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Griffith New South Wales

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The good life

Welcome to Griffith


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4-5 Griffith Today 6-7 The miracle of irriga�on 8-9 History 10-13 Experiences 14-15 Wineries of Griffith 16-17 Wine industry informa�on 18-19 Dining 20-21 Map of Griffith 22 - 23 Events 24 Recrea�on & Retail 25 Arts & Culture 26 Conferences & Mee�ngs 26 Ge�ng to Griffith 27 Suggested I�neraries 27 Climate

VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE Griffith Visitors Informa�on Centre Cnr Banna & Jondaryan Ave Griffith NSW 2680 P. 02 6962 4145 Toll Free: 1800 681 141 E. W. Open 7 days from 9am – 5pm (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day)

28-40 Adver�sements for Visitors’ Informa�on Sydney

Griffith Adelaide

Canberra Wagga Wagga

Melbourne Not to scale

Photos throughout courtesy of Marie’s Photographics, Bre� Naseby Crea�ve, Vince Bucello, Carla Eade, Distant Light Produc�ons and Evoke Photography. Printed September 2012. Disclaimer: Whilst every care is taken, no responsibility is accepted for printer errors, their subsequent effects or the condi�ons of the ar�cles adver�sed.

Aerial view of Griffith

Griffith today It catches visitors by surprise. A small city of 26,000 people, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest capital, with such an unmistakable atmosphere of energy and so many unexpected delights. Welcome to Griffith today.

migrant nationalities such as Indians, Tongans, Samoans and Afghanis, the colours and tastes of these cultures contribute to Griffith’s appeal.

Vibrant city

With its wide tree-lined streets, appealing historic buildings plus public and private gardens worthy of any garden show, there is no doubt that Griffith is an attractive town. But it’s the surrounding countryside that provides a feast for the eyes with its magnificent scenery. The rich red earth contrasts superbly with the luscious greens of the vineyards and orchards. In spring the canola fields put on a display of such vibrant yellow you would never think it possible. The night sky provides a light show like no other. Set against a backdrop of inky black, the glimmering stars are like a blanket covering the earth.

The bustling main street of Banna Avenue is the hub of this contemporary regional city. The mix of retail shops, essential services and humming cafes make it the place where locals come together and visitors are welcome. The flurry of activity peaks around the middle of each day, even more so in the wet when the farmers come to town. Surrounding the centre of town are the myriad businesses and innovative industries that keep the region thriving. This is a place of tenacious and hardworking people who seize opportunities and enjoy the benefits. Throughout Griffith’s short history, from the earliest farmers to the current migrants, its citizens have made the most of their prospects.

Rich cultures

The population of Griffith today is a charming medley of diverse nationalities that adds to the city’s individual flavour. Griffith’s Italian heritage is very much alive in the local food and wine scene and old traditions like salami making are continued enthusiastically by younger generations. Now joined by more recent

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Colourful scenery

A warm welcome

When all is said and done, it’s the relaxed mood of Griffith that makes it such a great place to live and visit. It’s cheerful, carefree and friendly. Life is convenient and easy to enjoy. People still pop around to see their friends unannounced and share a cup of tea. Visitors are warmly welcomed and the hospitality is genuine. The people of Griffith invite you to come and visit, share their stories and enjoy la dolce vita – the good life.

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An agricultural patchwork

The miracle of irrigation The Murrumbidgee Valley was selected as an ideal location for irrigation development in the early 1890s. After devastating drought at the turn of the century, the NSW State Parliament approved the establishment of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme. This led to three major construction tasks – building Burrinjuck Dam to store the water; developing the main canal and network of subsidiary channels to convey the water to farms; and finally acquiring and allocating farms to settlers and establishing townships and services.

globally along with other fruits including watermelon, rockmelon and prunes. Over 70% of the citrus fruit grown in NSW comes from Griffith.

Vision and innovation led to the development of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area a century ago, and now the region hosts a variety of agriculture and processing industries. The Griffith region is well known as part of Australia’s food bowl.

Almost all of Australia’s rice is grown in southern NSW and Griffith’s rice farmers contribute around 20% of annual production. More than one million tonnes of rice can be produced each year and up to 80% of it is exported to destinations worldwide. Australia’s rice growers are the most efficient in the world, using 50% less water than the global average to grow one kilogram of rice. Best management practices include on-farm water recycling and use of suitable soils, plus contributing to leading environment programs to restore biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gases.

Economic contribution The Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area is one of the most diverse and productive agricultural regions in Australia and contributes over $5 billion each year to the national economy. Griffith is set against the colourful backdrop of lush vineyards, thriving orchards and golden fields, reminders of the extraordinary economic value of agriculture. Local farmers grow fresh produce for both domestic and export markets including onions, carrots, pumpkins, capsicums and tomatoes to name just a few. Even the gherkins in McDonald’s hamburgers are from Griffith. Large volumes of oranges, lemons and mandarins are also grown locally and exported

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The Griffith region also produces about 300,000 tonnes of wine grapes each year, about 65% of production in New South Wales and approximately 20% nationwide. Now the largest wine producing region in Australia, Griffith is also home to some of the country’s best known wineries.

Other crops grown in the region include wheat, barley, corn, canola, nut varieties and legumes.

Experience the food bowl Thanks to the miracle of irrigation, Griffith is rich in agriculture as well as great wine and food. The city has grown into a bustling centre where you can relax, indulge and enjoy the unique Griffith experience. There’s no better place to taste fresh local produce.

Harvest time

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Reservoir on the corner of Jondaryan Avenue and Yambil Street adjacent to Main Canal. Circa 1938. (With thanks to Jeane�e Pra� and Griffith Genealogical & Historical Society Inc.)

History The Wiradjuri people are the traditional custodians of the area we know as Griffith and the entire Murrumbidgee area. The traditional homeland of this nation of people provided a varied and nutritious diet with plentiful supplies of fish from the river, plants and nuts plus other game such as kangaroos and emus. In 1817, explorer John Oxley described this area as being “uninhabitable and useless to civilised man”. The 19th century settlers proved Mr Oxley wrong as they travelled west and established massive sheep stations. Mr Oxley would never have believed how irrigation would change the agricultural landscape of this land.

The Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area 1912 saw the official proclamation of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme. The goal of the scheme was to secure a water supply that would bring potential for diversified crops and livestock plus the capacity for intensive farming. Large numbers of men came as construction workers, many hoping to secure their own irrigation farms when released. In those early days, these workers and their families lived in a makeshift village called Bagtown. The town got its name because most buildings were made of old cement bags used during construction of the canals. The first farms were made available in 1912 and, in response to government advertising, farmers came from far and wide. Italian migrants were drawn to the area to farm, just as they had in their homeland, and

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have lived and worked in the area ever since. They also encouraged friends and relatives to migrate. Following World War I, returned soldiers boosted the region’s population as they settled on the irrigation farms sponsored by the government. By 1923, about one half of farms in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area were held by soldier settlers.

