc.) Call for more details! (some restrictions apply). Call 1-866-731-3285

DIRECTV NOW. No Satellite. $40/ month 65 Channels. Stream news, live events, sports & on demand titles. No contract/ commitment. 1-866-825-6523. NEW AUTHORS WANTED! Page Publishing will help self-publish your book. Free author submission kit! Limited offer! 866-951-7214. BATH & SHOWER UPDATES in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable prices No payments for 18 months! Lifetime warranty & professional installs. Senior & Military Discounts available. Call: 855-761-1725.

Honor Your Loved One In print and online by publishing an Obituary in our Passages section. Includes color photo. Call: 585-226-8111 THE GENERAC PWRcell solar plus battery storage system. Save money, reduce reliance on grid, prepare for outages & power your home. Full installation services. $0 down financing option. Request free no obligation quote. 1-855-270-3785.

HOME BREAK-INS take less than 60 SECONDS. Don’t wait! Protect your family, your home, your assets NOW for as little as 70¢ a day! Call 866-409-0308.

DISH TV $64.99 for 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply. Promo Expires 1/21/22. 1-833-872-2545.

UPDATE YOUR HOME with beautiful new blinds & shades. Free inhome estimates make it convenient to shop from home. Professional installation. Top quality - Made in the USA. Free consultation: 877-212-7578. Ask about our specials!

LOOKING FOR ASSISTED LIVING, memory care, or independent living? A Place for Mom simplifies the process of finding senior living at no cost to your family. Call 1-833-386-1995 today!

GENERAC Standby Generators provide backup power during power outages, so your home & family stay safe & comfortable. Prepare now. Free 7-yr extended warranty $695 value! Request a free quote today! Call for terms & conditions. 1-844-334-8353 AT&T INTERNET. Starting at $40/ month w/12 month agreement. 1 TB of data/ month. Ask how to bundle & SAVE! Geo & svc restrictions apply. 1-888-796-8850.

ALL MODEL TRAIN ITEMS & COLLECTIONS WANTED. Instant cash paid. 585-507-0562

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “I had a new vision in front of me, and I always feel that if I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it.” -- Arnold Schwarzenegger


POLL Joseph Manchin III, (D - W. Va.), has continued to take issue with President Joe Biden’s economic package regarding its size and scope, notably opposing a $150 billion dollar program aimed at transitioning utilities from fossil fuels towards carbon-free sources of power. Should Manchin be expelled from his office as senator? • Absolutely! • No, but he needs to find a compromise quickly. • No way! Poll Ends 11-09-21 Poll Results 11-02-21 On a movie set in Arizona, Alec Baldwin discharged a gun being used as a prop, striking cinematogapher Halyna Hutchins who subsequently passed away and injuring director Joel Souza. Who should be held accountable? 0% Director 5% Movie Company 45% Prop Manager 10% Producer 40% Alec Baldwin We love hearing from you! Vote and make your voice heard when you visit!


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