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January 2011


c o n n o i s s e u r A Registry of the Finest Cannabis

Private Collection A Connoisseur gives a look

at some of the most sought after strains in the world

Centennial Seeds find out what it takes to

become the only certified seed company in Colorado

Supreme Beans Hawaiian Cannabis Genetics Beneficial Bugs

Q & A with M & R Durango Insectary Owner, Lee Anne Merill

High Outside

A pictorial focuserd on the joys of outdoor growing.

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12: Connoisseur: See what is on the shelf at your local dispensaries

32: Strain Reviews a closer look at popular strains

68: A Private Collection: One connoisseur shows off an insane collection of nugs

High Outside 72: High Outside: A pictorial focuserd on the joys of

outdoor growing.

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Essential Reading 7 questions with pot chef Danyeal Williams UNCLE RUS’s WEED-IQUETTE TIPS! Marijuana in the News Cypress Hill smokeout


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2527 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 303-477-0772

god’s gift

king Kush

14 • August/September 2010 14 • cannabis connoisseur

Earwax kushism og

sour Kush

Banana Kush ak-47

25th st.


w. 23rd st.

S. Federal Blvd.

w. 29th st.

1 freeCouponspre-roll with coupon cannot be combined during the same visit. Limit 1 coupon per patient per issue with minimum purchase of $40

1 freeCoupons gram of kush with coupon cannot be combined during the same visit. Limit 1 coupon per patient per issue with minimum purchase of $40 • 15 cannabis connoisseur • 15

cannabis connoisseur

2675 West 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 (720) 389-9179

pre-rolled cones


og kush 16 • August/September 2010 16 • cannabis connoisseur

hollands hope


glass pipes Bryant St.

clay st.

S. federal blvd.

w 41st st.

w. 38th st. • 17 cannabis connoisseur • 17

cannabis connoisseur

2960 S. Federal Blvd. Denver CO 80236 303-493-1787 4986 Lowell Blvd Denver CO ™

dutch dragon

south florida sour diesel Sledgehammer 18 • August/September 2010 18 • cannabis connoisseur

hash oil

bubble hash

assorted edibles

south florida hash plant


s. federal blvd.

w. yale ave.

w. hampden ave. S. zuni st.

pre rolls- $5 *Restrictions Apply

1.5 gram blunt- $10 *Restrictions Apply • 19 cannabis connoisseur • 19

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1269 Elati St. Denver, CO 80204 303-351-9333

Kushberry Trainwreck

Mountain High

High quality medical cannabis in a safe discreet, relaxed and professional environment We’ve redefine what a medical marijuana dispensary should be. Hashberry 20 • August/September 2010 20 • cannabis connoisseur

We test our medicine at Full Spectrum labs


Full line of 3x strength medibles, hash and hash oils, tintures, Dixie Elixers.

Huge pipe selection Ask about our

caregiver program any gram capped at $15 1/8’s capped at $45


Our knowledgeable, caring staff is ready to help new Patients and offer tips and specials to returning patients. We carry fresh medical cannabis & edibles, oils, kief, and hash.

delaware st.

Elati St.

$6.00 hand rolled joint $250 ounces select strains

w. 13th st.

w. 12th st.

Maui Kong

One per person. Coupon must be present. Expires 10-15-10.

$35 1/8ths select strains

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KiND MEDS 936 South Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219 303-993-4451


l.a. woman

22 • cannabis connoisseur

chemdawg candy

af gooey

black domina

sweet tooth s. federal blvd. w. alameda ave.

w. mississippi ave.

S. zuni st.


COUPONS? *Restrictions Apply

COUPONS?*Restrictions Apply cannabis connoisseur • 23

cannabis connoisseur

1620 Market St. Denver, Co, 80202 303-953-0884 M-sat 10am-7pm Sun 12-5

swiss bliss

15th st.

19th St.

wynkoop st.

market st. larimer st.

24 • August/September 2010 24 • cannabis connoisseur

Free ice cream for new patients

durban poison • 25 cannabis connoisseur • 25


(Blueberry X Haze Plant) Sativa-dominate hybrid.

Grow Info:

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70-80% sativa), which means in the right hands she can be a high-yielder outdoors, and can yield as much as one pound indoor, per plant, per 1000-watt light. This strain produces dense, medium-sized buds (colas) tinted a light, limey green and blue, with flaming orange—not red—hairs interspersed throughout.


Tropical, fruity taste and smell, similar to its Blueberry-tinged ancestors, but with a hint of the piney-menthol smell and taste akin to Haze plants.


Blue Dream is becoming very popular because of its hybrid-high. Being a sativa-dominate lady, physiologically she is very cerebral, but, the Blueberry genetic ancestor adds a mellow, indic-ated, creeper-effect into the equation.

26 • cannabis connoisseur


F1 cross of a secret sativa strain selected from a garden in the vicinity of Durban, South Africa—hints, its name—and a Dutch-seed skunk plant. Full-bodied sativa: 80-90%.

Grow Info:

Durban Poison’s flowering time is 8-9 weeks. She is a medium-to-high yielder, and is excellent for beginning/novice growers because of her resiliency.


1stMarijuana Growers page describes the Poison’s taste perfectly: “Imagine drinking a minty-herbal tea from a glass that has a little bit of soap left in it.”


Durban produces a very mellow sativa high. She is very similar in nature to the functional, cerebral, and studious buzz Sour Diesel and Snowcap has on the smoker.

cannabis connoisseur • 27


It is widely known that Trainwreck was proliferated in the Humboldt County coastal town Arcata, California, but what nobody seems to truly understand are the genetic ancestors of this plant. She has similar smell and after-effects of Snowcap, Jack Herer, and Haze plants, and based on these growing and smoking traits, it is generally agreed upon that Trainwreck is a full-bodied sativa plant.

Grow Info:

Trainwreck is a very high-yielding plant both indoor and outdoors, however, growers must not forget that she was given her namesake because of how gangly, and unpredictable, her growth patterns can be. The end result outdoors, though very fruitful, can often look like a‌ Trainwreck.


Falls somewhere between the extremely mentholated-sweetness of Jack Herer and the lemon pine-zing of stellar haze and skunk phenotypes


Sativa-dominate: giddy, giggly, hungry.

28 • cannabis connoisseur


(California Indica Pheno X Kashmir Pheno) Indica-Dominate

Grow Info:

Hashberry is a low-to-medium yielding plant with large, dense, kush-like colas. (Kashmir is an indica-dominate landrace strain from Kashmir, India). She has an 8-9 week flowering time, and is usually grown indoors,


Old school genetics equates to an old school flavor—skunky,, kushy earth tones. This is a funky smelling plant with slight floral notes.


Indica-dominate: Sedative, sleepy, heady, excellent for pain relief and snow-ins.

cannabis connoisseur • 29


(1970s California Skunk #1 X Unknown Haze Variety) Sativa-dominate, this plant was given her name because she was originally grown and stabilized on Vancouver Island, and because she is the offspring of Skunk #1, which, back in the day, was commonly referred to as “Sweet skunk.” Alas: Island Sweet Skunk

Grow Info:

Very popular within grower circles, ISS is a high-yielding, manageable plant to grow indoors and outdoors, producing beautiful tall, long buds, often with extremely high THC contents. Flowering time: 8-9 weeks.


Sweet-meets-skunk: An unbelievably strong smelling plant.


One of the headiest, stoniest sativa plants on the market, ISS, though sativa-dominate, can easily be mistaken for an indica plant. Couch-lock is imminent.

30 • cannabis connoisseur

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Cannabis Culture/Essential Reading


Essential Reads for the Marijuana Enthused

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/ Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

The Psychedelic Reader

All growers, from the first-timers burning a single bulb in their closet, to the commercial grower pulling off a generator, should have in their garden, an accessible version of this book. In cannabis cultivation circles across the green lands it is referred to as the bible—the absolute best bud book on the planet. Jorge Cervantes, master-grower and book author, has been growing cannabis for over thirty years, as well as scavenging the globe for new and evolving strains and growing techniques. Inside this five-hundred page fifth edition the seeking stoner can find any piece of information they desire regarding growing: seeds, clones, lights, indoor, outdoor, soil, vegetative growth, flowering, nutrition, grow rooms, case studies, and harvesting, it’s all here.

