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Could Caribbean Born Jeff Benjamin be the next Mayor of Miami? n Nov 5th, 2013, The City Of Miami could have its first ever Black Mayor and he could be from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago!

Reflecting on the “Dream,” 50 years later Local NAACP Marched on Washington as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations

ocky Delaplaine, who was 10 years old when she attended the 1963 march with her mother, remembers the details of that event vividly. “I remember it was his (Martin Luther King Jr.’s ) very sonorous voice, very powerful voice, the fact that he repeats phrases,” she said. “His voice filled me with hope. That was my feeling. I don’t know how many of the words I understood but his voice filled me with hope and just being there in this sea of humanity filled me with hope.” When the speeches ended, Delaplaine and her brothers walked over to the Reflecting Pool so they could put their feet in the water. “I remember feeling just a sense of we were making change,” she said. “We were making history, and the feeling among the people there was so powerful. To be in such a large group who were all

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Meet Jeff Benjamin! Mr. Benjamin is Black and Jewish, his mother’s family is from Venezuela and Grenada, his father’s family are Russian Jews and he is a Trinidadian.

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Mighty Sparrow in coma According to a brief statement, “The family of Slinger Francisco The Mighty Sparrow is sad to announce that the Calypso King Of The World is in a New York hospital in a coma. The family is asking fans and the people of Trinidad and Tobago to pray for him and to respect their privacy. An update on his progress will be announced”. There were reports yesterday that legendary calypsonian the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) is at a New York hospital in serious condition. A note on the Timeline of the Muzic Playerz DJ

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L I F E S T Y L E Sam Roberts, Publisher

3 Years Old and Enjoying Every Second!

Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Publisher/Editor

but not least, we selected a printing process that provides for high quality picture resolution. Yes, we paid more than the average paper in print cost, but we wanted it to reflect the quality of the people in the Caribbean American Community. We launched back in 2010 with our first issue which included 18 pages and we printed 5000 copies with our distribution in about 40 to 60 locations throughout Central Florida.

In August 2013 we quadrupled our original print production quantities and we are now distributed in over 400 locations throughout Central Florida, South Florida and North Florida. Our growth, strength and distribution is built on the foundation of community partnerships; you the readers are the ones who spread the word about our paper, you are the ones who pick up Caribbean American Passport News Magazine our paper and take it to your jobs, your churches, your barber was launched as a platform to showcase us; ‘us’ shops, your restaurants, your schools and everywhere you go the Caribbean American community, us the teach- and for this we are extremely grateful......we are your paper, our ers, the students, the policemen, the lawyers, the engineers, growth is a direct reflection of your support - Thank you. the entertainers, the social workers and the list can go on and on and on. We, the Caribbean American people, serve in every We want to share a story with you that is a reflection of our/your capacity of the American fabric of society. We stand strong on community support. In August we needed to rent a vehicle to our commitment to family, friendship, culture and commu- carry our papers to South Florida for distribution, we called a few nity. We needed a platform that showed all the positives that rental car companies for prices and then I remembered a friend we do, all the accomplishment, all the positive contributions who told me that his mother works for a rental car company. We that we make to society on a daily basis. The Caribbean Ameri- called and spoke to his mother, she gave us an unbelievable rate for a full size SUV. We arrived at the rental car facility to rent the can Passport News Magazine is our platform to stand on. SUV and during our conversation we explained our intention to Our Caribbean American Passport News Magazine was a cre- rent the vehicle monthly because of our growth and expansion ation intended to be different from any other Caribbean news- into South Florida....without warning, totally unexpected, she said paper/printed or published in Florida or the USA. We selected “Your rental is free, every month come back to me and I’ll cover a paper quality that was brighter and better than most, we the cost of your rental; that’s my contribution to the growth of selected a style/layout that was different, we decided to trim our/your CARIBBEAN AMERICAN PASSPORT NEWS MAGAZINE. the edges of our paper to make it an easier process of turning the pages, we used an oversized font to make it an easier read, Caribbean American Passport News Magazine is our community we saddle stitched (stapled) our paper to avoid the separation paper, we support our community and we are supported, built and and falling apart that happens to most other papers and last, distributed by our community. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. eptember 14th 2010 was the birth date of our Caribbean American Passport News Magazine, our first issue was printed at 2:47pm on September 14th 2010; who would believe it’s been 3 years.......and what a fantastic 3 years it has been.

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Haiti Earthquake Crisis: Reflecting on the “Dream,” 50 years later DISASTER or BLESSING Local NAACP Marched on Washington as part

By Ricardo Omar-Ali Chairman & Comptroller CCL/TBC Quantum High Impact Holdings

of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations —Continued from page 1—

ooking back at the Haitian earthquake disaster, the consequent human suffering, and the tremendous loss of life, one wonders was this a blessing or a total disaster. In the years that have passed, the monetary pledges of almost 1.5 Trillion US Dollars from several countries have not yet been disbursed, the country has disease epidemics, tent living, and consequent economic deterioration that has reached sub human status, and the question still remains: DISASTER or BLESSING! Historically, the French have held a firm grip on the country’s economy, as well as placing several trade and social embargos over the past two hundred years, yet the country persists and sustains itself especially with expatriates and family, who continuously send money and other necesMichel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly sities regularly— the result like Cuba. a self sustaining micro economy, even in post Duvalier years. How is it a country, whose growth has had several decades of deterioration, continues to strive? Simple . . . self sustaining and reliance.

fighting for the same cause, I think everyone — I certainly did as a 10 year old — left very certain that important changes were going to be made in this country.” “I would say it got me started, or it helped cement that feeling, that when people come together to fight for social change, great things can happen.” For this historical event, thousands of Americans traveled to Washington, D.C., to recall and relive the historic Aug. 28, 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Ordinary Americans of all ages and races stood at the steps of the Lincoln listening to speaker after speaker pay homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose famous “I Have a Dream” speech remains the rhetorical touchstone in the fight for justice and equal opportunity.

50 Years later it was President Barack Obama’s turn to touch the hearts of those assembled. America’s first Black President. In a rather subdued speech that seemed intent on not trying to overshadow King’s legacy, the president affirmed the civil right leader’s central message, saying, “The promise of this nation will only be kept when we work together. We’ll have to reignite In just three years after Carnival performer SMichel “Sweet the embers of empathy and fellow feeling, the coalition of conMickey” Martelly has been elected to the new-found career as science that found expression in this place 50 years ago.” President, and the country has gained new leadership. Former colonial power France viewed this as a farce and Jokingly say Members of the NAACP Orange county Chapter traveled to “au chanteur du Carnaval es president,” which translates into Washington for a day of 50th anniversary festivities. Some “a carnival singer is president!” There seems to be a resurgence locals who went along also attended the similar 1983 20th in economic activity, especially with Former US president Bill anniversary celebration. This time, they marched pass the reClinton living there and buying several hundred acres of land gal statue of the dynamic civil rights leader who gave the now and real estate in preparation, for the much anticipated Eco- immortal ”I Have A Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, nomic Boom. Jr., that befittingly is positioned beautiful and prominently besides D.C.’s Tidal Basin. In the light of the Countries, resurgence on the world front and a huge untapped human labor pool, the country is set While visiting Washington the group fully engaged with full Civil for economic development, as developed countries rush in Rights participation. Upon their return trip the group assented to to claim their stake of the huge opportunity that restructur- the grandness of the present day experiencing that the Dream is ing of this country leaves open to this countries rise to promi- alive. They further acknowledged that yet in too many nence. Napoleon Bonaparte vigorously maintained that this places today are reminders in poignant realities that they, evslave revolting population needed to be suppressed as an eryone and each American has an important job to continue example to other Black colonies hoping to emulate Haiti’s their part in working actively to ensure and sustain the dream. independence.

