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Santa needs a clear path to bring your gifts, and you need a clear path to prevent chimney fi res. certified • licensed • insured Chimney Sweeps Pensacola, FL Contact us today! 850.749.2279 | /ARCChimney Thank you for voting us BEST Specialty Cleaning & Customer Service! Call now or you may end up with a stocking full of coal!

Healthy, Happy, Beautiful You.

Recently I was blessed with a compliment regarding my overall health and complexion. This sent me thinking about my mother and maternal grandmother. Both were very healthy and youthful in appearance, well into their 80s. Neither seemed to have many wrinkles, and their skin held a healthy glow. I am sure some of this must be hereditary, and partially accredited to their lack of sunbathing. However, I cannot say they were healthy conscious food connoisseurs. They served tasty foods lled with salt, pork fat, and butter, yet they lived long lives with very few health issues. I am cut from the same cloth and try to stay out of the sun, and I de nitely do not eat as healthy as I should. To be quite honest, I catch myself working through meals, and since I do not plan ahead, I end up foraging for food and eating everything in sight. Then it hit me. The secret must be the tonic. My family made medicines from plants, roots, and various other natural herbs. My mother had us on a daily mixture which she adamantly defended as the best thing for a healthy person. I still brew the tonic and take it daily. So maybe our family tonic is the secret to youth. Who knows? If you are interested in the recipe, call me, and I will share it.

This month, in our Health and Beauty issue, you will nd some healthy holiday habits in Coastal Cuisine and tips on staying active in Adventure Out. I believe much more goes into healthy living than food and exercise. A happy attitude and a love for life and people will take you a long way toward being healthy. So, as you prepare for the Christmas rush, remember to cater to the healthy, happy, beautiful you.

If you know of a non-pro t or charity holding an event you would like to see featured in VIP Pensacola, please call me. Our mission at VIP Pensacola is to support as many non-pro t causes as possible.

Thank YOU for reading VIP Pensacola; please be kind, courteous, and shop local.

letter from the Associate Publisher 10 | Associate Publisher 850-502-7970
850-994-1078 Family Owned and Operated Since 1976 • REROOF & COMMERCIAL SPECIALIST • GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Licensed in Florida #CCC1334173 and Alabama #30269 | 4201 Auckland Road | Pace, FL 32571 COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL ROOFING FREE ESTIMATES Voted BEST Specialty Contractor From Our Family to Yours Merry Christmas!
Pelvic floor support surgery can give you your life back with: • Bladder and bowel control • Sexual enhancement-tightness and increased sensation for you and your partner • Decreased pressure and discomfort • Freedom to move and exercise without worry RELEASE YOUR INNER CONFIDENCE KAREN E. KENNEDY, MD 850-916-7766 1118 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Suite 201 | Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 7552 Navarre Pkwy | Navarre, FL 32566 Also offering labiaplasty for enhanced appearance and comfort.

Stepping Out in Style An Evening of Fashion

An Evening of Fashion was presented by The Women’s Board of Baptist Health Care Foundation on October 27. The annual fashion show, now in its 46th year, brought several hundred supporters from within our local community. This fashion show is the board’s largest fundraiser of the year and wouldn’t have been possible without numerous sponsors and local boutiques such as, Bluetique, Dillard’s, Gulf Coast Cabi Stylists, The Market and Many Shoes, and The South Out tters, to name just a few.

The runway was set, and the beautiful colored lights and music were on, provided by Melissa B. Melvin, Victoria Propet, Staci Galentine and the production team. The live auction was in full view, with items such as a signed Manning jersey and a Tag Heuer men’s watch. This year’s fashion show introduction was presented by Sue Straughn, and the live auction set was facilitated by Cat Country 98.7’s Brent Lane.

The Women’s Board of Baptist Health Care Foundation works to make a difference in the lives of thousands by raising funds to support Baptist. The efforts of the Women’s Board have resulted in thousands of hours of volunteer services and more than $3 million in funding for Baptist Health Care. Proceeds from this event will help build a playground for the Behavioral Health Unit at the new Baptist Hospital location.

Pensacola at Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
Reagan Hines & Jessi Truett Keri Medlock & Julie Zabcik KC Gartman, Mark & Olympia Faulkner, Sue Straughn Scott & Kay Smith Angela & Brent Lane Anne Frechette & Peggy Wooverton
December 2022 | 13
Jabrasha Moore & Keva Jackson
14 |
VIP Pensacola at Stepping Out in Style
– An Evening of Fashion
Norma Porter & Charlene Gandy Melissa Goeller, Lynette Graves, Brenda Braun & Kim Franklin Joshua Carter, Macy Williams, Penny Cornaggia & Jessica Smith Margaret & Harry Stopp Emma Mender, Heidi Aukema, Wendy Marie, Jennifer Gonzalez & Reagan Pommier Natasha Fortag, Stephanie Knight, Megan Carnley & Lauren Massey Belle Bear & Mary Hoxeng Laverne Baker & CJ Lydon
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Dr. Laura Worthylake, April Ball & Ann Keiek Valerie Waddell, Melanie Saeva & Angie Robbins Eleanor McGee, Anne Stanley & Anna Kisor Margie Moore, Jen Grove & Nicole Gislason

The Camellia at Gulf Breeze is Blo ing!

Pancakes with Santa & Holiday Market

Cordova Rotary hosted the 12th Annual Pancakes with Santa & Holiday Market on November 19. The Rotarians were ipping pancakes, serving pancakes on a stick and offering hot coffee. Proceeds bene t Gulf Coast Kid’s House (GCKH). Local businesses and vendors joined in the fun offering a wide variety of gift items, eats and treats. Craig Hrabar of Cordova Rotary shared “We love to support GCKH, knowing the impact they have on children’s lives who have experienced challenges related to abuse and neglect.”

Neighbors and friends from all over stopped by Gulf Coast Kid’s House to enjoy the holiday market, take a picture with Pensacola Santa Clause and a gorgeous elf. The kids and ‘kids at heart’ were excited to be a part of the live Animal Tales session. Lizards, bats, and bunnies made a special appearance, just to name a few.

Stacey Kostevicki, Executive Director for GCKH, stated, “We look forward to this event with Cordova Rotary every year. It is great to see all the smiling faces.” GCKH is a nonpro t organization that facilitates the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and promotes child abuse prevention awareness through community education. Cordova Rotary Club is part of Rotary International exemplifying their motto of “Service Above Self” in the community. For more information visit

VIP Pensacola at Gulf Coast Kids House
photos & story by Nicole Partridge Terry Pate & Melissa Brewer Reagan Hines & Drew Jimenez Craig Hrabar, Dave Hemphill, Marie-Petra Adams & Dale Long Bill Spain, Samantha Howard & Santa Meri Asmer & Bradley Sanders
December 2022 | 17
Johnny Crane & Nik Sharp
Market 18 |
VIP Pensacola at Pancakes with Santa & Holiday
Melissa Ordis , Alain Gallett & Helen Kelchner Dominic, Rebecca & Natalia Eddy, Laura McLemore Amina Dawson & John Hamm Pete, Charlotte & Casey Brueske Naomi & Lauren Norton Drew, Claire, Huntley & Jay Jimenez Aimee Dumas, Rachel Smith & Katin Davis Eli & Shea Zeigler Ryan Ruebenson & Maegan Leonard Jahleeah Woodrow, Peyton Hale & Rylie McCovery

Healthy Holiday Habits

The holidays are a glorious time of the year! A time when excess is not only accepted, but also encouraged. You can’t have too many drinks, too many tasty treats, or too many gifts. And while some people see the holidays as a free for all to eat, drink, be merry, and deal with the extra pounds later, others would rather stay on track and keep up the healthy habits they’ve practiced throughout the year. This is a difficult, but not impossible feat as substitutions can be made, as well as tips and tricks to keep you staying fit and healthy through the holidays and avoiding the need to start all over again in the new year.

While laying off the holiday spirits is a helpful hint, it’s probably the least popular one. After all, ‘tis the season for holiday parties, right? Going easy on the alcohol helps you stay on track in a couple of different ways. First, it saves the excess and empty calories that go along with partaking in spirits, as one drink leads to two which can lead to “oops, how many have I had?” Another way alcohol can derail your journey to holiday health and wellness is that it lowers your inhibitions when it comes to food. Drinking alcohol may lead you to gathering around the appetizer table or accepting desserts when you wouldn’t normally do so. Now if having a cocktail or two is a necessity to be around, ahem, certain people you only see at holidays, go with lighter drink choices such as seltzers, light beer, wine spritzers, or liquor mixed with diet sodas, water, or low-calorie mixes.

