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Volume VII • Issue III

events 12 Top Gun Awards Gala 2022 15 Talk Derby To Me 21 Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball 24 Seville Quarter Business Happy Hour 29 VIP Pensacola Cover Reveal Party 32 Let’s Make This House a Home 36 Hip Huggers Ball 41 Greater Pensacola Chamber Business After Hours 42 Good Morning Pensacola A Membership Breakfast 44 PACE Believing in Girls Gala 50 Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Masquerade 52 Bourbon & Broadway Opera Reception 56 Regions Bank Wealth Management Reception 60 Beyond the Grape Wine Tasting 64 Bread & Table Club Mardi Gras Mix & Mingle

on the cover Chris & Bridget Middleton Photography by Kevin L Houghton at Talk Derby to Me

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Swizzle Adventure Out Green Perspectives Style #trending Give Care Share May We Suggest Save the Date I Am Pensacola

features 11 VIP Pensacola Ambassadors Shelly & Steve Black 46 Business Profile LandrumHR

VIP Pensacola Staff Publisher Greg Alexander

Art Director Priscilla Atkins

Associate Publisher Verla Price

Graphic Designers Brian Goins Patti Hall

Publisher’s Assistant Nicole Partridge Advertising Stephanie Alvarez Kristin Moffitt Verla Price Content Creator Anna Stockton

Contributing Writers/ Photographers Patti Hall Kevin Houghton Nicole Partridge Anna Stockton Savannah Vasquez Kristina Wright VIP Founder Jeff Watson March 2022 | 7

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letter from the Associate Publisher

Learn To Be Happy Recently a friend, who I hadn’t seen in a while, asked me how I was doing. I replied I am doing good. She pressed for a better answer inquiring about my health. I replied that I am blessed with good health and feel great. Then she asked but are you happy? I thought for a moment and smiled as I answered. I couldn’t be happier. A few years back, I started thinking of important things like family, friends, time for myself, and hobbies. I changed careers to achieve more flexibility to chase my dreams, travel, and ride motorcycles. I believe happiness comes from making a conscious decision to enjoy the moment, embrace the future, and forget the past. A big part of being happy depends on learning to relax, pamper yourself, and diving into new adventures. In the pages of our luxury issue, you will find many ways to do just that. For example, Step One Automotive’s Maserati Ghibli would be an excellent way to spin around the beach looking for seashells. When you open a bottle of the bubbly for a quick toast at sunset, you can share the history of champagne after you read Swizzle. Maybe you would enjoy a day on the open seas with Holloway Yacht Charters featured in Adventure Out. Finally, if you like a beautiful yard and a relaxing patio at the end of the day, you will love our new monthly feature Green Perspectives. This month, I am pleased to present our new VIP Pensacola Ambassadors, Steve and Shelley Black. They regularly attend events and promote VIP functions. So when you see them out, say hi! If you know of a non-profit or charity holding an event you would like to see featured in VIP Pensacola, please call me. Our mission at VIP Pensacola is to support as many non-profit causes as possible. Thank YOU for supporting VIP Pensacola; please be kind, courteous, and shop local.

Associate Publisher 850-502-7970



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PENSACOLA Ambassadors

Pensacola has expanded so broadly over the years and each different community has so many activities and events - both large and small. As a publication for the Greater Pensacola Area, we want to be involved in as many of those activities and events as possible. To do so, we are putting together a small, exclusive, and diverse group of VIP Pensacola Ambassadors that will help us to know about more of these events, activities, and achievements. For our VIP Ambassadors, we selected fans that have supported and helped us for many years. We will be introducing and announcing our newly formed VIP Ambassador team over the course of the next few issues. For this initial announcement, we are happy to share that Shelley and Steve Black will be the first VIP Pensacola Ambassadors. The Blacks are small business owners and have been supporters for a long time. Here is what they have to say about VIP Pensacola: We learned about VIP Pensacola in early 2017 when our phones started ringing as multiple friends were excited to say, “You guys are in VIP MAGAZINE!” Laughing in disbelief, we found a fresh copy, sure enough there we were with huge smiles at a Children’s Home Society fundraiser. It was such a great surprise. We immediately thumbed through the entire issue recognizing so many more local faces, reading about openings of new businesses, various area happenings, learning about other charitable organizations, and so much more -- we were hooked from the beginning. Through the years, we have gotten to know the ‘who’ behind this wonderful publication and believe if VIP could impress us even more, this is how; The entire staff of VIP Pensacola is extremely personable and professional on ALL levels. They only want the very best for our area, our residents, and local businesses and they work overtime to achieve this. We truly consider them family. VIP Pensacola has offered us the chance to market our business in a unique and fun way. We had no doubts that a partnership would be successful. Now, years later, we have our own charitable organization, and we are the ones calling our friends at VIP to come out to enjoy our special fundraising events and snap pictures of our smiling guests’ faces. Our phones continue to start ringing as soon as a new issue is released, but this time it’s others excited to announce THEY have been VIP’d!

Shelley & Steve Black Green Procedures, Inc.

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2/25/22 10:22 AM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Country Club

Top Gun Awards Gala 2022 photos & story by Kevin L Houghton

Nan Harper & Charlie Rotenberry


he Pensacola Country Club hosted the Pensacola Bay Area Women’s Council of Realtors on February 11 to recognize all the Top Gun Winners for 2021. President Cheryl Young stated, “What an incredible year our network had in 2021. Our member engagement and participation made our Pensacola Bay area network #1 in Florida and #2 in the Nation. Our network, based on criteria established by the National Women’s Council of Realtors, qualified for network certification and received the accompanying award at the National Conference held in San Diego this past November.” Cheryl also stated she is committed, honored and humbled to serve as the 2022 Local Network President for the Women’s Council of Realtors Pensacola Bay Area. The evening continued with a sit-down dinner with desserts and ended with a special guest, Rusty Branch. Marty Stanovich entertained the guests as the Master of Ceremonies and DJ. Rusty & Laura Branch


Fletcher & Suzanne Spann

Tammy & Steve Philpot

April Glover & Kerry Pelletier

Kimberley Anderson, Kristine Connell & Tiffany Maybin

Sabrina Simpson & Teresa Daniels


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2/24/22 11:51 PM

John Connell & Josef Anderson

Amber Green & Cindy Sanders

Pam Smith & Renee` Wilhoit

Walter & Lalla Pierce

Marty Stanovich & Jenny Noonan

Terry & Tom Mahoney

Jennifer & Willie Demps

Jarrett & Jamie Turner

Traci Johnson & T. J. Ackenhausen

Bridgett & Larry Brooks March 2022 | 13

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2/24/22 11:51 PM


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2/24/22 11:52 PM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Country Club

Talk Derby to Me

Sterling & Kim Chope

photos & story by Kevin L Houghton


t was a great day for the races with the Krewe of Pierrettes Derby Party on January 29. The Pensacola Country Club hosted the all-female krewe’s (founded in 1956) annual Mardi Gras Ball. The races began at approximately 8 o’clock with over 230 attendees placing their bets and hoping they would be celebrating in the winner’s circle. The party’s signature drink was the Kentucky Mule, in cups that read, “Talk Derby to Me.” Pierrette can be traced to Pierrot, or “French clown,” derived from Commedia dell’arte. Members wore black and white costumes resembling that of Pierrot, and escorts sported tuxedos and derby hats. Later in the evening, the 2020 King and Queen Peter and Julie Dyson crowned the new King and Queen Brent and Ann Scott. Beverly & Tom Vaughn

Lou Castagna & Jill Harper

Jill & Grover Robinson

Suze & Brian Finger

Jen Naar & Darrin McFarlin

Mollie & Alan Nickelsen

Margaret-Anne & Matt West March 2022 | 15

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2/24/22 11:52 PM

VIP Pensacola at Talk Derby To Me

Blair & Shaner Crooke

Kim & Greg McWherter

Mary & Greg Adams

Barrett McClean & Mike Mangrum

Ann & Brett Scott

Christie & Steven Ball

Daisy Turner & Courtney Martin

Jared Martin & Landry Leidner 16

Chris & Bridget Middleton

Dave & Christina Myerski


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2/24/22 11:53 PM

Pam Endacott, Clara Dees & Gay Overholtz

You need Avalon HR Christy & Brett Laggan

Services Offered:

Time Clock/Time Tracking Payroll Services Employee Benefits Risk Management & Safety Workers’ Compensation Insurance Human Resources

Billy Weston, Lane Harper & John Endacott

Solving issues in HR for companies with 5 to 5,000 employees. Our goals are to increase your profitability, mitigate your employment related liabilities, help attract and retain top talent, and maximize your employee productivity.

