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Winter 2021 • 2

ADVISER Dylan Wilson EDITOR IN CHIEF Lauren Ramos



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STAFF WRITERS Micah Weathers Amelia Cantrell Sebastian Greene



This semester, the Phoenix met a ton of obstacles in getting the magazine together. A lack of members at the beginning of the semester left the Phoenix scrambling to find a staff, and creating during a pandemic has been a challenge. So, when Professor Wilson threw out the idea of making Obstacles the theme, it seemed fitting. The articles included in this issue show a wide range of obstacles people in our community have faced and have overcome. Thank you to the staff writers for allowing us the opportunity to display their stories, Ashley Sanchez for designing this semester, Destiny Barrett for stepping into various roles and Professor Wilson for kicking off this semester. We’ve all had our own obstacles in the course of this year, but I am proud to say that we have gotten past them in time to present to you this semester’s magazine. -Lauren Ramos

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Winter 2021 • 12


FOR THE PHOENIX General Reading: Good news college students! 2022 is a year rising in the sign Virgo, so expect to see good fortune in intellectual ideas and pursuits. Fortune favors the brave, so take new leaps with hard work and dedication and you’ll be sure to be successful in every field. As students, there will be fewer obstacles to face if you work in the ideals of Virgo.

Aries (Ram): Mar 21–Apr 19

2022 is a year of transformation for you, Aries, but you will need to put in the work. Keep an eye on what truly matters. You will go through plenty of ups and downs in the next coming year. But if you keep track of your goals and de-stress often, you can keep your head above the waves when the hightide rises.

Taurus, 2022 means big changes are coming into your life. You’ve likely put a lot of work into your life in the past few years and the results are barreling in. Do what you feel willed to do and good things will follow you.

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Taurus (Bull): Apr 20–May 20

Gemini (Twins): May 21–Jun 21

Gemini, 2022 is a year for developing your career. You will have plenty of successes in your field of work and creativity but there may be some holes that you need to fill in. Network, meet new people and revamp your monotonous routine to fill in those holes.

2022 is your year to manifest, Cancer. By being your authentic self, you will attract all the people and goals that you’ve been dreaming of. If you have fallen out of a hobby or work recently, 2022 may revitalize your spirit in that field or project.

Leo (Lion): Jul 23–Aug 22

Leo, explore, explore, explore! The universe is looking to give you many fun opportunities to expand your day-to-day life. You may want to take a closer look at your friendships and work together with the people close to you. Doing this may benefit you both in your career and hobbies!

Virgo, 2022 may hold a bit of stress for you as you have many responsibilities. Remember to put your health first, de-stress often and take care of yourself. Goals are well within your reach this year. Follow them and work hard so you can achieve them!

Libra (Balance): Sep 23–Oct 23

Cancer (Crab): Jun 22–Jul 22

Virgo (Virgin): Aug 23–Sep 22

Libra, 2022 is a year for you to work on yourself. You will have a lot of breakthroughs for every facet of your life. Stay confident and expand your mind set as you learn and grow throughout the year. Hard work and staying true to development will have high rewards in the future!

Winter 2021 • 14

Scorpio. 2022 is a year to let your voice be heard. Your advice, criticisms and ideas will have a heavy influence on those around you. Remember to keep yourself grounded and have gratitude for where you are in life. You will enjoy success that will blossom through Scorpio (Scorpion): the relations you keep up with. Oct 24–Nov 21 Sagittarius, you are entering a good year for money in 2022. Keep an eye on your finances and you will benefit greatly from your choices. Working on your mind and body are key points of the year for you, get to work on a fitness routine! By the end of 2022, your Sagittarius (Archer): fitness and finances will be in shape. Nov 22–Dec 21

Capricorn, you may have the urge to work towards finances in 2022. Take some time to reassess what truly matters and what truly benefits you, and you will see financial gain. You should also make room for new people in your life. This year will be super ambitious for goals and ideas. People will want to Capricorn (Goat): help and be around you as you succeed. Dec 22–Jan19 Aquarius, you’ve already been going through personal development, now you will see a blossom in your true identity as your work pays off. 2022 will be a year of changes and transformation for the greater good. You will see shifts that let you know what truly matters and you will gain what Aquarius (Water Bearer): you have been looking for by letting Jan 20–Feb 18 go of what doesn’t serve you. Pisces, 2022 will be very natural for you as the year will be very relaxed. You should feel inclined to go with the flow. Go with your gut feeling! This is the year to relax, reflect, and release what doesn’t serve you. At the end of this period of relaxation, powerful energies will find you. Enjoy your easy year and set goals as opportunities float your way.

Pisces (Fish): Feb 19–Mar20

Have you heard the gossip? by Amber Jordan

Don’t you just love rumors? Don’t you just love hearing something about yourself that you didn’t know? Apparently I’m a psycho bitch.

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A series of photos showing the similarities and differences of hands of various ages -- from 7 months in utero to 90 years and still going -- exposing the ways that, regardless of age, profession, and life, we are still all the same.

The Hands of Time




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90 Winter 2021 • 20

Beyond a Canvas by Tristan Lacey You know me by what you see on a canvas, But that is not me. You talk about what I look like, Or what I do in the night. But your words do not define me.

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Knowledge or Passion by Tristan Lacey I’m looking around but see no one. I come to realization that I am in this dark alley alone. A single streetlight shown above all. I can feel the temperature dropping as my hands begin to grow numb. My heart suddenly skips beats. Someone is near. Not just anyone. No, someone that I get chills when they are around. Unfamiliar to whom it was, a dark shadow falls before me as I stare her in the eyes. Her figure glowing in the streetlight, face filled with fear. I fall to my knees. Because of me, she worries. The light begins to dim as lightning strikes the ground. Rain. Of course, it had to rain now. The scent of the concrete and rain mixed suddenly filled the alley. She wasn’t alarmed by the rain as I was. My eyes began to water and the cracking sound of the storm continues. As of now, I am left with nothing. She is hovering over me, but I feel worse as it happens. Why must she care now of all times I needed her? Where was she when I was framed? But all that doesn’t matter to me. My shattered heart picks its self up and reminds me that this is who I’ve cared for. The one that I nearly died for. Maybe this was too much for her when it was all happening. Yeah, has to be because she is here now. I grab her hand and smile a forced smile at her. She looks as if it didn’t phase her the slightest. I glare down once more. My mind is telling me to run, my heart to stay. I don’t know who to follow. Knowledge or passion?

Winter 2021 • 22

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