Griffith proclaimed The town of Griffith was proclaimed in 1916 and named after Arthur Griffith, Minister for Public Works at the time. It was designed by Walter Burley Griffin, the Chicago architect who designed Canberra. His design for Griffith also featured a distinctive radial pattern with wide tree-lined streets. World War I held up the building of the new town, but by late 1919 settlement had begun. Some businesses were initially reluctant to relocate from thriving Bagtown, but by early 1920s Bagtown had been abandoned.

Contemporary Griffith Griffith has ventured a long way from its early Bagtown years to being proclaimed a city in 1987. The introduction of irrigation was and still is the lifeblood of the area. The journey travelled is an interesting one and is what makes this community what it is today - a contemporary, multicultural city with thriving, innovative industries and an enviable lifestyle.

Construction of th e Main Canal near Willand ra Ave

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Step back in time at Pioneer Park

Experiences From galleries and museums to walking and winetasting, there’s so much for you to see and experience in Griffith. You’ll need more than a day to enjoy it all.

Griffith Visitors Information Centre

Wander through the interpretive display and learn about the development of irrigation and the region’s bountiful produce. Take time to view the Griffith DVD. A kaleidoscope of colour, the Stained Glass Window depicts the view from Griffith’s lookout showing the fields of produce, the Dethridge wheel and our local landscape.


Step back in time with a visit to Pioneer Park, an open air museum comprising of over 40 historical buildings set in eleven hectares of natural bush. It’s a tribute to Griffith’s settlers and provides a vivid insight into life during the early days of irrigation. (Open seven days.) The Italian Museum commemorates the important contribution of the Italian community to the development of Griffith and the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Enter through Pioneer Park. The War Memorial Museum shows the military history of the Ex-service men and women from Griffith and the surrounding district. It also tells the stories of the residents who remained and the auxiliary organisations that provided assistance to Australian armed forces.

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Lookouts and Hermit’s Cave

The Hermit’s Cave lookout offers a magnificent panoramic view over Griffith’s lush farms right out to the ranges of Cocoparra National Park. Below the lookout explore the caves that were once home to Italian-born migrant, Valerio Ricetti, who chose to live the life of a hermit in the 1930s. View the kitchen, chapel and what was once his magnificent garden.

Gourmet delights

Many of Griffith’s unique food providores are open to the public for information, tastings and sales and are must-visit destinations for every food lover. Discover how Riverina Grove offers the very best in Australian grown and manufactured gourmet produce from special pasta sauces to pesto and pickles. For authentic Italian groceries, including biscuits, cheeses and coffees, a visit to La Piccola Grosseria in the main street is essential. Codemo Smallgoods produces the finest traditional style salami, prosciutto, sausages and other delicacies based on methods brought to Australia from the Veneto region of Italy in the 1950s.

Farm tours

Catania Fruit Salad Farm is a family-owned farm where you can view and learn how a wide variety of horticulture crops are grown. Begin your journey at the original mud-brick home, followed by a bus ride around the farm, sharing stories and sampling the variety of fruits and nuts produced on the farm.

Local produce

s window Stained glas

Explore Hermit’s Cave and the walking tracks on Scenic Hill

Experiences Arts, craft and theatre

The Griffith Regional Art Gallery is located in a beautiful art deco building on the main street. With high ceilings and natural timber floors, the gallery represents the creative face of Griffith and the surrounding region. The state of the art Griffith Regional Theatre presents an exciting program of diverse performing arts. Contact the box office to find out what’s on when you’re visiting. Visit the theatre to view the magnificent soft-sculptured curtain, mosaic sculptures and art space.

Drives, walks and trails

Discover the artistic, cultural and heritage features of Griffith’s central district with the Uptown Griffith Cultural Walk, a self-guided tour on foot. With many eateries along the route this walk is a delightful way to spend a morning or afternoon. Collect your map from the Visitor Information Centre. With over sixty percent of Griffith’s population claiming Italian heritage, the continental culture in Griffith is strong. The Italian Heritage Trail tours the places that tell the story of Italian settlement in Griffith and collectively they document the enduring legacy of Italian migration in Griffith’s landscape. Collect your map from the Visitor Information Centre. For more information on self-guided walks on Scenic Hill, cycle paths around the city and self-drive tours of Griffith and the surrounding region, please see pages 24 and 27.

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Parks and gardens

The Burley Griffin Community Gardens occupy a three hectare site beside the main canal. Developed by volunteers as part of the city’s beautification program, as envisaged by Walter Burley Griffin in his original plan for Griffith, the gardens are an ongoing gift to the community. Griffith City Park is a world class facility that provides fun and entertainment for all ages. It features the tallest rope climbing structure in the southern hemisphere, enclosed toddler area and a splash pad for warmer months. With barbeque facilities, extensive plantings and artwork around the site, City Park is a wonderful place for relaxation.

Cocoparra National Park

One of the Riverina’s rare forest remnants, Cocoparra National Park is a place of contrasts. Wattles, orchids and blue-tinged cypress pines stand out against the rich red rocks. After heavy rains, the creeks flow, waterfalls leap in to life and the land is bright with wildflowers. Located 30kms from Griffith, don’t miss the park’s walking trails and lookouts. Camping and barbecue facilities available.

Bird Watching

With several bird watching areas located around the city, Griffith is a bird watcher’s paradise. Fifteen species of birds listed as threatened or vulnerable have been identified at nearby Cocoparra National Park. The south lake at Lake Wyangan is an open wetland with a sanctuary area to the west. Collect your guide to the Bird Routes of Griffith from the Visitor Information Centre.

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Sample award-winning wines



A drop of Australia’s finest wines Popular Australian wines

Griffith’s wine industry is big. Bigger than you may think! It is now Australia’s largest wine producing area, home to over 15 wineries and boasts some of Australia’s most prominent brands. The region is well known for its botrytis style dessert wines and spicy reds such as durif. Follow the Griffith winery trail and you will encounter some of the country’s most successful wineries and sample award-winning wines. You’ll also discover a number of boutique wineries where the person who welcomes you at the cellar door also grows the grapes and makes the wine.

Local wine history

Grape vines planted back in 1913 started Griffith’s wine industry. It developed quickly with the Italian migrants of the 1920s who introduced their traditional winemaking techniques and many wineries began making home-made wines. Improvements in technology and viticulture practices over the years mean that the region now produces wines of outstanding quality. De Bortoli’s Noble One, a truly iconic Australian wine from Griffith, is one of the most awarded wines in history.

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Many other local wineries boast award-winning wines with accolades earned at competitions around Australia and internationally.

Visit cellar doors

Sample some of Australia’s best wines direct from the wineries’ cellar doors. Visitors are welcome at wineries large and small and the friendly cellar door staff will guide you through the tastings of their premium and award winning wines. They cater for everyone from wine quaffers to the most experienced wine enthusiast. Many wineries also offer picturesque gardens with picnic tables and barbeque facilities. So grab a bottle of your favourite local wine, team it up with some superb local food and enjoy all that the wineries have to offer.

See pages 33-34 for details of local wineries

Experiencing fun winery events

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Riverina Winegrapes Growers of Protecting the Riverina The wine region Riverina is nationally recognised as a Geographical Indication (GI). A GI is the official description of an Australian wine region. Its purpose is to protect the name by limiting its use to describe wines produced from winegrapes grown within that GI.