Terra Brown, Jennifer Adams, Donna Souer & Bryan Adams

100 S Pace Blvd, Pensacola • 850-475-1555 March 2022 | 17

15-17 Event_Talk Derby To Me.indd 3

2/24/22 11:53 PM

Bring on the Bubbly story by Anna Stockton


hether you call it bubbly, champers, or you fancy yourself one of the Real Housewives and call it “champs,” champagne is a staple cocktail among everyone from the elite in the winner’s circle to the millennials at a bottomless mimosa brunch. With its accidental discovery and long, yet unclear history, champagne is as interesting and as thrilling as the bubbles that make it famous. There are many different stories about who exactly discovered champagne, but everyone seems to agree on one thing, the discovery was not only accidental, it was also downright explosive. Wine that is mistakenly bottled before it has finished the fermentation process has been around for as long as people have been making wine. However, this wine was to be avoided and even called “devil’s wine” because of the bubbles that formed in the bottle. In fact, these bubbles weren’t just unsightly, they were dangerous. The bottles used for wine were quite thin at the time so the pressure of the bubbles would cause the corks to pop off or the bottles to explode causing a chain reaction of exploding bottles among the nearby batches. This caused the loss of perfectly good wine, as well as human injury from debris ... but did I mention the loss of perfectly good wine?

18-19 Swizzle_Bring on the Bubbly.indd 1

2/24/22 11:54 PM

The Champagne name is protected and only refers to wine and sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France. Sparkling wines from other regions should be referred to as just that, sparkling wine.

One of the most popular stories regarding the discovery of champagne is the story of a monk named Dom Perignon who lived in the Abbey of Hautvillers in the early 1700s. The story goes that he decided to open a bottle of the bubbly wine and was dazzled by the fizziness, so he poured himself a glass to give it a try. Apparently, Dom loved the way the bubbles tickled his nose and he enjoyed the taste so much he called out “Brothers come quickly! I’m drinking stars!” It’s said that he made it his mission to develop a process to ensure his wine would always be bubbly from there on out. The problem is that this story, although a great tale, has been mostly proven false. A newer theory is that England had a larger role than first thought, as papers dating back from 1662 have been discovered that document the English adding sugar and molasses to wine from the Champagne region, thus creating a secondary fermentation process to create a bubbly masterpiece. While most vintners still looked down on this “bubbly mistake,” in the late 18th century

18-19 Swizzle_Bring on the Bubbly.indd 2

French and English Royalty took a liking to this new sparkling wine and began serving it at their royal events. As word got out about this exclusive bubbly beverage, the aristocrats and wealthy members of society wanted to show their elite status by also getting their hands on the sparkling wine and demand for the product grew. Soon three champagne houses opened in the Champagne region of France, Moet and Chandon, Taittinger, and Louis Roederer, all to keep up with the demand from the wealthy. The English also took a large role in the spreading of the bubbly love and are credited with speeding the champagne industry into what it is today. With the various tales of how it came to be, champagne has quite the storied history, from “bursting” onto the scene 300 years ago, to Europe “bubbling over” with excitement at its arrival, to bringing “effervesce” and joy to our lunch dates with friends. Champagne is a go-to like no other, whether you’re celebrating a big event, or simply nothing at all.

2/24/22 11:54 PM

Thank You for Voting Us Best Flooring WE SPECIALIZE IN REMODELING

Tile and Engineered Hardwood March Inventory BLOWOUT Sale ~ Tile starting at $0.75/sq ft ~ Hardwood starting at $1.59/sq ft

4111 N Davis Highway, Pensacola | 850-479-4100 |



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2/24/22 11:55 PM

VIP Pensacola at Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center

Sharon & Tito Lopez

John & Susan Carter

Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball


Cheryl & Joe Jonecheck

photos & story by Kristina Wright

he Mystic Order of Revelry and the Viking Mystics held their 6th Annual Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball on January 22, at the Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center. Guests were invited to enjoy a cash bar, served by local members of the USO, with live entertainment by High Demand, and a presentation of the new king and queen from each krewe. Each year the theme changes, and 2022’s was “Totally Awesome 80s”. The Mystic Order of Revelry is a co-ed Mardi Gras Society located in Pensacola who believe in the strong bond of friendship, fellowship, family, and strive to support each other in life’s success and adversity. Their purpose is to promote the spirit and revelry of Mardi Gras through the rich traditions of themed parades, balls, costumes, social events, parties, and community involvement. In addition to all the revelry, they hold two fundraising events each year. A different local charity is adopted by their society and honored at the annual Mardi Gras Ball. Viking Mystics are a non-profit organization dedicated to colony involvement through gathering donations and lending a hand to fellow villagers. Most Vikings pillage the parade route on foot, while their Viking ship provides a place for the less fortunate raiders along with the Gods Odin and his wife Frigg. A great portion of the krewe’s sponsorship and fundraising goes directly to the charities of choice. This year that charity is the Amazing Grace Bully Rescue. Norse myth has it that to receive, and display, a treasure from the Viking Mystics is to gain your place among the brave in the Halls of Valhalla.

Taylor & Stephanie Walker

Dave & Amy Proshek

Matt & Nikki Grinnell, Sherry & Randy Palmer March 2022 | 21

21-22 Event_6th Annual Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball - 2pgs.indd 1

2/24/22 11:55 PM

VIP Pensacola at 6th Annual Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball

Kristi & Greg Sivers

Ray & Angie Swaney, Angela Hatcher & Adam Luz

Amy & Jeremy Binegar

Rhonda Robinson & Bear Muñoz

Dennis & Beverly Rivers

Chris Escobar & Tanya Lyons

Lori Sackman, Jesse Santellan, Jamie Tull & Desirea Grochola 22

Crystal & Richard Wagner

Lisa & James Daugherty


21-22 Event_6th Annual Joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball - 2pgs.indd 2

2/24/22 11:55 PM

March 2022 | 23

23 ads green pro, figure skating, ectc.indd 1

2/24/22 11:55 PM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Seville Quarter Business Happy Hour photos & story by Kristina Wright


he monthly Business Happy Hour at Apple Annie’s in Seville Quarter was hosted collectively by Gent’s Formal Wear and the Pensacola Humane Society on Wednesday, February 2. This month’s event had a Mardi Gras-inspired theme and invited guests to enjoy business networking in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Upon entry, each person dropped their business card in a bowl to receive their drink ticket and a chance to win door prizes. Light refreshments were available, as well as drink options from the bar. A live raffle was held, with door prizes donated by Seville Quarter, Gent’s Formal Wear, and other attendees. Gents Formal Wear has been providing Pensacola the best Mardi Gras attire, ranging from formal balls to black tie events, and has been trusted for over 40 years. The Pensacola Humane Society was also onsite with members and volunteers to help spread the word about all the new services they offer this year. Their “RTF” or “Return to Field” program is available for community cats to be neutered or spayed, the returned to their homes to help control the population.

