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5. Publication Expectation: this could range from producing an issue 0 of a magazine or journal, to a well-developed catalog or book proposal, including a significant text component, design (or design guidelines) along with detailed evaluation of funding, audience, contribution to the field, etc. 6. Institution Expectation: 12,000-15,000 word document outlining in detail the nature and operation of a proposed institution dedicated to architecture or a related field. This might include a carefully developed set of framing documents outlining its ambitions and mandate, and its proposed contribution to its field, as well as situating the institute within a broader framework of related institutions, both contemporary and historical. It should also describe the institutional structure, identify possible funding sources, location, activities, etc. 7. Other To be approved in consultation with advisor and CCCP Director. Regardless of format, each thesis must have at least a short written component, which builds upon the student’s prospectus and includes other relevant documentation produced during the year. This needs to be bound and produced in triplicate: one copy for the advisor, one for the records of the CCCP program, and one for the student’s own records.




MS.CCCP GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING, AND PRESERVATION The Masters of Science in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices...

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