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Vehicle boom posing serious problem to city

G PLUS APR 23 - APR 29, 2016

District Administration restricts e-rickshaws to by-lanes

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VOLUME 04 | ISSUE 11 JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


Extra-marital PG affairs spike 07 divorces in city

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New Chic on the Block Aishwarya Mour

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G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

Lead Story

Vehicle boom posing serious problem to city kalyan deb

The future of Guwahati’s streets is in serious trouble given the rate at which vehicles are increasing in the city. G Plus presents a statistical report on the situation


uwahati is no longer a driver’s paradise; there forever remains a doubt if the city ever offered such a luxury. With the city bursting at its seams with vehicular population making it one of the most vehicle-dense in the country, the city’s already narrow roads and roundabouts are choking for breathing space. This, coupled with an ineffective bus service system, only adds to the woes of the motorists and the commuters. With Guwahati attracting more and more professionals in the wake of the city’s developing scenario and retail revolution, the number of vehicles is on the rise giving sleepless nights to the authorities concerned. Better transport planning and traffic management are going to be the major challenges for the authorities concerned in years to come. A look at the figures points to a distressing future. Guwahati, with a population of about 20 lakhs, reportedly has lakhs of vehicles; about 4.5 lakh two-wheelers and over 2 lakh four-wheelers. Over 61,000 vehicles are added to the burgeoning vehicular population every year. Being the commercial nerve-centre of the northeast, thousands of floating vehicles put further pressure on the roads of the city, a majority of which have already been widened to their full capacity. In fact, the traffic jams on the city roads are becoming order of the day. Ironically, the grid system of the roads has its own disadvantages in case of the traffic jams. Obviously, the city roads cannot take so much pressure and for a growing city like Guwahati, an effective public transport system is the need of the hour. The apathy among the bus passengers can only be brought to an end by putting a strict system in place that will promote opting for public transport rather than one’s personal vehicle. An unprecedented increase in the number of the vehicles has also put the parking lots under strain with the motorists fighting for every inch of available parking space. The recent introduction of app based cab services have also added to the clogging of the city roads. There is no second opinion that the cab services has been a rich promoter of self employment as the figures has crossed 10,000 in just a shade over a year but they are certainly adding to the vehicle pressure of the city.

Private cars registered in 2016 Month

Regular traffic snarls in the city | G plus photo

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Number of cars registered 1969 1827 1644 1478 1881 1620 1615 1373 1716 1367 495 959



Guwahati, with a population of about 20 lakhs, reportedly has lakhs of vehicles; about 4.5 lakh twowheelers and over 2 lakh four-wheelers. Over 61,000 vehicles are added to the burgeoning vehicular population every year.

Commercial vehicles registered in 2016 AATOV Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total

Motor Maxi Other Passenger Cabs Cabs Taxi three wheeler autorickshaw

8 5 4 11 9 45 246 356 446 300 0 NA

1 1 0 5 0 7 32 40 45 39 266 210

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 167

6 13 10 0 2 7 27 45 68 64 0 NA

5 5 7 3 4 7 19 16 12 16 3 6






There is no second opinion that the cab services has been a rich promoter of self employment as the figures has crossed 10,000 in just a shade over a year but they are certainly adding to the vehicle pressure of the city.

Traffic violation cases in 2016 Number of spot fine violation cases Fine realised Number of non-FIR submitted Drunk driving cases detected

116645 Rs.3,76,16,750 28961 7047

• An average of 1495 private cars got registered every month in 2016 • An average of 17,447 cars and 33,657 two wheelers got registered annually from 2009 to December 2016 • There are more than 10,000 cars registered under cab services such as Uber and Ola • The city saw a boon in commercial vehicles from July ’16 as an average of 93 vehicles got registered every month in comparison to 8 vehicles

Number of private vehicles registered from 2009 to 2016 Year 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 Apr to Dec 2016

Cars 13676 17259 19311 19144 19833 19191 19617 11545

Two wheelers 21909 29979 34656 31261 38063 40091 45107 28196




G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


In The News

Rajesh Jalan duped govt of Rs 19.86 Cr by faking liquor transport permit

Rajesh Jalan in custody | G plus photo


iquor baron Rajesh Jalan is in the news these days for evading excise taxes worth Rs 20 crores. After his recent arrest there were reports of two IAS officers being quizzed in the case. Is the case only of tax evasion or is it murkier? G Plus tries to explore the crime in a chronological order. Registration of the case Nagaon Deputy Commissioner Shamsher Singh who was the excise commissioner in 2015 talking to G Plus said, “As soon as I joined the excise department I received some information about BG Bonded warehouse and the fraudulence that was going on. I immediately asked the Excise Intelligence Bureau to investigate

and on their suggestion I formed a special investigation team of the excise department who submitted a report shortly.” He added that the report was sent to the government and accordingly the case was submitted to the CID. Enquiring why he was quizzed by the CID recently, Singh said that he is a witness and also the complainant. The CID talked to him in the process of investigation. Highly placed sources in the CID, talking to G Plus, said that on 20th November 2015 a case was registered in CID (CID PS case number – 54/2015 under section 120 B/468/471/409 IPC). According to the complaint BG bonded warehouse had forged all the transport permits between 2012 and 2015 faking false permits issued by the Kokrajhar superintendent of excise. CID studied all the documents, challans, transport permits etc. provided by BG bonded warehouse, documents in Kokrajhar excise office, receipts from banks and also visited 42 on and off liquor shops in Kokrajhar. CID also talked to the IMFL companies to find out who used to place the demands at the warehouse.

The expose and modus operandi On scrutiny of the documents it was known that the BG bonded warehouse located at Lokhara was owned by one Bonti Gogoi Pegu. In 2012, through power of attorney, the warehouse was given to one Mrinal Goswami to run the business. The source said CID found that between 2012 and 2015 the entire business and the fraud were done by Rajesh Jalan, the mastermind. Jalan who hails from Tinsukia and has a residence in Dispur had claimed to the IMFL companies that along with BG warehouse he has five other warehouses (Dibe Durga at Kokrajhar, New Assam at Barpeta, DPM Baruah at Sivasagar, Flemingo at Khatkhati and Maruti Nandan at Guwahati). CID investigated and found that Jalan was a partner licensee only in Maruti Nandan; the rest had different owners. After ensuring the fraud CID arrested Rajesh Jalan from the LGBI Airport on his return from Bangkok. Over the 12-day police custody CID learnt that Jalan had a team who used to forge all documents - from VAT clearance to transport permit issued by excise superintendent etc. He used the names of 42

different bars and wine shops in Kokrajhar and transported liquor from Guwahati showing false transport permits. According to CID, between 2012 and 2015, he cheated the government of Rs 19.86 crores just by transporting liquor from BG bonded warehouse. The CID expects some more arrests, including some government officials, considering

rahul chanda

the size of the nexus. Meanwhile, Bonti Gogoi Pegu and Mrinal Goswami are absconding; CID is confident of nabbing them soon. The IAS officers were quizzed because both were former excise commissioners. The CID started working actively in the case from September 2016 when AK Jha joined as its ADGP.

• In 2015 Shamsher Singh joined as the excise commissioner • After one and a half months he received information about a fraud in BG Bonded warehouse • Singh asked the excise intelligence bureau to investigate • The bureau informed Singh that the matter requires thorough investigation and a special investigation team (SIT) was formed • SIT submitted the report and investigation by a criminal investigating agency was suggested • The report was submitted to government which roped in CID; on 20th November 2015 CID registered a case • CID investigated all the documents and it was known that Bonti Gogoi Pegu was the warehouse owner who, in 2012, had given power of attorney to Mrinal Goswami to run the business • On 4th December 2016 CID arrested Rajesh Jalan; Pegu and Goswami remain absconding • Jalan forged the transport permits issued by Kokrajhar superintendent of excise and transported liquor from BG Bonded warehouse in Lokhara to unknown places by creating false demands of 42 bars and wine stores in Kokrajhar • CID investigation continues, more arrests likely • The IAS officers quizzed in the case were past commissioners of excise who could help the investigation



G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

Soaring prices no deterrent for Magh Bihu revelry

Juthika Baruah

Markets are flooded with various items for Bhogali Bihu and the sky rocketing prices of fish and meat have not dented the spirit of Bhogali Bihu in the city from the fish traders who come to sell fish in the ghat as there is maintenance expense and we also have to pay to the authorities. There are other traders like vegetable traders as well and some people set up temporary shops for serving breakfast to the market visitors,” Kalita said. The wholesale price remains the same as the daily market but the retail prices goes up as the traders have to pay commission to the committee members and they also get a chance to make better profits during the occasion. People just do not care about prices when it comes to Magh Bihu. Fish prices in Uzanbazaar (Wholesale rate per kg) Chital- Rs. 500-600 Rohu- Rs. 400-500 Bhokua- Rs 350-550 Barali- Rs 400 Ari- Rs. 400-500


Shoppers throng a city Bhogali market | G plus photo

he markets of Guwahati are flooded with various food items for Magh Bihu and people are rushing to grab their

favourite items without giving a second thought to the prices. Soaring prices of fish, meat and vegetables does not seem to be a

concern for the people and pricey fish and meat for the traditional Uruka feast are proving to be hotselling products. On the occasion of Uruka, which is celebrated on the day before Magh Bihu, 150 tonnes of fish like Ari, Chital, Rohu, Bhokua etc. come from different parts of the state. “This time we have not allowed the sale of coarse fish (chalani fish) as the district administration has issued orders not to sell it in our market. The wholesale market of coarse fish is in Betkuchi and the Uzanbazar fish market is selling only local fish,” said Noni Kalita, member of Uzanbazar wholesale fish market committee. Kalita said that earlier they were allowed to sell coarse fish during Magh Bihu but now they have completely stopped it on the instructions of the administration. “As large numbers of people gather to buy fish for Uruka in Uzanbazar ghat different varieties of fish were brought to the market. Exotic fish like Chital, Ari, Barali have been sold at highest of prices as people prefer these varieties of fish to celebrate Uruka. The fish comes from Nagaon, Morigaon, Goalpara, Tezpur, Mangaldoi, Barpeta, Hajo etc.,” said Kalita. “Commissions are taken

Kalita said that the retail prices will be a lot higher and the fish which costs Rs. 400-500 at the wholesale market will retail for Rs. 1,000-1,500 per kg. Typically, a kilo of fish yields 12-13 reasonably sized pieces. On the other hand, people are also thronging to Betkuchi wholesale fish market as the coarse fish which is sold there is preferred by the middle and lower class people purely because of the price difference. “As some people can’t afford to buy local fish at such high prices those sections of people buy coarse fish. Normally 5 vehicles consisting of 300 boxes, each containing 40 kgs of fish come to the market but on the occasion of Uruka, they are expecting 25 vehicles to come to the market. 10,000 boxes of Ari, Chital, Bhokua and Rohu fish, each containing 50 kgs, come every year and it will be the same this year as well with every chance of the numbers increasing. This fish comes from Andhra Pradesh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Kolkata, Delhi, Bihar, Secunderabad etc.,” said Kajal Paul Choudhury, Secretary of Paikari Mach Besa-Kina Samabai, Betkuchi. Betkuchi Fish Market Chital- Rs. 400 per kg Ari- Rs. 400-450 per kg 1 kg size fish- Rs. 107 2-3 kg size- Rs. 200

• Markets are flooded with local food items on the occasion of Magh Bihu • Uzanbazar fish market all set for Uruka mela • The production of fish is more than last year for which prices might remain reasonable Moreover, people are also visiting markets to buy flattened rice (cheera), Jaggery (Gur), Pitha, Laru etc. for Bihu - main items without which the Bihu remains incomplete. Bhogali Bihu is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervour in villages and burning of Meji and Bhela Ghar in the early morning on the first day of Bihu is an important ritual but as Guwahatians do not get this traditional celebration, the people often leave for villages to witness the same. Laru and pitha are made in the homes in the villages but are commercially available in the city markets and the city Bihu has a marked difference to the rural variant.

The wholesale market of coarse fish is in Betkuchi and the Uzanbazar fish market is selling only local fish for Bhogali Bihu: Joha Sira- Rs 100 per kg Malbhog Sira- Rs 80 per kg Kalamdani Sira- Rs 70 per kg Boka Dhanor Sira- Rs 80 per kg Mahor dali (Black lentils)- Rs 80 per kg Khejur Gur (Jaggery)- Rs 100 per kg Gur Saki- Rs 60 per kg Liquid Gur- Rs 100 per kg Gur Sura- Rs 100 per kg Bora Chawl (Glutinous Rice) - Rs. 50-60 per kg Duck- Rs. 500 for one Pigeon- Rs. 300 per pair Magh Bihu (also called Maghar Domahi) is a harvest festival celebrated in Assam, India, which marks the end of the harvesting season in the month of Maagha (January–February). It is the celebration of Sankranthi in Assamese, with the feasting lasting for a week.

G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

APSC choice of Satsang Vihar disciple’s son questioned

Rakesh Paul in custody | G plus photo


nother revelation regarding the APSC job scam kingpin Rakesh Paul and his relation with other

devotees of Satsang Vihar, a spiritual organisation that follows the teachings of Anukul Thakur, is raising many questions. According

to highly placed sources in the Satsang Vihar, Rakesh Paul was a die-hard follower of Anukul Thakur and used to donate huge

amounts to the organisation every year. The source said that he was regarded as very respectable in the organisation and there was even a room allotted to Paul in the Ulubari Satsang Vihar Ashram. But how does it relate to a job scam? The source said that Paul used to help many followers of Anukul Thakur who he was close with. A volunteer organisation Hitakalpa has requested the investigating officers and the police to investigate the appointment of one Partha Sarathi Deb by APSC. Deb is presently serving as a DSP in Assam Police. The president of the organisation, Bani Bikra Sarma, talking to G Plus said, “Partha Sarathi Deb is known to be from a mediocre academic background whose father, Prabir Deb, is a disciple of Anukul Thakur and is employed with Oriental Insurance Company. Prabir Deb has remained a disciple of Anukul for long and had cultivated good relations with Rakesh Paul.” Sarma further said that Partha was not sharp


In The News

rahul chanda academically but all of a sudden Partha managed to crack the APSC. He is a DSP now. Sharma had in fact approached Prabir on behalf of a candidate who wanted to get through APSC and Prabir had said, “Let him sit for the written, and other things will be taken care of.” Sharma said that the volunteer group is doubtful about Partha’s appointment and want the investigators to investigate the same. An APS officer of 2013 batch talking to G Plus in anonymity said, “I just know that 2 ACS and 1 APS officers of my batch have been questioned in SB headquarters.” The officer said that 2015 batch is a much talked about batch and have joined their districts recently. According to media reports besides one leader of the former Congress government, some media fraternity people and many APS and ACS officers are under scanner. The police is yet to file the charge sheet and many revelations are yet to be made.