Ceil & Greg Reese

Michael Dennison & Talon Wilkerson with Ginger Snap


Richard Crenshaw & Patti Hall

Jeri Cox & Angei Morris

Jan Castillo & Nancy Rodriguez

Bobby Emmons & Aaron Erskine

Kelsey Anderson, Eli Cook & Tori Jones

Tom & Trish French with Puddy Cat


24 Event_Seville BAH - 1pg.indd 1

2/24/22 11:56 PM

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REED ROGERS, CPI InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® 850-361-8577 | |

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(850) 435-7777 1602 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola March 2022 | 25

25 ads home boss, henry chiro.indd 1

2/24/22 11:56 PM



story by Anna Stockton

magine this, you’re cruising on a yacht along the crystal-clear waters of Destin, shades on, drink in hand, being waited on hand and foot by an attentive staff. Well, imagine it no more, Holloway Yachts is here to make that dream a reality. Holloway Yachts is a dream all its own for owner Ryan Holloway. He grew up boating and always wanted a yacht to call his own. Ryan unknowingly laid the foundation for his company when he purchased his first luxury boat, a Sea Ray Sundancer. After thoroughly enjoying this boat and everything that went along with it, Ryan decided he’s “gonna need a bigger boat” and purchased a Hatteras 45. But a trip to a boat show in Miami would further pave the way to realizing his potential in luxury yachting and building a business that would create an experience for others to enjoy yachting as well. He was living in Montgomery, Alabama at the time, yet memories of vacations in Destin navigated Ryan to decide on the emerald waters of Destin to be the home base of his new business, Holloway Yachts. Holloway Yachts now boasts a beauty of a vessel – Propensity, a Princess V72. This 75’ yacht has three staterooms along with three full bathrooms. With a sun pad, swim platform, and a central stereo system, there’s plenty of outdoor space to enjoy while the upper salon with a table and banquette has plenty of room to take the party inside. Princess Yachts are British luxury yachts known for their high-end materials, attention to detail, and unique layout. No two of their yachts are exactly alike.

photos by Harley Sampson, Jr.

New pickup location at Heron Harbor! 850-80-YACHT •

26-27 AdventureOut - Holloway Yachts.indd 1

Voted Best New Business! 2/24/22 11:57 PM

Whether you want to tool around the area for a few hours, a full day, or just want to cruise around and catch one of the gorgeous Destin sunsets, Holloway Yachts has a trip option for you. Multipleday and travel charters are also available for those who want to extend their luxury yacht experience. Each of these charters include Captain Barry at the helm, fuel, snacks, fruit, drinks, an ice cream dessert, and of course, a champagne toast to kick off your cruise. To take your experience over the top, Holloway Yachts has partnered with private Chef Nathan Davis of Polished Chef 30A. The staff’s goal is for guests to be able to sit back and enjoy the views while they tend to your every need. Holloway Yachts’ motto is “If you ask for anything, we failed.” They stress that their staff will make sure your day is absolutely perfect and it will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Propensity is arguably the prettiest boat in Destin and many guests have proposed, celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, or just wanted a romantic or family day. The yacht has also hosted girls/guys days out, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and weddings. It’s up to the you on how you’d like to spend your charter and Propensity’s crew is more than happy to accommodate. You can cruise the gulf or the bay and then anchor along the beach or a secluded island for some peace and quiet. If you want to be part of the crab island party, Captain Barry can anchor at Crab Island or have the yacht’s SeaDoo zoom you over to enjoy the island fun. A floating lay-out deck, along with a sitting tube float and three-person inner tube will ensure you get the most water fun possible on your charter.

Owner Ryan Holloway, a USCG licensed Captain himself, his wife Heather, and their children make Holloway Yachts a family affair. Heather, an operating room nurse, and both children, students at Auburn University, are all hands-on deck at high season to help charters run as smoothly as possible ensuring everyone has the best experience. Their daughter is a Phi Mu majoring in law and justice and is planning a future in Homeland Security. Their son attends Auburn’s Honors College majoring in economics. Ryan graduated from Auburn with a degree in finance and international business, continuing with his Masters in Finance. While Ryan is a 5th generation graduate from Auburn, Heather is a Troy alumnus. They are involved with their local church and the Auburn Club Board of Directors. The Holloway family believes firmly in keeping the area’s beaches and harbors clean to leave the best environment for future generations to enjoy the waterways as they have. Philanthropy is at the heart of the Holloway family. They are very involved with Alzheimer’s and ALS research as well as donating to Montgomery Catholic Prep, the school their children attended, to fund a scholarship for economically disadvantaged children to attend the school. Donating to local food banks is also a heartfelt cause they support. Ryan is a member of Tigers Unlimited, Auburn’s top athletics donor organization where he gives back to the university that has meant so much to his life and other generations of his family.

26-27 AdventureOut - Holloway Yachts.indd 2

2/24/22 11:57 PM

28 blab tv.indd 1

2/24/22 11:57 PM

VIP Pensacola at The District

Kimberley Anderson & Stephanie Álvarez

Ed & Rhonda Koenig & David Greenfield

VIP Pensacola Cover Reveal Party photos & story by Kevin L Houghton


he District, Seville’s steak and seafood restaurant in historic downtown Pensacola hosted the VIP Pensacola Cover Reveal Party on February 3. Many of the magazine’s clients, friends, and VIP Pensacola representatives waited anxiously for the arrival of the latest issue of VIP Pensacola. The theme for the February issue was Mardi Gras. The District staff prepared delicious, tantalizing beef tip skewers, and assortments of other meats and cheeses. Associate Publisher Verla Price personally thanked attendees for their continued success and support. At the conclusion of the evening, Stephanie Alvarez announced the lucky winners of door prizes donated by many local businesses.

Janet & Chip Wood

Matthew Williams & Dr. Craig Henry II

Verla Price & Danny Herman

Ron Dufour & Sheamus Parish

Evelyn Garcia & Rachel Mock

March 2022 | 29

VIP Cover Reveal Event.indd 1

2/24/22 11:58 PM

VIP Pensacola at VIP Pensacola Cover Reveal Party

Debbie & Gary Sapp

Fran Crumpton & Nikki Williams

Nicole Partridge & Patti Hall

Jan Castillo & Chae Kyle

Holly Whitted & Enrique Randolph

Bobby & Karen Emmons

Lauren Andrusko & Jill Andrusko

Ralph Lawrence & Demi Hoch 30

Dr. Caleb Heifner & John Kinlock

Roger Johnson & Linda Petty


VIP Cover Reveal Event.indd 2

2/24/22 11:58 PM











2020 • 2021

# P R O U D T O B E P E N S March 2022 | 31

31 ads thompson walden, pcola title.indd 1

2/24/22 11:59 PM

VIP Pensacola at Ella L. Jordan African American History Museum

Jasmine Pollard & Naomi Davenport

Let ’s Make This House a Home photos & story by Kristina Wright


Dr. Janie T. Watts & Dr. Joyce Hopson

he Ella L. Jordan African American History Museum hosted a housewarming event on February 19, to showcase all of the improvements that have been made to this historic home to date. The community was invited to learn about the next phase of transforming the restored home, which includes turning it back into an educational beacon and museum for the community. The Ella L. Jordan Home, constructed circa 1890, is a one-story Queen Anne cottage and was purchased in 1951 by the Pensacola Federation of Colored Women’s Club. Mrs. Ella L. Jordan, the club’s founder, dedicated her life to the club’s works and community activities. Initially the group met in members’ homes or local schools and churches until the property on C Street was purchased in 1951. The Ella L. Jordan Home was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and was subsequently condemned and set to be torn down by the City of Pensacola. Volunteers like longtime community advocate and business owner Georgia Blackmon joined forces with home builder David Del Gallo, along with a group of preservation advocates, and persuaded the city to change course. Former Mayor Ashton Hayward helped stop the potential demolition. The work had a budget of $360,000, largely raised from small donations over the course of four years. The tireless efforts of many dedicated volunteers helped to save this historic home fi lled with so much significance in our community and as of early 2020, the construction and renovations were complete. The mission then changed from saving the home, to outfitting it with the necessary equipment, furniture, and resources that transformed it from a historical home to its former glory as a community center, educational museum, and event space. They have returned a storied public gathering place to the community, which will be a gift to local citizens for many decades to come.