Marijuana is a psychotropic drug, and though I cannot openly advocate the use of more acute psychotropic agents—synthesized or organic—I can point out to those who do take “the road less traveled” this hidden gem of literature from “the other side.” The Psychedelic Reader is the ultimate book for all psychedelic, psychotropic explorers. Edited by some of the most knowledgeable names in the world regarding psychedelic and psychotropic agents, this book is a compilation of the finest writings from the golden era of consciousness, featuring contributions from all three heavyweight editors as well as Sir Julian Huxley, Alan Watts, Roy Bates and R. Gordon Wassen, among many others.

By. Jorge Cervantes

32 • cannabis connoisseur

Edited By. Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Gunter M. Weil

Reefer Movie Madness The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide

By. Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom

Marijuana and movies is a match made in heaven. Marijuana can make the best feature film more poignant and the worst big-budget disaster a laughing riot. Like putting jam on your toast, once you’ve had a smatter of marijuana with your movie, you can’t image the experience without it. With that being said, this is every stoner cinephile’s golden guide to movies with a marijuana bend. Inside there are 420 movie reviews—quite fitting— covering nearly every genre of film: sci-fi, horror, B movies, pot comedies, action-packed adventures, dramadies, musicals and more.

Pot Culture The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life By. Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom

Just as the title could lead you to believe, Pot Culture is a complete literary guide regarding everything cannabis and cannabis culture. For the avid cannabis culture vulture, it’s an absolute must buy; perfect for the coffee table. Inside you get everything that there ever was to know about marijuana terminology, marijuana movies, history, lifestyle, clothing, music, etiquette, strains, pop icons, festivals, you name it, these two authors have discovered and covered every green fascination you could have, and put it all in one beautifully packaged product.

Orange Sunshine The Brotherhood of Eternal Love And Its Quest To Spread Peace, Love And ACID To The World By. Nicholas Schou

The history of the American counterculture movement in the 1960s is full of insane tales of drug dealing, drug taking, and mind-bending madness. Orange Sunshine, the latest offering from author Nicholas Schou, takes us into the world of one of the most notorious, and infamous band of rebels that existed during those strange days—a group of Southern California surfers who would come to be known as “The Hippie Mafia.” What once began in the mid-sixties as a peace-seeking brotherhood evolved into something entirely more far out once the small group was introduced to the decades biggest drug: LSD. Orange Sunshine outlines the turbulent years that followed the drug’s introduction as “The Hippie Mafia” grew into a worldwide smuggling ring of surfers, who, by decades end, were importing and selling more hashish and acid than any other criminal organization in the country. It’s a wild ride, and a great read.

cannabis connoisseur • 33

Intelligence/Uncle rus



reetings nieces & nephews! It’s me, your Jewish weed smoking uncle, Uncle Rus Gutin! Not only am I here to let you in on little but well known secrets of the universe; I’m also here to teach you all the best weed etiquette tips I know.

Now, there are few things on Earth as old and great an invention as “the joint“. “The doober“, as it’s known in some circles, is literally one of the oldest and trustiest conveniences known to man. Before there was the wheel, irrigation, agriculture and Snookie from “The Jersey Shore”, there was... The Doob. I declare that even when a caveman was done bludgeoning his chosen mate over the head with a club and dragging her ass into that cave…he then rolled up a spliff and took a minute to sit down on his favorite rock to take a few puffs to unwind. Second only to the joint in being one of the world’s most timeless and awesome things is the road trip. We’ve all been on a few, some of them unforgettable, and some of them traumatic. However, in either case, there is one element a road trip MUST have to be undertaken correctly: the perfect number of pre-rolled fatties for your journey. Think about it, even when those stoners Sam and Frodo and their whole posse set out for Mt. Doom, they seemed to clearly have a discussion regarding how much “Shire” Smoke they were gonna need beforehand. If you watch that movie, those dudes are puffing down every chance they get. And why? Because they were prepared! But there’s no one way to do this kids, and every road trip is different. So I’ll give you an example of what I just did last weekend, and you can change the amount of ingredients depending on how many people you’re planning on serving. Your Uncle Rus and three of his cohorts decided to go see the Phillies play the Padres down in San Diego for two days of baseball, puffin’ & boozing! We were scheduled to leave at 7am on Saturday, and I knew what had to be done. Like Abraham Lincoln, JFK or any other great leader before me, I took it upon myself to handle the marijuana situation before us. We would roll ten joints total for the trip. Why ten? You might be asking. Well each joint has a specific time and purpose.

34 • cannabis connoisseur

The staying-irie-on-road-trip-itinerary is as follows: We’ll need joint One for the drive down Highway 5 to get there; Two, for before the 1st game; Three, for after the 1st game; Four, for before dinner; Five, for after dinner, and Six to go with brunch before the 2nd game on the 2nd day. Joint number Seven is for after the 2nd game on the 2nd day and Eight, for the drive up the 5 back home to L.A. But... You’re probably saying: “Uncle Rus, you’re obviously not a math jew, cause that leaves 2 more joints doesn’t it?” Of course it does kids! These two joints are called “anomaly joints,” and we bring them along because as much as we like to plan our road trip ahead of time, the universe doesn’t always cooperate. These “anomaly joints” can be used in any number of unexpected scenarios: What if you hit some bullshit traffic jam on your way there or home on the highway because some asshole is texting his baby mamma while driving?! What if you get a call informing you that your beloved childhood dog, Chester Copperpot, died from a combination of cancer, Dog-Aids and being hit by a Vespa? Or say you’re single, road-tripping, and you meet some sassy ladychick at the bar? You may very well need to call upon one of these extra green hammers to further impair the sassy lady’s judgment; and the aphrodisiacal doob-session is always a good beginning to friendships that go much deeper than Facebook. So remember, every road trip is different, and you’ll need to roll a plan that works for your particular adventure. And also, do it knowing that you are carrying on a great and timeless tradition. As far back as when my people walked through that desert for 40 days and 40 nights, I guarantee you, before the departure, they got a reasonable rate on some wholesale sized sacs of kosher dope and rolled up some spliffs for their trek to the promised land. So until next time nieces & nephews...Mind your manners. 4 Mas Uncle Rus, go 2 WWW.RUSGUTIN.COM! SEE YOUR UNCLE RUS LIVE! EVERY FRIDAY @ “FRIDAY NITE LIVE!” @ THE COMEDY STORE on SUNSET BLVD.!

Intelligence/new jersey


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently made an appearance at a school near Trenton where he took questions.


bout one-third of “unlikely” voters in Oregon said they were more enthusiastic and more likely to vote after learning that a medical marijuana initiative was on their state’s ballot this year, according to a new survey released today by the measure’s campaign. Measure 74 – which has been endorsed by the Oregon state Democratic Party – would add state-licensed dispensaries to Oregon’s existing medical marijuana law.

he final question was from a person in need of medical


“I lose an average of 2 pounds a week and if I continue on this path, I will not live to see the new regulations of medicinal marijuana take effect in July of 2011,” she said. She went on to accuse state officials of “a lack of compassion.” “Thank you,” Christie began. “And — and — I don’t think — all I’m saying is this …” The governor then went into a long explanation of the difficulties of setting up a system for the state to distribute the drug to those who truly need it for medical reasons. “I’m not looking to deny this to anyone who is entitled to have it,” he concluded. “What I am trying to do is to make sure that no one who isn’t entitled to have it gets it.” So this woman with a fatal disease must wait for her medicine until the politicians in New Jersey decide that the system is so air tight that no one who isn’t “entitled” to cannabis can get it? This would seem to make sense if cannabis was a dangerous substance that people needed protection from. But it’s a non-toxic plant, so to deny patients their medicine because someone who isn’t a patient might get it is ludicrous and simply not fair to sick people.


