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Spring 2024 Catalogue

Spring has always been a magical time of year. The sudden bloom of a multitude of cheerful flowers; a fresh start.

Nature plays a significant role in this season’s books.

Ian Stephens bringing us a book filled with beautiful photos of wildlife discovered during his work, and play.

Sue McFarlane’s third poetry book includes many poems about nature and her environment in different locations, including holidays.

This spring we are delighted to collaborate with other small businesses to sell their book-related products.

Featuring in this catalogue is ZebraMingo Crafts reading cushions and book sleeves, all made with patchwork fabrics and applique animals, allowing space to secure your book or Book reader.

Kelly The Poet has written two poetry books, and has designed some ‘pocket poems’, which are packs of handy little cards, each with a poem on and delightfully decorated with her personal artwork.

We are also introducing our new, improved writing courses and coaching sessions. In April, we will be teaching how to write crime or fantasy fiction. In the future, we will be teaching/coaching autobiographical writing, short stories and much more.

I hope that you enjoy this spring, and the selection of books we have on offer to you.

Cover Photo

My Year in Photos - A 365 Day Nature-Inspired Photo Diary by

Back in November 2021, my friend, Tasha Leigh-Willetts, asked me if I would like to take up a 'Daily Nature Photo Challenge'. Initially, I said, “Not a chance,” to the challenge, but I thought about it again and decided to give it a go at the end of #30DaysWild, an initiative run by The Wildlife Trust, in June 2022, as a continued way of showing my support for their work. So this challenge was started on 1st July 2022. Every single photo was taken on the day it is listed in the book. They were all taken on my mobile phone, with no postediting work at all, except they are all presented in a square format. I chose to just use my phone to show that the challenge is achievable for anyone wanting to do something similar themselves, with only limited resources.

So grab a cuppa, have a sit down and follow me as I guide you through 12 months of my life. Every day there are things to be seen, you just need to be out there looking for them!

ISBN: 978-1-913794-56-9 RRP: £19.99

All profits from the sale of books to be donated to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Bassetlaw Hospice.

I have had a very strong love of nature and the outdoors since I was small, this is all thanks to my mum and dad, who encouraged a love of wildlife in me and my sister Maria. Jenny and myself, along with our dog, like to spend our spare time out walking when we can. This means we are outside doing something every day, thoroughly enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.

For my work, I am a lawn care professional and have been managing fine turf for 38 years, 25 of those years were spent managing golf courses and now we own and look after 2 lawn care franchises, which operate across Nottinghamshire and Lincoln areas.

Your Ancestry by Francis Joseph Lamb

Are your ancestors Major, Spearpoint, Warman and more?

Connect to a Kent fishing community and stories of smuggling? Are your ancestors Lamb, Caffrey, Morgan, Brady and more?

Connect to the north east and stories of legendary Irish princes and the truth staff of a saint?

Are your ancestors Sharp, Simmons, Dawson, Austen, Boys and More?

Connect to a line leading to the kings and queens of the Plantagenets?

Connect to characters in the tv Series “The Last Kingdom”, Alfred the Great, Hywel Dda, Sigtrygg (Sitric Cáech)?

ISBN: 978-1-913794-39-2- RRP: £15.99

Diary of an Unconventional Traveller – in ‘Lockdown’ Year 2020 - by Melvyn Penn

The unconventional traveller (author) seeks out remote and spectacular corners of Britain and Europe. In terms of both life-style and travel, he seems reluctant to accept change or pro-gress. Then, Covid-19 strikes the world in 2020- a global pan-demic. In striving not to forego his annual holidays, just how is he ever going to adapt? As he starts to venture further afield, and Covid travel regula-tions are enforced, he is faced with some shrewd decision-mak-ing. Intriguingly, some of the biggest obstacles that he has to face up to actually turn out to be unrelated to Covid.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-20-0 – RRP £14

Stretton and Clay Mills WWII by Malcolm Goode

A roll call of all the heroes local to Stretton and Clay Mills during World War II to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-4-2 RRP £4.99

A Road Less Travelled by Andrew Shaw

After multiple mind-bending experiences in Asia and driving 5,000 miles around Australia, the journey is brought to a blistering halt, leaving and indelible mark in the North Queensland highway, Bertha goes up in flames and Andrew loses everything...

