5th Marianas History Conference Day 1 - 3

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Exploring Latte in the Marianas

Pågan Island 2020

By Leila Staffler

CNMI Public School System

Abstract: This presentation will consist of a short 15 minute documentary about Latte in the Marianas, with a focus on Pågan latte. I made this documentary to share the beauty and wonder of our Marianas chain, in particular, the cultural significance of Latte throughout the chain. I know in our history books and records, it is said that there are Latte on every island, but often what people don’t see, they don’t know exists. The purpose of this documentary is to show that there are multiple, culturally significant sites that have yet to be studied in our Marianas chain. There are untold stories of our ancestors, buried in the detritus of the land, waiting for someone to unearth them and share their wonder. With the ongoing threat of military expansion in the Marianas, losing these stories and our history forever, is a very real possibility. This documentary is intended to spark interest to help protect us from and possibly stave off military occupation in Pågan and all of Gåni.


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