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“California Knights” The New Season’s Line of Andersons Fashions for Men and Women. Interview with Graham Elliot of Fox Television’s MasterChef The New Season looks to be as tasty as the food.

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A Breath of Fresh AIRR San Diego’s Hottest New Night Spot

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Contents Interview with Graham Elliot of Master Chef

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Youngest Master Chef in his own right will talk about his experiences and what can be expected in the 2nd Season of MasterChef on Fox Television .

Groove Studio One Magazine Issue Number One—Volume One July / August – 2011

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A Breath of Fresh AIRR

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California Knights : Cover Story / Photo Shoot Well Dressed and on a Day Out , whether alone or with friends, the fun never ends and Andersons Fashions. Set the pace for a Fashionable Lifestyle.

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Interview with Graham Elliot of Master Chef: At age 27, Graham Elliot became the youngest fourstar chef in America. In 2008, Graham Elliot opened his first venue, simply named “Graham Elliot”, a restaurant that would be the springboard into his restaurateur career. Graham Elliot has been mentioned in numerous papers, Magazines including Best New Chef in 2004 from Food & Wine magazine and listed in the MICHELIN Guide. Since Graham Elliot opened his first “Bistronomic” concept restaurant in Chicago, he has received three James Beard Nominations. Graham Elliot continues to “break the mold” and exudes a passion into everything he does.

tainable; then there’s people who come for the full cock-eye sport - “I just want to beat people, show them that I can cook and be better than everyone else”. There are all these different personalities that come to play now. I’ve followed the show Hell’s Kitchen where Gordon Ramsay has taken professional chefs into a competitive environment to whereas in Master Chef, you take “everyday” people into a similar environment. How is it to work with people like this, finding that “Diamond in the rough” and trying to bring out that culinary magic in that person? It’s so fun, because during season two (I think because so many got to see Season One and what we are about) it was almost scary how good a lot of these people were – without formal training, without having worked in the restaurants for years,

I was able to get an interview with Graham Elliot while he was between appointments and was able to discuss the upcoming 2nd season of Master Chef where, he, Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich take everyday people with a passion for cooking, a desire for excellence, and a dream for fame into the fast paced world of being chosen to be the next Master Chef.

First I want to start off by saying thank you for speaking with me today. It’s both an honor and a pleasure; I am a big fan of the first season of Master Chef, so it’s a special treat for me as well as an opportunity to do an interview. Awesome, I’m looking forward to talking about our show. well, I would like to start with a more opinion based question, being as the concept of the cooking show has gone from simple “how-to” on television to becoming a competitive “sport” where people have developed life-long dreams around climbing the kitchen ladder to greatness, how, as a professional chef does it make you feel about people looking to really become great in the culinary arts? I had this discussion with someone in the kitchen about it just the other day, the whole genre of restaurants and cooking is changing so quickly, the idea of going to culinary school and working your way in the kitchen so you can eventually own your own restaurant – that does not seem to be the norm or the goal really any more. Now it’s “ I want to be a famous chef” or “ I want to have my own show” or a catering company, or wanting to be able to dabble in food but maybe not have all the responsibility of everything that goes with that – being a “chef”. So that makes us question what we do with the fact that so many people see cooking in different ways – even on Master Chef, some come because of beautiful organic artful experience, some – because of political reasons, environmental reasons – using organics and natural farm’s table, local, sus-

without the background and upbringing… It’s really aweinspiring that they are so good and that they have such great understanding of all the fundamentals of cooking and use of the ingredients; and these are people of all different ages. It’s really cool to see that so many people are turned on to cooking in general. Is there anybody on this show this season that has great potential to be Master Chef? Absolutely, there are numerous ones. When you finally get down to the last few contestants, there’s actual multiple choices. Gordon, Joe and I look at each other –“who do we pick for this one?” - It’s really hard, it’s not a clear, to find that one incredible winner, but more like you are splitting hairs. Because they are finding their own voice, doing great stuff and there are some that are competitive that are good only at beating each other, which is not very helpful. We find there are a special element in our contestants who know the intrinsic knowledge of the ingredients and how they work together, and they are great teachers, and super passionate; you start seeing the person behind the cooking. So, I personally think you will see many of them that could become a Master Chef, but we can only choose one. 4

Working with Mr. Ramsay and Mr. Bastianich, there is such an enormous difference between the personalities, It’s almost like a “clash of the titans”, how is it working with them?

work in the kitchen”. Now, we have created an interest in the shows ability to have the talent of the contestants shine through, it is not about us, it’s about them”.

Being so young, I have a picture of Gordon and I together, when I was twenty years old, I was working at a restaurant and we were cooking dinner together, but I was just “there”, - and now, years later I am presiding with him on the show, as an equal– I have to pinch myself, I would never take it for granted. Same with Joe – 20 + Restaurants Coast to Coast. I feel that each one of us brings something special to the table – it’s amazing to be part of it. In Season One – we knew each other professionally, but had not “worked “ together , but being there on the set, six days a week, twelve hours a day – makes us more at ease with each other. Gordon seems to really connect with the people on an emotional level, bring out the passion, where Joe has a more “this is good, that’s bad,”-“stop wasting our time” attitude, we balance each other out an create a very special program.

We look forward to an incredible second season of Master Chef, looking forward; will there be a Season Three, four or more?