ISBN: 978-1-913794-24-8 RRP: £9.99


The Brain Behind Freelance Writing Gabriel Eziorobo

Gabriel gives tips and advice to start a career in freelance writing.

ISBN: 978-1-5487045-5-1 RRP: £4.99

Life Well Lived by Luna Felis

The Power of Collectivity Brian N Sigauke

Find out how working in a group is more advantageous, and how it is encouraged to do so in the bible.

ISBN: 978-1-9782451-9-8 RRP: £6.99

A scrapbook style, handbag sized paperback book to record your last wishes.

Comes in a choice of two covers: (Yellow) ISBN: 978-1-5487067-7-7 RRP: £5.99 (Black) ISBN: 978-1-5425895-4-3 RRP: £5.99

Make Yourself by Gillian Smith

Nobody makes it out of their teenage years without scars. We are all plagued with self-doubt, angst and general teenage discomfort. We have all experienced first loves and unbreakable friendships. We have all been betrayed, and we have all had our hearts broken. On top of the emotional turmoil of normal teenage life, many of us are faced with another darker challenge. My teenage years were plagued in depression, consumed by thoughts of self-loathing, paranoia, and self-harm that festered secretly out of control, almost resulting in the taking of my own life.

However, it is how we carry and accept these memories in our adult lives that can make the difference, and finally lead us to happiness. It is the trials and hardships we face, just as much as the joy and love we experience, that allow us to become the people we were always meant to be. We must make ourselves.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-18-7 RRP: £8.99

Break the Crave System by Bridgette Hamilton

Learn how to stop craving sugar and how to lose weight easily and enjoyably with this fabulous best-selling book.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-8-6 RRP: £10.99

The Empathisers are friendly and cuddly creatures who understand how you are feeling and can help you with any problems you may have. Only certain children can see Empathisers, but the creatures are totally invisible to adults

Written by Dr Julie A D Greenhalgh RRP: £6.99 each

Ginja helps Jenny to settle into her new school.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-00-2

Ackwa helps Finlay with his swimming lessons..

ISBN: 978-1-9137940-1-9

Jenta encourages Becky to befriend her elderly neighbour, who helps Becky with baking and ballet.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-09-5

Veeva helps Hamish adopt a puppy and overcome his fear of going to the dentist.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-14-9

The Beanbuddies have challenges in their lives, which they learn to overcome.

Written by Matthew Lumb RRP: £6.99 each

Butterbean finds it difficult to hold onto anything for long. Follow his adventures as he tries to stop dropping everything and find a way to get to grips with everyday life

ISBN: 978-1-913794-23-1

Broadbean is a large bean, and doesn't know what to do about it. Is there a way that he can deal with such a humongous issue.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-35-4

Greenbean likes things. He also envies others and likes to have better things than everyone else! But what happens when he thinks he has everything?

ISBN: 978-1-913794-40-8

Runnerbean loves to run. But after a terrible accident, he finds he can’t! What will he do in the meantime?

ISBN: 978-1-913794-26-2

Tinker Snickels and the Nurture Gnomes by Susan Harvey

Tinker Snickels is a little gnome who struggles to talk about how he is feeling and doesn’t really understand his emotions.

When he decides to run away, he stumbles across an elderly lady in another village. She gets him to talk openly before sending him safely home with a surprise gift. Tinker Snickels loses the gift … or does he?

What follows is how the gnomes that live near the Crickmore Woods became known as the Nurture Gnomes.

An uplifting children’s story that opens up a discussion on how good it is to talk, general kindness and with a little sprinkle of magic.

20% of proceeds from this book will be donated to the charity ‘YoungMinds’.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-22-4 – RRP £6.99

Halfpint and the Nurture Gnomes by Susan Harvey

Halfpint is a little gnome that becomes aware he is different from his friends. He struggles with crowds, loud noises and concentrating in school. After a particularly bad day he opens up to his mum and she helps him to understand that it’s ok to be different.

A story about friendship, kindness and a little magical mystery. 20% of proceeds from this book is going to two autism charities: Anna Kennedy Online and Autism All Stars (both have special meaning to the author).

ISBN: 978-1-913794-36-1 – RRP £6.99

The Little Lamberoo by Neil Pettifer

Travel up past the clouds, but before you reach the stars and you’ll find that’s where the Lamberoo all are.

Little Lamberoo is not quite ready for bed, but what will she get up to before she snuggles down her head?

