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April 19/10


Department of Education for its unselflsh cooperation in the work of the boys' and girls' agricnltural clubs. The club supervisorsand the local ciub ieaders all of v,'hom are members of the Department of Education as principals and teachers Calf Ciub of the outlying schoolsare all to be commended 1. One Young Closs-bred bull (Indian-grade for ttre high spirit and untiring efforts putting native) across such great task which would have been impossibie to accomplish had it not been for their Corn Ch,rb Bean Club help. 1. One Plow 1. One Cultivator 2. One Fusino 2. One Pitch Fork Copra Club 1. One Macheteand Copra Extractor with casing 2. One Young Cross-bred boar (Duroc JerseyBerkshire)

Garden Ciub 1. One Cultivator 2. One Sirading Fork 3. One flattock

Horticulture C]ub 1. One Cultivator

Rice Clul; 1. One Pior'.' 2. One Pitch Fork

Root Crop 1. One Piorv 2. One Mattock

2. O r r e Pllr r ir ir r s

I{aval Station News St$ -

3. One lI:rttock

Enlistments The foilo*'ing narned uten \l-ere enlisted in the L.S. N:rr'1'as lless Attendants, thilcl Class, on 1 i'Iarch 1940 and n-ere transferr"ed to the U.S.S. R.L. Barnes for training and duty:

Poultry Club Mesa, Juan C; Leon Guerrero, Vicente C; 1. One Cross-bredgilt (Duroc Jersey-Berlishire) Sablan, Francisco B; Mangloffa, Manuel C; Tai2. One Cross-bred boar (Duroe Jersey-Berk- jeron, Vicente C; Garrido, Jose B; Toves, Elias shire) B; Carbullido, Luis A; Taijeron, Carlos C: Diaz, Relative standing of districts in all agr.icultural Manuel C; Quefiga,Silvino T; Cruz, Miguel J; Balajadia, Ramon I; Aguon, Jose C; Fejeran, club activities for seasonending 31 March 1940. ldauuel F. District Talofofo Piti

Local Club Leaders 2,904 L Quitugua


Jalaguag Sumay

2,888 .JUan ralmanglo 2,636 Alfred Sablan and Jose Rivera 2,275 C. Quinata 2,064 Jesus Quinata 1,846 Jesus Barcinas 1,783 Jesus Reyes 1,600 Antonio Crisostomo 1,515 Manuel Sablan


1,450 Vicente Benavente

Agat Inarajan Umatac Merizo Yona


1,347 Pedro Cruz Barrigada 1,136 Jose Taitano 1,104 Juan White Price Sinajana 1,089 Manuel Lujan Asan 743 Loyenzo Borja and Jose Rosario Machanao 431 Angel Flores Tumon 208 Felix Mesa

Local Club Superviscrs T r,

r \,,i+,,- ,,wur !u} .ua

B. P. Carbullido J, Torres F. Lujan F. Sanchez lL Charfauros L, D. Flores Jose Perez A. B. WonPat E. Untalan Pedro Cruz V. T1'ding6o P. B. L. Guerrero Manuel Lujan Mrs. J. Tydingco A. Martinez D. Perez

The Department of Agriculture through this medium takes the opportunity in thanking the

A colonel touring 'Europe did not believe in forgetting those he left behind. So to his son in collegein his home country he wrote: "I am nor,vstanding on the cliff from which the Spartans used to throw their defective children. Wish you were here." Illinois Siren.

MARCH OF TIME "Crisis oaer the Pucdfir" Last July a photographer from the March of Time studios made a motion picture of Guam - its people,its activities, its buildings and its scenery. This film is expecied 3 April and will be shown at THE GAIETY THEATER Sunday, April 7th. Don't fail to see this motion picture of your Island. You may see yourself on the screen --anyway you will see some of your friends and many familiar scenes.-Ad,uertisement.

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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