If you put yourself in the lineup, between yourself, Gordon and Joseph, Graham, do you see yourself as Hard Line, Moderate, Relaxed? I am the one that’s nice to a fault, I say” You should really try this”, or “You should not do that.” Joe says “, it’s @%&# (explanative), get off the stage”, and Gordon says ‘Come on guys, they tried to do this, it did not work, but they tried.” He’s the center guy – you can see him harping on Joe for being too aggressive and on me for not being aggressive enough. So he sets the tone for the show by being “the man.” From what I can see, your ability to look at the person and find that “special something” in them where others don’t in incredible, showing people that put their lives on the line for a dream, deserves compassion. Some say “it’s just cooking show”, while others want to be there, on the set, and try to win. This show has diverse audience, just like it has diverse contestants. How would you describe the shows present direction? On Season One, we had tremendous number of people trying to be on the show, and we got some caliber of the cooks where they were able to do some cool stuff – we saw them “Wow, they can really decorate the cake” or “They really know how to

That Depends on the success of Season Two, keeping our fingers crossed… I know there’s talk about maybe bringing travel into it, different locations, changing challenges a bit to keep it fresh and exciting. What’s going on with Graham Elliott, anything new and exciting for you personally? Recently, we celebrated the three-year anniversary for our restaurant. When we started, we wanted a restaurant where we wanted do what we want, wear jeans, nothing fancy, very “down to earth, regular guy”, but it grew into something better. We’ve gone away from the angry adolescent stage, we’re in our confident “twenties” stage, to continue following the same ethos, but elevate things to more fine level. We’re doing more tasting menus, more refined and intricate. At the same time, we came up with “Grahamwich” – a new style of sandwich restaurant, and we have homemade, specialty sodas on tap and keep it fun. We are trying to “see things from both ends” of the spectrum and find that perfect place in the middle. Do you have any cookbooks or plan to have one come out soon? Currently I am working on one tentatively called “Appetite for Consumption” – it’s a rock-inspired cookbook. We think there are so many similarities between food and music. I am the culinary director for Lollapalooza; they have a food town area now – and instead of getting a plain Hamburger or Hot Dog , we created specialty items like lobster corn dogs, truffle popcorn and more, pretty cool items. I know you are running out of time and have a busy schedule; do you have any websites where people can go to find out more about you and Master Chef? I suggest the first stop on the internet should be http:// and then there’s my personal site with the restaurants I have and information about what I am doing. Once again, thank you for a great interview and I look forward to watching the Master Chef on Fox. You are very welcome, and thank you for your support of the show.

Written by Joseph Timmons: GS1 Magazine 5

A Breath of Fresh AIRR Hottest New Nightspot in San Diego Amy Noel designer and entrepreneur announced the opening of AIRR Supper Club and Night Club, featuring an eclectic menu created by HJL Consulting and Chef Scott Leibfried. Patrons and guests can anticipate a stunningly new and provocative social dining experience unparalleled in Southern California. Reflecting Noel’s interpretation of rock star chic and cutting edge design, AIRR features seductively themed lounges to Givenchy inspired designs, and a progressive experience that will take you from sophistication to seduction. Every detail from the floor up is designed by Noel, including the custom furniture designs. “I was inspired to design AIRR because I wanted to create what I feel has been missing in San Diego – until now,” said owner and designer Amy Noel. “This supper club experience and rock and roll vibe is a compilation of my travels around the world, fashion and interior design background, and flavors we all crave. This place is going to rock the foundation of our city.” Amy Noel is best known as one of Southern California’s acclaimed interior designers. While her design operation is based in San Diego, her vision is global with plans to expand beyond our borders. A true trend setter and fashionista, she has fused all her strongest persuasions into creating AIRR, resulting in a venue that is raising the bar on what San Diegans and our visitors can expect. AIRR is rock and roll with a serious twist of sophistication. Chef Scott will premier a world-class menu that infuses sensual and exotic flavors from his international experience into each eclectic dish. AIRR Supper Club offers a unique social dining experience in which menu items are prepared in larger portions to encourage two to three guests to share.

AIRR partnered up with HJL Restaurant Advisors to create a successful and well received restaurant. They supported Noel from concept to establishing a plan and developing the brand.

The HJL “Dream Team” of Experts includes Operations Advisor, Jeremiah Higgins, Culinary Advisor Scott Leibfried, and Beverage Advisor Michael Anderson. AIRR is located at 526 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101 and reservations are taken on the phone 619-546-8306 or online at, and email is Their Hours are 6pm to 12am Wednesday and Sunday 6pm to 2am Thursday through Saturday . AIRR is available for private parties, concerts, and corporate events. Contact to receive more information. Venue available for private events up to 190 people for a seated dinner and for private events up to 340 for standing room. Private dining options for large groups, mixers for organizations and clubs, Live entertainment, Wine tasting events and VIP Bottle Service

Joseph Timmons : GS1



“California Knights” FASHIONS BY ADNDERSON FASHIONS OF CALIFORNIA Photography By Jessica Luna Photography of Santa Maria, California













Tom Waits: Barroom Bard In a career spanning over 30 years and 23 albums, from his 1st album, “Closing Time” to the most recent “Glitter and Doom Live” Tom Waits is still a voice to be admired and inspired by. With whisky soaked lyrics and tone of mayhem and mocking malevolence, Waits croons the song of the working man that speaks to the listener in dark revelry. To listen to a Tom Waits album, imagine a dark and seedy bar, smoke wafting throughout and a man in the corner singing softly to himself of better times mixed with angst and bitterness, - that’s Tom, the weird Uncle that shows up at the family gatherings hinting of gin and painted ladies.

Tom Waits is to be thought of as the music industries answer to the writer William S. Burroughs, who thought outside the box of the human mind, but it is my opinion that Waits digs deep within the human mind and brings out the angry and troubled person within all of us, embraces that person and shows him (or her) that light of day, and stands in the warmth of the souls sunshine, laughing at the joke that others have become while trying to “fit in”. To learn more about Tom Waits, his music and to hear selections from his newest album – “Glitter and Doom Live” go to or , I am convinced, if you are not a Tom Waits fan now, you will be.

“The Score to a Lifetime”

With albums like “Heart Attack and Vine”, “Small Change” and “Nighthawks at the Diner” one gets the feeling that he is down or morose, but the fact is - he sings to a man’s ability to accept what he has and is, and works with it. I enjoy songs like “The Pianos Been Drinking” and “I don’t want to grow up” or his melancholy rendition of “Waltzing Matilda”, but these are only a few of Waits masterpieces. Here are some of his critic’s musings about his most recent album,” Glitter and Doom Live” “Glitter and Doom Live joins Nighthawks at the Diner (1975) and Big Time (1988) as chronicles of the awesome and, across the span of years, protean experience that is Tom Waits live… In the case of most of these tracks, their live rendition is the sum of both gains and losses…songs appear in versions that instantly become definitive.” - Drowned In Sound "His gruff vocals give new life to tender ballads and increase the scruffy charm of his already-brutish selections...For those who self-identify as Tom Waits fans, Glitter and Doom Live succeeds on pretty much every level...He's a musical Peter Pan, doing exactly what he wants when he wants, and, damn what anyone thinks, he'll never grow up."- Paste Tom Waits is not only a courageous Crooner, but has engaged in acting in movies and theatre with spectacular success, movies like “Mystery Men” where he portrays a not so evil scientist looking to hook up at an old age home, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus where he is the devil.