G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


What the


Kalyan Deb

A tale of dal, roti and sabzi that destroyed the BSF Ramesh Srivats ‫‏‬ @rameshsrivats   A look at the #BSFjawan’s complaints, and the #BSF’s response suggests that good food is not reaching our soldiers, but lot of alcohol is. arya jyotirmay ‫‏‬ @aryajyotirmay  @Joydas Why would Tej Bahadur risk his job to expose corruption in #BSF ? @BSF_India must explain poor quality of food, & not his past. Dr.Jitendra Awhad ‫‏‬ @Awhadspeaks  BSF jawan on border says#Food quality is horrible instead of talking about #Food #BSF talks about his charecter #JavanDeservesGoodFood Nivedita jha ‫‏‬ @noblenivedita   Happy I never joined IIMC New Delhi as a daughter of a #BSF I have lost all respect for media houses ,way they have portrayed the officers Shiv Sunny ‫‏‬ @shivsunny   The #BSF casting aspersions on Tej Bahadur’s intentions will ensure very few jawans will ever dare to raise genuine issues, even internally. Globaldesiworldnwome ‫‏‬ @desiworldnwomen  saving grace of social media, a jawan can share his #dalroti and shake the conscience of many Indians & expose the #BSF command chain Abhishek Chakravarty  @ ‫ ‏‬Abhi__Maverick   Don’t gag people on the pretext of Nationalism.. it is unhealthy for democracy #bsf Bilal Bashir Bhat ‫‏‬ @bilalbashirbhat   The reality is even Indian Armed Forces are dependable on Facebook #BSF

District Administration restricts e-rickshaws to by-lanes Juthika Baruah

The district administration orders registration of e-rickshaws before 20th January and asks dealers not to sell any new vehicles until completion of the registration exercise


fter trekkers and buses, it is now the turn of e-rickshaws which might go off the main roads after 20th January as the District Administration has asked the vehicles to be registered; the vehicles are currently plying on the roads without any regulation. The rapid growth of e-rickshaws in several parts of the city is raising concern among commuters adding another dimension of jeopardy to the traffic and life. The increasing numbers of e-rickshaws are plying on various busy roads and bylanes without any registration or approval of the government authority. “There are around 2,000 e-rickshaws plying on the roads of Guwahati and there are 15 dealers of such vehicles. Therefore, I have asked the dealers not to sell any new vehicles until and unless the registration of the existing vehicles is completed. If anyone is found violating the norms the license will be cancelled,” said Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) M Angamuthu. Angamuthu said, “E-rickshaws will only be allowed in areas where there is no other mode of transport for the commuters for the better traffic management and we have also asked the traffic and transport department to demarcate the areas where these vehicles could be allowed.” Further, as these vehicles do not fall under any law, they cannot even be fined by the lawenforcing agencies. It is even more ironic that the state government, which till date, does not have a specified policy on e-rickshaws, has allowed the vehicles to be rolled out in Guwahati. It is being questioned as to how a vehicle designed and meant for public transport is plying without any safety norm or passenger-carrying guideline while even rickshaws are registered under Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC). The battery-operated e-rickshaws, which run at a fair speed between 25- 40 kilometres per hour, are neither registered, nor do their drivers need to obtain any kind of licence, making it even more risky for those who decide to board them. E-rickshaws are currently plying in areas like Narengi, Rupnagar, Hengrabari, Satgaon, Maligaon and Bhetapara. While the Guwahati Municipal Corporation refuses to enrol the e-rickshaws into its fold, the transport department too appears

E-rickshaws lined up in a stand | G plus photo

• E-rickshaws to ply only on by-lanes and on roads where there is no other mode of public transport • There are around 2,000 e-rickshaws plying in the city • The 5-seater rickshaw valued at Rs. 90,000 initially now costs between Rs 1.3 lakhs and Rs 1.7 lakhs • A bulk of them are operating in the Bonda area (around 700), followed by Satgaon (around 350), Ganeshguri (around 120), Panjabari (around 100) and dozens at Hatigaon, Beharbari, Pandu and other localities clueless about the unmonitored and unauthorised plying. Under the existing situation, even the police cannot issue challans (fine) against the e-rickshaws as they do not fall under any rule or act. Under the given circumstances, it would be virtually impossible to trace any e-rickshaw if it manages to flee the scene after being in a road mishap, admits a Guwahatibased traffic police official. “The authorities have never been able to control the unruly trekkers and auto rickshaws and the e-rickshaws are adding to the havoc. Initially, the drivers were careful while driving the vehicle but with passage of time the e-rickshaws have also joined the league. Although the vehicles are more eco-friendly as they do

not emit smoke and make lesser noise than other public transport vehicles the authorities should regulate norms to control the vehicles,” said Nilom Talukdar of Hengrabari. Meanwhile, e-rickshaw drivers also expressed concern over the lack of regulation since there is no particular documentation provided on the purchase of a rickshaw. The buyer of the rickshaw is only given a memo against the purchase which is the only document of ownership of the rickshaw. “In case of theft there is no other option for us but to let go as we do not have any document of ownership or a registration number through which the vehicle can be traced. The authorities should take steps to regulate norms which will make it convenient and secure for the public as well as the e-rickshaw owners,” said Rajesh Pandit, an e-rickshaw owner at Maligaon. In case of accidents or injury caused while travelling on the e-rickshaws there is no provision of laying the responsibility to the unregistered motorised vehicles. Meanwhile, the cycle rickshaws, which hardly run at a lifethreatening speed, are regulated by GMC whereas the e-rickshaws have been given a free run. “This is a peculiar situation as neither the GMC Act nor the Motor Vehicle Act covers the e-rickshaws at present. The GMC reasons that as it is a motorised

vehicle, it cannot fall under its jurisdiction. However, the transport department has taken up the matter and is working on regulating certain norms for e-rickshaws,” said an official of transport department. The e-rickshaws with accelerators in place of pedals and powered by a battery that powers the wheels for 80 kms after just six hours of charging made its way to the streets of Guwahati in 2013. Over the years the batteryoperated rickshaws or e-rickshaw have mounted in popularity and are also becoming a favourite among the unemployed youths as no permit or licence is required for either buying or driving it. Initially the five-seater rickshaw was valued at Rs. 90,000. However, the cost has now risen to amounts between Rs 1.3 lakhs and Rs 1.7 lakhs. President of All Guwahati E-Rickshaw Drivers’ Union Biren Sarma said, “The formalities should be completed as soon as possible and we demand that the department initiate the registration at the earliest so that the boys could run their business smoothly as this is their only mode of livelihood.” However, the operators who charged the RTA with bias, argued that being battery-operated, their vehicles do not cause any pollution and the government should have encouraged the operators.

G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

Extra-marital affairs spike divorces in city



kalyan deb

Most affairs in the city start out as flings borne out of the desire to seek excitement or emotional support and eventually bloom into long-drawn, full-blown affairs that bring marriages crashing down an extramarital affair. Masked or discreet that it was in the past, affairs have become rather conspicuous in modern society. In the case of a man having an affair with another woman, it is said that ‘the wife is the last to know’ when her husband has strayed. No other debacle is analyzed as thoroughly as a marriage where one partner is cheating the other for it can be the greatest tragedy that a marriage can suffer from. Firstly, the sincere partner’s ego gets bruised and eventually anger, hatred, jealousy, pain, humiliation and desperation begin to overcome the partner’s inner being. illustration | suvankar nandi


xtra marital affairs have been in existence from time immemorial in every society. In the so-called sophisticated societies it has almost become a fashion. Having a lover on the side is regarded as an additional qualification that boosts one’s self-esteem! While it is considered morally and ethically wrong or sinful to have an extra marital affair, the fact remains that innumerous husbands and wives in the modern world have fallen prey to this forbidden charm which causes families to break down and end in divorce in most cases where innocent children are left to tackle the emotional scars left by their parents. Be it early marriage or marriage for the wrong reasons, emotional discontent, physical dissatisfaction or need for excitement are probably some of the most common reasons for people to get involved in

The general assumption On a rational analysis, one may try to understand a man or woman’s need for another partner in the first place. Quite often, it may appear as an attempt to resolve a problem that stems directly from the marital bed - like frigidity, limited concupiscence or just plain boredom. Some assume that it is this misunderstanding of the partner’s concupiscence or lust that prevents evaluating the true nature of the husband or wife’s behaviour and the fact that another person overcrowding their marriage may not mean that all is not well with a marriage. Many swear and say that they love their spouse but, of course, they are ‘just human’ and seek variety. For this particular section, the other woman or man seems to make them feel good. They like to believe that they are

being discreet and come out with self-justifying excuses that those are not relationships but more like eating out when hungry. However, in several cases it is not sex alone that is most important in a marriage; it is the relationship in its entirety that counts. When women try to use sex as a bribe or a weapon, it opens up a different chapter where they don’t have much to say to one another. Sometimes the other person is an escape from serious emotional friction under the domestic roof. Cases in the city Extramarital affairs are complex; the reasons why they occur and solutions to repair them are not too plentiful. Each individual has his or her own different story, but paradoxically, all such stories are much the same. Two things are very common: the individuals lack self-understanding and effective communication that fails to provide one with emotional or physical support. How can one “grow” or “adjust” in a relationship as time passes when one does not have the courage to express the needs and wants over time? Emotional aid: From the cases that G Plus checked out in Guwahati (a city where affairs seem to be rampant) the lack of emotional support is a major cause for a partner indulging in an extramarital affair. Within the various covenants of marriage, the fulfillment of emotional need is paramount. When a spouse decides to venture outside his or her marriage to satisfy these needs, an emotional affair may ensue. The problem is not that we

as human beings can care about more than one person; rather it’s about what we share with another person. Sometimes a couple grows emotionally disconnected from each other - the top reasons being lack of time and lack of communication with each other. Similar was the case of Sanjit and Priya (changed names). The couple was far from being emotionally attached to each other and Priya meets someone who she feels fills that emotional gap. Having worked in a PSU she met a married person and somehow felt a connection with him. The two started meeting more frequently and gradually fell for each other. The partners are currently in an open marriage which remains unhampered. In another instance Ragini (changed name), who remains at the receiving end of her husband’s apathy when it comes to her emotional wellbeing, chose to seek refuge in another man’s company and gradually started having an affair. In another incident, the wife started having an affair as her husband was working in a different city and came home only once a month. Monetary impediment: Yet another aspect that may lead to extramarital affair is the lesser known reason of financial hindrance. In such cases, either of the partners engages in infidelity as he or she is not being provided with the desired or expected allowances. Difficulties in personal finances (excess debts and liabilities), or lack of agreement on personal financial management can sometimes trigger constant bickering within the four walls. At such a vulnerable time, anyone who

lends a sympathetic ear to your woes or offers some financial support becomes welcome and offers strong possibilities of leading to an extramarital affair. In an instance from the city a lady (name withheld) got drawn into a sexual alliance with her spouse’s friend. The alliance led on to multiple sexual affairs – all against money. Midlife crisis: In most of the cases midlife crisis has surfaced as a major reason that triggered infidelity as most of the stories describe situations where the couple has been married for close to ten years or more. “It is seen in Indian society that women are busy with children whereas men are busy with their professional careers. This gradually lessens the personal attention towards each other. Eventually either of the partners seeks company outside marriage. However, such incidents are mostly light flings but problems arise when a fling turns into an affair. Meanwhile, there are various other reasons. From the cases I have handled people get frustrated out of trying to hold things together and in the end opt for a divorce. It is all about how much one can tolerate the partner,” said a city based lawyer who handles a number of divorce cases. While this piece could have been an explosive documentation of Guwahati’s promiscuity, G Plus has chosen to offer a tempered down version. The fact remains that extra-marital affairs are rampant in the city with huge measures of spice and variety thrown in, eventually leading to massive divorce rates.


G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


Bixesh Bazaar for Uruka at Uzanbazaar G Plus news

The concept of Bixesh Bazaar is to provide quality products to the consumers which will come directly from the farmers that will also provide them a platform to get their requisite profit without having intermediaries or brokers


Pragpal officials announcing launch of Bixesh bazaar | G plus photo

ruka or Magh Bihu is a festival of feasting and to provide the people with original taste of local indigenous foods and fresh vegetables, fish and meat, Pragpals Tradecom Pvt. Ltd. has come out with Bixesh Bazaar which will be a one day market inaugurated by Kamrup Metro District Administration at

Janasanyog /697/16

Uzanbazar on 13th January. The concept of the market is that it will raise the average per capita income of farmers as currently the local farmers in rural areas producing agricultural products have a very low per capita income. The community is dependent on agriculture, fishing and inconsistent revenue

from milk products for their livelihood. Transforming their business model by removing intermediaries may transform their lives for generations. Giving a brief about the market, Dr. Ijen Bhattacharyya, Director, Business Development of Pragpals said, “We have emphasized mainly on quality products as now-a-days people consume hybrid products which contain high pesticides which are harmful for people. Pesticides are very harmful for children and it is difficult for them to digest foods which contain high pesticides. The vegetables which contain pesticides are also harmful for pregnant women as the child could be born with defects. Therefore, we emphasized that

people could buy products which are quality products that contain very less percentage of pesticides that does not affect the people.” Dr. Bhattacharyya said that the consumers of vegetables are paying very high price for their day to day needs as total delivered cost of vegetables shoots up due to multiple intermediaries, agents, brokers and dealers. A single private partner as a direct interface between farmers and consumers will eliminate intermediaries and significantly reduce consumer price. Director, Operations of Pragpals, Hemanta Mazumdar said, “42 items will be available in the market including flattened rice (Cheera), Glutinous Rice (Bora Saul), fish, meat, vegetables,

curd etc. Pragpal plays a unique role in sourcing vegetable produce directly from the farmers based in nearby villages of Guwahati and will directly control quality before it transits to the consumers.” Mazumdar said that the items will be sold at fair prices which will be much lesser than the market price with the quality product. “This is a small initiative to make people aware about consuming quality food and if we get support from the government and the district administration we will go for daily establishment to provide quality products to the consumers which will come directly from the farmers so that they could also get the benefit of their struggle which they do during the cultivation,” said Mazumdar.

