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Catalog of Grief Resources


Because We Care. . . Care Packages Because you care. . .

General Grief Package Includes these books: Grief: What it is and What You Can Do, A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor, Grieve Book, More Than Surviving, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign. Code: BWCGC Price: $15.00 For Bereaved Parents Inclues these books: Dear Parents, For Better or Worse, Children Die, Too, Goodbye My Child, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign. Code: BWCBC Price: $15.00 Suicide Survivors Package for Parents Includes these books: When Somone You Love Completes Suicide, Suicide of a Child, Grief: What it is and what you can do about it, For Better or Worse, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign. Code: BWCSC Price: $15.00 Teen Care Package Includes these books: Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins Journal, Facing Change, When Death Walks In, a book bag and Caring Card. Code: BWCTC Price: $15.00 Stillbirth Include these books: Little Footprints, This Little While, Healing Together, For Bereaved Grandparents, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign. Code: BWCIC Price: $15.00 Miscarriage Includes these books: Miscarriage, Miscarriage: A Man’s Book, Healing Together, Grief: What it is and what you can do about it, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sigh. Code: BWCMC Price: $15.00 Holiday Care Package Includes these books: Holiday Blues, Not Just Another Day, Grief, When the Holiday Hurts and Getting Past Christmas. The care package includes a book bag and caring card. Code: BWCHC Price: $15.00 Death of a Mother for Children Includes the books, Molly’s Mom Died, I Heard Your Mommy Died, A Complete Book About Death for Kids, A Child Remembers and a Caring Card for you to sign, stress star and book bag. Code: BWCCC Price: $15.00 Death of a Father for Children Includes the books, The Snowman, Sam’s Dad Died, I Heard Your Daddy Died and Lost? and A Child Remembers. Includes a caring card, book bag and stress star. Code: BWCFC Price: $15.00

Pet Loss for Children Includes the books, Grunt, Ragtail Remembers, Lucy, Let’s Go! Stress star, Caring Card and book bag. Code: BWCPC Price: $15.00 Loss of a Spouse for Widow Includes the books, A Journey Through Widowhood,Healing Your Grieving Heart after your Spouse Dies, Grieve, More Than Surviving and Grief: What it is and what you can do. Includes a Caring Card for you to sign, or have us sign, and a book bag. Code: BWCWR Price: $30.00 Loss of a Spouse for Widowers Includes the books, A Handbook for Widowers, More Than Surviving, Grieve, Grief: What it is and what you can do about it, and Healing Your Grieving Heart after A Spouse Dies. Includes a Caring Card for you to sign, or have us sign, and a book bag. Code: BWCWO Price: $30.00

Mobile Library for Children Children’s Grief Kit includes Centering’s published books: A Bunch of Balloons, What Doees That Mean?, Sunflower Promise, Tell Me, Papa, Lost?, Keys to Helping Children Deal With Death and Grief, Grief Comes to Class, Since My Brother Died, Baseball Forever!, Lost and Found, Finding Grandpa Everywhere, Lilacs for Grandma, Animal Crackers, Lucy Let’s Go, Ragtail Remembers, Grunt, Molly’s Mom Died, Sam’s Dad Died, I Heard Your Mommy Died, I Heard Your Daddy Died, The Snowman, Getting Used to Candy, Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins, When Death Walks In, Reactions, and A Child Remembers. Customize your mobile library with other pulishers resources in our catalog. Code: TEGBC Price: $69.99

Grieve A Book About Learning from Grief with Guided Reflections By PJ Moon

Death of a Grandfather for Children Includes the books, Finding Grandpa Everywhere, A Child Remembers and A Complete Book About Death for Kids. A Caring Card, book bag and stress star. Code: BWCNC Price: $15.00 Death of a Grandmother for Children Includes the books, Tell Me, Papa, Lilacs for Grandma, and A Complete Book About Death for Kids, A Child Remembers. Includes a Caring Card, stress star and book bag. Code: BWCDC Price: $15.00 Sibling Grief for Children Includes the books, Since My Brother Died, A Complete Book About Death for Kids, A Child Remembers, and Lost? Code: BWCSG Price: $15.00

Create your own Care Package: Bag Separately: Code: BAG Price: $3.50

Thank you! Centering Corporation is a non-profit, bereavement resource center. We would like to thank all of our authors, contributors, supporters and consultants.

Content Section One: Adult Grief Resources Adult Grief Resources Pages 7-14 Holidays and Special Days Page 9 Helping Others Page 9 Suicide and Homicide Survivors Page 10 Men and Grief Page 10 Death of a Parent Page 11 Adult Sibling Grief Page 11 Support Group Page 12 Funeral Eulogies Page 12 Pet Loss Page 12 Illness, Death and Dying Page 13 Death of a Spouse or Life Partner Page 14 Grief at Work Page 14

Section Two: Death

of a


Death of a Child Page 15-17 Suicide, Homicide, Drug Overdose Page 17

Section Three: Infant Loss Resources Miscarriage and Newborn Death Page 18-22 Memory Books Page 19 For Fathers Page 19 Sibling Grief Page 20 For Grandparents Page 20 Teen Miscarriage, Adopton Page 20 Funeral Planning Page 21 Caregivers Page 21 Unborn Baby with Problems Page 21 Small Handouts Page 21 Comfee Doll Page 21 NICU Infants Page 22

About Centering Corporation The Centering Corporation was founded in 1977 by Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson, National Presenters. We started out with nine little coloring books for hospitalized children and a couple of workshops for nurses. Today we have over 100 of our own grief resources for children and adults, My Friends Emotion Dolls, a Memory Bag for children and are the official bookstore for several national organizations. We are here for grieving people and those who care for and love them. We will provide the best grief literature possible. We will develop needed books and provide caring workshops.

Our Mission Statement

We will help support groups find the resources they need to make a difference. We support other publishers who are also reaching people. All of us are unique. We are sensitive to the needs of others and to our own needs. Each call into our office will find a caring voice on the other end, with time to listen and readiness to help. We will all participate in continuing education events every year to increase our own expertise and to help us develop spiritually and emotionally. Our clients and our members are considered part of a caring, extended family, and we will develop personal relationships with them and they with us. We will consult and listen to advice and new ideas. We look at the challenges before us as positive, rewarding experiences. We will not set limits beneath our potential. We will treat ourselves and others with respect. We will encourage creativity and new ideas. We will enjoy the changes that come.

Section Four: Children’s Grief Resources Creative & Healing Tools Page 22-29 Sibling Grief Page 25 Pet Loss Page 25 National Disaster Page 25 Death of a Grandparent Page 25 Illness: For Children and Family Page 26 School Resources Page 26 Death of a Parent Page 27 Divorce Page 27 Teen/Adolescent Grief Page 28 Suicide, Fear and Homicide Page 29 Workbooks Page 29

Please note: If you don’t see it in our catalog, just ask! Some titles can be special ordered or may even be in our resource center.

Centering Heals Grief

• Breathe deep • Reach out • Take comfort • Breathe deep • Find courage • Tell your story • Feel real • Breathe deep • Go inside • Keep patience • Breathe deep

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Resource List 10 Steps to Parenting P. 27 25 Things to Do P. 22 35 Ways to Help a Grieving P. 24 After A Murder P. 29 After A Death P. 29 After A Parent’s Suicide P. 29 After A Suicide P. 29 After Suicide Loss P. 10 After the Darkest Hour P. 17 After the Loss of Your Baby P. 20 Afterlife Agreements P. 15 Always By My Side P. 27 Always My Brother P. 24 Always Too Soon P. 11 Am I Like My Daddy? P. 27 Angel Catcher P. 14 Angel T-Shirt P. 21 Animal Crackers P. 25 Another Baby? Maybe P. 18 Ant Hill Disaster P. 25 Art of Being a Healing P. 9, 13 Art of Helping P. 9 Artful Grief P. 15 Ask Me P. 9 Baby Talk & Special P. 22 Baseball Forever! P. 25 Bereavement Counseling P. 26 Being With Parents P.21 Bereaved Parent, The P. 16 Beyond Tears P. 16 Beyond the Rainbow P. 26 Bittersweet...Hellogoodbye P. 21 Breathe P. 15 Bunch of Balloons, A P. 23 But I Didn’t Say Goodbye P. 29 Butterflies, Angels & Roses P. 16 Butterfly Song CD, The P. 7 “Can” in Cancer, The P. 26 Celebration of Life, A P. 11 Chicken Soup Grieving P. 8 Child Remembers, A P. 29 Children and Grief P. 20 Children Die, Too P. 15 Children Die, Too (Spanish) P. 15 Children Grieve, Too P. 24 Child’s View of Grief, A P. 24 Coloring Your Grief P. 17 Comfee Doll Pillow P. 21 Comfort Us Lord P. 18 Common Threads of Teen P. 28 Communicating w/ Children P.13 Companioning At A Time P. 21 Companioning the Grieving P. 26 Companioning Cirriculum P. 26 Conversations P. 13 Companioning the Dying P. 13 Copper Tree, The P. 26 Coping With Traumatic P. 10 Creating a New Normal P. 15 Crying Handbook, The P. 8 ‘D” Word, The P. 27 Dear Parents P. 15 Death of a Child, The P. 16 Death of an Infant Twin P. 21 Depression of Grief P. 8 Difficult Decisions P. 21 Doggone Grief Game P. 22 Dream Clouds P. 27 Dying to be Free P. 10 Edna P. 24 Empty Arms P. 18 Empty Arms, Spanish P. 18 Empty Cradle, Broken Heart P. 18 Empty Place, The P. 25 Ethan’s Butterflies P. 20 Everette Andrerson’s P. 27 Facing Change P. 28 Fall of Freddie the Leaf, The P. 23 Family Caregivers Guide, The P. 13 Family’s Journey, A P. 13, 26 Fathers Grieve, Too P. 21 Fathers Grieve, Too (Spanish) P. 21 Feeling Hearts Stones P. 22 Finding Grandpa Everywhere P. 25 Finding Your Way/Parent P. 11 Finding Your Way/Goodbye P. 13 Finding Your Way/Spouse P. 14 Fire In My Heart, Ice In My P. 28 First You Die P. 16 Flower’s on a Child’s Grave P. 15 For Bereaved Grandparents P. 17,20 For Better Or Worse P. 15 For the Love of Daniel P. 17 Getting Past Christmas P. 9 Getting Used to Candy P. 27


$10.50 $13.95 $9.95 $12.95 $12.95 $14.95 $12.95 $15.00 $13.99 $4.00 $16.95 $16.99 $16.95 $14.95 $12.00 $18.95 $15.00 $8.95 $5.00 $9.95 $8.95 $15.00 $18.99 $5.95 $5.95 $9.95 $9.95 $0.75 $14.00 $14.99 $9.95 $29.95 $18.95 $5.99 $14.95 $12.95 $20.00 $9.95 $8.95 $14.95 $6.95 $2.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.50 $7.00 $12.95 $15.00 $3.50 $12.95 $32.95 $19.95 $29.95 $29.95 $15.00 $19.95 $9.99 $10.00 $20.95 $10.00 $9.95 $11.95 $10.95 $0.75 $14.95 $3.99 $35.00 $10.00 $12.95 $11.95 $12.95 $12.95 $19.95 $8.95 $9.95 $8.99 $6.95 $14.95 $14.95 $18.50 $0.75 $0.75 $22.50 $7.95 $13.95 $13.95 $14.95 $9.95 $12.99 $14.95 $4.95 $4.00 $14.95 $0.75 $6.95

Gifts of Life P. 26 Gifts of Life/Teens P. 28 Gift of Time P. 18 Gifts of Life for Teens P. 27 Given in Love P 20 Good Grief P. 7 Good Words P. 12 Goodbye My Child P. 15, 19 Good-bye My Friend P. 12 Grandpa’s Soup P. 24 Grandparent’s Grief P. 20, 21 Grandparent’s Journey P. 20 Grandparent’s Sorrow, A P. 20 Great Answers to Difficult... P. 24 Great Answers/Divors P. 27 Grief Book Kit P. 23 Grief Bubble, The P. 23 Grief Bubble (Spanish) P. 23 Grief Comes to Class P. 26 Grief Diaries P. 17 Grief Entanglements P. 7 Grief Guide and Healing P.7 Grief One Day at a Time P. 7 Grief Is Like a Snowflake P. 23 Grief of Parents, The P. 16 Grief Recovery Kit P. 28 Grief Unseen P. 18 Grief, Spanish Version P. 7 Grief: What It Is and what P. 7 GriefWork P. 21 GriefCase, The P.17 Griefjourney P. 28 Griefprints P.9 Grieving Dads P. 16 Grieving Death of a Friend P. 8 Grieving Death of a Mother P. 11 Grieving Grandparents P. 20 Growing Young P. 28 Grunt P. 25 Guide for Parents, A P. 24 Guide For The Bereaved P. 7 Handbook for Widowers P. 14 He Plays a Harp P. 15 Healing A Child’s Gr Heart P. 24 Healing A Grandparents P. 20 Healing A Parent’s Gr Heart P. 15 Healing A Spous’s Griev. Hrt P. 14 Healing Activities Children P. 22 Healing After Loss P. 7, 14 Healing Grief P. 8 Healing Grief (Spanish) P. 8 Healing the Adult Sibling P. 11 Healing the Hurt Spirit P. 10 Healing Together P. 18 Healing Your Grieving Heart P. 8 Healing Your Gr/Miscarriage P. 19 Healing Your Grieving/Still P. 19 Healing Grieving Heart Kids P. 23 Healing Grieving Heart Teen P. 28 Healing Improv P. 16 Heartpeace P. 8 Her Light Still Shines P. 17 Hello From Heaven P. 15 Help for the Hard Times P. 27 Help Me Say Goodbye P. 23 Helping Children Grieve P. 26 Helping Teens Cope P. 28 Helping Teens Cope DVD P. 28 Helping the Bereaved. . . P. 9 Helping the Grieving Student P. 23 Holding Onto Love P. 17 Holiday Blues P. 9 Honey Bear Died P. 24 Hope and Healing P. 8 How a Fortune Cookie P. 7 How I Feel P. 23 How Long Will the Pain Last P. 16 How To Design Grief Groups P. 12 How Will I Get Through P. 9 I Can’t Stop Crying P. 11 I Have No Intention P. 15 I Heard Your Daddy Died P. 27 I Heard your Mommy Died P. 27 I Remember, I Remember P. 14 I Will Never Forget You P. 28 In My Mother’s Kitchen P. 11 In Mourning Band P. 8 Intensive Parenting P. 22 Into the Valley and Out P. 15 Invisible String P. 23 Journaling Away Mommy’s P. 19 Journey’s End P. 13 Journeys Stories of Preg P. 19 Just A Touch Away P. 7 Just One Day P. 26


$6.00 $4.50 $20.95 $4.50 $4.00 $5.99 $19.95 $7.95 $6.95 $9.00 $2.00 $2.00 $5.95 $15.95 $15.95 $69.00 $11.95 $11.95 $6.95 $16.95 $10.95 $14.95 $14.95 $9.95 $4.00 $24.95 $29.95 $4.00 $4.00 $2.00 $12.99 $6.00 $14.95 $19.95 $17.99 $16.99 $4.00 $11.99 $6.95 $8.00 $5.00 $6.95 $14.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $24.95 $14.99 $3.50 $3.50 $11.95 $15.95 $4.00 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $14.99 $9.95 $19.95 $7.99 $14.95 $9.95 $4.95 $9.95 $39.95 $7.95 $9.95 $17.95 $4.00 $11.95 $16.95 $11.95 $2.00 $15.00 $24.95 $6.95 $14.99 $15.95 $5.95 $5.95 $14.95 $9.95 $11.95 $2.00 $19.95 $11.95 $16.95 $14.95 $4.00 $15.95 $14.95 $14.95

Katie’s Premature Brother P. 22 KPBC Keys to Helping Children P. 24 KEYC Kids Can Cope P. 29 KCCO Lazarus, Come Out! P. 12 LCOO Lean On Me Gently P. 24 LOGO Letters to my Son P. 15 LTMO Life After the Death of Son P. 16 LIDO Life After Truama P. 10 LATO Life Isn’t Always A Day P. 26 LIAO Life Touches Life P. 16 LTCO Lifetimes P. 23 LIFO Light A Candle & Songs P. 12 LCCO Lilacs for Grandma P. 25 LFGC Little Footprints P. 19 LIFC Little Footprints, Spanish P. 19 LISC Living Well With My Illness P. 26 LWMO Living When A Loved One P. 8 LWLO Living With Loss P. 14 LILO Losing A Parent P. 11 LAPO Lost? P. 24 LOSC Lost and Found P. 25 LAFC Love and Remembrance P. 16 LARC Love From A Star P. 24 LFSO Love Lasts Forever P. 16 LLFO Love Never Dies P. 16 LNDO Love Never Stops P. 29 LNSO Love You Forever P. 24 LYFO Loving and Letting Go P. 22 LLGC Loving Connections P. 15 LVCB Lucy Lets Go P. 25 LUGC Luna’s Red Hat P. 29 LRHO Making Lemonade P. 11 MKLO Making Loving Memories P. 21 MLMC Mama’s Right Here P. 27 MARO Man You Know Is Grieving P. 10 MYKO Memories P. 25 MMIO Memories Live Forever P. 29 MLFO Memories Live Forever, Span P. 28 MLSO Memories of Our Baby P. 17 MOBO Memory Garden Game P. 22 MEGO Men and Grief DVD P. 10 MAVO Men and Grief DVD 25yr P. 10 MA2O Men, Grief, Solitude P. 10 MGSO Miscarriage, BWC P. 21 BWME Miscarriage P. 18 MISC Miscarriage (Spanish) P. 18 MALC Miscarriage: A Man’s Book P. 19 MMBC Miscarriage: A Shattered P. 18 MISO Molly’s Mom Died P. 27 MMDC Moon Balloon, The P. 29 MBPO Mother’s Tears P. 16 MOTO More Good Words P. 12 MGOO More Good Words: Work P. 14 GWWO More Than Surviving P. 8 MTSC MotherCare P. 18 MOCO My Always Memories P. 26 MAMO My Grief Rights Wallet P. 23 MGWO My Grieving Journey P. 29 MGJO My Memory Bag P. 22 MYMC My NICU Baby Book P. 22 MNIC My Personal Pet Journal P. 12 PPRO My Preemie Brother P. 22 MYPO My Songs of Grief and Hope P. 16 MSGO My Yellow Balloon P. 24 MYBB Never the Same P. 11 NTSO Next Place, The P. 23 NEPO Next Place, The/Spanish P. 23 NESO No Bigger Than My Teddy P. 22 NBTO No New Baby P. 20 NNBC No New Baby (Spanish) P. 20 NNSC No One Told Me P. 21 NOTO No Time For Goodbyes P. 10 NTGO Nobody’s Child Anymore P. 10 NCAO Not Just Another Day P. 9 NJAC November Mourning P. 17 NOMB One You Love Has Died P. 8 OYHO One You Love Has Died P. 8 One You Love is Dying P. 13 OYLO One Who Soars Band P. 8 OWSO Our New Baby Needs Help P. 22 ONBC Out of the Shadows P. 28 OOSO Overcoming Loss P. 24, 26 OCLO Palliative Care Spirituality P. 13 PCAO Passed and Present P. 11 PAPO Parenting Through Grief P. 21 PTGO Parntered Grief P. 14 PNGC Peace & Remembrance P. 20 PARO Planning a Precious Goodbye P. 21 PPGO Pocket Stones P. 7 POSO Precious Lives, Painful P. 21 PLPO Preparing the Children P. 26 PTCO Ragtail Remembers P. 25 RTRC Reactions to Trauma P. 29 RTTC Real Men Do Cry P. 17 RMDO Remembering Our Baby P. 20 ROBC

