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FOOTBALL IN THE SPOTLIGHT HE 1951 Yellow Jackets should feel like last year's anti-aircraft against this year's jet fighter as they face in order: S.M.U.'s Fred Benners, Florida's Heywood Sullivan, and Kentucky's Babe Parilli. It would be difficult for them to seek out any three in the entire nation who could do a better job of passing the pigskin. The Jacket's pass defense last year was one of the poorest in the conference, but maybe we can hope that they gained a lot of experience against these same passing wizards.


The schedule is repeated for your information: Tech Opp. September 22 S.M.U September 29 Florida (night) October 6 Kentucky

21 ..'

7 Atlanta

27 0 Gainesville, Fla. Lexington, Ky.

October 13 L.S.U Atlanta October 20 Auburn Atlanta October 27 Vanderbilt Nashville, Tenn. November 3 Duke (HOME COMING) . . . Atlanta November 10 V.M.I Atlanta November 17 Alabama Birmingham, Ala. November 22 Ga. Freshmen Atlanta November 24 Davidson Atlanta December 1 Georgia Atlanta Under a new rule, freshmen are eligible for varsity football this fall. Tech, operating under the two-platoon system, will carry about sixty men on the varsity squad. There will be 9 seniors, 18 juniors, 26 sophomores and about 7 freshmen on the squad. Among those who are expected to come from the

freshmen ranks and help the varsity are: Larry Morris, fullback and ace linebacker; Archie Griffin and Frank Webster, defensive ends; Ben Daugherty, defensive tackle; Allen Lee, defensive sideback, and possibly one of three quarterbacks, Bill Brigman, Ed Hamilton, or Dave Redford. Tech's offensive line will be the heaviest it has been in quite some time. The following are expected to be the mainstays: ends — Dave Davis, Buck Martin, Jeff Knox; tackles — Hal Miller, Lum Snyder, Frank Givens; guards — Ray Beck, Hugh Hardison, Norman Campbell; centers — George Morris and Pete Brown. Most any combination of the above will average about 205 pounds. Offensively in the backfield will be: quarterbacks — D a r r e l l C r a w f o r d , Pepper Rodgers, Skin Edge; halfbacks — Dick Goudy, Leon Hardeman, Johnny Hicks, Chappell Rhino, Bill Teas, Harry Wright; fullbacks — George Maloof, Glenn Turner, Art Ross. Tech's defensive line will not be as heavy as the offensive one, but should have gained some experience and ability over last year's. The linemen who are counted on are: ends — Pete Ferris, Archie Griffin, Frank Webster, Sid Williams; tackles — Capt. Lamar Wheat, Bill Thaden, Roger Frey, Bob Sherman; guards — Orville Vereen, Ed Carithers, Ray Beck, Matt Lyons; centers—George Morris, Pete Brown, Alex Hunt, Larry Morris, Milford Bennett (includes defensive fullbacks). Defensively at sideback will be: Charlie Brannon, Jack Patterson, Bobby Moorhead, Powell Sheffer, Allen Lee, Dick Pretz.




Shown above are two platoons of Yellow Jackets who possibly will be called on to see plenty of action. The photo was made on September first, opening date of practice, hence the doubt. Offensive team (left to right): Linemen Buck Martin, Hal Miller. Ray Beck, George Morris, Norman "Pig" Campbell, Lum Snyder, Dave Davis, quarterback Darrell Crawford, backs George Maloof, Glenn Turner, Leon Hardeman. Defensire Team: Linemen Pete Ferris, Lamar Wheat, Orville Vereen, Ed Carithers, Bill Thaden, Sid Williams, linebackers Pete Brown and Alex Hunt, backs Powell Sheffer, Bobby Moorhead and Jakie Rudolph. 12

Safety men will be from among the following: Jakie Rudolph, Peden Templeton, Chappell Rhino, Harry Wright. Of course, the team is far from selected at this early date. There may be many, not in the above list, who will break into the above line-up and play a lot of football before the season is over. Early injuries indicate that there will have to be suitable replacements found for some of those counted on most heavily. THE GEORGIA TECH ALUMNUS

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Vol. 30, No. 01 1951  

A publication of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Vol. 30, No. 01 1951  

A publication of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.