The Washington Bus Trip group above, including: Standing: 6th from Left Branch Liaison for National NAACP Convention Barbara Newton, 7th from left Branch Secretary LaRone Davis, 5th from right Melinda Poole Branch Treasurer and Trip Coordinator (in red hat) and at right end Branch Executive Committee member Reginal McGill. Seated: 2nd from left Turner Clayton, Seminole County Branch President and third from left Freedom Fund Chair Vivian Tindal.


President Obama Stands on Dr. King’s Courage and Shoulders

education swung open so their daughters and sons could finally imagine a life for themselves beyond washing somebody else’s laundry or shining somebody else’s shoes,” says President Obama.

By Roger Caldwell There is confusion in the goals, and aspirations of the African American leadership in 2013. During the week of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, there were thousands of dinners, speeches, and marches to commemorate, and honor this great man and his movement. Without the civil rights movement, there would be no President Obama, no thousands of Black elected officials, no Black millionaires, no Black CEOs, University Presidents and professors, and a thriving African American middle class.

But it is ironic in 2013; there is a new conservative philosophical mindset taking place in the country. Many proponents of this new conservative thinking believe in states’ rights, limiting voting rights, and concentrating political and economic power in the hands of a few. There is a new movement led by the Tea Party and they reject unions, and progressive political organizations. During the same week of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, fast food workers were striking in 60 cities around the country, and asking for a living wage of $15 an hour. In many of these fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s the president of the executive board is Black and where does his loyalty belong? It is extremely difficult to align yourself with the workers, when you make executive decisions, even though you understand their plight.

“We rightly and best remember Dr. King’s soaring oratory that day, how he gave mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions; how he offered a salvation path for oppressed and oppressors alike. His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time,” says the president during his speech on the 50th anniversary.

In 2013, many African American leaders are successful and exceeded Martin Luther King’s dreams. On one level there is tremendous progress, but on the other side of the coin children/families are hungry, and there are no jobs. In some communities people are afraid to walk down the street, because of violence. Workers in the fast food industry have worked for companies for 11 years and never received a raise.

In 1963, the goals of the movement were simple, petition the government for legal rights, access to quality education, opportunity to start a business, vote, and be respected as an American citizen with human rights. White America was in control of every system and industry and they denied access to them as a result of our race. African Americans were beaten, fire-hosed, bitten by dogs, and killed for our founding fathers’ promise.

In 1963, the battle was based on color, but in 2013 the struggle is more complicated, because it is based on class and color. Racism and discrimination is still pervasive, but now there are Hispanics, African Americans, women, Asians, sex, and gender folks fighting for their rights. After all the speeches, marches, lunches, and dinners, who is really ready to make a life choice to give up their life for what they believe?

Without question there have been phenomenal victories, and America today is more free and more fair. “And because they kept marching, America changed. Because they marched, a Civil Rights law was passed. Because they marched, a Voting Rights law was signed. Because they marched, doors of opportunity and

President Obama is aware that he is where he is because of the sacrifice of Martin’s life and many more. There are very few leaders willing to sacrifice their life for a cause in 2013. Most leaders are worrying about paying the bills, going on vacation, and keeping their spouse happy.




Immigration News for Our Community NEW On-line Immigrant Visa Application Requirements

language other than English may be rejected, and you will be required to log back into the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) and provide English answers. You may save By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, your partially completed DS-260 at any time by clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of every page. If you need to 1-877-GAIL-LAW step away, simply click the “Save” button to save your progress, and click on “Sign Out” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. All data that you entered up to the point of clicking on “Save” will be stored until you are ready to continue completing the form. Once you submit your application, by clicking @GailSeeram the “Sign and Submit Application” button on the “Sign and Submit” page, you will be unable to access your application Starting September 3, 2013, the Department of State will tran- again. sition to an online immigrant visa application. Immigrant visa applicants will apply online using Form DS-260 (Application Pros and Cons for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration) – formerly Form The negative drawback of implementing a completely on-line DS-230. Applicants will choose their agent online using Form filing of the Immigrant Visa Application is that most immiDS-261 (Choice of Address and Agent) – formerly Form DS- grants abroad do not have access to a computer and are not 3032. Applicants will access both forms on the web at computer literate. This means that the immigrant would have to probably pay a service provider to complete the required DS-260 and DS-261 on-line, whereas in the past the immigrant These forms replace the paper DS-230 and DS-3032 filed with could have completed these forms by hand. the National Visa Center in anticipation of processing for an available visa at the U.S. Embassy. The National Visa Center The positive implications are that the Department of State is (NVC) may instruct some applicants who previously submit- trying to save money and reduce cost associated with paper ted Form DS-230 to submit Form DS-260 on-line. Only Diver- filings and handling all the papers mailed to their office. I’m sity Visa and Cuban Family Reunification Parole applicants assuming with the new on-line requirement that the informawill continue to use the paper forms. tion will be uploaded directly into their database and reduce time and costs to input the information by hand. The implementation of Forms DS-260 and DS-261 is the next step in the Department of State’s creation of a secure and effi- Conclusion cient online immigrant visa application experience. The Immigrant Visa Application (formerly Form DS-230) now called Form DS-260 is required to be completed by every travCases Pending at National Visa Center (NVC) eling immigrant seeking an immigrant visa from the U.S. EmFor those immigrant visa applicants who have a case pending bassy. It contains biographical questions about the immigrant’s with NVC already, NVC may instruct some applicants who employment history, education background, marital backpreviously submitted Form DS-230 on paper to submit Form ground, and where the immigrant wants his/her social secuDS-260 online. rity card and lawful permanent resident card to be mailed. Lastly, it is the petitioner who usually receives the request from Accessing Form DS-260 On-line the National Visa Center for completion of the DS-260 (forAll answers, except as specially provided, must be in English, merly DS-230) along with requests for police clearance, civil using English characters only. Applications submitted in any documents and affidavit of support.

Do you have a Talent to Share? Orlando’s Got Talent, is Saturday, October 26th • Tryouts, September 28th The Jamaican American Association of Central Florida, Inc. invites you to their 4th Annual Cultural Extravaganza at Soiree Event and Conference Center to be held on Saturday, October 26th 2013 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Celebrating Jamaica’s Heritage month). Join us as we showcase our food, music, talents and arts and culture. This celebration is inconjuction with the ever popular “Orlando’s Got Talent.” An opportunity open to everyone between the ages of 5 to 25 years old to come out and showcase their talents at our Audition on Saturday, September 28th from 12 noon to 3 pm at Soiree. So Singers, Dancers, Poets,and Groups come ready to perform and be a part of the preliminaries, with the possibility of being a finalist and win one of our prizes at the “Finale” on Saturday, October 26th 2013. Entry Rules: Please arrive at 6394 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL by 11:00 am on Saturday, September 28th. You must be at least 5 years old, and no older than 25 at the time of your audition. Please bring your instrumental version of your song to be performed on a CD. (Only clean lyrics will be accepted) If you are under 18, please bring your parent or guardian for consent. Prizes: Ages 5 to 10: First prize trophy and a $25.00 gift card. Second prize trophy and a $10.00 gift card. Ages 11 to 17: First prize trophy and a $50.00 cash prize. Second prize trophy and a $25.00 cash prize. Ages 18 to 25: First prize trophy and a $100.00 cash prize. Second prize trophy and a $75.00 cash prize. All contestants advancing to the finale are admitted free!!

