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TP_Prep_en02.tsi & TP_Prep_de02.tsi

Favourites / Add to Favourites Store Cue

Hot Cue 1 – 4 Toggle last Focus

4 Beat Loop


Cue/ Loop In

Act. Loop

Grid Marker ´<

Hot Cue 5 – 8

Next Deck

Play CUP

List add to Coll.

Shift Ctrl

Cue Save Coll.

List Analzye

Beat Jump < Fine

List Edit

Cue/ Loop Out

Beat Jump > Fine

List Relocate


Jump to curr. Track

Tempo Bend <

Auto Beatgrid

Tempo Bend >

Load to Prev. Player

Play/Pause Tab Deck Tempo

Ctrl + Shift + <- / -> = Unload Deck A/B Ctrl ( ) + „F“ = search / clear search Ctrl ( ) + „A“ = select all


Play Pause Prev. Player

Loop lenght move

Grid Marker >

Loop lenght + move

BPM + Fine


BPM Fine

Min. Decks


Lock BPM



Only Browser

Load to focused Deck Jump to curr. Track

Max. Decks List Tree Fav. Load to A Tree Col.

Tab -> jump to list after search

List Tree

Fav. Load to B Tree Exp.


Ctrl Load to A Load to B Tree Col. Tree Exp. del Fine Fine Cue/ Loop In List Analzye List Edit List Relocate Cue/ Loop Out Tempo Bend &lt; T...

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