Susan Bonsignore & Kristin Longley

Rica Rogers & Christina Hawkins 32

Robin Largue & Dr. Janet Pilcher

Spencer Mullet, Peggy Burks & Todd Vannoy


Let's Make this House a home.indd 1

2/25/22 12:00 AM

Courtney, Clifford Jr., Felicia & Isaiah Stokes, Viola Salter Miller

Thanks for voting us Best in Pensacola!

Locally Owned Restaurant & Restaurant - Cordova Area

Connie Wilson, Edna Burnett, Disalice Yates & Katrina Walls

Large Wine Selection Full Bar NOW Open Outdoor Patio

Margo King, Catherine & Alvin Streeter, Loree King

HOURS Lunch: Tuesday-Saturday: 11 am - 3 pm Dinner: Tuesday-Saturday: 4 pm - 8 pm Brunch: Sunday: 11 am - 2 pm

Victoria Mullet, Vincent Wiggins & Nita Cintron

Cordova Marketplace 4350 Bayou Blvd · Pensacola, FL 850.477.9120 · March 2022 | 33

Let's Make this House a home.indd 2

2/25/22 12:00 AM

Green Perspectives . from

article by Steve R. Black

Having a lawn is certainly a luxury and is almost uniquely American. This outdoor personal space gives us an opportunity to create our own little part of the world. The front yard landscape represents our personality and community standards, while the back yard is our chance to explore and be creative. The lawn came about during the 16th century in Europe. The French and English Castles acquired the surrounding land and maintained it free of trees so the soldiers could easily see if they were being attacked. Today, the lawn care/landscape industry in America employs more than 1 million people and represents approximately 115 billion in annual sales. Canada, Australia, and the UK have a lawn care industry but, are way behind the US and the rest of the world, even further. I believe the reason lawns play a significant role in our existence are the independent tendencies linked to the family structure in America. The American dream has remained, home ownership. There are many interpretations of what this looks like but ultimately Americans want their “castle” complete with a vast

34-35 Green Perspectives_March22.indd 1

2/25/22 12:00 AM

Steve R. Black

Practicing Agronomist and Landscape Design along the Gulf Coast for 36 years

array of outdoor amenities. Our crowded schedules make time at home a precious commodity so when we can enjoy our personal spaces, we want things to entertain us. Fine landscapes often include pools, hot tubs, pavers, pergolas, fire pits, low voltage landscape lighting, water features, turf, and even artificial turf lawns. In America today even a small lawn in a ubiquitous neighborhood pulls parents and children out of the home and away from the digital world to touch and feel the day; whether it be to throw a frisbee, play with a pet, wrestle the kids, or practice something more skilled such as swinging a golf club. During the pandemic (2020 and 2021) people found themselves home much more. Many tech savvy people worked from home (many just claimed they were “working”) and even the kids were involved in this effort due to many schools shutting down. Vacations were cancelled. Parents really needed the screaming kids to get outside and burn off some of that excess energy, bringing on an increased demand for everything concerning the improvement of outdoor spaces. Suddenly, the landscape became even more

34-35 Green Perspectives_March22.indd 2

important than just looking good to our community. This has brought about an unprecedented demand for pools, outdoor kitchens, lawns, and the landscape in general. We humans are drawn to the outdoors. I have friends and clients that occupy beautiful homes but, almost always are outside in the created outdoor space if at all possible. It just feels good and something about being closer to nature or just being outside seems to calm our souls. I have always enjoyed the pleasure of collaborating with clients and watching them salivate at the possibility of creating the perfect (for them) outdoor space. The budgets for such spaces can vary as much as the overall look and feel of the project. I don’t see them nearly as excited about their indoor spaces and this has led me to realize just how fortunate we all are to reside along the Gulf Coast. Even with lot sizes shrinking and the popular thinking of reducing the footprint of our existence, we generally have at least sufficient sized landscapes that allow us to maximize our quality of life. Let’s all pursue our best existence on this planet and be drawn outside to feel the day.

2/25/22 12:01 AM

VIP Pensacola at Court of Deluna Event Space

Hip Huggers Ball photos & story by Kristina Wright


fter a long two-year wait, the Hip Huggers 2022 Ball was one for the record books. Held at the Court of Deluna Event Space on February 5, a groovy time was had by all. This year the new Hip Huggers President is Janet Garrett, the Groove Master is Michael Capps, and the Ball Chairs are Tiffany Clark, Cait Gross, and Cindy Ulrich. The 2021-2022 Hipsterettes were introduced, including Caitlin Newby as Dance Coordinator, Emily Mixon with Mixon Magic as Dance Choreographer, Katie Schutts, Chelsea Crawford, Sara Webb, Jessica Stevens, Meagan Stead, Ansley Green, Rosie Lee, Janet Garrett, Lydia Sonnen, Suzie West, Anna-Cherie Levert, and Tanya Gnann. Bombshell Blowout Bar provided hair for the dancers, and Jenn Rogers Makeup was on site offering face painting. Jody Link Photography, Strike-a-Pose850, and Gulf Coast Photo Booth were all also there to capture the memories of the evening. Vista Event Productions provided all of the sound, lighting, stage, LED wall and LED dance floor. Live entertainment was provided by Briteside from Jacksonville, FL. The krewe’s 2021-2022 philanthropic organization is Covenant Care’s My Wish Program. They are looking forward to collaborating with Covent Care to make wishes come true this spring. Follow Krewe of Hip Huggers on Facebook to contribute to this wonderful program and learn more about the wishes they are planning to support.


Jeremy & Bree Perdue

Travis & Chelsea Swann

Megan & Jimmy Herlocker

Anita Jackson & Brenda Wojtarowicz

Gene & Amanda Hurd

Timothy & Adrienne Simmons

Ken & Barbie Westbrook, Bobbie Vaughn & Dan Westbrook


36-37 Event_Hip Huggers Ball - 1.5pgs.indd 1

2/25/22 12:01 AM

Steve Byrd, Stephanie DeVries, Tami & Tony Bennett

Megan Stead, Anna Cherie-Levert & Lydia Sonnen

Jackie Deville, Shelley & Dan Churukian

Thanks for Voting Us Best Dermatologist

5 years in a row! Kevin Welch, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

Savannah Richardson, Ansley Green & Laura Munro March 2022 | 37

36-37 Event_Hip Huggers Ball - 1.5pgs.indd 2

2/25/22 12:01 AM



38 ads gents formal, gary sapp.indd 1

2/25/22 12:01 AM

Swanky Soirée A

story by Anna Stockton

nyone can throw a cocktail party, right? You just put out some drinks and snacks and let the festivities begin. But not everyone can throw THE cocktail party, because if you want to host a cocktail party that will wow your guests and get them talking, it’s all about the elegant details. An important piece of the cocktail party puzzle is glasses and serving ware. Believe it or not, having the right glass for a certain drink does make a difference. I mean, who wants to drink their martini from a highball glass, your whiskey sours out of a margarita glass, or your wine out of a juice glass -- although some of us may have that friend who thinks that’s just fine. If you have a signature drink for your party, make sure you have plenty of appropriate drinkware for it while also having glasses available for the other drink options at your party. Serving ware is important for serving your guests snacks and appetizers while keeping your party elegant. We all know having finger foods and snacks is proper etiquette as well as ensuring your guests have a little something to soak up the alcohol, as sometimes drinking on an empty stomach can

39-40 Style_Swanky Soiree- Pcola.indd 1

2/25/22 12:02 AM

affect some (ahem) decision making. Using your finest platters will ensure your party has a chic touch while also being functional, so bring out those heirlooms or wedding gifts and let them shine. Along those same lines, serving pieces are also going to be important to streamline the luxurious feel of your party. Matching serving sets, including tongs, spreaders, appetizer spoons and forks will show your guests no detail was overlooked.