The Riverina

Since the first plantings of winegrapes in 1913, the Riverina has continued its growth to become the largest winegrape producing region in New South Wales. Over 300,000 tonnes of quality winegrapes are grown annually, that is around 10 times bigger than the Hunter Valley. The region now proudly produces around 65% of the New South Wales total production.

Part of the economy

Today winegrapes provide a vital boost to the regional economy with around 500 growers generating over $100 million annually.The average family vineyards in the Riverina are approximately 20 hectares (50 acres) in size and it is quite common that these farms are used to produce other horticultural crops, such as prunes and citrus fruits.

Wine which carries the regional name must consist of a minimum of 85% of fruit from that region. While finding a wine that proudly states Riverina on its label may be a daunting task, consumers should be aware that wines produced from “South Eastern Australia” winegrape are likely to contain some of our region’s quality winegrapes. Consumers are encouraged to seek out wines with Riverina clearly stated on the label. Ask your local liquor outlet for a taste of the Riverina. Australia’s best by far.

Region grown on water In the centre of the Riverina lies the thriving cities of Griffith and Leeton, situated within the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), the lifeblood and source of all the production and growth throughout the entire region. Vineyards in the Riverina MIA are watered by a system of channels and pipes from a network that is fed from the pure sources of the Snowy Mountain Scheme.



Responsible resource use

State of the art drip irrigation systems, water recycling systems and improved watering methods are increasingly being used by growers to optimise quality and maximize water use efficiency, ensuring the sustainability of this precious natural resource.

Production in the Riverina

Although there are nearly 40 varieties of grapes grown in the Riverina today, the three main varieties produced are Chardonnay, Semillon and Shiraz. These three varietal wines make up 54% of the total regional plantings. The region is renowned for its production of Botrytis styled Semillon wine, an internationally renowned dessert wine. The region has the optimum conditions that enable winemakers to produce this highly sought after drop. The Riverina is a food bowl and together with the winegrape industry it proves that good wine and food go well together. We invite you to come for the experience the Riverina offers. Come for a day and you will wish you were here for a week.

“300,000 tonnes of quality winegrapes are grown annually, that is around ten times bigger than the Hunter Valley.”

What visitors can see

Visitors driving through the region can see many of the vineyards that produce for the local wineries and some growers even display the name of the winery they deliver to. Almost 100% of the local production is purchased and processed in the region by the local winemakers. The region is a delight to tour around with the vibrant colours of the vineyards reflecting the seasons – the bright greens of new growth, dark green of heavy fruit laden foliage in mid summer and vintage through to the rusts of autumn and then leaf fall and the dark earthy colour of winter. Machine harvesting generally occurs at night by machines when in the summer months the conditions are cooler and the grapes can be delivered to the wineries at optimum berry condition, ensuring freshness of flavour. Traditional hand picking is now used only on the oldest vines in the region.

These pages proudly sponsored by the Wine Grapes Marketing Board for the city of Griffith and the Local Government Areas of Leeton, Carrathool and Murrumbidgee. The Board is a NSW Government industry Services Committee working for and promoting the interests of winegrape growers. For further information on the Wine Grapes Marketing Board, please visit our website

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Share a meal with friends

Dining Dining at night

Gourmet delights It is not entirely surprising that a town successfully built on agriculture boasts an abundance of superb local produce. More unexpected is the diversity of gourmet delights created from these raw ingredients in the kitchens of Griffith’s restaurants, cafes and food artisans. From oranges to olive oil and melons to mustards, rice to relishes and grain fed beef to garlic; it’s easy to enjoy locally grown food when dining in Griffith.

After dark, Griffith’s restaurants offer loads of options for dinner. Many of the town’s eateries are based on traditional Italian influences with a unique Griffith twist. Don’t miss the prosciutto and rocket pizza, quite possibly the most delicious topping combination ever to adorn a pizza. Cuisines from other countries are also part of the restaurant scene, with the spices of India, Thailand and China popular choices.

Outdoor dining

Many of Griffith’s cafes and restaurants have outdoor dining areas so you can enjoy the warm climate while eating al fresco. Sip on a coffee or glass of wine, enjoy the food and relax as you watch the world go by.

Daytime cafes Start the day with a hearty breakfast at one of Griffith’s many cafes. Savour the taste of local free range eggs with their large, bright yellow yolks. Take in the aroma of coffee freshly brewed by the skilled baristas. And freshly baked pastries are just the thing for a scrumptious morning tea. The lunch menus won’t disappoint with offerings of home-made pastas and gourmet sandwiches sure to please any foodie. After lunch, treat yourself to a locally-made gelato. The only problem is trying to decide on which flavour to choose.

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Treats and gifts

If you’d like to stock up on gourmet treats to take home for yourself or a gift, make sure you visit the delicatessens and gourmet shops. You’ll find locally made biscotti, pasta sauces, olive oil, relishes, mustards and jams, as well as salami and sausages made in the old traditions of Italy.

See page 30-31 for superb dining op�ons

Good coffee to start the day

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20 To Lake Wyangan Recreation Area

To Warburn Estate

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To Baratto Wines

To The Winery, Catania Fruit Salad Farm, Mcwilliam’s Wines, Nugan Estate & Altina Wildlife Park

To Beelgara Estate

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Colourful and exciting local events

Griffith is a festive city that loves a celebration and the calendar is dotted with various events that bring out our best. Whether it’s a season, a harvest, a culture or just for fun – the festivals and events of Griffith are sure to delight, excite and leave lasting memories. There are many other events held in Griffith throughout the year, including markets, antique and craft fairs, plus a variety of stage performances, live entertainment and numerous exhibitions. For up to date information on events and activities, check online or contact the Visitor Information Centre for a copy of the current Calendar of Events. During our festivals, the city is at its vibrant best, so be sure to book your accommodation in advance.

January March/April (Easter)

Riverina Field Days Agricultural field day held at Griffith Showgrounds.


June long weekend – unWINEd in the Riverina A weekend of food and wine education and hospitality. June long weekend – Sikh Games A lively event hosted by the Sikh Indian community.

August Festa delle Salsicce (Festival of the Sausage) A long lunch to celebrate the end of the salami making season. Enjoy traditional homemade Italian cuisine, local wines, entertainment and lots of salami! Prior bookings essential. Entry by ticket only.

Griffith Racing - Spring Carnival

Good Friday – Pioneer Park Museum Action Day The museum comes alive with demonstrations. Good Friday – Bacchus Fun Run The highlight of Griffith’s running calendar.


October long weekend – Griffith Agricultural Show

Easter Saturday – La Festa The food and wine festival that celebrates Griffith’s colourful multicultural community.

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Australia Day celebrations

Easter Sunday activities Various wineries host outdoor entertainment.



A traditional country show with exhibition pavilion, rides, sideshow alley and fireworks. Festival of Gardens and Citrus Sculpture Display

Private gardens open to visitors during this popular festival. Also incorporating the unique citrus sculptures, fifty larger than life sculptures made entirely of citrus.

