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The Top 10 Spyware Products There are many programs which can help you Protect your computer and your personal data.

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Like many computer users, it is a safe bet that at one time or another you have had the unfortunate experience of being infected with some form of spyware, adware, malware or virus. Windows systems are extremely vulnerable. There are many programs which can help you protect your computer and your personal data. This article is going to discuss the top spyware products available today and we will be giving you the ten recommended, but discussing the top three. Read my full SpyHunter 4 Review, and see How to Remove Spyware Spyware is a nuisance as was originally created to infect your computer not to damage it but to plague the pc user with hordes of pop-ups, unwanted advertisements, and redirection of your browser page. It has developed more over the years and if not remedied can slow down your computer, use up all your system resources and make you not even want to turn your pc on. Now for our top 10 spyware products: 1. Spy Sweeper 2011 - this product has been rated as one of the top by various websites. Users have found that it is easy to use and offers undeniable protection. It is lightweight, and will immediately quarantine any malicious code before it can be installed. The company updates the definitions frequently to keep up with the latest malware. Price is under $20 USD. 2. Counter Spy 4.0+ - this product is a close second to Spy Sweeper, it offers security to Windows users, especially Vista and Windows 7. It not only protects spyware, but also is capable of detecting rootkits, adware as well as malware. This is another company which works diligently at keeping their definitions up to date and works continuously to ensure it. Price is under $20 USD. 3. We have a tie for number 3 and 4 between STOPzilla and Ad-Aware (Pro not Free) - both of these products offer a large list of tools and functionality, but are both missing key functions that keep them from rating in the top 1 or top 2. STOPZilla?s price tag is double the first two, without the necessity as it offers the same, Ad-Aware does not offer anti-spam, nor does it include an email scanner. STOPzilla price is just under $40USD and Ad-Aware Pro is just under $30USD. 5 through 10 are as follows and in no particular order. 5. Microsoft Windows Defender 6. Super Anti-Spyware Professional 7. Malwarebytes - AntiMalware 8. Spybot S & D 9. SpyZooka 2.5 10. SpyHunter 4.2.2 No matter which you choose, be it paid versions or free versions, make sure you install one, and then be sure to do regular (daily) definition updates. Also note that if you choose to use one of the free top spyware products ensure it is from one of the top companies, as some spyware developers have been known to put out fake software to infect your computer. Read more on the top spyware products and see if it could be the cause of you slow computer by visiting Article Source: Read my full SpyHunter 4 Review, and see How to Remove Spyware

Top Ten Spyware Products  

A review of several spyware applications

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