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Safe Passage P. 8 Sam’s Dad Died P. 27 Saying Goodbye P. 23 Saying Goodbye, Spanish P. 23 Saying Goodbye to my Pet P. 25 Scar, The P. 27 Seed Time P. 7 Setting Up and Facilitating P. 12 Seven T’s, The P. 17 Sibling Grief/Ilse P. 20 Sibling Grief/P. White P. 11 SIDS and Infant Survival P. 19 Since My Brother Died P. 25 Single Parent Grief P. 18 Six Simple Weeks P. 12 Smiling Through Your Tears P. 13 Snowman, The P. 27 Someone Came Before You P. 20 Someone I Loved Died P. 29 Something Happened P. 20 Something Happened, Sp P. 20 Sometimes I Cry P. 17 Something Scary P. 29 Something Scary (Spanish) P.29 Special Babies P. 19 Special Babies (Spanish) P. 19 Spiritual Woman P. 8 Stage VII: Death P. 13 Staying Afloat P. 25 Stepping Through the Awk P. 9 Stillbirth P. 21 Stillbirth, Yet Still Born P. 18 Still To Be Born P. 18 Straight Talk About Death P. 28 Strong and Tender P. 19 Stunned by Grief P. 9 Stunned by Grief Journal P. 9 Suicide of a Child P. 17 Suicide Survivor’s Handbook P. 17 Sunflower Promise P. 23 Support Cards P. 12 Supporting Children/Parents P. 29 Surviving the Death Sibling P. 11 Swallowed by a Snake P. 10 Talking About Death P. 23 Talking About Divorce P. 27 Tapestries P. 23 Teacher’s Guide Student, A P. 23 Tear Soup P. 7, 23 Tear Soup DVD P. 7, 23 Tear Soup, Spanish Edition P. 7, 23 Teen Grief Relief P. 28 Tell Me, Papa P. 22 They Came Bearing Wine P. 14 Thriving After the Death P. 17 This Little While P. 19 This Little While, Spanish P. 19 This Time of Caregiving P. 9 Thoughts for the Holidays P. 9 Three Minus One P. 19 Thumpy’s Story P. 20 Thumpy’s Story, Spanish P. 20 Time to Decide, A P. 21 Time to Decide, Sp P. 21 Tincture of Time P. 16 Tomorrows Children Face P. 27 Tomorrow Comes P. 17 Too Soon A Memory P. 18 Too Soon A Memory, Spanish P. 18 Transforming Power, The P. 13 Treasured Memories P. 28 Treasury of Thoughts, A P. 7 Turned Upside Down P. 24 Understanding Anger During P.8 Understanding Guilt P. 8 Understanding Suicid DVE P. 24 Understanding Your, Journal P. 7 Understanding Your Grief P. 7 Unsupported Losses P. 18 Until We Meet Again P. 25 Walking the Labrynth P. 19 Walking Through Grief P. 10 Waterbugs and Dragonflies P. 23 Way Men Heal, The P. 10 We Get It! P. 28 We Hold You In Our Hearts P. 19 We Hold You In (Spanish) P. 19 Weird is Normal P.28 We Were Gonna Have a Baby P. 20 What Can I Say and Do? P. 8 What Do We Tell the Children P.23 What Does That Mean? P. 23 What On Earth Do You Do P. 24 What Will Help Me P. 9


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When A Baby Dies, TCF P. 19 When A Friend Dies P. 28 When Bad Things Happen P. 13 When Aunti Mattie P. 25 When Bluebirds Fly P. 13 When Children Grieve P. 23 When Courage Lies P. 15 When Death Impacts School P. 26 When Death Walks In P. 28 When Dinosaurs Die P. 23 When Dreams and Daughters P. 17 When Hello Means Goodbye P. 18 When Hello Means, Spanish P. 18 When Mom and Dad P. 27 When Pregnancy Follows P. 19 When Someone - Serious Ill P. 26 When Someone Very Special P. 29 When Someone (Spanish) P. 29 When Someone-Suicide P. 10 When Something Terrible P. 29 When the Bough Breaks P. 16 When the Holidays Hurt P. 9 When You’re Ill P. 13 When You Know You’re P. 13 When Your Pet Dies P. 12 When Your Soulmate Dies P. 14 Where’s Jess? P. 20 Why Mine? P. 22 Why Suicide? P. 10 Why? Why? Why? P. 16 Widow to Widow P. 14 Widow’s Guide to Healing, A P. 14 Widower’s Toolbox P. 14 Will Our Tears Forever Flow P. 15 Writing to Recover Book set P. 8 Yoga for Grief P. 6 You Are The Mother of... P. 16 Your Next Baby P.21


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Caring Sympathy Cards , page 6 Grief Digest Magazine Code: 3PEC Price: $16.95 Canada: Price: $37.00

Gift Certificates Available Because We Care Packages General Grief Package For Bereaved parents Suicide Surviviors Package Teen Care Package Stillbirth Package Miscarriage Package Holiday Care Package Death of a Mother Package Death of a Father Package Death of a Grandfather Death of a Grandmother Pet loss Siblings


Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $10.00

Because We Care. . .Infant Loss Handouts, P. 21 Stillbirth Miscarriage Grandparent’s Grief GriefWork Fathers Grieve, Too Spanish Version Being With Parents Spanish Version: Death of an Infant Twin Your Next Baby Because we care envelope

Code: BWSE Code: BWME Code: BWFE Code: BWGE Code: FGTC Code: FGSC Code: BWPC Code: BWSC Code: DITC Code: YNBC

Price: $2.00 Price: $2.00 Price: $2.00 Price: $2.00 Price: 75¢ Price: 75¢ Price: 75¢ Price: 75¢ Price: 75¢ Price: 75¢

A List of Spanish Resources for Adults Aborto Espontáneo English Version: Miscarriage Code: MALC Price: $3.50 Ese Momentito English Version: This Little While Code: TLSC Price: $4.50 Cuando Hola Significa Adios English Version: When Hello Means Goodbye Code: CHSO Price: $5.95 Aflicción English Version: Grief: Code: GRSC Price: $4.00 Los Niños Murien Tambien English Version: Children Die, Too Code: CDSC Price: $4.00 Curando El Pesar English Version: Healing Grief Code: HESO Price: $3.50 Los Padres Tambien Sufren English Version: Father’s Grieve, Too Code: FGSC Price: 75¢ El Embarazo Ectópico English Version: Ectopic Pregnancy Code: EMEO Price: $1.65 Los Bebés Especiales English Version: Special Babies Memory Book Code: SPSO Price: $6.00 Brazos Vaciós English Version: Empty Arms Code: EMSO Price: $12.95 Sus Pequeñas Huellas English Version: Little Footprints Code: LISC Price: $8.00 Una Memoria Demasiado Temprana English Version: Too Soon A Memory. Code: TSSO Price: $3.50

For Children Diciendo Adios English Version: Saying Goodbye Code: SYGO Price: $3.95 No Tenremos Un Nuevo Bebé English Version: No New Baby Code: NNSC Price: $4.95 El Cuento De Thumpy English Version: Thumpy’s Story Code: THSO Price: $8.00 Since My Brother Died, Desde Que Murio Mi Hermano Code: SMBC Price: $5.95 Los Recuerdos Viven Eternamente English Version: Memories Live Forever Code: MLSO Price: $5.00 El Hermano Prematuro English Version: Katie’s Premature Brother Code: KPBC Price: $6.95

Sympathy Cards


Forever in our Hearts

We Get It–Voices of Grieving College Students and Young Adults by Heather L. Servaty-Seib and David C. Fajgenbaum.Grieving college students can often feel isolated and vulnerable, and may feel that no one else ‘gets’ what they are going through. With narratives from students who have lost a loved one and commentary from the authors, this book aims to provide guidance and support for bereaved students, as well as providing tips for those who seek to help them. Code: WGIO $24.95

Code: SYC2

Outside: Forever in our Hearts Inside: You are embraced by our love

With Sympathy

Code: SYC3

Yoga for Grief and Loss–Poses, Meditation, Devotion, Self-Reflection, Selfless Acts, Ritual by Karla Helbert, Foreword by Chinnamasta Stiles. This book explains how the six branches of yoga offer guidance and coping methods to those who have suffered bereavement or loss. Looking at the emotional, spiritual, philosophical elements, as well as the physical postures of yoga, the book shows how to begin and sustain a personal practice that helps us move through grief on multiple levels. Code: FYGO $21.95

Outside: With Sympathy Inside: May precious memories and the passing of time bring peace to your heart

Code: SYC1

No Time For Tears–Coping With Grief in a Busy World. Facing the loss of a loved one in a death-avoidant culture can be excruciating. Grievers may be expected to put on a brave face, to “move on” quickly, and to seek medication if they are still grief-stricken after an “acceptable” amount of time. Psycho­therapist Judy Heath draws on extensive experience as a grief specialist in private practice to help those struggling with the anguish of loss. Addressing the myths and misinformation about mourning that still abound today, Heath gently coaches readers to understand that coping with loss is a natural process that our society tends to avoid and hurry people through, often leading to unresolved, lasting grief. Code: NTFO Price: $16.95

Thinking of you

Outside: Thinking of You Inside: Remembering you on this special day My heart is with you

Code: SYC4

Outside: My Heart is With You Inside: I wish I was there to comfort you and have coffee with you With my deepest sympathy


Code: SYC5

A Book About Learning from Grief with Guided Reflections By PJ Moon

Outside: With my deepest sympathy My thoughts are with you at this time

When friends and family begin to lag behind, and the world outside leaves you to sit alone, may this humble book become comforting company on your grieving journey. Code: GRVC Price: $9.95

Code: 4ILC

Outside: Our thoughts are with you at this time Inside: Your precious child will live forever in your heart

Cards$2.00 each $37.50 pack of 25

In Loving Memory. . .

Grieve by Paul Moon Death and loss in life are fixed realities. Because they are, humans grieve. To grieve is more involved then sorting out thoughts, trying to make sense of what has happened, and coping with the accompanying pain and awkwardness. Rather, there is excavation to do. Some things lie hidden in grief, and only those who take time and make efforts to quarry, mine and search are likely to unearth that which may nurture human maturity. It is that to grieve is not a pointless pursuit. Moreover, to grieve is a mortal’s project that can reveal what ought to be learned upon the burden of loss.

Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins Second Edition A Journal for Teenagers and Young Adults by Enid Traisman. Teens can write letters, copy down meaningful lyrics, write songs and poems, tell the person who died what they want them to know, finish business and use their creativity to work through the grieving process. Teens can share their journal entries, thoughts or illustrations with other grieving teens. Code: FI2C Price: $9.95

S. Marvin Johnson, DMin, died March 28, 2014, after a long battle with esophageal cancer. He was eighty-two years old. In 1977 he and his wife Joy, founded the Centering Corporation, North America’s oldest and largest bereavement resource center. Centering was the national emergency grief resource center following the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine shootings, and the attack on the World Trade Center. Locally, Centering Corporation was the grief resource supplier following the Von Maur shooting. In the last ten years the corporation has supplied over two million books, videos and other tools to caregivers and grievers world-wide.

Toll Free: 1-866-218-0101 –6–

Adult Grief Resources

Adult Grief Resources

Tear Soup A Recipe for Healing After Loss. After Grandy suffers a loss she cooks up her own batch of tear soup. Gives you a glimpse into Grandy’s life as she blends different ingredients into her own grief process. Valuable for family members to share. Hardcover. All ages. Code: TERO Price: $19.95 Spanish Version: Sopa de Lagrimas Code: TESO Price: 14.95

Just A Touch Away CD By Tony Falzano. A musical passage to inspire, heal, and rejuvenate. Original music that will calm, comfort and nurture you. Beautifully orchestrated, melodic instrumental to lift your heart and soul. A unique listening experience that will be an inspirational companion as you reach for relaxation and hope. Code: JTAO Price: $14.95

Tear Soup DVD This video was created by filming the Tear Soup book illustrations and then narrated by a national talent. Running time 30 minutes. Code: TVDO Price: $29.95

The Butterfly Song–Butterflies are messengers of joy and life. This song is perfect to enhance Butterfly Release Ceremonies with an elegantly designed 80 page book featuring the lyrics, inspirational verses and award winning photos. Includes the single CD by Paul Alexander. Code: BFSO Price: $20.00

A Grief Guide and Healing Journal by Paul Alexander. This beautiful grief guide and healing workbook is designed to help us not only explore our lives facing loss, but also help us align to our own inner power for guidance and strength. The accompanying CD can aid to the book or be used on its own. Code: GGHC Price: $14.95 Healing After Loss Daily meditations for working through grief by Martha Hickman. A dated meditation for each day of the year. Strength and comfort can be found in these inspirational words. Code: HALO Price: $14.99 Seed Time: Growing from Life’s Disappointments, Losses and Sorrows by Harriet Hodgson. With hard work, selfexamination, and determination, Harriet created a new life from the ashes of grief. So many people asked her how she did that, Harriet listed the steps on paper. This guide contains 80 proactive steps you may take to recover from adversity and grief. Code: SDTO Price: $16.00 A Treasury of Thoughts Moments, Moods and Memories Journal. A blank journal is nice to give to anyone who is grieving. It can be given with a card or book. A healing tool that a griever can use to write down any significant events or feelings. Code: TOTC Price: $4.95 Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. This new book is his most comprehensive, covering the most important lessons that mourners have taught him in his two decades of working with the bereaved. Explains the important difference between grief and mourning and explores the mourner’s need to acknowledge the death and embrace the pain of the loss. Code: UNGO Price: $14.95 The Understanding Your Grief Journal A Companion to Understanding Your Grief. Writing can be a very effective form of mourning, or expressing your grief outside yourself. And it is through mourning that you heal in grief. Code: UNJO Price: $14.95

Good Grief–50 year Anniversary Edition A basic grief book by Granger Westberg. Tremendously simple, direct and caring. Small enough to carry in your pocket or purse to read when needed or in one sitting. A unique section, We Resist Returning, looks at why we hesitate to adopt a new normal. Code: GGRO Price: $5.99

Grief: What it is and what you can do by Joy and Marv Johnson. Covers feelings, issues, other people, rituals and caring for yourself. It may seem as if you’ll never be happy again. You may go to a bereavement support group and hear people laugh.You may wonder how anyone can laugh when you’re hurting so badly, but somewhere, way back in your head, there’s a little voice calling your name. It’s saying, ‘You’ll laugh again sometime, too.’ Code: GRIC Price: $4.00 Spanish Version: Aflicción - qué es y qué puedes hacer Code: GRSC Price:  $4.00 A Guide For The Bereaved Survivor-A List of Reactions, Suggestions and Steps for Coping with Grief by Robert Baugher and Marc Calija. A helpful book to help you begin the sometimes long and painful road of working through your grief. Practical information on coping, emotional and physical reactions, how others react, dreams, beliefs and long-term features of grief. Code: GBSO Price: $5.00 Pocket Stones™ Set of 10 stones in small bag. Semi-precious polished stones, deeply engraved with comforting and inspirational words. Code: POSO Price: $30.00 How a Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief–Twelve Gifts of Hope–A Project in Grief Work by Nan Zastrow. Did you ever think that a fortune cookie could offer a profound message of comfort, happiness, and peace in a life stressed by grief? Nan uses the simple fortune cookie to weave a modern parable of life and teach the value of attitude and choice in grief work. The fortune cookie demonstrates the concept of HOPE. You will embrace countless possibilities for finding hope in the suggestions and personal stories; and you will be inspired to always look for the bright spot. Code: FCHO Price: $11.95

Grief Entanglements: Understanding Unresolved Grief and What You Can Do About It is for the grieving person who experiences one or more of the following: unresolved feelings and emotions. This original work introduces a simple, yet extremely effective perspective on processing unresolved grief. Professional Counselor, Sharon Greenlee, identifies six sets of story patterns that emerge repeatedly. These patterns involve circumstances or issues that may cause the grieving person to become stuck in the grief process. Code: GFNO Price: $10.95

Grief One Day at a Time–365 Meditations to help you heal after loss by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. Those who grieve will find comfort and understanding in this daily companion. With one brief entry for every day of the year, this gem offers guidance and healing. Code: GODO Price: $14.95

Order online at: –7–

Adult Grief Resources Safe Passage: Words to Help the Grieving by Molly Fumia. The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences we will ever face. This wise and profound book of reflections for the grieving offers a compassionate companion for those who have lost a loved one. Each page offers new words for contemplation, and the book can be read cover to cover or pages chosen at random to find inspiration to make it through another day. Code: SAPO Price: $18.95

Hope & Healing for Transcending Loss, Ashley Davis Bush offers daily readings--bite-sized lifelines and glimpses of hope for those coping with the death of a loved one. The book comprises a brief introduction, a brief conclusion, and 365 daily meditations, plus a few additional pieces for particularly difficult occasions like death date, birth date, and holidays. Code: HTLO Price: $16.95

Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul Stories about Life, Death and Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One. This collection of inspirational stories will undoubtedly provide comfort to readers who have lost someone close to them. Written by authors who have lost loved ones. Code: CSSO Price: $14.95 More Than Surviving–Caring for yourself while you grieve by Kelly Osmont. This very helpful resource includes information about the grief process, how stress from grief affects us, motivators to caring for yourself, support=nourishment, touch and its healing effect, foods, supplements, quiet time, dreams, exercise, and a new beginning. Code: MTSC Price: $5.95 Healing Grief A Medic resource by Amy Hillyard Jensen. Very basic and packed with helpful information. Talks about feelings and reactions and what to expect when you’re grieving. A perfect handout with little cost. Code: HEGO Price: $3.50 Spanish Edition: Curando El Pesar Code: HESO Price: $3.50 The Depression of Grief: Coping with Your Sadness and Knowing When to Get Help by Alan Wolfelt. When someone you love dies, it’s normal and necessary to grieve. This compassionate guide will help you understand your natural depression, express it in ways that will help you heal, and know when you may be experiencing a more severe or clinical depression that would be eased by professional treatment. Code: DOGO Price: $14.95

Grieving the Death of a Friend by Harold Ivan Smith. The death of a friend is one of the most significant but unrecognized experiences of grief in American culture. Smith guides the reader to move with rather than against the natural grief process as he explores its many aspects. Code: GDFO Price: 17.99 One You Love Has Died–Ideas for how your grief can help you heal by James E. Miller. When someone you love dies, it hurts. This book gives you sepecific suggestions for how you can make this heartfelt journey in a healthy, productive, life-affirming way. Code: OYHO Price: $4.95 Un Ser Amado Ha Fallecido Code: OYSO Price: $3.95 Healing Your Grieving Heart –100 Practical Ideas by Alan Wolfelt. When someone we love dies, we must express our grief if we are to heal. This book offers practical, here-and-now suggestions for helping yourself mourn. Turn to any page and take a small step toward healing. Sometimes your friends want to support you but don’t know how. Code: HYGO Price: $11.95

The Spiritual Woman-Quotes to Refresh and Sustain Your Soul.More than a quote book, contains a discussion of spirituality, information on meditation types, and meditation tips. “I compiled this collection of quotes to inspire women,”Hodgson said. “When I read the finished book, I realized it could also empower them.” Men will also find empowerment within its pages. Code: TSWO Price: $10.95

One Who Soars Band

Code: OWSO

Price: $2.00

In Mourning Band

Code: INMO

Price: $2.00

Living When A Loved One Has Died By Earl Grollman. If someone you know is grieving, Living When a Loved One Has Died can help. Explains what emotions to expect when mourning, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to work through feelings of loss. Suitable for pocket or bedside, this gentle book guides the lonely and suffering as they move through the many facets of grief, begin to heal, and slowly build new lives. Code: LWLO Price: $14.99 Writing to Recover–book and journal set The Journey from Loss and Grief to a New Life by Harriet Hodgson, BS, MA. This concise grief resource begins with a Foreword by Helen Fitzgerald, Emeritus Training Director of the American Hospice Foundation. Contents include Using This Book, Your Writing Place, Writing Tips for You, Writing and Personal Growth, Readings (30 writing samples), Proactive Steps in this Book, Words of Hope and Grief Support. Includes accompaning journal. Code: WRBC Price: $9.95

Heartpeace–Healing Help for Grieving Folks by Richard Gilbert. The death of a loved one, of a relationship, of a marriage, of a dream, are experiences of an ending, or many endings, and we are shattered and scattered as we hopelessly try to fit the pieces of our lives back together again. This book will help guide you. Code: HEPG Price: $9.95 Understanding Guilt During Bereavement by Robert Baugher. Includes guilt statements, self-punishment, dimensions of guilt, types of guilt, if-only, moral, grief, recovery or getting better, and suggestions for coping. It is important to understand that guilt has a function and is therefore a common part of the bereavement process. Code: GUGO Price: $10.00 Understanding Anger During Bereavement By Bob Baugher. It is not unusual to experience anger following the death of someone you love. It is okay to be angry, and you can use your anger to communicate important information. Begins with talking about what anger is, what causes anger, the positives, the negatives, and suggestions for coping with anger. Code: GUAO Price: $8.00 The Crying Handbook-For those who always cry, for those who never do, and for those who cry somewhere in between by Bob Baugher, Ph.D. and Darcie Sims, Ph.D. Provides research on what we know and are still learning about crying. Crying can be defined as a way to express grief, pain, anger and other emotions. Code: CRHO Price: $10.00

