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BRAZIL UNITIZED INVESTMENT Ecologically Responsible Structured Unitized Investment


Each of our selected investment studies first have to comply with our “CARBON FOOT PRINT” quota parameters. For each infringement of Green Planet’s investment criteria our selected developers are fined a set amount of “CARBON CREDITS”, each carbon credit is translated into a financial penalty in terms of additional interest percentage points; the additional revenue generated is directed in its entirety to saving our planet. In the case of our Brazilian Investment projects, we have chosen to protect the Amazon Rain Forest. Therefore each and every investment is geared directly to provide alternative methods of income for the hundreds of thousands of Brazil’s indigenous population who need to resort to slash and burn arming methods to provide for their families. One in every five breaths you take comes from the Amazon!



It is a widely held belief that superior profit margins can only be achieved at the expense of our children’s inheritance - our planet. Petro-Chemical companies, opencast - mining operations and the like are extremely profitable but their is a growing movement of ecologically aware investors that successfully challenge these convictions on a daily basis. and... as man becomes more and more aware of the constant damage he does to his own environment our movement grows. Green Planet is an international conglomerate of savvy investors that not only recognize great investment opportunities, but also the fact that they would like a planet for their children to enjoy the proceeds.

“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper so that we may record our emptiness”


Population The world’s population has grown by a billion people in the last ten years. 95% of the entire world’s population growth is in developing countries. By 2050 there will be 9,000,000,000 on the planet compared with 600,000,000 three hundred years ago. Every day 400,000 babies are born but only 150,000 people die, that’s 250,000 new people everyday trying to fit onto our little planet, and its accelerating daily.

metres), just three hundred years ago that was TWELVE HECTARES EACH, in less than 50 years their will be over 12 Billion people on the planet, and our our personal space will be disappearing. There is a dwindling supply of urban residential land. ...“buy land, they’ve stopped making it”

Mark Twain

Basic Economics

Geographic The Earth’s surface area is 510,072,000 square kilometres, of which 70.8% is water, that leaves 148,940,000 square kilometres of land, or... it is estimated that half of the land area is desert, high mountain or other inhospitable terrain not suited for human habitation. That leaves 74,000,000 square kilometres for 7 Billion People and growing. That’s ONE HECTARE each (ten thousand square

Banks and Major Retailers are going bankrupt, world stock exchanges are in disarray, European and American banks are offering 2% interest on savings but levy huge bank charges. There is a very small amount of good residential development land in the world, populat ions are growing, available habitable land is shrinking. What happens when demand far exceeds supply? The price goes up! If the only asset a bank is interested in taking as security for a

loan is land, then shouldn’t we be buying more of it? It is our considered opinion that Brazilian urban residential land offers the best Risk / Return profile of any land based investment available today. In the following economic summary of Brazil and in particular Natal Province, Green Planet Investments sets out our methodology and logic behind our considerable investment in the area in both residential and commercial property and real estate holdings.


In choosing the Natal area Green Planet has adopted an organic approach to investment in the region. Firstly, in a credit-crisis look for a country with little or no borrowing... ... Brazilian people are free of personal debt, the savings ratio is over 7% compared with a deficit of -3% when looking at the same demographic groups in the UK. Secondly, look for a vibrant young population with a small elderly sector to financially support... ...Half of the Brazilian population is under 25, compared with less than a third in Europe. Thirdly, look for a country with a great deal of natural resources, minerals, agriculture and manufacturing... ... Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world, ...Brazil is the world leader in renewable and sustainable energy, ...Brazil is self-sufficient in oil reserves. ...Brazil is the world’s leading Hydroelectric power provider, ...Brazil has the largest cattle herd in the world, ...Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Sugar, Coffee, Tropical Fruit, Orange Juice, Soybeans and Poultry, ...Brazil has double the foreign currency reserves of the United Kingdom and a superior balance of payments than the UK, the US, Australia and most

of Europe, BUT... Brazil urgently needs to construct over 27 Million homes in the next 10 to 15 years. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies are in a growth phase, like it or not, the reverse is true in many countries in “the West”. Brazil is probably the fastest growing secure economy in the world at present, they have an urgent requirement to build residential homes; Green Planet invests where planning permission has been granted and large commercial and industrial developments are to be sited close by. In many cases we are part of the commercial enterprises themselves and privy to the spatial development programs for the entire region. It is therefore with absolute surety that we invest into land adjacent to planned and approved new airports, refineries, retail shopping centres and industrial nodes. Furthermore 85% of our investment in Brazil is coastal, normally within 100 metres of the ocean. It is virtually impossible to obtain a more secure and risk free land investment.