Another way to control your healthy food intake is to make sure you have plenty of good, wholesome options at your gathering. You can control the food you serve by making options available that you know are healthy and won’t make you have all the regrets that go along with overindulging. Whether it’s naturally low-calorie foods like steamed vegetables or using substitutions such as applesauce instead of oil in your baking, knowing that there are healthy, delicious choices will help melt the stress and (hopefully) the pounds away. You can do the same even if you’re not the host of the holiday gathering but you’re bringing a dish. Providing a healthy dish will guarantee not only you’ll have something you can eat without guilt, but the other guests will thank you.

Focusing on controlling stress is a great way to stay healthy over the holidays -- not only does is stop you from that pesky stress eating, but it also allows you to focus on enjoying the season with friends and family rather than feeling overwhelmed and wishing the time away. While you would think that weighing yourself during the holidays would counteract the last tip of controlling your stress, it’s actually a great idea. Keeping an eye on your weight can help you stay on track and on top of any large weight gains that might sneak up on you. Again, who wants to start off the new year trying to get back to your pre-holiday weight and healthy habits.

Other tips and tricks to keep up your healthy holiday habits are to practice mindful eating. This means putting down the electronics and other distractions and focus on the food you’re eating, chewing slowly and savoring flavors. Also, practicing portion control by using smaller plates will trick your brain to believe you’re eating just as much, and you’ll be satisfied without excess calories. Skipping second helpings, as well as planning ahead on how you’ll handle the pressures and allure of holiday goodies will help you navigate this tempting time too.

While the holiday season can be a trying time when you’re trying to stay on track and maintain healthy eating, it’s not impossible. There are many easy ways to keep your healthy habits while still enjoying family, friends, and parties, while not missing out on the holiday cheer that goes along with the most wonderful time of the year.

story by Anna McGauley Stockton

ProHealth is a Hidden Gem in Pensacola!

Citizens of the Emerald Coast! There is a hidden gem in our medical community that has been here for over 30 years and you may not even know it exists. We are talking about locally owned ProHealth Walk-In Medical Care and Labs. ProHealth has won multiple Best of the Bay awards during its time, but last year ProHealth was named the 2021 Business of the YEAR by both the Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Chambers of Commerce.

The owners of ProHealth are always looking for ways to o er more to their community and that is why they are expanding their Medical Weight Loss programs, Hormone Therapy o erings, ED solutions, and in January ProHealth plans to open a gorgeous IV Hydration lounge in their Gulf Breeze location.

This plan is great for those that are self-employed, uninsured, have high deductible plans, and especially for employers who want to o er a benefit to their employees to help them stay competitive in this tough labor market. At $45 per month that is only 28 cents an hour for a full-time employee. Medical Membership is a great example of ProHealth’s commitment to keeping medical care a ordable.

ProHealth doesn’t even require an appointment or a doctor’s referral. It doesn’t report medical findings to an electronic medical records database and in most cases ProHealth will be your most convenient cost-e ective option for Primary Medical Care. ProHealth has 2 Walk-in clinics and 7 convenient lab locations along the panhandle and is almost always the least expensive lab work option coupled with the convenience of not needing a doctor’s order or an appointment. Chronic disease management for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Anxiety are a breeze with ProHealth. For the kiddos they make vaccinations, colds, allergies, rashes, physicals, and minor procedures (lacerations, bumps, bug bites…) quick and easy. ProHealth o ers more options than a clinic in a pharmacy lobby and it won’t leave you with an unexpected gigantic medical bill that comes

from visiting an Emergency Room. ProHealth also o ers a full array of Covid services whether you are traveling or suspect you may have contracted Covid, ProHealth can help. ProHealth even o ers DOT physicals and testing along with drug screening. Patients have found that even though ProHealth does not accept insurance they are often cheaper and more convenient than using a co-pay and scheduling with a preferred insurance provider. ProHealth providers take the time to listen and address your health and wellness goals. We are fortunate to have all these expedient cost-e ective medical services right here at our doorstep and most of us are unaware.

Our local beach hotels and restaurants know this jewel exists and will often tell their guests to go to ProHealth and skip the ER for minor emergencies or illnesses while they are visiting our little slice of paradise.

You may be unaware of this little treasure, but I encourage you to find this gem the next time you need lab work, have a medical need, or you just want to get a B12 or Lipotonix shot to give your body a boost.

You can reach ProHealth by calling (850)-203-1910 or visit

ways, but one of the most significant is
medical care
as a ordable as possible. For
Membership plan is only $45 per month and includes: Unlimited Primary Care Visits $0 Copay Free Annual Physical • Free Annual Flu Shot • Free Monthly B12 Shot 24/7 Teledoc Service • $0 copay 25% of Lab Work • 25% Procedures
back to the community in many
their e ort to keep the
ProHealth o ers
Instance, ProHealth’s Medical
Rick Wilhoit Pharmacist & Owner (850) 677-9340 | | 1177 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 Drive-Thru Window & Local Delivery Service Supplements Pet Health Personalized Hormone Compounding Pain Treatments Alternative Dosage Form Options for Geriatric & Pediatric Patients Dermatological Creams Gulf Breeze Apothecary is a licensed sterile compounding pharmacy

Vinyl Music Hall was transformed into a masterpiece of art on November 3, for Pensacola Opera’s premiere fashion and Friends of Foo event: MODA, where art connects with fashion. e inside of this cutting-edge venue was designed by Shannon Pallin of Fiore; the entertainment provided by Jarvis Derrell and DJ Dad; the stunning visuals were choreographed by Vista Event Pro and Calliope Films. e featured event was a runway show with professional models walking the entire oor wearing fashions that were curated by Julia Ussery of Scout, a boutique located in downtown Pensacola. Sponsor and VIP event ticket holders were treated to VIP swag bags, as well as an invitation to exclusive pre-show festivities and a pre-event reception, along with reserved runway seating, and unlimited drinks. Although the VIP tickets sold out before the end of October, general admission tickets were still available for this truly amazing celebration of featured artists, local celebrities, and multiple artforms, all to support the Pensacola Opera. is event enables Pensacola Opera to provide arts education programming and outreach events at little or no cost to this community.

VIP Pensacola at Vinyl Music Hall
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton Annie Malone, Carey King, Erin Adams, Courtney Martin, Christie Coleman, Laura Russell & Anne Hlavacek Donna Dickey, Cortney Campus & Lauren Gund Sue-Sue Sherrill, Trisha Woodburn & Lindi Kessler Jarvis Derrell & Laura Russell
December 2022 | 25
Sid & Nicholas Williams-Heath
26 |
VIP Pensacola at MODA, where art connects with fashion Kelly Taylor & Marty Medve Erin Fogarty, Ashley Tyler & Amber Gordon Bruce McAlpin & Debbie Kirby Missy Sonja, Ben & Kristina Zimmern Jennifer Knisbell, Randy Ho & Jenny Noonan Wadih El Khoury & Michelle Salzman Clifford & Karen Favereau, Steve & Shelley Black Tina Tortomase & Lauren Booth Sierra Hobbs & Chris Jadallah Phil Salzman & Elena El Khoury
December 2022 | 27
Trevor Daniels & Mike Brooks Kayla Nanto, Hayley Abramowitz & Scott Lee Sarena Rego, Mark Van Buren & Midian Penberg Keri Cosmich, Jacey Cosentino & Deb Hawkins

Waverly Launch Party

When one thinks about downtown Pensacola, thoughts of history, theater, and business come to mind, and that’s why several local real estate rms teamed up on November 1 for Downtown Development Day. Culminating with a launch party for The Waverly development, the day was lled with highlights of what the Pensacola area offers in the form of culture and opportunity.

Florida continues to see tremendous growth as people from all over move to the Sunshine State. Founded in 1559 by Spanish explorer, Tristan de Luna, Pensacola continues to grow and was recently named as a top 100 city by Resonance Consultancy. “We are super excited to have six huge developments coming to downtown Pensacola,” stated Shelley Black, CEO of Green Procedures, Inc. Shelley continued, “We have so much to offer in the downtown area and these developments are all within walking distance.”

Sponsored by the City of Pensacola and area developers, over 200 people participated in Downtown Development Day during which a trolley took the participants to each of the developments. Afterwards, those involved with The Waverly development gathered for a launch party at The Establishment in downtown Pensacola. “If you love downtown Pensacola, you’re going to be captivated by The Waverly,” said Christina Leavenworth, Leavenworth Real Estate Team. Christina added, “The Waverly condominiums position you perfectly to enjoy the best of nightlife, shopping, and restaurants, while just a bridge away from the shore.” With sweeping views and modern architecture, The Waverly will be a positive addition to a growing and changing downtown Pensacola.