Toll Free: 1-866-218-0101 –8–

Adult Grief Resources Helping Others

Holidays and Special Days

What Will Help Me?/How Can I Help? by Jim Miller. A double book that includes 12 things for the griever to do and 12 insights for family and friends. Make sure your nonverbal language says what you want it to, including your facial expression, the way you hold your body, the way you maintain your gaze. Code: WWHO Price: $7.95

Not Just Another Day Families, grief and special days by Missy Lowery. Covers the more common holidays and gives good ideas for including children in celebrating birthdays and Christmas. Includes a list of things to do to take care of yourself for a month! (This is our number one selling book during the holidays.) Code: NJAC Price: $4.00

Stepping Through the Awkwardness–How to Help Someone Who is Grieving the Death of a Loved One by Marilyn Gryte. Contains clear guidelines for how to be supportive to those who grieve. Chapters include: Four Guiding Steps of Grief Support, Keeping Step Through Their Journey, Keeping Yourself Refilled and Summing it Up. Sections include questions to ponder and discuss. “Remember, your greatest gift is your caring presence.” Code: STAC Price: $4.99

How Will I Get Through the Holidays? 12 Ideas for Those Whose Loved One Has Died by James Miller. Includes express emotions, take charge, plan ahead, remember to remember, do something for someone else, and harbor hope. Code: HWIO Price: $6.95 Helping the Bereaved Celebrate the Holidays A Sourcebook for Planning Instructional and Remembrance Events by James Miller. A step-by-step guide to designing what you’ll do, the time of gathering, poems, leader and people responses, and many other general guidelines. Code: HBCO Price: $7.95

The Art of Being a Healing Presence-A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships by James Miller. Make a difference in the lives of others by being present in a way that is healing, nurturing, and potentially even transforming. For professionals, volunteers, and friends. Code: ABHO Price: $8.95

Getting Past Christmas: Holiday Help. (Vignette) Carlene Enroth’s ideas for coping during the Christmas season. Offers ten important ideas for taking care of yourself during this holiday. Code: GPCC Price: 75¢

Ask Me. . . 30 Things I Want You To Know How to be a Friend to a Survivor of Suicide by Nan Zastrow, founder of Wings, a non-profit resource center. A gentle guide for those who have a friend or family member that has experienced the death of a loved one to suicide. The information in this book speaks not only to survivors of suicide, but to anyone who grieves, about the elements of grief and the depth of sadness. If you allow a griever to teach you about the uniqueness of his or her grief, you may learn so much more about the sanctity of life. Code: ASMC Price: $5.95 Griefprints: A Practical Guide for Supporting a Grieving Person Radha Stern offers compassionate and sound guidance for understanding and helping a grieving loved one. “Grief is like fingerprints; everyone grieves in their own way,” she says. But so few of us know what to do and say in the face of grief. We agonize about saying the “right” thing and then second guess ourselves no matter what we say, struggle to find ways to be of practical help, and worry that our attempts at being supportive are starting to feel like intrusions. This book will help you find the right words to say. Code: GRPO Price: $14.95 The Art of Helping–What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting by Lauren Littauer Briggs. Addresses thirty of the most common heartaches people face and takes away your fear of involvement by helping you understand what people are most likely feeling and going through. Lauren offers practical help with a list of things to say—and what not to say. Gives you examples of ways others have offered creative and heartfelt support and comfort. There is also a section of sample prayers that help the brokenhearted feel and experience the grace, healing, and comfort of a loving and compassionate God. Code: AOHB Price: $15.00 This Time of Caregiving–Words of Encouragement & Hope by James E. Miller with Christen Pettit Miller. It’s not uncommon for this to be ranked as one of the most challenging episodes in a person’s life. At the same time, the caregiving experience can be quite rewarding – full of closeness and rich with meaning. Each page is filled with comfort and hope. Code: TOCO Price: $2.50

Holiday Blues-A Self-Help Manual on Grief through the Holidays by Dr. Clarence Tucker. Discusses how you can manage your grief during the holidays and other special days. Includes information on holiday feelings, pattern changes and pre-planning advice. Includes a candlelighting ceremony and memorial ritual. Code: HOBC Price: $4.00 Thoughts for the Holidays Finding Permission to Grieve by Doug Manning. Begins with thoughts for the holidays, the waves of grief, the holiday dilemma, permission to do what you can do, permission to change traditions, and permission to find safe people. Code: THOO Price: $3.25 When the Holidays Hurt: Practical Ideas and inspiration for healing grief by Nan Zastrow. The death of someone loved may be the reason associated with the lonesomeness and pain. Life and Holidays, as you once knew them, have changed. In this collections of articles and essays, Nan writes about managing the traditions, transforming the holiday and alllowing family to move forward. Code: WHHO Price: $7.95

Book and Journal for Healing Stunned by Grief by Judy Brizendine. A highly focused, conversational book that cuts through the clutter and zeroes in on flashpoint issues critical to a griever’s healing, the approach to grief presented here is revealing, practical, and down-toearth. Designed for anyone struggling with death—or any of life’s tragic losses—it features straight talk from people who have been through similar situations, focusing on what to expect and how to thrive again. Tools, tips, and strategies abound to help enhance healing and life remapping. Grievers will come to realize they are not alone and, in the process, discover hope by connecting with the experiences of others. Contains scripture. Code: STUO Price: $18.95 Stunned by Grief Journal Code: SBJO Price: $16.95

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Adult Grief Resources Suicide & Homicide Survivors When Someone You Love Completes Suicide This is survivable. Sondra Sexton-Jones found her husband after he completed suicide. With gentle repetition, Sondra tells you what to expect, what you may feel, and that this is survivable. There will be times when you will reel with emotions so powerful that you may question your ability to survive. Code: WSLC Price: $4.99

Men and Grief Swallowed by a Snake The gift of the masculine side of healing by Thomas Golden. Discover new and powerful ways to heal, how the genders differ in their healing, greater understanding between partners, examples of successful and unique healing strategies, new ways to understand your grief, and ways the individual’s loss can impact the entire family. Code: SBSO Price: $13.95

After Suicide Loss: Revised. 2nd Edition. Coping with your grief by Bob Baugher, Ph.D. and Jack Jordan, Ph.D. A complete resource that covers the first few days, the first few weeks, the first few months, the first year and beyond, and includes stories of survivors. Code: ASLO Price: $15.00 Healing the Hurt Spirit–Daily Affirmations for People Who Have Lost a Loved One to Suicide by Catherine Greenleaf. Speaks to survivors about the crucial stages of recovery from suicide loss, offering hope and peace of mind. A page for every day of a full year. An excellent resource and a thoughtful gift. Code: HTHO Price: $15.95 Life After Trauma: A Workbook for Healing By Dena Rosenbloom, PhD, and Mary Beth Williams, PhD. Trauma can turn your world upside down. This supportive workbook helps survivors of all types of trauma rebuild their lives. Filled with comforting activities, relaxation techniques, and questions. Step-by-step chapters guide you along the way. This workbook can be used individually or in therapy. Code: LATO Price: $19.95 Dying to be Free-Honest, gentle advice for those who have survived an unspeakable loss, the suicide of a loved one. Transforming suffering into strength, misconceptions into understanding, and shame into dignity, Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch break through the dangerous silence and stigma surrounding suicide to bring readers this much-needed book. Includes personal stories from others who experienced this profound loss. Code: DTBO Price: $12.95 Coping With Traumatic Death: Homicide A book to help out in your time of need by Bob Baugher, Ph. D. and Lew Cox. This book is designed to help you understand what you are going through and guide you through the homicide investigation. This complete book begins with the first few days and ends with the first year. Code: CWTO Price: $10.00 No Time For Goodbyes Coping with Sorrow, Anger and Injustice After a Tragic Death by Janice Harris Lord. Survivors grieving the tragic death of a loved one will find here deep understanding and insight as well as detailed practical information on dealing with legal and financial issues. Code: NTGO Price: $12.95 Why Suicide? by Eric Marcus. Questions and Answers About Suicide, Suicide Prevention, and Coping with the Suicide of Someone. is for anyone searching for answers about the subject of suicide, whether they’re wrestling with their own thoughts of suicide, dealing with a loved one who is suicidal or has attempted suicide, or is trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of a suicide. It’s a basic introductory book that covers just about every possible question someone might. Code: WSOO Price: $14.99

A Man You Know Is Grieving When A Man Faces Grief. A double book with 12 ideas for helping him heal from loss, and 12 practical ideas to help you heal from loss. By James Miller and Thomas Golden. Brings to light ways to help men who are grieving while offering support to a man. Code: MYKO Price: $7.95

Men and Grief DVD This DVD with eight touching views of grief from men who have walked its path. They talk about how they have painfully lost wives, children, siblings, parent and friends. Through their sharing we get a better understanding of what to expect as our own grief process unfolds. Code: MAVO Price: $25.00

Men and Grief 20 Years later. DVD - The same men who are interviewed in the first DVD are together again, 25 years later. Learn from their remarkable journey. Code: MA2O Price: $25.00 The Way Men Heal by Tom Golden, LCSW. A concise book that offers insight into the masculine side of healing. It explains how and why men and some women heal in an active mode rather than an interactive one. The book offers a section on how to help the men you love and also a section offering therapists clinical ideas for working with men. If you are a man, read this book to affirm your unique way of healing. If you are a woman, read this book to understand the men you love. When we understand each other our relationships flourish. Code: WMHO Price: $7.99 Men, Grief, and Solitude–A Differnt Perspective by Daniel R. Duggan. This book explores why this process may be important for men, tells stories of men coping with loss, and looks at gender difference in grief and the various doors into the core of grief. In addition, it examines how to be helpful to men working through loss, as well as how men can affirm and understand a way of grieving and healing that fits them. Code: MGSO Price: $13.95

DVD for Grief and Loss Walking Through Grief: A Guide To The Grief Journey DVD: Hosts Darcie Sims and Alan Pedersen along with a group of contributors share their journey toward hope. Alan is a nationally known singer, songwriter and speaker on grief and loss. Darcie, one of the foremost authorities in the field of grief and loss shares her wit and wisdom as well as her compassion and understanding, which come from her personal experiences and formal education. Code: WTGO Price: $39.95

Toll Free: 1-866-218-0101 – 10 –

Adult Grief Resources Death

of a Parent

Adult Sibling Grief

Always Too Soon By Allison Gilbert. Losing one’s parents is a universal experience. Whether it happens suddenly or over a long period of time, no other life passage is more profound and presents such a seismic shift in one’s perspective on life, career, and family. You’ll find words of comfort and inspiration from Rosanne Cash, Hope Edelman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Yogi Berra, Mariel Hemingway, Ice-T, Dennis Franz, Geraldine Ferraro, Rosanna Arquette, Dana Buchman, among others. Code: ATSO Price: $14.95 Finding Your Way after Your Parent Dies Hope for Grieving Adults by Rev. Richard Gilbert. Even adults feel a deep sense of sadness after the death of a mother or father. This compassionate guide is for those struggling with the loss of a parent. Offers practical suggestions for navigating these difficulties. Code: FYWO Price: $13.95 Losing A Parent – Whether from a sudden accident or a slow, terminal illness, the death of a parent is devastating to adults and children alike. In Losing a Parent, Fiona Marshall helps readers understand the process of coping with a parent’s death, from preparing for death to recognizing the different stages of grief, from nurturing the relationship with the surviving parent to harnessing new strength to carry on with life. Code: LAPO Price: $15.95

Surviving the Death of a Sibling Living Through Grief When an Adult Brother or Sister Dies by T.J. Wray. Discusses searching for and finding meaning in your sibling’s passing, using a grief journal to record your emotions, choosing a grief partner to help you though tough times, and dealing with insensitive remarks made by others. Code: SDSO Price: $15.00 Sibling Grief Healing after the death of a sister or brother by P. Gill White, Ph.D. Validates the emotional significance of sibling loss. She draws on clinical experience, research, and wisdom from hundreds of bereaved siblings to explain the five healing tasks specific to sibling grief. A mix of information, personal reflection, and poetry. Code: SLGO Price: $12.95 Making Lemonade Choosng a Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling by Zander Sprague. This book is for anyone who has lost a sibling and wants some guidance on how they too can find their own positive pathway. Gives you a compass to help navigate bereaved siblings through this difficult time. Code: MKLO Price: $14.97

In My Mother’s Kitchen–An Introduction to the Healing Power of Reminiscence by Robin A. Edgar. Focuses on the steps to recalling, recording and celebrating significant memories that help the reader recognize and value the individuals and incidents that shape our lives. Contains reminiscence recipes to recapture the sights, sounds and even smells that bring back the laughter from the past. Code: IMMO Price: $11.95 Grieving the Death Of A Mother By Harold Ivan Smith. A mother’s death can make a shamble of schedules, priorities, agendas, commitments, and, sometimes, even our most important relationships. Drawing on his own experience of loss, as well as those of others, Harold Ivan Smith guides readers through their grief, from the process of dying through the acts of remembering and honoring a mother after her death. Code: GDMO Price: $16.99 Never the Same by Donna Schuurman. Children and teens who experience the death of a parent are never the same. Unaddressed grief can lead to depression, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. For at least three generations of adults, these issues have been largely ignored. In Never the Same, Schuurman offers expert advice and encouragement to empower readers to reflect on their unique situation. Code: NTSO Price: $18.99 Passed and Present is a one-of-a-kind guide for discovering creative and meaningful ways to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Inspiring and imaginative, this bona fide “how-to” manual teaches us how to remember those we miss most, no matter how long they’ve been gone. Passed and Present is not about sadness and grieving—it is about happiness and remembering. It is possible to look forward, to live a rich and joyful life, while keeping the memory of loved ones alive. This much-needed, easy-to-use roadmap shares 85 imaginative ways to celebrate and honor family and friends we never want to forget. Code: PAPO Price: $16.00

Griefjourney Notes on Grief for Teens, Young Adults and Anyone Who Is Grieving by Mark Scrivani. Talks about the “Firsts” of grief, changes and feeling helpless, then goes into the pain of grief, coping, holidays, hope, saying goodbye, and how our love lives on. Reader friendly and packed with information. Code: GRJO Price: $6.00

Healing the Adult Sibling’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Brother or Sister Dies. Offers 100 practical ideas to help understand and accept the passing of a sibling. The principles of grief and mourning are clearly defined, accompanied by action-oriented tips for embracing bereavement. Whether a sibling has died as a young or older adult or the death was sudden or anticipated, this provides a healthy approach to dealing with the aftermath. Code: HYAO Price: $11.95 I Can’t Stop Crying–Grief and Recovery–A Compassionate Guide by John D. Martin and Frank Ferris. The death of someone close -- a familiy member, spouse, or partner -- can result in feelings of overwhelming grief. At the same time, society unrealistically expects people to recover from grief as quickly as possible. I Can’t Stop Crying looks at grieving as a painful but necessary process. The authors emphasize the importance of giving permission to grieve and suggest steps for rebuiliding life without the one who is gone. They also look at how such a loss affects relationships with family. Code: ICSO Price: $14.99 Growing Young by Bridget Park. Inspired by the tragic loss of her brother, she wrote her debut memoir at age 15 in the hopes that her story would encourage others to find healthy ways of grieving. At age 12 stumbled upon the body of her fourteen-yearold brother while they were home alone. His suicide shattered her world and forced Bridget to face issues she had never before considered. Follow the author through her grieving process as she attempts to cope with the loss of a loved one. Code: GWYO Price: $11.99

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Adult Grief Resources Support Group Resources

Six Simple Weeks by Eloise Cole and Joy Johnson. Ever wanted to start a really good support group and didn’t quite know how? Here’s the book you want. We define leadership and group members with special needs, and give you six simple sessions as a model. Our goal: to make starting and leading a grief support group both enriching and fun for leaders and participants. Code:  SSWC Price:  $8.95

Support Cards by GriefWatch.These support cards can be useful in a number of ways. For a support group, pass the stack of cards around and have each person randomly pick a card. They can in turn discuss how that particular question affects their individual life. Or, as the facilitator, pick out a card yourself to help you direct the conversation. Code: SUCO Price: $7.50 Lazarus, Come Out! This powerful workbook guides the participant on a ten-week spiritual quest for healing and hope following the death of a child or other catastrophic loss. It is structured in such a way as to invite reflection and personal growth. The authors share deeply from their own personal experience and faith journey after the death of their son. Code: LCOO Price: $15.95

Our wishlist, newsletter and articles You can create a wishlist on our website! Go to Find the heart at the upper right corner. Add books to your wishlist. Let others know about your wishlist by giving them your user name. Share it on facebook twitter or email. It’s a great way for organizations to build their libraries. A helpful way for families to get the resources they need Sign up for articles, special offers and new book reviews on our website.

When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing by Alan Wolfelt. When your pet dies, you may struggle with your grief. You may feel surprised at the depth of your sadness. This book affirms the pet owner’s grief and helps you understand why your feelings are so strong. It also offers practical suggestions for mourning—expressing your grief outside of yourself—so that you can heal. Code: WYDO Price: $9.95 My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal By Enid Traisman. A place for you to share the feelings you have after the death of a pet. Helps you express the feelings and thoughts that are an essential part of working through and integrating grief. Code: PPRO Price: $9.95

Good-bye My Friend–Grieving the Loss of a Pet by Mary and Herb Montgomery. Offers consolation at the time of death and comforts the pet owner throughout the grieving process. Feelings common to loss are explored. Beautiful illustrations throughout. Contents include: I Still Remember, The Pain of Loss, Grieving Your Own Way, The Stages of Grief, Helping Children Deal with Loss and Should I get Another Pet? Code: GMFO Price: $6.95

How to Design and Facilitate Grief Support Groups Compiled from many years of practical experience, this manual is inspired and guided by two key concepts: 1. Grief is part of the human condition and natural life cycle. It is not a personal weakness, a mental illness or a punishment. 2. Grievers will eventually reach a place of emotional, physical and spiritual equilibrium. 99 pages. 3-ring binder. Code: HDFO Price: $24.95 Light a Candle Songs of Remembrance CD For Healing Rituals, includes all four ritual songs: Light a Candle, Tree of Memory, Walk to Remember, and The Balloon Song, plus instrumental versions. Code: LCCO Price: $15.00

Pet Loss for Adults

Funeral Eulogies Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy by Beth L. Hewett. This book teaches how a eulogy can be written at the time of death, before the loved one has died, as a way to remember and honor an important perosn in our lives.This book walks the readers through the writing process to help them develop powerful and personal eulogies. Code: GOWG Price: $19.95 More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning by Beth L. Hewett, Ph.D. Viewing grief as a journey rather than an obstacle, this book uses five realms of experience (emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social) to provide concrete mourning activities to address grief. These activities are ones that readers can do as written or adapt to fit their own unique circumstances and grief. Code: MGOO Price: $19.95 Also available from author Beth Hewett are six booklets adapted from Good Words: Memorializing Through A Eulogy. Eulogies and Religious Settings (GWRG) Eulogies for Children (GECG) Eulogy Writing & Deliverying (GWDG) Nontraditional Eulogies (GNTG) Eulogies with Children’s Voices (GCVG) Eulogies and Difficult Situatioins (GDSG) Price: $5.95 each

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Adult Grief Resources Illness

When You Know You’re Dying 12 Thoughts to Guide You Through the Days Ahead. Jim Miller has created twelve basic and helpful guidelines to assist people who know their time on earth is limited. Understands the importance of body, mind, heart and soul. Code: WYKO Price: $7.95

Communicating with Children: When a Parent is at the End of Life by Rachel Fearnley. An accessible guide to communicating with children when a parent is at the end of life. Covering types of communication, language, sharing appropriate information, barriers to effective communication and developing communication skills, it will help professionals to support children through the challenges of coping with parental terminal illness. Code: CWCO Price: $32.95