According to the survey, which polled a random sampling of under-40, Democratic and independent voters, 31% of respondents said they were more likely to vote after hearing that Measure 74 was on the ballot, while only 18% were more enthusiastic after hearing about the contest between their state’s candidates for governor. But the main problem with the Governor’s thought process – and the thought process of many politicians – is this notion that only certain people are “entitled” to cannabis. I understand the new law in New Jersey only covers medical marijuana, but until those in government realize they have no right to dictate what people do in their own homes to their own bodies, we will continue to have problems – even with medical marijuana laws. These delays and strict rules hurt patients while doing nothing to stop others from getting cannabis; they just buy it on the black market.

These findings add further merit to the argument many have made in the run-up to Nov. 2 – that marijuana initiatives could be the key to increasing youth voter turnout in this and future elections. Once mainstream political candidates acknowledge that there is a large and growing constituency of voters who want to see our marijuana laws change, it will hopefully be just a matter of time until they begin to embrace marijuana reform as a major issue that’s in their own best interests to endorse.

The government does not dictate what we are “entitled” to. We are a free people and don’t only deserve freedom when we are sick.

As Jon Walker points out, in Oregon’s 1998 election, more total votes were cast for Measure 67, the medical marijuana initiative, than for any other statewide candidate or ballot measure.

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call 720-763-1313 cannabis connoisseur • 35


7 questions with pot lucky chef Danyael Williams A “Pot Lucky” dinner. Let’s just say, I was delightfully surprised after I met our chef, Daniel Laughing Bear and feasted on a gourmet dinner which became a catalyst for one of the most euphoric cannabis experiences I’ve ever had.


The hosts, Shawn & Veronica told me you’re, “an interesting cat, a Sioux Native American who was trained at Julliard, but plays in death metal bands & creates artisan jewelry.” I was intrigued, can you give us a little background...

(Danyael)  Yes, Oglala Lakota Sioux  I was born on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota and lived there until I was 12 when my mom moved us to Los Angeles  for us to grow up and have a better life off the rez. (Or was it. Ha HA) I am still very spiritual in the Lakota beliefs and ceremonial in all the art I make and create.  I do make authentic Sioux artwork in the tribal ways and have done many special talismans for everyone from friends to others that needed the medicine healing properties of Shamans.  Oh yea I also make silver and stones in jewelry in the native fashion but I do stray and do other custom silver work. I have been making jewelry for about five years but have been doing tribal artwork for quite sometime. I grew up in  the L. A. School district and went to school  in a few different places in and around L. A. I did manage to make a few friends that were into bands back in the day and that’s kind of how I got started in the music scene. I was friends with the guys in Slayer, Megadeath, Savage Grace from back in the early stages of what is known as Thrash Metal in L.A. I toured the world with a lot of these guys and started playing from being around them and just watching so I started playing guitar and getting pointers from them. As all bass players might add: Bass players are frustrated guitarists. I have Majors in Professional Music and Performance from Berkeley College of Music 1992. I play Four & Five string, Fretless and Upright basses. Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drums, blah blah blah, by that time I was already touring and playing worldwide with metal and punk rock bands and was recording and performing around the world. I produced and engineered several artists albums for major & Independent record labels world-wide and worked in A&R and music business development for IRS records back in the day. I also have extensive music business knowledge working and touring with major recording artists such as: Motorhead, Slayer, Megadeth, Death, Ziggy Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iron Maiden,  Kiss,  Black Sabbath and many more to list I was in The Legendary Thrash metal Band called Dark Angel and also in some other bands from time to time

36 • cannabis connoisseur

Dark Fucking Angel recorded the song in Bob Kulick (Kiss, Meatloaf) studio “Creeping Death” for the Grammy Award Winning CD “Metallic Attack” in 2005 and the song was released as a single from Big Deal Records, and I did get a Grammy award so that means that I got some recognition for being a musician. Dammit! DFA was in the studio working on new music and set to tour the world once more until our singer was forced to retire from music. We recorded several tracks but never got to do any vocals and the project was scrapped and the Mighty Dark Fucking Angel Reunion was nevermore. I have also been active in the Punk Rawk Scene Recording and Touring world-wide with such artists as: ZYKLON-B, Glue Gun, Ten Foot Pole, Inhale, Don’t NO, RaSh and Savage Tree Frogs on Smacks to name just a few and have been an active studio session player and touring bass player from time to time throughout the years.   When I first saw the menu, I was quite surprised.   It was an interesting mix of down home favorites, but gourmet.  How did you develop the menu?


(Danyael) This whole thing really came about from one of my friends that mentioned that since I was really good at cooking, and have been baking for some time, I prepared a whole dinner made with Cannabis, and that started my thoughts about it. It was too bad too cause she didn’t make it to the dinner (Flake) . As for the menu: Well I basically asked a bunch of my friends what they thought would be good and went from there. They were actually easy to prepare and since I love to cook I tried it and thought out my plan of attack. HA HA


Was the cannabis you used during the cooking process home grown or purchased at a special dispensary?

(Danyael) It was grown by me and my friend. I have been growing for some time: Blueberry Kush and Headband and I’d just been growing the natural sunlight way. I make the tinctures from my shake and Kief but I also use the buds for the special occasions. Like this one was.


How long did it take you to prepare for the dinner?


The cake was pretty special, any tips for home chefs baking with cannabis?

(Danyael) Well after I finalized the menu and got other responses about the dishes I just went shopping for the dishes the day before and started the preparation three days before making the tinctures for the dinner except for the Olive oil and the Rum. That process takes 30 days to infuse.

(Danyael) Yes, the cake was made sugar free and fat free as much as I can make it, so being cake, I wanted to make that the killer so I purposely made it as strong as I could and from everyone that had a piece of that testified that it kicked ass.

Everything was organic and I never use sugar or fats as I keep a healthy lifestyle and being a Diabetic have to watch out for that. But don’t tell everyone at the dinner that it was healthy. (Laughing)

There are so many things you can find about cooking with cannabis from the web as I did and experimenting is more fun so just go with it and share with others and it will be all good. You don’t have to use sugars and fats for so much of cooking now days so if you want to do cooking for diabetics or sweet tooth treats the possibilities are endless.


There were about 20 people at the dinner, how much cannabis was used for the dinner?

(Danyael) I used about 2 ounces for everything: 1 ounce of each strain. From the RSVP list I had enough to feed 24 people only cause I always make more than enough.


For at home chefs cooking with cannabis, would you recommend X grams as sufficient for a dinner of 2 or 4?

(Danyael) That’s hard to say because of the different strains and grade. I have been using my plants for awhile so I kind of know what the strength of the tinctures will be. When I do baking I usually use about a 1/8 per batch say for brownies.  But also the leafs and shake are less potent than the buds but I’m sure everyone knows that. I experiment alot so that’s the fun in that and the not knowing is a plus..

I’m no chef just someone that really likes to cook and experiment with different dishes but I do share everything and ask a lot of questions on peoples tastes and just keep trying to come up with new things I like and if I get outside ideas I take them and flow with it. Its so good to share with people and that being the circle of life for me, I’m just so happy I have good friends and meeting new friends so being able to cook and bake and everyone liking it (hopefully) that all the positive energy keeps me cooking and baking. P.S. Wait till you try my Red Velvet Cupcakes with Rum Cream Cheese Frosting.... :-)

cannabis connoisseur • 37

Intelligence/marijuana in the news Around the World

London U.K.:

A new study has shown that cannabis and its proposed links to short-term memory loss could be less pronounced, or understood, than we think. The results did not rule out a relationship-correlation between smoking cannabis and short-term memory loss, but did find that it was only in one particular strain of marijuana tested—“skunk-type strains”— that participants in the experiment exhibited marked impairment; whereas people who smoked hashish or blended (hybrid) strains did just as well, either stoned or sober.


