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- On Wheels - Type Is Everywhere

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- WAO - Beserah - Silent Teddies

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- Mitsubishi campaign

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Typography - The Buildings

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IlLustraTion - Popsicle - Food & Beverage - Furnitures - Travel

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PhotOgrapHy - The Dream Girl - The Sky - Collection

About me

Hi, I’m Sze Mean. I may not born creative, but i born with curiosity. That’s why i imagine.

Who am I? I am a graphic designer, also an imaginative person, imagine all the things that might be happen to me, to the world. Imagination is the begining of my creation, and the power of me to unremitting my dreams. I believe that everyone have the hidden creativity, just waiting to be unleashed, inspire from everything to spark your imagination. Sometimes I make mistake, but i know it is not the end of the world. I always dare to make mistake, beacuse I know that I can and I have to fix them at the end. This is who am I.

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Personal Data > Goh Sze Mean > 11/11/1992 > 014-609 4204 > > Education > 2012-2016 > 2010 - 2011 > 2005 - 2009

The One Academy Advertising & Graphic Design Sultan Abu Bakar School Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia SMK Tengku Afzan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Award > 2016

TOASCA (The One Academy) - Silver in Ad & Graphic Design category

Interest > coffee, travel, movie, music, baking, raining day Skills > Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial, Advertising, Illustration, Photography

Languages Chinese




I dream, I think What you can imagine, you can create. Imagination is the key to unlock your creativity. It will cost you nothing if you keep imagine. Artwork > On Wheels > Type Is Everywhere

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On WhEeLs Category -

Tourist guide book Year -

2016 Project -

The small town of Malacca, where people come for nyonya food and one day trip, is now compiled into a bubbly book brochure for cyclists. On Wheels features places to cycle, couch surf, snack street foods, tips for traveller and many more, in a perfect size for easy carry when cycling.

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// 7 - 8 //

// 9 - 10 //

One of the spread in the booklet

// 11 - 12 //

Booklet spreads design

// 13 - 14 //

TypE Is EverYwhEre Category -

Typographic booklet Year -

2016 Project -

A typographic booklet about city type. Is about comparison of the letterform in two cities, Johor Bahru and Malacca in Malaysia. I compare the similar letterform, analyze and observe them in personal observation and explanation. Due to the place I visit is more to heritage and old street, so it make the book more to retro and hipster style. In this book, it mainly divide by 2 colors which is blue and red, to differentiate the comparison among cities. The booklet is more personal becase there showing the image I took myself and short explantion with my own observation.

// 15 - 16 //

Introdusing the city of Malacca

Comparison of sans-serif

// 17 - 18 //

Observation of handwritten letterform on wood

Photo compilation of letterform in cities

Spreads of Type IS Everywhere

// 19 - 20 //

What IF ? What if... or Maybe ... ? A part of learning new things is being curious. Seeing new possibilities is a little risky, because it means that something will change and some sort of action will have to betaken. Curiosity is the most important trait for me to being creative. Artwork > WAO > Beserah > Silent Tedies

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// 23 - 24 //

ViolencE FrEe MOvemeNT Category -

Ngo Branding Year -

2015 Project -

This is a ngo project of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO). In conjunction of Women’s Aid Organisation’s 33rd anniversary, the campaign will organise 33 acts to end violence that’ll roll out all year long. The campaign will also be divided into four categories: victim, abuser, adult and youth, aiming to spread awareness and promote antiabuse. In this priject needto design some promotional materials like posters, multipages print, digital and ambience.

Logo design

+ Violence

+ Freedom + 33rd anniversary

movement of freedom

Logo concept The message is to release the violence through the freedom movement. The logo of this campaign is inspired from the alphabet V from violence, and combine the word freedom which also contain the reversed of ‘33’. The red dot is represent the movment of freedom.

// 27 - 28 //

Color Pallete C0 M90 Y55 K0

C0 M0 Y0 K100

Typeface Headline

Body copy

Besom 2 Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Raleway Medium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Title Design Typeface D K D o wn wa rd F a l l AB C D EF G H I J KLM N O P Q RST U VWX Y Z a b c d efg h i j kl m n o p q rstu v w x y z

campaign idea SMP

Violence Free Movement

Creating a yealy campaign of 33 act to end violence to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of WAO.