VIP Pensacola at The Establishment
photos & story by Harley S. Sampson, Jr. Vanessa & Harry Naquin
28 |
Christina Leavenworth & Michael Murdock Kevin & Lina Stephens Teri Levin & Ashton Hayward Steve & Shelley Black Denise & Joe McCoy Allison & Bruce Patton Rafael & Lauren Bakarin-Simpson
Chronic Sinusitis Su erers: It’s Time To Get Your Life Back! In-O ce Balloon Sinuplasty The bene ts you gain include: • Normal breathing is immediately restored • Sinus pressure is relieved • Results last up to two years • Recovery usually only takes 24-48 hours THANK YOU for voting us Best Hearing Care in Pensacola ... Again! We Believe That The Best Is In Giving Not Receiving Call 850-476-0700 or visit Board-Certi ed ENT Specialist Michael Riesberg, MD

Casie Harris is a true entrepreneur by de nition. She is a single mother who took on a huge nancial risk by purchasing a $500,000 vacant building and turning it into a multi-milliondollar corporation in as little as two years. She is currently the CEO of Windermere Memory Care, Inc., and a member of the Harris family, which owns and operates several assisted living facilities in the Gulf Coast area under the umbrella of Harris Healthcare.

Ms. Harris currently expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors by purchasing 117 Garden Street between Baylen and Spring Street in the heart of downtown Pensacola. Casie plans to remodel the historical building by adding beautiful apartments, restaurants, and a very unique rooftop lounge, all to open in the fall of 2023. She enjoys spending time with her son, giving back to the community, and traveling the world.

Ms. Harris attends Refuge Church and strongly believes, “Life is a gift, live it every day to the fullest and time is of the essence, don’t waste it!”

Health & Wellness Profiles | 31 Entrepreneur Windermere Memory Care, Inc. CASIE HARRIS 850.477.1600 7901 Kipling Street, Pensacola
“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J.

Jackie Hayes, Executive Director of The Camelia Assisted Living in Gulf Breeze, loves her community. Originally from Marion, Ohio, Jackie moved to Gulf Breeze in 1988 and thinks it’s a wonderful place to raise a family and retire. She and her husband of 28 years have raised two sons, who both attended and graduated from Gulf Breeze schools. Their oldest is 24 and serves the country in the United States Space Force and is currently stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and their younger son is 19 and is studying Business Administration locally at the University of West Florida. When Jackie is not working, she enjoys gardening, going to the beach, and spending time with family. She’s also says one her biggest blessings is being Catholic and raising her children in the faith, she is very active in her home parish, St. Ann Catholic Church in Gulf Breeze. Working with the residents of The Camelia offers Jackie an opportunity to ensure the residents feel loved, cared for, and important. She says her favorite time of the workday is mealtime when she can visit with and chat with residents, soaking up their wisdom and learning about their experiences. Her goal is to make sure the community at The Camelia is a place anyone would be proud to live or work.

Dr. Kennedy has been helping women with gynecologic services for 22 years. She has performed cosmetic gynecologic procedures for 20 years and is now focusing on more pelvic and cosmetic gynecology, especially of ce procedures to keep the treatments as simple and relevant as possible. She has been working with hormone therapy for 30 years and can medically manage hormone replacement in women and men.

Problems with the pelvic oor, labia, urinary, bowel, and support are common and in need of repair. Dr. Kennedy uses noninvasive and surgical measures to manage pelvic prolapse, urinary urgency, urine leaking, bowel issues, and pelvic functional problems.

Labiaplasty is often done in the of ce, improving the appearance of external genitalia, and she has remedies, noninvasive and minimally surgical, to improve the appearance of any part of the genitalia. Sexual function diminishes over time but can be restored based on the cause of the problem. Dr. Kennedy has many measures to improve sexual experience in women and she treats ED and sexual function in men.

Abnormal fat deposits cause changes in shape over time, and Dr. Kennedy uses minor surgical liposuction, laser and radiofrequency, and magnetic techniques with no recovery or down time. Time takes a toll on our face, skin, and appearance, and we have Botox, advanced microneedling, plasma and carbon dioxide laser therapy, pharmaceutical skin treatments, and more. Dr. Kennedy offers consultations to manage concerns in a private, comfortable, spa environment. She and Laura Sigler APRN still care for their gynecologic patients.

Re ections at Riesberg Institute aesthetician Autumn Moore believes their practice is set apart in the industry because they offer a spa-like patient experience with VIP care and a highly skilled medical team, that includes board-certi ed ENT specialist Michael Riesberg. They offer medical grade skin care with prescription strength products and offer services designed to help you look and feel your best. They always put their client experience as top priority. Autumn feels she is fortunate that her job allows her to have lots of one-on-one time with clients and feels the best part of her workday is when she gets to connect with each one of them. For Autumn, her clients always come rst and she is always thinking about the client experience. All treatments are completely customized to the person, so no two treatments are exactly the same. Every person’s skin and body requires a different approach so she loves being able to take a step back and put together a treatment plan that is made exactly for them.


Autumn, a native of Perdido Key, combined her love of science and selfcare when she chose her career path and feels that as an aesthetician, she can help people and enjoys keeping up with the ever-evolving technology. When she’s not working, Autumn loves to spend most of her time enjoying the beach with her two dogs or the wonderful restaurants Pensacola has to offer. She also has a passion for plants and enjoys perusing the local plant shops.

Karen E. Kennedy, MD
32 |
Gulf Breeze Parkway, Suite 201 Gulf Breeze Licensed
Aesthetician Riesberg
Director The Camellia at Gulf Breeze JACKIE HAYES, RN CHPN 850.934.1061 101 McAbee Court Gulf Breeze 850.542.4959
Institute AUTUMN
Derek Stephens, PharmD Natalie Malone, PharmD PERSONAL SERVICE is what makes us different. We care about our customers and go the extra mile. • Vaccinations • Supplements • Locally Owned • Community Oriented • Owners On Site • Personalized Compounding OPEN Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM 6005 College Pkwy., Unit 1 | Pensacola, FL 32504 | 850-752-2100 | Pensacola’s Locally Owned Retail and Compounding Pharmacy

of First Impressions at Henry Chiropractic, Dawn Pittman feels blessed to work with two amazing doctors and their staff. She considers her of ce special because they strive to accommodate each patient with a path to feeling better. Dr. Henry and Dr. Hixon are generous with their time in the of ce and out in the community. They often have their patients tell the staff how pleasant their visits are. For many years Dawn was able to call each patient by name when they walked in the door. It is getting a little harder for her to remember each name because the practice has grown so much, but it is still her wish to do so.

Dawn was raised in Pensacola after her family moved to the area for her father’s job for the railroad when she was three years old. She grew up enjoying the waterways and loved her time boating and shing. While she spent 20 years of her adult life in Texas, the draw of her family and life in Pensacola brought her back to the area. Dawn enjoys the history of Pensacola and being near the water again. When she’s not at work, Dawn enjoys walking on the beach, decorating, exploring antique salvage, and time with her family. She also has a passion for painting marine biology, with elasmobranchs being her favorite subject to paint.

Co-owners of First City Drugs, Derek Stephens and Natalie Malone each wanted careers helping people. That goal drew them to attend the University of Florida’s School of Pharmacy.

Both Derek and Natalie have experience working in “big box” pharmacies following corporate metrics that weren’t patient focused. They opened First City Drugs to build a place from the ground up where patients could feel comfortable, have coffee, and teach them how they can best be there for them. A place where an actual person answers the phone, not a robot, they take the time to know their patients and their stories, helping to make sure the patient is on the right path. These co-owners have created a modern twist on the pharmacy your grandparents used, drawing inspiration from the original pharmacies of Pensacola, whose vintage pictures you’ll nd throughout, coupling that approach with a state-of-the-art compounding lab, the newest computer systems to ensure patient safety, and private consultation areas. First City Drugs also carries lines of supplements, local gifts, and products with an emphasis on giving back in a charitable way.

When they’re not at the pharmacy, Derek, a native of Pensacola, enjoys traveling, while Natalie can be found spending time with her husband and children on the soccer eld, at cheer, or going for a run.

Dr. Cynthia Urmos-Clements graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. She then attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After completing her internship in Pensacola, she proudly opened Urmos Chiropractic Health Center in Gulf Breeze in 1994. She is pro ciency rated in Activator Methods Technique (which she maintains with yearly testing) as well as using Diversi ed Technique.