There are Tons of Patients—But where is the Pot? As a state with over 28,000 registered medical marijuana patients, Michigan is only behind California and Colorado in cardcarrying-cannabis-enthused citizens. However, the burgeoning bud scene in Michigan has one massive logistical concern: Where are these patients supposed to get their medicine? There are not nearly enough marijuana dispensaries within the state to supply the demand for meds, with ambiguous regulations and irregular lawenforcement practices limiting the number of potential business-collective owners. As Keith Stroup, founder of Michigan’s NORML Chapter has said, “Running a dispensary in Michigan, under current law, is very risky, and I would advice against it.”

Colorado Springs, CO:

The Department of Homeland Security has an eye in your sky Colorado Springs. It’s

38 • cannabis connoisseur

been revealed that on April 9th of this past spring, Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Task Force launched—literally, launched—an investigation into a series of buildings in the city that were suspected of housing large cannabis grow operations. To facilitate their efforts in uncovering the truth behind their hunch the Task Force brought in the aide of a Department of Homeland Security plane, which, with heatsensor technology on-board flew from Canada to Colorado Springs in order to investigate the buildings from high above. The plane was a Swiss-produced Pilatus PC-12 Specter that cost 7 million dollars to build. As for the outcome of this investigation? After the excessive show of force and complete waste of time and tax dollars, the results, well, they hardly turned out to be spy-plane worthy: the Task Force arrested a resounding six people, who were later charged with cultivation.

Sacramento, CA:

On October 1st, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449 into effect, reducing the punishment for adultpossession of less than one-ounce of marijuana in the state from a misdemeanor to an infraction with a maximum punishment of a $100 fine. Though he doesn’t support legalization of marijuana, the Governator does believe that Bill 1449 will save the courts money and time, stating: “Prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement and the courts can’t afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.”

San Francisco, CA:

Beer VS. Buds! The battle against Prop 19 rages on. The CBBD—California Beer and Beverage Distributors—have been actively spending money (campaigning, that is) to stop Proposition 19, California’s November 2nd marijuana-legalization legislation. As reported by the Huffington Post, the CBBD donated $10,000 to Public Safety First, a group opposing legalization. However, there are those within the beer community who do not agree with the CBBD. California-based micro brewing companies Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing Co. have both been outspoken about their opposing position—they are fine with the idea of finely crafted brews and buds coexisting. For their courage to go against the frothy tide, Grow recommends you go out a buy yourself a six-pack of Sierra’s Pale Ale or Stone Brewery’s fine lager to support these righteous brewers.

Aurora, CO:

State officials are developing, or proposing to develop, a system to be implemented that could enable the state to track medical marijuana sales more precisely. There are a growing number of officials in state and local governments who fear that some patients are buying large quantities of marijuana from local dispensaries and then re-distributing it on the green-black market. In light of these concerns, Big Brother could be poking his invasive head into our kind, new industry in the form of computer placement and video monitoring within all dispensaries, as well as by maintaining a record of all the state’s medical

marijuana patients by keeping their fingerprints in a database!

Los Angeles, CA:

Leaders of the SEIU—Service Employees International Union—the largest labor union in the state, have given their support to Proposition 19, believing that the revenue streams brought in from marijuana taxation could help the state of California avoid making more cost cuts to programs such as education, employment, health care, home care, and elderly care programs.

Seattle, WA:

In early September, Canada’s Prince of Pot, Mr. Marc Emery, seed bank-extraordinaire, finally had to face the music. After fighting extradition from Canada to the US for nearly five years, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez threw the book at Emery, sentencing him to five years in a Federal Prison after being charged and convicted of selling millions of cannabis seeds via phone and internet purchase orders. We wish Mr. Emery the best and hope his stint in the big house is as short, and harmless, as possible.


A new report has shown that the war on marijuana seems to be somewhat of a war exclusively enforced against minorities. The report’s findings, which were collected by the Marijuana Arrest Research for the Drug Policy Alliance and the N. A.A. C. P., found that minorities are, and have been, more prone to being arrested for possession of marijuana. “In the last 20 years, California made 850,000 arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana, and half-a-million of those arrests (have occurred) in the last 10 years. The people arrested were disproportionately African-American and Latinos, overwhelmingly young people, especially men.” In the city of Los Angeles, for example, the report claims that law enforcement has, “arrested blacks for marijuana at seven times the rate of whites.”

Santa Rosa, CA:

A budding artistic community is emerging in the hills of Sonoma County. On a 120-acre site, two nonprofit organizations—American Medicinals and the Life is Art Foundation— have established the first cannabis-artist colony—a pastoral piece of heaven where pot grows beside paintings underneath pergolas. On the grounds, medical marijuana is grown in compliance with Prop 215 to enable the colony a modest subsistence. This nonprofit haven was founded by Kirsha Kaechele and her partner, John Orgon with the goal of sharing art with the public while also providing solace and creative peace for artists seeking both sublime scenery and safe access.

Washington, D.C.:

Federal intervention is imminent! On October 18th, in what seemed to be a fear-tactic to dissuade the voters of California from passing Proposition 19, U.S. Attorney General-Drug Czar Eric Holder Jr. outlined his attack on

legalized marijuana, if the state were to vote in favor of it come November 2nd. Holder, under orders from the Obama administration, has been delightfully laissez-faire about the proliferation of medical marijuana, particularly when compared to the Draconian cannabis code enforced under the Bush administration. However, Holder is defiantly against marijuana legalization, and if the Golden State passes Proposition 19, Holder has vowed to bring the federal government to California. “We will vigorously enforce the Federal Controlled Substances Act (Federal Law) against those individuals and organizations that posses, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”

Colorado Springs, CO:

The coffers of Colorado Springs are being filled by cannabis revenue. As reported by the Gazette, “sales tax revenues from medical marijuana have risen to about $50,000 a month, allowing the city to mow grass medians and consider restoring some Saturday bus service.” And most ironically, the Colorado Spring’s Police Department, those men in blue who have been so embittered by the presence of marijuana in their town, will now be re-vamping their poorly funded force. “After years of budget cuts, the Police Department’s rebuilding efforts appear to be starting with medical marijuana money.” Therefore, whether you are for or against medical marijuana Mr. and Mrs. Colorado, there is empirical data that cannot be denied—it can be a money maker for your fledgling city, county, and state economies.

British Columbia, Canada:

Black bears and Bud? This is a first. There are many ways to guard your garden, and at Grow we have seen and heard about nearly every one: trip wire; electric wire; dogs; barbwire and the fully loaded all-night lookout. But never have we come across a garden being guarded by gigantic Black bears, which, is exactly what Canadian Mounted police conducting a raid on a marijuana farm found—And they were alarmed, to say the least. Yet these bears were docile, calm and not hostile, almost amicable... All ten of them! “They were tame, they just sat around watching. At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off,” said Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansveld.

Boston, MA:

On September 19th, thousands of beadyeyed Bostonians converged upon the Boston Commons (large park in the middle of the city) to participate in a pro-marijuana legalization rally. MassCann, the state’s NORML chapter, hosted the 21st Annual Boston Freedom Rally. Boston police were on the scene and their presence resulted in the issuing of 34 civil citations for possession of marijuana.

Intelligence Trenton, NJ


renton, NJ: Medical cannabis advocates are criticizing draft regulations circulated by the Department of Health that seek to implement the New Jersey Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act. Advocates, including the act’s chief legislative sponsor, believe that the proposed measures are unduly restrictive and are not responsive to patients needs. The proposed regulations call for the state to begin overseeing the distribution of medical marijuana to state-authorized patients by July 2011. The manufacturing of medical cannabis would be limited to two licensed facilities. The proposed rules also restrict the percentage to THC that may be present in the plant to no more than ten percent, and limit the varieties of cannabis that may be produced to no more than three strains. Four additional state licensed facilities would be permitted to dispense cannabis. Patients would be authorized to possess no more than two ounces of cannabis per month, and would not be permitted to grow their own marijuana or share it with other registered patients. Patients who possess unauthorized amounts or strains of marijuana will still be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution under the law. Democratic Senator Nick Scutari, who sponsored the Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act, said that the regulations significantly alter state law, which mandate a total of six marijuana cultivation and distribution centers to be licensed throughout the state. Chris Goldstein of NORML New Jersey and the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey also criticized the draft regulations. “Rather than create a reasonable set of regulations, the Christie Administration is playing politics with the lives of New Jersey’s most severely ill residents,” he said in a prepared statement. “Instead of opening a pathway to safe marijuana access these draft regulations only create more barriers.” Health regulators have 60 days to review the regulations and accept public comment. According to the Department of Health’s website, patients may begin applying in November to participate in the program. Speaking at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, Republican Gov. Chris Christie said that he “would not have signed the law,” which was approved by former Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine.