dressed help on hand to bartend and pass out food not only leaves you able to relax, socialize, and enjoy your own party but it also While some may believe elegant means plain revs an elegant cocktail party up a notch. It’s a -- it doesn’t have to be such. Having accessories great idea to let the experts handle mixing the with a little personality will show off, well... your cocktails and tend to your guests so you’re free personality. Ornate ice buckets and scoops are to savor these moments and freely entertain your guests. eye catching while elegant vintage pieces also show class with a throw-back flair. You can never So, as you’re planning your elegant cocktail go wrong with classic, clean lines when it comes party, show off those beautiful serving pieces, pay attention to the details, free up your hands to your accessories. It brings a stylish, trendy by asking for help and most importantly, if it has look without being boring. Another thing to to do with Snoop, save it for another party. consider when choosing accessories is cocktail napkins. Because despite the urge to display your cocktail napkins that say “fo shizzle, welcome to our hizzle” or “let’s get ready to stumble” because, frankly.....they’re hilarious, they’re not exactly acceptable for a classy affair. High-end monogrammed or plain cocktail napkins are the way to go for your elegant cocktail party. Let your own witty quips steal the show, not the cocktail napkins. If you really want to go all out for your swanky soiree, call for help... literally. Having smartly 40


39-40 Style_Swanky Soiree- Pcola.indd 2

2/25/22 12:02 AM

VIP Pensacola at Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport

Destiny Smith & MaryFrances Mullins

Cari Anderson, Willa Licata & Dech Brunson

Todd Thomson & BreAnna Clark

Greater Pensacola Chamber

Business After Hours


photos & story by Nicole Partridge

he Greater Pensacola Chamber Business After Hours was held on February 17 at Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport. Over 50 attendees gathered for connecting after hours in a relaxed business atmosphere. Nikki Williams, Director of Sales, shared about the Innisfree’s Hyatt Place at the Pensacola Airport including hotel features, amenities, preferred business group rates, and available meeting facilities. The networking event was sponsored by Spot Lighting Audio Video Productions, Inc. Glowing centerpieces and graphic light displays created a great vibe. Hot and chilled hors d’oeuvres, fresh salad selection, and desserts were enjoyed. Thanos was on site in cosplay for a cosmic kick off to PensaCon 2022. Chamber members and guests were treated to door prizes provided by attendees.

Nikki Williams & Irene Morris

Verla Price & Daniel Joyner

Kirk Waters & Tyler Windham

Joshua DuFour, Jon Bixby, Chris Chili & Steve Kerr

Rodney Nicodemus & Patti Hall

March 2022 | 41

Pensacola BAH.indd 1

2/25/22 12:02 AM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club

Good Morning Pensacola A Membership Breakfast photos & story by Nicole Partridge

Robert Powell & Sarah LaFevers

Jeri Cox & Verla Price


he Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce hosted the Good Morning Pensacola networking breakfast on February 4 at the Pensacola Yacht Club. Todd Thomson, Chamber President/CEO shared, “We are really excited for Good Morning Pensacola breakfast meetings. It is always great to see smiling faces on a Friday morning.” The Title Sponsor Chick-Fil-A 9 Mile Road team shared about their leadership FasTrak Management Program while the Pensacola Chamber Foundation LeaP Class of 2022 members shared about current community projects. Sara LaFevers, Chamber Foundation Executive Director, shared the Pensacola Blueprint 2030. The innovative plan is designed to convene, build capacity, and to connect key businesses and leaders in education, infrastructure, economic and community development, workforce, and military partnerships. The Pensacola Yacht Club was the perfect venue to host the record setting group of over 128 attendees offering tasty breakfast selections and the panoramic view of Pensacola Bay. Chamber members provided door prizes and the morning closed with additional networking opportunities.

Brad Alexander & Scott Luth

Cheryl Murphy & Christie Oliver 42

Liko Crump & Todd Thomson

Ebony Cornish & Ruthie Noel

Jeff Brock & Chuck Hoskin

Megan Siefert & Alana Moodie

Chance Buskey & Cheyenne Sherman


Pensacola Chamber Good Morning Pensacola.indd 1

2/25/22 12:02 AM

Tracy Tisdale, Caitlyn Walker & Kim Johnson

Don’t let taxes stress you! Call us for a Hassle Free Tax Consultation

Tax Preparation Personal, LLC, Partnership, Corporation Bookkeeping Full service bookkeeping and QuickBooks training

Lauren Carlton, Gregory McBride & Laura Gilliam

Payroll Full service payroll from preparing paychecks to filing quarterly reports

Call For A Free Consult

850-332-4432 ✓ Competitive Rates ✓ Flexibility ✓ Tailored Services Sharon Grageola, Candice Ford, Danielle Sink & Sharon George

Christina Powers Tax Professional Tax and Bookkeeping Services 3700 Creighton Rd Unit 10 Pensacola FL 32504 Daniel Joyner, Carlos Kyles & George Bridges March 2022 | 43

Pensacola Chamber Good Morning Pensacola.indd 2

2/25/22 12:03 AM

VIP Pensacola at Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center


Believing in Girls Gala photos & story by Kevin L Houghton

Jenny & Chris Roney


anders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center hosted the inaugural Believing in Girls Gala event benefiting PACE Center for Girls, Escambia-Santa Rosa on February 4. Sponsors and attendees from Escambia-Santa Rosa communities joined together and supported this amazing event. The PACE Center for Girls values all girls and young women, believing each one deserves an opportunity to find her voice, achieve her potential, and celebrate a life defined by responsibility, dignity, serenity, and grace. PACE envisions a world where all girls and young women have power, in a just and equitable society. PACE has served over 200 girls in the Escambia and Santa Rosa communities in just the last year alone. The evening’s festivities also included live auction Items, dinner and entertainment provided by Six Piece Suits. Jennifer & Jay Fry

Laurie Rodgers & Pat Parmley

Bob & Viki Weir

Amber & Ben Gordon

Victoria Wright, Marne Milhiser, Bonnie Vail, Lauren Gaddy, Donna Dickey, Keri Medlock, Heather Boatwright, Julie Zabcik, Jackie Fiedler & Brenda Newman 44


44-45 Event_PACE Believing in Girls Gala.indd 1

2/25/22 12:03 AM

Jerre & John Peacock, Mary Gamble

Liz Donenlen, Bridgett Brooks, Jan Pacenta & Rhonda Stein

Rick Byars, David & Alea Williams

Tiffany & Brian Weidner, Joena & Robby Rushing March 2022 | 45

44-45 Event_PACE Believing in Girls Gala.indd 2

2/25/22 12:03 AM

Business Profile Making the Business of People Easier

From left to right: Britt Landrum, III - CEO, Johnathan Taylor - Chief Financial Officer, Mandy Resmondo - Corporate VP, Search and Interim, Kara Bloomberg - Chief Operating Officer


or more than 50 years, LandrumHR has been a mainstay in Northwest Florida for connecting businesses to people, helping companies grow, and being part of the advancement of our community. The years have brought more and more significant ways for the company to serve its community- not only through its world class delivery of what has grown into enterprise-wide human resources services, at which they excel, but also through its continually increasing care for the wellbeing of the community. LandrumHR remains the go-to place for human resources


solutions for companies large and small but still makes it a priority to be a lifeline for a variety of worthy area philanthropic causes. All while providing full-service HR outsourcing, workforce solutions for staffing needs, search and placement services for long or short-term HR talent, as well as as well as HR consulting through its sister company, hrQ, LandrumHR has always worked to ensure its communities are well supported. In fact, its philosophy of learn-share-grow starts at the very top and is engrained throughout the organization within in its culture.