With a desire to care for patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly, her practice has helped alleviate headaches, spinal pain, extremity pain, and pains suffered from auto accidents. She understands that the pains patients are experiencing are very serious and can affect so many areas of their lives. Her practice offers in-of ce x-rays, therapies, therapeutic and deep tissue massage, and nutritional support. Dr. Urmos-Clements is also an active member of the Gulf Breeze Chamber of Commerce, Pensacola Beach Elks Club, and the Pensacola Ski and Travel Club. Through the years, she has supported local churches and schools, Zoo Lights, Caring and Sharing, Relay for Life and many sports teams, including being one of the rst chiropractors for the Pensacola Ice Pilots.

For all your healthcare needs, come to Urmos Chiropractic Health Center where they can add LIFE to your YEARS.

Urmos Chiropractic Health Center CYNTHIA URMOS-CLEMENTS 850.932.3565 2870 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze
First City Drugs DEREK STEPHENS, PHARMD NATALIE MALONE, PHARMD 850.752.2100 6005 College Pkwy. Unit 1 Pensacola Director of First Impressions Henry Chiropractic DAWN PITTMAN 850.435.7777 1823 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola
A s the
34 |

Christian Healthcare: being Christian-based is critical in our mission to provide the highest quality healthcare. Residents will enjoy our optional daily bible study, Sunday church services and Christian sing-a-longs.

Affordable Prices: All Inclusive: 3 meals, snacks, medication management, housekeeping, activities, cable, wi-fi (no hidden costs).

Highly Trained Staff: specially for dementia residents, 24/7 assistance and care. As well as fully functioning security cameras inside our facility to enable WMC to remotely monitor our residents ensuring their health and safety.

Convenience: to hospitals, shopping centers and restaurants

Financial Programs: VA, long term, and others

Daily Living Assistance: Along with individually assisting in personal hygiene, our housekeeping staff does an incredible job to ensure cleanliness. Each member of our staff is also trained to accommodate the needs of difficult behaviors.

Beautiful Surroundings: A calm mind begins with peaceful surroundings. Our landscaping crew does an outstanding job of maintaining our lawns and foliage. Relax both inside and out where fresh air is accompanied by beautiful resting areas.

Casie Harris, the CEO, is a member of the Harris Family which currently owns and operates several Assisted Living Facilities in the Gulf Coast area for over 30 years. She believes in giving quality service to the elderly and promoting excellence of character to those that she employs. She has partnered up with experts in design and decorative ideas for Windermere to specifically gear towards the residents needs and who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. From the logo, calming colors throughout the facility to the activities chosen to recovery memory loss, she feels it truly caters to her residents.

WWW.WINDERMEREMC.COM 850.477.1600 · 7901 KIPLING STREET PENSACOLA, FL 32514 “Taking Care of ose Who Took Care of Us.” Schedule a Tour Today! 850.477.1600


Villar, MD, is a board-certi ed, fellowship trained neurosurgeon with Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart in Pensacola. Dr. Villar delivers compassionate, personalized and comprehensive neurosurgical care for adults suffering from complex disorders and diseases of the brain and spinal cord. With a special focus on advanced spine surgery, Dr. Villar cares for patients with conditions of the spine, spinal cord, and brain including; spine and brain tumors, traumatic injuries, degenerative neck and back problems, spinal deformities including severe scoliosis, and spine surgery revision.

Dr. Villar graduated from the University of Florida with Honors, and a medical degree with Honors from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., where he was also named a Social Justice Scholar and a Culture in Health Care Scholar. He completed an internship in general surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Jacksonville. Dr. Villar then received residency training in neurosurgery and completed a fellowship in complex spinal deformity and spinal oncology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria.


Kevin Welch, MD, is a board-certi ed dermatologist with over 25 years of experience. Originally from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Dr. Welch received his medical degree from State University of New York. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology, the Florida Medical Association, and the Escambia County Medical Society.

“I have a true passion for cosmetic dermatology,” says Dr. Welch. “I get great grati cation from assisting people to feel better about their appearance. If people are more con dent about their appearance, it tends to be re ected in other parts of their life, both personal and professional. In terms of what sets me apart, I am a boardcerti ed dermatologist. I keep on the cutting edge with regard to new procedures and techniques. Very importantly, I personally perform all BOTOX and ller injections.”

Dr. Welch has extensive experience working with all ages and skin concerns, and stays current on the latest procedures and techniques to offer his patients the most effective treatments. He has a true passion for cosmetic dermatology, and specializes in laser treatments, injectable procedures, such as Kybella, BOTOX,and QWO, as well as noninvasive procedures, such as Coolsculpting, EMSCULPT NEO, EMFACE, Morpheus8, and Ultherapy.

Rick Wilhoit, pharmacist and owner of Gulf Breeze Apothecary, feels his pharmacy brings something special that a larger pharmacy can’t provide to their patients. He believes the pharmacy industry was losing its historical reputation for compassion, collaboration, and that personal touch. He was drawn back to independent pharmacy to get back to those basic principles. Gulf Breeze Apothecary is a local, family-owned pharmacy that specializes in more than just the normal retail medications. They specialize primarily in compounding, both sterile and non-sterile, as well as supplements. Rick and his team thrive on being able to provide things these chain pharmacies can’t do.

From an early age, Rick enjoyed his work in the family pharmacy. He grew up in Knoxville as the oldest of four siblings, where his father was in the pharmacy business. After graduating in 2011 from the South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah, Rick completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice residence at Sacred Heart in 2013. He then went on to work as the Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist at West Florida Hospital before taking over the Gulf Breeze Apothecary. Rick currently lives in Gulf Breeze, FL, with his 3 dogs. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, reading, being outdoors, collecting rocks, traveling, and spending quality time with his many nieces, nephews, and godchildren.

Welch SkinCare Center
Owner Gulf Breeze Apothecary 850.677.9340 1177 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze RICK WILHOIT, PHARMD 36 | 850.969.2710 8333 North Davis Highway Pensacola The Advanced Brain and Spine Institute at Ascension Sacred Heart 850.220.1912 5153 North 9th Ave #302 Pensacola CHRISTOPHER VILLAR, MD
Taking care of your health needs from infancy to maturity since 1994!

5 Years & Growing Celebration

The Healthcare Professional Association of North West Florida, Inc. celebrated their “5 Years and Growing Celebration” at the Hilton Garden Inn Airport on November 11. These service-minded and giving professionals aimed to look back at the impact their membership and funding have had, where they are today, and a peek into the future for their elderly and disabled community. Sponsors such as Pensacola Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Emerald Coast Hospice, Sandy Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, and Assisted Living Locators helped to make their strides possible. Healthcare Professional Association of North West Florida, Inc. has a purposeful mission to be a professional association compromised of those who provide a service to community elders, it is their mission to give back to the community through many philanthropic contributions, to offer continuing education to members, network together, and share events. This is exactly what this organization has embodied, generously, over the last five years, evidenced by the amount of good they have done, namely, roof repairs, wheelchair ramps, sidewalk repairs, numerous assistance devices, and countless utility bills. The celebration will no doubt continue for years to come with this top-notch community of healthcare and elder professionals.

VIP Pensacola at Hilton Garden Inn Airport
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
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Ronald & Chasity Brooks Stacy Robello & Jennifer Cleveland Terence Wilson, Stella Malamo, Nadia Smith, Andrea Myers, Tracy Schnick, Meghan Barton & Lynn May Becky McCaa, Lou & Jeff Donaldson Bill & Sharon Oaks Tyrah Young & Suzie Martin Annie Lindley & James Poindexter
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Hartsfield, Seth & Jennifer Baer, Marquise Tamayo
& Michael Rosciszewsky

The Pensacola Museum of Arts kicked off the PMA’s week-long celebration of Vandals to Vanguards with the exhibition opening block party on November 4. Hundreds gathered inside the museum, as well as outside on Jefferson Street, for a night of art-making, food, drink, and festivities. San Francisco based artist, Jeremy Novy, was painting live on the street during the event.