One You Love Is Dying 12 Thoughts to Guide You On the Journey. Ideas to help you make the most of this time of caring for another person while caring for yourself. Code: OYLO Price: $7.95

A Family’s Journey–A handbook for living with illness and finding hope by Patricia Ellen, Ginny Keegan and Frankie Odom. When illness enters a family, it can be both a difficult time and an opportunity to strengthen family ties. This guidebook shares stories of families and the ways they have found to deal with the ups and downs an illness brings. From the point of diagnosis, this book will help you and your children as you adjust to the changing realities of serious illness. At the end of each chapter are activities that will help you and your family to both explore the feelings that arise during illness and to celebrate family life. Code: AFJO Price: $18.50

Stage VII: Death–The Coping Mechanism of the Health Professional by Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper. This book is the final product of her work. Life, living, death and dying are connected like chains in a barbed wire fence. When there is a death in the family the chain is broken, but it can come back together in a different form. This I have learned after gaining an understanding of the health and social care needs of patients and families and the important role of the health, mental health and social care systems, institutions, caregivers and other providers. Code: STAO Price: $20.00

Conversations–Living Through the Process of Dying–A Handbook and Journal For You, Your Family and Friends by Jackie J. Bates, R.N.,CHPN. This book will help you have those important conversations that arise when the end of life is near. Whether you choose to use a hospice team, the questions and information in this book will help you live your last days on your terms and will be a guide for caregivers. Code: CONO Price: $15.00

Companioning the Dying–A Soulful Guide for Caregivers by Greg Yoder. Based on the assumption that all dying experiences belong not to the caregivers but to those who are dying—and that there is no such thing as a “good death” or a “bad death,” Companioning the Dying helps readers bring a respectful, nonjudgmental presence to the dying while liberating them from self-imposed or popular expectations to say or do the right thing. Written with candor and wit by hospice counselor. Code: CDYO Price: $19.95

The Family Caregiver’s Guide by Harriet Hodgson. Caring for a loved one at home. What s really involved? Drawing on the author’s extensive caregiving experience, this book provides strategies to care for your loved one as well as for yourself. You ll discover how to set up your home for caregiving, including a safety checklist, equipment suggestions, and words you should know. Code: FGGO Price: $14.95 The Transforming Power of Caregiving–Returning to Life After Caregiving Ends DVD. Segments: A New Beginning, A New Normal, New Life Discoveries. 46 minutes. Code: TFPO Price: $59.95

Journey’s End A guide to understanding the dying process by Deborah Sigrist. Stepby-step she takes us to observe and understand a journey that every one must make some day. Explains physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur when someone you love is dying. Code: JOEO Price: $4.00

When You’re Ill or Incapacitated/When You’re the Caregiver By Jim Miller. A double book that includes 12 things to do if someone you care for is ill or incompacitated, and 12 things to remember in times of sickness, injury, or disability. Code: WYIO Price: $6.95 The Art of Being a Healing Presence By Jim Miller with Susan Cutshall. A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships. Learn how to make a difference in the lives of others by being present in a way that is healing, nurturing, and potentially even transforming. Discover what’s both natural and surprising about this process, including how it affects your life as well. Use the insights presented here in your professional responsibilities, friends and family. Code: ABHO Price: $8.95

Smiling Through Your Tears: Anticipating Grief by Harriet Hodgson and Lois Krahn. This is a self-help book for anyone who is going through anticipatory grief early grief before a death or dreaded event has occured. It is packed with coping tips and, best of all, 114 Healing Steps, which lead the reader to his or her healing path. Code: STYO Price: $13.99

Finding Your Way to Say Goodbye–Comfort for the Dying and Those Who Care for Them by Harold Ivan Smith. Written by a person who has been comforting and counselling terminally ill people for years, this book offers guidance, support, and encouragement for both those who are approaching death as well as their families, friends, counselors, medical and hospice practicioners, and chaplains. Code: FYGO Price: $13.95

Palliative Care, Ageing and Spirituality: A Guide for Older People, Carers and Families. By Elizabeth Mackinlay. Explores important themes such as grief and loss; fear; pain, distress and suffering; acceptance; transcendence; prayer; the healing of relationships; and shows that the final journey towards death can be one of the most spiritually meaningful times in the life of an older person - a time in which there is still hope, and in which the person who is dying and their loved ones can grow spiritually. Code: PCAO Price: $19.95

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Adult Grief Resources Death

of a Spouse or Life Partner

Living with Loss, One Day at a Time by someone who has been there, Rachel Blythe Kodanaz. Offers daily encouragement to individuals and families who have recently lost a loved one. The short entries are easy to read and give realistic, practical advice to guide readers through the day. By providing tools and suggestions that offer hope, optimism, introspection, and selfdiscovery, this book enables readers to embrace the happy days of life with their loved one and gently guide them through their grief. Code: LILO Price: $15.95 A Widow’s Guide to Healing: Gentle Support and Advice for the First 5 Years. When Kristin Meekhof lost her husband to cancer, she discovered what all widows learn: the moment you lose your partner, you must make crucial decisions that will impact the rest of your life. But where do you begin? This inspiring book shows grieving widows what to expect and how to deal with the challenges of losing a life partner. From immediate issues like finances, estates and medical bills to long-term hurdles such as single parenthood, being a widow in the workplace and navigating social situations by yourself, this book guides widows through the tumultuous and painful first five years to a more hopeful future. Code: WGHO Price: $14.99 Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies by Marta Felber. Having experienced her own spouse’s death, she knows the grief her readers are feeling and she encourages them to give it full expression. She offers sound, practical suggestions on how to navigate difficult days. Felber gently urges her readers toward careful, honest examination of the issues they face. Support and encouragement on each page follows with a scripture and passages for reflection, along with small prayer. Code: FYSO Price: $14.95 Widow to Widow –Thoughtful, practical ideas for rebuilding your life: challenges, changes, decision-making & relationships by Genevieve Davis Ginsburg, M.S. Offers fellow widows-as well as their family and friends advice for coping with the loss of a husband. From learning to travel, eat alone, creating new routines to survive the holidays and anniversaries and encourages them on their path to building a new life. Code: WRYO Price: $15.95 Partnered Grief When Gay and Lesbian Partners Grieve by Harold Ivan Smith, D.Min., FT with Joy Johnson. Quote from book: In a culture that expects grievers to get over it and move on, how do you intentionally and deliberately express your grief for a partner? This book provides the much needed comfort and support. Code: PNGC Price: $3.50 I Remember, I Remember A Keepsake Journal by Enid Traisman. There is space for photos, letters, stories, personal history and goodbyes. There is space for writing about difficult decisions, first venturing out, and hope. This journal can be used as a keepsake for the family to enjoy for generations. It may also be used as a personal journey through grief. Code: IRIC Price: $14.95 A Handbook for Widowers by Ed Ames. A helpful book for widowers. Talks to men openly and honestly about tears, guilt, feelings of anger, depression,isolation and lonliness. Also talks about your health, your job and other money matters, living alone and what to do with her things. Code: HFWC Price: $6.95

The Widower’s Toolbox: Repairing Your Life After Losing Your Spouse by Gerald J. Schaefer with Tom Bekkers, MSW, ACSW. While the grieving process is individualized regardless of gender, there are distinct differences in the manner in which males and females grieve. There is no right way to grieve; however this book focuses on the characteristics that make the healing process unique to bereaved men, and serves as a repair manual to make healing more complete and ultimately effective. Code: WTBO Price: $14.95 They Came Bearing Wine–A Book About Recovery Through Friendship by Kathleen Hemery. After suffering the devastating loss of her husband to ALS, Kathleen needed to rebuild her life but was unsure of how to begin. This book is a mustread for anyone suffering a loss or for those who want to comfort those who are grieving. Hemery gives us all hope that through friends (and a good bottle of wine) we can overcome the darkest of days. This memoir of recovery also offers practical, applicable advice at the end of each chapter for the bereaved and the friends of the bereaved. Code: TBWB Price: $10.99

Healing After Loss Daily meditations for working through grief by Martha Hickman. A dated meditation for each day of the year. Strength and comfort can be found in these inspirational words. Code: HALO Price: $14.99 Angel Catcher-A Journal of loss and Remembrance by Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon. Over the past decade, this classic journal has helped thousands find meaningful ways to overcome the despair of losing a loved one. The tasteful pages of this journal guide the user through the process of mourning and onward to a lasting sense of peace in the face of loss. Code: ACOO Price: $18.95

When Your Soulmate Dies: A Guide to Healing Through Heroic Mourning by Alan Wolfelt. Your quest is both harrowing and noble: to reconcile your epic grief and find meaning again in living the rest of your days. How can you possibly accomplish this? You’ll find the answers in the relationship you shared with your beloved. Learn to honor your soulmate and your grief even as you find a path to a renewed life of purpose and joy. Code: WSDO Price: $14.95 Healing A Spouse’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Husband or Wife Dies by Alan Wolfelt. When your spouse dies, your loss is profound. Not only have you lost the companionship of someone you deeply loved, you have lost the person who shared your history, your helpmate, your lover, perhaps your financial provider. Code: HSGO Price: $11.95

Grief at Work More Good Words-Grief In The Workplace by Dr. Beth L. Hewett and Dr. Richard Ottenstein. When grief hits, we hurt. More Good Words: Grief in the Workplace explains that grief and mourning are not the same thing: grief is passive (it happens to us) and mourning is active (we do something with it). Other Beth Hewett books include More Good Words: A Practical Guide for Remembering Our Loved Ones, Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy, and the Good Words series of booklets. Code: GWOO Price: $12.95

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Death of a Child Children Die, Too by Joy and Marv Johnson. This is one of the first grief books. We talk about feelings, dealing with guilt, facing sadness and moving on. There are sections for other children. A good first book for parents. No matter what you do to work through your grief, you’ll find that everyone has different feelings and emotions. Code: CDTC Price: $4.00 Available in Spanish: Los Niños Murien Tambien Code: CDSC Price: $4.00 Healing A Parent’s Grieving Heart 100 Practical ideas after your child dies by Alan Wolfelt. Offers 100 ideas that help parents understand and reconcile grief. Covers common challenges such as dealing with marital stress, helping surviving siblings, dealing with hurtful advice from others and exploring feelings of guilt. Code: HPGO Price: $11.95 Flowers on a Child’s Grave By Lisa Epperson. A collection of heartbreaking stories from 14 families that had to face the devastation of losing a child and how they continued to live. This is a perfect resource for someone going through the pain and anguish of losing a child. Code: FLOO Price: $14.95 I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye By Sandy Fox. Five or more years after the death of their children, 25 families open their hearts and share stories of courage, hope and their attempts to make sense out of the most unbearable loss of all. In addition to helping themselves, learn how these parents help others and what advice they give to those still having difficulty living in a world without their child. Code: IHNO Price: $15.95 Creating a New Normal: A guide to coping and informational skills for bereaved parents, family members, friends, therapists and grief related organizations. New book by Sandy Fox. Over 80 coping techniques and strategies to help both the newly bereaved and the seasoned griever highlight discussions in this book on how to survive the death of a child. Code: CNNO Price: $20.95 Artful Grief by Sharon Strauss is a decade long study of loss by an art therapist, in the aftermath of her daughter’s suicide. So began her journey into the labyrinth of unspeakable grief. As the first year drew to a close she found no comfort in traditional therapy, and no solace in spoken or written words. In surrender to her inner art therapist’s guidance, she began to create collages. She cut and tore images out of magazines and glued them on various size paper. The paper was a safe and sacred container, receptive to the fullness of emotion, story and paradox. Over time there was transformation and healing. A creative roadmap through violent dying and grief. Code: AGFB Price: $18.99 Letters To My Son By Mitch Carmody. Authored by a grieving father whose 9-year-old son died following a two-year battle with a recurring malignant brain tumor. A compelling story of love, loss and recovery that will grab your heart, nourish your soul and open your eyes. Beautiful poems and illustrations by the author are woven throughout the text. Code: LTMO Price: 28.00 Goodbye My Child A gentle guide for parents whose child has died by Sara Wheeler and Margaret Pike. A complete guide for newly bereaved parents. Talks about funeral planning, differences in losses, the five phases of mourning, men and women grief, grandparents, your other children, family and friends and picking up the pieces. Code: GMCC Price: $7.95

Loving Connections–The Healing Power of After-Death Communication by Jane Vair Bissler and Lisa Heiser. It is written for all those who have ever loved another with the depths of their heart. It describes the continuing connections of such love between those who have passed to the other side and those who have been bereaved. In this book, we describe the ways in which these loving connections support, enable, and empower grief-stricken individuals to regain emotional equilibrium, attain a sense of peace, and acquire new vitality and unexpected joy for living again. Code: LVBC Price: $16.95

Dear Parents,

A Centering Corporation Resource

Dear Parents Letters to Bereaved Parents from Bereaved Parents. A support group in book form. Parents and others say what they would tell a grieving parent. Friends walk with you and let you know you are not alone. Code: DEPC Price: $11.95

Letters to Bereaved Parents from Bereaved Parents

Into the Valley and Out Again The Story of a father’s Journey by Richard Edler. After the unexpected death of his son, Rich’s life seemed to stop. The next few years were spent climbing out of the bottom of a valley he had not known existed before. It is a story about what is important in life, sorrow, faith, acceptance and rebirth. Code: ITVO Price: $11.95 Will Our Tears Forever Flow A father’s story of grief and hope by Ted Wampler. Ted’s daughter was killed when she lost control of her car. This book takes us on a journey of grief, shock, depression, denial, honesty, and the healing process. Powerful because of the honesty, emotion, and healing process laid bare in straight, well-written plain talk. Code: WOTO Price: $3.50 Afterlife Agreements–A Gift From Beyond by Chris Mulligan. Is there life after death? Do you live after someone’s death? Both of you can, the griever and the deceased. This book will demonstrate that life is eternal and you can choose life after the death of a loved one. Healing and grief journeys will be as distinct as individuals. Death does not end connections with our loved ones. You can choose life after the death of a loved one and learn to live differently. Code:ALAO Price: $16.95 For Better or Worse For strengthening marriages after a child dies. Looks at gender grief, building your relationship after your child dies, how to help each other heal; includes a grief chat. While it’s important to respect your spouse’s needs, it’s also wise to respect your own. You must take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. . . Code: FBOC Price: $4.00 Hello From Heaven After-Death Communication- confirms that life and love are eternal by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. Uplifting messages from those who continue to exist in a life beyond physical death. Offers 353 ADC accounts. Code: HFHO Price: $7.99

When Courage Lies in Letting Go Formerly titled Fly Away Home. Turning Toward End-of Life Palliative Care for Your Child by Deborah Davis, Ph.D. Offers support from other parents who have made the decision to end aggressive intervention. Question and answer format makes it easier for parents to find the right words to say to others. Code: WCLC Price: $6.95 He Plays a Harp–A Memoir by Roberta F. King. Readers will experience the unimaginable, challenging and frustrating circumstances of raising a child with a severe and life-threatening disability. But make no mistake; this isn’t a book about a child who has died. It is about a child who has lived. While the author’s grief and loss are undeniable, her matter-of-fact writing style, Sharp’s sense of humor and fierce love for her child will have readers laughing through their tears at tales of mischief and hilarity that all loving families experience. Code: HPHB Price: $14.95 Breathe by Kelly Kittel. Kelly’s fifteen-month-old son was run over by her sixteen-year-old niece. Nine months later, Kittel’s doctor made a terrible mistake during her subsequent pregnancy and she found herself burying yet another baby. Caught up in a malpractice lawsuit, Kittel and her husband battle not only the medical system, but their own relatives, in the courtroom. As their family tree begins to topple, the Kittels struggle to nourish the roots of their young family and find healing. Beautifully narrated, Breathe is a story of motherhood, death, and family in the face of unspeakable tragedy and, ultimately, how she learns to breathe again. Code: BREB Price: $18.95

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Death of a Child Butterflies, Angels & Roses Messages of hope and healing from a bereaved mother’s heart by Frances Wohlenhaus-Munday. This book is a testament to a grieving mother who chose to pick the flowers on her journey, and share them with us. Fran’s symbols of butterflies, angels, and roses offers comfort to those who mourn. Code: BARO Price: $12.95

The Death of a Child Reflections for Grieving Parents by Elaine Stillwell. Bereaved parents know the excruciating pain of losing a child. Elaine, mother of two children killed in a car accident, offers this collection of life-giving lessons gathered over years of experience as a grief minister. Includes creating a new normal, bearing the soul, seasons and more. Code: DECO Price: $10.95 When the Bough Breaks by Judith Bernstein, Ph.D. A poignant and sensitive book that offers bereaved parents the comfort of knowing how others have navigated this rutted road. With great honesty and empathy, it acknowledges that no family ever recovers from this tragedy, but rather adapts to a life irretrievable altered. Code: WBBO Price: $19.99

Love Never Dies–A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Love by Sandy Goodman. Sandra shares her story in a way that will help you find your own path through your most private pain. You, too, can emerge from the deepest hurt and darkness into the awareness that the love you lost still remains with you in so many ways. Hardcover. Code: LNDO Price: $12.95 My Songs of Grief and Hope by Dwight Patton. Author of Andy’s Moutain, Dwight has poems from the masculine side of grieving. Poems include: Grief is Like..., Talk it Out, Sharing, Been There, To Fathers, If Only, Why? and more. Code: MSGO Price: $12.95

Love and Remembrance A Journal for Bereaved Parents by Margot Burkle. Margot, a bereaved parent, created this healing journal. A meaningful journal/family keepsake that includes thoughts from mom and dad, siblings, and grandparents, pages for special memories, footprints, handprints and memories and reflections. A family treasure. Code: LARC Price: $7.95

Beyond Tears: Living after Losing a Child. Revised edition. With a brand-new chapter written by young adults. Nine mothers who lost a child and met in a support group give comfort and direction to bereaved parents. They candidly share with other grieving parents what to expect in the first year and long beyond. Authors include: Phyllis Levine, Long, Rita Volpe, Colletti, Goldstein, Cohen, Barkin, and Eisenberg. Code: BYTO Price: $14.99 Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back is a collection of candid stories from grieving dads that were interviewed over a two year period. The book offers insight from fellow members of, in the haunting words of one dad, “this terrible, terrible club,” which consists of men who have experienced the death of a child. This book is a collection of survival stories by men who have survived the worst possible loss and lived to tell the tale. They are real stories that pull no punches and are told with brutal honesty. Men that have shared their deepest and darkest moments. Code: GRDO Price: $19.95 The Tincture of Time: Restoration After the Death of a Child After almost two decades of grieving the loss of her son Peter, Marie again shares how life continues to change after losing a child. In essays and stories she tells how time has impacted her journey and invites several of her fellow travelers to share their own stories. This book is a perfect companion to “First You Die”, and describes perfectly how life and attitudes change after the death of a child. Code: TOTO Price: $12.99

The Bereaved Parent By Harriet Schiff. Many parents feel that no one can help because no one can understand the complex ramifications of their tragedy. Harriet wrote this book to help other bereaved parents. Offers guidance and step-by-step suggestions on how to cope with the stages of grief, from the funeral to rebuilding your marriage. Code: BEPO Price: $14.00 A Mother’s Tears By Claire Ann Stevenson. This unique and beautiful collection of poems, written from the depths of a mother’s broken heart, will touch and comfort others suffering the most devastating loss of all, the death of a child. A year and a half after the tragic loss of her son, poetry started flowing through her. Code: MOTO Price: $14.95 You Are The Mother of all Mothers–A Message of Hope for the Grieving Heart by Angela Miller. A beautifully written book for all mother’s whose child has died. Angela writes from the heart and lets mother’s know that they are not alone in this battle. Every page is filled with support, love and kindness. The illustrations and words in this book make it a must-have for all grieving mothers. Code: YAMO Price: $19.95 Love Lasts Forever–A Journal of Mmeories by Noelle Andrew and Sheila Frascht. This journal gives you the space to chronicle the story of your child...precious memories you never want to forget. The pages take you through the beautiful moment when you said hello, the heartbreaking moment you had to say goodbye, and the grief that follows. Code: LLFO Price: $12.95