An Interview with Damon Castillo and Kristian Ducharme of The Damon Castillo Band. Damon Castillo, front man to the Damon Castillo Band met with me at Laurel Lane, the band’s private studio on Laurel Lane in San Luis Obispo. The studio is a small but developed space, filled with equipment and pictures, but also a sense of the magic that happens within. Damon, a native of the Central Coast of California describes the area as paradise and the perfect place for him and his group to create music with a jazzy soulfulness that hints of the introspective tones that make great music. Their most recent album, titled Laurel Lane, is an emotional autobiography that contains a band’s long history and their experiences in life. Their path in music and life is not an ordinary one, and they have had the ups and downs which shows proof the band belongs together. Damon referred to the group as “Family”, and of sharing a bond that is a daily inspiration to their creativity. The band is fronted by the guitarist 20

Damon Castillo, combining the talent of Kristian Ducharme on keys, Jennings Jacobsen on drums, and Larry Kim on saxophone, the band creates a sound that is bold, soulful and unique in today’s music factory mentality. Each member is a master-musician with a diverse past playing jazz, funk, rock, and soul. Their spirits shine through on every note; Damon’s lyrics are soulful, at times mournful, and often larger than life.

To learn more about the Damon Castillo Band and their upcoming performances go to, to buy their Albums online, go to their online store - http://

About 15 minutes into the interview, Kristian Ducharme arrived into the studio, he along with Damon waxed poetically of their times working with their music and the scores of supporters that have made their success possible. One thing that stood out was their constant positive statements about their fans and the community in which they live, which makes it no surprise that they worked with the strings of the San Luis Obispo Symphony last February for a benefit concert at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande, CA. “ With Schools cutting programs and reducing funding for the arts, especially music we felt we needed to get involved, so when we had the opportunity to work with the SLO Symphony and Clark Center on this project, it was an easy decision” said Damon. I first met Damon in 1992 when he was playing small but fully packed nightclubs, and now, almost 20 years later, through drive, determination and faith he and his group have several albums and constant bookings that rival groups of historic popularity. The Damon Castillo Band has always been and will be the hometown heroes, the Bards of the Central Coast, entertaining and inspiring everyone they meet and with every performance, they entertain and enrich every person in the audience. Recently, Damon worked on the album “Now & Forever” with industry icons Raphael Saadiq, Joss Stone, Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke, Gloria Estefan and Israel Houghton. The Damon Castillo Band was the subject of a television show earlier in the year called "In Session". The show was shot over four days: three days in San Luis Obispo at our Laurel Lane hideout as well as some of the group’s favorite spots around town and a full day filming a live studio session down in San Diego's Signature Sound Studios. The profoundly talented Allen Randolph produced the show which goes into great detail on the band’s history and weaves the live session footage throughout. “We were contacted by Allen personally about doing this video series, a documentary of our group and our lives, we are very blessed”, Kristian added “these transitions in our lives give us the desire to do our best every day, and be thankful for each moment we have together, with each other and our fans and supporters”.

Global Grooves released their debut CD—On The Move. Though the whole CD has been dubbed by fans as “Fantastic,” Global Grooves has placed many of the fan favorites on this CD to include their public performances hits of “My One & Only,” “Tidal Waves” and “City Groove” just to mention a few. Other popular songs like “Sunday Drive,” “African Jazz Cafe” and "A Song for Rose" are also included on their debut CD. GLOBAL GROOVES is a group of talented musicians from Greensboro, NC. Members of this multi-cultural band who have an extensive musical background originally came from Boston, South Africa, New York, Virginia Beach, and North Carolina. Their combined creative ideas result in generating innovative new sounds for music lovers worldwide. Enjoy the new authentic, exciting, energetic, jazz sounds of GLOBAL GROOVES.

DETAILED INFO: GENRE: Smooth Jazz, chill, lounge HOMETOWN: Greensboro, NC WEBSITE: and Blog: http:// GENERAL MANAGER / BOOKING AGENT: Gerald Little CONTACT: PHONE: (336)833-1972


Restaurants Uncorked Everyday a new restaurant opens its door to the public; a restaurant owner opens themselves up to great opportunities, or great disappointments. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a restaurateur, creating the next hit nightlife dining location, or the newest Chef of a fabulous dish that brings them back for more, or just want the inside track of a growing industry, Then Restaurant Owners Uncorked is the book for you. Wil Brawley of Schedulefly, a three-person business operated by Wil Brawley, Wes Aiken and Tyler Rullman, provide simple, web-based software that helps independent restaurants schedule staff, communicate and get organized online. Wil saw that there needed to be a guidebook to help their clients navigate the sea of problems that could arise in the real world of restaurant management. Wil thought it would help people in the industry he serves, help build brand awareness, and help people learn for themselves what it takes to be a successful restaurant owner.

through working with his staff, brilliant planning and the intelligent use of the new and widely popular Social Media / Marketing services like Facebook and Foursquare, created a buzz that brought patrons in daily. From Conception to Implementation, Menus to Marketing, everything is in this little white book of observational wisdom that could help you understand everything from what’s on your plate when it arrives at the table to what it took to get it there. I would also advise the” restaurateur in life’s training” to go to, it’s never too early, or too late to get the help you need to succeed.