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Intelligence The O’Reilly Factor

Intelligence/colorado Bob Kinsey Green Party Candidate for US Senate, Colorado


his morning I stood  in front of the Federal Court House in Denver in support of Christopher Bartkowicz.  He was arrested by Federal Officers and charged with the offense of growing medical marijuana.   He could be sentenced by a Federal Judge to 60 years if found guilty.  I don’t know Christopher.  I understand that this is not his first conviction on drug related charges. Personally I don’t use his product but..... But I do know that this trial is certifiably insane.  I went back to my blog, page 4, on <http://www.> written in March of this year to review what I wrote!  I said: 

militarized force a blank check to override civil liberties and carry out “missions” that actually make us and innocent people elsewhere less safe. Just the fact that the DEA also carries out a war on the industrial Hemp plant makes this obvious.  Here we are eliminating a cash crop from our Agricultural sector that could provide many green products--clothing, paper, and oils that I could even use to fuel my diesel car, decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels from abroad.  And as I have pointed out above, the arrest and trial of Christopher Bartkowicz, is using taxpayer money: -To contradict Article 10 of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States, -Destroying   a useful product that, used recreationally, is far less harmful than alcohol and certainly produces no violent behavior on the users part, destroying a product grown safely and openly taxed that helps our Colorado economy, (I need only say that the increased revenue Colorado Springs has received --primarily from MMJ Dispensaries --has enabled the city to restore public services cut earlier this year.) -Destroying a product that has been shown to help even people suffering PTSD in that other great war on a noun in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond, -Possibly adding one more incarcerated person to our prisons already filled at higher percentages than most countries on earth at taxpayer expense, -Destroying respect for the rule of law, as people who believe they need this drug are intimidated by their own government. -Protecting the market share of  criminal gangs who import  unsafe product from other countries.

“Marijuana has been shown to be a very useful drug that has multiple therapeutic applications. Several States, including our own Colorado, have legalized its use as Medical Marijuana.  This is not only beneficial but entirely within the power of the State.  The only power   the US Constitution gives  the Federal government is to regulate interstate commerce.  The States have the reserved power to regulate the growing and distribution of drugs created in the  State.  Or so I maintain.    The so called “War on Drugs” has  damaged American society and has massively contributed to the national deficit.  It has filled our prisons with non violent offenders (mostly young black men) to their detriment and the enrichment of the prison-industrial complex.  In its name we have escalated our role as the major arms dealer in the world.  This “War”    adds   to world militarization and raises levels of violence everywhere.    It has overridden the Constitutional separation of powers between Federal and State.  We must end this bogus war on drugs and federal “law” enforcement interference that threatens the individual states’ As the Green Party candidate for US Senate rights to include the production and use of in Colorado I pledge if elected to submit a bill marijuana as a helpful  medical  application.     requiring that the Government take marijuana Certainly misuse of  any  chemical is bad for off the list of Schedule I drugs and to legalize the individual and can present costs to any the growing of Hemp throughout the US. society.  Tobacco and Alcohol have risks but we have learned that prohibition does not work I am not pandering for your vote.  This has and undermines respect for law.    They are far been a stand of the Green Party for 20 years.  more harmful and have less positive uses than It would take the big “Stupid” sign off our back marijuana but we don’t carry out war against that goes next to the “War Crime” sign with them.  They are legal and taxed.  Good idea. “ regard to the War on Terror.  Dude!    Whether its “War on Drugs” or “War on Terror” when you declare “war” on a noun you trod “Unlimited Growth is the down a crazy making path to certifiably insane Ideology of a Cancer Cell behavior.  These bogus wars give Federal 303-949-4073

40 • cannabis connoisseur

On “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night, host Bill O’Reilly bet John Stossel $10,000 that Prop 19 won’t pass in California.


ince O’Reilly is so clueless about cannabis-related issues, this is a good thing; it means Prop 19 is destined to pass. In another poor and puzzling attempt to defend our failed status quo, O’Reilly tried to compare marijuana to tobacco, by saying “marijuana is exactly as addictive as tobacco.” Once again, he’s wrong. From TIME magazine yesterday: “Estimates vary, but compared with tobacco, which hooks about 20% to 30% of smokers, marijuana is much less addictive, coming in at 9% to 10%.” According a 1999 report from the federal government’s Institute of Medicine, “Compared to most other drugs … dependence among marijuana users is relatively rare … [A]lthough few marijuana users develop dependence, some do. But they appear to be less likely to do so than users of other drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), and marijuana dependence appears to be less severe than dependence on other drugs.” Yet another great reason to vote for Prop 19; make Bill O’Reilly cough up $10,000 to the charity of John Stossel’s choice. He would never believe it, but Bill O’Reilly may have just put cannabis legalization in CA over the top.

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Tag Archive for cypress hill Smokeout Festival 2010: Music, Politics, Higher Learning By Cortney Wills The San Bernardino hills were alive with the sound of music (and the smell of some serious ganja) for the eleventh annual Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival, presented by Guerilla Union, this past Saturday. Forty thousand fans turned out for a day of food, music and of course—marijuana. This marked the first year that certified medical marijuana users were able to consume pot at the show in designated smoking areas. The festival featured a Medical Marijuana Expo that included voter registration booths, product samples and speaking panels on related issues like cultivation, Prop 19 and other relevant issues. Authors Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom led a discussion of their new book, Reefer Movie Madness, and hosted a day of stoner movies including Dazed and Confused, Friday and Pulp Fiction. Jeff Dowd, the real-life “The Dude” himself was on-hand to introduce The Big Lebowski. Despite all the Prop 19 propaganda, the real attraction of the day was the music. Over 26 acts performed on three stages including MGMT, Los Rakas, Slightly Stoopid, Paul Oakenfold and Living Legends. Nas showed no signs of stress from his current label feud when he joined Damian Marley for a high-energy performance on the main stage, looking and sounding better than he has in years. Damian’s floor-length dreads swung behind as he commanded the crowd to light up during his set, yelling, “I heard this was a smokeout…Everybody SMOKE-OUT!!” Legendary hip hop group, and the festival’s hosts, Cypress Hill hit the stage with Travis Barker on the drums, delivering a power-packed set of their hits “I Wanna Get High” and “Stoned Is The Way. ” B-Real and Sen Dog

46 • cannabis connoisseur

sounded as good as they did when the group burst onto the scene almost 20 years ago. After a beat battle between Barker and DJ Muggz, the crowd went wild for a rendition of their classic, “Insane In The Brain.” New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh The real showstopper of the evening was Erykah Badu. The crowd waited with baited breath as Badu hit the stage in a blonde wig and plaid poncho that covered her from neck to knees, later revealing a seventies style shift dress. She opened her stellar set with her 2008 hit “The Healer”, emphasizing the politically peppered evening with a raised fist and animated delivery. After introducing her band, “The Cannabinoids”, she followed up with her throwback hit, “On And On” before performing mostly new material sprinkled with fan favorites like “Tyrone”. By the end of the night, throngs of mellow music lovers gathered at the main stage to watch Incubus end their 18-month hiatus. Despite a lack of fresh material, save for the track “Surface To Air,” they wowed the crowd with classics like “Drive” and “Stellar” to close out the night on a high note. As the first festival to formally blend fans’ love of music with their love of marijuana, only ten arrests were made (all misdemeanors such as public intoxication). Show sponsors and artists begged the question: Can pot smokers be united and assemble peacefully? Furthermore, is there a chance in hell Prop 19 supporters could see success on the November ballot? The answer, written across signs and t-shirts throughout the festival, was a resounding: “Yes We Cannabis.”