Donation is: $15.00 for Adults (includes refreshments) $10.00 for children 11 and up (includes refreshments) Children 10 and under - FREE (includes refreshments) Vendor tables available for purchase. For more information call Sandra Fatmi - 770-789-7004 or Dennis Hall - 407-929-7477. **All proceeds to benefit the Youth and Scholarship Fund ** Music by DJ Phayz of Vibrant Soundz Performance by Caribbean Cuties & Co. Thank you to all our sponsors: Association Members Gary’s Soul Food Restaurant Soiree Event & Conference Center Caribbean American Passport News Magazine Full-A-Vybez Promotions Taste of Jamaica Restaurant GoldenKrust Bakery and Grill (Orlando) Speedy Quick Printing Caribbean Sunshine Bakery Restaurant All our WOKB Caribbean Radio personalities on 1680 AM Fri. (9pm - 12 midnight) & Sat. (8am - 12 midnight)


Hope for Danielle Celebration Parade Courtesy of Bakari Savage, Reporter RLANDO — As a teen’s shooter tries to get out of jail, family and friends rally to show support for Danielle Sampson. Sampson was shot and became comatose a year ago while riding in the back of her family’s van, leaving church. Sampson was hit by a stray bullet from crossfire… which Tyrone Mosby was convicted of firing. In Pine Hills at the parade for “Hope for Danielle,” supporters signed a petition to keep Mosby in jail. Alma Fletcher, Danielle’s mother, is helping to lead the fight to keep Mosby in jail. The petition sat on the table next to her birthday cake at the Hope for Danielle rally.

competent, I think they’re just going to put him in a mental institution for two days and put him back on the streets. That can’t happen.” Nouchelle Hastings with Greater Orlando Cares says the supporters came out for more than just one reason to the same place Danielle Sampson was shot one year ago. “ “Yes this happened to Danielle a year ago, at six o’clock. But, guess what? It brought our attention to the epidemic that’s happening to our children,” Hastings said. Hastings believes that epidemic is what happens when guns get in the hands of irresponsible people. The result is Danielle’s new reality, which was forced upon their family on her mother’s birthday. “It’s weird. It’s weird to celebrate a birthday at the same time but it’s good because God is good,” Fletcher said. “My child is alive. Many families cannot say the same.”

“I don’t understand how somebody can be incompetent and have interviews and doing a lot of things while Danielle sits there and suffers,” Fletcher said. “If you’re incompetent… If they find him in-

But as they celebrate Alma’s and Danielle’s lives, supporters say if Danielle has breath, she has hope. Just before the blue balloons were released, everyone made a wish. Above: Buffalo Soldiers with Danielle’s sister

Above left: Danielle’s Doctor Keyne Johnson Above right: Danielles Family On left: Pastor DaRon Dixon of the Well of Hope with Shanit Hernandez of WOKB On right: CAP Publisher Guenet in biker gear



n celebration of National Crime Prevention Month, the Orlando based K.N.E.C. (Kingdom Network Empowering Communities) is hosting the Sixth annual “Stop the Killing Start Living Community Rally” at the Silver Pine Village Shopping Plaza at 5300 Silver Star Road and the corner of Pine Hills Road. The state of the community past, present and future will be presented by leaders of the community from the social, political, medical and educational arenas of the county. The songs of the social activist and songwriter, Marvin Gaye will provide the lyrical backdrop for the one-day event. The event will be highlighted by community round table, guest speakers, steel band music, rap music, games, dance groups and choirs represented by the various cultures of the Central Florida Communities. For more information, go to or contact: Bishop A.L. Helligar at 407-721-4817 or Michael Kimbrough at 407234-9619. Listen for updates on WOKB Radio AM1680 Wednesdays at 11:00 AM “The Transformation Movement Hour” and online at WWW.WOKBRADIO.COM.


Letters to My Lawyer™ By Karlyn Hylton

Dear Lawyer, My mother was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, and has been told by Doctors that she has less than six (6) months left to live. As time goes on, I am noticing that she is becoming less able to do things for herself, and her memory is rapidly decreasing. She is currently married to my step-father but I believe that I will be the one to have her best interests at heart. In the event that any medical decisions need to be made on her behalf, how can I assure that I will be the point of contact for the doctors and/or hospital? Please Help, Concerned son Dear Concerned Son: The most common method of ensuring that you are the point of contact for the doctors and/or hospital, is to have your mother appoint you as her health care power of attorney. Your step-father is currently her next of kin and will likely automatically be the first person they reach out to for decision-making and information sharing. While your mother is still able to comprehend and make decisions for herself it is best to discuss with her the option of you becoming her health care power of attorney. This is a document that she would sign, authorizing you (or someone else) to make medical decisions for her in the event that she becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for herself. It is important to remember that this document is limited to health care decisions and if you intend to have full power of attorney over your mother for other purposes, that is a completely different document that you should consult with an attorney about. According to Florida law, as long as she is competent and understands the effect of the health care power of attorney at the time of signing the document, it will be valid. Another option while your mother is competent is to have her appoint you as a pre-need guardian for health care decisions. If your mother is not competent and does not understand the powers being given to you by the power of attorney, then you may want to consider being appointed guardian over your mother. This is a much lengthier process and requires petitioning the court and you must have legal representation. Thus, it is best to take care of this while she still understands what she is signing. Best Regards, Karlyn Hylton, Esq. HAWM, PLLC Please submit your letters to Each month a reader’s selection will be chosen for response This column is primarily for educational purposes as well as to give the reader general information and a general understanding of the law, not to provide any legal advice whatsoever. By reading this column you understand that there is no attorney-client relationship between you and writer/ publisher. This column should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney. This column is not published for advertising or solicitation purposes. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Letters to My Lawyer™ is a publication of Karlyn Hylton & Sasha Watson of Hylton, Adamson Watson, PLLC 120 E. Colonial Drive |Orlando, FL 32801 P: 407-802-3223 | F: 407-377-1971 E:



the privilege bestowed by you to lead the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago into a new era filled with the same positive expecJust over three years ago, you took the bold step tations ushered in a few years ago. to elect me as this country’s sixth Prime Minister and I remain very humbled by your support to I see part of this huge responsibility as having the demonstrated become the first woman elected as Prime Minister capacity to listen. of Trinidad and Tobago. And so this National Conversation will occur between me and When I took up the mantle to serve the people, there all stakeholders. I will listen to every community leader, each was great expectation that so many of our nation’s business group and labour representative, but I will humbly ills would be swept away almost immediately. ask also that my own message and vision be heard so that together we can arrive at the best solutions Three years later, the expectations remain and find common purpose for the greater and despite all that your government has good of all. done, there is a sense among all that there is still so much more to do. We will not falter, nor lose sight of what we started out to create together. We will I know our nationals abroad are looking rise to the occasion. The job of leading this on with keen interest at what goes on at nation as Prime Minister requires that I home. I have them in my prayers, and I also follow your views, your ideas, your always look forward to meeting with them sense of what needs to be done. during my hectic international travels. Our National Conversation begins this I know they will be concerned at the levels process now. Together, we are the nation’s of crime affecting our beautiful nation, but best and only hope for a future that realises I assure them, my government is ready for all our noblest aspirations. battle. This is a war we must win, and we will win! Together, we are the best and only possibility for an accommodation with all inI recognize that the juncture of midterm terest groups that sincerely work for the in office is never easy for any government benefit of everyone. as we are caught between what we have been putting in place to effect lasting We have witnessed sweeping changes in meaningful changes and the time for the this country, the least of which is not the results of those efforts to be seen. idea that people power is greater than anything else. It is now for us to listen and reMidterm administrations around the world are so challenged spond appropriately. And that is precisely what I intend to do. and we are no different. We need look only to our huge northern neighbor in the United States to witness the midterm frus- I take this opportunity of our nation’s 51st Anniversary to intration and the end of term renewal of the American people in troduce The National Conversation that will include a Forum the current administration. for the populace at large through which views can be exchanged; it will include a website, even a hotline that allows There can be no denying that this is not May 2010. There can be callers to register their opinions. no expectation either that it could ever be. But between now and then it is critical for us to see where we have traversed, what gains, I will ensure every opinion is garnered, each voice heard, and what losses, which ways gone wrong, what paths taken right. that the government you elected acts upon those opinions. And to do this, we must Go Back To Start, the point at which It all began, this movement of change that you started. This has always been Your Movement, Your Change, Your Revolution which all began on the cusp of our nation’s 50th anniversary just over three and half years ago.