First off, this book was well composed, written in “reader friendly” chapters that are humorous and cheerful, Wil took the time to interview some of the best restaurateurs in the industry, and each and every one had the ups and downs, successes and failures that all business people must endure if they plan to make their mark in their perspective markets. With chapters titled “Edgy marketing, wagon wheels & the view from 30,000 feet”, “Passion, planning & serving from the heart” and, my personal favorite “Community, filling voids & being transparent with your staff”, will shows the reader that a great restaurant is not just business savvy or killer menus, but a delicate mix of technique, know-how, charisma, sweat, and panic (in moderation) can give a restaurant owner the edge on the competition and the skills to succeed. Even the back cover of the book reads like an easy to follow instruction list – “Focus on what’s happening inside your walls”, “Serve from the Heart”, “Check Your Ego at the Door” and “Evolve or Die” are simple thoughts that a person can miss if they only concentrate on one or two aspects of a business, HR issues or why the staff is unhappy, which are also covered in detail in this great book, and covered in several different paths, if you own a restaurant, you can pick the path that’s right for you, if you want to know why restaurant succeed or fail, again, it’s all in here. As far as finding the Brightside of any situation, I want to refer to a quote by Jeremiah Higgins of Arch Rock Fish in Santa Barbara, California –“Let’s make Monday just as popular as Friday”; he took what would be thought of as a slow day, and

Review: Rooney’s Irish Pub The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow is in Orcutt, and it is a Treasure to be Sure.

Rooney’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 241 South Broadway Street Old Town Orcutt, CA 805-934-3777 Rooney’s Irish pub in Old Town Orcutt, California is a true vision of what an Irish Pub should be. The restaurant has been open for only 4 months and the building is a new construction, but inside is a warmth and comfort that is timeless. The décor is exactly what you would find in the traditional Irish Pub, colors and murals depicting the emerald Isles, pastoral sceneries, quality woodwork and an attentive, friendly staff. The customer is greeted with a smile and a genuine rustic flare. The pub, well known in town already, is also experiencing a notoriety 22

that brings people from several miles away in both the north and south counties. For thirty years it’s been Tim Rooney’s dream to open an Irish Pub -- ever since he and his college roommate had one in their dorm room ( a very interesting story, ask him and he’ll tell you). Today that dream has been realized in a very grand way. Mr. Rooney, a longtime resident of the Central Coast with a family heritage here decided that now was the time to create a family friendly establishment that would serve as a central social spot that would be the focus of the community. I would also like to tell you that Rooney’s does provide a service that I have never seen before, for the client that have enjoyed the spirits “a wee bit much”, Rooney’s provides free taxi transportation home, no matter how far “I want them to get home safe” said the proprietor Tim Rooney, “once they come through the door, they’re family, and that’s worth everything” The restaurant has an open atmosphere that can serve the social set, family dining and large groups. They do large parties and catering for events. Architecturally brilliant, there is ample room for dining in a cozy style as well as feeling you have privacy. The bar area stretches the length of one wall and wraps around into the front dining room, there are several varieties on tap, as well as imports and a large selection in the bar. The menu has traditional Irish selections as well as “Fusion” and American-styled dishes. The desire of the day is customer satisfaction, their philosophy is a slogan that is on the menu and in their hearts “A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle”.

The Shepard’s pie was “inside out”, not a deep dish with ground meat and vegetables hidden under potato, but an open plate. The dish was cooked to perfection, lovingly assembled with finely “ribbon” shaved carrots, peas and roasted onion surrounding a tremendous piece of Angus Short Rib. Brazed to perfection, the meat was cooked to a point where there was no need for cutting; it simply melted away under the knife. The potatoes were mashed and seasoned to perfection, serving as a base to the meat. This interpretation of a “classic” Irish staple meal is both “home-style” and refined, giving the patron the best of both. I would strongly encourage you to stop in at Rooney’s Irish Pub, whether for a meal with family or a pint with a pal, it would do your heart and soul good. At Rooney’s Irish Pub, there is a phrase “There are no strangers at Rooney’s, only friends you have never met”, well go make some new friends at Rooney’s; you’ll be smiling, with newfound “Irish Eyes”.

Reviews By Joseph Timmons : GS1 Magazine

The concept for the menu was to create great combinations at affordable prices, but not sacrifice quality for cost efficiency. At Rooney’s, you get an excellent fine dining experience without having to break your budget. In a few months, Rooney’s Irish pub will have the first batch of their own beer, created in the Beer Brewery located on the premises. The Pub will be working towards brewing several varieties and will be looking to bottle and sell their fine beers throughout California. I had the privilege to try several items on the menu, and they were all wonderful. What stands out most is their take on the traditional “Shepard’s Pie”, staple of any Irish Pub of merit. I spoke with the chef, Anthony Endy, a master chef whom has many years of creative experience, describe it as “deconstructed” – “I enhanced all the elements and provide the customer an opportunity to enjoy the dish both visually and in extraordinary taste”.


29th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival A Weekend of Wine and Fun for Everyone This year’s 29th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival was a fabulous event and a fantastic weekend of exploring the fine wines produced by the local vintners and wineries of the Central Coast of California. Paso Robles and the surrounding counties, which is well known for it’s plethora of beautifully scenic locations and for it’s wonderful agriculture is considered the place to grow the best grapes possible. Many of the local wineries have produced some of the best known award winning wines recognized around the world, and this year’s selections is no exception. I personally tasted over 200 different varieties, Red and White, from outstanding wineries, such as Ortman Family Wines, Still Waters, Vina Robles, Arroyo Robles, Halter Ranch, Justin Wines and so many more. Paso Robles is home to over 275 Wineries, Tasting Rooms and Growers Ranches that make the area the ideal for both the wine industry and the community. In addition to a vast choice of wines to sample, there were many booths that were hosted by the fine food/epicurean dealers and restaurateurs of Paso Robles - Cheese Makers, Farm Service Providers and Growers. This is an event that not only supports the wine industry, but all of the community businesses and services. Paso Robles is the kind of town that has managed to grow with the times but still retain the charm and elegance of “The Old Days”, a simpler time when you knew your neighbors by their first name and you could sit on the porch and watch the world go by with a smile, in short, an American Town, a place to call home. While at the festival, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the hosts of the very popular radio show about wine called “The Cork Dorks”, Adam Montiel and Jeremy West host this fun and freaky show that talk about the wines of the central coast with a humorous note, not to take themselves or the appreciation too seriously has made them the “go to” guys of wine.

