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Summer 2014

Luna’s Surprises One Year Later

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3 Ichthyosis

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ON THE COVER: Photo courtesy of the Morris Animal Foundation. Please see what they are doing to help fight canine cancer in goldens and how you may be able to help on page 6.


For Your Medical Reference

Ichthyosis -What’s That? By Roni Sumner


very day I learn some new things about our beautiful breed, and today was no exception. My gorgeous English cream, seven year old Max, has ichthyosis, a commonly inherited dermatosis in Goldens. I had never heard of such a condition before but had noticed that he had continuous flaking of his skin that seemed to be progressing. A friend’s Golden had oily seborrhea, and my groomer felt that maybe Max had a dry variety of this problem. Wanting to make certain that if this was the case it was a primary rather than a secondary condition, Max and I set off to see the vet. After looking at him closely, the vet ordered blood work and a thyroid test and suggested continuing the weekly anti seborrhea baths along with some moisturizers. A dog dermatologist was also suggested once the thyroid results came back from the University of Michigan. However, the vet pulled out his medical book of dog skin conditions and looked up ichthyosis on a hunch. He checked Max’s pads and said that they were fine and noted also that his coat had improved so much in the two years that he has lived with us but that ichthyosis

probably was what he has. My groomer and I then did intense research on ichthyosis with some amazing results. Ichthyosis is a term derived from the Greek word for fish. Indeed, what was falling from Max was very fish scaly looking. In some breeds such as American Bull Terriers, Jack Russell, and Westies, the condition, which starts at puppyhood, might end up with the dog being put down as the skin and pads become painfully hard or cracks while the canine constantly is in discomfort and might chew, scratch, or bite possibly causing secondary infections. Thank goodness this is not the case in our breed! They waltz through life with this condition in most cases with not a care in the world! However, according to research in Europe on over 500 dogs tested, 40% were carriers while 30% were affected. So in our breed what causes ichthyosis? It is a genetic condition that has been around for years and intensely studied in Europe and

Australia yet few vets here are aware of it and often think it is allergy or thyroid related. A simple DNA test can verify the condition. Apparently it is easy to breed out by careful selection of the sire and dam making certain that the parents are neither affected or carriers of the disorder. Having discovered what Max has, what can I do for him? Sadly, there is no cure, but happily those flakes that fall or cling to his cream colored fur do not bother him in the least. Treatment for him will be kerato-regulating shampoos, weekly emollients, and moisturizing sprays along with his daily brushings. A fatty acid-enriched diet is also suggested, so in addition to his salmon oil and salmon kibble and salmon canned food, Max will get a lot of salmon or fish treats. So if your Golden has dry flakes with no odor or scratching, it might be beneficial to check with your vet about ichthyosis. If nothing else, your best friend will adore the extra grooming & omega rich treats; Max certainly does!

Max and his friend Calli who stayed with us for a week (she is also a former SEVA dog) snoozing after a play session.




Adoptions Allie – The Kovacs family Caesar – Diane Wojcieszak Chief – The Sherman Family Chloe – The Keown Family Chunk – Stephanie Romett Cooper – Alissa Brandt Delilah – Mary Strzelecki Dutch – Nancy Ayler Jojo – The Priest Family Jordan (now Georgie Girl) – George Passano Lilly – The Bhusahn Family Lulu – The Manfre Family Maui – The Sensenig Family Minnie – The Plymale Family Nate – The Stevenson Famnily Roxie – The Erie Family Willow – Mary Yardis

Sunday, August 3 Virginia Craft Beer Festival Williamsburg, VA 12:00pm Saturday, September 13 SEVA GRREAT Homecoming Picnic - Newport News 1:00pm