Vandals to Vanguards is the premiere art experience in Northwest Florida this fall. Occupying the museum’s entire second oor, the exhibition features contemporary masterpieces by pop favorites like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, alongside current notorious street artists like Banksy and Mr. Brainwash. The exhibit examines how several icons of modern art found success by rebelling against the prevailing sentiments of the art world and seeking a more democratic form of artistic expression. Starting in the 1960s with pop art’s radical use of commonplace images from advertising and entertainment, Vandals to Vanguards illustrates how generations of artists have recycled and remixed concepts and themes to continually advance and question the boundaries of ne art. Attendees of the event also enjoyed fresh eats from the Nomadic Eats food truck and music from DJ Will Bowers.

photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
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VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Museum of Arts Michelle Linn & John Herman Will Bowers & Allison Dugan Marc Moise, Anthony Gilles, Luis Peratta & Rolando Arcos Jonathan Cascio & Hannah Pennell Cody Mathis & Bee Kelley Jeremy Novy & Edward Tisdale
•Clean Outs •Junk Removal •Demolition Stressed with Mess? Call S.O.S. 850-758-9900 Don’t let junk ruin your holiday! December 2022 | 43

Green Perspectives

O Christmas Tree

So how did trees get involved in Christmas? ey must have had pretty good representation! Germany, in the 1600s, is given credit for the rst Christmas tree tradition as Christians brought decorated trees into the home. e rst recorded display of a Christmas tree in America occurred in the 1830s in Pennsylvania, even though it is believed that many German homes (in the US) had been practicing this tradition for years. Long before this practice, evergreen plants and trees were a symbol of life and eternal life. Ancient civilizations would pay special attention to green plants in the winter believing their display in the residence would keep evil away and maybe, more importantly, remind its occupants of the spring coming. Christmas trees were not widely accepted in America in the early years and were at rst considered a pagan tradition mocking the sacred event of the birth of Christ. In Massachusetts in the 1600s, any display of Christmas decorations could land you a ne. However, the debate was widely over when in 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (who originated in Germany) and their children were photographed around a Christmas tree, and this was recorded in the London News. Everything Queen Victoria did in her rst reign was immediately fashionable around the world. e Christmas tree was here to stay. Early Christmas trees were decorated with homemade ornaments, candles, apples, cookies, popcorn, berries, and nuts. Later, as electricity evolved, lighting the tree immediately became a tradition and even started showing up in town squares and other public spaces outside the home.

It’s not what’s under the tree but who’s gathered around it.

Whatever tree your family chooses…. Merry Christmas!

O How Many Live Christmas Trees?

~30-35 million harvested and sold per year in America ~70-80 million harvested and sold per year in Europe ere are ~350 million trees in production in the US alone … that’s a lot of trees!

If you don’t love the idea of discarding your Christmas tree once the holiday season is over, try purchasing a Christmas tree in a pot (still with its roots) and plant it once it leaves your home. If planting the tree after Christmas is your goal, be sure and purchase locally produced varieties, otherwise the tree may not survive. Christmas trees are a renewable resource with many producers that make all or part of their living working their craft. It takes 8-12 years from seedling to harvest. As trees are harvested each year new trees are planted, and the cycle continues.

In Florida and South Alabama, growers farm a variety of trees. We are limited to what our Southern climate will allow but many make perfectly acceptable Christmas trees if properly trimmed and shaped as they grow. e best local farm I can recommend is Fish River Christmas Tree Farm in Silverhill, Alabama. It’s a beautiful setting to take your family and roam the trees (and other activities as well) to select and cut your perfect tree. Virginia pine, Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, Carolina Sapphire, Murray Cypress, and Blue Ice Cypress are the varieties grown. ey have a website so look them up. It’s worth the e ort. ough I tend to prefer a real tree for Christmas, it is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you need a really big tree without the Rockefeller budget. Approximately 20 years ago I had a hand in convincing Sacred Heart Hospital (my client for 28 years) to invest in a high quality, 40-feet arti cial Christmas Tree that I sold them. Ascension Sacred Heart still erects this tree each year. I believed that their location and status in the community warranted that investment. Every time I see it going up it makes me smile.

e Secret to Keeping Your Tree Vibrant:

is can be tricky as there are many “secrets“ about additives and special cuts helping trees to stay vibrant. However, no secrets are needed. A fresh cut tree will be vibrant in color and its needles will stay in place when the tree is shaken. e tree will be somewhat heavy if fresh since it will have plenty of water stored. When a tree is harvested, the fresh cut will be sealed over with its sap within the hour. A fresh clean cut no more than 45 minutes before the tree is placed in a tree stand with water added will ensure you best results. In that rst 24 hours, the tree could pull in as much as a gallon of water from the reservoir. Keep the reservoir full (especially that rst week) and the tree will retain its color and vibrancy much longer. Cut trees that are imported from our Northern neighbors will be the freshest just after anksgiving. e idea is to purchase a tree that has been cut for just a few days. As we inch toward December 25th you risk having to purchase a tree that was cut weeks, not days ago.

Want to recycle your tree? Some coastal communities recycle their Christmas trees by using them on their beaches to trap sand and help encourage new dune formation. Some communities near lakes will bundle the trees and use them as reefs to attract sh. Others mulch the trees and give back to the residents, complete with some twinkle from some errant tassels and glitter. Most just pick up the trees curbside and treat them as yard waste. A common-sense recycling program is a great opportunity for all and should be considered.

ings you need to know:

• Fir and Cypress trees last the longest 4-5 weeks

• Pine and Spruce trees have a shorter lifespan after being cut

Check Presentation

The Bands on the Bayou Concert Series celebrated the success of raising $24k to support this year’s local charity partners on November 2 at Bayview Community Center. Bands on the Bayou successfully raised the money through the generosity of their sponsors and volunteers. The three-concert series, sponsored by East Hill Automotive, brought the community together, showcased musical talent, and raised money for local nonpro t organizations. Mayor Grover C. Robinson was present to congratulate everyone on the success of this community partnership. Each charity partner received $4,000 and were recognized for their service to the community. Charity recipients included, Emerald Coastkeeper, Ocean Hour, Gulf Coast Kid’s House, OJ Semmes Elementary School, PenArts, and the Pensacola Little Theatre. In addition, there were speakers from the Bands on the Bayou Committee, as well as each charity partner. This event concluded the inaugural year of the Bands on the Bayou Concert Series and served as a wrap-up celebration to the charity partners, committee members, and all the event sponsors.

VIP Pensacola at Bayview Community Center
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
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Keri Medlock & Dana Hall Barry & Laura Cole Robert Bender, Steven Shelley, Mayor Grover Robinson & Boyce White Barbara Mozur & Sharon Gincauskas John Hodgdon & Kate Jones Edgar Martinez & Byron Vigil Kaycee Lagarde & Whitney Fike
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Fit, Healthy, You

The older I get the more I realize that taking care of my health and wellness has more to do with my overall wellbeing than staying at a certain weight or getting into a cute dress. Health and wellness are about taking care of the one and only body we are given and helping it work for us, as well as prepare it for any issues that might come up. Eating the right foods and preventative healthcare are two of the steps that lead us on the path of being our best selves and helping our bodies achieve peak performance. Keeping our bodies active is also important to our health and wellness and while it can be easy to talk yourself out of exercising at times, or so I’ve heard, the health benefits far outweigh those extra minutes of sleep. Any activity is great for the body and shouldn’t be discounted. Don’t have time for a full workout? A 20-minute walk or a quick kettlebell set will do. But if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, the following exercises not only deliver, but they’re also fun, challenging, and bring the benefits!

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Once used by monks in India to strengthen and prepare their bodies for hours of silent meditation in a sitting position, the practice is still widely used today. Modern day yoga hasn’t changed much, with a goal of strengthening muscles, detoxifying the body, and increasing fle ibility, the basics remain the same. Some would argue that with the constant movement, screens, and stress filled life these days, yoga has become more important than ever before. One of the most appealing things about this practice is that it’s truly open to people of all ages and all physical capabilities can enjoy the health benefits from yoga. And what health benefits there are tudies have shown that yoga can help with pain reduction, as well as improving strength, balance, and fle ibility. our heart also benefits, as yoga can reduce stress and body inflammation. verall, yoga is a well rounded exercise that’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

December 2022 | 49

Strength Training is often cast aside in favor of good old cardio when it comes to health and fitness, especially for women. The fear of getting bulky, or not knowing where to start prevents many from giving strength training a try. owever, fumbling around and e ploring new e uipment at the gym might just be worth the health benefits building those muscles offers. According to scientists, lean muscle mass reduces with age, that’s why our body fat increases as we get older. hile find this fun fact, well, not so fun, there is a solution to slow this process keep those muscles strong. ot only does strength training help with controlling your weight, but it can also help you develop strong bones and joints, which both become more important as we age. t can also help with cognitive skills as well as manage chronic conditions such as depression, diabetes, and heart disease. hile it can be intimidating to start strength training, with health benefits like these, the payoff will be well worth it.

ften overlooked unless the summer lympics are on, Swimming is the underrated king of e ercise. f you’re looking to burn calories, the pool is where you want to be. esearch shows that a slow to moderate stroke burns double the calories as that of walking and triple the calories of walking if swimming at a more vigorous pace. wimming is also good for people who want to be active but are held back by arthritis, injuries, or disabilities, as the water reduces the impact and is kinder to the body. Asthma sufferers can benefit from swimming as well due to the humidity in indoor pools and the practice of holding your breath while swimming can strengthen the lungs. wimming is also a heart healthy e ercise and benefits the cardiovascular system by working the heart and lungs, all while reducing stress. f course, we’re lucky to live in lorida where outdoor swimming is available far longer than for our friends up north, however indoor and heated pools are also readily available in the area for those who don’t enjoy a polar plunge.