type of station as that it blends the Singer / Songwriter style of music with the California Wine Lifestyle, it’s really about getting down to who the winemakers is and what they are about, we get to know them and show them as a person, not just what they sell”, said Adam Montiel. Jeremy West pointed out “There is a multitude of winemakers who just love what they do and want to bring that same love of wine to the community with an industry that is designed to support the community”. Adam then added “We mix music, community and a love of life”. The Cork Dorks takes their irreverent spin on living life to the air and makes the daily drive time fun. The day was well rounded by a special cooking demonstration with Chef Mark Sullivan of Spruce, a very popular restaurant in San Francisco. This was Chef Sullivan’s 2nd year doing demonstrations and the final product was delicious. Chef Sullivan stated he loves the Town of Paso Robles, its people and its natural charm and wanted to prepare a special dish for this year’s fair patrons, a dish that reflected the natural and wholesome charm of the community. The dish prepared was a Farroto (a grain much like Risotto, but creamy in texture) finished with Morel Mushrooms, braised spring vegetables and finished in a sherry wine stock. The chef then added “I would pair this with a light to medium bodied Red Wine like a Pinot or Merlot, something light but a fair bit of acidity to cut the rich creamy flavor, or a rich white, like a Chardonnay”. We then went on to talk about his restaurant, Spruce, located at 3640 Sacramento Street in San Francisco, is a modern fine dining restaurant that has a family friendly, health conscious menu, but also has a unique atmosphere with an elegant yet warm and inviting décor, it is the toast of the town. I will admit, it is sad that the 29th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival was only one weekend long and it has passed, but I look forward to next year’s event with excited anticipation and I await the next year’s selection of fine wine temptations. To you, Paso Robles, I raise my glass and hope to see it filled once more.

“The Cork Dorks” are on Krush 92.5 FM which streams live on the internet. Jeremy an Adam are very well versed on the community and the wineries and had this to say about their radio station, their show and the community: “KRUSH is an interesting 24

Product Review Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends Balsamic Vinegars and Dipping Oil Blends I recently had the opportunity to try Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends Dipping Oils and balsamic Vinegars while attending a Wine Tasting Festival in Paso Robles, California and met with their representative, Stephanie Leitz, and after a few moments, I have to say that I find this product to be everything it claims to be. I asked Stephanie about their product and where it can be found, she advised me to check their website, or order direct from her. The Wine Festival was so busy, I did not get a chance to speak with her again that evening, but I checked out the web site and learned about the Balsamic Process and their product. According to the information on the web site - http:// , “Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends Traditional Balsamic vinegar is created from the juice of white grapes (typically, trebbiano grapes) boiled down to approximately 30% of the original volume to create a concentrate, or must. This goes through a long aging and fermentation process which creates the distinct flavor of balsamic. The flavor intensifies and deepens over time, with the vinegar aging in a variety of progressively smaller fine wooden casks. During this period, a portion evaporates; it is said that this is the "Angels' share". The result is deliciously sweet, viscous and very concentrated.” Imported with only the finest ingredients from Italy, Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends follows age old recipes that are closely guarded and world renown. Today, like wines, many people are finding the luxurious taste of fine oil blends and vinegars something to be cultivated and like wines, there are some that have become experts in the minute taste variations and the subtle nuances that make each one different. Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends has created a taste sensation that top many of the “Cultured Varieties” that you find in the supermarkets. Stephanie mentioned to me that there have been many responses in regards to Traditional use on cheeses, salads, roasted vegetables, but that some have used the various flavored blends like Raspberry or Pomegranate on spinach salads, cheeses, on a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, or over chocolate ice cream, Roasted asparagus, Chicken or, lamb.

The companies Gourmet Dipping Oil and be used on eggplant or zucchini, pasta with chicken, marinate a hamburger or use instead of mayonnaise, dipping bread, salads. Asian Dipping Oil is fabulous drizzle over Seared Ahi Tuna or on Salmon, Asian Chicken Salad Dressing, Asian Stir Fry, dipping pot stickers. The variety of uses is amazing and all are easy to use and taste great. The prices are just as great, one would think that a product like this would be very expensive, but the prices are only $30/bottle 12.7 oz., $18/bottle 6 oz., and they also offer 4 pack and 6 pack pricing on the website for all sizes. Save money when you order from their special gift packs found online. You get to mix and match the styles and varieties, making your own special selections.

Stephanie travels the United States brining this product to Festivals and Events, sharing this easy and fun to use product to everyone, you can find an event near you by visiting the Website Events Page and meet with her to order your supply, and she caters to Consumer and Restaurant Clients and would love to serve you as well. You can reach Stephanie Leitz at - Be a Gourmet, 480/9936487 I suggest you ask about The Sampler Pack - 6 Pack Mix and Match. Now go Get Your Groove On, and Live Well. Joseph Timmons Groove Studio One Food Critic


Music Review: DEVO – Something For Everybody

band on the Titanic, entertaining everybody as we go down." - says his band-mate and co-writer Gerald Casale. The tracks on Something for Everybody contain messages of logical thought and comment of present issues perplexing people today, and with phrasing like “Don’t tase' me Bro’” in the song “Don’t Shoot ( I’m a Man)” touch on the individual incidents that wind up becoming political markers in history. lineup of song titles

Are We Not Men – We’re Still DEVO Article first published as Music Review: Devo - Something for Everybody on Blogcritics.

Remember the 80’s, the New Wave Music Movement spawned bands with new sounds and new gimmicks, making some memorable and some, not so much. Recently many of the new wave vanguard have made attempts at comebacks and have fallen short, their sounds over worked and over sampled, some sounding like re-hashed copies of their earlier work. 30 years ago, one band stood in the forefront of the music movement and created a sound that was both vibrant and hypnotic, a sound that spoke to many of the world’s youth that felt they needed something to connect with and feel passionate about. It has been 20 years since Devo’s last album Smooth Noodle Maps and now Devo has released their new Album Something for Everybody to the delight of devoted Devo fans and new fans alike.