First You Die Learn to Live After the Death of Your Child by Marie Levine. After several years of writing a regular column about the despair, anger and confusion she felt after the death of her only child, Marie weaves the story of her own bereavement into a collection of essays, poems and writings that chronicle her own surviving mother’s journey. Code: FYDO Price: $12.99 Life After the Death of my Son. Dennis Apple discovered the lifeless body of his son on their family room couch. Eighteen-year-old Denny had died without warning from what was later explained as complications due to Mono. Sixteen years later, Dennis still struggles with living in a world without his son. Using excerpts from his journal—which he began the day after Denny died—Dennis explores the dark, lonely road of grieving for a child. Code: LIDO Price: $14.99

Healing Improv–A Journey Through Grief to Laughter. Bart Sumner’s life was shattered when his 10-year-old son, David, suffered a traumatic brain injury at football practice and died in his arms. Finding a way back to the road forward in a world where mourners are told “He’s in a better place” or to “Get over it” is a daunting and painful journey. He came to realize that the twenty-five plus years he spent as a performer and teacher of improvisational comedy was not only the key to his own survival, but also a powerful tool to help others mired in grief. Code: HLIB Price: $14.99

Why?Why? Why?A book of poems, all of which TCF chapters may use in their newsletters, by Georgia A Cockerham. It’s an unimaginable loss only those who’ve been through it can fully understand. For that reason, the death of a child can be an isolating experience. In the depth of immense grief, mourning parents become shrouded in darkness. Code: YYYO Price: $15.95 How Long Will The Pain Last? Every Bereaved Parent Wants to Know by Charlene Cole. After doing a survey for TCF, she decided to wrtie a book to share her findings with others. These stories combined create a unique perspective on the death of a child in every different way. It’s like having a support group at your fingertips. Code: HLPO Price: 15.00 The Grief of Parents When A Child Dies by TCF. Many facets of parental and sibling grief are discussed in a clear, sensitive manner. Includes the grief response, coping with loss is difficult, recovery is possible, communicating with the spouse, communicating with the children, and fears about going crazy. Code: GOPO Price: $4.00

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Death of a Child Her Light Still Shines–A Beloved Daughter’s Story and Her Mother’s Grief Journey by Coralease Cox Ruff, PhD, RN. This written memorial serves as a model for other bereaved parents and as a compass that identifies landmarks and coping strategies along a mother’s grief journey. Learn to keep your child’s memory alive on your journey toward healing and feel the warmth of your child’s shining light forever. Code: HLSO Price: $19.95 After The Darkest Hour, The Sun Will Shine Again - A Parent’s Guide to Coping with the Loss Of A Child by Elizabeth Mehren. Written from her own experiences, Elizabeth answers the question every bereaved parent asks, Will I ever get over it? Both a guide and a meditation, this book is valuable to friends and relatives. Code: ADHO Price: $13.99

Holding Onto Love–Searching for Hope When A Child Dies By Chuck Collins. Refreshing, down-to-earth writing style explores the anguish and hopelessness of child loss and exposes the myriad of emotional landmines grieving families face. The author rejects the common belief that bereaved fathers and mothers must “move on”or “get over it” to have normal lives. In contrast, Chuck offers a strategy for survival and healing that recognizes a new sense of normal and renewed purpose in life. Code: HOLB Price: $17.95

Suicide, Drug Overdose, Homicide Suicide of a Child–For parents whose child died by suicide by Adina Wrobleski. Goes into detail about victimization, social stigma, guilt, anger, history and recovery. The main thing for you to remember is: You are not to blame for the death of your child. The decision for death has to belong to your child, not you. Code: SUCC Price: $3.99

Sometimes I Cry in the Shower-A Grieving Father’s Journey to Wholeness and Healing. As a grieving father, R. Glenn Kelly exposes the inner thoughts of a man who has lost the most precious of gifts; his child. Written with the powerful and honest emotion that only someone who has walked in his shoes can truly understand, R. Glenn provides encouragement, insight, and hope to men who are “in the club no one wants to belong to.” He allows us to walk with him on his path from hidden despair to emerging hope as he discovers his way towards living a life that is fulfilling and honoring to the legacy left behind by his son. Code: SICB Price: $12.99 The Grief Case–A Man’s Guide to Healing and Moving Forward in Grief by R. Glenn Kelly. If you lost a loved one, then you have been handed a Griefcase. It is filled with painful, heavy emotions and will be with you for the rest of your life. Use the methods inside to learn how to lighten your burden and your heart to move forward through grief to your New Normal. Code: TGCB Price: $12.99 Grief Diaries–Loss of a Child. A deeply intimate collection of stories by parents around the world who have all walked in your shoes. Consider this book one of your bereavement tools, and pull it out whenever you need. For no matter the age, the circumstance, or number of days since your beloved child’s passing, the stories contained within this book offer company, comfort and hope, and are a treasured reminder that none of us walk this journey alone. Code: GDLB Price: $16.95 Tomorrow Comes–Based on a true story of love and family, grief and joy, Tomorrow Comes is inspired by the sudden and unexpected death of author Donna Mebane’s own daughter. Donna breathes vitality and warmth into Emma’s character, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Emma as she learns to navigate her new world with courage, humor, and an indomitable spirit. Code: TMCO Price: $10.99 Thriving After the Death of a Child. By Cathy Cheshire. I want to drastically improve how the world typically thinks about anybody suffering after the death of a cherished child. Instead of a trauma they will never get over, they can enrich their life with one of the greatest lessons about love after natural grieving. I had a life filled with heartbreak and then my beloved only child died. I relay with painful honesty how I spiraled into a dark relentless depression and then learned to live again in a powerful way surprising even me. Code: THAO Price: $12.99 For Bereaved Grandparents By Margaret Gerner. Written by a bereaved grandparent, this gentle resource addresses the issues grandparents are faced with when experiencing this double grief. Includes information about grief, helping your grieving child, what you can do, grandfathers, holidays and deeper relationships. Code: FBGC Price: $4.95

Suicide Survivors’ Handbook A Guide for the Bereaved and Those Who Wish to Help Them. By Trudy Carlson. Trudy wrote this book after the death of her son, Ben, to suicide. This book answers what every parent wants to know, the question WHY. It also covers the shame and guilt, and the anger associated with losing a loved one. Not only should every suicide survivor have this book, but friends and professionals as well. Code: SSHO Price: $15.95 The Seven T’s–Finding Hope and Healing in the Wake of Tragedy. Beloved singer-songwriter Judy Collins draws on her personal experience with her son’s suicide to guide readers through grieving the loss of a loved one who has died under tragic circumstances. Drawing on her own experience of losing her son to suicide, as well as her conversations with hundreds of people who have grieved the tragic death of a friend or family member, revered singer-songwriter Judy Collins has culled together seven powerful steps toward healing. Code: T7TO Price: $14.95 Real Men Do Cry by Eric Hipple bares his soul in this incredible story of hope and triumph. After his 15-year-old son’s suicide, Eric fell into a debilitating downward spiral. This page turner chronicles Eric’s transformation as he seeks treatment for his own depression and learns to overcome the guilt of missing the warning signs of suicide. Includes practical checklists and resources for families living with depression. Code: RMDO Price: $12.95 November Mourning by Mary Jane Cronin. Mary Jane has written not just a fact-filled book about loss and grief, but one that included her personal journey to understand, accept and heal following the murder of her own son. In this country, over 75,000 children under the age of eighteen die every year. November Mourning offers insight and hope as it explores the many emotions parents often feel following the loss of a child. Travel with Mary Jane through denial and anger as her own quest leads her to one day find acceptance and comfort. Code: NOMB Price: $12.95 For the Love of Daniel by Ann Goffe. Daniel was a handsome, charismatic bundle of contradictions. Diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders, ADD and alcohol dependency, he became a high school dropout and opiate addict. To the world he was a failure; to his many friends he was a star and a legend. This is an account of his life and of his after-life. Code: FLDO Price: $14.95

Coloring Your Grief–Coloring to Soothe the Soul and Mend the Heart by Jane Vair Bissler, Ph.D Sheri L. Goldstrohm, Ph.D. and Phyllis Kosminsky, Ph.D. In its pages you will find images and words collected by three experienced grief therapist. Code: CYGO Price: $12.95

When Dreams and Daughters Die–A Mother’s Memoir by M.H. DeMent. A tender-hearted mother writes about the private grief of having an addicted child. Of the twenty “rollercoaster” years, as the sickness of alcoholism overwhelms her storybook family. She writes of the grief of losing a child and her on-going spiritual journey. Code: WNDO Price: $11.95

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Infant Loss Resources A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy When Your Baby’s Life Is Expected to Be Brief by Amy Kuebelbeck and Deborah L. Davis. A gentle and practical guide for parents who decide to continue their pregnancy knowing that their baby’s life will be brief. Offers inspiration and reassurance through the memories of numerous parents who have loved a child who did not survive. Their moving experiences are stories of grief and of hope. Their anguish over the prenatal diagnosis turns to joy and love during the birth of their child and to gratitude and peace when reflecting on their baby’s short life. Code: AGTO Price: $20.95

Because We Care....Care Packages Stillbirth Code: BWCIC Price: $15.00 Include these books: Little Footprints, This Little While, Healing Together, For Bereaved Grandparents, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign. Miscarriage Code: BWCMC Price: $15.00 Includes these books: Miscarriage, Miscarriage: A Man’s Book, Healing Together, Grief: What it is and what you can do about it, a book bag and Caring Card for you to sign.

Miscarriage For parents experiencing fetal loss. When you have a miscarriage you have a very real and powerful grief. It may be one of your first encounters with death. It is certainly something you never forget. This book deals with feelings, anger, guilt, questions, withdrawal, reaching out, dads, couples, relationships, statements that hurt and memorializing the baby. Code: MISC Price: $3.50

Grief Unseen–Healing Pregnancy Loss through the Arts by Laura Seftel, forward by Sherokee Ilse. Explains the various kinds of miscarriage, such as failed in vitro fertilization, ectopic pregnancy and stillbirth, and examines the emotional impact of each on women and their families. Offers a wealth of practical creative exercises, using step-by-step processes to guide individuals, couples and groups through their creative responses. These exercises are suitable even for those with no previous artistic experience. Uplifting resource for women and families who have suffered pregnancy loss, and will be of great interest to practitioners in the fields of mental health and health care as well as art therapists and counselors. Code: GRUB Price: $29.95 Empty Cradle, Broken Heart Surviving the Death of Your Baby by Deborah Davis, Ph.D. Offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, guilt, and despair after such tragedy. Encourages grieving and makes suggestions for coping. Includes information about multiple birth, fathers, relatives, friends and other support persons. You are not alone. Code: ECBO Price: $19.95

Spanish Version: Aborto Espontáneo Code: MALC Price: $3.50 Healing Together For Couples Whose Baby Died by Marcie Lister and Sandra Lovell. This compact book covers ideas from the memorial service to talking together, information on how men and women grieve differently, and how to strengthen your relationship after the loss of your baby. Code: HETC Price: $4.00

Empty Arms Coping With Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death. Sherokee Ilse covers all the feelings, fears and fantasies that arise, and adds a lot of easy to read and helpful information on physical reactions. There are practical suggestions and support for parents during this time. Code: EMAO Price: $12.95 Spanish Edition: Brazos Vacíos Code: EMSO Price: $12.95

When Hello Means Goodbye A Guide For Parents Whose Child Dies Before Birth, At Birth Or Shortly After Birth by Perinatal Loss/GriefWatch. Includes Feelings, Physical Symptoms, Naming Your Baby, Autopsies, Funeral Homes, Friends, and comforting poems. Code: WHMO Price: $5.95

Another Baby? Maybe. . . Thirty Questions on Pregnancy After Loss. Written with Maribeth Doerr, Founder of Pen-Parents. Addresses frequently asked questions about subsequent pregnancies such as, How long do I need to wait to try again? What if I can’t get pregnant again? and When the baby is born will I finally be happy? Code: ANBO Price: $5.00

Spanish Version: Cuando Hola Significa Adios Code: CHSO Price: $5.95 Too Soon A Memory A guide for parents suffering a miscarriage. A complete guide that covers grieving a miscarriage, causes, helpful things to do or remember while grieving, how fathers react, friends and families, when to try again, and the next pregnancy. Real quotes throughout. Code: TSMO Price: $5.95

Single Parent Grief by Sherokee Ilse Addresses the issue of facing the loss as a single parent, feeling lonely, guilt and shame, envy and jealousy, pressure from others, relationship issues, other issues that may be affecting you, dealing with your grief, building support, coping skills, and dating again. Code: SPGO Price: $3.00

Spanish Version: Una Memoria Demasiado Temprana Code: TSSO Price: $5.95 Comfort Us, Lord – Our Baby Died A book of prayers for families who have lost a small infant to stillbirth or early infant death. By Norman Hagley, D.Min. Includes: A Mother’s Prayer, A Prayer for Hope, A Father’s Prayer, A Prayer for a Very Young Child, also Prayers for Caregivers and Inner Strength. Code: CULC Price: $3.50

Unsupported Losses Ectopic Pregnancy, Molar Pregnancy, and Blighted Ovum by Sherokee Ilse. Includes general medical considerations, treatments, future considerations, emotional reactions, creating and cherishing mementos, your other children, building support and finding meaning and peace. Code: UNLO Price: $3.00

Miscarriage A Shattered Dream by Sherokee Ilse. Those who have suffered a miscarriage will find medical and emotional support on possible causes, medical terminology, choices, decisions, common questions and concerns, grandparents, siblings, friends and family, plus coping ideas and taking care of yourself. Code: MISO Price: $12.95 Stillbrith, Yet Still Born by Deborah Davis. When your baby dies before birth, you experience an extraordinary grief. You never get to hear your baby’s voice nor see life in your baby’s eyes. Still, your baby lived. Your baby came into this world. Your baby’s existence is important and real. This small book offers tailored information and support for parents experiencing the early hours, days, and weeks that follow the death and birth of their beloved baby. Stillbirth is always a devastating shock, a heartbreaking collision of birth and death that leaves parents helpless. In this accessible book, you will find comfort and ideas for affirming and honoring your precious baby’s life. Code: SBYO Price: $9.95

MotherCare Physical care and beyond after a baby dies by Sherokee Ilse, Inez Anderson and Mary Funk. Empowers bereaved mothers to take good care of themselves after their baby’s death. The physical, emotional and spiritual components of healing are addressed in this short guide. Code: MOCO Price: $4.50

Still To Be Born From Perinatal Loss/GriefWatch. A Guide for Bereaved Parents Who Are Making Decisions About Their Future. Chapters include: After a Loss, Making Decisions About the Future, Medical Considerations, Living Through Another Pregnancy, and Beyond Birth. Things to think about: 1. Don’t assume your doctor knows how you are feeling. When asked, share how you are doing emotionally as well as physically. He or she won’t know what’s going on inside you unless you communicate. Code: SBBO Price: $6.00

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Infant Loss Resources This Little While For Parents Experiencing the Death of a Stillborn Baby or very Young Infant by Joy and Marv Johnson. Full of information beginning with hearing the bad news, recognizing the reality, things to do before you leave the hospital, naming your baby, grieving the loss, healing together. Ends with sample birth/death announcements, support organizations. Code: TLWC Price: $4.50 Available in Spanish: Ese Momentito Code: TLSC Price: $4.50 Healing Your Grieving Heart After Stillbirth–100 Practical ideas for Parents and Families–Compassionate advice and simple activities to help you through your grief by Alan Wolfelt and Raelynn Maloney. The stillbirth of a hoped for child is an inexplicable loss of hopes and dreams of a new life. The impact of this overwhelming loss is profound and life changing. This compassionate guide contains 100 practical ideas teach about the principles of grief and mourning. Code: HYSO Price: $11.95 Healing Your Grieving Heart After Miscarriage–100 Practical ideas for Parents and Families–Compassionate advice and simple activities to help you through your grief by Alan Wolfelt and Raelynn Maloney. The miscarriage of a hoped for child is an inexplicable loss of hopes and dreams of a new life. The impact of this overwhelming loss is profound and life changing. This compassionate guide contains 100 practical ideas teach about the principles of grief and mourning. Code: HMYO Price: $11.95 When Pregnancy Follows A Loss: Preparing for the Birth of Your New Baby. Authors Joann O’Leary, PhD, and Clare Thorwick, RN. Few people understand the conflicting emotions that surface during a subsequent pregnancy nor that these feelings are normal, given your life experience. Embracing the life of a new baby can be daunting when others may not understand you are still a parent of a baby who died. This booklet is a compilation of families’ experiences. Code: WPFO Price: $8.00

Goodbye My Child A gentle guide for parents whose child has died by Sara Wheeler and Margaret Pike. A complete guide for newly bereaved parents. Talks about funeral planning, differences in losses, the five phases of mourning, men and women grief, grandparents, your other children, family and friends and picking up the pieces. Code: GMCC Price: $7.95 Journaling Away Mommy’s Grief by Robin Lentz Worgan. The only interactive, self-help book on stillbirth/infant loss that takes the reader from the first day of profound loss through ten years of living, grieving and healing. Each page begins with a journal entry followed by a reflective writing exercise that promotes healing and encourages parents to prepare a concrete plan for facing difficult holidays and anniversaries, as well as everyday living. It is a road map of healthy grieving towards gratitude, peace and ultimately joy again. Code: JAMO Price: $14.95

Special Babies Memory Books Little Footprints A Special Baby’s Memory Book. By Dorothy Ferguson. For parents of stillborn infants or those who die shortly after birth. Features a journal for feelings, memorable dates, pictures, place for momentos, last moments, and your story: the day you were born. 24 pages that includes gentle poems. Code: LIFC Price: $8.00 Available in Spanish: Sus Pequeñas Huellas Code: LISC Price: $8.00 Special Babies Live in the hearts of those who love them. Lovingly done by AMEND. Includes journal pages, funeral information, birth/ death certificate, and pictures. 12 pages. Code: SPBO Price: $6.00 Available in Spanish: Los Bebés Especials Code: SPSO Price: $6.00

When A Baby Dies by TCF. Written to help give parents insights into the grieving process by those who have personally experienced the death of an infant. Covers the grief response, facing the world again, family members, and another pregnancy. Code: WBSO Price: $4.00 SIDS & Infant Death Survival Guide By Joni Horchler and Robin Morris. information and new articles and poems by parents who’ve lost children to SIDS and other deaths such as suffocation. Nineteen chapters cover everything from the particular grief of mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, and child-care providers to guilt, anger, dreams, premonitions, peer and professional support, planning funerals, enduring anniversaries, and having subsequent children. Includes help for planning a funeral and general grief information. Code: SSGO Price: $16.95

Memories Of Our Baby By A Place To Remember. A soft cloud cover with places for you to write keepsake memories about the mother, father, pregnancy months, how the name was chosen, service information and pictures. Code: MOBO Price: $7.50 We Hold You In Our Hearts–A Memory Book. A beautiful memory book for families who have experienced the tragic death of a baby during the third or late second trimester, stillbirth or early infant death. Includes special sections for mementos, photos, hand and foot prints, certificates and more. Code: WHYO Price: $8.00 Available in English and Spanish. Te Mantenemos en Nuestros Corazones Code: WYSO Price: $8.00

Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart–A Journey of Precnancy, Grief and Newborn Death by Dianna Vagianos Armentrout. Through journal entries, essays and poetry, Dianna invites the reader to process grief and honor the life of the child, no matter how brief. In addition, readers will learn how to support the bereaved by remembering the baby and pregnancy. Dianna’s experiences with infertility, motherhood, infant loss and miscarriage infuse her writing with compassion for all women. Code: WLMO Price: 15.00 Three Minus One-Stories of Parents’ Love and Loss. Edited by Sean Hanish and Brook Warner. A collection of intimate, soul-baring stories and artwork by parents who have lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death, inspired by the film Return to Zero. This anthology of raw memoirs, heartbreaking stories, truthful poems, beautiful painting, and stunning photography from the parents who have suffered child loss offers insight into this unique, devastating and life-changing experience. Code: TMOB Price: $17.95 Journeys Stories of Pregnancy After Loss by Amy Abbey. This book will become a treasured pregnancy companion to parents who are embakring or even completating pregancy after loss. Amy and other authors lovingly share in a brutally honest manner, their journey. From planning babies to the sadness and grief after the death of a baby to the joy of giving birth to a live baby. Code: PJAO Price: $15.95

For Fathers Miscarriage: A Man’s Book By Rick Wheat. A note from Rick: Both of you face a lot of confusion and pain. You need to prepare for it. Your wife has some tough days ahead of her that you may not understand. As her husband, you’ll share her struggles. However, sharing her pain won’t be easy. You have your own pain to bear as you grieve the loss of this baby. Rick talks to men about difficult things, anger and grief. Code: MMBC Price: $3.50 Strong and Tender A Guide for the Father whose Baby has Died from Perinatal Loss/GriefWatch. Designed to provide men with some emotional and spiritual support for the family while giving information about men and grief. Includes: taking care of yourself, how men grieve, going back to work, anger, and your next pregnancy. Code: STRO Price: $5.95 Fathers Grieve, Too After their child or baby dies. Gives permission to feel and cry. Code: FGTC Price: 75¢ Spanish Version: Code: FGSC Price: 75¢

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Infant Loss Resources Sibling Grief

Sibling Grief After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Sherokee Ilse, Linda Hammer Burns and Susan Erling Martinez. A practical guide, this booklet helps parents understand their surviving children’s needs while assisting the siblings to grieve and cope well after their brother’s or sister’s death. Code: SIGO Price: $4.00

Remembering Our Baby A workbook for children whose brother or sister dies before birth by Patti Keough. Includes pages for writing and drawing to help share thoughts and feelings. Begins with finding out about the new baby in the family, finding out about the death, questions, and things to do to remember the baby. Ages 4-9. Code: ROBC Price:  $4.95 Where’s Jess? Written after Ray and Jody Goldstein’s daughter, Jess, died at age nine months. Simple and easy for children to understand. For siblings who had baby at home. Sometimes when I talk about Jess, Mommy cries. I’m scared that my talking makes her cry. Mommy smiles. She says I don’t need to be afraid of her tears. I can talk about Jess all I want to. Ages 3-6. Code: WHJC Price: $5.95

Children and Grief Talking with Children About Grief and Loss by Joy Johnson. Excellent for siblings. Includes the Keys to Helping Children, Magical Thinking and Children’s Concepts of Death.

