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How to Ea rn Money th rough Article Writing Make a list of article submission Websites that share their Adsenserevenue with writers. Many websites help you earn money online through article writing. Some of the Websites that are at top in sharing Adsenserevenue with writers are –,, and Post your articles on these sites instead of posting them on the websites that do not pay you anything. Many websites earn a lot of money through your articles but do not provide you any benefit. Then, why publish your articles there when various other websites providing you few bucks for article sharing. • If you are sharing your articles on an article submission Website like then be active on the Website. That means post more articles to get more readers and to earn more money. • If you own a blog or Website for publishing articles, then you must know something about Google Adsense. Google Adsenseis a program that helps you earn money from your blog or Website. When you register your blog or website to enable Google Adsensethen Google will start adding Advertisements (both banner and text ads) on the given blog or website. When any of the visitors clicks that advertisement, Google pays you some amount depending on Google’s Adsenserevenue sharing scheme. • Spread your blog or website over Internet for getting more visitors. More visitors, means more click on the Ads provided by Google Adsenseteam, which means more income. If you are thinking that how to spread your blog or website over Internet then do not worry. Here, we tell you how you can do this. Email your blog link to your friends and let them know about your new post on blog or website. Ask them to share the post with their friends, if they like the post. If you like to use social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut, Digg, StmbleUpon, etc. then post the link of your blog or website there and let the world know about your new publishing.

• You should have some knowledge about keywords stuffing in your articles. Keywords are important for driving more visitors so always emphasize on keyword quality when writing an article to submit it on your blog, website, or article submission directory. Mentioned above are some tips that help you knowing how to make money through article writing. Keep writing articles for getting more income. Other Related Articles

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How to Earn Money through Article Writing  

If you are thinking that how to spread your blog or website over Internet then do not worry. Here, we tell you how you can do this. Email yo...

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