Campaign idea Celebrating the yearly movement of anniversary by creating 33 interesting campaign of violence free movement. The objective of 33 campaigns are action to stop violence and how to end violence.

Terget audience Due to the year long campaign, we are targeting few categories of them: victims, abuser, adults, youth.

Consumer insight People who been abuse and people who lack of knowledge of violence against woman.

Campaign Strategy Statement Most of the people had been abuse and dont know the solving method and place can seek for help. We are here to spread the awarness and promoting to all people our organisation.

Promotional Materials Posters, multipages print, digital, ambience

// 29 - 30 //

33 campaigns list Every campaign will run in different way and date in the whole year of 2015. It’s all about 33 acts to stop violence.

Art Exhibition

Self Esteem Talk

Self-defense workshop

Facts leaflet

Donation Event

〉〉 art installation of typography 〉〉 set up 3D typo with oppostie meaning between “words” and its “shadow” 〉〉 eg: care/scare, treat/threa

〉〉 aim to victims and woman 〉〉 to establish self confidence of woman to having their rights 〉〉 encourage victims be brave to face reality and problem solving

〉〉 〉〉 〉〉 〉〉

〉〉 Telling 33 important facts about domestic violence and violence against woman. 〉〉 Info for help

〉〉 donate and join the event of releasing helium balloon in the air. 〉〉 symbolize movement of freedom

Free Hug Event

Youtube ads

Twitter movement

Escape game

Outdoor ambien

〉〉 Hug action to show the care around. 〉〉 Free hug marathon in 33 min at 33 different place. 〉〉 Hug can calm down human & giving +tive & warm feeling.

〉〉 Video sharing on social media 〉〉 social media is the fastest way to spread awarness. 〉〉 posting awarness short film from true story of victims and survivors.

〉〉 Outdoor bilboard ads link with twitter 〉〉 scan the code from billboard to get the full facts of violence through twitter. 〉〉 retweet and hashtag to spread awarness and knowledge.

〉〉 set up a game room with the theme and topic of domestic violence. 〉〉 targeting youth to join and get the knowledge of domestic violence.

〉〉 targeting to abuser 〉〉 remind them to think before speak 〉〉 speak positive 〉〉 Show the power of words can raise a person also can hurt a person.

for woman safety discussion physical technique Krav Maga class

Poster Series The poster series are spreading the message and awarness of violence againts woman. The poster also showing the info of event which will be held around the year. Poster mainly playing typography anf the movement of red dots. The color of pink dots is too represent the movement of freedom and color of woman. The people in the poster is filter with halftone effect to match the dots graphic.

Poster Design for campaign event.

// 31 - 32 //

Poster Design for campaign event.

Leaflet Nowadays most of the people dont know the facts of domestic abuse. Here the leaflet telling 33 important facts about it and facts of violence against woman. There is also a contact for people who need help. This leaflet is design in folded size and easy to carry around.

// 33 - 34 //

Leaflet Design for campaign event.

It’s already

It’s already

It’s already

tweets for VFM

tweets for VFM

tweets for VFM

Be one of them to support

Be one of them to support

Be one of them to support


Did you know how many woman experience intimate partner violence during her lifetime?

We Tweet, You Retweet. How much you know about Domestic Violence? Scan the QR code to get the answer of the facts.



We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!

We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!

Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement.


Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement.


#WTF_ViolenceFreeMovem #WAO #Fact1

Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement. We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!


screen 1


screen 2

screen 3

It’s already

It’s already

It’s already

tweets for VFM

tweets for VFM

tweets for VFM

Be one of them to support

Be one of them to support

Be one of them to support



Did you know how woman per week are killed by a pertner or abuser? It's never too late to put an end on violence.

Did you know woman betweenwhat ages are the greatset risk of becoming domestic violence victims?

#WTF_ViolenceFreeMovement #WAO #Fact1



#WTF_ViolenceFreeMovement #WAO #Fact1

End violence now.



Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement.

Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement.

Yes, We Tweet For Violence Free Movement.

We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!

We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!