Citrus sculptures

Gardens Festival Of


Recreation & Retail Recreation Recreation plays an important part in the lifestyle of Griffith and there are many different outdoor and indoor recreation options. Lake Wyangan offers a delightful setting for a relaxing break. Picnic and barbeque areas are provided and you can view wildlife in the enclosures. Water sports are also available, bring a boat and fish, ski or simply enjoy sailing. Bring your bikes and enjoy the cycle paths throughout the city. Whether you enjoy cycling for exercise or simply like to enjoy the scenery from your bike, the cycle paths will accommodate. If you prefer to stay on foot, then take advantage of the walking tracks that criss cross Scenic Hill. These tracks are well defined and of various lengths, and much of the terrain is easy to moderate. The Griffith Regional Aquatic Centre is an indoor swimming complex with three pools to cater for all needs, including young children, as well as gym facilities. Griffith has several gym and fitness centres located throughout the city. Located near the airport, Griffith’s 18 hole golf course winds its way through native trees. Kangaroos and birdlife are constant companions while you play.

Playing golf

For indoor recreation options for young and old, enjoy a movie at the cinema complex, play a game of tenpin bowling or take young children to the indoor play centre. There are also a range of arts, crafts, service groups, special interest groups and other organisations in the city that welcome visitors.

Retail Griffith offers a wonderful shopping experience for visitors to the city. Enjoy browsing through the lovely small boutiques, which offer everything from clothing, shoes and sportswear to home wares, toys and gifts, and enjoy the genuine customer service offered by the local store owners. Many well-known national brands can also be found in Griffith. The main street, Banna Avenue, is the traditional retail hub of the city. Additional shopping options can also be found in Yambil Street, which is parallel to the main street. There are a number of larger shopping centres in Griffith that offer a diverse range of retail options. Griffith also boasts weekend farmers markets, held each Sunday. The markets showcase a variety of local produce and craft items, including fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh Italian bread, organic produce, olive oil, mustards and pickles, craft, jewellery and more.

Griffith’s main st reet - Banna Ave

h a swim it w f f o l o o C

Arts and Culture Griffith enjoys a vibrant creative culture and thriving arts scene. A number of modern facilities host various productions and exhibitions throughout the year, and live music is common at many venues around the city.

Griffith Regional Theatre The Griffith Regional Theatre is the show place for entertainment in the city and surrounding region. From drama and dance to comedy and opera, the range of shows at the theatre is outstanding. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the theatre’s box office in person, over the phone or online. The theatre also houses the soft sculptured artistic curtain, which was hand sewn by over 300 people in the community taking over twelve months to complete. The design depicts the view from Griffith’s lookout showing the fields of product, water wheel and mountain ranges. See the Lifecycle Community Cultural Mosaics in the gardens of the Theatre. The mosaics were made as part of a Lifecycle project with involvement by people from over 20 different ethnic backgrounds, showcasing the multicultural makeup of Griffith.


Griffith Regional Art Gallery The Griffith Regional Art Gallery is located in a beautiful art deco building on the main street. With high ceilings and natural timber floors, the gallery represents the creative face of Griffith and the surrounding region. The Gallery houses exhibitions of interest to all ages, including local artists and national touring exhibitions. The Gallery is home to a collection of contemporary Australian jewellery and is a must for those with a penchant for arts and culture. For more information, visit

Other galleries, walks & trails There are some wonderful private galleries offering visitors the opportunity to purchase local arts and craft. For more art experiences, follow the Western Riverina Cultural Trail. Pick up your passport at the Visitor Information Centre. For more information on other cultural walks and trails, see page 13.

For more information, visit

Local gallery

Lifecycle commun ity cultural mosaics

rt View local a


Conferences and Meetings With its proximity to capital cities and regional centres, Griffith offers meeting organisers and attendees a convenient location. Past experience has shown that Griffith’s central location has been a great advantage and encouraged optimum delegate attendance. Griffith boasts a range of suitable venues for all types of meetings from small seminars to large, multi-stream conferences. The registered Clubs offer a variety of venue sizes with the flexibility of movable partitions, plus countless catering options to suit your budget. Griffith Regional Theatre boasts a 528 seat auditorium with state of the art facilities including full staging facilities and wireless broadband connectivity.

The complex offers another large meeting room capable of seating 180 guests theatre-style, plus four additional breakout rooms for 12 – 20 people. The range of options for dining, recreation and shopping is sure to keep the social program interesting. Welcome your delegates with a reception in the barrel room of a local winery, enjoy 18 holes on Griffith’s picturesque golf course with the kangaroos, shop for exquisite objects at the local boutiques or sample the myriad gourmet opportunities on offer. Contact the Griffith Visitor Information Centre for assistance in planning your next meeting.

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Getting to Griffith

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Griffith is located in the Riverina region of NSW and centrally located to most major east coast cities.



From Sydney, it takes six to seven hours to get to Griffith travelling south west via the Hume Highway and Burley Griffin Way. Along the way, visit the pretty towns of Harden and Temora. (Distance 570km)

Regional Express (Rex) operates multiple air services daily between Sydney and Griffith. Contact Rex on 13 17 13 or visit

Train/Coach Daily coach and rail services connect Griffith with Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. These services are provided by McCafferty’s, Greyhound, Countrylink and V-Line. A direct weekend rail service operates from Sydney to Griffith each Saturday, returning on Sunday.

From Melbourne, driving time to Griffith is approximately five hours north on the Goulburn Valley Way, Newell Highway and Kidman Way. Take in the towns of Shepparton, Tocumwal and Jerilderie en route. (Distance 460km) From Canberra, it takes about four hours to reach Griffith via the Barton Highway and Burley Griffin Way. (Distance 360km) From Wagga Wagga, it is an easy two hour drive from Griffith east along the Sturt Highway via the towns of Narrandera and Leeton. (Distance 200km) From Adelaide, it takes nine hours to get to Griffith travelling east via the Sturt Highway. Take in the towns of Renmark and Mildura along the way, as well as traversing the vast Hay Plains. (Distance 800km)

Day trips and suggested itineraries


Base yourself in Griffith for a couple of days and explore the city and surrounding region using these suggested itineraries as a guide. The staff at the Griffith Visitor Information Centre can assist you to plan your sightseeing so that you make the most of your visit to this vibrant region. More information on opening hours and detailed, day-by-day itineraries can also be found online at

City Drive

Day Trips

Our city drive takes you around to some of our most exciting attractions. Your journey takes you to the Griffith Regional Theatre to view the Soft Sculptured Curtain, then around the circuit of Walter Burley Griffin’s design. The drive lets you visit Pioneer Park Museum and to some of our most stunning lookouts, one of which includes the Hermit’s Caves. Ask for a copy of the drive when you visit our Information Centre.

Griffith is ideally located for day tripping around the region. There are opportunities to discover more about the area by visiting nearby Leeton or Narrandera. Heading west takes you into the outback with Carrathool a popular place to visit and Merriwagga famed as the legendary “Black Stump Country.”