46-47 Business Profile_LandrumHR.indd 1

2/25/22 12:04 AM

Best Staffing Company To highlight one local non-profit that pulls its heartstrings, the company is a benefactor to an important educational organization, Junior Achievement (JA). LandrumHR not only sponsors several of their events during the year, but also organizes an annual companywide initiative to mentor and empower young people in classrooms. Every year, the LandrumHR team rolls up their sleeves and deploys into local classrooms- JA kits in hand and fired up to empower the next generation workforce. Dozens of LandrumHR employees volunteer in classrooms week over week teaching kids about jobs and all things business. Even CEO Britt Landrum, III volunteers his time with an impressive commitment to a 16-week program he teaches focused on entrepreneurship. “Junior Achievement’s mission is in perfect alignment with what we do here at LandrumHR. As JA volunteers, we are inspiring the next generation of businesspeople,” said Landrum, III. “If our company were to start a non-profit, it would be JA! That’s how meaningful our contribution to JA is to us.” Concentrating on making the business of people easier for their clients, LandrumHR has found ways to enhance the community through its work even in tough times. In the last 24 months, LandrumHR has been laser focused on helping people find the right jobs and keeping them working. The company has worked to meet the needs of its clients and provided up-to-the-minute advisories and resources to support them during these extraordinary days in the workforce landscape. Help navigating the great resignation has been in high demand from many of LandrumHR’s clients and mission critical in many others. The company rose to the challenge and continues to advise and supply much needed professional resources to help keep the business community moving in the right direction. In true LandrumHR fashion, we are told the company is gearing up in preparation for more and more doors opening up to volunteer involvement in the community. With the restrictions in schools and person to person gatherings related to the pandemic lifting slowly each day, LandrumHR team members are chomping at the bit to get back to working hand in hand with their many charitable initiatives. As their year is off to a bright start in 2022, LandrumHR looks to another season of full community immersion and a better year in lockstep with the people they serve. To learn more about LandrumHR or hrQ,visit or

(850) 476-5100 219 E Garden Street #500 | Pensacola, Florida March 2022 | 47

46-47 Business Profile_LandrumHR.indd 2

2/25/22 12:04 AM


story by Anna Stockton


here are so many multitalented people right under our noses here on the Gulf Coast. One of those is local author Todd Fisher who has a tale to tell, an exciting, underwater tale. Set along the coast of Destin, Pensacola, and Orange Beach, a small Yellowtail Snapper is challenged to a race by a young but large Barracuda. Yes, Todd Fisher, author of the children’s book Louie’s Great Race, has quite the Gulf Coast tale to tell and you need to hear it and share with all your friends -- children and adults. While Todd has a full-time job as Covenant Care’s chief innovation officer helping them navigate the country’s rapidly changing home health and post-acute ecosystem, writing is a passion and important hobby for him. He loves creating and exploring new ideas and has learned to take that passion and channel it in writing. He said he has been trying to write a novel for nearly 20 years, however, perfection and time are his enemies -- but he’s committed to see that passion to completion very soon. When COVID-19 hit and he was spending more time at home with his family, Todd decided to direct some of his energy into taking a childhood tale and turning it into a story he could share with others.

48-49 #trending_Todd Fisher, author of Louie’s Great Race_Pcola.indd 1

2/25/22 10:39 AM

Inspired by a story he told and retold his son, Evan, Louie’s Great Race is a story about bravery, perseverance, and teamwork. Louie is a small Yellowtail Snapper that gets challenged in a race by Rocko, a young but much larger Barracuda. The story is set in the Gulf Coast waters of Northwest Florida and Alabama. Todd’s vision was to tell a story that is not just exciting and entertaining, but one that grabs young readers with interesting character development and teaches all readers a bit about our awesome Emerald Coast. Louie and Rocko are the two central characters with a cast of others known as the Briny Bunch, who help Louie throughout the race. Sam the Nurse Shark, Scoops the giant Manta Ray, and Sea Turtles Charlie and Ralph are by Louie’s side to help him with his adventures. Todd really wants young readers to believe they can accomplish great things if they put their minds to it. Todd is in the process of writing the second book of the series which will be titled Frankie Goes Crabbing. At the end of Louie’s Great Race, the story foreshadows the setting on Crab Island in Destin, Florida. Frankie Goes Crabbing and an animated short will be released in 2022. You can buy Louie’s Great

48-49 #trending_Todd Fisher, author of Louie’s Great Race_Pcola.indd 2

Race online at all major book distributors or in Pensacola at Bodacious Book Store, Aqua Decor and Design, and The UWF Historic Trust Children’s Museum. You can also pick up the book and other merchandise from their website www. Todd Fisher has lived in Pensacola since 1980 when he, his parents, and two brothers relocated from Tampa. Like many locals Todd has seen Pensacola boom into the vibrant, growing, and much-admired community it is today. He grew up in Northeast Pensacola and attended Cordova Park, Workman Middle, and Washington High School, before heading to Florida State University, earning a degree in classical history and where he developed his passion for writing. Post college, Todd found himself in the booming technology industry of the 90s and has spent the last 26 years working in technology and business sectors. Todd has been published in both the European Business Review and All China Review highlighting how-to and the importance of building scalable and successful business and technology models. Todd and his family live in downtown Pensacola. It is so wonderful seeing folks from our area live out their passion and share their creativity with the community. Louie’s Great Race is fun for everyone and is currently #trending in our household.

2/25/22 10:30 AM

VIP Pensacola at Hidden Creek Golf Club

Rosa Houston & Nic Katona

Mitch & Brenda Robbins

Stormy Carrol & Bill Andersen

MARDI GRAS MURDER MYSTERY MASQUERADE photos & story by Savannah Vasquez


he good times were rolling at Hidden Creek Golf Club on February 5, as more than 120 masked partygoers arrived for the second annual Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Masquerade benefiting the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge (ECWR). “Last year we had about 46 people come out for the masquerade, but this year we had to sell more tickets for non-character participants because we had such a huge response,” said Natalie Dyson, organizer of the event and veterinarian for ECWR. Funds raised between ticket sales, raffle, and silent auction will go toward supporting ECWR during the upcoming spring season. Dyson explained that during spring the refuge bursts at the seams with baby animals, sometimes even experiencing three baby seasons in one year. “We are just about to start our first baby season of the year and at the height of baby season we can have 150-200 animals that we have to bottle-feed on a schedule every 20 minutes,” she said. “The funds raised tonight will mostly be going toward the spring animal care.” As for the masquerade, participants mingled around trying to solve the mystery while enjoying food from Where Y’at Seafood Market and Restaurant and wine and beverages from The Vine Wine Bar Bistro & Shoppe, Tito’s, and 30A Hard Seltzer. Auction items from more than 120 local businesses and valuing $10,000 most definitely brought in a handsome Fat Tuesday for ECWR operations.

Keith Feldman, Kaylee Tomey & Alex Fox 50

Erin & David Crumbley

Ashley Damm, Amanda & Chirs Gilbert, Brian & Erica Adcock


50 Event_Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Masquerade.indd 1

2/25/22 11:47 AM

Do Your Laundry with Love Tyler Laundry Scents are fine laundry and detergent dryer sachets in the most popular scents from Tyler Candle Company, specially formulated to clean effectively yet remain gentle. Perfect for delicate laundry items such as: • Linens • Lingerie • Fine fabrics


Tyler Glamour Wash is HE washing machine compatible

7400 Pine Forest Road, Pensacola 850-941-4444 |

March 2022 | 51

51 ads southern gardens, Pcola opera.indd 1

2/25/22 12:06 AM

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Museum of Commerce

Gene & Amanda Hurd

Kelly Villhard, Karen Emmons, April Lackey, Kristi & Chris Beckman

Bourbon & Broadway Opera Reception


photos & story by Kevin L Houghton

ack by popular demand, Pensacola Opera presented Bourbon & Broadway on February 9. The Museum of Commerce hosted the event and the evening was fi lled with Broadway favorites performed by the Opera’s artists in residence, paired with a guided bourbon tasting by Darren Campbell of Old Hickory Whiskey Bar. New this year, the bourbon tasting was accompanied by a dinner catered by Culinary Productions. The Pensacola Opera’s artists in residence are Ron Dukes, Robert Hartfield, Emily Michiko Jensen, Imara Miles, and Andrew Pham. Now, in its 38th season, Pensacola Opera continues its mission of enriching Northwest Florida by producing professional opera performances, educational programs, and other opera-related community events for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Henry & Tammy Hewitt

