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Working as a lifeguard at Georgia State University recreational center is one of the highest paid positions.

On-campus jobs for everyone

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s a college freshman, finding a job in the city may seem intimidating. One of the best ways for students to make extra money is by applying for one of Georgia State’s many on-campus jobs.


UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Freshman Amani Ashley began working at the University Bookstore in December. New to college life, her working at the bookstore provided an experience-heavy guide to navigating campus. “I have learned so much about [Georgia State] from my job,” Ashley said. “The bookstore basically doubles as a help desk because of how big it is. When people get lost, they come to the bookstore and ask for directions.” Positions at the University Bookstore like Ashley’s have an entry pay of $8 an hour. Most on-campus jobs begin with similar wages. Other jobs with higher certification requirements, such as lifeguarding at the Student Recreation Center, go upwards from $9.50 at the entry level.

RESEARCH ATTENDANT Through certain university departments, some students have found higher-paying work. Sophomore Clay Voytek is a research 36 | URBANITE

assistant at the Global Studies Institute. He spends his days in the office pulling sources, sorting through archives, reading transcripts and copyediting for a cultural anthropologist teaching at Georgia State. “I got the job through the Honors College,” Voytek said. “There’s a $2,500 cap a year, so I can work up to 20 hours a week. There’s a lot of flexibility with my hours each week.” Voytek’s yearly cap levels off at about $10 an hour. Aside from the increased pay, he cites other notable benefits that come with working alongside college professors. “I have a great relationship with the professor I work for,” Voytek said. “She’s really helped me set up my resume and learn applicable career skills. It almost feels like another class. It relieves a lot of stress because I don’t have to rush from class to a restaurant or store, I just have to go to 25 Park Place.”


The convenient location of on-campus jobs is one of the main factors attracting students to work at Georgia State. Another major appeal of having a job with the university is flexible work hours. Manuel Melendez began working at Saxby’s Coffee in August of 2017. His job,

located in Library North, allows him to organize his work hours around his classes. “The biggest perk is the ease of scheduling,” Melendez said. “The scheduling here is very student-friendly, so I can work between classes.”

HELPFUL TIPS Many students working their way through school agree that in order to perfect their busy schedules, it’s vital to arrange their classes wisely. “Set your schedule up so you are available to work as much as you can,” Ashley said. “Always introduce yourself to people that are already at the position you want to eventually hold. Always show initiative in your interests.”

ONLINE RESOURCES Several online resources such as Handshake, Georgia State’s employment website, and even your student email inbox are constantly updating and promoting available positions for work study opportunities. In addition, students looking for oncampus jobs should stay attentive to flyers posted outside of the Career Services Center and around local Georgia State businesses.

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