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Plan for Peace of Mind

December 2022 | 51 BEST FUNERAL HOME
Pensacola: 100 Beverly Parkway 850.432.6146 Cantonment: 1000 S. Highway 29 850.937.8118 Why it makes sense to make choices about your future funeral now:
Matters- save your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions while they are grieving
Service- the kind of service you want for everyone you love
Relief- fund your arrangements in advance so that costs are locked in
Mark Bailey
To start the pre planning process, you can fill out our pre-planning form on our website:

Pensacola Little Theatre rolled out the red carpet and brought in the paparazzi for the Stamped LGBTQ+ Film Festival on November 11. This event featured discussions from the visiting professional artists and their trailblazing panel of directors, actors, producers, playwrights, authors, Broadway performers, talent agents, activists, and beyond. Industry creatives from around the world discussed how the arts and the power of lm have impacted their journey to success as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, it was the 10th anniversary of this Foo Foo Festival’s grant recipient, the Stamped Film Festival, and they celebrated all weekend long, kicking it off with this VIP reception event leading into three days of lms. Guests viewed highly vetted lms from around the globe of short lms, long lms, and ending with storytelling for children at the Pensacola Little Theatre, all to raise awareness for diversity and inclusion. Films demonstrated the unique ability to transcend stereotypes and personally relate to the viewer, opening doors to a dialogue about the LGBTQ+ experience to build a stronger and more open community here in Pensacola.

VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Little Theatre 52 |
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton Jasmine & Paul Silivos Don Allen & Fiona Dawson Alisa & Julie Still-Rolin David Jones & Don Minshew Jonathan Franqui & Cory Wilkinson Ashley Asher & Joe Abston Del Shores, Sid Williams-Heath, Emerson Collins & Jarvis Derrell Daniel Holton & Michele Edge
December 2022 | 53

Fa La La Fashion

From office parties to family dinners to gettogethers with friends, the holidays offer plenty of opportunities to dress up and show off your style. And while the ugly sweaters and matching pajamas have their place in the holiday season celebrations (frankly, there are few things better than forcing your teens to wear matching pajamas), there are more occasions that call for dressing up than gluing mirrors on your sweater and calling it an “ugly sweater.” While the last thing you want to have to worry about during the holiday season is how to be fashionable yet festive, we have simple tips so you can focus on finding that perfect gift, rather than stressing over your outfit.

One easy way to dress for the holidays is to simply, wear the colors of the season. That’s right, you don’t have to run out and buy a new outfit for a holiday event, unless of course you want an excuse to shop. Wearing the colors of the season is an effortless way to create a festive look from what’s in your closet. Especially because there are so many colors affiliated with the most wonderful time of the year: greens, reds, and blues are of course associated with the holidays, as well as silver and gold. Most people have these colors in their wardrobe already and can throw together an outfit that adds the fa la la to their fashion. Another simple way to dress for the season is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Because as Michael Kors once said, “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” However, when you hear holiday accessories, you may think about an obnoxious Christmas light bulb necklace or a Santa hat, but there are ways to use accessories and make your outfit festive that are a little more understated and add a bit of class

and elegance. One way to use accessories is with a handbag or clutch that sparkles, shines, or just has a festive look. Simple, yet seasonal jewelry like jeweled earrings is also a great way to show your holiday spirit while keeping a classic, put together look.

A far flashier look for the holidays that certainly brings the cheer are the sparkly, shiny fashions of the season. Now, unless you’re on the pageant circuit, there are not many times of the year where you can show up in sparkles and people don’t give it a thought. Luckily for those that like to bring the razzle dazzle, we have the holidays, which is a perfect time to show off your sparkly side. Go bold and beautiful with a sequined top or go head to (nearly) toe with a sequined dress, both of which will show off your festive spirit while making a statement. While sparkles can be worn throughout the holiday season, they are never as popular as they are on New Year’s Eve, a time when there are over the top parties, celebrations, and outfits abound and revelers are joyously ringing in the New Year.

For the men who want to be fashionable and festive, we’ve got you covered. Although your fashion choices may not be as vast, there are still options available to keep you stylin’ while you’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree. A classic holiday tie is always a nice way to show your holiday spirit, as well as festive socks. Wearing the colors of the season, however, would be the simplest way to be festive and fashionable. A nice red or green sweater or sweater vest will have you ready for that holiday party with ease.

The holidays really are a spectacular and magical time when we get to come together with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to enjoy great food, the sounds, spirit, and the fa la la fashions of the season.

Kim Hajek & Bekah Mahoney

The Human Traf cking Summit was held at Scenic Hills Country Club on November 17. Strong messages were the talking points and information was given to help attendees join the ght in bringing an end to human traf cking from our neighborhoods and to the world. It was said that nearly 40 million people are victims of human traf cking worldwide.

In addition to some very important information on human traf cking in our community, attendees were given tips on how to spot the signs of human traf cking. Several expert speakers attended; Brad Dennis of Called2Rescue, Terry Mahoney, Anna Grace Carrick of The NISSI Project, Joan Irby of Guardian ad Litem, Alicia Tappan of The Secret Place, Ashley Smith, Realtor with eXp., and Sheriff Chip Simmons. Each guest speaker shared important information and experiences regarding the ght against human traf cking. Refreshments were served compliments of Scenic Hills Country Club during the questions and answer session.

photos & story by Kevin L Houghton Pensacola
VIP at Scenic Hills Country Club 56 |
2022 Human Trafficking Summit
Morgan McCoy & Michael Peck Alicia Tappan, Ashley Smith & Anna Grace Carrick Joan Irby & Heather Harritt Brittany & Mike Moulton Terry Mahoney & Linda Petty Sheriff Chip Simmons, Jeanne Pierce & Walter Pierce Serena Slaughter, Lakisha Clark, Ezette Rogers & Vesna Breedlove

Gulf Breeze Area Chamber

Rise and Shine Breakfast

The Gulf Breeze Area Chamber hosted their Rise and Shine Breakfast on November 10. The crowd of nearly 50 attendees were greeted and welcomed to the beautiful hall at St. Ann Catholic Church. Grace Arneault, Chamber President/CEO, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. As it was near Veteran’s Day, all Veterans in attendance were called to the front to be recognized. Commander Jeremy Doughty of NAS Whiting Field was on hand as the featured speaker. AmSpirit Business Connections was the sponsor for the event. John Manzanet provided an overview of the AmSpirit business model where businesspeople come for the referrals…stay for the relationships. Commander Doughty spoke of the innovative partnership for the Whiting Aviation Park that includes helicopter maintenance and access for commercial distribution hubs. This approach engages local governments and businesses, continues to strengthen military partnerships, and creates substantial economic impact to the region. The Commander’s time closed with Q&A with many reassuring comments about the vitality of the area’s military presence.

photos & story by Nicole Partridge VIP Pensacola at St. Ann Catholic Church
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Darra Flanagan & Jocelyn Daniel Dan Carleton & Julie Ziegenhorn Kristen Rhodes & Grace Arneault John Manzanet & Louie Sanchez Commander Jeremy Doughty & Will ClauseJohanna Pohlman & Juston Takacs Margaret Takacs & Stacy Clearman Susan Clark & Jeremy Carver
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Bike Pensacola’s November Slow Ride

Bike Pensacola’s November Slow Ride was sponsored by Henry Chiropractic on Saturday, November 12. Hundreds of riders took to the streets of Pensacola’s historic East Hill neighborhood for a fun and leisurely ride with friends. Henry Chiropractic welcomed the riders to their new location at 1823 N. 9th Avenue to start and was serving refreshments following the ride. Tropical Smoothie, Summers Sushi, and Trek were on site to support the riders.

Bike Pensacola’s slow rides are a great way to explore the community on your bike and have fun. Each ride also offers information to keep bike riders safe including laws, safety tips, and new bicycle skills. The rides are set for a casual pace of about 6 miles in an hour allowing for people with all levels of cycling experience to enjoy.

