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DUNLAP AND JONES ARE PRESENTED CAPTAIN RINGS The Georgia Tech Athletic Association recently presented Earl Dunlap and Tom Jones, captain and alternate captain, respectively, of the 1930 Golden Tornado, beautiful 10-k Tech captain rings, symbolical of their leadership on the gridiron. These rings are worn only by those who have captained either of Tech's three major sports, which are football, basket ball, and baseball. At the close of each major Bporl season during the school year both the captain and the alternate captain receive these coveted gifts from the athletic association. The ring is a beautiful 10-k, 14-pennyweight, yellow gold piece, bearing a solid gold U T," the name of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association, and the degree being acquired by the individual winning it. Dr. Crenshaw, the director of athletics at the Yellow Jacket school, was the one to present the rings to Captain Dunlap and Alternate Captain Jones. SWIMMING PROSPECTS BRIGHT FOR MEETS With perhaps the best material in its history turning out, the Tech varsity swimming team, for five years holder of Southern Conference championship, started training December 1st for the long siege of practice that is hue before their opening meet with the University of Georgia on Feb. 7th. Then possibilities of a Northern (rip and meets with several Eastern teams in the following week serves as an added stimulus to the group of tankmen swimmingdaily at the Atlanta Athletic Club. R. S. Eaton, of Washington, D. C, a national field worker of the American Red Cross, life saving instructor and swimming coach of note is being sought as a coach for the team. In Ish Williams and Charlie Wagner, both sophomores and already record breakers in the free style dashes and backstroke, the Tech squad has the best in the South. Captain Fleming Cooper, another consistent point gainer in the dashes, has such juniors as Al Kennickell, high point man for the 1930 season, Fain and Patton, who can 'be counted on to win distance swims, and Ingle and Wise, veteran breast strokers, to depend on for a repetition of winning the Southern Conference championship. Stover, Mclver, C. Ingle, and Wright are more additions from last year's freshman squad who should face varsity competition this season. The schedule of meets, though now incomplete, is tentatively arranged as follows: Feb. 7, University of Georgia, in Atlanta. Feb. 14, Duke University, in Durham, N. C, and other Eastern teams such as Army, Brooklyn Y. M. C. A., or New York Athletic Club. Feb. 21, University of Florida, in Atlanta. March 7, Clemson College. March 28, Southern Conference Meet, in Atlanta.


January, 1931

FENCING CLUB ARRANGES YEAR'S SCHEDULE Fencing is fast becoming a very popular indoor sport at Tech. About twenty aspirants have been working out daily under the direction of Paul Wimberly, Captain. Prospects are that Tech will have an excellent team when it goes into action in the spring against several of the college teams in the southern conference. Fencing is an art that is extremely difficult to learn and the students are to be commended for their untiring efforts in this line. Meets have been arranged with the University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, and the College of Charleston. Negotiations are under way for several other meets yet unannounced by Coach Wimberly. Some very interesting matches as well as an excellent exhibition of footwork and timing, such as none of the major sports can boast may be seen. Personnel of the club includes: Wilbur Ruth, president; Paul Wimberly, vice-president; Thomas Hall, secretary; Russell Brooke, treasurer.

FRESHMAN BASKETEERS REPORT FOR PRACTICE Candidates for the freshman basketball team are having their workouts in the Tech gymnasium. Coach Bullard gave the hoys a very easy practice the first day in order to allow them to limber their muscles and become accustomed to the feel of the hall again. The freshman football squad had a brilliant season and left a record that will be very hard for the cagers to equal. However, between 35 and 40 freshmen reported and some of them looked mighty good buzzing around the floor with a basketball. Paul Brown, center from Male High, of Louisville, Ky., was among the boys who came out. Brown was a star in his position of center while in prep school.

Freshman Basketball Schedule for 1930 31 January 17th—Monroe A. & M.—here. January 21st—Gordon Inst.—here. January 24th—McCallie School—here. January 28th—Auburn Freshman in Auburn. January 31st—Georgia Freshman in Atlanta. February 11th—Madison A. A, M. in Atlanta. February 14th—Ga. Freshman in Athens. February 18th—Monroe A. &. M. in Monroe. February 21st-—Lanier High School—here. February 24th—Auburn Freshman in Atlanta.

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Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Vol. 09, No. 05 1931  

A publication of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Vol. 09, No. 05 1931  

A publication of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.