Saturday, September 20 Glen Allen Day Richmond, VA 9:30am


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Nate Delilah









A Golden Opportunity A

s a dog lover you can barely deny that most important life lessons can be learned from our faithful canine companions. They have the uncanny ability to teach us valuable traits, such as: living in the present, concern and empathy for others and forgiveness just to name a few. All the while, they expect little to nothing in return. Now is your chance to run, jump and fetch your way into the most exciting study in veterinary medicine to date. Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is hoping to expand on the everyday life lessons from our canine companions and learn how to prevent cancer and other diseases in dogs. This study will identify genetic, nutritional and environmental risk factors for cancer and other major diseases that affect dogs. Many dedicated owners of Golden Retrievers under the age of two are already participating, but they need your help! Their goal is to enroll 3,000 Goldens in this groundbreaking initiative to improve the lives of dogs everywhere. Currently, the Foundation has over 1200 Golden Retrievers enrolled in the study. One dog owner is helping Morris Animal Foundation make a difference is Emily Rowe,

Hailey is doing her part to rescue other Golden Retrievers from canine cancer.



to Help Your Dog of St. Petersburg, Florida. She adopted Hailey from a breed rescue group after her previous Golden Retriever died of cancer. Now, Hailey is doing her part to rescue other Golden Retrievers from this dreaded disease. As a participant in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, Hailey will provide valuable health information throughout her life, which will help scientists determine how to better prevent and treat cancer and other canine disease.

Fight r e e c n n i a Can C

Her decision to enroll was easy. Not only did Emily lose her beloved dog to cancer, but her work as a board member and rescue liaison with the Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club has emphasized how prevalent the disease is in the breed she loves. “I have watched too many Golden Retrievers struck with cancer and taken from their families much too soon,” she says. “For those of us who love the Golden Retriever breed, it is heartbreaking that cancer strikes so often.” Because genetics play a role in disease development, study researchers will be closely analyzing genetic risk factors. For this reason, participating dogs must be purebred. Many rescue dogs don’t have known pedigrees, so Emily was thrilled that Hailey came with papers to prove her pedigree and enable her to participate in the study. Morris Animal Foundation is excited to partner with rescue groups and breed clubs around the country including the Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training Volunteer Group. To help Morris Animal Foundation better understand cancer in dogs, visit www. SUMMER 2014


Sandbridge Beach Was Perfect for the Spring Quarterly

Levi looking for China.



Out & About

Membership Meeting

It was a beautiful beach day enjoyed by all, especially the goldens.

Emmett wondering what fun thing can I do next.



Out & About

The Daffodil Festival Parade Starts Off the Spring Season We marched down main street where our dogs were the hit of the parade.

Pogo and brother Huck and Ginger

Getting ready for the parade to start.

in Gloucester

Don’t Tell Remley by Judy Dyer

I Shea


adopted Remley (formerly known as Willie) the end of October of 2013. He's named after a cat my parents had when they were first married but I haven't told Remley that yet. I'm not sure he would be pleased. When I found out his birthday was the same as my Dad's I knew we were supposed to be together. Then he began to challenge me at every turn and a part of me thought we weren't going to be a good match. After he graduated from intermediate dog training he became calmer, more obedient and loving. His little personality began to really blossom and he's more and more entertaining every day. He passed the therapy dog certification test and as soon as we receive his official license we will hit the streets so he can spread his charm.




E M HO NG I M CO Jake (aka Hank) hasn’t been slowed down a bit by chemotherapy. He loves the Noland Trail in Newport News, the Windsor Castle Park trail in Smithfield, or just hanging out with his new brother, Rascal. -Susan Beckman

Ally Sumner and Calli Ashbrook relax with their toys after a game of tug. -Roni Sumner



Max Sumner enjoys having his picture taken -J. Sumner

We just wanted to touch base and tell you how much we are enjoying Chloe. She has really fit in seamlessly to our household. Chico is more relaxed and less “Napoleon-like” and Brooklyn has enjoyed having a friend that takes walks and lays back to back with him. It’s as if we’ve always had her. We really love her and are so glad she is with us. -Melissa and Jim

Bernie was adopted December 2010. He is now 3 years old, going on 4 in September. He is now a Florida dog with his very own pool and enjoys going to the beach. He was a big part of our wedding day. Thank you SEVA GRREAT! -Brittany Simon/Hencken

Marley joined our family this past Thanksgiving. Shortly after that, we took him for a visit to Fleet’s Island where he had his first opportunity to see the Rappahanock River. He went wild with excitement, and while he was not ready for a swim in the icy water, he did race excitedly back and forth along the beach as close to the water’s edge as he could get without actually getting wet. Marley loves to run. In the yard at home he runs in big circles and figure eights around us and the trees as he plays keep-away with a stick or one of his toys. -Ken and Helen Johnson

Share your pictures and stories by sending them to They will be featured in coming newsletters, right here under Homecoming.