1. Fresh 2. What We Do 3. Please Baby Please 4. Don't Shoot (I'm a Man) 5. Mind Games 6. Human Rocket 7. Sumthin' 8. Step Up 9. Cameo 10. Later Is Now 11. No Place Like Home 12. March On 13. Watch Us Work It 14. Signal Ready 15. Let's Get To It 16. Knock Boots Devo has, in this album, created a moving picture of modern society of the run from the Pandora’s Box that was opened by its predecessors with nowhere to run to except into future, where protective jumpsuits and red helmets keep a “spud-boy” safe. Remember your Duty Now for the Future, insure your Freedom of Choice and Shout from the rooftops “- “I am” – Total Devo. Joseph Timmons – an old “Spud-Boy”

Something for Everybody is rich in originality and audio texture; there is the techno-rich sound and the futuristic vibe that Devo is famous for as well as a bright and crisp new tone. Devo has created in this album an environmental sound that has technical computer sounds but is not over sampled or over dubbed, known for their ability perfectly mix the “Sci-Fi” sounds with their highly skilled musical ability and the vocal talents of their lead manMark Mothersbaugh, this album is not a comeback but a continuation of the one band that stood apart and is best connected not just to a time period, but could be given credit for creating an entire movement in music. Devo stands ready for today and the future with members Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale and Josh Freese, working together to create and album that is just as pivotal as their first album Are We Not Men- We Are DEVO. "The world is in sync with Devo, we’re not the guys who freak people out and scare them—we’re like the house


Our Preview of the California Wines that will inspire the Best of Summertime Enjoyment Groove studio One has selected wineries, vintners and wine selections to get your summer groove on and the best restaurants and tourist options for those traveling to the Central Coast of California. Join us in or search to bring to you the Best Grapes of the Golden State ! 27

Core Winery / Tasting Room 145 S. Gray St. Suite #103 Orcutt, CA 93455 Phone: 805.937.1600

When one thinks of wineries and vineyards, it is often thought of grand estates, large farms and immense flamboyant tasting facilities. I would entreat you to consider that there is truth to the saying “great things come in small packages” Core wineries, owned and operated by the Corey Family in California, offers many great tasting wines grown from their farm in the Central Coast area. The Core tasting room is a cozy, one room storefront where the Corey family shares their talent for wine making with their guests and the community. The tasting room is also where they hold special events and weekly movie nights and socials. The sharing of these special moments and creating a warm family style atmosphere is their way of reaching out to the community and building great, long-lasting relationships with everyone they meet. Everyone comes together to share good times, stories and create memories. Dave and Becky Corey started the winery in their home in 1999, building their winery into a well-known brand and favored wine among the local aficionados. With years of publicity for the Central Coast wine industry to her name, Becky Corey, 38, now handles most of the marketing for the couple's two wine labels, Core and Kuyam, as well as for two others they co-own with various members of the Corey family. Becky is the designer behind the Core and Kuyam labels, as well. Their wines have won many awards and are grown into a contender among larger wine producing names in the Santa Maria Valley. The Santa Maria Valley wine industry has grown exponentially since the wine industry began it’s “boom” here just a few years ago, many have tried to get into wine production, but, like the Core Brand, only the great ones stay in business.

When I started this interview, I was looking to do a piece on a local winery that had merit and value, but I found this article turned into a success story of sorts, a story of a young couples dream come true and the long road ahead that for some never ends, and for this couple seems to be paved with gold. Juggling a winery, all business operations, a consultants business and a growing family is a special experience and no easy task. I asked Becky what she would like people to know about their winery, she said “what sets us apart from others is the feeling of comfort that is shared with each other and their patrons. The feeling of family and friendship they get, from when people walk in through the door to hen they go home, knowing that they are always welcome to come back” Becky’s son soon woke up and signaled that the interview was soon to be over and that his needs were now to be met. I thanked Becky for her time and she said she was sorry that we could not talk more about their wines, but I think we had a great interview, because the winery she and her husband create was not about selling wine, but building a families dream, which is such the wine of life, something we all could use more of. Visit the Core Tasting room and share some good times and some great wines, I am sure you’ll be greatly satisfied with what you’ll find. Presently, the Core Winery has these excellent wines to offer,

2007 Elevation Sensation, Alta Mesa Vineyard 62% Grenache and 38% Mourvedre 300 cases produced. 2007 Kuyam Cab Franc/Petite Verdot, 66% Cab Franc and 34% Petite Verdot co-fermented 24 cases produced. This is a wine club exclusive. 2007 Turchi Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 CORE Grenache 2008 Kuyam Sauvignon Blanc.

When I went to interview Becky Corey for this interview, she had with her the Cory Families’ newest addition, a little baby boy who was very interested in keeping it’s mother’s attention, but Beck did have some time to talk with me about their winery, their history and what they are doing with their dream. Dave and Becky have 2 other children and hope to someday pass on the family business to them. The Corey Family has history and tradition of family businesses tied to the community, such as the H.C. Corey Jewelry Store and the Family Ranch. The first run of wines the Corey family produced back in 1999 was just 250 cases, which may not sound like much, but take into account they were a young family just starting out and with so much going on, it was an enormous task with great success. Both working full time jobs, new business together, starting a family and all the in-be-tweens made their dream seem all the more unlikely, but with a love for what they wanted and a strong dream in their hearts, they did it.