Bike Pensacola members include bicyclists, bike clubs, bike shops and other organizations working to improve conditions for bicycling in Pensacola. For more information on the slow rides or to register for the next one visit

photos & story by Verla Price VIP
Pensacola at Henry Chiropractic
60 |
JoAnna Phillips Cope & David Apollo Dixie Stewart & Dr. Craig Henry Blair Rushing, Summer Rushing & Molly Rushing Levi Lambert, Kandi Bolton, Mya Mead & Waylon Mock Rhonda Been, Sheri Hamilton, Christian Wagley & Jim Sparks John Manzanet & Stephanie Alvarez JT Edenfield & Harmony Henry Jason Browning, Chase Collins, Douglas Bunn & Shawn Selner
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Interview with Cindi Bonner, Founder and Director

Rally! Foundation Pensacola

What is the Rally Foundation?

Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, a 501(c)(3) nonpro t, empowers volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research to nd better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures.

Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of kids in our country, yet childhood cancer research is severely underfunded, with only 4% of all National Institute of Health’s cancer research dollars going to support childhood cancer. Rally exists to ll the funding gap. Rally has a medical advisory board made up of top researchers around the country and utilizes a dual peer review process that supports the best research at all stages, from the initial idea to clinical trials. 93 cents of every dollar raised at Rally goes to support our mission to fund research.

Rally received a PERFECT 100 score from Charity Navigator making Rally the HIGHEST RATED childhood cancer charity in the world! Our donors know exactly where their donation is going and that every penny is making a difference in the ght against childhood cancer! How did this organization come about?

In 2005, a 17-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, boy named William was ghting a brain tumor for the second time in two years. Rally Founder and CEO Dean Crowe asked the boy’s mom a simple question, “What can I do to help, and I will not make you dinner? This situation is so past dinner!” William’s mother replied, “raise money for childhood cancer research and fund the best research wherever it may be”. The mission of Rally started that day in William’s hospital room. Since then, Rally has funded $25 million in childhood cancer research. What impact does Rally have on the community?

Rally has been instrumental in making childhood cancer a conversation in Northwest Florida. It’s no longer a secret that childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of kids in our country. Childhood cancer is hard. It’s hard to look at and it’s hard to talk about, but it is very much present in every community and Rally has done an exceptional job of spreading awareness about the disease. While the mission of Rally is to fund research, it is so much more than just that! Our families are the heart of our organization, and we do everything we can to support them in any way we can. We are so lucky to have the extraordinary support and relationship with Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. Our of ce, donated by the hospital, is located next to the pediatric oncology unit, making it easy to access the patients’ needs and vice versa, when they need us.

photos provided by Rally Foundation Pensacola

We established a Family Emergency Fund to help off-set bills for families while their child is in treatment or within one year out of treatment. We also provide food for families in the hospital, through our Rally Good Meal program. Rally Good Meals are a sponsored program from community donors, and we couldn’t do it without them. Rally is also a resource for families to connect with other childhood cancer families.

What are some future goals?

Growing our community partner program is a goal we hope to continue to expand. Rally Pensacola has wonderful community partners who help support our families in various ways such as food donations and gift giving. The end all goal would obviously be to completely eradicate childhood cancer in our lifetime, but, in the meantime, we will continue to nd the safest, most effective treatment options for kids with cancer, while continuing to serve our families along the way!

What events does your organization host? Are any open to the public? Most Rally events are open to the public. Our largest signature event is the annual Rally on The Runway, scheduled for March 30, 2023. The incredible event is our largest fundraiser and sponsorship opportunities are available. September is childhood cancer awareness month. To kick off the awareness month we host an annual candlelight vigil in partnership with Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. The vigil honors the children who are ghting and have fought childhood cancer. What is your role and how did you get involved with Rally?

I am the founder and director at Rally Pensacola. Rally Pensacola was started in a very similar way as Rally Foundation. In 2013, my four-year-old neighbor was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. I asked the family what I could do to help, and I knew I needed to do more than just cook them dinner. I noticed they were being inundated with questions and calls from family and friends, so I set up a website and Facebook page for them. This allowed them to tell their daughter’s updates without all the texts and calls, letting them focus on their daughter. This is when I learned about childhood cancer, I knew absolutely nothing before her diagnosis. After a year and half of meeting other cancer families in our community and in other cities, I knew there were many others in our community who needed just as much support as my neighbor did. I heard about many organizations who help childhood cancer families, but I was most impressed with the work and ef ciency being done at Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. In the fall of 2015, I chose to start an extension city for Rally here in Pensacola, to serve our community and the entire gulf coast, from Louisiana, south Alabama, and the Florida panhandle.

What’s your favorite thing about being involved with the organization?

I have learned so much from the childhood cancer community. The families are the strongest group of people I have ever known. While I don’t like that cancer is what brought us together, I feel absolutely privileged to be able to help and guide them on their journey. I am proud to be part of the Rally staff. Although there are three extension cities, with a few employees in each location, we work together as one impressive team.

How can someone get involved and/or support your nonprofit?

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, and donors. If you would like to sponsor a Rally Good Meal, sponsor an event, or discuss ways you can get involved, please email us at Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit

64 ANY SPECIAL OCCASION BACHELOR /BACHELORETTE PARTIES | PROMS | WEDDINGS 850.529.4975 PENSACOLAPARTYBUS.COM 7400 Pine Forest Road, Pensacola 850-941-4444 | Best Florist and Best Gift Shop 2022! Thank you for voting us Ho Ho Ho its time for you to spend some dough on your family and friends! Christmas is just around the corner so stop in for presents and stocking stuffers before Santa fills his sleigh with all the best gifts. Men’s Gifts •Groove Belts •Duke Cannon •Leather Duffel Bags •Blanton’s Grilling Chunks •Flashlights & Knives Ladie’s Gifts •June Marie Bags •Fuzzy Socks •Throw Blankets •Shawls •Inis Cologne & Lotion

Pensacola Eggfest

Pensacola’s Wahoos Stadium hosted over 50 teams, to cook, smoke, and brew some of their best samples on November 13 for the Pensacola Eggfest. This event was presented by Kia Autosport. The teams took to the eld to prepare delicious food, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to charity. Since 2013, over $500,000 has been donated to local charities from the Pensacola EggFest. This charity event hosts BBQ teams and backyard cooks from all over the United States who share

two things: a love of cooking and the joy of giving back to their communities. Celebrity judges Kevin “Dauber” Lacz and Chef Big Moe Cason, along with 40 local judges were on hand to sample the tasty food and enjoy the festivities.

Each attendee ticket allowed you access to sample bites from all the competing teams, in addition to mingling with the Blue Wahoos Staff and enjoying a wide variety of craft beers, cocktails, and nonalcoholic drinks.

VIP Pensacola at Wahoos Stadium
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
December 2022 | 65
Kim & John Stacey Gary & Debbie Sapp Susan & Sheriff Chip Simmons Jonathan & Alison Warren, Erick Goss & Dana Hall Bonnie & Matt Primm, Dustin Littledale & Michelle Wells Alison Houghton, Michelle & Phil Salzman Jamie & Jarrett Turner
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VIP Pensacola at Pensacola Eggfest
Matt Maracle & B. Gentry Tagan Gann, David Cook, Rebecca & Chris Sessions Chad St. Aubin, Karen Flemming, Bryan Allen & Amy Day 0B Powell & Brandon Shrout Rollin Etheredge, Chad Swails & Eddie Allison Jennifer & Brian Delbovo Evan Noon & Liana Raggio Madrina & Mark Ciano

Sunday’s Child Big Mixer

The Studer Community Institute was honored to host the Sunday’s Child Big Mixer event on November 17. Jordan Chase and Company, American Idol contestant 2022, was on hand to entertain the crowds. A graduate of Tate High School, Jordan used his perfect tone and pitch to ll the atrium with his amazing vocals. As a 501 (c) 3 non-pro t organization, the mission of the Sunday’s Child’s

Big Mixer is to promote equality and inspire inclusion across the community by awarding grants for signi cant charitable and economic initiatives. 40 plus locals gathered around to enjoy spirits, soft drinks, conversations, hors d’oeuvres, and discuss goals met and future goals that this organization has planned. Together, their members have raised over $50,000 in grants to eligible non-pro t organizations and initiatives that address a community need.