Hi! I’am Sandy


y name is Sandy and I am 7 years old. I was an owner turn-in last summer because I didn’t fit into the family lifestyle anymore. One day they left me outside in my crate while they went boating, and I became terrified by a thunderstorm. I tried to bite out of the metal crate to get to safety and broke all my teeth. I guess I was quite a mess when they finally came home, so they turned me in at SEVA GRREAT. After oral 14

surgery, my mouth healed and I really enjoy chewing a hard bone! My foster family didn’t have me long when Steve and Marianne came to take me to my forever home in a big white truck. I also live with Isabelle, another 7 year old Golden, and Reggie a 12 year old cat. The three of us, and the truck, have become the very best of friends.


Isabelle was very sad when I arrived because her lifelong companion, Roxy (Golden, age 12) had recently crossed The Rainbow Bridge. At first she didn’t seem to like me, so I tried to be polite and quiet around her. I like to let her be the boss and once she realized I wasn’t interested in being the “alpha” she decided to share her cool stuff! We are best friends now sniffing, eating, sleeping, barking, and playing together. We especially like digging holes and squeaking toys in unison. I never realized how many things there are for a dog to enjoy until I moved into this house! I wasn’t sure about a leash walk and at first kept getting tangled and choked. Soon I was

able to learn to stay calm and walk to the right while Belle walks on the left. My Dad takes us in the truck to a long woods walk almost every day. I like to take the lead in this off-leash walk, and Belle lets me. But, the most fantastic thing of all is the lake house! I didn’t know much about water and looked quite comical splashing and pawing. Now Belle and my Dad have taught me to swim out to fetch a ball, bring it to shore, and drop. Roxy taught her game of 3 balls to Belle and Belle taught it to me. Belle gets 2 and I get one. My Parents say they can teach an old dog new tricks. At the lake we chase deer and run free in the big yard down to splash in the lake whenever we want. I love the boat rides. All of this exercise is good for my arthritis, and my hip muscles have gotten much stronger. I still feel nervous outside unless someone stays with me. Isabelle and Reggie like to sit on the deck together at night and watch the yard, but I come inside with my Parents where it is safe. I am so happy they never make me stay outside alone. At first I followed my Mom and Dad everywhere, but now I know my way around and don’t mind having “alone” time indoors. I am still very afraid of thunder, but I don’t destroy anything. My Mom says we will try the thundercoat this spring.

Rescue Dog Rescues Dog W

e have raised 4 Goldens from puppies, but never had the experience of rescuing a Golden. Roxy (age 12) crossed The Rainbow Bridge in April 2013. Roxy was Isabelle’s (age 6) lifelong companion, and our active, comical Isabelle became a sullen, quiet couch potato. We decided to look at rescue and Sandy (age 7) came into our lives in July 2013. Sandy was an owner turn-in simply because, although a family pet for 7 years, she no longer fit into the family’s lifestyle. She was kept outside in a crate and alone for long periods. She fit right into our household! We don’t own a crate and like our dogs close to us at all times. After a few days of wondering who the new dog was, Isabelle quickly realized she had work to do. Sandy didn’t know how to walk on a leash, fetch a ball, or

swim. Isabelle never left Sandy’s side when outdoors because she sensed that Sandy didn’t feel safe outside alone. Sandy had to learn to eat slower and not to take Isabelle’s food. Belle instructed her on sleeping in the big king size people bed and getting a tummy rub every morning. Sandy in turn, taught Isabelle how fun it is to play with squeaky toys, the art of barking out the front windows, and how to dig a hole all the way to China. She contributed a great dog bed that Isabelle quickly claimed. She shares the back seat of the truck perfectly. All the while, quietly and gracefully making her way into our home and hearts. And what about Steve and Marianne? The best decision we ever made was bringing Sandy home. We like to think that Sandy is a gift from Roxy. – Steve and Marianne Opilla