G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017



Himanta’s tweet KOs Metropolis

rahul chanda

The winter festival’s premature closure has derived mixed responses with some conforming to the government’s action and some questioning the display of power by respected leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma


the event could be stopped on the grounds of violation of norms despite such advance payments. The chairman said after that Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted as even he must have known about the violation and accordingly the organisers were asked to stop the event. Whatever be reason, it seems as though there are groups or factions in the GMDA with some backing the decision and some not. It is anyway known by all that there are lobbies in every government office and GMDA is no different. Sources in the district administration, talking to G Plus, said that the event was only supported by the administration and not sponsored. Also it was said that the administration is not responsible for issuing permission or closing the event as that authority rested with the GMDA.

Crowd outside Nehru Park after they were denied entry | G plus photo

ust a few hours before the closing ceremony of Metropolis 2017, the Nehru Park authority, i.e. the GMDA, stopped the event. The organisers and participants along with the audience had to leave wondering why the authority had taken such an action. Through media reports and social media updates it came to light that the GDD minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was unhappy with such an event taking place in a children’s park. Quoting Sarma’s tweet, “Why GMDA allowed Nehru Park for so called winter festival? The park belongs to the children. I will not tolerate atmosphere to be vitiated.” G Plus talked to the GMDA officials and also took views from people to know what exactly went wrong and why the event was so summarily closed. The authorities A highly placed source in the GMDA, talking to G Plus, said that the organisers had remitted the rental for the park in advance (Rs 16,000 per day) and the permission was given; the event is an annual winter festival that has been organized since the last five years and it provides the youths with an opportunity to showcase their creative talents. The source said that the event also allowed an opportunity for GMDA to earn some decent revenue from ticket sales; on the first day tickets worth Rs 62,000 were sold at Nehru Park, on the second day it was Rs 1,08,000 and on the third day before the event was stopped rather early Rs 30,000 worth of

tickets had already been sold. On a normal day there is an average collection of Rs 12,000 by ticket sale at Nehru Park. The source was upset with the move and remained unsure about any possible violation of norms and added that some senior GMDA officials might be more aware of the same. The source, in complete secrecy, said that some official from GMDA had visited the event on 6th January (first day) and, to his great annoyance, did not get a warm welcome from the organisers. The official returned to his office and started instigating other senior GMDA officials saying that the event organisers were flouting all the norms. It naturally follows that the GDD minister also might have been similarly informed which peeved him whereby he directed the GMDA authorities to stop the event and in the process let go the tweet against the event. G Plus thereafter talked to GMDA chairman Dhiren Baruah who said, “I had ordered action even before Himanta tweeted.” He said that on the second day he received a few calls from the public and was informed that children are facing problems because of the event as also that the event organisers are violating many norms. According to him he questioned the GMDA officials on how this permission was given and the concerned officials responded saying since it was a DC sponsored event the GMDA officials approved the same with certain terms and conditions in place. He asserted that the GMDA approved the event without his permission as

the file never came to him. He said that on the second day he had asked some GMDA officials to go and check if the event organisers were violating norms as complained by the public and also ordered drastic action against the organisers for any such violations. A team of GMDA officials visited the event and found many violations. Besides the statues of Kushal Konwar and Jawaharlal Nehru being covered up, many holes had been dug in the park which was not allowed. The chairman added that there were many other violations which could not be disclosed as an enquiry has been already ordered by him. The chairman had asked the GMDA officials that if the norms had been violated why the event had not been stopped. The officials were unsure as the organisers had already made payments in advance for booking the park, but the chairman clarified that

The critics There might be valid reasons for the minister and the GMDA for stopping the event but many people also different various views on the issue. A visitor who had taken her kids to the event, talking to G Plus said, “All of us enjoyed as my children got the opportunity to see and experience many creative things which helps children to ideate.” Similarly a social worker Rajkamal Pandey said, “The minister should not have tweeted something as arrogantly as he did as there are other ways of governance which could have been adopted by a respected leader like him.” Pandey clarified that the authorities could have asked the organisers to remove the covers on the statues if these were at all covered. They should also have involved the police to check and disallow intoxicants to be carried and consumed inside the park. Lastly he said that all said

and done the event was anyway going to end in a few hours, the organisers had obtained all the necessary permissions for it and the authorities could have very well waited for that day and taken a decision not to issue similar permissions in the future. He said the move has only garnered unnecessary controversy. There are also many people who backed the minister on the move but the question is how justified were the minister and the GMDA’s act of stopping the event in a manner so arbitrary just a few hours before the closing ceremony. Meanwhile the organisers were tight-lipped and did not want to talk or comment on the issue. • Five-year-old winter festival creates controversy • The organisers of Metropolis obtained all necessary permissions to conduct the event at Nehru Park • On the final day the event was stopped by GMDA on allegation of violating norms • The GDD minister’s arrogant tweet ignites controversy • Highly placed GMDA sources said that it is nothing but dirty politics between different GMDA lobbies and the GDD minister was provoked by a lobby which did not receive a warm reception by the event organisers • On the other hand GMDA chairman said that he had ordered action much before Himanta tweeted • Dhiren Baruah said some GMDA officials had approved the event with certain terms and conditions because it was DC sponsored but he asserted that the file never reached him before the approval • District administration sources said the event was just supported by them • The early crackdown on the event by GMDA and Himanta’s arrogant tweet has derived mixed responses with some backing the move and some opining that it was a brazen show of power

Foreign visitors at Metropolis 2017 | G plus photo


G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

In The News

Ashutosh Agnihotri sues Aabhijeet Sharma over land scam allegation rahul chanda

IAS officer files defamation case against APW to counter allegation that in 2011 the Kamrup Metro DC had given away 50 kathas of government land to a private party


Ashutosh Agnihotri (L) aabhijeet Sharma (R) | G plus photo

n a shocking allegation a volunteer group has levelled allegations that around 50 kathas of government land was given away to a private party which is constructing an apartment on it and where the cost of one flat is between Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crores. The president of the Assam Public Works (a volunteer organisation) Aabhijeet Sharma alleged that there are a number of IAS lobbies and in 2011, one of the lobbies gave away a large parcel of government land to a private party. Meanwhile, the IAS officer who stands accused by Sharma told G Plus that all the allegations are false and he had already filed a defamation case against the organization. G Plus tries to look into the allegations in depth. The allegations

Aabhijit Sharma, talking to G

Plus, said that he had held a press conference earlier as well and again on 10th January 2017 they, through the media, decided to ask the Chief Minister of Assam to send the concerned IAS officers outside the state till the case is disposed off as a case has been registered in the special court. Sharma said that in 2011 IAS officer Ashutosh Agnihotri was the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Metro, IAS officer Puru Gupta was the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) in Kamrup Metro and IAS officer VK Pipersenia was the Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue). Sharma said that Agnihotri had then given away 50 kathas of government land to Buildworth Pvt Ltd owned by Deepak Singh. Sharma said that at present the private company is constructing Park Panorama apartments on the land located in the Last Gate area which is a Rs

500 crore project and according to him flats in the apartment at present are being sold at around Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crores. Sharma said that the government land is for poor people and not for private development where the government is not earning any revenue. Sharma further said that Deepak Singh might claim that he had owned the land since 1961, but at that time the Hatigaon Mouza was in a tribal belt. “Who in Singh’s family was tribal in 1961?” Sharma questioned. The assembly involvement According to Sharma, during the 2014 winter session of the legislative assembly, the then Dhakuakhana AGP MLA Naba Doley had asked about the land and the then Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) PK Tiwari with his team had informed that the

land belonged to the government and had been transferred to Buildworth Pvt Ltd.” Sharma said that Naba Doley is a minister now and should take action against the IAS officers who had given the government land to the private party. Sharma said that APW had filed a case in a special court (case number – 4/2016 under section 120B/420/468/471/409 of IPC R/W sec 13(1)(c)/13(1)d(ii) of PC Act and sec 13(2) of PC Act). Sharma said that this case has been filed against Agnihotri and Gupta, but the APW is planning to move to the higher court where cases will be also be filed against VK Pipersenia and United Bank of India (UBI) – the bank which had given a loan of Rs 500 crores for the project. Sharma further said that they had only informed the chief minister but he did not take any action and now again they request the chief minister to suspend the IAS officers who have been accused till the case is disposed off.

against IAS officers who served as DC and ADC in Kamrup Metro.

The defence IAS officer Ashutosh Agnihotri, who at present is the commissioner and secretary of Industry & Commerce and Transport, talking to G Plus said that the allegations are baseless and false. He said that he had already filed a defamation case against APW and according to the court the volunteer group is not allowed to address any press conference. So the conference which was held on 10th January 2017 is pure violation of court orders. He said that nothing of that sort happened during his tenure. Only law can identify who is right and who is wrong but for the time being it is known that serious allegations have been levelled

• APW addresses the media for the second time levelling charges against an IAS lobby of giving away 50 kathas of government land to a private party in 2011 • APW president Aabhijeet Sharma says that Ashutosh Agnihotri along with Puru Gupta gave 50 kathas land in the Last Gate area to Buildworth Pvt Ltd in 2011 • Sharma said that during the winter assembly session in 2014 Dhakuakhana MLA Naba Doley had raised questions about the land and it was confirmed to be government land • According to Sharma, Deepak Singh, the owner of Buildworth had over media said that he had owned the land since 1961 but at that time the land fell in a tribal belt • Sharma questioned who was tribal in Singh’s family • Sharma filed a case in a special court against Agnihotri and Puru Gupta • Agnihotri said that all charges are false and baseless • Agnihotri sues APW chief for defamation and says interacting with media for the second time was violating court orders

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Guwahati ‘foodscape’ undergoing a mini revolution Ronmi Bora

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” Hippocrates barbeque nation franchise in guwahati

english breakfast at 11th avenue cafe bistro pork with lai xaak at khorika

dimsum platter & french dessertat cafe center point, dharapur


ith the onset of the month of Magh, the harvest season, feasting times and Bhogali Bihu celebrations, the mouth watering topic of food is inevitable. Guwahatians must have observed the evolution of the city’s food and beverage industry in recent times and it sparkles with choices only a commercially developed city can offer. Though Guwahati has kept alive a few of its iconic hangouts like China Town, Paradise, Lakkhi Cabin, Momo Ghar to cherish for generations there now are wider choices for the gastronomically inclined with over 300 food joints in the city. With the establishment of star category hotels like Radisson Blu and Vivanta by Taj, the trends are fast changing here with time. As Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people,” Guwahatians are steadily and surely becoming those ‘best people’ today. Being a Guwahatian and an avid foodie I have seen tremendous changes in the trends of the Guwahati food scene over the last few years. With cafés like Brown Bean,

thali at mising kitchen

11th Avenue, and the new Back Benchers Café opening up, the social scene of Guwahati has become a better and more engaging one. These cafés are offering a great platform to conduct various discussions on social issues or forming collective efforts to help each other as a result of which youngsters today are becoming engaging citizens making Guwahati a better place. Just for this, I would give a thousand likes and good reviews to all those cafés. Moreover, many a first date today starts over a cup of coffee. Even restaurants with specialized cuisine have come up in large numbers, be it Japanese (Umami, Vivanta by Taj), Bengali (Shola Anna Bengali, Kasturi), authentic local cuisine (Heritage Khorika, Naga Kitchen, Mising Kitchen to name a few). A lot of popular franchises like KFC, Barbeque Nation, Kasturi, 6 Ballygunge from Kolkata are offering their palates in Guwahati even as Guwahatians still eagerly await the evergreen Mc Donald’s to set up shop here. To top it

all the list of pubs and clubs are increasing every season. You will find everything in Guwahati now. And with Ola and Uber available no place is far from reach. Festival time brings another facet of change to food. Previously we used to see grandmoms and moms toiling for days to make pitha and savoury dishes before Bihu. Now Bhogali Jalpan offers to deliver pitha and other traditional items right at your door step at a click of a button. “In recent times, we Guwahatians have started celebrating different religious festivals as our own. During Christmas, it has become a routine for me to spend my day with good friends and visiting our favourite bakeries in town. In every sense, I feel this change is good and we Guwahatians are welcoming it,” summed up Pooja Kotoky, researcher and independent consultant in the development sector and self-proclaimed foodie, over a chat with G Plus. “There are some eateries where food quality is good but service is bad. So we avoid such places.

But some places with average food quality have great service prompting customers to visit them often.” said Sanghamitra Konwar, operation analyst at Vantage Circle and a food enthusiast. Also, sometimes the quantity of food is not commensurate with its price; portions served are small. And we see a majority of people prefer to eat without compromising in quantity as well. Guwahati has seen an increase in street food options. Some street food outlets serve tasty food which makes the customer happy because they get the feeling that the taste is at par with the better restaurants even as the prices are cheaper. “I am very delighted to have kala khatta here which, once upon a time, we could only dream of in Guwahati and I saw them only in pictures of Juhu Beach in Mumbai,” she said. Come February and Guwahati will witness the third edition of the G-Plus Guwahati Food Awards. Guwahati Food Awards (GFA), initiated in the year 2015, is aimed at bringing together the best in the food fraternity of the city and

recognizing top performers who have set benchmarks in the city’s food and beverage segment. Speaking at the announcement of the Guwahati Food Awards, Mr. Sunit Jain, Director & Publisher, G Plus said: “Given the success of the last two years, we at GFA believe that the F&B landscape is fast evolving in the city and hence would like to encourage even higher standards for the awards this year. We would also like to applaud the exceptional efforts made by the industry members who are becoming examples and setting benchmarks through innovation. The third season would definitely triple the excitement of all involved.” With Guwahati being the gateway of the northeast, it receives plenty of tourists visiting from all around the world. With increase in the tourist footfall in recent times, more media exposure and a variety of options in food nowadays, it is inevitable that Guwahati loves to celebrate good food with its natives as well as visitors.


G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


Smart City – How GMDA plans to make Guwahati better Gplus News

sparkling guwahati city by night| File photo


MDA has initiated and executed several projects in the city. In last two decades, the city has grown substantially and till date, the population has grown to more than 15 lakhs. The vehicle population has grown equally and the exponential growth of population has put enormous pressure on land, infrastructure and transportation network of the city. State capital region: To decentralize the population and for proper planning of the city, GMDA is currently undergoing the process of the delineation of Guwahati Metropolitan

Region which is also proposed to control the haphazard growth of the peripheral areas of the city and modification in the existing master plan to meet the changing requirement of the city. Steps have been initiated to create a State Capital Region covering Guwahati and its surrounding areas for which necessary acts are being formulated. Metro rail To improve urban mobility GMDA has completed the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for rail based Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) for Guwahati which will be safer, faster and reliable.