We are celebrating Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 33rd anniversary with Violence Free Movement. Prevent and stop domestic violencein your community. Let’s achieve the Violence-Free society!




screen 4

Step of bus stap bilload showing progress Steps

screen 5

last screen

e e


// 35 - 36 //


We Tweet For Violence Free Movement

We tweet, you retweet. A digital event to encourage people join the movement of violence free. Tweeting 33 interesting facts of violence with hashtag to create awareness. The LED billboard will place as bus stop ads, showing the question of facts. People have to scan the QR quotes to get the answer of it and retweet in or share it on social media. Step 1 Read the question from the billboard Step 2 Scan the QR code Step 3 Get the facts and share it!


Official Twitter page showing the facts


Tiny Action Giant Move

This is a donation event for WAO and you will get a thank you card with helium balloon. The purpose of giving away the ballon is to release the balloon in the air at the event to show the movement of freedom. You can choose the quotes or write your message on the balloon. If you donate through online, then you can redeem your balloon at the event.


Donation Progress Step 1 Donate on the website or on the spot Step 2 Receive a thank you card and a helium balloon Step 3 Customize your balloon by wording Step 4 Join the event by releasing balloon to the air.

Helium balloon design

// 37 - 38 //

Thank you card


Always Something Better Category -

Township Branding Year -

2014 Project -

This is a township rebranding project of my hometown, Beserah. It’s a quiet fishing village, located not far from the town of Kuantan. This project is to create an identity for the town and make a difference to the town. The aim is remind the young genaration to go back hometown more often and appreciate the good of the town. The corporate identity is mainly in blue, represent the color of sea and sky, the natural beauty of the town.

// 39 - 40 //

// 41 - 42 //

Logo design

Area of clear space

Area of clear space

Area of clear space

Area of clear space

+ Wave

Beserah = Name

Logo concept The logo is inspired by waves in sea. LOgo is combine with graphic and typeface. The graphic element created is represent the shape of waves. The combination of graphic and typeface become this logotype.

logo type

// 43 - 44 //

Color Pallete C100 M85 Y0 K0

Typeface Headline Raleway ABC DE F G H I JK L M NOPQRSTU V W X YZ abcdefgh ijk l m n opqrst uv wx y z

Secondary Graphic

The graphic element has been inspired and develope from sea waves. The secondary graphic will help to enhance the feeling of impression to Beserah.

C80 M0 Y0 K0

Guidebook The guidebook is design in square. Inside include the guide of usage and the measurement of all the corporate identity set.

// 45 - 46 //

Rebranding idea SMP

Always Something Beter Beserah Beserah, a beautiful fishing village with it white sandy beach and natural environment. Beserah shares the beauty with its own colour. Beserah have a relaxing and natural lifestyle that no longer exists in the city. There are so simple but more than you think. The beauty not just adjective, it captiving your soul. Capturing the beauty of Beserah not just eyes, but with your heart.There are not just the way you think, there are something always better.

Mission Help local people live out with the better life and attract tourisrt by enhance the value of Beserah.

Idea The rebranding aims help the locals in Beserah live out better lives by telling everyone that there’s more than you’d expect in this town. Creating an artistic atmosphere in the town with art contests and exhibitions subsequently enhances the value of the town.

// 47 - 48 //

Postcard Tagline Design

Not just cathering, but gathering.

Not just simple, but casual.

Not just fish, but slated fish.

Not just breathing, but refreshing.

Not just working, but caring.

Not just housing, but connecting.

One Bite To HapPinesS Category -

Ngo Branding Group project members -

Brian Lee Lio Xue Hong Chen Ren jie Goh SZe Mean Year -

2016 Project -

The Silent Teddies is an initiative by the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD) to equip Deaf youths with entrepreneurial skills that will let them to be independent. The bakery started back in 2010. Not long ago, AirAsia Foundation promoted their cookies onboard as well. To rebrand and position The Silent Teddies’s cookies as a bakery that uses good quality ingredients without any preservatives and raise its perceived value due to bakery’s social impact as a way of differentiating its baked goods from other bakeries’. They aim to operate and sustain in the long run, so they can generate income while providing employment opportunities for the deaf.

// 49 - 50 //

Logo design

redesign logo

original logo

Logo The logo redesign is facelifted to look more professional with solid strokes. There is a heart shape on the nose represent the love from The Silent Teddies. The teddy bear is also given smiling eyes to give it a more cheerful outlook.