Before I was matted and had to be shaved. Now I have a beautiful soft white wavy coat that my Mom grooms. At first I was afraid of grooming, but she calls it “spa day” and gently brushes and smooths. There is a lot of petting because I am a big cotton ball, and every morning we get tummy rubs. I never had one and was very nervous to let my tummy be exposed, but now I get very relaxed and love all the attention. My Mom and Dad tell me I am the best dog ever! Isabelle and I have been able to help each other. I am ever grateful for all she has taught me and that I can be her companion and partner in play. She rescued me and I rescued her. Mom and Dad think I am a gift from Roxy in heaven. I just think I am one lucky dog! SUMMER 2014


Luna’s Suprises One Year Later A

fter surprising SEVA GRREAT with a litter of eight puppies one year ago, Luna is loving her new life with her two golden siblings, Casey and Amber, and our 8-year old twins, Addison and Alyssa. She has taken over the family room lounger where she likes to take naps throughout the day. She is a snuggle bug and loves to get attention from

anyone with a free hand, but she especially loves to snuggle with the twins. While she may technically be 9-years old and considered a ‘senior,’ there’s no way her age gets in her way of having a good time! She’s gained a few years back after having puppies and we tell people that while she might be 9 years old, she is going on 3 or 4. She is a very good

JAX (originally Zeke)

We wouldn’t trade him for anything! He has successfully taught our senior sheltie she better eat her food fast and our senior cat has learned to aim high when jumping on the back of the couch! Eli has provided us with hours of laughter because he only seems to have half of his brain. We are hoping the other half comes as he turns one. On the positive side, he has allowed us to exercise more as we take our walks through the neighborhood. He is a fabulous companion on a car ride whether it be a short jaunt to the store or a long

listener and does like to snatch a few slices (or loaves) of bread every once in a while when nobody is looking. – Donna Thompson

The Puppies Have Found Homes & Are Doing Grreat We are so glad that we rescued Jax! He is the entertainer of the house, and is definitely still a puppy. Although he is now taller than our 6 y/o retriever. He can be a cuddle buddy when he wants, loves to play, and be the center of attention. He started obedience class a few weeks ago and is doing great! We are so lucky to have him as a part of our family. – Jaime Mutschler

ELI (originally Astro) Approximately 8 months ago we decided to bring a golden retriever pup into our “senior“ household. My husband and myself are in our late 50’s. We have a senior sheltie and a senior cat. We thought a puppy would bring a little joy into our quiet empty nest! What were we thinking! Eli has taught us a lot of things! Patience, Patience and more Patience! He is definitely a positive addition to our family!!




car ride to visit one of our daughters! We love him unconditionally and can’t imagine life without this bundle of joy ! – Linda and Paul Grieneisen


Happy Birthday! SOPHIE (originally Stella) Sophie came to us in August 2013, when she was just 11 weeks old. It took virtually no time at all for her to “settle in” and become part of the family. Some of her favorite things over the last year have been: peanut butter, plastic bottles that make lots of noise when chewed on, jumping into the small fish pond in the back yard, sneaking toys from her (much older) toy poodle brother, escorting the family cat around the house and snuggling with her human sisters. We could not possibly love her any more and are so happy she is a part of our family. – Kirsten, Chrystie, Payton & Kinsley