Government has reviewed the DPR and has proposed extension of a corridor from Guwahati to North Guwahati for which cabinet decision remains to be taken. The construction work of Guwahati Metro rail shall be taken up in phases and corridor from Jalukbari to Guwahati refinery will be taken up in Phase-I. North Guwahati Laying emphasis for expansion of the city to the north bank with improved connectivity, a new project proposal has been conceived and includes two bridges across river Brahmaputra which start from Panbazar to North Gu-

wahati and Palashbari to Sualkuchi for which global tender has been called and preparation of a DPR is in the works. “We have already received four bids from international consultants and the evaluation is in progress,” said the Chairman. Ropeway The Ropeway project connecting South and North Guwahati has resumed after a gap of 5 years. The government has issued administrative approval for an additional amount of Rs 28.36 crores to complete the project in all respects. The project is schedule to be completed by July 2017. Car parking The two automatic multilevel car parking systems at Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital campus (MMCH) at Panbazar (250 cars) and at Shraddhanjali Kanan (300 cars) are in progress and is expected to be complete by April 2017. The old jail land at Fancy Bazar will be developed as a botanical garden in line with Singapore Botanical garden as decided by government for which Detailed Project Report will be prepared. Water supply The South Guwahati West Water supply Project (107 MLD Capacity) under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) has been slated for completion and commission in April 2017. The project shall be operated and maintained by Guwahati Jal Board which shall provide direct connection to houses with automatic water reading meters. The project costs Rs. 394.53 crores. Urban housing The Land Pooling Policy will be used as tool by GMDA for development of the region. The zones which have undeveloped land

with potential to grow, will be used for several activities thereby reducing burden on the city. Development of river front and low cost housing is on the cards. Flooding and water logging Implementation of Water Body Act 2008 and development of water bodies in and around Guwahati city to increase the retention capacity has been taken up by GMDA. This shall significantly increase urban flood mitigation. GMDA is also constructing alternate storm water drains for diverting the storm water away from the city to minimize the water logging in the low lying areas of the city. Beautification GMDA had proposed installation of a few statues of great figures of Assam and India which include Mohendra Mohan Choudhury, Ambikagiri Roy Choudhury, Hem Baruah, Maulana Md. Tayabullah, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. Among these, statues of Mohendra Mohan Choudhury and Ambikagiri Roy Choudhury have already been installed and other statues will be installed shortly. Digital India To support the government’s decision to make Digital India, GMDA has already started online provision of building permissions and e-card payment facilities. Addressing the media on Wednesday, Chairman, Guwahati Metropolitan Develepment Authority (GMDA) said that GMDA is committed for the all round development of the city infrastructure. “GMDA is committed for the all round development of the city infrastructure but without your co-operation, advice and suggestion it would not be possible for us alone to fulfil the commitments,” said Baruah.

Digidhan Mela inaugurated in city to promote cashless transaction Gplus News


Digi Dhan mela being inaugurated in the presence of Cm Sarbananda Sonowal | G plus photo

hief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister for Development of North Eastern Region, Jitendra Singh, and Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju, on Wednesday lit the lamp for Digidhan Mela, organized in Guwahati. The two-day Digidhan Mela is aimed to initiate plans to enable citizens and merchants to undertake real time digital transactions through the Digidhan Mela. Commenting on the event, Jitendra Singh said that North East region has undertaken good initiatives to promote cashless transaction after demonetisation

decision. “The cashless economy will also help to improve social behaviour and economic management in the country. After demonetisation decision two printing presses were closed in Pakistan. These presses were printing fake currency value of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes,” said Singh. Kiren Rijiju said that the Digidhan Mela is a historic movement of North East Region along with entire India to promote cashless transaction. More than a hundred stalls were put up by the various government departments to promote ideas in

digital transactions. Government of Assam also organized an online contest to encourage local community participation in the overall initiative on digital payment in the following categories: (i) Slogan: Prize Money (1st prize: Rs. 10,000/-, 2nd prize: Rs. 7,500/-, 3rd prize: Rs. 5,000/-) (ii) Audio Jingle: Prize Money (1st prize: Rs. 50,000/-, 2nd prize: Rs. 30,000/-, 3rd prize: Rs. 25,000/-) (iii) Digital Poster: Prize Money (1st prize: Rs. 50,000/-, 2nd prize: Rs. 30,000/-, 3rd prize: Rs. 25,000/-)

G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017



City to get portable toilets soon

POS machines to be installed at Fair Price Shops, petrol pumps and LPG distributors of Guwahati Gplus News



MC has announced that portable toilets will soon be made available in Guwahati. This move has been taken to promote public hygiene and to address the lack of public toilets. Public urination is one of the major concerns raised by civic societies and has led to decline of public health. According to GMC, these toilets will be active and functioning by March 2017.

However, authorities are yet to address the construction of public toilets at Ulubari, Betola, Fatasil Ambari and Ganeshguri for which the construction had begun almost 3 years ago. According to sources, the first phase will have 4 such portable toilets and the number will be gradually increased. Each toilet will have 4 rooms and 2 of these will be reserved for women. The

toilet will have provisions for differently-abled people and will be provided with wheelchairs. The toilets will first be placed in the areas of the city with a large crowd which includes Paltanbazar, Lakhtokia, Jalukbari, Ganeshguri and Bhangagarh. Also, the construction of the previously sanctioned toilets will be completed within the year. Gplus News

Jaundice can now be detected through thumb imprint, thanks to the IIT-G researchers Gplus News

s an initiative to encourage the customers of Fair Price Shops, LPG cylinders, and petroleum products to adopt cashless transactions post demonetization, Deputy Commissioner (Kamrup-M) M. Angamuthu, on Friday, launched PoS machines at Deuri Brothers, Noonmati, and City Gas Agency, Beltola. Commenting on the event, the

Assam’s own e-wallet ‘Toka Poisa’ developed Gplus News


esearchers of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, (IIT-G) recently employed a technique that makes use of gold nanoclusters and copper sulphate for quick tests for bilirubin levels. A team led by Prof. Arun Chattopadhyay from the Department of Chemistry and Centre for Nanotechnology, IIT Guwahati, used thumb imprints to detect hyperbilirubinemia. The results were published in the journal Sci-

entific Reports. “When a person has jaundice, the bilirubin gets deposited on the skin surface. We wanted to develop a quick test to confirm if the bilirubin amount has exceeded the permissible limit in the blood,” says Prof. Chattopadhyay. The team has been working on nanotechnology for more than 10 years, and, in recent years, on luminiscent atomic nanoclusters. “You need to press the thumb on the membrane for a few minutes

to restore the yellow luminescence in the gold nanoclusters. Immediately after taking an impression, the same thumb cannot be used on a different membrane to restore the luminescence of copper-deposited gold nanoclusters. This could be because there is insufficient bilirubin present on the skin of the thumb after the first impression,” said Prof. Chattopadhyay.

DC said that he is taking steps to install PoS in rest of the Fair Price Shops of the city to help consumers have easy transactions. He also said that all the 37 LPG distributors and petrol pumps of the city will be enabled with PoS machines soon. He also requested the bank officials of Guwahati to provide all assistance to the agencies to install PoS at the earliest.

he Assam government has launched its indigenously-developed e-Wallet,, to enable the people of the state for hassle-free online transactions in local language. Revealing this at a press conference on Monday, state IT minister Keshab Mahanta said, “The mobile application has been developed by the Assam Electronics Development Corp. Ltd. Besides being an e-Wallet, it will be a virtual payment terminal.” Traders and merchants, including small shop-keepers, would be able to use the app to keep record of their transaction, with a feature of ‘accounting package’ for such small traders who cannot engage full-time accountants to keep their financial records. To enable offline payment, local cards will be available for paying through, the minister added. Toilets at Petrol Stations to be kept open for public use – GMC order GMC has ordered all petrol pumps in the city to allow the use of their toilets for the public. This initiative has been taken to help commuters, passengers and also to promote public hygiene. It may be mentioned that previously, toilets at fuel stations were often kept locked and was meant for staff use only. GMC has said that toilets built at fuel stations and public markets were meant for the public and now has issued this order in a bid to promote public convenience. Meanwhile, the authorities are also promoting the Swachha Survekshan Mission in a bid to promote a cleaner Guwahati. In case of violation of this rule, a complaint can be lodged at GMC.


G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017


Beguiling Bhogali

Prominent Guwahatians write about the rustic charms of Bhogali Bihu - a festival that, by itself, is an apt reflection of the Assamese culture, way of life and mindset.

Magh Bihu: Feast of Ingathering… Sattyakee D’com Bhuyan Growing up in Uzanbazar, Magh Bihu for me was all about feasting and seeking blessings for our parents and elders. The excitement of preparing the Meji starts a week prior to Uruka (Bhogali Bihu Eve) - the festivity dinner under the night blue sky. The best part is we still try to maintain that liveliness and togetherness with our close ones. On the first of Magh (the day after Uruka), I along with my family go visiting relatives starting with my last surviving and lovable Jethai, Chapala Barua who resides in Milanpur, Chandmari and later on friends to enjoy the fabulous Bihu delicacies. However, the other day I do remember one of the so called celebs stating over air that this is the time when (we) dancing and singing is at its peak. I am sorry but the use of we is my problem as the priority is feasting (Bhog/Bhogali). The person should have personalized and stated “I”. Did anyone hear from the grapevine about DJ’s being booked for Magh Bihu??? That will just be the end of it all and which is exactly what my fear is when it comes to building on traditions. But over and above let’s agree that presently we have enough distractions (starting from social media) to be able to reflect on our past way of life. Festivals are more of family get-togethers than following traditions itself which is a system of learning. However, the truth is, holidays that come along with festivals are becoming so commercialized that our proud traditions are in danger of becoming trivialized. Let’s not forget that traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. Once we ignore the underlying meanings of our rich tradition, we’re in danger of damaging the underpinning of our identity. However, since we all are becoming so health conscious these days the time is ripe to help restore and harmonize the vital life forces of the farm and to enhance the nutrition, quality and flavor of the food being raised if one dreams to stay healthy. Happy Bhogali Bihu. Support the folk traditions if nothing else.

The rustic appeal Skypeing the family get-together Tinat Atifa Masood I am always extremely pained to see and hear the heart-rending stories of people from around the world. I consider myself to be lucky when I wrap a blanket around me, blessed with warm food and a home to go back to, while thousands of others shiver in the cold, with no food. When I think of all those people who have been recently evicted from their homes, I have scant reasons to celebrate. I am hoping the government will be benevolent towards these people and consider providing shelter to them in an appropriate manner, as soon as possible. This Bihu, the Rotary family of RC Guwahati has planned to distribute the clothes from our clothes bank to the people who need them. However, having said that, I have always preferred my celebrations to be very private. This Bihu will be no different! A bonfire will be lit early in the evening. My son, Tirus and my nephew, Raheel will start strumming their guitars, a signal for the rest of the family to join. I would start with Jayanta Hazarika’s songs, my sister-in-law and my husband would reminisce Bhupen Da’s numbers, while my mother-in-law would sing some of her favourite Assamese melodies. My brother-in-law would be taking pictures. In the meantime, the potatoes and brinjal, which were kept to roast in the charcoal ash would be ready to be mashed and eaten. Amidst all this, Skype conversations with the rest of the family around the globe is a rule. This Bhogali Bihu, too, as usual, we are thinking of having a sumptuous meal with freshly harvested rice from the family rice-fields in Sivasagar. Next morning, breakfast would be a delicious spread of sticky rice with curd, jaggery and other Bihu delicacies! Happy Bhogali Bihu, friends! Spread love, only love!

Jayanta Kumar Sarma

Awareness of one’s roots

I was ‘baptised’ on Bhogali Bihu by my grandmother more than 45 years ago in a non-descript village in Nalbari District. I was too young to be counted before that. It was a form of the festival prevalent in lower Assam – egg-fight among peers and Bhela Ghar variety. Uruka was called Lag Bhaat and till the age of about eight, I used to miss the feast except eating while asleep.

Amlandeep Das

The morning of the Bihu day was punishing – we had to get up before sunrise, bathe in cold water and be present for burning the Bhela Ghar and Mejhi. Offerings to the Mejhi fire were not construed as worship of Fire God but just a ritual. I still remember the cold curd and flattened rice with jaggery which was mandatory at breakfast. And then the most anticipated egg-fight among peers. My paternal uncle taught me how to choose a tough egg by tossing a coin over it, how to hold it inside my fist carefully exposing one end of the egg and offer it to be hit by another egg. The winner got to keep the broken egg of the loser. Later, I grew up in the midst of a slightly modified form of the festival in Dhubri. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Bhogali Bihu was and is celebrated widely in Dhubri. Although the egg-fight had given way to cricket match and the shape of the Bhela Ghar had changed, bathing before sunrise was mandatory for all of my siblings. And somewhere along the way, adult-hood happened. As my father lost command over me and all-night Uruka party left hardly any space for burning of the Bhela Ghar in the morning, the society lost control over the celebrations. Egg-fight and cricket match gave way to Bihu dance competition and the quantum and variety of Pitha prepared by mother shrunk when they become readily available in the market. Bhogali Bihu tastes, smells and feels best in our villages; the urban variety had hardly ever attracted me. I will be going to the village where my grandmother had introduced me to the earthly flavours – finally.

Magh or Bhogali Bihu has always been an integral part of Assamese culture and everyone - young and old - looks forward to this time of the year with great enthusiasm. The weather is just delightful, a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness what with the markets stashed with fresh home grown vegetables much to our delight. In the distant villages the granary is full and the farmer turns oblivious of the hardship he had gone through in summer. The melodious ‘pepa’, staccato rhythm of ‘dhol’ reverberate in the air. It’s time for feasting because it’s Bhogali Bihu. As a child my parents used to wake us up early in the morning and after a warm bath, we would sit by the ‘meji’ and partake of various ethnic delicacies like ‘pitha’,’ laru’, curd, jaggery, cream etc. Apart from the food and fanfare, it used to be a sensitive and impassioned apprehension of natural beauty - an understanding of the strange blood bonds that unite human beings. And Bhogali, because of her immediate part in the intimate mystery of creation, is revived for worship. Within both nature and man is something that moves and breathes, and that blends man and nature as it animates them. All these experiences were a part of my childhood and adolescence when we had all the expectations of a community life, with neighbours and friends chipping in for everything offered. But now they are dissolved in the acid of a burning and vehement decadence. It’s no longer a community effort but has been pressed into the service of other powers - the virtual world and globalisation -man walks in bondage and in livery. That’s a sad thing to happen. It’s all right to look to the west for inspiration but equally important it is to celebrate and be aware of one’s roots.