For Bereaved Grandparents By Margaret Gerner. Written by a bereaved grandparent, this gentle resource addresses the issues grandparents are faced when experiencing this double grief. Margaret is a bereaved parent and a bereaved grandparent. Her son, Arthur, was six years old when he was killed by an automobile. Her three-year-old granddaughter, Emily, died of an unknown liver ailment. Code: FBGC Price: $4.95

No New Baby By Marilyn Gryte. Grandma took hold of my hand. She leaned over and picked something up off the ground. ‘See this little bud?’ she asked. ‘It was supposed to keep growing and turn into a flower. But it didn’t, and no one knows why. Most little buds become flowers, but some don’t. This one died. It will never be a flower now.’ I held the little bud in my hand. ‘Just like our baby,’ I said. Grandma explains you’re not to blame and we don’t always have answers. Code: NNBC Price: $4.95 Spanish Edition: No Tenremos Un Nuevo Bebé Code: NNSC Price: $4.95

Thumpy’s Story A Story of Love and Grief Shared by Thumpy the Bunny. Thumpy shares the hurt and questions when his sister dies. This story provides an opportunity for children and adults to express their emotions and learn about life, death, grief and love. Mother looked very sad as Father explained that Bun died because something was wrong with the way she was made. Bun was not strong enough for life in the world. Code: THUO Price: $8.00 Available in Spanish: El Cuento De Thumpy Code: THSO Price: $8.00

Price: $2.00F

For Bereaved Grandparents

We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert and illustrated by Taylor Bills. Expresses the excitement and anticipation children have while waiting for their new sibling to arrive, and the sudden, life-changing nature of an unexpected loss. Narrated by a young boy who shares his and his family’s disappointment and grief over the loss of their baby. Code: WWGO Price: $8.95

Someone Came Before You Author of We Were Gonna Have A Baby, But We Had and Angel Instead. It explains in a gentle way the parents desire for a child and the sadness that comes over them when that baby dies. It then shares how the parents, with the help of the baby, get to the point of wanting another child to come into their lives. Recommended age level is 2 years old and up. Code: SCBO Price: $8.95

Code: BWCE

A Grandparent’s Sorrow From Perinatal Loss/GriefWatch. An excellent resource for bereaved grandparents including information about how to help your child, what not to say and what to say instead, gifts to give, taking care of yourself, multiple loss, friends, faith and talking with your grandchildren, and touching poetry throughout. Code: GPSO Price: $5.95

Because we care Resources

A Grandparent’s Grief

Grieving Grandparents After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Sherokee Ilse and Lori Leininger. A practical exploration of the anguish, sorrow and sense of helplessness that grandparents feel when their beloved grandchild dies. Information is shared to aid grandparents as they attempt to comfort and support their children. Code: GRGO Price: $4.00

Adapted from For Bereaved Grandparents by Margaret Gerner

Grief: A Reaction to Loss Grief is the emotional reaction to loss. Mourning is the expression of that grief.

Grandparents grieve, too, and grief takes time. You won’t get over it in a month or even a year. In fact, you never get over it. You never get through it. You blend it into your life and make it part of you. Basically, you go through shock, despair and finally, you reach growth and healing. There are days when you must concentrate to make it through the next 10 minutes, and days you feel pretty good. You will adjust your life and find a “new normal,” and that means going through that first year and facing those important days.

A Grandparent’s Grief A handout for grandparents wanting to help their children while grieving themselves. Talks about grief, what you can do to help and holidays. Code: BWFE Code: $2.00 Healing A Grandparent’s Grieving Heart – 100 Practival Ideas After Your Grandchild Dies. Compassionate advice and simple activities to help you through the loss of a grandchild. Code: HGRO Price: $11.95

Teen Miscarriage, Adoption

Something Happened By Cathy Blanford. This book is designed especially for children between the ages of two and six whose families have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. The simple, clear story helps the child to understand what has happened, to deal with all of the feelings that are arising, and to continue to feel loved and secure. Code: SOHO Price: $12.95 Available in Spanish: Code: ALGO Price: $12.95

After the Loss of Your Baby For Teen Mothers by Connie Nykiel. This booklet was written especially for teen mothers to help them learn about grief and the grief process. Includes medical definitions, information for the baby’s father, friends and family, grandparents, taking care of yourself, answers to frequently asked questions; includes a page to write a letter to the baby and a resource page. Code: ALBC Price: $4.00

Ethan’s Butterflies by Christine Jonas-Simpson. This book takes the parents and young children through the journey of deep sorrow and loss of a baby brother or sister from the moment of expectation of meeting them to the despair of knowing they passed, to the joy of reconnecting with them in another way. This story is about living and feeling the deep loss of a baby as well as transforming this precious loss through connecting and creating new relationships. Code:EBFO Price: $9.95

Given In Love For Mothers who are choosing an adoption plan. By Maureen Connelly. This lovely book is one you want if you work with young mothers choosing an adoption plan. Includes Decisions, Mementos, Naming, Saying Goodbye, A Letter to Baby, and Adoptive Parents. Includes a healing service for giving a child in love. Code: GILC Price: $4.00

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Infant Loss Resources Funeral Planning

Unborn Baby with Problems

Making Loving Memories A Gentle Guide To What you Can Do When Your Baby Dies by M.L. Eddy and Linda Raydo. Includes: First things to do, deciding on a service, visitation, burial, your other children, grandparents, and other helpful resources. Code: MLMC Price: $3.00 Planning A Precious Goodbye By Sherokee Ilse and Susan Erling Martinez. Complete information about announcement options, samples of announcements/obituaries, release forms, laws, making decisions, choosing a funeral home, miscarried babies, service ideas and sample readings. Code: PPGO Price: $4.50 BitterSweet Hello...Goodbye: A Resource in Planning Farewell Rituals When A Baby Dies by the National Share Office. Third Edition. There are sections for planning religious as well as secular services that can be used by hospitals, groups, congrega-tions or individuals. Prayers, scripture, readings and other resources are included to assist in meeting individual circumstances. Even includes stories and examples from bereaved parents. The most complete guide for use when planning a memorial or funeral for a baby. Code: BSHO Price: $29.95

Caregivers Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss by Jane Heustis & Marcia Meyer Jenkins Foreword by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. Written by seasoned support nurses, outlines a framework for bereavement care in the obstetrical arena. Describes loss from the family’s perspective, defines the caregiver’s role, offers bedside strategies and reviews the work of mourning in the weeks and months after. Code: CTPO Price: $19.95

Because we care. . . Infant Loss Handouts

Because we care Resources

Stillbirth For Parents Experiencing the Death of an Infant through Stillbirth

Hearing the Bad News It’s difficult to believe. It’s hard to understand. Your baby has died. Your baby was stillborn. For many of you this will be the first experience you’ve had with grief, the first time you’ve planned a funeral, the first time you’ve said goodbye so soon. It’s important that you make the most of the time you have with your baby.

Difficult Decisions For families whose unborn baby has a serious problem. These decisions take great strength. With gentle support we deal with loss, hopelessness, relating to others and community resources. This book offers support if you decide to continue your pregnancy or if you decide to terminate. Always remember – whatever decision you make is made from love. Code: DIDC Price: $3.99 Precious Lives – Painful Choices By Sherokee Ilse. As modern technology opens the window to the womb, more parents are in the position of having to make a decision to continue or end a pregnancy. Encourages parents to take a hard look at the medical, emotional, spiritual, and moral perspectives before they make their own painful choice about their baby’s precious life. Code: PLPO Price: $12.95 A Time to Decide, A Time to Heal For parents making difficult decisions about babies they love by Pineapple Press. 4th Edition. Information on factors in the decision making process, continuing the pregnancy, interrupting the pregnancy, taking control, the hospital experience, couples healing together-healing apart, the days and weeks afterward, and the months and years that follow. Code: ATTO Price: $9.95 Spanish Edition: Code: TDSO Price: $7.95 No One Told Me I Could Cry This revised version has been lovingly expanded so that it includes all women who have been wounded by abortion when they were very young, whether it happend yesterday, or 40 years ago. Connie Corso Nykiel writes from her wealth of experience as a nurse working with pregnant young women and grieving women. Hers is a message of joy and hope for those who have experienced abortion. She reveals how it is only in grieving that they can find healing and truly be reconciled to God and their child. Code: NOTO Price: $26.95

Stillbirth–Supportive, caring information about the reality of the loss, things to do before you leave the hospital, making memories, funeral planning, other children and caring for yourselves. Code: BWSE Price: $2.00

Comfee Doll Comfee Doll Pillow A warm, huggable friend to hold for comfort. Heat this flannel covered friend in the microwave for three minutes .Contains calming lavender & flax. Code: COMO Price: $15.00

Shock and Disbelief At first it’s hard to believe. You had great plans and hopes and dreams. Now you feel numb and scared. You may not know exactly what to do next. It was really hard. The first thing we had to do was call the grandparents and tell them. There were some times on the phone when none of us could say anything because we were crying. Resources Because weallcare Dad in Ohio

Miscarriage For Parents Experiencing a Miscarriage

Miscarriage–Talks about the feelings you have after a miscarriage, as a couple, or a single parent, your other children and family. Includes special terms and moving on. Code: BWME Price: $2.00

It can be hard to believe. The shock and fear of miscarriage can be overwhelming. You have severe physical pain, and you realize there’s nothing you can do. Your whole world is thrown off balance. You lose your pregnancy. You lose your baby. You lose your self-control and you even lose something of yourself. When you have a miscarriage you have a very real and powerful grief. It may be one of your first encounters with death. It is certainly something you never forget. I’m alone. And just two days ago I was never alone. . . I had always had a baby inside me. Mom in Iowa Because we care Resources

A Grandparent’s Grief Adapted from For Bereaved Grandparents by Margaret Gerner

Grief: A Reaction to Loss Grief is the emotional reaction to loss. Mourning is the expression of that grief.

Grandparents grieve, too, and grief takes time. You won’t get over it in a month or even a year. In fact, you never get over it. You never get through it. You blend it into your life and make it part of you. Basically, you go through shock, despair and finally, you reach growth and healing. There are days when you must concentrate to make it through the next 10 minutes, and days you feel pretty good. You will adjust your life and find a “new normal,” and that means going through that first year and facing those important days.

A Grandparent’s Grief–Talks about the grief of grandparents and helping your grieving adult children. Code: BWFE Price: $2.00 Grief Work–10 Things to Remember when you are doing grief work. Code: BWGE Price: $2.00


10 things to remember Imagine the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you. The death of a loved one brings pain and suffering we never could have imagined. Your loved one has died, leaving a void that will bring many different emotions that will be difficult to deal with in the days ahead. Your feelings over your loss may range from shock and sadness, to anger and frustration. The vast array of emotion may surprise and overwhelm you. No matter if the death is sudden or expected, you are usually never ready for it.

There is nothing seriously wrong with you! You are reacting normally in the midst of a process known as grief.

“Some people only dream of angels. I held one in my arms.”

Because we care Resources

Getting Through Grief One Day at a Time

Angel T-shirt

Fathers Grieve, Too After their child or baby dies. Gives permission to feel and cry. Code: FGTC Price: 75¢ Spanish Version: Los Padres Tambien Se A Congojan Code: FGSC Price: 75¢ Being With Parents After Their Child Or Baby Dies. Practical, caring tips for friends, family and caregivers. Code: BWPC Price: 75¢

Code: ANSO

Price: $15.00

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Death of an Infant Twin For families after the death in a multiple birth. Gives emotional support. Code: DITC Price: 75¢

See Adult Grief Resources for other books about grief.

Your Next Baby–Addresses fears and anxiety for the next baby. Code: YNBC Price: 75¢

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Newborn Intensive Care Infants

Children’s Grief Resources

Intensive Parenting–Surviving the Emotional Journey through the NICU - Explores the emotions of parenting in the neonatal intensive care unit, from in-hospital through issues and concerns after the child is home. Deboral L. Davis and Mara Tesler Stein describe and affirm the wide range of experiences and emotional reactions that occur in the NICU and offer strategies for parents coping with their baby’s condition and hospitalization. Code: INPO Price: $19.95 Baby Talk & Special Beginnings The first section describes invitation signs, time-out signals, and other ways you can help your baby grow and develop. Invaluable to NICU parents. The second section informs parents of their baby’s needs – how preemies need to feel love and warmth from mom and dad’s touch and presence. Addresses Parents’ emotional needs. Code: BATC Price: $5.95 My NICU Baby Book This special baby book is meant to provide a valuable memory of your time spent in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, to remember people who cared for your baby and for you, and to let you keep track of how your special care infant grows and develops. Includes growth charts, treatments, tests, feedings and good information for parents. Code: MNIC Price: $9.95 Loving and Letting Go For parents who decided to turn away from aggressive medical intervention for their critically ill newborns by Deborah Davis, Ph.D. There are so many questions to ask: Questions about diagnoses, treatment, logistics, outcomes and prognoses. This book confirms the love, wisdom, courage and faith that lie in the heart of letting go, and offers support for finding peace. Code: LLGC Price: $6.95 Why Mine? For parents whose child is seriously ill. This simple and supportive booklet covers other children, your marriage, anger, hope, depression, single parents, and community people. When your child is ill you come to know a lot about fear. Fear of the unknown. What will happen? Fear of treatment. What will they do? Code: WHMC Price: $3.25

Section Four: Children’s Grief Resources Creative & Healing Tools Page 22-29 Sibling Grief Page 25 Pet Loss Page 25 National Disaster Page 25 Death of a Grandparent Page 25 Illness: For Children and Family Page 26 School Resources Page 26 Death of a Parent Page 27 Divorce Page 27 Teen/Adolescent Grief Page 28 Suicide, Fear and Homicide Page 29 Workbooks Page 29 My Memory Bag This sturdy tote contains: 4A Teddy Bear 4A star-shaped stress ball 4A yo-yo 4Book: A Bunch of Balloons, Tell Me, Papa and A Complete Book About Death. The child could be encouraged to add their own special things to complete this memory bag. Ideas: clothing, pictures, photos, cards and other keepsakes. Code: MYMC Price: $24.95 Tell Me, Papa A gentle explanation for children about death and the funeral by Joy and Marv (Papa) Johnson. Tells children about what happens when you die; explains the funeral and cremation, and answers questions honestly. Useful tool for parents and caregivers searching for the right words to say. Remember though, being dead and being asleep are not alike. When we are asleep, our parts inside work away making us ready for the day. We move. We breathe in and out . . .You can tell the difference between being dead and being asleep. Revised. Code: TMPC Price: $7.95 Feeling Hearts Stones Pass them around a support group, or share them with a child and ask them to talk about their “feeling heart”. This soft bag contains small ceramic hearts to provide an opportunity to express emotion. 10 stones. Code: FEHO Price: $22.50

For Siblings Katie’s Premature Brother: El Hermano Prematuro de Katie English and Spanish Edition by Elizabeth Hawkins-Walsh and illustrated by Anne Catherine Blake. A book for siblings of NICU babies. Shares fears, worries of young children. Come with Katie and visit her new brother. She couldn’t wait until that special day when he would come home. She already liked Christopher, and she just knew he was going to like her, too. Code: KPBC Price: $6.95 No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear By Valerie Pankow. For sisters and brothers of a healthy preemie. You’ll enjoy giving this to your children or your very young visitors. The first time I got to go into the nursery, I was scared. There were so many machines, lights, wires and tubes. I smiled because he was my new brother. Code: NBTO Price: $6.95 Our New Baby Needs Special Help A coloring book for families whose new baby has problems by Gail Klayman. For small siblings whose new baby may or may not come home. Starts when child is excited about having the new baby, parents finding out there is a serious problem, and visiting the NICU. Perfect for child-life specialists! “Jane patted my shoulder. “We don’t know why some babies are born with problems. We do know it’s not because of anything we thought or felt.” Code: ONBC Price: $3.95 My Preemie Brother When an infant is born prematurely and must spend a period of time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), siblings often are both frightened and confused about what’s happening with the new baby. My Preemie Brother coloring book is a wonderful way for children to hear or read the story about Jonathan’s family and color the pictures as he tells about visiting the NICU, seeing all the tubes and machines, spending time in the hospital Sibling Center, and adjusting to becoming the best big brother ever. Code: MYPO Price: $4.95

Healing Activities for Children in Grief Activities suitable for support groups with grieving children, preteens and teens by Gay McWhorter. A much needed resource for support groups. Written by a grief counselor, these activities provide the tools to allow children to express their feelings and remember their loved one. Activities include description of activity, purpose, recommended readings and supplies needed. Includes Starburst card game. Code: HACO Price: $24.95 25 Things To Do - Activities to Help Children Suffering Loss or Change by Laurie A. Kanyer, MA. Gives healing activities to do with your child, such as painted rock memorial, play acting, ball play, feeling faces and more. Code: TTDO Price: $13.95 Doggone Grief Game Players pick dog tokens and roll the dice to move around the game board. When the token lands on an “emotion” space - mad, sad, happy, scared or wild - the player picks a dog card. The emotion cards show dogs in various activities that reveal their grief emotions, too. The card also includes a question or two for players to answer about themselves or their loved one who died. Code: DGGO Price: $35.00 Memory Garden Bereavement Card Game Created by Lisa Arneson. A wonderful tool for caregivers helping grieving children express their thoughts and feelings. 65 cards in a deck, each illustrating the natural cycle of life with a beautiful flower garden. Discussion questions include: My favorite story about the person who died is. . . or The most difficult time is. . . Code: MEGO Price: $24.95

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Children’s Grief Resources Help Me Say Goodbye By Janis Silverman Activities for Helping Kids Cope When A Special Person Dies. An art therapy book for children coping with the death of someone they love. Sensitive exercises address the questions and fears kids may have. Code: HMSO Price: $9.95

Sunflower Promise By Kathleen Maresh Hemery, Illustrated by Augusto Bordelois. A new chapter book for children ages 8-12 who are experiencing the death of someone close to them. The morning sun and chirping birds fooled me into thinking it was another normal Saturday morning. But then that sick feeling came back, and I knew Davy would not go bike riding with me that day. Code: SFPC Price: $4.99

My Grief Rights Wallet Cards. The new wallet cards (packet of 50) are great for kids to carry with them and share with others. Code: MGWO Price: $15.00