LULU (originally Portia) My Husband and I contacted SEVA GRREAT in November 2013. We were looking to rescue a golden retriever who would become a playmate and a companion to our active 70 pound, 4 year old golden retriever Red. Red loves to play with other dogs, with tug being his favorite game to play. We also knew we needed to find him a playmate that loved to play tug just as much. After searching for many months for the best fit for Red we thought we may have found Red’s new little sister, Lulu. We took Red to meet Lulu and instantly


they played together, tug of course. Our first thought was could this sweet, petite, 40 pound little girl keep up with an active dog that loved to play tug. We noticed early that not only could she keep up with him at tug but she had eyes only for Red during that meeting. She followed him everywhere around the yard and they continued to play tug and chase. We knew instantly before we left that they were perfect for each other. A week later we were able to bring Lulu home to our house and after much playing they finally laid down together to sleep, of course having to touch each other. We quickly found out that Lulu is a “spunky,” very strong, determined little girl with a mouth to voice her requests. She makes us laugh with her quickness and leaping ability of a fawn, and her ability to keep up with an active, bigger dog. They take turns waking each other up to play, and Lulu always has to know where Red is. She has a great and I mean GREAT fascination with ducks, geese, really any flying creature and has never met a dog she did not want to meet.. She has become my shadow also. She follows me everywhere and loves to be in the center of all activities. She always stands in “first position” (a ballerina stance) and loves to have kids hug her and has never jumped on anyone to greet them. We have not yet seen if she can


Luna’s Surprises

swim but if there are geese involved she will have no problem. We are truly blessed to have this “spunky” young lady in our house. Red and Lulu act like brother and sister on so many levels. We wonder how we managed without our little Lulu, or Lu as we sometimes call her now. She continues to bring us joy every day and keeps Red fully entertained and is a great companion for him. Thank you to all the SEVA GRREAT volunteers who helped this petite girl through her leg braces and especially to Katie Grieneisen-Show who helped make Lulu who she is today, our spunky little daughter and best friend to Red. – Mario and Lorie Manfre

HUCKLEBERRY (originally Comet)

We can hardly believe our Huck is one year old. My, how this puppy year has flown by. Huck is full of energy, loves the water and playing with his brother Riley. He is a cuddle bug and gives the sweetest golden kisses. Thank you, SEVA GRREAT for rescuing Huck’s mom, Luna. She certainly gave birth so some beautiful golden puppies. We love you… Huck-a-Hoo! Happy Birthday to all Luna’s precious pups! We hope to see all of Huck’s brothers and sisters at the picnic this year. What a reunion that will be! – Robyn and Bob Beasley




Happy Birthday! MURPHY (orighinally Halley) Murphy is a beautiful, playful and loving dog. She is the most popular dog in the neighborhood. I have lived there for 8 years and have met neighbors I never knew until Murphy came home with me. Besides 4 pairs of shoes and a couple of baseball hats, Murphy has been awesome. The "Murph" loves having her stomach rubbed, taking walks, visiting the park and retrieving tennis balls. Thank you SEVA GRREAT!

– Jim Lange

KEENE (originally Cosmo) THROUGH THE EYES OF KEENE My adventures over the past year have been busy. Where should we start? I guess from the beginning. One day I opened my eyes to find, to my surprise, about 7 other things that looked just like me. I was only in this great loving home for a short amount of time, but it was great. I got to do whatever I wanted along with play whenever I wanted. These 7 other things, come to find out, were my brothers & sisters. How could I ask for anything better?

Then a few months later, I went to another home just a short walk away from where I joined the world. It was a little sad having to leave all of the others, but I knew the lady that had us all might have been a little in over her head because there were a lot of other things that looked just like me in all sizes. However, it was all good for me. This new place I moved to came with a buddy. Now, this buddy caught me off guard at first. She didn’t look like me. However, she ate like I did, and walked around like I did. So heck, I gave it a shot and now we are inseparable. I love this thing I guess I consider my big sister. Looking back, I probably should have learned by following her footsteps, but I’m a little adventurous. OK, back to the other things where I call my home today. It was amazing. They have all this stuff just for me. And, did you know that chew toys come in sizes of like a house. It’s amazing; I could eat the whole place. Then my family came home, and didn’t agree with my choices. I guess I should have just followed the lead of my big sis. Oh well, it was fun at the time. I will continue my adventurous fun, and probably drive my family nuts, as seen from my picture when I found the mud.