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Climate Griffith enjoys four distinct seasons with warm summers, cool winters and mild weather during the autumn and spring months. Griffith Temperature Mean max temp (°C) Mean min temp (°C)

Jan 32 16

Feb 31 16

Mar 28 14

Apr 23 9

May 18 6

Jun 15 4

Jul 14 3

Aug 16 4

Sep 20 6

Oct 23 9

Nov 27 12

Dec 30 15


Recreation - Transport Griffith Golf Club

Visit Riverina’s number 1 golf course set at the foot of Scenic Hill • The 18 hole course winds its way through na�ve trees with ever present wildlife. • Kangaroos have claimed the lush kikuyu fairways their feeding areas and along with the beau�ful birdlife it makes a very picturesque course. • The course is a par 71 with bent grass greens which certainly will test your ability with the pu�er. While the fairways are quite wide there are plenty of trees to test your ability if you stray from the centre. The course has been referred to as an oasis within an oasis. • The clubhouse offers all the usual ameni�es of a modern club, with a great view from the upstairs clubhouse overlooking the course with a full view of the 1st tee, 9th green and 18th green. An enclosed BBQ area is also available for your use. • The Griffith pro shop is by far the best stocked and run pro shop in the Riverina with all the usual ameni�es on offer as well as two resident professionals to help you with your many needs. • Visitors are always welcome with compe��on days every Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and veterans on Thursday. The club also has a driving range available for those that need some prac�ce on their game. • The club and course is open 7 days a week with group bookings also taken.

Griffith Golf Club - Open 7 Days a. Lloyd Prest Drive, Griffith p. 02 6962 3173

Griffith Pro Shop - Open 7 Days p. 02 6962 3742 w.

MIA Coaches

AD Tours MIA Coaches oldest privately owned bus company in Griffith. • Opera�ng 30 Coaches and Buses • Luxury Air Condi�oned Coaches • Friendly Courteous Staff • Specialising in Corporate Charters, Weddings, Mystery Tours, School Excursions, Spor�ng Groups • Hire of Mini Buses from 8 to 35 seats a. 13-15 Jensen Road, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 1240 f. 02 6962 4722 e. w.

AD Tours is proud to be a Griffith based coach company, offering 48 seat luxury coaches to conduct local Day Tours or extended tours to any Australian des�na�on. Concert and Theatre packages. TOTAL TRAVEL ENJOYMENT 2TA5041/42

33 Yarran Street Hanwood NSW 2680 p. or f. 02 6963 0202 e.



AVIS Located at M.I.A Tyre Service, AVIS specialises in the hire of the latest model vehicles. Ranging from: • Cars • Utes • 8 seaters • 4WD’s • Trucks. Economical or luxurious, for jobs great and small give AVIS a call today.

a. 85 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 2266 f. 02 6964 1344 e.

Griffith Taxis At call 24 hours, 7 days a week • Prompt local friendly service with experienced drivers • Modern fleet of clean comfortable vehicles • Pres�ge taxis available • Maxi Taxis available to carry groups of up to 11 passengers • Wheelchair accessible taxis available • Transport for 1 to 1,000 people • Out of town bookings phone 02 6325 0004 • Account enquiries 02 6964 3113

Griffith Pres�ge Car Hire Service Griffith Pres�ge Car Hire offers you the choice to travel in comfort & style.

Available 24/7 • Private Chauffeur • Airport Transfers • Hourly Hire • Tours • Weddings • Corporate Travel

p. Charlie 0428 121 388 e. griffithpres�


Retail - Food Griffith Central Come and enjoy one of Griffith’s most modern shopping centres. Fully air-condi�oned with plenty of undercover parking and easy access, Griffith Central Shopping Centre boasts the only full line Target Store and Chemist Warehouse outlet in the Riverina as well as Ritchies Supa IGA for your convenience. You’ll love the vibrant food court with a vast array of eateries as well as excep�onal cafes to enjoy a relaxing la�e a�er shopping. Over 30 specialty stores offer a convenient range of mens and ladies fashions, jewellery, music, gi�s and services for your everyday needs.

We are conveniently located in Yambil Street, near the Griffith Visitors’ Centre.


a. 10-12 Yambil Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 7284 f. 02 6962 7152 w.

Gourmet treats Griffith is the perfect destination for people who appreciate good food. With an abundance of superb local produce, Griffith’s restaurants, cafes and food artisans create delicious gourmet delights for all to enjoy. For immediate pleasures, visit one of the city’s great eateries where you’ll find lots of options from home-made pasta to locally made gelato. Al fresco dining is hard to beat on a beautiful sunny day or balmy evening. If you’re looking for a special gift or souvenir to take home, then local food providores have plenty of options including locally made olive oil and salami, mustards and relishes plus nougat and biscotti.

Vita’s Italian Restaurant • Fully licensed – Peroni on tap, local beers and wines available • Extensive menu – woodfired pizza, homemade pasta, steak, seafood and homemade desserts • Group & func�on menu’s available • Enjoy casual relaxed dining in the heart of Griffith Open for Lunch Tues – Sat from 11am Open for Dinner Mon – Sat from 6pm a. 252 - 254 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 7999 for bookings

Belvedere Restaurant & Pizza • • • •

Fully Licensed Informal Dining Takeaway or Home Delivery Formal, Informal or Outdoor Dining

Specialising in authen�c Italian cuisine. We can also cater for your next special event or func�on. OPEN Tuesday - Sunday from 12.00pm �ll late. Closed Mondays. a. 494 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1488

O’Donnell’s Featured in NSW Wine Breaks “Top Places to Eat” • Open Monday to Friday • Breakfast from 7am, Lunch from 11.30am • Homemade treats and coffee all day • Licensed Café • Takeaway juices and Fairtrade Organic Coffee “food U long for” a. Centrepoint Building Ulong Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 4666

Griffith Fish Market - Est. 1993 Specialising in Quality fresh fish & Seafood. • Fresh seafood available Wed to Sat • Award winning Café & Takeaway • Serving Lavazza coffee • B.Y.O • Family owned and operated Open: Tuesday 10am to 3pm, Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 8pm. a. 9 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 2015



La Tavola & Bar One88 “a tavola non si ‘nvecchia”...

at the table with family and friends, you will never grow old! We’d love you to join us at our family table, La Tavola. Be ready to experience our tradi�onal recipes of sumptuous pastas, crispy pizza’s, juicy steaks and refreshing salads. Enjoy a glass of local wine, or an icy cold beer. Join us for the best coffee in town, and treat yourself to our fabulous Italian cakes and gateaux’s. Dine with us, takeaway or have your meals delivered. Are you having a func�on?... give us call; we cater for up to 300 people... the choices are endless. Chargeback facili�es also available from all local accommoda�on houses. With a contemporary & casual atmosphere, large outdoor area and diverse entertainment Bar One88 is the place to be. With an extensive range of cocktails, wine, spirits, local and imported beers as well as Tapas Pla�ers and Desserts.

a. 188 Banna Ave Griffith, NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 7777

Codemo Smallgoods At Codemo, we pride ourselves on producing the finest tradi�onal style Salami, Hams, Prosciu�o, Sausages and many other tasty delicacies based on methods brought to this country from the Veneto region in Italy in the 1950’a. Come visit our deli to buy direct and find out what we mean when we say: quality, not quan�ty, is the answer to good taste.