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-3-4 RRP: £6.99

Daddy, Daddy What's That Sound? by Amber Purnell Daddy, Daddy, What's That Sound is a fun rhyming book.

Children are very inquisitive and like to observe the world around them, asking questions such as, "What's that sound?"

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-4-9 RRP: £6.99

Squeak's Big Adventure by Steve Barker

Join Squeak, a tiny mouse with a mighty heart, as he sets off on the adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by his loyal friends Pip and Nibbles. Their thrilling quest takes them through winding roads on a tiny motorbike and across serene rivers on a charming little boat, leading them to the idyllic countryside mouse village. But this is just the beginning of their awe-inspiring adventure!

ISBN: 978-1-913794-62-0 RRP: £6.99

When I Grow Up: Dinosaurs

by Jaqueline

Arlo the Astronaut by Neil Pettifer

Arlo the Astronaut is zooming through space, he stops and explores every interesting place. He finds planets with robots and dragons and knights, while he searches all over for a friend that's just right...

Whilst Arlo searches the planets for the perfect best friend he comes to realise that everyone has different qualities and its more fun with more


ISBN: 978-1-913794-19-4 RRP: £6.99

5-7 year s

Want to learn lots of fun and exciting facts about your favourite dinosaurs? Well look no further. When I Grow Up: Dinosaurs features 6 baby dinosaurs talking about what they will be like when they grow up.

Children will learn facts such as size, length and weight and the facts are compared to real life objects, vehicles, and animals to help children visualize them easier. The book is full of bright and colourful illustrations that children love to look at when reading the story.

This is the perfect book for any dinosaur lover... And as a bonus, the book even has its own colouring page at the back!

ISBN: 978-1-913794-32-3- RRP: £6.99

There’s a Monster in the Fridge by David Rollins

Is there a monster in the fridge? These children think that there is!

A funny children's story with fantastic illustrations.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-6-7 RRP: £6.99



Whose Cat is That? by Anne Palmer

Holly does not want a cat, but one day she finds one in her house. Mum has brought it home from her work at the cattery. She tells Holly it needs a forever home. But Holly thinks cats are boring, spending most of the time quietly snoring! However, she soon discovers that this cat isn’t at all what she expected. Surprises are in store… and Holly can’t quite believe it! With every purchase of this book, Anne will make a donation to Cats Protection.

ISBN: 978-1-9137944-3-9 RRP: £6.99

Milo is the most handsome unicorn in all of Cornnius, but dreams to be different. Follow his journey where he realises his dreams.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-5-1 RRP: £6.99

The Plug Monster by Amber Purnell

Dinky The Mermaid by Deborah Carnelley

Dinky is a mermaid who gets lost in a storm. A local boy offers to look after her but she yearns to go back home.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-2-5 RRP: £6.99

A tale of a boy who is scared of the noises hat the plug hole makes.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-9-9 RRP: £6.99

The Adventures of Molly and Angus by Diana Hardy

Molly and Angus go on a little adventure when their garden gate is left open.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-8-1 RRP £4.99

Prince Porrig and the Calamitous Carbuncle by Glyn Roberts

Prince Porrig has a calamitous carbuncle, how will he get rid of it in time for the Winter Ball?

A hilarious children's book for all ages.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-6-2 RRP: £6.99

Prince Porrig and the Peculiar Pet by Glyn Roberts

When a beautiful mysterious Cragon appears in Porrig's castle the day his horrible Great Aunt Immodia is due to visit, the palace goes into a panic! Immodia is allergic to everything, is always grumpy, and if she finds a Cragon in the castle she will cut him out of the family inheritance! Whatever is a prince to do?

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-2-8 RRP: £6.99

Billy’s Brilliant Family by Afsana Taib

Billy shares the humorous incidents that happen in his life with his family and at school. He has a twin brother called Amo, who he plays tricks on and a sister called Lisa - who everyone calls Moaner Lisa because she moans all the time.

Billy talks about how he feels, and some of the funny situations he gets into. Join Billy, his family and friends on this brilliant journey.