Jodi Clark & Nicole Partridge

Barbara Wade & David Norfleet

Chip Wood & Bobby Emmons

Scott & Rhonda Ford, Chandra McKern, Jennifer Knisbell, Alex Hilkey, Sooz Cobb & Susi Lyon


52-53 Event_Bourbon & Broadway - 1.5pgs.indd 1

2/25/22 12:10 AM

Ed Paduani, Georgia Seitz & Ed Seitz

Frank Dillard, Robert Dillard & Robert Huang

Cody Martin, Virginia Oscovitch & Ron Dukes

Sheryl & Marty Stanovich, Paulette Martin March 2022 | 53

52-53 Event_Bourbon & Broadway - 1.5pgs.indd 2

2/25/22 12:11 AM

Interview with

GI V E | C A R E | S H A R E

story by Anna Stockton


allet Pensacola is the area’s only resident professional ballet company. Comprised of professional dancers from around the world and talented student dancers, the company holds multiple main stage productions each year during Ballet Pensacola’s season. Ballet Pensacola’s Academy serves approximately 200 students each year through its main campus at the Pensacola Cultural Center and additional campuses. Specially trained artistic staff and faculty provide a challenging and enriching dance education through its syllabus-driven programming. In 1978, Italian-trained dancer and teacher Gioia Michelotti founded Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre to offer performance opportunities for young dancers and to promote the art of dance. In 1980, Kaleidoscope’s Board of Directors established an academy for the training of young dancers. The dance company presented Pensacola’s Nutcracker for the first time, and it was such a hit that soon after, a partnership with the Escambia and Santa Rosa County School Districts was developed to bring dance to elementary schools. Three years later, Kaleidoscope was asked to be the resident dance company and school as an anchor tenant in the Pensacola Cultural Center. The senior performing company was named Ballet Pensacola to recognize it as Pensacola’s dance company and its many contributions to the community. The Kaleidoscope name remained the moniker for the ballet school until 2005 when the entire organization was renamed Ballet Pensacola. Today, Ballet Pensacola, which has gained a strong national and international reputation, consists of a training academy that serves approximately 200 students each season and a performing company of approximately 40 dancers, including professionals from around the globe.

54-55 Give Care Share_Ballet Pcola.indd 1

Artistic Director Darren McIntyre and Academy Director Debi Janea What impact has Ballet Pensacola had on the community? By introducing ballet to audiences of all ages, our programs bring the power of movement and dance to life and inspires everyone they reach. Regardless of one’s background, age, or physical capacity, ballet can stimulate and empower you. Our Education & Outreach programs strive to break down traditional barriers so more people can share in the power of dance. Whether performing in a gym, reaching young minds in a library, or bringing dance to seniors with limited mobility, our exciting programs are designed to be accessible to everyone, all year-round and are affordable to all members of our city because it is our responsibility to keep ballet, and all the arts, vital to our community.

photo by Duel Christian

2/25/22 12:11 AM

What is the most rewarding part of your involvement with Ballet Pensacola? DM: I am very enthusiastic about my chosen career and dance embodies a large quantity of who I am as an individual. My existence is prominently enlightened through my life’s journey as a member of the artistic population, and I feel I would like the opportunity to share the evolution of this prophecy through my commitment and dedication to fostering this beautiful and significant art form. DJ: I am so proud of the students at Ballet Pensacola and the dedication they give to their ballet training each year. It is exciting that our students young and old can participate in this beautiful spring production alongside professional dancers. Working with Mr. McIntyre in this professional setting is beneficial to our students and using them in this level of production helps each student grow and thrive in so many ways. The more we can provide opportunities for our students to showcase their skill and all the hard work they put in each day, the more we succeed as educators and an organization as a whole. Tell us about your dancers. DM: Having been an artist myself for most of my lifetime, I understand the endless boundaries that can be initiated and set in motion through movement vocabulary, which excites and empowers me to forever continuously grow as an artist, choreographer, repetiteur, and artistic director. I certainly like unique, individual dancers who are both genuine and hard working. I strongly believe that each dancer is an individual, with different aesthetical and interpretive prerequisites to be of

photo by Edward A. McGrath Photography

focus during their training, coaching, and career. It is important to strengthen and instill the fundamentals both technically and artistically to create cohesive structure within a collective group of dancers. I try to nurture each artist in ordinance with their weaknesses and strengths. I like to encourage dancers to push to their fullest potential and enjoy seeing them succeed in reaching their goals. I believe that the dancers are key elements to my production value, they are Ballet Pensacola’s voice, our instruments, and our creative muses. Knowing that they are the inspiration and prophecy of the public’s perspective point of view and opinion makes me strive to set high standards for them to hail to. This allows the art of dance within the organization to excel to its fullest potential, an accomplishment for both the company and audiences united as one. Knowing that these days there is certainly an industry standard requirement both technically and artistically for a professional dancer, I tend to focus on the detailing and refinement of the artists, stylizing the overall look of the company, on a per production basis to create a more uniform but less restricted identity for the company.

photo by Edward A. McGrath Photography

photo by Duel Christian

54-55 Give Care Share_Ballet Pcola.indd 2

2/25/22 12:12 AM

VIP Pensacola at Saenger Theatre

Anita & Chad Nusbaum

Regions Bank Wealth Management Reception

Jane Thiesse & Pat Page

photos & story by Kevin L Houghton

R Tim & Donna Brooks

egions Bank Wealth sponsored the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra’s special Valentine’s Day themed, “Come Fly With Me: Music of Sinatra and More,” on February 12. The concert celebrated Frank Sinatra’s music and included vocalist Michael Andrews and multiinstrumentalist Gunhild Carling. The event was held at the historic Pensacola Saenger Theatre. Regions Bank hosted a special reception prior to the performance. The reception was decorated with linens and tulip arrangements throughout. The event was catered by Culinary Productions, who prepared a wide array of hors d’oeuvres, consisting of cheeses, meats, crackers, meatballs, and assorted fruit. A cash bar was also available to guests. Regions Bank proudly supports the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra’s efforts to bring world class performers and events to the Pensacola market.

Kevin & Alison Houghton

Kaitlin & Preston Forshee 56

Ed Villar & Verla Price

Jureda Lambert & Tom Speer

Debbie & Pete Keremes

Bill & Dawn Wein


Pensacola Symphony POPS.indd 1

2/25/22 12:12 AM

Thank you for voTing us


Charlie & Karen Robinson & Charles & Cheryl Kelly

Full Service Salon

Debbie Cofrancesco, Alex Bolden & Al Cofrancesco

Monday 11-7 • Tues - Thurs 9-6 • Friday 9-5 • Saturday 9-4 2261 W Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Nancy & Tom Dunn, Camille Abbamonte & Theresa Everett

Dr. Stephanie F. Tilley, DMD Voted Best Dentist two years in a row!

Ethan Arnold, Amberly Smith & Dawn Wein

3927 Creighton Road | 850-479-2525 | March 2022 | 57

Pensacola Symphony POPS.indd 2

2/25/22 12:12 AM

Diamond and Onyx Cufflinks - $2,250 Jewelers Trade Shop

2022 Maserati Levante Starting MSRP - $81,200 Maserati Pensacola

Luxury Accessories Re-seller - Prices Vary Lux Exchange

58 MayWeSuggest_Pcola_Mar22.indd 1

2010 Château Cheval Blanc SaintÉmilion 1st Grand Cru Classé “A” 100-point rating - $1,700 Beyond the Grape Wine Shop

Private Charters - Starting at $3,000 Holloway Yacht Charters

2/25/22 12:13 AM


Comprehensive medical cosmetic treatments in a spa-like environment.