La Piccola Grosseria & Italian Deli Specialising in authen�c Italian groceries including: • Coffees • Salamis • Prosciu�os • An�pasto • Home-made Bread • Wide range of pane�ones • Fully imported range of Italian Biscuits & Cheeses Open: Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday - 8.30am - 1.00pm Sunday - 9.00am to 12.00pm

Visit Codemo Smallgoods at Mitchell Lane in Griffith or call us on 02 6962 3044 a. 444a Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 7266 f. 02 6964 7255

Open: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm, Saturday 8am -12pm

Monty’s Mobile Catering “Caterers for any occasion imaginable”

• Succulent spit roasts • Gourmet food • Italian Cuisine • Finger Food • Gourmet BBQ • Special Wedding Packages • Christmas Party Packages • Catering for 25 to 2000 guests • Mobile service for indoor and outdoor recep�ons • Opera�ng up to 200kms from Griffith p. 02 6962 4046 m. 0432 379 170 e. w.


Attractions Griffith Pioneer Park Museum Pioneer Park Museum is an open air Museum, situated in 11 hectares of natural bushland. There are over 40 buildings within the collec�on which have been relocated to the site or recrea�on of originals. There is an extensive range of relevant historical artefacts, vintage horse-drawn and motorised vehicles and a range of significant tex�les. The Museum highlights the story of the implementa�on of the Murrumbidgee Irriga�on system. This has been an extraordinary project which has transformed a once barren land into a thriving food and wine produc�on centre. Griffith’s cultural diversity is also unique, which is iden�fied within the Italian Museum and Cultural Centre. This building accommodates a large modern exhibi�on rela�ng to Italian migra�on and the contribu�on of the Italian community with the development of the region. Open Daily 9.30am – 4.00pm Coach groups welcome, catering available by prior booking

p. 02 6962 4196 f. 02 6964 2815 e.

Griffith Regional Art Gallery

Griffith Regional Theatre

The Gallery is a vibrant space showcasing a range of exhibi�ons - touring and local

The Theatre presents an exci�ng program celebra�ng the diversity of performing arts.

Home to the Na�onal Contemporary Jewellery Award & Couture Collec�on. Offers a range of art workshops Wednesday to Friday 10am – 5pm Weekends 11am – 2pm (Note: Closed between exhibi�ons to install new work)

Comedy, Dance, Live Music, Opera and Family Entertainment

a. 167 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 5991 w.

View the magnificent So� Sculptured Curtain, Mosaic Sculptures and Art Space. Phone for curtain viewing �mes. a. 1 Neville Place, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 8444 Box Office Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm w.

Riverina Grove Experience gourmet produce from the Riverina Taste Louis Marangon’s special recipes for Pasta Sauce, Giardiniera, Tapenade, Olives, Garlic Mixes, Tomato Relish-Plums in Port-Tomato, BBQ & Chilli Sauces, Pickled Onions, Pesto, Marmalade, Conserves & Other Riverina products include-Salami & Olive Oils. The best locally roasted coffee in town. Bus bookings welcome. a. 4 Whybrow Street (Mooreville Industrial Estate) Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 7988 Open Mon - Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am - 12pm

Catania Fruit Salad Farm Catania is a family owned farm, in Australia’s largest Irriga�on area, the Murrumbidgee Irriga�on Area. You can view and gain an understanding of how a wide variety of hor�culture and vi�culture crops are grown.

See the drying of the sugar plum. Enjoy our jams, mustards, prunes, pickles and tradi�onal Sicilian preserva�ve free wine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Catania Fruit Salad Farm is a great place to visit.

Your journey begins with a look in the original mud brick home built in 1912, and a bus ride around their farm, sharing their stories and giving you an insight into the history of the pioneers of the �me. The farm produces a variety of fruits and nuts which are sampled on the tour. When visi�ng Catania, you learn about how the Irriga�on system delivers water to the farms, how crops are grown and harvested.

Open 6 days Mon - Sat from 11am to 4pm Guided Tours Mon - Sat at 1.30pm Bookings for Tours Essen�al during December and All Sundays a. Farm 43 Cox Road, Hanwood NSW 2680 p. 02 6963 0219 m. 0427 630219 w.

Enjoy Griffith’s wineries



With such a large and diverse wine industry, no trip to Griffith is complete without a visit to some of the city’s wonderful wineries. Home to over 15 wineries, from large to small, there are a variety of wine styles to sample and enjoy. The region is renowned for its botrytis style dessert wines, so make sure you sample the sweet, sticky taste of these deliciously golden wines. The Griffith winery trail will take you on a journey of some of the country’s most successful wineries, where you can sample award-winning wines direct from the wineries’ cellar doors. Visitors are welcome and well catered for with many wineries offering picturesque gardens with picnic tables and barbeque facilities. See the information below and overleaf for cellar door locations and opening times. Call into the Visitor Information Centre to collect a Wine Trail map or phone 1800 681 141 and our staff will post you a copy in advance.

Yarran Wines Yarran Wines is located 1.7 kilometres north of Yenda along Myall Park road (towards the Cocoparra Na�onal Park) and specializes in producing varietal red and white wines with an emphasis on regional style.

Westend Estate

Yarran Wines is set apart from other venues in the region by its architecture and elevated vistas of vineyards and na�onal park. Experience wine tas�ng with an al fresca aspect or simply relax in the cellar door with your hosts John and Lorraine. Trading hours: Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm

Discover Westend Estate Wines, a dynamic family owned company, specialising in regional wines, to include unique varie�es; 3 Bridges Durif and Calabria Aglianico. Proud winners of the Stodart Trophy. Weekdays: 8.30am - 5pm Weekends: 10am - 4pm

a. 178 Myall Park Rd, Yenda NSW 2681 p. 02 6968 1125 e. w.

a. 1283 Bryane Rd, Griffith, NSW 2680 p. 02 6969 0800 e. w.

Hanwood Estate Cellar Door

Warburn Estate

Set in the midst of the unique Australian landscape is the McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Winery. Established in 1917, the winery stands today as a pillar of winemaking excellence dedicated to crea�ng the very best wines. Designed by Glen McWilliam, the unique barrel-shaped Cellar Door was completed in 1973. The gardens outside feature the bronze statue of JJ McWilliam. Winery views and plenty of space for a relaxing picnic, the Hanwood Cellar Door provides the perfect se�ng for a truly memorable wine tas�ng experience. Call in and taste a selec�on of their award winning red, white and for�fied wines. (RV friendly parking)

The Warburn Estate por�olio ranges from the flagship 1164 Family Reserve, which is the premier personal brand of the Warburn Estate, to the contemporary Gossips range of fresh-flavoured wines that offers excellent value for money.

a. McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Winery, Jack McWilliam Road, Hanwood, NSW 2680 Cellar Door open Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 4pm p. 02 6963 3404 f. 02 6963 3444 w.

a. 700 Kidman Way Tharbogang NSW 2680 p. 02 69638325 w.

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm



De Bortoli Wines Established in 1928, De Bortoli Wines Bilbul Estate is located just 10 minutes drive from Griffith. The estate is home to the iconic Noble One Botry�s Semillon, as well as the popular Emeri Sparkling and Deen Vat Series wines. The friendly staff will ensure a memorable experience, guiding you through the vast selec�on of wines available to taste, including those from our Hunter, Yarra and King Valley estates. There’s also undercover barbecue facili�es as well as beau�ful gardens and a children’s playground. Coach groups are most welcome. a. De Bortoli Wines Bilbul Estate, De Bortoli Rd, Bilbul NSW 2680 p. 02 6966 0111 w.