When we speak to each other across the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago a better understanding will emerge among all groups.

Rest assured that I am mindful of many of the sentiments expressed already, but I am equally aware of the absence of your Today as I reflect on the journey of our nation 51 years ago, I government’s own views and vision finding its way through to celebrate with you the glorious achievements and contribu- you. That too must change. tions of our small great nation in so many endeavours. For the first time ever water flowed from taps, bridges connected We have so much to be proud about. May we use the rekin- communities, impassable dirt tracks gave way to newly paved roads. dling of these memories as a proud reminder on this nation’s ability to rise above any of the challenges such as those we But of course everyone wanted everything to happen in their currently face. area overnight especially since they had been neglected for so long prior to our taking office. But I understand the frustraI am keenly aware that many of you are awaiting further evi- tions and the need for faster paced development. dence of the Faith you reposed in us just over three years. And there is a strong need for stocktaking of our stewardship over We can do a lot more and in the coming year, I have asked my the past few years. Ministers and Members of Parliament to intensify the delivery to all our citizens. And that process which has been taking place in some form over time now begins in earnest and in specific, measurable ways. Let us seize this opportunity to make Trinidad and Tobago a much better place by always doing the right thing, by actively I will be personally undertaking A National Conversation with nurturing our pluralism, by celebrating our multiculturalism, stakeholders across the length and breadth of this nation. and building the harmony which we enjoy. Our families, our children, and our communities deserve no less. I will invite the heads of religious organisations, NGOs, who serve the nation so generously and abundantly and whose On behalf of the government of the Republic of Trinidad and work touches the lives of so many in significant ways, I will Tobago, I extend sincere wishes for peace, love, and prosperity convene discussions with youth groups, I will also open dia- to all citizens of this blessed nation. logue with opposition groups should they agree to enjoin the National Conversation. May Almighty God, shed His light on us and guide and protect our path, as we strive to fulfill our nation’s goals and aspiraEven as our nation commemorates its 51st Anniversary I have tions. Happy Anniversary!



Bolt and Colours very Popular in China By JIS

the changes ever since Bolt won the (2008) Olympics,” he said. Mr. Dabodoub, who was with Mr. Graham during his trip to For a few brief hours, businessman Hugh Graham of Tiananmen Square, believes the time is ripe for Chinese inParamount Chemicals knew what it felt like to be an vestment in tourism as well as the aggressive promotion of international celebrity. Jamaica as a destination for the thousands of Chinese who travel abroad each year. Mr. Graham, who was one of several businessmen accompanying Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia It is a view shared by Jamaica’s Ambassador to China, His ExSimpson Miller on her recent visit to Beijing, China, found cellency Ralph Thomas. Both men however, point to one main himself surrounded by quite a large group of friendly Chi- barrier, the current visa restriction. nese, in the middle of Tiananmen Square, who simply wanted to take a picture with him dressed in his black, “When the people came to us about tourism, they were saying green and gold Jamaican shirt. that the difficulty that they had in terms of getting visa to get to Jamaica was one of the things that have been holding them There was no language barrier as they repeated time after time, back and I think that once that goes, once that opens up, we “Bolt”, almost with reverence. Soon a long line was formed as are going to see a lot of other areas (open up) with it,” Mr. repeatedly he patiently posed for photographs. Noticing the line Dabdoub said. Ambassador Thomas explains that with the Jamaican Embassy located in Beijing, the country’s capital, it can be quite expensive and time consuming for residents in other cities to acquire a visa to the island. He supports the call for the removal of visa requirements. “My view of it is that visa abolition is something that could cause many visitors to come to Jamaica,” said Ambassador Thomas. He further points out that with the rise of personal incomes in

There was no language barrier as they repeated time after time, “Bolt”, almost with reverence. China, more persons are travelling to far destinations, are staygetting longer and starting to feel tired, he made good his escape. ing longer and spending more. Currently, Jamaica receives less than one per cent of its visitors from China. “That was a real good feeling, a real moment of feeling proud to be a Jamaican and a deep respect and understanding of The Ambassador may get his wish. On the final day of her trip what people like Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser (Pryce) did to China, the Prime Minister informed that the Government when they came to Beijing in 2008,” Mr. Graham said, a few will be revisiting the visa issue. “When we get back to Jamaica, working with your Ambassador to Jamaica, and our Ambasdays later in an interview with JIS News. sador to China, we are going to be looking at the whole quesFrom the Chinese capital of Beijing to the busy metropolis of tion of the visa situation, so that Jamaica will be able to welShanghai and right across the world’s most populous country, come more Chinese visitors,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said in a the name Usain Bolt, the Jamaican colours and the national meeting with the Shanghai Mayor. symbols are instantly recognizable. She pointed out that with the number of Chinese visiting other This was confirmed by Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Yang Xiong, countries, “there is no reason that with our strong history and who informed the Prime Minister on her official visit to his city bond of friendship, Chinese visitors should not be visiting Jaon August 24, that “Jamaica is actually a very familiar name maica as well.” to the Shanghai people because of two things, coffee and sprint According to Mayor Yang, in the Caribbean, Jamaica falls second athlete Bolt.” to neighbouring Cuba in terms of visitor arrivals from China. Businessman and Chairman, Jamaica Fire Brigade, Jalil Dabdoub, believes this name recognition has incredible po- Statistics show that in 2012 the number of outbound Chinese tential for Jamaican tourism. “Just the fact that we are from tourists was some 83,182,700, up 18.41 per cent when comJamaica, it is almost like we are celebrities immediately. We pared with 2011. They mostly visit the United States of America, are treated at a much higher level than you would normally Russia, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, see and I have been coming here for 25 years and I have seen Singapore, Thailand and the Maldives.



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Special Community Spotlight Vernice Atkins Bradley ernice is a pioneer in enhancing the downtown area. When she was just starting as a specialist in urban support at City Hall in 1994, she was almost dismissed for allowing African Americans access to meet in City Hall like other citizen groups. Further, as the first woman president of the Southwest Orlando Jaycees, she brought an African American event downtown to Lake Eola for the first time. The KINGFEST celebration ultimately gave way to the annual MLK parade being held in center city rather that it’s long relegation to the back streets of Parramore and Division Sts. Additionally, Vernice serves as Chair of the African American Chamber of Commerce and on many other community boards. She is a confidant of top political and business leaders throughout Florida and the Nation. Most recently, as VP of Business Development for Turner Construction, she was directly responsible for delivering multimillion dollar contracts to the company. Some were over one hundred million dolVernice Atkins Bradley being congratulated by lars. She left her comMayor Dyer as she finalizes her term as Chair fortable and prestiof the Orlando Downtown Development Board. gious position to launch her own company, VOTUM Construction. “I wanted to be able to provide direct opportunities for Minorities and Women. I want to create significantly large income streams for these emerging groups even at personal sacrifice,” she observed. She still serves on the DDB Board along with the first African American Executive Director, Thomas Chatmon, whom she helped to bring aboard. He is widely known as one of the most effective and dynamic Directors in the history of the Board. The Board spends millions annually to promote development and events that grow the downtown district. Recently the Downtown Development board has taken an interest by sponsoring the Caribbean American Heritage Month celebrations at Lake Eola. We congratulate and thank Vernice Atkins Bradley for being a pioneer in Orlando and for never hesitating to build her community.