850-432-6722 | 20 N TARRAGONA ST. | PENSACOLA , FL 32502

59 still waters.indd 1

2/25/22 12:13 AM

VIP Pensacola at Beyond the Grape

Beyond the Grape Wine Tasting photos & story by Kristina Wright


eyond the Grape held a free wine tasting on February 11 for patrons and neighbors. The event was hosted by Stellekaya Wines and presented by Jane Lello. During the tasting, Jane spoke on each of the five wines guests sampled for the evening, including Hercules, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Orion, and she discussed the region in South Africa where their wines are made. Stellekaya Wines was founded from Dave Lello’s passion for red wines, a desire to create a unique “new world” brand, and the idea of the adventure it would bring. When Jane joined Dave in 2002, the journey continued and the brand grew. Stellekaya gets most of their grapes from their own vineyards on the Helderberg, one of Stellenbosch’s leading terroirexpressions for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Beyond The Grape is a unique regional attraction which offers a carefully selected range of artisan, small production wines from around the world as well as Florida and sweet wines. From sweet to dry, exotic to classic, local to international, something can be found for every wine lover. Visit Beyond the Grape for a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience at Cordova Mall in Pensacola and make plans to attend one of their weekly wine tastings.


Jane Lello & Roger Johnson

Sharon Girven & Denise Dodge

Richard Vickrey & Gayle Blaugh

Paula Rupert, Anne Bloesl, Lisa & Steve Edwards

Linda & Chris Howe


XX Event_Beyond the Grape Wine Tasting - 1.5pgs.indd 1

2/25/22 12:14 AM


Todd Thomson, Jena Melancon & Rachel Hendrix

Alexis Lear, Tamara & Mario Pacheco

Jennifer Davis, Lynette Bledsoe, Cynthia Scott & Julia Kudrna


POLONZA.COM (850) 912-6454 Instagram ~ Facebook

286 N Palafox St. | Pensacola, FL 32502

Brian & Christie Porter & Sandy Warthen

Contact to reserve for wedding receptions, office parties, networking events and more! March 2022 | 61

XX Event_Beyond the Grape Wine Tasting - 1.5pgs.indd 2

2/25/22 12:14 AM

MARCH 11 The Big Gala - One Snowy Night Court of De Luna Event Space 116 East Gonzalez Street | Pensacola 6:00 – 11:00pm Get ready for an exciting night themed to perfection and fi lled with friends, entertainment, dancing, silent and live auctions, and a beautiful plated dinner all to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida. Visit to see all events and to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.

MARCH 15 & 16 MARCH 11 & 13 The Barber of Seville Saenger Theatre 118 South Palafox Street | Pensacola 7:30pm on Friday | 2:00pm on Sunday

Anastasia Saenger Theatre 118 South Palafox Street | Pensacola 7:30pm This dazzling show transports us from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing conman and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love, and family Visit to purchase tickets.

MARCH 24 62nd Annual PACE Awards Join Pensacola Opera as they perform this classic. Everyone will be yelling “Figaro!” as opera’s peripatetic jack of all trades returns to the Saenger stage. Popularized by Bugs Bunny as the Rabbit of Seville, Rossini’s ebullient score is fi lled with one bel canto masterpiece after another. Enjoy the hilarity as Figaro rescues the lovelorn Rosina from Dr. Bartolo, uniting her with her true love, Count Almaviva.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Stadium 351 W. Cedar Street | Pensacola 6:00 - 10:00pm

Visit to purchase tickets.

Visit for more information.

Join the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce as they celebrate the PACE awards. These awards are given each year to honor and recognize the outstanding individuals in the community who have made significant contributions to the Pensacola area’s overall economic progress.



The Clover Pick a Bowl, Fill a Bowl Fundraiser

Manolos & Cosmos!

PSC Lou Ross Gymnasium 1000 College Blvd. | Pensacola 6:00 – 8:00pm

Maserati Pensacola 5600 Pensacola Blvd | Pensacola 7:00 - 11:00pm Grab your Manolos, because we have the Cosmos!

Join the fight against hunger at Manna’s annual fundraiser, The Clover Pick A Bowl Fill A Bowl! This unique event with an artsy twist features the work of local artists and the fare of local vendors. Choose a one-of-a-kind clay bowl to keep, and sample some of the best soups in town. Visit for more information about Manna and to purchase tickets.

Come join the Bread and Table Club at the new Maserati Pensacola. This wonderful backdrop is perfect for a Sex and The City themed party. Get inspired by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda, come dressed to impress and bring your favorite Mr. BIG! A guest DJ will be spinning tunes for dancing the evening away. Enjoy an elaborate display of sweets while sipping on wine, beer, or specialty cocktails. Visit for event information and to purchase tickets.

Visit for more events! 62


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2/25/22 12:15 AM

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2/25/22 12:15 AM

VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

Ben & Amber Gordon

Tommy & Crystal Pitts

Steve & Shelley Black


Mardi Gras Mix & Mingle photos & story by Kevin L Houghton


Rianna & Stefan Jorgenson

he Bread and Table Club hosted their Mardi Gras Mix and Mingle event on February 16 at the End O’ the Alley at Seville Quarter. Seville’s new chef provided Mardi Gras themed snacks for guests to enjoy and king cake straight from Gambino’s in NOLA was served, while a cash bar was also available. The Bread and Table Club was created by food obsessed friends who enjoy sharing good meals. Members of the Bread and Table Club believe in the power of food to tell stories, enrich daily lives, deepen their relationships with friends and family and forge connections with the world around them. The club has partnered with the local branch of Feeding the Gulf Coast. Member Shelley Black says “We have so many fun and unique events planned this year, and the proceeds will benefit Feeding the Gulf Coast’s Children’s Backpack Program. Our goal at B&T is to improve numbers, that eventually NO child will go hungry at all.” Kit & Sue Nast

Don & Lori Farmer 64

Margaret & Jeff Thornton, Lisa Bradley

Daniel & Barbra Rogers


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2/25/22 12:18 AM

Robin & Roman Nowak

Rhonda & Don Wehrenberg

Karen & Clifford Favereau

April Davidson & Jen Wells

Terry & Miriam Breedon Fussell

Jody & Kevin King

John & Gayle Wiley

Sheryl & Marty Stanovich

Christina & Todd Dolph

Will & Shea House March 2022 | 65

Bread & Table Krewe.indd 2

2/25/22 12:18 AM


Dr. Sherry Hartnett What is your hometown and how did you end up in the Pensacola area? I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and raised in the Washington, DC, area. I accepted a job here in Pensacola more than 20 years ago when one of our sons was a toddler, and the other was a baby. Pensacola is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We consider Pensacola our home. What is your profession? I wear many hats these days. I’m a marketing and leadership professor, consultant, mentor, and author. After a successful business career as a senior-level marketing executive, I entered the world of academia as a marketing professor at the University of West Florida. At UWF, I founded the high-impact Executive Mentor Program and the acclaimed annual Women in Leadership Conference. I have a passion for making a difference in the careers and lives of the next generation, locally and globally, which led me to create Hartnett Marketing Solutions and Hartnett Academy, a consultancy specializing in marketing, mentoring, and leadership development. And I co-authored the recently published book High-Impact Mentoring: A Practical Guide to Creating Value in Other People’s Lives. What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola? There are so many reasons to love living in Pensacola. Sunshine, miles of sugar-white sand and turquoise water, fresh seafood, the arts and culture, the history, the Blue Angels, delicious local cuisine, endless fun events, and the warm hearts of the people who live here. I appreciate the small-town southern charm with the amenities of a larger city. Three words that best describe you. Friendly. Dedicated. Leader. Favorite place to go out? Oh, my goodness! There are far too many fantastic local restaurants that my husband and I enjoy in the area to list just a few. Traveling abroad is our favorite leisure activity, but when we are home, besides enjoying the beach or strolling downtown, we enjoy golfing and scuba diving when we have the time. Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because… I love Pensacola. I love the people here. It’s where my husband and I raised our children. I enjoy helping empower people to be successful and have served on numerous local non-profit boards, including Pace Center for Girls, Junior Achievement, Rotary Club of Pensacola, and United Way, among others, doing my part to make Pensacola the best for everyone who lives in our community. photo by Kristina Wright

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2/25/22 12:18 AM

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