Berton Vineyards

pick us up tonight.

The Winery

You will find our winery and cellar door in the heart of Yenda. At Berton Vineyards we believe that wine is all about the people. Come in and let our friendly staff take you through our award winning range of wines. Two wines that are a must, though not for the feint hearted, are the Black Shiraz and White Viognier. So do try these and let us open your world of wine. a. Mirrool Avenue, Yenda NSW 2681 Cellar Door Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm Saturday 11am - 4.00pm p. 02 6968 1600 f. 02 6968 1620 e.

With an emphasis on character driven wines packed full of warm climate fruit ripeness that you will love to drink, The Winery offers all that is casual, friendly and approachable in wine. Open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturdays by appointment. Closed Public Holidays. a. 113 Hanwood Avenue Hanwood, NSW 2680 p. 02 6963 0200 w.

Beelgara Estate Beelgara Estate is one of the top 25 wine producers in Australia and has been making premium Australian wine since 1930. Sample a wide range of award winning wines at our modern cellar door and keep an eye out for our regular specials. A short 10 minute drive from the Griffith town centre.

Billabong Bo�le Shop HAS GOT THE LOT

Cellar door opening hours Monday-Friday 11am-3pm Closed weekends and public holidays

• Milk • Bread • Ice • ATM • Gas • Beer • So� • Drinks • Ice-Cream • Pre Paid Phone • Largest Stockists of local wines OPEN 7 DAYS 8.30am TILL LATE

a. Farm 576 Rosse�o Road, Beelbangera NSW 2680 p. 02 6966 0208 or 1800 171 154 w.

a. 11B Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 (next door to Red Rooster) p. 02 6964 1511

Accommodation options



Camping and caravanning

Griffith offers visitors a wide range of accommodation from hotels, motels and self-contained apartments to B&Bs, caravan parks and budget hostel accommodation. Whatever your taste and budget, you will find a bed to suit your needs. Best of all, you will find your host ready to offer genuine country hospitality for which Griffith is renowned.

As camping and caravanning is an increasingly popular way to explore our country, the self-sufficient traveller is catered for with many rest sites. CMCA travellers are welcome to rest along the picturesque main canal at The Willows on Kookora Street, a dump site is available at this location. Campers, caravaners and motor homes are all welcome at Lake Wyangan , an idyllic location for anyone toting a tent, towing a caravan or travelling in a motor home.

If you’d like to make a booking in advance, the staff at Griffith Visitor Information Centre can help. Just give them a call on 1800 681 141. Online reservations are also just a click away. Go to and follow the accommodation links to view properties and rates and to make a reservation.

Camping facilities are also available at nearby Cocoparra National Park and the Murrumbidgee Valley National and Regional Parks.

Centrepoint Apartments Griffith “Stay a Night or Stay a While” While in Griffith come and stay at the beau�fully appointed Centrepoint Apartments right in the heart of Griffith.


Room Facili�es: • 24 serviced studio suites, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments • King & Queen sized beds • Plasma TV and Austar • CD/DVD • Climate Controlled Ducted Air condi�oning • Broadband Internet • Electronic Swipe Keys • Hairdryers • Li� • Disable Facili�es • Secure Off Street Parking a. 129-139 Yambil Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6960 2000 f. 02 6960 2033 e. w.




Acacia Motel Winner of the Outstanding Business and Service Award in accommoda�on. The owners have pride in the presenta�on of all areas of the motel. A reputa�on for spotless well appointed suites with all those personal touches that make your stay more enjoyable. Known for their “home style cooked breakfast.” Located close to Leagues Club & Ex-Servicemen’s Club, KFC, Ten Pin Bowling, Cinemas & Griffith Central Plaza. The Visitors Centre and the main street are also just a short stroll.

• All Ground floor suites • Wireless broadband Access • Kitchene�e in all Deluxe suites • Microwaves in family suites

• Digital Flat screen TVs • Pool & BBQ area • Austar available • Off road parking

44 Jondaryan Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 4422 f. 02 6962 3284 Reserva�on freecall: 1800 550 367 e.

The Grand Motel Brand new accommoda�on in a quiet main street loca�on. • Standard, Spa, Deluxe & Family Rooms - Total 42. • Restaurant • Broadband internet • Austar • Secure underground parking • Spa Pool • Gym & Sauna a. 454 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6969 4400 f. 02 6962 4594 e. reserva� w.


Accommodation EconoLodge Griffith Motor Inn The Kidman Wayside Inn 80 Luxury Units, Self contained (2) and interconnec�ng family rooms. • Disabled, spa and Honeymoon suites available • Wireless Broadband and complimentary Austar to all rooms.

• Fully licensed Italian Restaurant and func�on centre

a. 58 – 72 Jondaryan Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 5666 Fax: 02 6962 4436

The MIA Motel is ideally situated close to clubs, nurseries and eateries. New fully renovated rooms make your stay memorable. Choose from a standard or deluxe room. Disabled and family rooms are available. Each room contains an iron, fridge, hair dryer, microwave, tea and coffee facili�es and toasters. Fully cooked breakfast is available. Rooms are serviced daily. Unique BBQ area and pool are ideal for the family. Internet is available. a. 144 Mackay Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1866 f. 02 6962 1715 e.

The Citrus Motel is ideally situated. With clubs, takeaway food outlets, cinema’s and ten pin bowling all within 500 metres. The motel is proud of its 28 comfortable refurbished rooms and prides itself on having excep�onally clean units with the highest standard. Roll down shu�ers on windows, huge pool, baby pool, BBQ, parking at door, microwaves, tea coffee, toaster, fridge, hair dryer. Serviced daily. Fully cooked breakfasts are available daily. a. 71 – 73 Jondaryan Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 6233 f. 02 6964 1300 e.

Facili�es include: • 40 well appointed rooms • Free Austar and BBQ • Laundry • High speed wireless internet • Invi�ng licensed restaurant and bar a. 96 Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1800 e.

A-Line Motel

MIA Motel

Citrus Motel

The EconoLodge Griffith Motor Inn is conveniently located in the heart of Griffith within a short walk from the main shopping and business centre.

Coro Club & Motel Friendly Club with Malcolm’s Chinese Restaurant • Spor�ng Field • 11 Room Motel in Quiet Area • 1 Room Self Contained • Spacious Rooms with Kitchene�e • Compe��ve Rates a. 20 – 26 Harward Road Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1180 f. 02 6962 7504 e.

FREE wireless internet & Austar channels now available. • 24 ground floor rooms including family, disabled and self contained • Quiet loca�on • Pool & BBQ area • Ample off street parking for large vehicles & buses • Room service breakfast • Charge back facili�es with local restaurants a. 187-189 Wakaden Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1922 f. 02 6964 1379 e. reserva�

Comfort Inn Gemini Located in the heart of Griffiths CBD


• 65 rooms including Deluxe, Execu�ve, Spa & 2 Bedroom Apartments • Austar TV & wireless broadband access • Charge back facili�es available from our licensed restaurant, cocktail bar, gaming lounge & conference centre. a. 201-227 Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 3833 f. 02 6962 5619 e. w.