Central Florida Trinbago Association celebrates Trinidad & Tobago’s 51st Anniversary The Trinbago Association of Central Florida, formally known as The Trinidad and Tobago Association, was born from the vision of one of their initial founding members, Mrs. Yolande Hall. After reaching out to several like-minded associates, TTAC was formed by the following people Yolande Halls, Edith Smith, Alexzandrine Hicks, Rosita (Judy) John-Hamid, Kathleen Ali, Victor Smith, Doyle Hicks and Francis Chevalier. At their Annual Independence Celebration Ball this year, they

gave awards for achievement to Rupert Garvin - the first President of TTAC, Joanne “Tigress” Rowley, Leon Coldero and Smallie “Whoopsie” Bholai for their contributions to the Culture and well as Caribbean Supercenter for their contributions to the community. TTAC members are featured in the photo with Ambassador Dr. Neal Parsans. They put on a fantastic show filled with tassa drumming, steel pan, drumming, best village competitions and gave away scholarships at the event this year.

Launch by Professor Sir Hilary Beckles Caribbean Emancipation 1834 - 2013 The Greater Caribbean American Cultural Coalition held a book launch for Professor Sir Hilary Beckles’ book “Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide” on August 1 for Emancipation Day at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Anil Ramnanan, Consul General thanked Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

for his contributions made at the Thirty-fourth (34th) Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in Port of Spain last month, regarding the Issue of Reparations for Native Genocide and Slavery. Members of the Caribbean Consular Corp were in attendance as well as State Representative Hazelle Rogers, and Commissioner Dale Holness.

Above: Consul General and Sir Hilary Beckles On left (Row 1: Glenn Joseph, Dr. Carole Boyce, State Representative (District 95) Hazelle Rogers, Roxanne Valies, Sir Hilary Beckles Row 2: Dean of Caribbean Consular Corps & Consul General from St. Lucia, Kent Hippolyte, Dr. Heather Russell Row 3: Babacar M’Bow, John Beckford Chief of Staff, Commissioner Holness, Dr. Ramnanan)





10 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed on Craigslist By Miranda Perry

when the buyer or seller wants to use an online escrow service. Many scammers use fake escrow sites that may look like the real thing. Watch raigslist can be a very dangerous place. Whether you’re out for red flags such as poor spelling and domain spoofing. Never send buying, selling, looking for a new job, hunting for an apart- financial information online unless the website displays a secure “https://” ment to rent, or just giving away an old book shelf, URL. scammers will always be thinking up new schemes to defraud you. 4. DON’T COMMIT WITHOUT SEEING THE GOODS IN PERSON. You might end up with an item that’s broken, not as described, or Scams on Craigslist may lead to robbery, vandalized prop- doesn’t exist at all. If you’re selling, be very cautious of a buyer who is erty, identity theft, harassment, or even physical assaults. eager to purchase your items sight-unseen. This is a big flag, especially if Always trust your instincts and never do business with you’re selling something really valuable. someone if you don’t feel safe. One common Craigslist scam involves a “buyer” who sends you a money order or cashier’s check, which is much higher than the agreed-upon price 10 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed because they “made a mistake.” The scammer asks you to deposit it and send them the price difference via Western Union. After you’ve wired 1. STAY LOCAL. Craigslist is designed to be local, which is why the site the money, the bank discovers it’s a counterfeit check and you’re responis divided into regional and city-specific listings. Never do business with sible for paying it. By then, your own money is long gone. anyone in another state or country, or anyone who makes a lot of excuses about why they can’t meet you in person. Scammers frequently lie about 5. DON’T FALL FOR JOB SCAMS. If being missionaries, being in the military, taking care of a sick eldyou’re looking for a job on Craigslist, you erly relative or working for a multinational corporation to should be very careful about anyone who’s will“explain” why they’re abroad. Don’t believe their stories. ing to hire you without an interview. Even if you’re applying for jobs that involve Craigslist states on their support page that if you only telecommuting, research the company just to be safe. deal locally with people you can meet in person, you’ll Make sure they have a physical location near you and avoid 99% of scams. visit their offices before you provide any private information for a credit/background check. 2. AVOID WIRE TRANSFERS, CASHIER’S CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS. It’s a huge Never accept a job on Craigslist for secret shopping, red flag if someone wants to send or receive payinternational shipping management, foreign financial ment through the mail. Anyone who suggests a wire transfers, survey-taking, anything that requires you to transfer (like Western Union or MoneyGram), a pay money, or anything that simply involves “working cashier’s check or a money order is most likely from home” without going into greater detail. These types of trying to scam you. “jobs” are almost always a scam. Never conduct business with someone who 6. USE A COUNTERFEIT DETECTION PEN. A counterfeit detecwants to use cashier’s checks, money orders or wire transfer services tion pen will allow you to find out if someone is trying to pay you in such as Western Union. This is a sign that they’re most likely trying to phony bills. These pens use a special iodine ink that changes color when scam you. applied to wood-based paper (real money is printed on fiber-based paper used exclusively by the government). You can find counterfeit detection When you conduct a transaction using one of these methods, you’re not pens at most office supply stores, or online, for around $5. protected if things go south. If you’re buying an item that proves to be defective (or even nonexistent), you won’t be able to get your money 7. REMEMBER, CRAIGSLIST DOESN’T CERTIFY LISTINGS. back after it’s sent. Craigslist has no verification or screening process for transactions. If anyone claims to be “certified” or “guaranteed” by Craigslist, they’re Also, if you accept a cashier’s check or money order as payment for a sale almost certainly trying to scam you. Scammers frequently lie to get you and it doesn’t clear, you will be held liable to pay your bank the full amount to trust them. — plus any bank fees. Even worse, you may even face legal problems. There is no such thing as “Craigslist buyer protection,” “Craigslist seller Cash is the only secure currency for Craigslist transactions. If you’re certification” or “Craigslist payment services.” Avoid anyone who uses dealing with a large amount of money and the buyer or seller isn’t comthese phrases or similar language. fortable handling so much cash in a public place, meet at a bank and make the transaction inside the building. The money can be withdrawn 8. RESEARCH THE BUYER/SELLER. Use Scambook and Google. and then deposited right there in the bank. Search for their name, email address, business or any other personal in 3. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN USING ONLINE ESCROW. Be cautious

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Buyers & Sellers Wanted!


Kamla Macko’s Journey to Olympia By Sandi Morais he journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Kamla Macko, IFBB Figure-Pro took that first step in 2007 when she competed in the Sunshine Classic figure competition in West Palm Beach. Kamla won first place, but had to put competing on hold so she could complete her Bachelor’s of Science degree at Florida International University. However, in 2010 Kamla returned to compete in the Tampa Bay Classic and won first place and the overall championship. Later that year, she went on to compete in the NPC Championships in Orlando, Florida and won first place and the overall championship. In 2012 Kamla competed in the NPC Championships in Las Vegas and won first place and earned her Pro-Card from the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.) That same year Kamla went on to compete in the IFBB Pro shows. She competed in the Valenti Cup and the Ft. Lauderdale Cup and placed 2nd in both shows. Kamla was invited to compete in the Arnold Classics in March 2013. Kamla’s dream was always to enter Ms. Figure Olympia and that dream came to reality on August 31st, 2013 when she competed in the IFBB Valenti Cup and placed 2nd to Erin Stern, the current Ms. Figure Olympia. Kamla’s placement in her professional competitions put her in the top spot on the Olympia point system and qualified her to enter Ms. Figure Olympia 2013. Kamla’s journey to Olympia took dedication, discipline, determination and many hours of training in the gym with her trainer Pro MMA Fighter and Martial Arts instructor Gus Clemente, who is also her husband. John Maxwell states in his book titled Success, one day at a time, “Every worthwhile accomplishment has a price tag attached to it. The question is always whether you are willing to pay the price to attain it in hard work, sacrifice, patience, faith and endurance.” Kamla and Gus working together clearly shows that they were willing to pay the price through hard work, sacrifice, patience, faith and endurance to accomplish the dream of entering Ms. Figure Olympia. Kamla will make her debut on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 27-28th, 2013. For information about Fierce Bootcamp classes, Personal Training and Personalized Meal Plan visit