VIP Pensacola at Studer Community Institute
photos & story by Kevin L Houghton
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Mack Moore & April Glenn Joshua Keith & Dr. Mitchell Whitehead Robert Bellanova & Linda Webb Joann & Jay Massey Trudy King, Will Vaughn, Jennifer Knisbell, Sue Kardon, Pat Franklin, Nichole Lippy, Hane McLeaish, Dakota Parks & Cheryl Etheredge Dale & Tara Pogue Niki Teher & Reid Decker Kara Luckett & Kathy Decker
December 2022 | 69
Mike Hayse & Joey Bishop Dan & Paula Reid Chris Coleman & Skye Covington Eleanor Phoenix, Victoria Vaughan & Chase Phoenix


Slick Lips Seafood and Oyster House to Open Second Location in Pensacola

The owners of Slick Lips Seafood and Oyster House, Bryce and Miranda Jarvis along with Captain Gary Jarvis, former Mayor of Destin, will be opening a second location in Pensacola, at 102 South Palafox Street. Located in the Zarzaur Law building complex, Slick Lips Pensacola promises the same fresh seafood and family friendly environment that can be found at the original location, nestled in the heart of the Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin® Golf and Beach Resort.

Clara, who together with the Nutcracker Prince, defeat the evil Mouse King. The Sugar Plum fairies host a celebration in their honor. More than 100 children from the Ballet Pensacola Academy portray characters in this magnificent mainstage production which treats the audience to stunning costumes and lavish set design.

Children’s Home Society of Florida Celebrates 120 Years of Inspiring Good

Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) is celebrating 120 years of devoted service to children and families. Founded November 17, 1902, CHS was established as a child welfare society focused on placing children in safe, loving healthy homes.

Recognized as a national leader in child well-being and trauma-informed care, CHS continues to lead the way in identifying and addressing key issues facing Florida’s children and families. While remaining true to roots in child welfare, CHS has evolved to also deliver early childhood programs and in-home solutions that stabilize and strengthen families.

Slick Lips was created and developed as a seafood restaurant emphasizing local, sustainable seafood. The fish and seafood featured on the restaurant’s menu are locally caught, brought in fresh off the docks in Destin, and filleted in-house daily. Since opening their doors in 2018, the restaurant has been recognized with numerous awards, including “Best Seafood Restaurant”, “Best Chef”, “Best Oysters”, “Best Bartender”, and “Best Gumbo” by the readers of VIP Destin Magazine.

The Pensacola location is currently undergoing a full renovation with brand new floors, finishes, and layout to offer plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options as well as a brand-new oyster bar. Slick Lips Pensacola will offer lunch, dinner, and a weekend brunch menu utilizing the finest, locally sourced ingredients, including fresh produce and sustainable Gulf-caught seafood. Chef Jay Ammons, who serves as the Director of Operations for the company, has curated a menu for Pensacola that offers many of the same Slick Lips classics. There will also be a brand new weekend brunch menu.

Ballet Pensacola Presents The Nutcracker - Choreographed and Directed by Artistic Director Darren McIntyre

Ballet Pensacola brings the wildly popular holiday favorite, The Nutcracker, to the Pensacola Saenger Theatre this December. The family classic, with music by composer Peter Tchaikovsky, tells the story of young girl,

Artistic Director Darren McIntyre uses his well-honed, imaginative choreography skills to bring The Nutcracker to life. Ballet Pensacola’s Principal Dancers Hannah Holtsclaw and Juan Arango will delight audiences with their artistic and technical ballet acumen as they portray the characters of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince.

Audiences can experience the new company in The Nutcracker from December 16-18.

St. John the Evangelist Named a Purple Star School

Though CHS continues to serve postadoptive families through specialized counseling and support, the local focus has greatly evolved to empower families on the front end; through CHS’ Healthy Families program, which supports parents and caregivers with children ages birth to 5.

CHS is also a renowned provider of mental health care including post-adoption counseling and the Ashley Offerdahl Counseling program, serving more than 400 children and teens each month. The organization provides youth outreach and job training to at-risk and homeless youth, as well as in-school solutions such as CHS Navigators and the innovative community partnership schools™ model that’s transforming outcomes for students at C.A. Weis Elementary.

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School was chosen as one of only two Catholic schools in the state of Florida to earn Purple Star status. “Purple Star schools have the tools and knowledgeable faculty needed to help children of military families succeed regardless of the obstacles they face,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We also recognize that no one can better relate to these children than those who have served, which is why we are encouraging our veterans to teach at these schools and across the state.”

“Children’s Home Society of Florida’s founding and longevity would not have been possible without community support,” said Andry Sweet, Children’s Home Society of Florida President & CEO. “Under the guidance of Rev. D.W. Comstock and then the inspiring leadership of Marcus C. Fagg, it took community partnerships, friends, volunteers, and do-gooders coming together to make new opportunities for children who otherwise would not have had safe, stable homes. Today, we continue to inspire good and create opportunities for children to realize their full potential.”

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December 2022 | 73 IMAGE: FREEPIK.COM VEHICLE NOT RUNNING RIGHT? RUN RIGHT TO GARY! Thank you for voting us Best Automobile Repair Service 4 years in a row. 20+ Years Experience 37 Certifications World Class ASE Master Auto and Truck Technicians 6806 Pine Forest Rd. | Pensacola, FL. 850-378-4157 | Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! The good times aren’t complete without Gent’s Formal Wear. CALL RICHARD FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! 850-434-3272 • GENTSFORMALWEAR.COM TUXEDO AND SUIT RENTALS : Serving the Gulf Coast from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Destin, Florida Thank you for voting us Best Place for a Tux


The Pensacola Yacht Club was the setting for the Satori Soirée, a fundraiser for the Satori Foundation held on November 3. This event was sponsored by Innisfree Hotels and The Hive. The evening began with guests mingling and enjoying cocktails while perusing the silent auction items. Alan McMillan, President of Satori Foundation, said that their non-pro t foundation has been making incredible contributions to our community for the past seven years under the leadership of their rst and second Presidents, Denis McKinnon and Tim Burr, as well as all of the volunteers and outreach partners.

Dinner was then served, and the fun of the live auction began. Among the live auction items were a cruise on the Ivory Lady, a cruise on the Gratitude, University of Alabama sky box seats, a David Yurman Bracelet, and Inside Out Diamond Earrings.

The purpose of the PYC Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage and promote the sport of sailing and yachting and a broad range of maritime activities. The foundation was established to develop educational and training programs for sailing and yachting, seamanship, and marine education.

Pensacola at Pensacola Yacht Club
photos & story by Patti Hall
Zuri Huff & Leslie Mickles Donnie & Rose McMahon Tim Burr, Denis McKinnon, Alan McMillan, Carol & Tom Patterson Christina & Milan Brunet Sabastia Eddie & Kerry Norris Ernest Dawson & Dr. Lusharon Wiley
December 2022 | 75
Leslie & Freddy Donavan
76 |
VIP Pensacola at Satori Soirée Madison Bales, Aimee Dumas & Kara Green Kate & Bill Yosca, Alice Oberhousen Mike & Lauren Cutter & Amelie Simmons Norris & Donna McMahon Mary Anne McMahon, Amy Martin & Kim Moss Alain Gallet, Rudy Reilly & Jimmy Briggs Tommi Lyter, Jeff & Beverly Vannoy Anna B Wright & Laura Muho Vail Chris, Paul Bruno & Van Lee Andrew Vincent & Shawn Khan

Dr. Michael Riesberg

What is your hometown and how did you end up in the Pensacola area?

My hometown is Anaheim, California... home of the original Disneyland.

I came to Pensacola as a Navy physician to take the Flight Surgeon training program. When I rst saw the white sand beaches of Perdido Key I decided to make Pensacola my home.

What is your profession and what led you to choose it?

I am an ear, nose, and throat physician with emphasis on sinus, hearing, and voice.

My early inspiration as a physician was my pediatrician growing up, Dr. Owen Paddor. Dr. Paddor always shook my hand and took my history. I decided that I wanted to be the compassionate doctor that he was.

What are some of your favorite things about Pensacola? What makes it unique?

The people and hospitality. The beaches. The arts such as the opera, symphony, children’s chorus, and ballet. The Navy and Blue Angels. The amazing thing about Pensacola, especially the arts, is having big city level talent but the personal touch of a small community.

Three words that best describe you. Charitable, Serving, Teacher.

Favorite place for entertainment, dining, and outdoor activities?

For entertainment most events are at the Saenger Theatre. My favorite restaurant is a tough one, I love Jackson’s, District, Global Grill, and Iron. The Gulf of Mexico is the place for outdoor activities on the water. What is one thing that you do not go a day without?

Thanking God for my family, my calling as a doctor, and the many blessings he gives me daily.

Finish this statement, I AM PENSACOLA because…

Pensacola is my heartbeat for community service.

photo by Nicole Partridge
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