Talking about Death is a classic guide for parents helping their children through the death of a loved one. With a helpful list of dos and don’ts, an illustrated read-along dialogue, and a guide to explaining death, Earl Grollman provides sensitive and timely advice for families coping with loss. Talks about reactions to different kinds of death, from the death of a parent to the death of a pet. Code: TADO Price: $20.00

The Invisible String by Patricia Karst. A very simple approach to overcoming the fear of loneliness or separation with an imaginative flair that children can easily identify with and remember. “People who love each other are always connected by a very special string, made of love. Even though you can’t see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love.” Code: ISOO Price: $16.95

When Dinosaurs Die A Guide to Understanding Death by Laurie and Marc Brown. This colorful guide helps dispel the mystery associated with death and provides answers to the most often asked questions, such as: Why does someone die? What does dead mean? What comes after death? Code: WDPO Price: $8.99

Waterbugs and Dragonflies A tender tale of death and new life, this mini-book uses the symbol of one waterbug, climbing a stalk to turn into a dragonfly, never to return. Includes a prayer for parents, Scripture and information for what parents can say. Code: WADO Price: $5.00

Tear Soup A Recipe for Healing After Loss. After Grandy suffers a loss she cooks up her own batch of tear soup.Gives you a glimpse into Grandy’s life as she blends different ingredients into her own grief process. Valuable for family members to share. Hardcover. Code: TERO Price: $19.95 The Next Place Available in Spanish: Sopa de Lagrimas By Warren Hanson. A classic that brings gentle verse revealing a Code: TESO Price: $14.95 safe and welcome destination free from earthly hurts and filled with wonder and peace. A comforting message of hope and a gift Tear Soup DVD Code: TVDO Price: $29.95 of compassion for the bereaved. Code: NEPO Price: $16.95 Grief is Like a Snowflake Spanish Version: Code: NESO Price: $16.95 By Julia Cook (Grades K-8) With the help and support of his family and friends, Little Tree learns to cope with his father’s death by How I Feel discovering what is really important in life, and that his father’s A coloring book for grieving children by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. A coloring memory will carry on. Julia, and a lovable cast of trees, offers a book for very young children that explores the many feelings grieving warm approach to the difficult subject of death and dying. children experience. Provides grieving children with the words to describe Code: GLSO Price: 9.95 their new and sometimes scary feelings. Code: HIFO Price: $2.00 Saying Goodbye by Jim and Joan Boulden. Buddy the duck talks to children about death and grief. Buddy also explains funerals and The Fall of Freddie the Leaf things kids can do when they have different feelings. Includes drawing A story of life for all ages by Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D. This is a story about pages and a goodbye letter. A funeral is when family and friends come how Freddie and his companion leaves change with the passing seatogether and remember the good things about the dead person. Sometimes sons, finally falling to the ground with winter’s snow. Both children the dead body is there to see or to touch if anyone wants to. and adults will be touched by this inspiring story of the cycle of life. Code: SAGO Price: $3.95 Hardcover. Code: SYGO Price: $3.95 Code: FFLO Price: $14.95 Spanish: Diciendo Adios Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids 100 Practical Ideas for Kids. Simple advice and activities for children after a death. Talking to other grieving kids can feel really good. It helps you know that you’re not the only one. You’ll make friends and get some good ideas for living with your grief. Code: HYKO Price: $11.95 What Does That Mean?: A Dictionary for Grieving Children by Harold Ivan Smith and Joy Johnson. Here are all the words that puzzle children and adults as well. How do you tell a six-year-old about cremation? What is a mausoleum? In this delightfully simple book, two leading bereavement authors give the meaning of the word, use an example or story, and quote a current resource to further explain. Code: WDTC Price: $9.95 Lifetimes The beautiful way to explain death to children by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. Outstanding illustrations provide a visual and safe way to begin explaining death to children. Can be used for very young children to explain the life cycles of all living things. Code: LIFO Price: $14.00

Tapestries–A Creative and Inclusive Approach to Grief Support for Youth and Communities by Alesia K. Alexader Layne, MSW, LCSW. A tapestry has many different colored threads that are woven together to make a beautiful work of art and community. Our communities are struggling to find ways to reach and touch young people and the events that are tearing at the fabric of their futures. Tapestries is a creative, and inclusive facilitation guide. Code: TAPO Price: $24.95

What Do We Tell the Children? Talking to Kids about Death and Dying by Joseph Primo. One out of seven children will lose a parent before they are 20. Professionals of all types are often at a loss when dealing with a grieving child. Talking to adults about death and grief is difficult; it’s all the more challenging to talk to children and teens. The stakes are high: grieving children are high-risk for substance abuse, promiscuity, depression, isolation, and suicide. Yet, despite this, most of these kids grow up to be normal or exceptional adults. But their chance to become healthy adults increases with the support of a loving community. Code: WDWO Price: $15.95

A Bunch of Balloons A story for ages 5-9. Compares loss of a loved one with the letting go of a helium balloon. It’s especially good because it looks at not just what’s been lost, but what still is left. Code: BUBC Price: $5.99

The Grief Bubble Helping Kids Explore and Understand Grief…by Kerry DeBay. A special book for children ages 6 and older who have experienced the death of someone special. The interactive format invites them to find expression for their thoughts and feelings, encouraging the exploration of their grief. Code: TGBO Price: $11.95 Spanish Edition: Code: TGSO Price: $11.95

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Children’s Grief Resources Expaining Grief and Loss, cont. What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? Trevor Romain talks directly to kids about what death means and how to cope. He asks the kinds of questions kids have about death—Why? How? What next? Is it my fault? What’s a funeral?—in basic, straightforward terms. He describes and discusses the overwhelming emotions involved in grieving—sadness, fear, anger, guilt—and offers practical strategies for dealing with them. Code: WOEO Price: $8.99

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child The Dougy Center. Learn what to expect from grieving children at different ages, how to provide safe outlets for children to express their thoughts and feelings, and how to support them during the memorial service, holidays and anniversary times. Code: TWHO Price: $9.95 Helping Children Grieve & Grow A Guide For Those Who Care by Donna O’Toole. Answers the questions caregivers may have, such as how can I understand the losses of children, how can I understand children’s grief, what can I say and do that will help, are there special concerns, and what helps children bounce back. Code: HGGO Price: $4.95

Honey Bear Died by Jennifer Melvin. Finally a how-to-tell-3-5 year olds someone has died! Adults often seek the words to tell a young person someone has died, especially those that don’t developmentally grasp the concept of finality. This book provides the necessary & developmentally appropriate basic wording; simple, inviting & interactive illustrations and an opportunity to incorporate the loved ones name. A must have for every grief center and family. Code: HBDO Price: 11.95 Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. A young woman holds her newborn son And looks at him lovingly. Softly she sings to him: “I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always As long as I’m living My baby you’ll be.” Code: LYFO Price: $5.95

A Guide for Parents–Supporting Children and Teens Through Loss and Grief from the Center for Grieving Children. This guide gives you information and ideas to help you feel more comfortable talking to your children, and be more prepared to support them during this difficult time. Code: SCPO Price: $8.00

Love from a Star by Katherine Cutchin Gazzetta. Sometimes you just need to know that you are loved. That is what this little gift book is all about. With a stowaway frog hidden throughout the pages, Love From a Star brings a message that you are loved and never alone. Wherever you are, whatever you face, God is there. Just look for His star. Hardcover. Code: LFSO Price: $15.00

My Yellow Balloon It all started at the carnival. That s where Joey makes a new friend: a bright yellow balloon. Joey and his beloved balloon do everything together, until the balloon accidentally slips off Joey’s wrist and flies far, far away. What will Joey do without his special friend? Tiffany Papageorge has crafted a poignant tale of love, loss, and letting go that will serve as a comforting guide to children who are navigating the complicated emotions of grief. Rich, luminous illustrations by Erwin Madrid perfectly capture these timeless themes, making them accessible to even the youngest reader. Code: MYBB Price: $18.99

Children Grieve, Too. By Joy and Marv Johnson, along with Jackie Bell and Jan Roberts. Gives information to those who work with grieving children. Basic and reader friendly; talks about what you need to know and how children respond, from infants through teen to grief. Explains death and the funeral. References other resources. Code: CGTC Price: $4.50

Edna by Susan Paradis. Edna, a young elephant is deeply troubled. She tries to hide her bad memories but becomes trapped by them instead. One day Ms. Maxwell arrives and patiently offers to help. Together they work hard to untangle Edna’s thoughts and feelings. This book depicts Edna’s journey from shame and helplessness to hope, trust, and, ultimately, joy. Code: EDNO Price: $11.95

Turned Upside Down has been written to assist in guiding children through the grieving process by way of their own spiritual journey. It has been written as a conversation between a child and their loved one, designed as a memory keepsake and amazingly illustrated to encourage light, love and forever memories. Share the gift of connecting with the other side. The ability to adjust to a new and in many ways more powerful relationship than ever before. The gift of never having to truly say goodbye. Code:TUDO Price: $17.95

Lost? When Someone We Care About Dies by Paul Moon. We lose both things and people in this life. When certain people we really like become “lost” there are choices to be made and changes that happen. This booklet is for children to be read together with caring adults. Much courage to young and older grievers alike. Code: LOSC Price: $8.99

Healing A Child’s Grieving Heart 100 Practical Ideas for Families, Friends & Caregivers. This book offers 100 practical, kid-friendly ideas for helping children grieve. An easyto-use resource for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparent, teachers and coaches. Code: HGYO Price: $11.95

Lean On Me Gently Helping the Grieving Child by Doug Manning. Excellent for parents who want to help their children grieve while grieving themselves. Includes all the information about children and grief, plus resources. Code: LOGO Price: $3.25

Keys to Helping Children Deal With Death and Grief by Joy Johnson. A complete book to help parents explain the idea of death in ways that are understandable to children. One of our best sellers, it includes sections on the process of grief, concepts according to age, death education, the funeral, grief education, big questions, special relationships, a glossary and resources. Code: KEYC Price: $8.95

Overcoming Loss–Activities and Stories to Help Transform Children’s Grief and Loss by Julia Sorensen. This book is a photocopiable resource that addresses childrens’ feeling of loss, arising from many causes. Designed to encourage social and emotional learning, these exercises use play, art and story-telling to access the ways in which children naturally express their feelings, offering ways to direct the child towards understanding their emotions. Code: OCLO Price: $36.95

Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Death By Linda Goldman. The author covers some of the common questions that children ask about death and provides sensitive yet candid answers in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as religious beliefs, coming to terms with terminal illness, and fear of forgetting someone when they are gone. Code: GADO Price: $15.95 Understanding Suicide, Supporting Children DVD from the Dougy Center. 24 minutes. A must have for therapists, counselors, teachers and school administrators. Code: USVO Price: $39.95 A Child’s View of Grief By Alan Wolfelt. An informative, easy-to-read book that explains how children and adolescents grieve after someone dies. Answers many questions parents and caregivers may have. Includes children teach adults about grief, the role of caring adults, guidelines for involving children in funerals, adolescent mourning, and final thoughts. Code: ACGO Price: $7.00

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Children’s Grief Resources

Natural and National Tragedy

Sibling Grief

Since My Brother Died, Desde Que Murio Mi Hermano by Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne. Ages 5-12. Includes both English and Spanish translations of a caregivers section, teachers section, and a story for children. In this book, the child talks about how things are different since his brother died. In the end, the child realizes his brother is still alive in his heart. Code: SMBC Price: $6.95 The Empty Place A child’s guide through grief by Roberta Temes, Ph.D. Ages 5-10. When a sibling dies, there is an empty place in the house, at the table, and in her brother’s heart. Explores different feelings and positive ways to deal with grief. Includes information on beginning your own journal. Code: EMPO Price: $8.95

The Ant Hill Disaster by Julia Cook. After the Ant Hill School is destroyed, a little boy ant is afraid to go back to school. His mom caringly explains to him that sometimes things happen in life over which we have no control, but we have to find a way to keep living and growing. To do that, We breathe in and breathe out, and hold onto each other. We shed a lot of tears, and we love one another. We all come together as a strong team of ONE, and then we rebuild, and get things done! The Ant Hill Disaster thoughtfully addresses fears associated with both natural and man-caused disasters. It models effective parenting and teaching responses. This book can help assure children that through love, empathetic understanding, preparation, and effective communication, they can stand strong, even in the midst of uncontrollable events. Code: AHCO Price: $9.95

Death of a Grandparent

Baseball Forever!Baseball is a universal sport, and one that Margie found to be a useful metaphor helping young boys process the thoughts/feelings associated with loss. Using the metaphor of a baseball team, Margie’s book focuses on values and strengths which can be harnessed, allowing movement and transformation. The reader moves from grieving the loss of the physical presence of the loved one, into acceptance, resilience, and commemoration of them. Code: BBFO Price: $9.95

Finding Grandpa Everywhere By John Hodge. A wonderful resource for helping children understand death, grief, and remembrance, this is the story of a young boy who has been told that he has “lost” his grandfather. The boy remembers when he himself was lost in the mall and wants to help his grandmother find his grandfather. When he learns that his grandfather is not lost but dead, the boy remembers the old man’s kindness and love. Code: FGEC Price: $7.95

Always My Brother by Jean Reagan Becky and her brother John were best buddies, telling jokes, caring for their dog Toby, and playing soccer. John was always there to cheer her up and help her out—until he died. Becky wishes everything could go back to the way it was. She gradually realizes that she can still enjoy the things that they used to. Code: AMBO Price: $16.95

Lilacs for Grandma By Margene Hucek. Megan hid under the lilac bush under Grandmother’s bedroom window. Grandma knew she was there. She heard the grown-ups talking about Grandma being ill. After grandma dies, Megan watches the doves build a new nest and gathers lilacs to bring to the funeral. Code: LFGC Price: $7.95

Lost and Found Remembering A Sister by Ellen Yeoman. In this beautifully written book, a girl’s sister dies of cancer. People around her say that ‘we lost Paige.’ As the family goes through the grief process, Alexandra discovers that she can always find Paige through art, memories, memorials, and Paige’s possessions. Code: LAFC Price: $8.95

Memories-Memories. . .remembering the very important person in your life who has died can be confusing and painful. This memory book could be a support in accepting the loss and provide you with ways to express your thoughts and feelings about it. By Cheryl Hall-Kippen, BS, BSW. Code: MMIO Price: $4.50

Pet Loss

Until We Meet Again Treasured memories... come from ordinary moments. Between one winsome grandfather and one lucky little boy are keepsakes of the heart... memories made by the two of them for all time. But their time together is coming to an end. With insight and tenderness, author Susan Jones tells the story of what comes next for a little boy who discovers memory-making is a language of love that can be whispered across the years. Refers to Heaven. Hardcover. Code: UWMO Price: $24.95

Lucy Lets Go–Helping Children Love A Pet Through Death and Dying by Linda Goldman. Lucy is just a puppy when Tasha gets very sick. The family decides to have a celebration of her life, with lots of ideas of how children can participate. The story follows the bond between Tasha and Lucy, Tasha’s dying and death, the grieving process for Lucy, and the rituals and memorialization Lucy shares. Including Lucy helped to make Tasha’s death real. It helped her to eventually let go. Code: LUGC Price: $19.95 Ragtail Remembers – A story that helps children understand feelings of grief by Liz Duckworthy. Ragtail, a young mouse, has just lost his best friend, Tom the cat. As he tries to understand what has happened, Ragtail experiences many feelings. With the help of his new friend, he learns to deal with his feelings. Age 4-9. Code: RTRC Price: $9.95 Grunt by Suzanne Schlossberg Tamberrino. Grunt, a beloved dog, begins to age and not feel well. The family has to make an agonizing decision about Grunt so he won’t suffer. The family has a precious memorial and burial for Grunt. They realize that no dog can ever take his place, but they were happy to have so many wonderful memories of Grunt. Code: GRUC Price: $6.95 Saying Goodbye to my Awesome Pet–An Activity Book for the Grieving Child by Laurie Van-Si. Losing a pet in childhood is a profound event that is seldom forgotten. It’s an early influence on our understanding of life itself. Laurie Van-Si provides children with a way to navigate their grief that is both soothing and creative. Its engaging, openended questions and enjoyable activities encourage kids to write their own unique stories in a meaningful way and at their own developmental levels. Code: SGAO Price: $14.99

Animal Crackers–A Tender Book About Death and Funerals and Love by Bridget Marshall. Newly revised this sweet story was first published in 1998. Back by popular demand, the classic story talks about Nanny, who loved animal crackers. Nanny become forgetful and needs more attention. After Nanny’s death, they share stories of good memories, all their feelings, and fun times eating animal crackers with Nanny. Code: ANCC Price: $8.95 Because you care. . . Care Package: Death of a Grandfather for Children Includes the books, Finding Grandpa Everywhere, A Lost?, A Child Remembers journal and A Complete Book About Death for Kids. A Caring Card, book bag and stress star. Code: BWCNC Price: $15.00

Because you care. . . Care Package: Death of a Grandmother for Children Includes the books, , Lilacs for Grandma, A Child Remembers, Lost?, Tell Me, Papa and. Includes a Caring Card, stress star and book bag. Code: BWCDC Price: $15.00

SEE ALSO, Tear Soup, Invisible String and Love From A Star.

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Children’s Grief Resources Illness: For Children and Family

Preparing the Children Information and Ideas for Families Facing Terminal Illness and Death by Kathy Nussbaum. Information children need to know during the illness and during the death, what children need to heal from their loss, how children can express themselves, learn about integrating death into their lives and search for new meaning. Code: PTCO Price: $9.95

A Family’s Journey–A handbook for living with illness and finding hope by Patricia Ellen, Ginny Keegan and Frankie Odom. When illness enters a family, it can be both a difficult time and an opportunity to strengthen family ties. This guidebook shares stories of families and the ways they have found to deal with the ups and downs an illness brings. From the point of diagnosis, this book will help you and your children as you adjust to the changing realities of serious illness. At the end of each chapter are activities that will help you and your family to both explore the feelings that arise during illness and to celebrate family life. Code: AFJO Price: $18.50

For Teachers and Group Facilitators Overcoming Loss–Activities and Stories to Help Transform Children’s Grief and Loss by Julia Sorensen. This book is a photocopiable resource that addresses childrens’ feeling of loss, arising from many causes. Designed to encourage social and emotional learning, these exercises use play, art and story-telling to access the ways in which children naturally express their feelings, offering ways to direct the child towards understanding their emotions. Code: OCLO Price: $36.95

Life Isn’t Always A Day At The Beach A book for all children whose lives are affected by cancer. A workbook for the cancer patient or the child whose family member has cancer. Covers all kinds of feelings and openings for creative ideas. Code: LIAO Price: $9.95 When Someone Has A Very Serious Illness by Marge Heegaard. The Drawing Out Series affirms that children can learn to cope with loss and change. Children are given the opportunity to work out their emotions during difficult times while learning to recognize acceptable behavior. Code: WSHO Price: $9.95

Grief Comes to Class An educator’s guide by Majel Gliko-Braden. Parent Council Review: Age Range: Parenting Teachers are often at a loss about how to help youngsters cope with grief. This is an excellent handbook explaining children’s understanding of death and helping them deal with their feelings when grief comes to the classroom. It includes a bibliography and outlines a process for a conference for a grieving student. Code: GCCC Price: $7.95

Beyond the Rainbow A Workbook for Children in the Advanced Stages of a Very Serious Illness by Marge Heegaard.This book offers an honest, gentle way to help children face the advanced stages of their serious illness. Through the creative and interactive drawing activities in this book, kids can learn to communicate openly about their illness. Code: BTRO Price: $9.95

Helping the Grieving Student A Guide for Teachers from the Dougy Center, a national center for grieving children. Addresses issues that arise in the classroom after a death impacts a student, a classroom or a school. Includes practical tips and step-by-step information on what to say and do. Code: HGSO Price: $9.95

Living Well with My Serious Illness By Marge Heegaard. An art therapy book for helping children cope with the early stages of a serious illness. Sensitive exercises address the questions children have during this emotional and troubling crisis. Children are encouraged to express their feelings through pictures. Code: LWMO Price: $9.95 Gifts of Life By Jodi Puhalla-Neumann, LSW. This activity book is designed to help younger children cope with the impending death of someone they love by allowing them to draw and color the pictures that tell their own story. Activities address how to identify feelings and ways to cope with them, what grief looks like, and ways a child can show a dying loved one that they are special. Code: GOLO Price: $6.00 My Always Memories By Cheryl Hall-Kippen, LSW. A memory book created especially for a younger child to remember a loved one in their life who has died. The activities provide an opportunity to express feelings and identify supports when someone they love has died. Suggestions for how adults can help a grieving child are included. Code: MAMO Price: $6.00

