4th Marianas History Conference 2019 Book III: History

Page 37

Garrison Folks and Reducciones Bifurcating the Hagåtña Narrative in 18th Century Marianas History By Michael Clement, Jr. MHC Steering Committee/University of Guam mclement@triton.uog.edu Abstract: Census data from 18th century Guam and Rota paints a picture of a segregated society in which different segments of the Chamorro population had radically different life experiences. The most obvious distinction was that between the ethnically mixed community of Agadña and the more homogenous indigenous communities of the surrounding barrios and rural villages. This presentation examines ways a dominant “Hagåtña narrative” obscures these differences. Utilizing Prasenjit Duara’s critique of nationalist history, I argue that a “bifurcated” history of the 18th century Chamorro experience brings greater understanding to processes of political and cultural continuity and change during these years.