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What came First...the Plant or the Seed?

This is a story about Hawaii, Supreme Beans Seed Company, its founder Johnny Dope, and how they are collecting the past, to create the future. Supreme Beans is a company founded upon a deep respect for Hawaiian cannabis genetics. Growing up in the islands has exposed us to what we consider some of the finest and most exotic herb from around the globe. When you think of Hawaii, an image of mild weather, beaches, sun, surf and plenty of rainfall appears. Amazingly, Hawaii has 11 of the 13 major life zones that exist on earth, giving it the largest concentration of life zones in the smallest area on the entire globe. We have cold deserts like the crater of Mt Haleakala, hot deserts, grasslands, tropical rainforests, snow on Mauna Kea, etcetera. So, what does this meteorological mayhem mean? Well, when you take microclimates, add topography, then throw in some cannabis, you essentially have marijuana growing from all over the world. In Hawaii, marijuana is growing remarkably well on every island, with Hawaiian plants are surviving and thriving in nearly every life zone planet earth offers a plant to proliferate in, which, in turn, creates a plethora of extremely unique cannabis strains. Hawaiian growers were even said to have pioneered soil-less growing, by utilizing all of the airy volcanic rock that peppers the islands. 52 â&#x20AC;˘ August/September 2010 52 â&#x20AC;˘ cannabis connoisseur

i i a w ha

cannabis connoisseur â&#x20AC;˘ 53

Collecting the local strains has become a mission all its own. Being raised in Hawaii, we set off thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to track down all those strains legends of lore were made of: The Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Kona Gold etc. Yet we couldn’t have been more wrong. In the beginning, we mostly got a lot of “I know this guy.... Who knows this other dude.....Who used to date this girl... blah blah blah.” Eventually, with a great deal of patience, growing and testing, we were fortunate enough to have found some of those legendary strains. This has led us to the Breeding projects. The first three strains Supreme Beans will be releasing are Molokai Frost, Puna Blue, and True Blood. We have used a secret male to stabilize these strains as close as possible to their respective ancestry. Feminizing has also offered us a different way to provide Hawaiian genetics to the rest of the world. Molokai Frost is a unique indica/sativa hybrid finishing in 8-10 weeks. Truly an heirloom strain from the remote island of Molokai, her genetics have been kept amongst a select few for over 30 years. Puna Blue was gifted by a big island grower that Supreme Beans met in 54 •

54 • cannabis connoisseur

Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful plant that appears to have Moroccan ancestry. Typically growing in a single “foxtail”, Puna Blue is a fast paced grower with a super short flowering time of 7-8 weeks. In late flowering, she shows her colors, bright blue and indigo calyxes that glisten against her crystals. The True Blood is a funky sativa from Maui. Originally known as “blood weed”, True Blood exhibits a very strange trait: When a branch/stem is damaged or cut, the plant “bleeds” a mysterious red fluid. In addition to that, True Blood has this weird flavor and smell, the only thing you can think of to describe it is “hippy”. It’s a scent that really takes you back in time. This strain has an extremely long flowering period of 16-18 weeks, occasionally 20 weeks. They are currently breeding a faster finishing hybrid too. Supreme Beans is continuing its quest to explore throughout the Hawaiian islands in search of the next lost treasure. We understand that this is just the beginning of our journey. The goal of Supreme Beans is to capture and share the heirloom Hawaiian gems hidden deep within each island. Many of the strains that were once available locally in seed form, have now become clone-only due to hoarding and introduction of new alien strains. In order to preserve the local gene pool for future generations, Supreme Beans finds, tests, and stabilizes these genetics. In doing so, Supreme Beans aims to produce quality Hawaiian cannabis seeds for the world.

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Intelligence A visit with Ben Holmes of Centennial Seed Company in Boulder, Colorado to find out what it takes to become the only certified seed company in Colorado. By Amy Heiden

The Seeds That Were Silent All Burst Into Bloom 56 â&#x20AC;˘ cannabis connoisseur

It turns out that the cannabis seed falls under the same jurisdiction as any other fruit or vegetable seed, as far as getting certified goes. In 1970, the Colorado Seed Act was put into place to prevent poor quality seed and to keep noxious weeds like thistle out of seed stock. Under the Seed Act, seeds must be measured, sampled, and even scoped for contaminants. Additionally, a brand must be registered for any seed company, which establishes an identity and makes the companies easier to track, since all items sold must be packaged with the brand name on it. Retail seeds are intended for home gardeners.

Also under the Act, seeds must be tested for germination, labeled properly as to type and species, and include a packaging date. Ben pointed out that “Right now if you buy seeds from Amsterdam or from any of the seed houses off-shore, there’s no date on the packaging. A lot of the seed comes out of [original] packaging; it’s been opened up and put into some stealthy little packaging and been shipped, so we lose that certainty that what is in the package came from the manufacturer that you intended to purchase seed from.” This puts the consumer at a disadvantage because they no longer know the identity or the freshness of their seeds.

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Centennial Seed Company tackled three of the biggest problems attributed to purchasing seeds through the black market: identity, legality, and germination. Ben said, “I think we’ve managed to put together a seed that is known; it’s fresh, it’s certified by a laboratory, the germination is known, and we’ve mitigated the legal risk for a person who has the proper supervision of their doctor.” Holmes started the company to alleviate the discomfort of purchasing seed from foreign sources. Besides being illegal, patients had “no recourse” when buying overseas. “If your seeds don’t germinate and you call up a foreign seed company, they’re not going to be too keen on just giving you some [free] seeds because you said so,” Ben commented. He went on to say, “If our seed doesn’t germinate, and we get calls all the time because people kill a lot of seeds, we usually go through their method with them step by step.” By reviewing the grower’s germination methods, Ben is able to come up with a plan to improve technique and teach them how to sprout the seeds correctly. Germinating a seed seems easy, and it can be if you follow a few simple steps. The “Hail Mary Method”, as Ben calls it, when you just stick a seed in some dirt, water it, and hope for the best, is not the most reliable way to germinate your seeds. Ben told me that the best way to do it is to simply put seeds into a wet paper towel, then into a baggie, and set the baggie of seeds on top of a fluorescent light that is cycling 16 hours on and 8 hours off. “That heating and

Another plus: Centennial does not make any feminized seed. Why is that a good thing? Ben said, “I think feminization is basically copy protection. If you send me a pack of seeds that are all feminized, I can’t make any more. I can’t make the same seed because there’s no male. And if you fem a fem you get 3/4s hermies.” Ben also talked about auto-flowering strains: you can’t clone them. You can’t stop the plant from flowering, so if you clone it will just flower once it has roots. Ben pointed out something mind-blowing: “Now take a feminized seed that’s an auto-flower, they are selling these; you can’t clone it and you can’t make a copy of the seed. So what does that equate? One plant, one seed.” That’s definitely something to think about. Centennial Seed Company is anything but a strain hoarder. “What’s magic about our business is that once that you have good propagating stock, you basically have infinity”, said Holmes. You can cut clones and make new seeds to your heart’s content off of their non-feminized seed, which will ensure that your breeding stock is always nice and fresh. Ben also added, “Clones are nice, though they’re fragile. If your power goes down, they’ll die. Seed can sit in a jar for quite awhile, unrefrigerated for years, and still be quite viable. So, it gives us a less fragile model for propagating than clone only.” How can such a small company, with a staff of just three, be producing all these top quality seeds without skimping on standards? Ben gave ample credit to his only full-time employee Sam, who he hired straight out of the Business School at CU. With six strains currently on the market, the company was started with just one strain: Blueberry. His original plant was a female cut that came from Boulder. He grew out some Oregon Blueberry seed to get a male and crossed it with his Boulder Blueberry female for his Gnu-1 (first generation). Gnu-3 is now being packaged for sale as their Centennial Blueberry. After crossing their Blueberry with two very different strains, they came up with two exciting varieties. First, their “21” is a cross between Sweet Tooth and the Centennial Blueberry. As the seed packet reads, “The result is a fast-growing, citrus-scented hybrid that delivers medium-to-heavy yields of the finest quality herb.” Mostly indica, “21” is recommended for pain, anxiety, and appetite stimulation. Ben said that the “21” is their top selling strain due to its’ big yields, almost leafless buds, and the powerful effects.