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Ocala Carnival

ongratulations to Ocala – they held their Carnival on September 1st. The Magnificent “7” Caribbean Cultural Association Inc. planned and coordinated the Carnival. President, Saul Colson Gilkes said that the group was formed on July 6th 2012, This organization which has only been around for one year is all about Caribbean culture and pride and one of the many customs of the islands is of course Carnival! The Carnival was held from the fire station, where a ribbon cutting ceremony was held, and ended at the Marion Oaks Community center. This first event was reported as having more

than 2500 people with 5 bands on the road. The band from Tampa took first place, Somewhere East of the Nile won band of the year. Magnificent 7 is an organization that helps less fortunate people such as the homeless and children with medical problems. Magnificent 7 looks at the situation and needs of these individuals and assists them in any way they are able to. They had a vision to try and alleviate some of the burdens that families with sick children have to face everyday. The name Magnificent 7 was chosen because 7 is God’s magic number and there are seven, God chosen, people leading this program. Proceeds from the carnival go towards this organization’s programs.

Mighty Sparrow in coma — Continued from pg 1 —

A note on the Timeline of the Muzic Playerz DJ duo Facebook page stated that sources close to them informed them of his condition. The Express was told by someone who knows Sparrow that he was “very depressed” last week. Calls to Sparrow’s home and mobile phones in New York went unanswered, as well as calls to his home in Trinidad, where his wife, Margaret Francisco, spends much of her time. General secretary of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation Wayne “Kassman” McDonald, told the Express they had not been informed that Sparrow was in hospital and could not confirm such. Sparrow was supposed to be presented a lifetime achievement award last Thursday by the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in New York. The calypsonian did not attend the ceremony and instead sent his son, Richard Francisco, to receive the award on his behalf, with a message that he was unable to attend the function.


LEADING LADIES BEHIND THE SCENES AND ON THE FRONT LINE Welcome to my column on Leading Ladies behind the Scenes. Our column will introduce you to leading ladies who have branded their own recognition and blazed their own trails. These ladies work behind the scenes but manage the front line with high impact results. You might have heard their names or admired their work, but never met them up close and personal. Our column will give you the chance to meet these ladies so you can place a face with the name and their trendsetting work in our community, various organizations and in business. Thank you for celebrating their value with us.

Nouchelle Hastings: “Girl What Do You Bring to the Table?”

Carolle Joseph’s dream of Dream Beauty Salon and Educational Center arolle was born in Haiti and as a child always imagined doing hair and other creative things. She was a curious child but very dutiful – always helping and always showing compassion.

The Dream Keeps Getting Bigger During the Christmas season of 2012 Carolle and the Dream Beauty Salon supported an event for gifts for children to Haiti. After the event, Carolle wondered exactly where her donations ended up. It was in a conversation with a trusted friend that Carolle disclosed the secret of her heart. She said it has always been her desire to return to Haiti and do something really big – something that will make a difference for many people that will be lasting.

When Carolle first came to Orlando she spoke no English but was determined to follow her path. With the telephone book she looked at pictures and pieced together what she understood to connect with Walt Disney World – universal within its reach; Carolle was confident to find work. Because of her lack of ability to speak English she started in housekeeping. She was “The Ultimate Hair the best attendant on the staff. She excelled in every area and received several awards and recognition. Carolle’s diligent work ethics soon paved a way to a different line of work for Walt Disney World working directly with a customer service sector. Her dream refused to allow her spirit to be filled with fear and thus she once again excelled. Not that Carolle was not content but she was not utilizing her creativity. She wanted to help bring out the beauty in other women and to help shape their faces with smiles and just have fun with their hair. Carolle decided it was time to revitalize her cosmopolitan skills.


The dream of Dream Beauty Salon and Educational Center is the passion of Carolle. Carolle desires to return to Haiti and build a school for mothers to receive proper training in hair and skin care as well as other holistic remedies to care for women and a later addition for men. The second part of the building would be the Educational Center. While the mothers are at work their children would be comfortable cared for on the other side of the wall. During lunch breaks the families could bond together and the mother would be inspired to learn and apply her skills so she can continue to have a placement for her child in the Educational Center. Carolle realizes that everyone sends clothes and food but if they were to receive quality training and have support in the care for their children then they would be able to manage and provide for themselves. Carolle believes this is a root to the dream of ending poverty and peril in places like Haiti.

Carolle received her license and worked as a stylist. In 2009, Carolle became a manager at Regis. One day while reflecting on her dream, she reIf you wish to help Carolle’s Dream alized that her dream was somehow become a reality please donate today. Carolle Joseph, Founder slipping away from her. She resigned And watch us grow brick by brick and from Regis and in the slope of the ‘recession’, she opened family by family. Carolle has the proper surname of Joseph her business. an much like the biblical character she is making it count from the pit to the palace because the Dream Keeps Getting Bigger. In December 2011, Dream Beauty Salon opened their doors with a parade of devoted customers. Almost every customer 1019 South Dillard Street from her former employment followed her. The sentiments are Winter Garden, Florida 34787 all the same, Ms. Carolle does hair like nobody else, she cares for the hair and always provide warm and cultivated atmo- ? sphere. Phone: (407) 276-1448

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator Immigration, Family, Wills & Trusts, Mediation 1073 Willa Springs Drive, Suite 1017 Winter Springs. Florida 32708 esquirebrown@nadinebrownpa,com

407-678-2224 Fax: 407-788-2225


CADVA Successfully Launches Anti-Violence Campaign in Trinidad

The U.S. based Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA), right here from Central Florida, brought its anti-violence campaign initiative to Trinidad and Tobago early August. A series of events under the theme: “UNITE TO INSPIRE: EDUCATION CREATES ACCEPTANCE”, launched “Operation BUILD-BOARD” in partnership with IMRARC (Irene Madray’s Recreational Arts and Resources Center-Local NGO of Guyana focusing on Youth Development) and the Miss World Guyana Organization in an effort to improve the health and well being of our Caribbean children globally. CADVA participated in marking International Youth Day on August 12th with Trinidad’s YOUTH IN (A Caribbean Network for Youth Development) in their movement for change. CADVA’s series of paintings by Guyanese Artist, Carl Anderson, REFLECTION: FACES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was on full display at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Port of Spain, Trinidad with hundreds of supporters in attendance to see the Youths of Trinidad performance through the arts. Miss World Guyana 2013, Ruqayyah Boyer, also performed in collaboration with the other youths. Central Florida Trinidadians were very supportive of these events and the education and support be taken to them homeland. Two Central Floridians in particular, Leo Mendez and Homida Rajack were instrumental in assisting with some of the events. Leo Mendez referred Pipiol Angels group located in Santa Cruz to one of

the hosting facilities. This group primarily focuses on the empowerment of young children from ages 2-20. Homida Rajack referred the Rotary Club who hosted a wonderful dinner for the group as well as listened to the group speak on bullying and sexual abuse that plagues our Caribbean Nations.

Events were hosted by the US Embassy, Ministry of Education, Rotary Club, Pipiol Angels and Youth In. The attendance for each event exceeded expectations. It was clear to CADVA that Trinidad has fully embraced change in the platform of domestic violence with both NGO and Governmental bodies working in tandem to effect change. The events were graced by head of social services, heads of judicial arm, heads of Victims and Witness Support Unit, Margaret Samson-Brown, and the honorable Margaret Diop, Charge De d’Affaires of Trinidad and Tobago. Many others who have the passion and ability to effect change were present at most of the events. CADVA sends their thanks to the country of Trinidad and Tobago for their support and the welcome of the CADVA team and their message. CADVA is poised to spread its wings in other Caribbean countries in 2014 and beyond. To learn more and help support this local organization reaching out globally, please visit their website at

Events were hosted by the US Embassy, Ministry of Education, Rotary Club, Pipiol Angels and Youth In. Bottom right: Sukree Boodram, CADVA Founder.


