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Bees in Decline

A review of factors that put pollinators and agriculture in Europe at risk Greenpeace Research Laboratories Technical Report (Review) 01/2013 Executive Summary


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1. Introduction: Importance of bees and other pollinators for agriculture and ecosystem conservation 13 2. The global and European situation with bees and other pollinators 17

Written by: Written by Reyes Tirado, Gergely Simon and Paul Johnston Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, UK Front and back cover images © Greenpeace / Pieter Boer Honeycomb background image © Greenpeace / Pieter Boer

3. The main factors affecting bee populations’ health


4. Insecticides


5. What we can do to protect bees and other pollinators


6. Conclusions and recommendations 43 References 44

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Bees in Decline