cooling simulates day and night. Seeds require moisture and warmth to do their thing”, said Holmes. He added that after 24-48 hours, “once the tap root emerges, they’re going to require continuous moisture and air.” After you see the taproot, wait for it to pop out about 3/8” to a ½” in length, then carefully lift the sprouted seed off the paper towel and set it root side down into either rapid rooter plugs or rockwool cubes. Remember to adjust the pH of your rockwool to 5.5 prior to planting, since seeds are especially sensitive to pH. Ben mentioned that peat pots are their number once source of customer failure because the peat is pressed so hard that it doesn’t fully expand when wet and the root will hit that disc of peat and stop cold. Then the peat will actually draw the moisture out of the root and kill your seedling. Centennial Seed Company makes every seed they sell the right way by stimulating females to seed from male pollination. Some people save seeds from a plant that has spontaneously turned hermaphrodite, which encourages a trait that we all fear. By taking a parent expressing this negative trait and using it for breeding stock by saving the seeds, the hermaphrodite trait can be passed on to the next generation. Ben illustrated, “Then you put them into your garden and try to grow them seedless and guess what happens, one of them pops another hermie and then the garden is no longer seedless.” Since the spontaneous hermaphrodite flowers usually show up during the seventh or eighth week, you’ll probably get stuck with those immature white seeds in your bud and they’re not viable because seeds need 3-5 weeks to fully develop. So instead of getting usable seed, you just lower the value of your finished product. Using a hermie for breeding stock is definitely risky business.

58 • cannabis connoisseur

The next Blueberry cross on the menu is one paired with Jack Flash to create Django, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The unusual name comes from a Romani word meaning “I awake”. This seed packet reads, “Our choice for this name is immediately obvious to those who try Django.” This strain is recommended for pain, focus, energy, and mood elevation. The plant delivers heavy yields of “dense, tricome-packed floral clusters.” And it gets even better, if you can believe it. Centennial just released an exclusive strain called Waipi’o Hapa, which comes from the Waipi’o Valley, the most fertile place in all of Hawaii. Accessible by canoe only, the valley has no electricity, but boy do they have some world-class sativa growing down there. I was fortunate enough to experience the Waipi’o Hapa before the seed was even released, during a full-out bud tasting with Centennial’s owner, Ben Holmes. I can tell you that if you’re going in for a taste of Waipi’o Hapa, you better hold onto your britches because you won’t be able to sit still for long. This treat of a sativa has a bright and skunky, citrus-lime taste with a smooth and floral finish. This heirloom Hawaiian has indica looks with sativa effects that explain the “Hapa” part of the name, which means, “mixed blood.” I can’t that say I’d ever been to a real bud tasting, complete with a smell kit until now. Ben impressed me thoroughly when he broke out the box containing small glass bottles, each one filled with a different aromatic, such as chilies, mushrooms, mango powder, peppercorns, and even sumac. These items are intended to provoke your sense of smell, in order to match words with the many subtle smells found within each bud variety. Just like at a wine tasting, only small “sips” of each bud sample are taken, to ensure the ability to differentiate between each strain. Additionally, Ben allowed ample time to pass between tasting each variety so that my brain got the chance to really soak it all in. I was able to sample the Django, which had a nice and spicy, sandalwood

taste to it. The sativa characteristics were obvious indeed, as it was a very clear, cerebral high. At this point in the interview my recorder switched off and I was content in rapidly scribbling down every word Ben said without missing a beat. This strain is just perfect for getting work done. And as Ben put it, “If I can’t work on it, I don’t make the seed.” Centennial Seed Company is truly a sativa lover’s paradise. Next on our tasting agenda: Further. Named after the Merry Pranksters’ bus, the strain is a cross of their in-house PGP (Pretty Good Pot) and Purple Rhino, which is a White Rhino variation out of the Czech Republic that exhibits a purple coloration. With a taste of fake fruit, it reminded me of a Sweet Tart or perhaps a Pixie Stick. And man, oh man, is it heady. The sativa-dominance really shines through as it feeds your thoughts and gives you enough energy to bring your newly dreamed ideas to fruition. Ben called the three stops on our tasting tour, “different flavors for your head.” And all the flavors I experienced there were quite delicious indeed. After the tasting, it was time to buzz around the facility. I got to check out Ben’s hoop house, which is the only pollen room of its kind in the entire state of Colorado. One large, uninterrupted sheet of plastic is draped over a hoop frame and on down to the floor to create an airtight space in which the male plants are allowed to pollinate the females. Ben attaches a string to the male and runs the string under the plastic and out of the pollen room, so by pulling on the string, males can be stimulated without breach of the airtight meniscus. The pollen room is one of many special “one-of-a kind” elements at the Centennial Seed Company. Check out their sumptuous package art, hand-drawn with colored pencils, by local Boulder artist, Nathan Hutchinson. Nathan created this masterwork while seated outside of the Boulder-Dushambe Teahouse, and the beauty and Tajik influence of the café can be seen in the breathtaking, intricate designs. The artwork is printed on every seed package from Centennial. In fact, Ben reported that printing is the biggest cost associated with their business. The next stop was the blooming area, where the plants were just starting to show their sex. Ben explained how to sex plants early by looking for the pre-flower, or pistils, on the female plants, which appear as small white hairs emerging from the petiole, where a small horn-shaped leaf attaches to the stem. When the time is right, the male pollen will slide down these pistils to pollinate the female and thus create the seeds. Ben said that the earliest showing females weigh into his decision of which he will select to be used for breeding stock. He pointed out that the mother passes on more characteristics to the next generation than the father plant does. All females are flowered, but he will hold back tissue from the female of choice for further propagation. Holmes even has mother plants kept off site so he has back-ups, “just like software”, in case of any unforeseen mishap at his facility. With the rising popularity of sensimillia, “seeds have become scarce”, as Ben put it. He noted that we used to throw seeds away, yet now we pay a premium for them. “That’s out of whack,” commented Holmes. He believes that seeds should be readily accessible. Ben clarified that, “They shouldn’t be sold next to cucumber seeds. It’s not that kind of plant.” But, just as other medicinals are easily obtainable, cannabis should be no different. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Centennial Seeds has accomplished quite a feat and they say that they just can’t produce seeds fast enough to meet the demand. I have seen Centennial Seeds for sale in countless dispensaries, and in fact, the ornate packaging is what drew my attention to the company in the first place, when I picked up a business card just for the artwork alone. Ben noted, “Few companies have developed the reach we have.” Holmes takes pride in a connection with the reseller, who is welcome to try his herb and discuss it over a casual yet informative Q & A with the knowledgeable owner. Centennial Seeds come with a germination guarantee, which I put to the test by sprouting 18 seeds of three different varieties, supplied to me by both Centennial Seeds themselves and also a buddy of mine who owns Native Roots Apothecary. Join me next time for part two when I photodocument the entire process of sprouting seeds and take them all the way through bloom to show you the real deal and sum up performance from Centennial Seed Company’s 2010 Strain List.