When Death Impacts Your School A Guide for School Administrators from the Dougy Center, a national center for grieving children. Includes concrete suggestions for dealing directly with death, developing a school intervention plan after a death, deciding when outside help is needed, and addressing special issues around suicide or violence. Code: WDIO Price: $9.95 Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting by Luciano Sabatini. Although many of our schools do attempt to assist the thousands of children and adolescents yearly who lose parents, siblings and other loved ones, their efforts tend to focus on how to assist the newly bereaved student in the days immediately following the loss. Schools need to have a long term approach that extends far beyond the immediate crisis, seeking to assist students with the life altering changes that follow the death of a family member. Code: BCSO Price: $9.95

If I could be sick for you Just One Day by Kathy Cramer is a heartwarming story about the desire to give the gift we cannot give -- to take away pain and illness from those we love. This precious story takes you through a journey from rollercoaster rides to walking in the grass barefoot to smelling flowers and playing in the snow. A gift book. Hardcover. Code: JODO Price: $14.95 The “Can” in Cancer by Julia Cook. Eli is a young boy who finds out he has cancer. This creatively written book of hope follows Eli’s journey through the eyes of a patient, parents, siblings, teachers, health care providers, and friends. A must read for all who are searching for their “can” in Cancer. Code: CICO Price: $9.95

Also see workbooks, page 29

The Copper Tree by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley. When Olivia’s teacher dies, the children at her school are encouraged to think of everything that reminds them of her. Written with touching sensitivity and sprinkled with light-hearted moments, this story helps children understand that while sadness is an inevitable part of grief, death is not necessarily the end Code: TCTO Price: $9.99 The Companioning the Grieving Child: Curriculum Book– Activities to Help Children and Teens Heal. Based on Dr. Wolfelt’s six needs of mourning and written to pair with Companioning the Grieving Child, this comprehensive guide provides hundreds of handson activities tailored for grieving children in three age groups: early childhood, elementary, and teens. Code: CGCO Price: $29.95 Companioning the Grieving Child. In lieu of the traditional medical model, Dr. Wolfelt encourages counselors and other caregivers to aspire to a “companioning” philosophy, in which the child is the real expert of his or her grief. This new resource helps caregivers, family members, teachers, and others support grieving children so they can live well, love well, and mourn well. Code: CGOO Price: $29.95

Toll Free: 1-866-218-0101 – 26 –

Children’s Grief Resources Death of a Parent

Am I Like My Daddy? By Marcy Blesy. Join seven-year-old Grace on her journey through coping with the loss of her father while learning about the different ways that people grieve the loss of a loved one. Children are encouraged to express through journaling what my be difficult to express through everyday conversation. Code: AILO Price: $12.00 Getting Used to Candy by Helen Landalf. This book addresses the issue of dating and relationships of the parent after a spouse has died, through the eyes of a young girl. The young child has many emotions after her father starts dating again a year after the mother dies. “I know there’ve been a lot of changes lately,” Dad says softly. “I know it’s hard.” Code: GUCC Price: $6.95

These two picture books by Margaret Holmes have gentle illustrations and reassuring text to help young children understand the grief process. The author uses descriptive language that would appeal to a grieving child. The books validate both the negative and positive feelings and the behaviors that are typical for children who have lost a parent. There is a caregiver section at the back of the book that could help adults answer questions and deal with particular concerns.

Molly’s Mom Died

Sam’s Dad Died

Code: MMDC Code: SDDC

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye is a touching portrait of a little boy who is trying to come to grips with his father’s death. Lucille Clifton captures Everett’s conflicting emotions as he confronts this painful reality. We see him struggle through many stages, from denial and anger to depression and, finally, acceptance. In this spare and moving poem, the last in this acclaimed series, Lucille Clifton brings Everett Anderson’s life full circle. Code: EAGO Price: $8.99

Price: $6.95 Price: $5.95

I Heard Your Mommy Died By Mark Scrivani. You can use this book as a vehicle for talking about feelings and ways to cope with the death of a parent. Talks about the many changes that come and reassures the child that she is loved and will be taken care of. Ages 3-7. Code: IHYC Price: $5.95 I Heard Your Daddy Died By Mark Scrivani. Memories, keepsake and wearing Daddy’s shirts for sleepshirts are all encouraged. Whatever it is, your daddy is there in your heart. He loved you and you loved him. You still have a very big love, even though he died. Ages 3-7. Code: IHDC Price: $5.95

Always By My Side by Susan Kerner is a comforting, rhyming story written to help children understand that a father’s love is forever, even if they grow up without his presence in their lives. This beautifully illustrated book conveys the heart-warming message to children that even though a father is not in their lives, he is still part of them. They will realize that they are like him in character, looks and actions; that his spirit surrounds them in their day-to-day activities, and helps to make them who they are. Hardcover. Code: ABMB Price: $16.99

The Snowman by Robin Helene Vogel. The Snowman was the first Tommy and Buddy built since Dad died. They had Dad’s old pipe. They found his favorite scarf. His hat was ready and so were the big buttons for his eyes. And the two brothers were ready too, ready to talk about how Dad died and what his death meant to them. Code: SNOC Price: $6.95 The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies -DVD. Whether due to a long-term illness or a sudden death, a parent’s dying is perhaps the most devastating loss a child, teen, or young adult will experience during their formative years. Many questions are answered by children, teens and young adults, in thier own poignant words. Featured are The Dougy Center for Grieving Children, a nationally recognized center for grieving children. 47 minutes. Code: TCFO Price: $29.95 Dream Clouds by Alesia K. Alexander Lane and Illustrated by Nate Harris. A beautiful story about Adam, a young boy who loves baseball, bugs, and living in the city. He loves spending time with his family, and making wishes on clouds. When his mother dies suddenly, his wole world changes. Will the clouds be enough to hold his wishes now? Code: DCOO Price: $10.00 The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic and illustrated by Oliver Tallec. When the boy in this story wakes to find that his mother has died, he is overwhelmed with sadness, anger, and fear that he will forget her. He doesn’t know how to speak to his dad anymore. With tenderness, touches of humor, and unflinching emotional truth, Charlotte captures the loneliness of grief through the eyes of a child. Hardcover. Code: TSOO Price: $14.99 10 Steps for Parenting Your Grieving Children by Anne Hatcher Berenberg, Ph.D., Vicki Scalzitti, and Jack Cain. How do you parent a child or adolescent whose loved one or friend has died? How can you understand what to expect and what to do? This guidebook gives you practical suggestions, clear explanations, illustrative stories and the help you need to help a grieving child. Code: TSPO Price: $10.50

Mama’s Right Here by Susan Kerner. A delicate, affectionely written reminder that a mother’s love never disappears. Even when a mother is absent, her prescence is constant in a child’s heart. Beautiful illustrations show the children that a mother’s love is always with them. Code: MARO Price: $6.99

Divorce Talking About Divorce and Separation By Earl Grollman, Illustrated by Susanna Pitzer You are now walking down the lonely road of separation and divorce. How will you tell your child that you will no longer live together as a family? Includes a storybook section for children and adults to read together. Following is a section for parents to use to open up communication between the parent and child by giving discussion questions and helpful advice. Code: TADC Price: $4.99 When Mom and Dad Separate Children Can Learn to Cope With Grief From Divorce by Marge Heegard. Designed to help your child understand and express the feelings they have about your separation or divorce. Activities in the book help develop coping skills. Code:WMOO Price: $9.95 The D Word(Grades 2-6) Otis used to have the perfect family. That all changed when his parents told him that they were getting a D...D...D... The D Word he cant even say it! At first Otis blames himself. With the help of his Gram, Otis discovers the reasons why people get divorced. Code: TDWO Price: $9.95 Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Divorce What Children Need to Know- Fanny Cohen Herlem. The author covers all the common questions that children ask about divorce and provides sensitive, candid answers in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as why parents separate, what will happen during and after the divorce, and who the child is going to live with. Code: GDQO Price: $15.95

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Children’s Grief Resources Teen/Adolescent Grief

Facing Change Falling Apart and Coming Together Again in the Teen Years by Donna O’Toole. Talks about change and loss, what grief is, creating a support system, finding help; includes 75 positive things you can do when facing the death of a loved one, abuse, divorce, and more. Code: FACO Price: $6.95

Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins A Journal for Teenagers and Young Adults by Enid Traisman. Teens can write letters, copy down meaningful lyrics, write songs and poems, tell the person who died what they want them to know, finish business and use their creativity to work through the grieving process. Teens can share their journal entries, thoughts or illustrations with other grieving teens. Code: FIMC Price: $9.95

The Common Threads of Teenage Grief By Teens who know and Janet Tyson. Written by a middle school counselor and nine teens, it is for teens, families and friends. Discusses struggles with grief, how they overcame it, and common questions teenagers ask. Code: CTTO Price: $12.95

Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins Second Edition A Journal for Teenagers and Young Adults by Enid Traisman. Teens can write letters, copy down meaningful lyrics, write songs and poems, tell the person who died what they want them to know, finish business and use their creativity to work through the grieving process. Teens can share their journal entries, thoughts or illustrations with other grieving teens. Code: FI2C Price: $9.95

When a Friend Dies By Marilyn E. Gootman, Ed.D. The death of a friend is a wrenching event for anyone at any age. Teenagers especially need help coping with this painful loss. This sensitive book answers questions grieving teens often have, like “How should I be acting?” “Is it wrong to go to parties and have fun?” and “What if I can’t handle my grief on my own?” Code: WFDO Price: $9.99

When Death Walks In For teenagers facing death by Mark Scrivani. Helpful and supportive information for facing grief during the teen years. Gives important information about grief and what we can do about anger, sadness and all the emotions that come when death walks in. More information was added including taking care of yourself, dreams, memorializing your loved one, and going back to school. Code: WDWC Price: $3.99

Gifts of Life for Teens When someone in your life is faced with a life limiting illness by Hospice of the Red River Valley. This book was created to give you a place to explore your feelings. Includes journaling, reading, talking and not talking. This book also provides tips for friends, parents and caring individuals wo want to help a teen during a difficult time. Code: GLTO Price: $4.50

Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love. By Earl Grollman. Explains what to expect when you lose someone you love. Discusses normal reactions, how grief can affect your relationships with family and friends, how participating in a funeral can help and how you can work through your grief and begin to live again. Code: STTO Price: $17.00

Out of the Shadows By Emilio Parga. A journal for pre-teens and teens who have had someone they love complete suicide. 40 pages for teens written from teens to document their feelings, write a letter, write a poem and write about memories on their own or in a group. Includes organizations, websites, facts about suicide. Code: OOSO Price: $9.95

Griefjourney Notes on Grief for Teens, Young Adults and Anyone Who Is Grieving by Mark Scrivani. Talks about the “Firsts” of grief, changes and feeling helpless, then goes into the pain of grief, coping, holidays, hope, saying goodbye, and how our love lives on. Reader friendly and packed with information. Code: GRJO Price: $6.00

Growing Young–A Memoir of Grief by Bridget E. Park. Readers will follow the author’s journey through the grieving process as she attempts to cope with the deaht of her brother to suicice. Bridget was only 12 years old when she stumbled upon the body of her fourteen year-old brother. This is an inspiring story for teenagers. Code: GWYO Price: $11.99

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens 100 practical ideas - simple tips for understanding and experiencing your grief by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. Offers 100 practical, realistic ideas and teen-friendly suggestions. It’s simple, easy-to-use format makes it an ideal resource for teenagers coping with grief. Code: HATO Price: $11.95

I Will Never Forget You A Teen Journal of Love and Remembrance by Emilio Parga, M.A. founder of The Solace Tree in Reno, NV. 56 pages for teens to write about Memories, Grief, the Funeral, On Coping, On Love and Life, Keepsakes and Healing. Code: IWNO Price: $9.95

Helping Teens Cope with Death From the Dougy Center, a center for grieving children. Learn how a death of a loved one can impact a teen and how to help. Explains common grief reactions of teenagers, specific challenges grieving teens face, when to seek professional help, and advice from other parents. Code: HTDO Price: $9.95 Teen Grief Relief Parenting with Understanding, Support and Guidance by Dr. Heidi Horsley and Dr. Gloria Horsley. Teenage grief is hard, lonely, and painful. Parents want to know: How can I help? Teen Grief Relief provides both parents and teens with the help they need. Shared here are teen stories, feelings, techniques, references and resources for use in not only surviving but thriving after the painful loss of a family member or close personal friend. Code: TGRO Price: $12.95 Weird is Normal: When Teenagers Grieve by Jenny Lee Wheeler. Teens grieve differently from adults and often get lost in the shuffle after the death of a loved one. Jenny lost her father to cancer when she was fourteen and validates for her peers that they have the right to grieve in their own way and according to their own timetable, that their grief attacks might be different from those of adults around them, and that they aren’t going crazy if they see signs from their loved one. Code: WINO Price: $9.95

We Get It–Voices of Grieving college students and young Adults by Heather Servaty-Seib and Davide C. Fajgenbaum. Grieving college students can often feel isolated and vulnerable, and may feel that no one else ‘gets’ what they are going through. With narratives from students who have lost a loved one and commentary from the authors, this book aims to provide guidance and support for bereaved students, as well as providing tips for those who seek to help them. Code: WGIO Price: $24.95 The Grief Recovery Kit: A young person’s guide through the journey of grief. The book contains four stories of different losses, allowing the griever to identify with the characters and their situations. Through practical activities, encouragement, and messages of hope, this kit empowers the griever to face painful issues head-on and promotes steps of progression, which ultimately shift valuable energy toward recovery. Blank journal pages are also provided to openly express thoughts and feelings through words and drawings. Code: GKIO Price: $19.99

Helping Teens Cope with Death DVD from the Dougy Center. 21 minutes. A resource guide for training or for viewing by teens, parents and caregivers. Code: HTVO Price: $39.95

Teen Care Package Includes these books: I Remember for Teens, Facing Change, When Death Walks In, a book bag and Caring Card. Code: BWCTC Price: $15.00

Toll Free: 1-866-218-0101 – 28 –

Children’s Grief Resources Suicide, Fear and Homicide


Luna’s Red Hat–This beautifully-illustrated storybook is designed as a tool to be read with children aged 6+ who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide. Suicide always causes shock, not just for the family members but for everyone around them, and children also have to deal with these feelings. The book approaches the subject sensitively and includes a guide for parents and professionals by bereavement expert, Dr Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers. I Code: LRHO Price: $19.95 After A Parent’s Suicide Helping Children Heal by Margo Requarth, M.A., M.F.T. A guide to help the surviving parent faced with the monumental task of tending to the emotional lives of the children left behind. Focuses on the specific needs encountered by children and teens coping with the suicide of a parent. Code: APSO Price: $14.95 But I Didn’t Say Goodbye For parents and professionals helping child suicide survivors by Barbara Rubel. A needed book for caregivers, this book has personal stories, questions and answers, and intervention strategies, plus up-to-date resources. Includes a worksheet with helpful discussion questions. Code: BIDO Price: $14.95 Someone I Love Died By Suicide A story for child survivors and those who care for them by Doreen Cammarata. Designed for adult caregivers to read to surviving youngsters following a suicidal death. Wondering if you could have done something to prevent this suicide is normal. Nothing you said or did would have changed what happened. Code: SIDO Price: $15.99

When Someone Very Special Dies-Children Can Learn to Cope with Death and Grief by Marge Heegaard. Designed for children ages 6-12, to illustrate with pictures they choose to draw. Helps children learn about death and the feelings of grief and develop coping skills for life. Code: WSVO Price: $9.95 Available in Spanish: Cuando alguien muy especial muere Code: WSSO Price: $9.95

Memories Live Forever A Memory Book For Grieving Children. Written and illustrated by Sharon Rugg. Words and pictures are created by young children. It is made to help children remember someone they love who died. Code: MLFO Price: $5.00 Available in Spanish: Los Recuerdos Viven Eternamente Code: MLSO Price: $5.00 Love Never Stops– A Memory Book For Children by Emilio Parga M.A. This activity book is for children who have had someone significant die in their life. Children today are faced with uncertainty and have many thoughts and feelings about their loss. This activity book will start the conversation between you and a grieving child. It is intended for children 6 to 12. Code: LNSO Price: $7.95

After a Suicide A workbook for grieving kids by the Dougy Center. Works through issues of finding out about the suicide, feelings, dreams and nightmares, questions kids have about suicide, talking with friends, going back to school, ways to honor and remember the person who died. Code: ASWO Price: $12.95 Reactions By Alison Salloum. This excellent workbook can help children cope with grief and loss. This book provides places for individual responses, and also has suggestions for coping. It is written in simple but uncondescending terms, so children from six through fourteen will find comfort in it. Code: RTTC Price: $8.95 After A Murder A workbook for grieving kids By The Dougy Center. Works through issues of finding out about the homicide, feelings, dreams and nightmares, questions kids have, talking with friends, and going back to school. Code: AAMO Price: $12.95 Something Scary Happend to Me Helping kids who have experienced, or witnessed a violent or traumatic episode, including physical abuse, school or gang violence, accidents, homicide, suicide, and natural disasters such as floods or fire, can be a challenging prospect for counselors, parents and concerned adults. English: Code: SCWO Price: $5.95 Spanish: Code: SCSO Price: $5.95 Supporting Childen After a Suicide Loss–A Guide for Parents and Caregivers by Sarah Montgomery, LCSW-C, and Susan M. Coale, LCSW-C, Chesapeake Life Center. When a loved one or community member dies by suicide, the entire community of survivors is powerfully affected. Children, as part of this community, can be deeply impacted and need adult guidance. This unique book provides parents and caregivers helpful information to better understand and communicate with children grieving with a special focus on child development and how to talk with children of various ages. Code: SCLC Price: $8.95

A Child Remembers A healing keepsake journal for children ages 8-12 by Enid Traisman. There is a place for them to write or draw favorite things, finding out about the death, the funeral and memorial service, going back to school, day to day feelings and honoring their loved one’s life. Code: CHRC Price: $6.95

When Something Terrible Happens Affirms that children can learn to cope with loss and change. Children are given the opportunity to work out their emotions during difficult times. Self-esteem increases as the child develops coping skills for loss and change. Code: WSTO Price: $9.95

My Grieving Journey Book By Donna and Eve Shavatt. A complete workbook that covers everything. Includes: I miss you, I feel sad, I don’t believe it, I don’t feel anything, It’s my fault, I don’t feel good, I’m scared, I have bad dreams, & a note to caregivers. Code: MGJO Price: $11.95

After a Death The Dougy Center. With a mixture of creative activities and tips for dealing with changes at school, home and with friends. We’ve included a variety of drawing and writing exercises to help children remember the person who died, and learn new ways to live with the loss. Code: ADAO Price: $12.95

The Moon Balloon A Journey of Hope and Discovery for Children and Families by Joan Drescher/Foreword by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Open your heart, drop your fears, relax and get in touch with your feelings, this 40 page colorfully illustrated interactive journal. This wonderful resource has been used to help children of all ages express their emotions and feel better about themselves and the world. Code: MBPO Price: $16.00 Kids Can Cope An Activity Book From Children for Children who are Living With Change and Loss by Emilio Parga, M.A. The book offers opportunities for children to describe what is happening, draw pictures, engage in other activities and learn more about themselves and the strength they do have to cope with change. Code: KCCO Price: $9.95

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What’s coming up next... • We want to put together a Grief Digest Magazine just for teens. If you know a grieving teen, check out and see the latest blog. Ask your teen to submit a story for us to share. Journaling is a healing tool for grief. • We love doing bookstores!! If you are having a conference, and our schedule is open, we would be happy to have a bookstore designed just for your organization. Check out our calender online to see where we will be this year.

Grief Digest is a quarterly magazine supporting grieving people and caregivers. This reader-friendly magazine includes the best writers and speakers in the field of bereavement. There are interesting articles on coping and dealing with grief, help for the caregiver and most of all, the usual quality and support you expect from your Centering family.

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