Luna’s Surprises

I love my new family though; they let me go back all the time to see that lady with all the other things that look like me. She might have her hands full, but she lets me come play anytime I want. I think she is known in our neighborhood as the crazy dog lady, but my hearing is selective so I could be little off on that one. Life is great for me, and thank you SEVA GRREAT for giving me a loving caring family. Signing out until next time when I can get my paws on a computer, peace out. – Keene – Jeremy Jackson and Carla Lessig

JILL (originally Ariel) What a wonderful addition to our farm family Jill is. She has become quite talkative as she has matured! Her best friend on the place is Jack, my orange tabby cat. They sit and groom each other every morning. Pretty darn cute. Of course some things never change which in her case is her love of water. She has her own baby pool she absolutely adores, if she cannot get to the river for a swim. I thank everyone on the SEVA GRREAT family for your dedication to this fine Velcro breed. I couldn't love her more. – Janet Johnson


May 2014 SEVA GRREAT Fundraiser GRREAT Job! W

e had another very successful and fun SEVA GRREAT Yard Sale. With all the proceeds going to the SEVA GRREAT Gracie Fund, over $2,000.00 was raised to support our rescued Golden Retrievers with special medical needs. With many of our Goldens requiring special care at this time, these funds will be a tremendous help.

Yard Sale mascots Andy and Tyler, adopted from SEVA GRREAT. They draw a lot of customers.

A special thanks goes out to Pat and John Donaldson for hosting the yard sale at their lovely home in Carrollton, and to their two wonderful Golden Retrievers Andy and Tyler. Andy and Tyler, adopted from SEVA GRREAT, oversaw the activities and entertained several of the customers. We also want to thank all of the Donaldsons’ family members and other volunteers who donated items and helped out with setup and sales. The Donaldsons live in a fantastic neighborhood with a lot of good neighbors who also extended a helping hand in support of the rescue. What a GRREAT fundraiser.

OUR ADVENTURE WITH A YARD SALE A few years ago, I came up with the brilliant idea to start a thrift store to benefit the rescue. My sister was moving to South Carolina, so I had her give me anything that she wasn't taking with her. My other sister was cleaning out her attic, so again I took anything she had. My garage was full. My dining room was overflowing with boxes. So, I had the stuff but how to get started. John and I talked with a local thrift shop in Smithfield “Gimme Shelter.” It didn't take long to understand you need a very large village to make a thrift shop work. SOOOOOO!! what to do with all that STUFF.

Pat and John Donaldson with Pat’s sister, Beth; taking a break between patrons.

Like many neighborhoods, ours has an Annual Yard Sale on the first weekend in May. So, to move the stuff out of the house, we decided to participate. Of course, we had no idea how to proceed but with a little imagination and help from some of our SEVA GRREAT friends we moved forward and had a successful sale and was able to provide our leftovers to the Gimme Shelter to provide for their dogs. As fate would have it, we decided to have some fun with the yard sale again this year. A call to our wonderful SEVA GRREAT members to do some spring cleaning provided more than enough items for the sale. We had learned a few tricks from last year, so things went a lot smoother and we

took in a cool $2,200 to help our Goldens. So I know there will be a THIRD ANNUAL sale next year. But, of course, we have lots of items leftover from the sale. We decided not to give these money makers away this year, but rather look for someone in SEVA GRREAT who would take up the challenge to have another sale this summer to raise awareness of the rescue and earn some much needed funds for our goldens. Sooooo! Are you up for the Adventure. We hope so. Contact us at to volunteer – we will provide our knowledge and help so you won’t be on your own.