Two very desirable tracts of lands situated in Rio Grande De Norte on the Gold coast and the other in Genipabu, both serviced by the main road network and within a short drive from the new Natal Airport, the largest Airport in South America. Green Planet has chosen two contrasting developments, the first is purely a profit driven investment in residential property constructed for the Brazilian domestic market. The second is a land investment on one of Brazil’s best beaches. The developer concerned will either return the owner an excellent profit upon completion of the project, or the investor may choose to construct their own beach-house for their family to enjoy. Investment offer 1 In partnership with the owners Imperial Investimento Imobiliario Ltd. Green Planet is able to offer a unitized investment into 200 hectares of prime coastal residential land, sited near the new Petrobas refinery (Petrobas is Brazil’s largest Oil producer and refiner). 78.7% coverage density has already been authorised for the development in terms of the recent “Alvera de Construcao” more commonly known as ‘planning permission” granted on 5th September 2008. This development is not reliant upon inbound tourism trends, although they are exceedingly strong in the local area. Brazil urgently requires millions of new homes, and the Rio Grande area is a prime

example of an extremely large industrial and commercial node in urgent need of residential neighbourhoods. Our development has the full backing of the local government and municipality. The Master Plan for the development has been drafted by Renown Architects Ciro Figero and bulk service infrastructure planning is currently under way, making it the perfect time to invest. The normally inherent risks of purchasing rural land without planning permission has passed and therefore the development is starting its “growth” phase, making it the perfect time to invest. Your investment is contractually guaranteed by an openended lease held over the land owner and upon the land itself. Until such time as you have received your capital and return the developer may construct and develop the land, but may not sell, dispose, lease or rent the land or the construction they place it on it. It is the most secure and efficient method to invest without risk and exorbitant legal costs in Brazil. Investment offer 2 A select development of beach-houses looking directly out over the Atlantic Ocean and Genipabu beach. Investment can take two forms; a straight turn-around on extremely desirable beach front property, or the first step in owning your own private beach-house on one of Brazil’s best tropical beaches. For exact investment specifications, please see our “deal-sheets”.


Projected returns in terms of a purchase and the subsequent sale of one plot at Geni Pabu Ocean View. The calculation does not factor additional returns that would be made in terms of the construction and onward sale of a Beach-House, and is based on the purchase and sale of the plot alone.

Current Purchase price per plot Projected sale of plot in ( x ) years Projected Sales price of plot Profit on investment Total percentage return Over three year term equals (x) profit per annum As an Annual Percentage


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Bank Account





Brazil Plot





€8,500.00 3 €18,000.00 €9,500.00 111.76% €3,166.67 37.25%

Bank Account

Amount Deposited Bank Savings Account Interest Rate Effective profit (Pre-Tax) Year One Capital at end of Year One Effective profit (Pre-Tax) Year Two Capital at end of Year Two Effective profit (Pre-Tax) Year Three Capital at end of Year Three



A Difference of €8,847.00 in terms of Return on your Investment

2.50% €212.50 €8,712.50


(see note 1)


€217.81 €8,930.31


€223.26 €9,153.57

Brazil Plot

Year 1

Year 2

Note 1- It is of course possible that Green Planet has over-estimated the return on your investment in terms of the subsequent selling price of your plot. However, we fail to see how it could possibly be worse than 2% interest in a bank account and then being subject to bank charges and tax on such minimal earnings.

Year 3

Green Plane Investment  


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