ISBN: 978-1-9137940-2-6 RRP £6.99

My Teacher's an Alien! By Sarfraz Ahmed

My Teacher's An Alien! is a fun and engaging story for every child who's ever wondered that there is something weird and odd about their teacher.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-06-4 RRP: £6.99

Betty Long Legs by Victoria McDonald

Betty has incredibly long legs which she thinks are completely useless until one day she finally found a use for them.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-9-8 RRP £6.99


Horsey tells the tale of mountains to climb, ponies to groom, abysmal food to eat and giant horses to ride on the ponytrekking trip to Wales for David, his twin brother Garry and their schoolmates.

There's a Monster at the Door by Victoria McDonald Esmerelda Monster crashes to Earth in her spaceship. Will anyone help her to mend it so that she can go home?

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-8-9 RRP: £6.99

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-8-2 RRP: £6.99

I Painted My Face by Lucy Keen

I painted my face to be like my friends...but wouldn't it be better to just be me? What would happen if I had the courage to stand out from the crowd?" A story about facing up to peer pressure, having the courage to let your true colours show and appreciating that everyone is unique - and that's what makes us special!

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-0-3 RRP: £6.99

Lucy at the Snake Sanctuary by Zapher Iqbal

Lucy's father has created a snake sanctuary to protect its residents, and he takes his daughter, Lucy, to visit and learn about them.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-6-8 RRP: £6.99

Horsey by David Rollins

Legend of the Lost By Ian P Buckingham

The Savage children think they lead normal, largely unspectacular lives until they unearth the heart of a shooting star on a peaceful Cornish beach.

What seems like a chance encounter compels them onto a collision course with a pandemic of dark magic so malign that it threatens their family; the true kingdom of the animals and the enchanted fae who watch over them all.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-05-7 RRP: £8.99


Ends of the Earth by Ian P Buckingham

Healing from the wounds caused by generations of cruel separation, climaxing with the Battle of Berkhamsted Castle in ancient Ashridge Forest, the quest to track down the source of the poison still flowing from the Firehills and infecting their ancient Cornish family line, continues.

As the danger of the pandemic grows they are, once again, compelled to divide their forces and, in the process, test the strength of their renewed bond.

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-0-3 RRP: £8.99


Return of the Changeling by Ian P Buckingham

The family's connection was so deep it undermined the Werewytch's reign. So, banished and brainwashed they spent cold decades apart, a lifetime in the dark. Then, at the thinning of the veil between the world of the fae and mankind, fate set them on a course for unification. It also became a date with an evil destiny far more powerful than they could imagine.

This is the third book in The Changeling Saga, a story of magick and mystery. The series follows an enchanted Cornish dynasty as they uncover enemies, challenges, powers, artefacts and allies in a war against a toxic pandemic that transcends countries, continents and worlds.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-75-0 – RRP: £8.99

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Ellie and the Underworld - S L Saunders

Embark on an adventure with Ellie and her unusual group of friends in the captivating world of "Ellie and the Underworld."

The tragic death of her mother drives Ellie McKay to seek out an adventure. This quest brings the mysterious Underworld into her front room.

After meeting the enigmatic Octavian, Ellie uncovers a secret world of elemental magic hidden under the old oak tree, where hybrid beings and talking animals exist. Alongside her friends, Dad, and beloved Grandpa Jo, Ellie, who is soon to be sixteen, must develop her power to confront the treacherous Forbidden Underworld. Ellie and her friends venture through underground passages and confront the dark powers that threaten their lives. They will confront their fears, summon their strengths, forge unbreakable bonds, and discover the depths of their courage.

Will Ellie and her friends overcome the sinister forces that stand in their way, or will they be destroyed by the evil Katia and her band of followers?

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where secrets, danger, and redemption await at every turn.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-49-1 RRP: £8.99

Kingdom of Eimmore: The Cloaked Kingdom by Kallum Hoy

The Kingdom of Eimmore has never been the same after the Ancient War. Use of magic is rare and extremely deadly to anyone, or anything in the vicinity. Artemis and Karis, brother and sister, are destined to follow their father’s footsteps in ruling their beloved Snake Guild. The siblings quickly discover that their fates are split, as they’re forced to flee the home that they love and seek answers in the allies that they have. Some secrets are best left in their minds, as the telepathic link they were granted at birth keeps them close, even from a far.

An opposition house, the Spider Guild, has been moving in the darkness, pulling at the web of chaos and leaving the neighbouring towns in fear whilst amassing great power. Remnants of dark blood magic have been left in their wake.