Rufus Tanner It is with a sad heart that I have to report that our beloved Tanner went to the Rainbow Bridge due to complications from aggressively spreading cancer. We got Tanner from SEVA GRREAT and he was the greatest dog I ever had the pleasure of being with. Thank you for what you do SEVA GRREAT. -– Keith C. Anderson, CPA

Nugget Nugget was a SEVA rescue. Not long after welcoming him to our home, doctors diagnosed an enlarged heart and gave our sweet Nugget just a few months. That BIG heart kept he and our family happy for nearly 3 years. We love you Nuggy and you played such an important role in our young kids lives! – David Schardt


Faith Our beautiful Faith passed away after a brief battle with cancer. She was the light of our lives, well loved and spoiled, and will be missed by so many. We are honored that she chose us to be her family. – Kevin, Amy, Sarah and Amanda Ritchie


My sweet angel Missy crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight after a fun day of eating crepes and living life to its fullest at Hardywood. I will forever miss her and cherish all of the time that we had together. I will forever feel fortunate to have this wonderful being in my life. I will love and miss you forever, Sweet Pea. – Mary Strzeleci 20

Rescue was my best friend. Even though my husband did most of the work to take care of him, he always loved me the most. Every night he sat with his head in my lap while I watched TV. When I went to bed he followed me up. I never felt I deserved him. He loved me no matter what I did. He’s left a hole that will be hard to fill. – Patricia Berkley

Rufus, a Golden/Basset mix, was our funny and sweet foster dog for just over eight months. He had bladder cancer but remained cheerful to the end. Found as a stray, he was a good sport about being deemed “Rufus,” even though I’m sure he wondered why we kept calling him that. He had a Golden’s goodheartedness and a bit of a Basset’s stubborn streak. He made us laugh and it was an honor to be his foster parents. We love you, little guy! – Chris and Dan Walker


I wanted to let everyone know that Honey has crossed over Rainbow Bridge. She hadn’t been feeling completely normal before making a turn for the worse. Honey had come a long way since being rescued 2011. – Robert and Tess O’Neal


Charlie brought his family great joy and he had a wonderful life with Largo and her husband Lew. I know he will be greatly missed. – Largo and Lew Faxon

Blakeley My beautiful girl, Blakeley, and loving friend is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. – Meg Gresham


Rescued by SEVA in 2003 – Lynn Kennedy


Harley I am devastated to share that we lost our sweet Harley last night. It was very sudden, even though he had been showing some signs of not being 100%. Our hearts are truly broken. Everyone that met Harley loved him. Thank you for bringing us together. Even though it was a ridiculously short time (5 years), he brought us great joy. – Tammie & Mark Soccio


Whalen was a rescue from SEVA GRREAT. We got him 10 years ago. We think he was about 13 years old when he died last month. He had a long illness, anemia. He was the perfect golden, always so polite. He only wanted a milk bone and the sofa. We really miss him. – Cory and Shirley Philpott

Live the in nt Mome By Roni Sumner

Dear SEVA GRREAT, My husband and I lost our first beloved golden retriever, Jake, in December 2003 after a struggle with fibrosarcoma and treatment at N.C. State in a National Cancer Institute study. He was our first baby and we really didn’t know if we could have another golden retriever as we loved him so much. My legal assistant knew how much we missed Jake and she began to search the Internet for golden retriever adoption programs. We were reluctant at first but finally started looking at the SEVA GRREATT website and saw some dogs we thought we could love as much as Jake. In early summer 2004, we went to Newport News to an Open House and saw a beautiful light colored golden retriever that caught our eye. And then...this little red fellow with a scrawny body and a big, beautiful eyes (named “Lonnie” by SEVA GRREAT) looked at us and we connected! We went to a volunteer’s house and visited him as well as the first golden that had caught our eye. We went home and talked and went back to visit again. When we saw “Lonnie” again, we just knew he was the one. He was so grateful to be adopted and we knew we could give him what he needed. We talked about changing his name and decided to name him “Hokie” after my alma mater. We have had Hokie for 11 years this summer and have loved every moment with him. He is an angel and the best dog we could ever have hoped to adopt. As much as we loved our Jake, I fully believe we love our “Hokie” even more. He doesn’t like playing with toys much but loves to chase deer, turkeys, rabbits and cats! More than anything, he loves being with us and taking walks. As happy as he is, he has made us even happier! Thank you, SEVA GRREAT! It has been a wonderful journey with “Hokie!” – Mary and Harry Owens