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Cold Water Extraction

A beginnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide to making hash with bags

There is nothing new about bubble hash. It kind of seems outdated when considering all of the new extraction techniques that are starting to gain momentum. Commercial CO2 extractors and butane extractors of all shapes and sizes have been running in Colorado for almost a year; oils and tinctures have made their way into the mainstream cannabis consumer’s conciousness. Unfortunately, these chemical extraction methods come at a high cost as well as a significant risk of bodily injury. More than one house explosion has been attributed to extracting with butane. With that being said, one often turns to their set of cold water extraction bags, an ice-chest full of ice, small garbage can and a drill; total price: $400. Why not? It might not be as pure as the chemical extractors but its cheap and you won’t burn your face off. I have dabbled in the art of cold water extraction for many years

with mixed results. My techniques came from a hodge-podge of sources. A few tips from friends, a little research on the internet , topped with a little intuition has usually ended in mediocre product. At a recent cannabis convention, during an afternoon session, I was passed a bowl of amazing hash. It had a nice even consistency to it, not too hard, not too soft and it smelled amazing. I had to ask, “who’s hash is this?”, and “how did you make it?” A well dressed gentleman in his late 30’s, early 40’s leaned forward. and replied, “Bags.” He politely introduced himself as Jerry and we started talking about his techniques but I eventually hinted at the idea that we should do a full on photo shoot + article. Jerry agreed, and a week later there we were with a garbagebag full of trim and all of the essentail supplies. I was committed to finally get the technique down so I could actually do something with all that trim at the end of the run. (Continued on next page)

Cold Water





What you’ll need: A set of bags


We used Boldtbags. There arte a lot of companies producing bags right now, but Boldtbags has a few features that make them a better buy. Boldtbags come with an extremely strong stitching and grommetts so you can hang your bags up while they are draining. Boldtbags are made in the U.S.A. and they are readily available at hydro stores and head-shops all over the country.


- you want a drill with a cord that plugs in so you have a consistent power supply. If you have a lot of material you are going to need it!


2 Garbage cans / buckets

- the size of the garbage cans needs to be the same as the sety of bags you have. If you decide you only need a 5 gal. set of bags, then all you need is two five gallon buckets.


lots of it, if you plan on doing more than a kitchen bag’s worth of trim.

Trim / plant material You can use anything from water leaves to trim to full on bud. Jerry’s reccomentation: You’ll get a much higher quality hash if you spend a little extra time pulling out all of the foreign matter that you dont want to run through your bags: pieces of stalk, stem and any other foreign object that don’t have many resin glands on it.


the final ingredient. Colder is better. You’ll need at least a few gallons. See page 38 for Jerry’s kief recipe that doesn’t require water.


We began by setting up all of the bags. Take your garbage can and put the purple bag in first. This is your last and finest screen. Wrap the top of the bag around the edge like a trash bag and then move on to the next bag. Layer each one of the bags into your garbage can until you have all of the bags set up in the right order.

Time to Pour

Once you have all your bags set up, it’s time to pour all of your materials in the bags.Put the Dont mix it too fast. You dont want to over agitate, Just enough to break the trichomes off the plant material. It’s O.K. to use a drill, but be careful. You run the risk of breaking a hole in your bag. Once you get the material in there, Put your mixing bit onto a drill. You dont need anything fancy. A cheap, $20 drill from the local hardware store will be good enough for this job.

Begin mixing the ice, water and trim together. Move the mixer around in the bag as if you were making a margarita; up, down, all around. Continue mixing for at least 5 minutes. When a nice froth has formed on the surface and your arms are starting to get a little stiff, you’re probably done. I’ll reach in there and bring the stuff on the bottom to the top. Thats where the tennis racket can come in handy. A Tennis Racket? Sure. A tennis racket is great for moving large chunks of material around. After working the drill for a full ten minutes, bob stops and takes a look inside the bag. “Beautiful”. If you mix it for 30 minutes you can expect to have some green material in there. The more time you spend mixing, the lower the quality. I usually run the drill for ten to fifteen minutes. I had learned the hard way that using a drill inside the bag can result in rips or tears. Give yourself a one inch safety zone on all sides. Don’t get too close to the bag. When we finished mixing, it was time to do a little bit of heavy lifting. The first bag you are going to pull is the blue bag, this your first filter. When you lift it out. Let the water completely driain out into the other bags. This could take a few minutes, so you should really have



Let it rip! 8





a strong partner help you do the lifting if you want to prevent any back injury. Once the first bag has drained out, set it into your second garbage can/ bucket for later. Once you have completed the whole process, you can add more ice and water, and mix it up a second time. The next two bags that come after the blue bag are the green and red bags. The screen on these bags is pretty still pretty pourous, so you are not going to get any good hash out of these. Use the card that comes with the bags or any other credit card shaped piece of plastic to scrape out whats left in these two bags before moving on to the more productive set that comes next.

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Cold Water


Here is what to expect from each bag

Orange Bag This first bag isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going to yield much quality, just some personal stash. It is debatable wether or not you even want to keep this stuff

Black Bag A huge difference from the orange bag. The black bag is where you start to see some quality.

Yellow Bag This was our highest yielding bags. Some really creamy, nice hash came out of this one.

White Bag Here is where the quality starts to go up and the yield goes down. The quality was even better than the yellow bag, but the yield was much less.

Purple Bag The final bag, the highest quality. This is the stuff that is most likely to bubble when you light it.

After scraping out the green and red bags, use the same scraping technique on the rest of the bags. After scraping out all of the contents, place the contents of each bag into a seperate pile on a glass plate.

Now what? After you have scraped out all of your hash, it’s time to drain out that last bit of water. You want to seperate the different qualities so you don’t mix your best hash with your worst. As you scrape the hash out of each bag, put it in a seperate pile on a glass plate. If you can, add a label to each pile indicating what quality it is.

Kief Hash101 If going through the process of cold water extraction is still too much for you, there is amother option. Kief hash has been a staple of many growers while they wait for

the next crop to finish. The first time I tried this method, I used a metal bowl and a t-shirt; to surprisingly good results. While the cold ice helps the trichomes break

off the plant material, there are still a lot of trichomes that will gladly break off and fall through your screen completely dry.


Take the hash that you have scraped out of the bag and place it onto the pressing screen. Make sure you collect all the hash in the center of the screen

Fold the pressing screen into a teardrop shape, where all of the hash has collected. Twist the screen so that the hash becomes tightly packed within the teardrop. If you twist correctly, water will begin to pour out.

Once you have drained some water out of the final pressing screen, open it up and scrape out the contents. There should be some moisture left in the hash. Start working it with your hands. Apply lots of pressure, rolling and kneading the hash. After just a few minutes you should have some quality hash. Only your last two bags are likely to qualify as bubble hash (hash that is so pure and oily, it bubbles long before it catches fire).





No water? No problem! If you are in a hurry and want something quick, you don’t have to use the ice method. With a one gallon kit from Boldtbags we were able to make a nice ball of hash in less than a minute. Take the 25 micron bag and throw in a few handfulls of trim or shake. Agitate shake the bag around for about 30 seconds. As you shake, you can actually see the trichomes dropping out of the bottom. Collect the kief with a plastic card. Heat the kief with a lighter and use your hands to apply some pressure. As the kief starts to stick to itself, rollit in a ball and continue working it in your hands. Moments later, voila! You have a nice little ball of hash.



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High Outside Photos by Tom Green and Eric Sligh

Sunrise over the mayacama valley. Photo: Tom Green 72 â&#x20AC;˘

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High Outside

Tom Green. Clockwise from top: Black Afghani, colored and ready for harvest in late September; Afgoo; Unknown strain grown in Denver; Green Crack grown without any chemical fertilizers 20 miles outside of Denver. 707 Diesel Closeup late in the season; 707 Diesel in late august.; Tom Green.

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Clockwise from top: 707 Diesel in 200 gallon Geopots; Maui on a misty mountainside; outdoor homestead. All photos by Tom Green.

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High Outside

Clockwise from top: A backyard can quickly become a jungle at the end of September; Sunset sillhouette; 707 Maui finishing inside a greenhouse.

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Cannabis Connoisseur - January, 2011  

Cannabis Connoisseur - January, 2011