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Bhogali Preparations Guwahati gears up for Bhogali Bihu in its own inimitable style, combining the rustic with the urban. G Plus lenses capture some endearing scenes. Preparation of Sunga Pitha

Traditional Narikol pithas being prepared at the Bhogali Mela at Lakhidhar Bora Khetra, Dighalipukhuri

Doi (curd) being sold in earthen pots at Ganeshguri

Meji at Kharghuli

People buying traditional Bihu food items at Ganeshguri

Assortment of traditional meat being sold at Lakhidhar Bora Khetra, Dighalipukhuri


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Tweeting arrogance

imanta Biswa Sarma’s persona has acumen, shrewdness, intelligence, humility and humour so far I had seen and understood the man – everything that was required to catapult him to his current lofty position in the Indian political scenario even as he remained completely grounded to his soil as an endearing leader commanding immense clout at the grass-root level of his prestigious constituency. The recent Metropolis tweet however, has somehow uncovered a latent arrogance that seemed to have remained hidden from public view till date. Politicians are known to choose their words carefully. And so, a deep analysis of Himanta’s tweet brings a discomforting feeling with a shock value added to it. “Why GMDA allowed Nehru Park for so called winter festival? The park belongs to the children. I will not tolerate atmosphere to be vitiated,” Himanta tweeted. Now then, the “so called” winter festival had, over its five annual editions, become a flagship festival of the city; it is an event that Guwahatians eagerly look forward to and one felt that for all the organizers’ toil to hold it, it deserved a more respectable reference. “I will not tolerate...” was indeed a shockingly brazen show of power; such words are usually not used by the very respectable and dear leader. As for the atmosphere being “vitiated,” that one left me stumped and seemed to come from someone far removed from the reality of the situation. The tweet essentially seems to have been a knee-jerk reaction to what could well have been a very instigative submission of reports to the minister about possible violations at the winter event. It


is understandable that given the many possible venues in the city where the festival could have been held, according permission at Nehru Park was just not right. But having given the permission and accepting money for the same in advance, it was, at best, childish on the part of GMDA to be doing what it did in the name of curbing violations. If violations was the case, that is. And while the top boss of GMDA is Himanta himself, the tweet blaming GMDA seems also very childish. While the organizers of Metropolis took the brunt and losses of its premature closure, it would have been or even might yet be delightful to see some heads rolling in the GMDA especially as the minister’s tweet does hold the permission issuing authority to blame. The tenor of the ministerial tweets these days seems to be laden with a variety of arrogance that instils discomfiture rather than reassurance. Sushma Swaraj’s Amazon tweet is another case in point and bears an uncanny tendency to hastily brand people as anti-national while shoving nationalism down our throats. All said and done, even as we look up to our tall leaders for our betterment, their humble selves will always remain more admirable. I just hope I have misinterpreted that our leaders are tweeting arrogance rather than thoughts or statements. As for Himanta, last I saw him, he looked trimmer. I am just hoping he is not throwing his weight around. Swapnil Bharali Editor

Guwahati Adda How fancy is your number?

Jagga: So the DTO may have revised the rates for fancy numbers. But what’s fancy to you might not be fancy for me right? Personal choice? Bagga: (from the background): For me 6969 can always be fancy. Jagga: So what they should’ve done is, made availing any number of personal choice a paid feature. For example I wanted a 6667-68-69 series in my cars, because I have 4 cars, but I can’t pick anything by choice except 66, because DTO has defined only that as fancy. I mean, I should bloody be able to choose any number I want because I am willing to pay for it. And I can! Baccha: So what’s the problem here? Jagga: Well for starters, all the numbers are computer generated and the DTO only let’s me pick what they think is fancy. It’s like the DTO is picking my superstitions, keeping track of my shani and mangals. Bagga: I mean, I know people who will only go for 786 numbers on their number plates whether it’s 0786 or 7860, but now they can’t book this can they? Hmm, barring religious freedom, maybe some TV channel will blow this out of proportion soon. Jagga: Religion consecutively manages to fudge everything up, even when you’re taking non-consecutive number for your vehicles. I believe the case was the same with telecom numbers. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who in also knows a guy with 00000s in his phone number. When I was in telecom, we used to change Rs. 50000 for five zeroes. Baccha: That’s a lot of money for a whole lot of zeroes. Jagga: I think it’s because zero is the number that makes every other number bigger. Anyway, once upon a time when Reliance was reliable before Jio, my first number had 12345 in it, and then I was known as the bad boy of Guwahati.... What do I do, I my abused power. Baccha: Hmm, I wonder if Himanta felt the same with his recent tweet. (silence falls in the room)


Vintage MaghBihu Jamboree and the ‘Endangered Species’


ith the advent of the English New Year, betides the most belaboured ‘feast carnival’ of the Assamese Community known as the Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu, which indeed occupies a very distinctive position in the heart of every Assamese bevy. Though the festival has many traditional rituals associated with it, the most alluring ritual is that over the years, during this festival, the ‘cock fight’, the ‘bull fight’, and the ‘bulbul fight’ have engrossed each and every individual in terms of the enthralling ambience they proffer us, and this has of course led to a creation of youthful exuberance among the young and the old. As and when we talk about a community’s traditions or rituals, they definitely play a key role in maintaining the idiosyncratic characters of a race of people. But, if these rituals are banned or are prohibited for the burgess to perform, won’t it affect the community’s benign identity? It definitely would, and hence when there was this ban imposed, to cease organizing the traditional species-to-species fight, it definitely raised a great deal of hue and cry among the Assamese people. The precise summary of the blurb, is that the esteem court of Assam under noteworthy circumstances has gone ahead to put a complete ban on the prevailing species-to-species grapple that have been over the years, the major centre of attraction for many locals and tourists especially during the occasion of Magh Bihu in Assam. The honorable court by its decision proved to be staunch in its responsibility to save those endangered species from being extinct as they believed that these fiendish fights that are organized are doing no good. Rather, it’s affecting the rich biodiversity of Assam, thus prompting the

Bishaldeep Kakati

citizens to once again show due respect and commitment to the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960. Well, the bevy definitely understands that involving two animals to fight, might lead to the death of one, which is indeed vicious, but they are even knowledgeable enough to take precautions or preventive measures to reduce the dire consequences that might result from these alluring fights. If sources or information from the locals of Hajo (where bulbul fights are organized) are to be believed, then one thing has come to light that before these birds are indulged in any sort of physical interactions, they are properly trained, without even slightest of cruelty involved in it. In fact, we have also not got hold of much distinct footage where the birds involved in this traditional fight die in huge numbers. Further, these species-to-species friendly grapples have been organized in Assam right from the days of the Ahom Kingdom which dates back to the mid of 12th century. So, the matter of the fact is that if these species have survived 800 years without becoming extinct to step into the 21st century, the facts given by the locals who coordinate these events have a valid point in it. Moreover, even from a biological perspective, species are also found naturally to indulge themselves in friendly disputes with each other, with very few cases of one species being seriously injured that might lead to its death, and these grapples are in a way quite similar to the aforesaid ones. So the honorable court’s decision seems a bit inconsequential in this regard. The second thing that probably perplexes every individual’s mind is about the court’s quirky behavior especially when the talk comes about banning the


rituals of sacrificing hundreds and hundreds of animals during the Durga Puja. But sadly even till date, we can perceive that the honorable High Court of Assam is definitely acting like a blind person in this aspect. However, that is where the honorable court should have been bold enough to imply the real deals of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 instead of putting an abrupt end to the traditional fights. Nevertheless, the fact that we can discern after the court’s historic decision is that the Assamese locals have definitely accepted the legal order of the court with due respect as the number of such events have decreased considerably over the last two or three years, but certain amount of sadness and desolation still reside in their minds, and they are unable to come out of this sudden shock. This decree from the honorable court has come, may be because the entire process of saving the flora and fauna was in jeopardy. However the number of circumstances that have arisen from the human-animal conflicts, poaching etc. in recent times, rather silently shows that neither the court nor the government seem to have any clue as to how this predicament can be resolved, and if between all those, the honorable court believes that by banning the traditional grapple, they can protect as well as revamp the flora and fauna protection, then it’s time that the honorable court needs to re-think and reevaluate its decision. While many animals are being sacrificed for religious beliefs or personal delights, or being killed by poachers in large numbers, the court and its jury need to take immediate action regarding this aspect, rather than banning the traditional grapples, which hold the rich heritage of Magh Bihu celebrations in Assam.

Letter to the Editor Free footpaths a welcome initiative Dear Sir, The increasing number of vehicles in the city creates massive traffic jams on the roads for which the commuters face many problems. And now the street vendors have increased to a large extent occupying the footpaths for their business which is another problem for the public. I have come to know from your digital media that the Guwahati Municipal Corporation has launched a free footpath campaign which is a nice initiative. The street vendors should be allotted space for their business as that is the only source of livelihood for them but for the convenience of the people the footpaths needs to be cleared and they should be allotted in some other place so that both the parties are satisfied. The campaign is directed towards both the vendors and the citizens to drive home the point that footpaths are only to be used by pedestrians and hence they should be kept free and without any obstruction for the free flow of pedestrian traffic. The campaign is also targeting citizens who use the footpaths to park their two-wheelers, which also creates hindrance for the pedestrians. Therefore, I urged the concerned authority through your esteemed newspaper that the campaign should be fulfilled at the earliest. Aparupa Das Via email

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In Focus


Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar Was the arbitrary closure of Metropolis festival by the GMDA justified?

Wildlife researcher and conservator

Alnaaz Noor What I don’t understand is where he stays when couples make the so called children’s park their bedrooms! And Metropolis? Did anyone have guts to organise such a culturally strong and encouraging platform? No government, no politician, neither media nor anyone can organise such an event. Before tweeting, he should’ve come to the event and investigated himself. Have you been there? Have you? Found any child unhappy there? Answer these questions and then tweet. Miguel Das Queah The Metropolis Urban Youth Festival was closed by the District Administration on the premise that it intruded into a park that was meant for children and that it vitiated the atmosphere. I was at the festival last evening myself. I had the most invigorating session on corporal punishment in schools with a host of distinguished guests. After the programme, I met lots of lots of children, along with their parents, who told me that they were absolutely enjoying the festivity. The children I had taken with me, from the community, were in awe of the beautiful decorations and wished to stay longer. The festival had hundreds of vibrant young students, scholars, artists, musicians, photographers, designers, dancers, social workers, activists, actors, couples; each one celebrating the beautiful occasion of childhood and youth. There were no brawls, no misdemeanour. How can such a beautiful thing vitiate the atmosphere? If this decision was taken in the interest of children, I am completely against it. As a Child Rights practitioner, I know children love festivities, they love colours, they love music and we have no right to take that away from them. Were children interviewed before coming to this conclusion? Clearly not. It is time we give due importance to the narratives of children rather than arbitrarily imposing our own ideas, on what is right or wrong for children. I am of the opinion that the Minister, Himanta Da, was heavily misguided by some unintellectual interest group who knows nothing about children. Kaushik Jai Barua The logic behind the administration stopping METROPOLIS ASIA mid-way is half-baked. In their opinion, the environment of Nehru Park which is a ‘children’s park’ should not be vitiated by such events. First of all, if the park in question is in fact a children’s park and said environment is vitiated by a celebration of art and culture, then what should be stopped (at the outset) is the entry of couples who can’t find a room for themselves on a day-to-day basis and opt for Nehru Park as their place of convenience. Also, how does the administration plan to explain its arbitrary exercise of power when they suddenly stop a festival halfway? Where was the administration when GMDA had allowed said permission for the festival or let’s say when the festival was setting up shop in the venue? These events involve money, time and a lot of effort. The government should not act as an obstacle to sensible initiatives taken by the youth. I am not fond of Metropolis, neither am I in good terms with some of their organizers. But personal grudges aside, this is the only festival in Guwahati that plays host to some of the best music, art and culture from around the region and I applaud it for having stood the test of time, people and their preferences. Everyone who is aware of these facts should condemn this arbitrary exercise of power by the administration. Radha Borooah Panesar I support Himanta Biswa Sarma as far as Metropolis is concerned. We have no right to litter and stomp over a place which has been done up beautifully. Please designate specific places for events and shows. We make a mess by the end of things and that’s not quite right. We are basically dhekeri mentality. We stop our buses the minute we get out of the house, just by waving our hands; so why have designated bus stops at all? Then we blame the traffic in Guwahati. We drive drunk and flout all traffic rules; then we bribe our police just to save our arses; but we complain that the cops are corrupt. We want our vegetables and fish just at a walking distance and then we blame about the litter on the streets. We do not raise our voices against anything but we love blaming our government. Nowhere else in the world have I seen such bad civic sense.

Was Himanta Biswa and administration’s decision to shut down #Metropolis 2017 justified?