GAIL Foundation builds Playground in Guyana

Central Floridian Community unite under Gail Seeram’s Foundation to make a difference Guyanese living abroad donated playground equipment and educational tools to the therapy room at the New Amsterdam Special Needs School in Berbice, Guyana. During a ribbon cutting ceremony and blessing of the playground and therapy room, attendees had a sense of appreciation for those Guyanese who may have left Guyana but still remember their birth land. The success of this small project is a reminder that collectively, Guyanese can come together and achieve good for humanity. The common goal here was to provide playground equipment and educational tools to a school attended by over 80 children with various special needs. Mrs. Seeram and the GAIL. Foundation Inc., strive to reach out to the Guyanese Diaspora and provide opportunities for them to invest in the lives of children in Guyana. Mrs. Yvonne Hinds, the wife of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, joined Mrs. Seeram during the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mrs. Hinds stated “we must applaud the sterling efforts of this young woman of whom we are very proud, a woman who shares her God-given gifts and her resources with the less fortunate of the world.” Items donated to the therapy room included: two built-in wall to wall bookcases, laptop, desktop, projector, white projector screen, 5 signing DVDs, 3 pocket wall charts, white board, talking globe, hundreds of books, and educational toys. The new playground consisted of 5 three seater swings, 2 double sea-saws, 1 double slide and a monkey bar. Several Guyanese-Americans and Caribbean-Americans donated to this small project that will

give children at the New Amsterdam Special Needs School somewhere to learn, laugh, smile and more importantly, play. The monetary value of donations equaled nearly $2.0M Guyana dollars (US$9,000.00) and were given by the following donors: Attorney Gail Seeram, Oscar Ramjeet Jr. & Family from Natures Value,, Ivy Swammy Moonasar from Caribbean SuperCenter, Ralph Seeram, Aaliyah Boodhoo from Soiree Event & Conference Center, Shameer & Sandy Hassan from Golden Krust-Kissimmee, Wilma C. Alexander, Aidan R. Tyrrell, Sabitri E. Ailani, Kingsley Harrop-Williams, Vejay Bhoopsingh, Zorida PritipalManoo from Golden Krust-Orlando, Neil Singh, Bibi F. Khan, Matthew & Cindy Crawford & Family, Alfredo Barrott, Jr., Vickram Singh, Trinbago Association of Central Florida, Guyanese American Cultural Association of Central Florida, Kaieteur Tropical Mist Restaurant, Rudek Perez, A. Renee Pobjecky, Creig Camacho, Arshad Alam, Powerline Sounds HD, Ronnie Kishore from Island Breeze/Lux Night Club, Bianca Lila-Williams from Sesame Workshop, Richie & Sabrina Ramjit from NMS,, Orlando LaParkan, PS Freight Systems, Liquor Master, Guyanese American Cultural Association, Planet Hollywood International, Soiree Event & Conference Center, Caribbean American Passport and many other donors listed on Local Guyanese such as Mr. Gregory Rambarran from DTV Channel 8 and Mr. Surendra Rookman gave their time and skills in coordinating the construction and installation of the playground equipment and therapy room items.

Gail Seeram with Yvonne Hinds, wife of Guyana's Prime Minister cutting the ribbon to open the playgound.


leged sexual assault. “I woke up with my clothes off, sleeping on my belly, and he was raping me. I tried to get off, I tried to get him off, but he pushed me back down.”

Say what?

I could feel the pain she felt after the rape and then they sentenced her to sixteen months in jail. This was like a slap in her face. In order for her to be released from Dubai she had to recant her story and admit that she was angry with her colleague that’s why she reported the rape. Forgiveness here did not wipe out the past but it broadened her future because now she is a voice for oppressed women.

By Rosemarie G. Roth It looked especially beautiful today when I looked through my windows. My aim was to look to see if the garbage truck had picked up my garbage. Everybody’s garbage was neatly stowed in their container but I had a heap of garbage from the clean up I did in my backyard. I had hidden some tables, chairs and bar-b-que grill in the back yard that could not be seen from the front of my house but my neighbor had a first hand look that was not pleasant to their sight. To me my garbage could not be seen on one side but was visible on the other. (It’s like the hospital robe that opens at the back I C U:) Yes, they picked up ALL my garbage, never for me to see again. Jesus is my garbage collector “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”Psalm 103:12

“Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so never allow yourself to ever do anything that would damage your integrity.”

Hinduism Hindus believe in the philosophy of karma. God in the Veda (Yayur-Veda 7:48) states that each and every act good or bad has a consequence. Man is free to do good or bad, sins or pious deeds but result is always rewarded by God. One has to face the result as sorrow or happiness, respectively for a bad deed or good deed. Hindu scriptures state Karman ki gati nayari, tare nahin tahre, which means that there is no way to escape the consequence. Hence, there is no forgiveness. By increasing the good acts in comparison to the bad, one can make it easier on oneself to bear the consequence of a bad act but the consequence of bad act cannot be waived. Through good acts, such I thought I was wronged by a friend a few weeks ago only to be as Yajna, one can burn one’s sin. But one has to pay for them told that he wanted me to apologize to him. Say What? I in some form. It is this philosophy that puts control of one’s never see myself to have a temper but trust me, the Peter in me life and life-beyond-life in the hands of oneself. That is wanted to express some emotions! I am not lying to you, I was why Aham Braham Asmi (Gita) ”I am the world (the most angry at the thought of apologizing when I believed I was powerful)” when it comes about me. So, act as if each and every act of yours will be accounted and wronged. The Lord’s prayer says, “ Our Father, which art in heaven, in that regard God is Aryama (the suAnd, forgive us our trespasses…” but it Hallowed be thy Name. preme judge) (Rig-Veda 1-19-9). didn’t stop there. “As we forgive them When King David prayed in Psalm 32 that trespass against us.” To be humble Thy Kingdom come. “Blessed is the one whose sin is fortakes self control. Then I was reminded Thy will be done in earth, given, whose debt is paid.” Paul, the of a story on CNN not too long ago. As it is in heaven. Apostle picked it up and speaks of the Give us this day our daily bread. church at Corinth as washed and set Dubai (CNN) — Norwegian interior deAnd forgive us our trespasses, apart for God by the cross of our Lord. signer Marte Deborah Dalelv has spoken As we forgive them that trespass against us. This church was composed of men and out after being handed a 16-month prison And lead us not into temptation, women taken from a background of sentence in Dubai — after she went to But deliver us from evil. drunkenness and violence but was now police to report she had been raped by a For thine is the kingdom, wonderfully forgiven and made memcolleague. The 24-year-old was convicted bers of the family of God. The power, and the glory, and sentenced on charges of having unlawful sex, making a false statement and For ever and ever. Amen I might be a little pebble that makes illegal consumption of alcohol. “He dragged me by my purse in, so I thought, ‘OK, I just need to calm little ripple in lake and my friend a big stone who makes big the situation down. I will finish my bottle of water, I will sit here and ripple…yet we both will fall to the bottom and in the end we then I will excuse myself and say I feel fine,’” she said. That was are both standing before God with a bag of garbage somepretty much the last thing she said she remembers before the al- times in both hands. Say What?