Color Pallete C0 M35 Y100 K0

C73 M0 Y15 K0

C0 M85 Y30 K0

C40 M70 Y100 K50

// 51 - 52 //

Typeface Headline

Body copy

From Wh ere You Are

Gemeli Regular

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR ST UV WXYZ abc de fghijklmnopqr s t uv wxyz

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Character Design

THe bear is design for the packaging design. Each character showing the happiness in daily. There are also the message of the happy bakery and healthy cookies.

Application 1

Goodie bag when purchase a set of retail packaging

Application 2

Corporate van or a food truck when having event

// 53 - 54 //

Application 3

An event shirt when purchasing the cookies set

Application 4

A series of baker jacket, aproon and staff t-shirt.

packaging In-flight Packaging

Retail Packaging

The in-flight packaging is redesigned into boxes with airtight plastic to pack different flavours, which is Beary Happy, Beartiful Day and Awesome Bearsome. The names given are the expression of happiness.

The retail packaging is standardised into 2 different plastic jar sizes for each flavor for easy snacking.

Packaging Set

A series of packaaging for Silent Teddies cookies

// 55 - 56 //

Onboard Packaging

A jar container design with 2 sizes, 30 psc and 50 pcs

Retail Packaging

A jar container design with 2 sizes, 30 psc and 50 pcs

campaign idea SMP

One Bite To Happiness Brief To position Silent Teddies cookies as ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ cookies due to its good quality ingredient and non-use of preservatives. To raise its perceived value due to the bakery social impact as away if differentiating its products from other bakery produts.

Objective To promote Silent Teddies enjoyable cookies without preservative by one bite to happiness.

Campaign Idea The Silent Teddies will launch a month-long event to promote each cookie flavor per day every week. Everyone can also have their own custom shirts printed with their own names whenever they purchase a big cookie box.

// 57 - 58 //

Poster 1

Awesome Bearsome Day

Poster 2

Beartiful Day

// 59 - 60 //

Poster 3

Beary Happy Day

LeT imagination out To play I used to be a mind traveler, let my imagination run free, do not limit it. Brainstorming is one of my best way for me, it help open up my imagination so I can see different solutions and increase the number of ideas. Artwork > Mitsubishi Campaign

// 61 - 62 //


make it HAPpen Category -

Intergrated Maerketing Campaign Group Project Members -

Alice Teh Anastasia Audrey Goh Sze Mean Year -

2016 Project -

This is a IMC project of Malaysia, Mitsubishi is not the first choice when it comes to Japan-made cars, as it faces tight competition with other Japanese car manufacturers. So we come up with a campaign idea that would make Mitsubishi stand out among its competitors.

// 63 - 64 //

// 65 - 66 //

campaign idea SMP

Make It Happen No Challenges Should Stop You From Making Things Happen Concept Highly motivated and ambitious industry professionals strive to stand out and make a difference with their lives. So, we curated a campaign that’s attractive to the target audience. The launch of the event campaign will challenge and rally people who want to make a difference in the society.

Solution The solution is to make Mitsubishi relevant to them by resonating the same values. Our target audience are highly motivated and ambitious industry professionals that strive to stand out and make a difference with their lives. So, we curate an event that’s attractive to their characteristics. We will launch an event campaign where people will be challenged and rallied to make a difference in the society.

Result Target audience are relate to Mitsubishi as a brand that hold the same values as them. So we want them to builds a personal connection with the brand which eventually will increase interest in the product.

// 67 - 68 //

Typeface Headline

Body copy

Cabin Bold

Cabin Medium

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Tone & Manner Bold & Passionate

Reflection of Mitsubishi as a brand that values living boldly for what you believe in

Campaign Timeline Print



1 week duration



1 week duration

3 week duration

Key Visual Message

Getting over challenges.

The ideas of the visuals are about overcoming a hardship/ challenge. It talks about making our own way even though there seems to be none. It shows Mitsubishi embodies the spirit of being unstoppable in achieving goals.

Poster 1

Lead The Pack

// 69 - 70 //

Poster 2

Turn Obstacle To Opportunities

Poster 3

Yield To Nothing

TVC Message

Make A Different.