44% Yes 56% No Respondents: 100


local nature club that is now a part of a large national environmental movement, Aaranyak is the brainchild of Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar. Born in 1968 to father Prabhat Chandra Talukdar and mother Late Gratia Violet Talukdar, Bibhab spent his childhood in the Dhubri township of Assam. By the time he grew up, he could see the ecological changes as many of the birds he had watched as a child could no longer be seen. Meanwhile, during his college days Bibhab came to know that there was no information available on the region’s unique biodiversity and this sparked an interest in him towards conservation and environmental education. After completion of his B.Sc. from B. Borooah College, Bibhab got involved in bird watching activities that laid the seeds of starting a research forum. In 1989, he formed Aaranyak in order to find and document the ecological changes and biodiversity of the region and has been contributing towards the conservation of wildlife for the past twenty eight years. Aaranyak focuses on biological “hot-spot” areas, regardless of political boundaries and provides relevant data and research on the threats to unique ecosystems and endangered species, the correlation between man-made destruction and subsequent flash floods or shrinking green cover, and even the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies to enhance conviction against crime on wildlife and forests. Equipped with a master’s degree in Biology from Gauhati University, Bibhab decided to further strengthen Aaranyak. After taking a four-week training course on conservation education in the UK, he returned home and immediately began to set up research processes. With the help of audio and visual aids, he started various orientation programs for target groups of students and teachers. From there, he introduced an informal culture of information-sharing and teamwork in Aaranyak and began to shape it into a professional research-based conservation institute. The path he had chosen indeed came with its own challenges. “In the initial stages we had fund constrains and there were not many people who were aware about the necessity of wildlife conservation. In 2002 we had submitted a project on wetlands and providing a livelihood support to the people residing around such areas. That is when we got a kick start and employed four people; prior to that there were only volunteers,” Bibhab said during a

conversation with G Plus. “Aaranyak promotes alliances between diverse groups from local villages to civil society to government so that each one can help shape environmental policy and begin seeing conservation within larger economic, political, social, and cultural spheres,” the conservator added. Starting from four employees Aaranyak now has around seventy members contributing to the forum. Bibhab is also a member of the Asian Rhino Specialist Group of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) within the Species Survival Commission, and was appointed a member of the Commission of Ecosystem Management of IUCN. He is also a member of the National Board of Wildlife under the government of India, and was a member of the Steering Committee for the formulation of the New Assam Forest Policy, among others. However, being a conservator was not always on the cards for Bibhab and he rather wanted to don the Khaki uniform but he also refused to work within boundaries and found his calling as a conservator. “A nine-to-five job was not my cup of tea. Although I would have earned more I did not see personal growth and the kind of challenges that I have faced with Aaranyak has helped me explore my boundaries. There are no time restrictions and I have the freedom of choosing my own workplace,” Bibhab added. Aaranyak, meaning “All About Forests” identifies biological hotspots that often fall across political or geographic boundaries. Using innovative research techniques and well-coordinated outreach campaigns, Bibhab works to illustrate the direct effects of climate change, global warming, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and local cultural diversity on such areas. The aim is to make recommendations and demonstrate strategic ways to involve the government and civil society in biodiversity conservation. By combining the data with participatory research initiatives and capacity-building programs, Bibhab powerfully illustrates the correlations between man-made destruction and flash floods, shrinking green cover and its impact on rainfall, agriculture and other forest resources. Bibhab also wishes to spread the knowledge and make people aware about the necessity of wildlife conservation and strengthen the youth with such knowledge.


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Best plots according to Vaastu

HTC U Ultra with AI and no audio jack


TC’s anticipated smartphones have been finally announced. At the ‘For U’ event, HTC finally announced the HTC U Ultra smartphone that comes with a LG V20-like secondary ticker display. The smartphone was up for pre-order starting Thursday, priced at approximately Rs 51,000. Buyers will be able to choose from multiple colours including a new Cosmetic Pink. Along with the HTC U Ultra, the company also introduced the HTC U Play at the same event. This is an affordable variant of the smartphone, but the company has not revealed details about the pricing or availability. What makes the HTC U Ultra standout is that it features a 3D glass design and comes equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Meanwhile the HTC U Play boasts a smaller display size, yet offers top-of-line features at an affordable price. Among the highlights of the smartphones is what the company calls HTC Sense Companion. This is basically an AI personal assistant on the device, which uses machine learning to make the device more personal and also uses data from the cloud to further enhance user experience with

alerts and notifications. It further features a secondary display offering 160×1040 resolution. The secondary display is powered by HTC’s new Sense Companion AI platform. The secondary display on the U Ultra shows companion alerts in small, intuitive and discreet ways. Over time, as the platform learns user behaviour, the alerts will show what interests you more and push down those which are not that relevant. HTC U Ultra specifications Hardware • Metal and glass unibody design • 5.7-inch Super LCD 5 (2560×1440 pixel resolution) • Gorilla Glass 5 • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core chipset • 4GB of RAM • 64GB internal storage • Expandable storage up to 128GB via microSD card • 12-megapixel UltraPixel rear camera f/1.8 aperture (Optical Image Stabilization) • 16-megapixel front camera with UltraPixel mode. Software and Other • Android 7.0 Nougat with HTC Sense UI • USB Type-C support • Fingerprint sensor • Bluetooth 4.2 • NFC • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ ac • 3,000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 The HTC U Ultra is currently listed on the company’s US website only. There is no word on the availability of the HTC U Play smartphone (the smaller variant), nor is there word on an Indian launch.

recipe of the week


n fact, any site can be converted into a good site as per Vaastu with certain corrective measures like levelling, reducing directions or extending. The first grade sites should have a developed northeast. It can be extended towards northern or eastern northeast by little bit or more. This can be done by reducing the northwest and southeast corners by a little bit. The southwest corner must be at 90 degrees as per compass. Plots with road at east 1. The road on the east should slope from south to north. It should be lower than the plot. 2. It is very good if a road hits the plot at northeast from east (Street focus) 3. There should be higher buildings, hills or big structures at south and west. Plots with road at north 1. The road at north should be sloping from west to east. This road should be lower than the plot. 2. Presence of a street focus (a road hitting the plot at dead

end) at northern northeast is very good. 3. Higher buildings or hills at south and west are very good. West facing plot 1. The road at west should have the slope from south to north. This road can be equal or higher than the plot. 2. It is good to have street focus at western northwest of the plot. 3. There should be empty space at north and east with higher buildings or hills at south and west. South facing plot 1. The road at south should have its slope from west to east. This road can have the same or higher level than the plot. 2. It is very good to have a road hitting the plot at the eastern southeast. 3. Hills and higher buildings at south and west are very good. The plot should have more vacant area at north and east. North-eastern plots 1. A plot having roads at north and east should be higher

than the roads. 2. The roads should have their slopes towards north and east. 3. It is good to have street focus on northern northeast, eastern northeast or both. 4. Hills at south and west are very productive. South-western plots This is very good for business. The southwest corner must be set at 90 degrees. 1. The roads at south and west should be higher than the plot. The road at west should have its slope from south to north while the road at south should the slope from west to east. 2. Street focus at western northwest and eastern southeast is very good. 3. The north and east should have more vacant space. 4. Higher buildings or hills at south and west bring good results. South-eastern plots 1. This plot should be bigger than its neighbouring plots at north and west. 2. The road at south should have its slope from west to east while the road at east should have its slope from north to south. 3. The road at south should be higher than the plot but the road at east should be equal or lower than the plot. 4. It can a have road hitting the plot at eastern northeast or southern southeast or both. Hemanta Kumar Sarmah Engineer, Businessman, Advanced Pranic Healer and Su Jok Acupressure specialist

Kumal Saul delight with pork

Bhogali Bihu is in the air, a time to eat, celebrate a good harvest and spread brotherhood. I’m sure most you are busy preparing Bihu delicacies and sweets or buying them to share with family and friends. I’m going to share with you a very special dish using “Kumal Saul” but in a savoury version. It is a great way to serve this amazing variety of rice other than the usual way. This makes a great starter or even as a snack when guests drop in.

Ingredients • 1 cup Kumal Saul, soaked for 2 hours and then drained with a strainer. • ½ cup Lai Saag, washed and cut finely. • ½ cup cooked and shredded pork • 1 small onion, chopped fine. • 2 cloves garlic, chopped fine. • Small piece of ginger, sliced fine. • 1tsp rice wine vinegar • Salt to taste • A small bit of Bhoot Jolokia • 1 tbsp cooking oil.

process Heat oil in a pan, add the onion, garlic and the ginger. Fry for 2 mins. Add the shredded pork and the Lai Saag, stir well and cook for another 2/3 mins. Add the rice and toss well with the pork, Saag and stir well. Add the vinegar and salt and the Bhoot Jolokia and give it all a good stir. Serve on individual lettuce leaves.

Kashmiri Nath Foodie, owner at XOXO cupcakes, food blogger, recipe developer and expert on Assamese cuisine

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Lifestyle THE LIFE BAKERY - by Madhur Jain

Achievable resolutions


he New Year has begun and with us being in the second week of January 2017. There are many who might have given up on their New Year resolutions already (the complicated ones I mean). But do random resolutions add value to our lives and help us become even better? Here are top 10 resolutions you can try and make which aren’t as hard, but will add value to your life! Wake up early: If you’re plan-

ning to make just one resolution for the New Year, let it be this one. Be a morning person. Wake up early every day. Every successful person ever has this one habit in common, that is to wake up early. When you wake up early, you have extra time for everything that you plan to accomplish for that day. You feel fresh and energetic for the entire day. You have total control over your days. Exercise daily: One thing

that’s ignored the most by everyone is health. Amidst the daily chaos and pressure of your schedule, health takes a backseat. Our lifestyle in this modern era doesn’t allow us to do much physical activity. One only realizes the effects of not being healthy later in life. By then it’s irreversible. So start exercising daily, at least for 20 minutes. Eat good food: Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In order to stay fit throughout our lives, we need to understand what junk food does to our body and why our grandparents always insisted on eating only healthy food. This new year resolve to only eat good and healthy food and cut down on food that takes a toll on your body. Make a daily routine: To have complete control over your days, make yourself a daily routine. Be it a morning routine or winding up routine for the night, have something that’s fixed for everyday, no matter what. Include habits in routine that will take you to the next level, like waking up early, reading a book, exercising etc. Plan your days: Time is the most precious thing ever. This new year resolve to make the most of your time. Do not let

your days be governed by randomness, plan your days in advance and stick to your schedule. When your days are planned, you’re able to accomplish a ton of things you usually couldn’t manage to finish earlier. Choose a hobby: Life is not all work and no play. Everyone needs to recharge at some point or the other in order to perform at their best level. One needs to have a hobby in order to take a break and recharge. Allot time to your hobby at least once a week when you plan out your days and weeks. Choose your friends wisely: You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with. People you spend most time with can either make or break you. They have a profound effect on your life. So choose wisely who you want to keep company with. Filter out all the negative people from your life and choose to spend time with only positive and uplifting people. Consume good content: You are what you put into your head. Just like in a computer, the output depends on what the input is. So if you wish to be a positive person, consume only positive content. If you wish to be a productive person, consume

only that content that make you positive. The internet and media is full of all types of content, it is up to you to choose what to consume. Read motivating and uplifting books. Watch only positive movies; avoid watching negative news on the TV. Rest well: Unlike machines, we need to unwind; we need to rest in order to perform at our best level. So sleep well, without distractions. Resolve to switch off your mobile phone and other devices before you hit your bed. Let go of all problems before you prepare yourself to rest. Maintain a Journal: Lastly, here’s a trick to help you stick to your resolutions for lifetime. Write them down. Maintain a journal where you can write down all the changes that you wish to make for the New Year and get back to it daily. Read it daily, write down your progress in your journal. Every time you miss out on your resolutions, get back to your journal and write them down once again. Let’s bake an awesome new year. Madhur Jain

Madhur Jain is the founder, author and podcaster at The Life Bakery. The Life Bakery is focused on sharing life hacks, tech and tools to make life awesome. Visit www.


f you’re thinking about joining a gym -- or maybe you just joined one -- you’re on the right track! Joining a gym gives you the opportunity to pump iron, do yoga or Zumba and compare biceps with the best of them. But while you dream of sculpting killer abs, your gym has a financial bottom line to meet. After all, they’re first and foremost a for-profit business. Total revenue for the fitness industry topped Rs. 2,800 Crores in 2012. In short, fitness is big business. WE MAY NOT BE PREPARED IF YOU HAVE A HEART ATTACK” Approximately 400,000 Americans each year will experience a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a life-threatening condition involving a sudden interruption of the heart’s electrical activity. Medical tools such as an automated external defibrillator (AED) are key to surviving SCA. Trained, non-medical personnel can use the device to help a person who suffers a heart attack. Problem is, not all gyms are required to have AEDs. Ask the management at your gym (or a gym you’re considering joining) whether they are prepared for such an emergency and whether the staff is trained to assist. “WE’RE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS STOLEN OUT OF YOUR LOCKER” Most gyms post signs in locker rooms absolving themselves of any responsibility if your laptop or other valuables go missing from your locker. Some are professional thieves who go into gyms using a one-day pass, specifically to break into lockers when no one’s around. Consider leaving your valuables at home (or locked in the trunk of your car). If you must bring them to the gym, carry your valuables with you and/or choose lockers in busy areas, not in secluded corners of the locker room where thieves can go undetected.

“SOME OF OUR TRAINERS AREN’T CERTIFIED” As an unregulated industry, personal trainers do not require a license to practice. So before you sign up with your gym’s personal trainer, ask whether or not their trainers are certified. Many are not. Some gyms have their own certifications, which are bogus. When you sign a waiver, you sign away your rights if you get hurt. Be sure to inquire about the trainers’ years of experience. “THE GYM IS CRAWLING WITH GERMS” Sweat, exposed skin and a lot of people in a small area create a veritable paradise for pathogens to thrive in. A study of a family fitness center in Ohio found that weight benches, bars and dumbbells, as well as the obvious door handles and shower floors, were rife with germs. “Most gyms are not really clean, and many do not take adequate measures to clean. Always use a towel on weight benches, avoid touching your face and wash your hands immediately after your workout. And as a favor to your fellow gym-goers, please stay home when you’re sick. “WE’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO JOIN” According to many gym sales pitches, you’ll lose weight, you’ll change your body and your overall quality of life will improve if you join their gym. They’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to sign up. These can prove to be true if you utilize the facility to its maximum potential. But most people don’t. All gyms are businesses set to make money, so be careful when their sales team coerces you. And be sure to check out the gym during the hours you’ll most often be using it to see how crowded it gets. (This is the 1st part of a double part article. Be sure to grab next week’s edition to find out what your Gym avoids telling you)

With the latest advancements that modern medicine and cosmetic procedures have made, you must have often wondered the risk and the practicality behind such surgeries. We often wish that something in us was different or could be fine tuned. With invasive and non-invasive procedures being constantly introduced, along with basic treatments that can dramatically change your appearance there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Rejuve skin & hair aesthetic clinic in Guwahati is one of the few places which provide the metropolitan standards of aesthetic medicine like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Today, procedures like a non-surgical facelift, Botox, and skin peels are opted for due to their non-invasive nature. These procedures are often called ‘lunch hour’ procedures due to the fact that they barely take any time and leave you with no scars. Plus, there is no downtime or healing time, making it an ideal procedure. The results are very natural which allows people to undergo these procedures and undergo a dramatic improvement in their

appearance. A few examples of those would be, 1. Non-surgical facelift: Not everyone likes to go under the knife and with the advancement in technology, it is possible to achieve results similar to a traditional invasive face lift without as much downtime and no scarring. This procedure is very popular among Bollywood and Hollywood starlets. 2. Botox: Botox has always been in fashion. It is the best way to get rid of wrinkles and frown lines. It is often called a ‘Lunch time’ procedure. There is no downtime involved and the results are almost instantaneous. If you get Botox done in yours 20’s then you are less likely to have any wrinkles when you are in your 30’s. 3. Lip Fillers: Making your lips look luscious has been all the rage these past few years. It allows you to have defined lips which look strikingly beautiful when paired with a bright lip colour. Lip fillers are injected in your lips and there is very little downtime involved with it too. The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. 4. Hair Transplant/ Restoration: More and more

people are becoming conscious of their thinning and balding head. No one wants to be embarrassed for balding especially with hair being the crowning glory. Worry not, hair transplants have become increasingly popular and are a great way to restore your youthful look and have great hair again. Rejuve skin & hair aesthetic clinic in Guwahati is well known to offer DHI hair transplant which is of the highest quality and gives you the best and natural looking results. There are many more skin and hair treatments that are offered everywhere and there is always hope for you if you are unhappy with your current look. Popular Assamese actress Preety Kongkona, is a fan of Rejuve skin & hair aesthetic clinic. She gets her regular treatments done from here. "I love Rejuve skin & hair aesthetic clinic. Earlier I would have to travel out of Guwahati for my treatments, but now with the opening of Rejuve skin & hair aesthetic clinic in Guwahati, I can get the same standards of treatment that I receive in metropolitan cities right here in Guwahati.”