Cobi Jones Wine Club Cobi Jones, Athlete, Philanthropist, Restaurateur and partner in Arch Rock Fish, a wildly popular Restaurant in Santa Barbara, recently started a great new Wine Club. I recently had an opportunity to speak with Cobi and got this story from him. Most people wonder how I found an interest in wine and for good reason, how and why an athlete would pick up a taste for good wines. Well to tell you the truth through my many travels around the world representing the USA and an athlete, I found myself at some pretty interesting places. Tasting and drinking in palaces, five star hotels, ambassador’s homes, all the way to little hide a way pub and as a guest in the homes of locals. In these places from China to Chile I like to think my tastes have


developed and broadened in food and drink yet I must say I really enjoyed the wine as I got older. I make no claim to be a connoisseur in any way; in fact I am the average guy with a taste for good wines. I relate more to the guy off the street that wants to try a little something different. Now that the opportunity has come to share my tastes and choices with others I felt why not. Many of my friends and family members have enjoyed my choices and want to share and reach out to more people. So a wine club is an easy way for people to experience my tastes in the “Nectar of the Gods." My wine club has formed off of the choices of the wines at the restaurant Arch Rock Fish in Santa Barbara that I am a partner in. The wine club is just starting out and will develop and mature as well as the wine list at Arch Rock Fish. Hopefully I can bring attention to and show people the joy of Santa Barbara region wines. I want to share some wines I enjoy at a couple different price points. My future stars come in around $ 40.00 per shipment with 4 shipments per year with 3 wine selections per shipment. These are the wines from up and coming producers ready to be enjoyed on the spot. The all-stars come in at $ 100.00 per shipment with 4 shipments per year with 3 wines per shipment. These hand-picked top flight vinos can be stored (Library Vintages) or poured right away. I hope the wine club grows and people jump on board and taste my wine club selections. I hope to help out the producers of course by getting their wines out there. More importantly I wish to open up peoples taste in wines. I challenge everyone to try something different, and why not, something else I would like to see are people’s thoughts on my choices and some suggestions of maybe what could be future players in my wine club at all levels and from all regions. Through my Wine Club selection, maybe some people out there can share some special little secret choice wines from around the world. I hope to be a part of that experience. -Cobi Jones

Costa de Oro Winery Costa de Oro Winery, located in the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara, is home of fine locally produced wines. Costa de Oro Winery have carefully selected several Central Coast vineyards to source additional grapes for their label. Winemaker Gary Burk produces wines of balance, harmony and complexity for you to drink and enjoy. Costa De Oro Winery is the off-shoot of parent company Gold Coast Farms, located in Santa Maria, California. Founding mem-

bers Ron Burk and Bob Espinola began farming in 1978, growing a variety of agricultural crops. The vineyard began producing fruit in the early 90's and the grapes were sold to local wineries including Au Bon Climat, Foxen, Lane Tanner, and Hitching Post. During this time, Gary developed a friendship with Jim Clendenen, the “Mind Behind” Au Bon Climat. Jim ultimately offered Gary a harvest position at the famed Au Bon Climat/ Qupé Winery in 1994. In 2002 Gary left ABC/Qupé and began Costa de Oro, which produces up to 6,500 cases annually and their wine is sold in 15 states across the country. Costa de Oro also produces special private labels lots for clients such as James Beard Award Winner Roy Yamaguchi of Roy’s Restaurants and the Halekulani Hotel on Waikiki Beach. The Costa De Oro Tasting Room opened in 2006 at the location of our original strawberry stand off the 101 Freeway in Santa Maria. Visitors can enjoy our Estate wines as well as other varietals. Costa de Oro Winery has received critical acclaim, receiving 90 point scores or higher from Robert Parker, James Laube/ Wine Spectator, and Wine and Spirits Magazine. Costa De Oro has wines named in the Top 100 Wines of the Year by Wines and Spirits Magazine (2000), the San Francisco Chronicle (2001), Wine Country Living (2003), and most recently Winner of Best in Show at both the Orange and Santa Barbara County Fairs. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary at his production location to talk with him about his present plans for more exciting wines. Gary was busy at work, creating the beginnings of this season’s Pinot Noir. I was shown a large vat in which were the grapes and materials starting the fermentation process. The grapes were small and resembled blueberries. Gary explained that the small grape gives the wine its intensity and allows for greater flavor. Gary gave me a small sample and it was like a thick grape juice, during the visit, we sampled the wine in different stages, with each stage the wine was clearer and you could taste the wines development, until we got to the last barrel, which was prepped for bottling, the finished wine was perfect and had a taste that was bold, yet delicate and had no bitterness or hindrance to its sweetness. This was very exciting, learning more about the wine making process allows me to enjoy wine more, that- and wine tasting is a very pleasant experience. Costa de Oro Winery produces Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose. There are plans in the works for more varietals and special blends that should be astounding. Recently, Costa de Oro Winery was awarded “Premium – Best of Class” Chairman’s Award for their ‘Reserva Dorado’ 2008 Chardonnay, Gold Medal for their 2008 Pinot Noir and the Bronze Award for both their 2008 Chardonnay and 2008 “Reserva Oro Rojo” ( 2010 Orange County 2010 Wine Awards, Orange County Wine Society ).


Costa de Oro Winery—Continued I quote Gary Burk- “ One of the aspects of being a smaller wine producer is that we prefer quality over quantity, we produce wines that matter, the taste and flavor, the individual uniqueness of each bottle I want our wines to be remembered for being good to the last glass”. I sampled the 2006 Syrah Dessert Wine, which retails at $ 24.99 per bottle (only $ 19.99 for wine club Members) and I found it to be rich and robust, hints of Plum, Carmel and just a bit of Clove, well balanced with strong notes but no after bite, much like a port, but smoother and sweeter. With the holidays coming up, I would strongly suggest you stop by the Costa de Oro Winery Tasting room, 1331 S. Nicholson Avenue, Santa Maria, CA 93454, you can reach them at (805) 922-1468 and they are open daily 11am to 6pm, Friday's 11am to 7:30pm. Tasting fees are $ 7.00 for 5, 1-oz. pours. The tasting room also offer Wines by the Glass for $ 7.00 & $ 10.00 and Cheese plates are also available from $ 5.00 - $ 12.00. Costa De Oro also has live entertainment and events at their Tasting Room, and recently worked on several community supportive events, including an Event to support CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which helps and protects the rights of children during family crisis and legal actions.