Mindon Serviced Apartments Mindon Serviced Apartments offer all the comforts of home, close to the Griffith CBD area, restaurants, clubs and local a�rac�ons. • Nightly, Weekly and Long Stay Rates • Spacious Lounge and Dining areas • Fully Equipped Kitchen and Laundry Facili�es • Two Spacious Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms • Austar and Internet • All Linen Supplied • Reverse Cycle Hea�ng and Cooling • Lock up Garage and Off Street Parking • A�rac�ve Outdoor Area • Non Smoking • Minimum stay of 2 nights a. 41-45 Couch Road, PO Box 302, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 4488 m. 0429 603 940 f. 02 6962 5845 e. w. www.mindon.bigpondhos�

Griffith Northside Apartments • Coates Villa ( 4.5 Star self rated) 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 years old. • Jacaranda Co�age (4 star self rated) 3 bedrooms, Wooden floors. Fully renovated. • Northside Apartments (3 star self rated) 1 & 2 bedrooms. Long & short term. 5 mins to CBD Gael & John Irwin p. 0419 629 892 w.

Ingleden Park Co�ages Self-contained Bed and Breakfast Co�ages and Farmstay including a generous con�nental breakfast hamper. Experience a stay on a working property or just enjoy the peaceful surrounds of a co�age garden only 15 minutes from Griffith. Guests are welcome to look in on farming ac�vi�es. Enterprises: Rice, wheat, canola, Oats, Barley, Sheep and Lambs and farm pets. A complimentary tour of the property is available upon request, including the working sheep dog.

Wilga Park Co�age The ideal escape for couples, families, friends or those on business who enjoy complete privacy, room to move and a li�le style! Relax in the peace and tranquillity of this award winning, very comfortable 2 bedroom B&B co�age. Set in a secluded garden.

p. 0429 636 527 or 0429 042 979 e. w.

a. 6 Condon Road, Bilbul (via Griffith) NSW 2680 p. 02 6968 1661 m. 0428338144 w. www.wilgaparkco�

The Clarenton “Griffith’s own Stylish Bou�que Accommoda�on” The perfect place to stay! This apartment boasts Elegant décor and total privacy with tranquil garden views and a 10 metre saltwater pool.


Catania Farm Co�age A hamper of local produce and wine await you on arrival. Enjoy your Austar in air-condi�oned comfort, with a full kitchen and laundry, guests are assured of a comfortable and relaxing stay. Close to CBD, hospital, spor�ng ovals, restaurants. Off street parking. a. 22 Palla Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 5284 m. 0417 207 972

Experience the quiet alterna�ve 8km from the CBD set in a picturesque vineyard, with all the comforts of home. Our 3 bedroom co�age accommodates 6 adults, weekly and long stay rates. • Accommodates 6 adults • Tastefully decorated • Fully self contained a. Farm 43 Cox Road, Hanwood NSW 2680 m. 0427 630 219 e. w.


Accommodation Hotel Victoria Hotel Victoria - 2006 Mul� Award Winner of Excellence, has the majes�c aura of the 1920’s, the unique décor with the original Iron Pressed Ceilings and the original �ling in the Sportsman’s Bar which contribute to the blending of the old and the new so well together. Located in the CBD. Access to Post Office, banks, restaurants, cafes and Griffith’s famous specialty shops. The hotel has something for everyone: Great food 7 days, new Alfresco Dining, Relaxing Coffee Lounge, Fantas�c Entertainment and friendly, happy and safe environment. 24 ensuited rooms are beau�fully styled in fresh tones. Beds are donned in crisp white bed linen. All rooms with modern facili�es available. Complimentary Country Style Cooked Breakfast, Internet access & broadband. The Hotel Offers: • Special Business and Rep Rates • Weekend Packages Available • Coach and Bus Rates for Bed & Breakfast also Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

a. 384 Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1299 f. 02 6962 1081 e. w.

Area Hotel The AREA has been a local watering hole since 1937 serving you the best Hotel Accommoda�on- From $60 per night in live entertainment and icy cold beer. Located in the main street of • Pizza Griffith, we are central to the best Griffith has to offer. • Pasta Come and join us for a great counter meal and enjoy the atmosphere of this great hotel. If you need to stay a while why don’t you check out our • Steaks accommoda�on rates? • Home Delivery ph 6962 7888 At the AREA our aim is to provide you with a great night out so why don’t you come down and let the team look a�er you. a. 208 Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 1322 w. Gaming, TAB & KENO, Entertainment Friday & Saturday nights.

Yenda Hotel

Yenda Hotel Alberta Lodge • Private Rooms • Shared Ameni�es • Off Street Parking

• Family run Heritage listed Country Hotel • Motel and pub rooms available • Outdoor gaming area and beer garden • Chinese restaurant • Lounge area • TAB facili�es • Pool table • Video juke box • Regular live entertainment • Winery tours for small groups or up to 22 people • Vintage accommoda�on available for single or share accommoda�on

• Close to CBD • Short or long term stays accommodated

a. 87 Canal Street, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 6288 m. 0429 647 006

Courtesy bus available. a. Yenda Place, Yenda NSW 2681 p/f. 02 6968 1014 e.



Griffith Tourist Park

The Griffith Tourist Park is a small friendly and quite park, Close to all ameni�es- shopping centre, movies, bowling and clubs. • Accommoda�on to suit all budgets ranging from bunkhouse style accommoda�on to self contained units and deluxe two bedroom cabins. • Shaded, powered ensuited, slab sites and grassed camp sites. • Mostly drive through powered sites able to accommodate large vans and RV’s. • Pool tennis court BBQ’s and grassed recrea�onal areas. • Spotless ameni�es, guest laundry and large drying areas. • Dogs welcome with touring vans (at managers discre�on). • A perfect place to get together for groups for reunions, family get togethers, clubs etc. Relax close to town and have your van repairs and maintenance carried out at Jayco Griffith just across the road from the Park.

a. 919 Willandra Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 2144 f. 02 6964 1126 e. e. reserva� w.

Yambil Inn Motel The Quiet one. Offering value for money in a quiet central loca�on within easy walking distance to shops, restaurants and clubs. Large well appointed units include: • Flat screen television • DVD player & free loan library • Microwave • Split system aircondi�oning • All non smoking rooms • Wireless internet (card fee) • Austar • Salt water pool • BBQ. • Charge back facili�es with local restaurants • Breakfast available to room • Me�culous Housekeeping. Owner operated offering good old fashioned, friendly service. a. 155 Yambil St, Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6964 1233 f. 02 6964 1355

Griffith Caravan Village The Spacious Peaceful Park Family owned and operated. • 60 powered sites • Self contained ensuite units, cabins, 2 bedroom units • Camping area • Pool • Grassed recrea�on area • BBQ • Kiosk • Cra� shop • Laundry • Old wares museum & sewing machine display • Coaches, Car & Caravan Clubs catered for Close to Clubs, Shops and Nurseries. Sorry no pets. a. Mackay Avenue (Leeton Rd), Griffith NSW 2680 p. 02 6962 3785 w. e.




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