5 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You (Part 1)


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‘Mrityunjay…An Adventure currently being filmed’

Assamese film ‘Dur’

set to release on January 13




new full length Assamese film titled ‘Dur’ is ready to hit the theatres. The film has been written and directed by critically acclaimed director, Kangkan Rajkhowa and produced by ace cinematographer Biplab J. Doley under the banner of ‘Strawberry Magic Productions.’ The film’s story and script has been written by director Kangkan Rajkhowa whereas dialogues and additional screenplay have been penned by Debojeet Sharma. The story of the film revolves around Manab, an artist with a free mind, who is in the hospital struggling for his life. He is an orphan, but the love of his life, Puja, is beside him. Being his support, memories come flashing back to her mind or are they realization of something ominous that had happened in the past or shouldn’t have happened rather? Something which changed their life forever. The film is basically a story about love, relationships and most importantly realizations, realizations about what should have been or shouldn’t have been. The key roles in the film have been essayed by Udayan Duarah, Amrita Gogoi, Achinta Shankar,

Biju Phukan, Bishnu Khargoria and Pratibha Choudhury among others. The film’s music has been scored by Siddharth Hazarika and Rahul Dev Nath whereas background score is by Nilotpal Bora The lyrics have been penned by Rajdweep and Kalpajyoti Dutta. All the songs have been beautifully rendered by Zubeen Garg, Siddharth Hazarika, Neer Dipankar, Ritrisha Sarmah etc. The film’s cinematography has been done by Biplab Jyoti Doley using Arri Alexa camera and editing has been done by Kangkan Rajkhowa. The film’s sound design and film mixing has been done by Souvic Phukan, assistant directors are Himanshu Gogoi and Sunaina Das, line producer is Shasanka Gogoi. ‘Dur’s’ colorists are Diganta Gogoi and Shasanka Gogoi, art director is Aruna Kalita, costume and wardrobe is by Likumoni Sharma whereas makeup has been done by Aku Bothra. According to the producer, the film will hit the theatres on 13th January all over Assam. The film is expected to set a benchmark for Assamese films both technically and conceptually.


new trend has come into Assamese cinema and people are also showing interest in Assamese films. Also the corrected version of the new film policy reduces the service tax of producers and therefore Assamese film producers are deciding to produce more films. Keeping all these in mind, a lot of new producers and directors have also come forward and joined the Assamese movie industry. One such new and talented team has made a full length Assamese feature film. The film directed by Sapun Kumar Das and produced by retired army officer Sharat Chandra Das with Jayanta Puma under the banner of ‘SNP Film Production’ and ‘’ is ‘Mrityunjay…An Adventure.’ The film’s

story-script and dialogues have been penned by director Sapun Kumar Das. The story of the film, made with a new generation power packed action, revolves around a luxuriant medicine tree and rhino killings of north-east which has now become a serious issue of Assam. The key roles in the film have been essayed by Guna Mahanta, Pankaj Kalita, Birinchi Dutta, Binoy Anthony, Tapan Das, Ankit R Das, Keshav, Dhruv, Anurag, Dipu, Anindam, Sumi Das, Sonam Lahon, Anamika Barman, Bastav, Rising, Mithun, Prabin, Tarali Lahon etc. along with more than 200 local artists. The music of the film has been directed by talented music director of Assam, Palash Gogoi. The film’s songs have been penned by

Kalyan Kumar Kalita and Hrituv Hazarika and the songs have been beautifully rendered by Dikshu, Priyanka Bharali, Rahul, Susmita etc. The action of this fully action based film has been directed by Ajay Biswash supported by Rajib Bordoloi. The cinematography of the film is being done by Rajkumar Pulak Nath, supported by Manas Pratim and Partha Pratim. The film’s assistant director and choreographer are Nakul Chandra Bordoloi and Ritik Baruah. According to the director, the film is presently being filmed around some beautiful locations of Morigaon and Karbi-Anglong. The production team is hoping that the film will definitely entertain the audience and bring some new taste.

New single ‘Niribili’ Mahurat of Priyaar Priyo held




rakash Saikia, a singer blessed with a fabulous voice, solid technique and a compelling stage presence, has recently released his new single ‘Niribili’ which is presently available on social media and all online websites. The song has been written, composed and musically arranged by Prakash Saikia and sung by Prakash Saikia and Doli Kalita. The music video of this song will be released soon.

Prakash, equally popular as a lyricist, composer and music director, started his music carrier without undergoing any professional training in music. His popular singles are ‘Valentine day’, ‘Kolija’, Bihu song ‘Kam Sorai’ etc. He has also worked as a music director in a Bodo film titled ‘Nizam’. At present, the singer is busy with his upcoming single ‘Jiri Jiri’ which will also hit the market soon.

he Mahurat of “Priyaar Priyo,” the first movie venture of Azaan Films, produced by Abdul Mannan Faruk and to be directed by the mercurial Munin Barua was held at Jyoti Chitrabon Film Studio on 12th January. The star cast comprises Zubeen Garg, Pranjal Saikia, Gunjan Bharadwaj, Biki, Aradhana, Sunita Kaushik, Saurabh Hazarika, Tridip Lahon, Nikumoni Baruah, Manjula Baruah, among others. The film will be cinematographed by Pradip Daimari and Samujjal Kashyap will edit it. ‘Priyaar Priyo’ is a romantic comedy exposing a few sections of Assamese society in a satirical manner. The film is packed with romance, doses of laughter and songs to be shot in breathtaking virgin locations around the northeast. The film will convey the message of becoming world citizens with a broad mindset but keeping one’s roots intact.

Actor Biju Phukan giving the clap for the Mahurat shot of Priyaar Priyo

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Reviews Cast: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon Director: Chris Wedge


ou’re either going to be onboard for Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon’s Monster Trucks, or you won’t be. If you’ve been paying enough attention to the film’s trailers and marketing materials too, you likely already know which side you’re on. This is exactly what it appears to be, with no real surprises or shocking moments of depth waiting for you. Sometimes, and especially with kids films like these, that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. Aptly titled, Monster Trucks focuses on the relationship between a teen boy named Tripp (Lucas Till), living in a small country town

vie Mo view Re

with big dreams of getting out one day, and the squishy, alien-like creature that happens upon him one night at the junkyard where he works. When Tripp realizes that not only is the creature - which he nicknames Creech - on the run from the town’s villainous oil titan, but is also able to act as the engine to the truck he’s building, the two join together to try and uncover the truth behind the Creech’s home, and how Tripp can help him to return to his family and the rest of his species before it’s too late. Now, Monster Trucks won’t

go down in history as the kind of family movie classic that last year’s Pete’s Dragon or even The Jungle Book will. It’s not as well made, and doesn’t do anything nearly as unexpected or original as those films, but for what it sets out to do, it succeeds at, wholeheartedly. There were a number of kids in my screening for it, and it should probably go without saying that they cheered more than just a few times throughout. But what might not be as expected is how many times there were adults cheering and laughing alongside them.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, J.K. Simmons Director: Peter Berg


euniting for their third fact-based film about heroes and survivors following Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon, director Peter Berg and star-producer Mark Wahlberg’s Patriots Day recounts the April 2013 terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon and the frenzied hunt for its two perpetrators over the subsequent days. The film presents a vigorous, frontline view of both the attack and the way in which first responders, law enforcement, and everyday citizens reacted by coming together and finding common good. It’s a heartfelt salute to the city of Boston and its denizens, and to the better angels of human nature. The film depicts many real-life law enforcement and government officials — Boston police commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman), FBI agent

Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon), Watertown PD Sgt. Jeff Pugliese (J.K. Simmons), Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Michael Beach), and Boston Mayor Tom Menino (Vincent Curatola) — as well as victims of both the bombing and the subsequent manhunt: engineering student Dun Meng (Jimmy O. Yang), MIT cop Sean Collier (Jake Picking), and wounded husband and wife Patrick Downes (Christopher O’Shea) and Jessica Kensky (Rachel Brosnahan). Patriots Day also depicts the two sibling killers behind the attack, Tamerlan (Themo Melikidze) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Alex Wolff), and the former’s wife, Katherine (Supergirl star Melissa Benoist), a Muslim convert. Katherine’s tense interrogation with an unspecified government agency official (Khandi Alexander) is

a chilling yet entirely dialoguedriven scene. While the Tsarnaev brothers are certainly the film’s villains, Berg’s movie also makes clear that these were two human beings who did this to fellow human beings and not some pair of cartoonish bad guys. That Dzhokhar comes across at times as much like that stoner kid in your college dorm as he does a murderous jihadist is suitably unnerving. One of the film’s very best sequences -- punctuated by a tense score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross -- recreates the Tsarnaevs’ carjacking of Dun Meng. Their gunpoint control over Dun makes his subsequent quick thinking and bravery all the more incredible. Dun’s no action hero; he’s just a normal young guy who wants to survive, and that makes his decisions here all the more badass.


XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE 08:00 PM OK JAANU 11:00 AM 05:00 PM DUR 02:00 PM gold mine 7d 10.00 AM haunted house 7d 01.00 PM 04.00 PM Forest Adventure & Aero Bike (7D) 03.00 PM 07.00 PM

Dona Planet. GS Road 08800900009 OK JAANU 09:30 AM 03:35 PM 08:10 PM DANGAL 11:00 AM 12:20 PM 04:55 PM DUR 02:15 PM XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE 06:25 PM 08:50 PM

Galleria Cinemas

HUB, GS Road 9864800100, 9864800200 OK JAANU 10:30 AM 01:10 PM 03:45 PM XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE 06:20 PM 08:45 PM

GOLD Cinema ASTC Complex, Paltan Bazar 9854066166

OK JAANU 11:00 AM 02:00 PM 05:00 PM 08:00 PM DUR 11:30 AM 05:30 PM DANGAL 02:15 PM 08:15 PM

Gravity Rush 2


Dropkick Murphys


vie Mo view Re




u Yo LD OU H S play scrappy, blue-collar grit that’s made them a household name — while using their distilled strengths to break fresh ground. In many places, the album caters to expectation. On the surging opener, “The Lonesome Boatman,” the band transforms a classic Irish folk tune into a galeforce wind of mournful whistles and stadiumfilling bellows. “First Class Loser” takes merciless aim at those miscreants most frequently found lurking on Lansdowne past 2 a.m. on a Thursday. And “I Had A Hat” is a rip-roaring, broad-grinning singalong

Noonmati 03612656968, 9954544738

PVR Cinemas

11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory

ew cities can boast hometown heroes as reliably rowdy as the Dropkick Murphys. Two decades in, the Bostonbred rockers have delivered more Guinness-soaked, Celtic-punk anthems than any band their size on this side of the Atlantic, and on their ninth album, “11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory,” they show no signs of mellowing with age. Instead, “11 Short Stories” finds the band serving up pint after pint of a familiar brew — the heady blend of fist-pumping anthems, traditional Irish instrumentation, and

Anuradha Cineplex

best suited to the kind of bar-crawl bacchanalia these Bostonians know firsthand. The Dropkick Murphys have also been vocal about their interactions with people impacted by the opioid crisis, particularly those encountered through their charitable Claddagh Fund. “11 Short Stories” reflects such philanthropy; tracks like “Rebels With a Cause” and the cover “You’ll Never Walk Alone” are unmistakably the work of musicians increasingly conscious of their power to reach and reassure struggling fans.


he original Gravity Rush had many positive qualities, but controlling Kat, its upbeat and unusually skilled hero, was the reason to play the game. With the ability to control her center of gravity, you could walk on walls and ceilings, and--most important of all--fly through a magnificent floating city in the clouds. The unusual gravitybased nature of Kat’s powers made the age-old concept of flight feel fresh and managed to carry the imaginative yet underdeveloped adventure. But by the end, with untapped potential and numerous unanswered questions hanging in the air, Gravity Rush felt like

u Yo LD OUAY H S PL it needed a sequel to finish its tale. With a wealth of stories big and small to chew on, Gravity Rush 2 fulfills the needs of both a sequel and a prequel. The first Gravity Rush had enough going for it, but Gravity Rush 2 is stuffed with things to love. While its stealth missions are lame and it’s disappointing to experience camera issues from time to time, Gravity Rush 2 excels in almost every other respect, making its predecessor seem quaint by comparison. This is easily one of the best video game sequels in recent memory, and an adventure truly worthy of its excellent lead character.

GOLD Cinema Salasar Building, Lakhtokia 9854077177

OK JAANU 11:00 AM 02:00 PM 05:00 PM 08:00 PM DUR 11:30 AM 05:30 PM DANGAL 02:15 PM 08:15 PM

GOLD Cinema

LG Towers, Narangi 8811001898 OK JAANU 11:00 AM 02:00 PM 08:00 PM DUR 05:00 PM


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Indians sent 14 billion WhatsApp messages on New Year’s Eve Gplus News

Why did RBI choose to come out with a ₹2000 note instead of a newer Rs. 1000 note?


fter a very good answer given by Abhimanyu Sood, I don’t know if I can add any more point to the answer. Suppose you want to purchase an item which costs Rs. 800. Before, you had two options for such scenario: Give one 500 rupee note with three 100 rupee notes. [1x(500) + 3x(100)] = 800. Or you can give one 1000 rupee note and the shopkeeper gives you back Rs. 200. Many times, for items costing more than Rs. 700, shopkeepers agree to return Rs. 300 change. Now with implementation of 500 and 2000 rupee notes, there will be a Rs. 1500 difference. Now, if someone gives 2000 rupee note for purchasing an item of Rs. 800, the shopkeeper needs to return Rs. 1200. That means the shopkeeper will refuse (in most cases) to return Rs. 1200 which either will include two 500 rupee notes and two 100 rupee notes or twelve 100 rupee notes. In the first case, two 500 rupee notes and one 2000 rupee note is getting involved in the transaction. If shopkeeper refuses to return Rs. 1200, then the customer is left with no choice but use only 100 rupee notes and 500 rupee notes. Thus, 2000 rupee note will be less used in transaction. Less 2000 rupee note means easy for government to keep track. 58.9k Views • Upvote311


ith the coming of instant messaging services, traditional SMS has taken a back seat thanks to the affordability and reach factor. Be it every day message exchanges or occasional wishes, services such as WhatsApp have come to the rescue of people who do not wish to spend money sending the regular SMS. According to WhatsApp, around 14 billion messages were exchanged at the start of this year and this figure includes messages with some form of media.