Utilizing the most advanced farming and production technologies, the Bianchi family quickly grew to become an industry leader, producing award winning wines. In pursuit of his lifelong ambition of producing ultra-premium wines, Glenn set his sites on finding a new vineyard and winery location. After searching throughout California for the finest terroir to meet his requirements, he settled on Paso Robles. Glenn was impressed with the regions outstanding reputation for quality wines and its natural beauty. In January of 2000, Bianchi purchased 40 acres of vineyards on the East side of Paso Robles and built a showcase winery and spectacular hospitality center on the property. Situated on a gentle rise, the new Bianchi Winery has a commanding view looking west over undulating vineyards dotted with ancient oaks. The state of the art stainless steel fermentation tanks provide the winemaker the latest computerized monitoring system and the option to make select, limited production wines. Similarly, the new barrel room for the French and American oak has the capacity to allow blending and aging of small lots. The Bianchi Tasting Room is the fulfillment of Glenn Bianchi's dream to provide a great sensory experience for visitors to the property.

One of my favorite events that I have been to are the Friday Night Wine Downs - 4:30pm - 7:30pm on Fridays, when wine club members and the public can come in, listen to live music, try catered delights and pick up wine selections.

Nestled in the estate vineyards, the facility rises above a waterfall fed lake that gently laps the stone terraces. The soaring glass walls take advantage of the peaceful surroundings from every angle.

I would like to thank Wine Maker Gary Burk for taking time out of his busy holiday schedule to do this interview, and I encourage you to go taste some of the best wines Santa Maria Have to offer, if you are too far away, contact your local vendor to see about getting a bottle or 2, if not, The Costa de Oro Winery has a Wine Club that offers shipping, you can visit their Web Site and get more information or to Order Online.

It's adjacent vineyards support the belief that it is vital to grow only those varieties of grapes which are best suited to the particular aspect of the land: such as soil, exposure and climate. That is why the Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot are planted in the winery's sloping vineyards. These varietals make up our sought after Heritage Selection.

Cheers, now “Go Get Your Groove On” Joseph Timmons Groove Studio One - Style and Entertainment Magazine

Bianchi Winery The Bianchi family has a long history of involvement in the wine Industry, dating back to 1974 when Glenn and his father, Joseph invested in a winery and vineyard on the banks of the San Joaquin river in the Central Valley of California

The Bianchi Signature Selection wines are made from grapes purchased from the highly recognized vineyards adjoining the Bianchi estate and from other premium growers in and around Paso Robles and the Central Coast. Our long and close relationship with the best growers assures us access to each harvest's top quality grapes. Our Signature selection comprise of Edna Valley Chardonnay, Paso Robles Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Come and sample some of our limited released wines, such as Sangiovese, and Italian varietal grown here in Paso Robles called Refosco. “It is here at our new home in Paso Robles that the Bianchi renaissance is taking place as we expand into the super and ultra premium categories with estate grown and hand crafted wines.”


Arroyo Robles Winery The Shore Family started making wine in 1998, sharing equipment with three other wineries in a converted apple barn in See Canyon above Avila Beach. Since then Arroyo Robles Winery shared winemaking facilities in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and now Paso Robles.

Arroyo Robles Winery developed their first vineyard in Paso Robles in 1999 but later sold it and in 2005 purchased their estate vineyard on San Marcos Road , six miles north of downtown Paso Robles, just west of Highway101. Arroyo Robles Winery grow 24 acres of wine grapes - Syrah, Mourvedre, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Tannat, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet Franc. Arroyo Robles Winery make their wine at In Vino Veritas on the north side of Paso Robles. In March 2006 Arroyo Robles Winery opened their tasting room on the park in downtown Paso Robles. . Most of their wine is sold from in the tasting room or wine club. Arroyo Robles Winery can be found in a few restaurants and wine shops. Arroyo Robles Winery have wine tasting 101 classes periodically or by appointment.

HEARST RANCH WINERY The Wineries Story “We promise to provide our patrons with the highest quality of wines.” Located across Highway 1 from the Hearst Castle Visitor Center inside the historic Sebastian's General Store, our tasting room beckons visitors near and far to enjoy our inaugural vintages of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Late Harvest Zinfandel, Reserve Cuvée Blend and our new additions: Malbec, Tempranillo and Rosé.

Taste our remarkable wine, enjoy the beautiful sites of Old San Simeon Village, and relive a little history by visiting the Hearst Ranch Winery's tasting room in Sebastian's General Store. Steve Hearst and Jim Saunders began their business and personal association by happenstance. Jim purchased a Hearst Ranch tour at a cancer fundraiser. As the saying goes, “a meeting of the minds” developed into this benevolent project – The Hearst Ranch Winery. Independently, Stephen T. Hearst and Jim Saunders are accomplished businessmen that have the talent, imagination and integrity to create great things. Collectively, their shared vision on sustainable agriculture, nature conservancy and historical preservation brings Hearst Ranch Winery to fruition, with care, like the fruit in the vineyards. These men have fostered a friendship and an enduring devotion to their community. “You will love the ‘Legacy of Quality™’ we have put in every bottle.” — Steve Hearst The hand-crafted Vintages of Hearst Ranch Wines have been brought to life by the collaboration of sound agricultural practices, impeccable winemaking and the philanthropic involvement of Steve Hearst and Jim Saunders. The fruit of California’s Central Coast vineyards is among the finest in the world. Blend in the talent of our Winemaker and you get Vintages of Hearst Ranch Wines which exhibit the excellence that is a testimony to the “Legacy of Quality™” that is synonymous with the Hearst tradition. HEARST RANCH WINERY 442 SLO SAN SIMEON ROAD SAN SIMEON, CA 93452

Wines: 2007 Late Harvest Zinfandel 2009 Chardonnay

Hand-harvested from Saunders Vineyard in Paso Robles, our wines embody the flavors, hues, and aromas of this fine appellation, in the now famous AVA of Paso Robles, California. While it still serves as a general store and café to tourists, campers and sport fishing enthusiasts, historic Sebastians is also the gathering place to sample the wines of Hearst Ranch Winery and enjoy café style meals featuring Hearst Ranch Beef.

2007 Merlot

Visitors and locals boast about this hidden treasure located near William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach, and world famous Hearst Castle.

2010 Rosé

2007 Cabernet Franc 2007 Special Reserve 2009 Tempranillo 2009 Malbec





Urban Street Wear By Joseph Timmons On


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