iddeon, better known as Giddy, was a breath taking dog in appearance; He was a deep red with silky fur that flowed over his tall lanky body. His face was outlined in the white earned by his ten years of life, and we were honored to have had him as part of our family for the last six months that he danced on this earth. The cancer that took him was secretive until it was too late and he had to ask us to let him go, but the lesson that he taught us during our brief time together was a profound one – live in the moment. Giddy woke up joyously every morning eager to spend the time with us and whatever events we had planned for the day. He inhaled his food, and that is no exaggeration, then anticipated the outside elimination time with as much gusto as he displayed when it was time for his walks. He adored his adopted Golden sibling Roxy, but more than anything else he treasured being close to me every waking and sleeping moment of our time together. He learned basic and advanced obedience and beginning agility and thrived on the praise. His exuberance for life kept us smiling, and he filled each and every day with joy. It has been two years now since he journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge, but what he has taught us has never been forgotten--live every day to the fullest, do not dwell on troubles of the past or potential worries of the future, enjoy every second of every moment for life is too short to waste. In his honor we will always have at least one senior dog to treasure to allow that furry baby to live in the moment as well. SUMMER 2014


Contributions Barbara Talley In Memory of Ben, Fozzie Bear, and Cash

Raymond & Catherine Kallman In memory of Ellie and Tyler

McKim Williams, Jr. In honor of Kathy Walters Birthday

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Karen and Frederick Whyte Allen & Martha Brantley Robert & Nicki Seger Nick Christner

Mark Dunham Mary Pat Harris

Andrea Macgill

Crystal Nolen

Julia Nicholas

Nicole Melton In memory of Phoenix, Dakota and Aspen

Jeanne Parsons In memory of Cassi and Jake Christine Hall In memory of Josie

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #3456

Dave & Peggy Main In honor of all SEVA GRREAT Board Members and Volunteers Tracy Minnich Lynda Williams

Diane & Keith Christiansen In memory of Ole, Cassie and Siggy

Animal Welfare League In honor of Cooper and the service SEVA GRREAT provides

Danette & Jerry Allen In memory of Bailey Allen

Jo Anne Vance

Sally Hall Ann & Andor Czompo Mary Kellam In memory of Ben, beloved dog of Rick and Donna Beale Jim & Ginny Hayes In honor of our 2 1/2 year old golden, Angel Sean & Karen Killeen In memory of Shelby and Cooper Killeen Elizabeth Thompson Laura & Rick Spink In memory of Kitti Pennell Dog Rescuer, neighbor, and civilian who gave her life in Afghanistan

Sponsor-A-Dog Program

Megan Brown & Joseph Minifie In celebration of our wedding, this donation is made in honor of our beloved golden, Scout

Mark Hampton

Debora Debiasi


Mike Zinski In memory of Bernard

Terry Sherman In honor of Chief’s adoption

Suzanne & Clyde Williams In memory of Nathan and Picklerelish

Combined Federal Campaign #88796

William Buklad

Gracie’s Fund Pat and John Donaldson Melissa Petrakis Amy Rankin

George & Susanne Gregory Christine Cronin In honor of Casey’s 10th birthday Mary Strzelecki Tom & Faye Kuch In memory of Cory, beloved golden retriever of Rick and Kathy Kunze Brittany Simon Thanks for allowing me to foster and adopt Steven Rowe Ashley & Steve Singleton In memory of Yahtzee Beverly Malosky

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Largo Elston

Donald Karas Lib Logan

Do you have a SEVA GRREAT dog? We would love to see what you are doing. Our alumni seem to be having very exciting lives. Share your pictures, including captions, by sending them to They will be featured in the next newsletter under Homecoming. And if you have a story to tell, we and the other Golden lovers would enjoy reading about it. So, send those stories with your photos also. We love pictures of newly adopted dogs with their new families, too!

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Our rescue is growing! In order to continue to save more dogs every year, we are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved with the organization. If you are interested in assisting with intake, foster coordination, Golden Days or other areas on a regular basis, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, for more information.

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