The instant messaging service has millions of monthly active users in India and runs on 96% of smartphones in the country (as of February 2016). On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the number of messages exchanged through the platform was higher than the last record set during Diwali which was close to 8 billion messages in a single day. WhatsApp’s New Year’s Eve statistics from India includes the all-time high figure of 14 billion messages from the country. A total of 3.1 billion images were

exchanged on the occasion along with 700 million GIFs, and 610 million videos. About 32% of the messages contained some form of media including photos, GIFs, videos, or voice notes. Given the kind of reach it has, WhatsApp has also moved from being a personal communication service to a business tool. Be it for entrepreneurs or for communities looking at matchmaking, WhatsApp has moved beyond a free messaging app in India. What started as a simple messaging tool, today offers support for voice-calling and multimedia content including document sharing and GIF support. Time and again, the service keeps adding interesting new features to the app. Recently, it added a new video streaming feature to its beta version which essentially allows one to watch a shared video while it is being downloaded to your phone. In yet another beta version, the app appears to have added a new ‘revoke’ option that works just like the ‘undo’ send option on mails and allows users to retract sent messages, photos and videos. (

British Man to Give Birth, Puts Gender Bismillah Khan’s Shehnais Melted For Silver, Grandson Arrested For Theft Transition On Hold Gplus News Gplus News


British man has put his gender transition on hold to have a baby after finding a sperm donor on social media and is expected to become the first UK male to give birth. Hayden Cross has been living legally as a man for three years and is already part-way through hormone treatment to transform from a woman to a man. But the 20-year-old’s full transition was paused after the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS) refused to carry out a 4,000-pounds process to freeze his eggs - which he hoped would enable him to have children in the future. The former supermarket worker instead found a sperm donor via Facebook and, now successfully pregnant, is set to give birth in a few months, according to ‘The Sun’.

Mr Cross is expected to become the first UK male to give birth. Sixteen weeks into his pregnancy, Mr Cross told the newspaper: “I want the baby to have the best. I’ll be the greatest dad.” He took to social media to find a sperm donor and an anonymous donor came forward and, having self-administered the sperm, Mr Cross became pregnant at the first attempt. Speaking of the discovery, Mr Cross said: “It was mixed emotions. “I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition.” He said he felt pressured into getting pregnant before completing his gender transition, as hormone treatment would have set irreversible changes into motion. Gender transition treatment costs the NHS on average 29,000 pounds per patient. (Source: NDTV)


enowed shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan’s grandson Nazre Hasan has been arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police for allegedly selling his shehnais to a jeweller for a meagre Rs. 17,000. Police sources say four shehnais - now melted - have been recovered. The jeweller had extracted the silver base and melted them. Only the wooden frames are intact. The family had said the

shehnais were very precious for the maestro as they had been gifted to him by former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, Kapil Sibbal and Lalu Prasad Yadav. He used to play them only on special occasions, including Muharram. The shehnais - five of them -were stolen early last month and a case was filed after the family lodged a complaint with the Varanasi police. Along with the instruments, some memorabilia of the musician -- an award citation

and two gold bangles -- had gone missing. Bismillah Khan’s grandson Razi Hassan had told news agency Press Trust of India that the theft took place when the family had gone to their ancestral house in Sarai Harha. “When we returned to our new house, we found that the door was open and someone had broken the lock of the trunk,” he said. The Bharat Ratna awardee’s family has been demanding for a museum to preserve his memorabilia since his death in 2006. Bismillah Khan’s family has been based in Varanasi -- where the shehnai maestro was known as much for his music as his simple lifestyle. The sight of him doing his riyaaz (practice) on the ghats of Ganga or in front of the famous temple of Vishwanath had been a familiar one.

Sushma Swaraj asks Amazon to apologise for insulting national flag


aking strong exception to Amazon Canada selling doormats depicting Indian flag, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday asked the e-retailer to withdraw the products and tender an unconditional apology, failing which no official of Amazon will be granted Indian visa and the ones issued earlier will also be rescinded.

The minister also asked the Indian Embassy to take up the matter with Amazon Canada. “Indian High Commission in Canada: This is unacceptable. Please take this up with Amazon at the highest level. “Amazon must tender unconditional apology. They must withdraw all products insulting our national flag immediately. If this is not done forthwith, we will not grant Indian

Gplus News

Visa to any Amazon official. We will also rescind the Visas issued earlier,” Swaraj said in a series of tweets after she received a complaint on Twitter. Atul Bhobe poasted a screenshot of the products and tweeted “@SushmaSwaraj Madam. Amazon Canada must be censured and warned not to sell India flag doormats. Please take action.”

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Citypedia Horoscope of the week




Your intelligence is simply busting out with a variety of ideas. Make an earnest effort to compose them and collect them. Don’t let your lethargy take away certain promising opportunities from you. You are all set to achieve victory and become a winner. Absent-mindedness might trouble you a little bit. Do your best to keep all your valuables at safe place. Your sizzling energy is perfect for trying and exploring new avenues. Try all your efforts before they slip out of your hands and reach.

There would be a fair amount of schedule and shuffling of schedule at your workplace. Remain upbeat and go along with it, as any sort of objections is likely to make the situation that much worse. Your friends and family members will seek your attention through the middle of the week. You should be able to cope with that more easily by reminding them what needs to be done from time to time. At work, you will be flexible to deal with your responsibilities. Seniors will be strict and you will feel hard to please them.

Cooperation will be poor this week. Catch up with latest opportunities and prospects. Emotions appear to be the stickler. Arguments or health needs will need extra care. Spending or money discussions can surface any day but should be dealt with extreme care. An old memory, person or thing may be responsible for some cold or cautious situation near the weekend. More practical energies are needed to improve things. Your stars indicate that you should be helpful and receptive to your friends’ needs.

You’ve got to try every trick that you know early this week. Your old methods and techniques won’t just work at present. The time is wonderful because you are in great mind to relax and stretch your mind. Observe people more doubtfully .Don’t expect misunderstandings to get cleared so soon. Students pursuing higher education will have to put in lots of hard work to meet success. This weekend you can expect to learn more about some new subject than you would have expected possible.

There would be a fair amount of schedule and shuffling of schedule at your workplace. Remain upbeat and go along with it, as any sort of objections is likely to make the situation that much worse. Your friends and family members will seek your attention through the middle of the week. You should be able to cope with that more easily by reminding them what needs to be done from time to time. At work, you will be flexible to deal with your responsibilities. Seniors will be strict and you will feel hard to please them.

Your mind will be unable to focus this week. It will be wavering .Good energy will start flowing only towards the weekend. You ought to be able to pamper yourself quite well. This week pay adequate attention towards your finances and family in general. Your energy level will be high and it is suggested to use it in creative form. This time you seek expansion and growth in your work. Reconsidering and evaluating your abilities and plans are necessary now. Team work is favored now.


Libra Your thinking will be quite flexible during the first couple of days of the week, and you will take the opportunity to explore wild ideas and new points of view. Watch out for taxing your mind and body too much. If you can make your schedule orderly a bit, you will cope up excellent. You’ve got more to express than you might understand. Expenditures may make you thoughtful. There will be gains through your partner. Investments in real estates, share, speculation or mutual funds would be beneficial this week.


A busy week is likely high spending going on considerable rise for family duty, needs, health and repairs. An issue will crop up that might pose a risk for peace of family. Don’t be angry with yourself and see the situation in a clear case. An effective business talk will take place along with huge inspiring project being offered. The whole week is likely to carry poor cooperation and unreceptive returns at your workplace. This is definitely not a good time for important talks, Demanding friends will haunt you incredibly.





You’ve got to speak up politely yet firmly to let your voice reach others. This week you possess amazing energy and great ideas that are perfect for fixing current problems. See if you can get your peers to quiet down long enough to hear you out. Surround yourself with people even if it means socializing more than usual and partying hard during weekend. You need to understand the importance of networking. Maintain discipline in your lifestyle and be strict a little bit but not much to push hard to work against your interest.

You will have an indulging career and love life as the week begins. It is indeed a good time to make plans as your mind is in great shape. Everything is going to interconnect superbly. The weekend is filled with tasks and responsibilities you know you can’t put off. Avoid impulsive or demanding behavior. Your spouse will be responsive and cooperative. Your children’s careless attitude will irritate you. Patience needs to be exercised right now. Students will have a motivated week but will not be able to yield much of results.

Your mind will be quite active this week, and you will act thoughtfully as possible. Big issues are more important to you midweek, and your philosophizing may result in big changes . Slow down professionally this weekend as the mind and body needs adequate rest too. You can subdue your pressure by taking care of things you love first. Handle the sensitive domestic issues with patience and diplomacy. Activities surrounding children will be time consuming as well as fun. You will enjoy being with them.

This is going to be a fun filled and a straightforward week for you. Your social energy helps you smooth the past week tensions. You ought to be able to get along even with your worst enemies at work or in the neighborhood. Stick with what you know well in terms of your work and profession. Any new projects or people are likely to be more trouble than expected. You will find yourself amidst a whirlwind of activities this weekend, and might not be able to spend as much time as you like with your family and friends.



EMERGENCY NUMBERS RADIO TAXI SERVICES Prime Cabs 0361- 2222233 Green Cabs 0361-7151515 My Taxi 0361-2228888 Cherry Cabs 8876222288

24-HOUR PHARMACIES Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665) D Modern Medicos, Maligaon (9864366763) Candid 24x7, Panbazar (2604422) DEAD BODY CARRYING VAN GLP Social Circle 2737373, 9435047046 Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251 GGUMTA 98640-16740 OTHERS Fire Emergency 101 State Zoo 2201363 GMC Carcass Pickup 9435190720, 9864047222 LPG Emergency/Leakage 2385209, 2541118, LPG Booking (ivr System) 7670024365 Child line Guwahati 1098

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY Call Centre – 9678005171


Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665 Ganga Blood Bank 2454742, 2455029 Lion’s Club of Ghy Central 2546611 Marwari Yuva Manch 2546470, 2547251 Saharia’s Path Lab (24 hours) 2458594


Ambulance 102 Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665 Downtown Hospital 9864101111, 9435012669 GLP Social Circle 2737373 GGUMTA (Mirza) 03623-227109 Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251 Free Ambulance to GNRC Hospitals Toll Free: 1800-345-0011

police station


last week solution


Comissioner of Police: 0361-2540278 DCP, Traffic: 0361-2731847 DCP, (Central): 94350-49599 DCP, (East): - 94350-83103 DCP, (West): - 94350-27744 Police Control Room: Ph-2540138, 2540113 Azara PS: Ph2840287 Basista PS: Ph-2302158 Bharalumukh PS: Ph- 2540137, 2731199 Borjhar PS: Ph-2840351 Chandmari PS: Ph- 2660204 Chandrapur PS: Ph-2788237, 2785237 Dispur PS: Ph-2261510 Fancybazar PS: Ph- 2540285

Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665) B Baruah Cancer Institute (2472364/66) Brahmaputra Hospital Ltd (2451634/678) Chatribari Christian Hospital 0361-2600051, 92070-44374 Downtown Hospital 2331003, 9864079366, 9435012669 Guwahati Medical College (2529457, 2529561) Guwahati Medical College Emergency (2263444) International Hospital 0361-7135005 Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital (2541477, 2543998)

Fatasil Ambari PS: Ph-2471412 Geetanagar PS: Ph-2417323 Hatigaon: Ph-2562383 Jalukbari PS: Ph-2570587 Jalukbari Out Post: Ph-2570522 Jorabat: Ph-2896853 Khanapara: Ph- 2281501 Khetri PS: Ph-2787699, 2787220 Latasil PS: Ph-2540136 Noonmati PS: Ph- 2550281 North Guwahati PS: Ph-2690255 Paltanbazar PS: Ph-2540126 Panbazar PS: Ph-2540106 Pragjyotishpur Ps: Ph-2785237 Women PS Panbazar: Ph-2524627

Marwari Hospital & Research Centre 0361-2602738/39 Marwari Maternity Hospital 0361-2541202/01 Nemcare Hospital 0361-2528587, 2455906, 2457344 Pratiksha Hospital 0361-2337260, 2337183/84 Basistha Military Hospital (2304617/0351) Railway Central Hospital Casuality (2671025) Redcross Hospital (2665114) Sri Sankardeva Netralaya 0361-2233444, 2228879, 2228921

GMC helpline number for garbage collection



TB Hospital (2540193) Wintrobe Hospital 0361-2519860, 98647-77986 IHR-Institute of Human Reproduction 0361-2482619, 098641-03333 Dispur Hospital Reception 97070 20370 82539 99124 361-2235759 (Landline No. / Fax) Hayat Hospital 8011003110 GNRC Hospital 1800-345-0022 (Toll Free) GNRC Ambulance 1800-345-0011 (Toll Free)

Vigilance and anti corruption toll free number



G PLUS JAN 14 - JAN 20, 2017

Catching Up Most shared story of the week



GPlus’s exclusive data presented to Guwahati that the city consumed a whopping 90,000 bulk litres of alcohol to usher in the New Year. Now that’s a huge quantity! This is almost worth Rs. 3.5 crores. This collection was a record high for the authorities and does not even include all the challans that were issued for other violations like drunk driving on 31st night!

About Me Hola Everyone! I am Aishwarya Mour, 20 years of age. I’m currently pursuing my graduation and also working as a freelance model. My field of interest lies in dancing and exploring places! I am a happy-go-lucky sort of person and I love to meet new people!


Aishwarya Mour New

Chic on the block

I am an optimistic person and I love taking on new challenges in life! This is the reason why I chose modelling because a woman symbolizes beauty and have a charisma of her own.

Route in the Woods In the near future I see myself as a successful model and a person who is an inspiration for many. Coordinated by Tarkik Borah

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