The bull was the challenge that the driver need to get through. He didn’t just managed to overcome the challenge, he did something more than that. He helped the packs of bull to get into their natural habitat. Not be afraid of taking on challenges, and when you do you can make a difference.


Storyboad Sketch

// 71 - 72 //

Main Event Event

Make Hunger Free KL Happen The event is Mitsubishi vehicles deployed around KL. Participants will ride on them to do street feeding. They will stop at 5 different locations to distribute the food to the needy. We will invite volunteers to join and let them sign up through the microsite.

Event The volunteer will drive the Mitsubishi car and go around KL

// 73 - 74 //

Ambient The event kicks off as a donation drive in the premium zones of parking lots in major shopping malls. This event purpose is to raise fund for the main CRS event. When drivers enter, there will be an ambient ad which encourages them to go for the preferred parking space as the additional money will be donated to charity. Upon entering the premium parking zone, specially decorated parking spaces are set up to thank them for choosing to make the difference.

Wrap Announcement when entering parking lot

Hanging Board

Message to deliver to drivers

Social Media We will post the event up in our account and announce an official ad too. Participant are encouraged to share their good deeds on social media and tag the pictures with #make it happen so that others may be inspired to do the same things even though they might not be there. Along the campaign, we will compile the postings and post it up in our microsite.


instagram coliseum ads for Make Hunger Free Kl event

// 75 - 76 //


A page to let participants sign up to join the event


Hashtag post from people will display in our microsite.

Experiment I’m always be bold from trying new experiences. Try to incorporate something new in every day, pick up a new hobby, try out a new recipe, connect with someone I never thought I could talk to. Every time I learn something new, my brain activates in a different way and enhances my ability to think creatively.

Artwork > The Building

// 77 - 78 //


The BuiLdIng Category -

Calendar Year -

2016 Project -

An illustration style of calendar design. This project is a series of wall and table calendar. The colorful of the illustration make the calendar look cheerful and fun. The inspiration of the calendar design is come from the life in cities. When we live and work in the big city, we always trap in the jamanf busy life. The beauty of the city will easily get ignore. So the created of these colorful buildings is to remind and let people feel the beauty in the cities.

// 79 - 80 //

Table Calendar

Closing view with a jacket

Table Calendar

It can open up and stand still on the table

Table Calendar

Whole set design with building’s illustration

// 81 - 82 //

Wall Calendar

A A3 size design of wall calendar

// 83 - 84 //

Wall Calendar

The wall calendar display by monthly

The Wrong Turn Making a mistake is not the end of the world. I always dare to make mistake, beacuse I know I can and I have to fix them at the end. Alternatively, sometimes it will help me take a new direction I didn’t even think of. Making a mistake is a natural part of life. Artwork > vector > fast sketch

// 85 - 86 //


Popsicle The sweet and cool popsicle is the best snack in the summer! There are variety of flavour to let you choose!

// 87 - 88 //

Food & Beverage The illustration is inspired by the food in my daily life. In college we always eat those ‘unhealthy’ food and drinks.

Furnitures The interiors in the house, living room, kitchen and also bathroom.

// 89 - 90 //

Summer, Travel, Cars Collection. Summer is the best time for rtravel aespecially going camp with the camping car!

Fast Sketch In life, I used to do fast sketch with my smart phone. Drawing the object in my life and record the mood for moment. They just randomly appear then I sketch them up in real quick.

A Container that fill with love

Tea pot in the tea time moment

// 91 - 92 //

Tabasco for life

A very familiar set to cure my hunger in college life

Imagination ignite passion When grow older I have been forced into a world of responsibility and practicality. Dreaming and imagine is the way to remind me the feel of be passionate about something. Somewhere along the lines we have lost that connection to passion and purpose in life and replaced it with survival and responsibility. Artwork > The Dream Gril > Life Snap

// 93 - 94 //


The Dream Girl A series of levitation photo od a dream girl. She wish she could fly to anywhere anytime to do the things she want.

// 95 - 96 //

// 97 - 98 //

// 99 - 100 //

// 101 - 102 //

// 103 - 104 //

> Goh Sze Mean > 014-609 4204 > >

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