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Caribbean Sunshine’s 2nd Annual Event “The Labor Day Gospel Extravaganza” n Monday September 2nd Caribbean Sunshine Bakery held its 2nd Annual Event “The Labor Day Gospel Extravaganza”and what a great success it was. Hundreds of Patrons came out to Caribbean Sunshine Bakery Restaurant on W. Colonial to celebrate Labor Day With Performances from Reggae sensations Marcia Griffiths, Lt Stitchie, Luciano and The Grace Thrillers alongside Hip Hop Phenomenon’s Bizzle and Willie Moore Jr. “The event was worth me coming out for” said one patron who had just finished doing the Electric Slide on stage with Marcia Griffiths herself. Fantastic performances from Orlando’s very own talented local artists Triumphant Muzik, His Will, New Born, Tracy Clark TJ & the Power of Praise, Evangelist Easton Gobourne, Shuntai & special guest appearance from Benjah. It was Jam packed with cultural vibes, Standing Ovations, laughter, fun for the whole family and hosted by Angel In Zion & Wendel “Determined” Jean Pierre. With Such a lineup we had to start the event at 2pm just to get everybody a chance to minister to the public and it continued straight into the night. With the last minute change in location from the Orlando Citrus Bowl Owner Peter Daley decided to host this community event on his door step “where else would be the best place to host a Caribbean Event but at the Caribbean Sunshine Bakery Restaurant”. Being amongst the crowd watching the audience interact with the artists was amazing to watch, I personally feel that the youth that were present needed to see other young people ministering and praising in a way that is familiar and easy for them to relate to. To see them actually being uplifted was a wonderful experience. Then watching the older generation step closer to the stage to watch Marcia Griffiths dance the Electric slide, cheering and relating to Lt. Stitchie stories of growing up ‘Back a yard’ and singing along with Luciano as he sang old songs that they grew up listening too.

New Location 1097 S. Clarke Rd Ocoee Daily Lunch Specials - (407)532-7310 Offering Smoothies, Snacks, Pastries, Cakes & Cupcakes & Breads: White Plait Bread, Grain Breads, Rolls, Butter Flaps, Tennis Rolls, etc… Ask about our Catering :

Hors d’oeuvres - Bouchees, Canapés, Chicken Bites, Cheese and Fruit Trays, Selections of devilled Eggs, Epanaditas, and lots more... Just call and ask Sabeeta! Meals - Curry -Chicken, Beef, Duck, Goat, Cookup Rice, Chowmein, Dhal Puri, Roti, Brown stew chicken, lots more … Just ask Carl! Desserts - All types of cakes, Eclairs, Guyanese Pastries, French pastries, bread and butter puddings, cheese cakes,... Just call and ask Sabeeta!

Caribbean Sunshine would like to Thank all its Sponsors Amerijet Shipping Cargo, Baptiste Orthodontics, Hylton Adamson & Watson Attorneys at law, Caribbean Airlines, Unity in Uniform, Anthony-Smith Law, Dream Again Enterprises & Heavenly Homies for all their support and donations in helping us make the event a great success. Please check out our website & facebook for photographs and download the Caribbean Sunshine App to your SmartPhone to keep you updated with upcoming CSB events and Daily Specials & Giveaways at Caribbean Sunshine Bakery & Restaurants.


November 3rd Harbor Park in Baldwin Park 4990 New Broad St, Orlando, FL 32814 Hosted by Caribbean American Passport News Magazine

Registration 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM Run at 5:30 PM Entry Fee 5K Run Pre-Registration $25.00 www.reggae/ Everyone is a winner! All participants who finish get: - • A Great REGGAE/SOCA 5K RUN T-Shirt • Reggae/Soca CD Mix • Cool Island Restaurant Coupons After race DJ &Steel Band, cool down with Caribbean drink and food specials!

Take a Booth for Your Business for $100.00! 407-427-1800 • 407-810-6435 Part Proceeds to benefit Youth Mentoring Programs in High Risk Communities through Sports & Cultural Events! Find out how you could be a mentor to the new generation…stop by the Greater Orlando Cares table on Nov. 3rd.

Lt. Stitchie with Peter Daley owner of Caribbean Sunshine Bakery


Could Caribbean Born Jeff Benjamin be the next Mayor of Miami? —Continued from page 1—

To say he truly represents the multi racial dynamic of South “No one knew he would win except his Friends, fans and supportFlorida is clearly an understatement. ers, but he did by a margin so wide his opponent was stunned… His growing grass roots base has put him clearly in the race to become the First Black Mayor of Miami.

Will we shock the world Why are you standing in silence … Martin Luther King said History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

Since Miami was officially incorporated as a City on July 28, 1896. Miami is noted as “the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman, Julia Tuttle” a local citrus grower and a wealthy Cleveland native. The Miami area was better known as “Biscayne Bay Country” in the early years of its I have not asked you to donate. What I have asked is for your growth. In the late 19th century, reports described the area as commitment to text a friend , tweet about our campaign, tag a promising wilderness. our pictures , like our Mayoral Page and make a phone call to a friend in Miami. Miami mayoral candidate Jeff Benjamin was born in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago. Benjamin will be the first Caribbean What I’m asking today is easy — but critical if we want to win national to contest the post of Mayor in Miami’s history! Should this election. You’ve committed to vote this fall – http:// he win, he will be Miami’s first Black Mayor, in addition to being Miami’s first Mayor of Caribbean descent. The fact that Benjamin not only originates from and maintains ties to the The last day to register to vote in this election, is Monday, OcCaribbean means that he is focused on the welfare of the Car- tober 7, 2013 ibbean diaspora. The last day to request an Absentee Ballot is Wednesday, OctoJeffrey Anthony Benjamin has achieved the Caribbean ber 20, 2013. diasporas’ dream. Benjamin graduated from North Eastern College and continued his studies in Aerospace Engineering Early Voting will be available for 14 consecutive days, from at the College of Aeronautics. He is also an alumnus of Monday, October 21, 2013 through Friday, November 3, 2013. Malcolm X College as a Neuro-Diagnostic Technologist in addition to numerous other certifications. He is the author Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2013. of “Juvenile Injustice, The Chicago Story”; this story helped change laws in the State of Illinois to benefit minors and On October 27th, voting will have already started in Florida, safeguard children. His other book “Love and Cholera” is And if each of us makes the commitment to vote now and gets based on the earthquake that devastated Haiti (to be released others excited about doing the same, we’ll be one step closer to end of 2013). winning this election.” Recent statistics show that Caribbean nationals including Haitians make up 25 to 30 per cent of Miami’s population.

Ask your friends and family to get registered and ready to vote this year, too:

On Jeff Benjamin’s facebook page is the following message:

Will History be made again in Miami on Nov 5th, 2013 ….

10 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed on Craigslist — Continued from page 21 —

formation they’ve provided. If this person has ever scammed anyone (or attempted to scam anyone) using the same information, it’s probably been reported online. Just remember that scammers often use many different aliases. Even if your search comes up clean, you should still keep an eye out for any red flags and follow Scambook’s other 9 Tips. Does someone selling an old couch need to know your date of birth? Remember, identity thieves may be lurking on Craigslist. Never give out more personal information than absolutely necessary. 9. DON’T GIVE OUT MORE PERSONAL INFORMATION THAN NECESSARY. When you sell on Craigslist, don’t include any personal information (name, address, phone number) in your public listing. No one needs to know anything about you unless they’re buying whatever you’re selling. Then, even after you’ve agreed to the transaction, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to share more than your phone number. For extra protection, create a free disposable phone number using Google Voice: https:// Never invite the buyer to your home unless it’s absolutely necessary. If they need to come to your home to pick up a large piece of furniture, for example, move the furniture to your front lawn or open garage and don’t let them inside. Make sure you’re not home alone and tell your neighbors you’re expecting a buyer. 10. TRUST YOUR GUT. As we’ve said before, always follow your instincts. If something seems like it isn’t right, or someone makes you uncomfortable for any reason, just walk away.




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