A tale of passion for knowledge and strength, led by corruption and fear. What begins as curiosity becomes a deep desire of lust and magic.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-45-3 RRP: £8.99

A Spark of Fire by

The first in The Firelighters trilogy introduces us to Felix Spark. On her sixteenth birthday, Felix leaves the orphanage she has lived in her whole life, armed with just a library card and her baby blanket. She heads for the magisty of London, ruled by magician Corbin Godspell to search for the truth about the death of her parents.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-7-0 RRP £8.99

A Curse of Smoke and Flame by Jennifer L Rothwell

Felix Spark is the Firelighter, the guardian of the Flame of Magic and she’s making the lives of magicians and commoners better. Or at least she’s trying to. But rules and laws are hard to navigate and change doesn’t happen overnight, especially in the Magistry of London..especially when your dreams lure you elsewhere. Linus Godspell has found solace about the Skimmer, a sewer ship sailing through the waters of Underlondon. Yet he knows things; secrets about secrets which endanger the lives of magicians and commoners alike. Now, he must journey to the Second Plane to save them all…. But how can he do that without magic? A brother and a sister separated by fate, united by fire and isolated by lies. Can they uncover the truth and face it, even if it means losing everything? Jump aboard and prepare for adventure. Magic awaits.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-70-5 RRP £8.99


A simple story about spending a few days up the mountain with the people you love. The fun really starts when you discover that not everyone in your life is who or what you always thought they were. David Freeman thought that he would surprise everyone with a visit, he was wrong but they sure as hell ended up surprising him!

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-0-5 RRP £8.99


Five years on from the events up the mountain, life has settled down for David and his family, if you call doing dental check-ups on a polo addicted unicorn settling down.

A new case puts them on the trail of a spectral beast, which is Marc’s worst nightmare, meanwhile Jon has his own battle to fight.

Along the way they meet several old faces and one or two new ones. There is a serial killer at large, and something keeps needling away at them in the background.

It is all in a day’s work for the boys as Jonny Greeneyes and friends find themselves heading off on a brand-new adventure.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-59-0 RRP £8.99

A Twist of Starlight by Betty Valentine
A Twist in Stone by Betty Valentine

The Witch and Jet Splinters Book One: A Bustle in the Hedgerow by Elijah Barns

Merry meet! Young witch Jinny Lane adopts a beautiful black cat named Jet Jupiter Splinters and so begins their adventures with fellow witches Miss Riz and Miss Lou. A local resident causes trouble in the neighbourhood and the 3 witches retaliate with the help of some faeries.

ISBN: 978-1-9863490-3-1 RRP £8.99

The Greymen by Neil Pettifer

The Witch and Jet Splinters Book Two: The Shadow Cutters by Elijah Barns

The tales of The Witch and Jet Splinters continues as we follow Jinny and her friends on a trip... to Egypt to see the sights and up to Scotland, for some Tunnocks teacakes.

ISBN: 978-1-9863490-3-1 RRP £8.99

"You can be anything you want to be, Leah." When her mom first told her this, Leah was certain that "Murderer" was not the career she had in mind.

Leah Smith may not have been the most outgoing fourteenyear-old, but just as she seemed to be getting a handle on the challenges of being a teenager, her world was turned upside down.

Finding herself plunged head first into a battle for survival, against the secretive and deadly organisation known as The Greymen, Leah must journey to uncover the truth; a truth that connects The Greymen to her father and will tear apart the very fabric of her existence and find her asking herself if life is worth killing for?

ISBN: 978-1-913794-42-2 RRP: £8.99


in Camelot by Jon Carvell

Frank is a mere human who is called upon by God, a deity he doesn't even believe in, to go to Camelot to stop the affair between Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot, and reunite her with King Arthur. Hilarious time-slip comedy.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-3-7 RRP: £8.99

My Words for Living by Sue McFarlane

A volume of poetry is like a set of short stories, each a separate entity, a different tale, mood and energy. Like a box of chocolates, you may find one or two are your favourites but I invite you to give them all a try. Perhaps you could allow My Words for Living into your mind and feel them in your heart.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-16-3 RRP: £6.99

Remember, my good friends, a volume of poetry is like a set of short stories, each a separate entity, with a different tale, mood and energy. Like a box of chocolates, you may find one or two are your favourites but I invite you to give them all a try, perhaps allowing “Travel Safely Within' feeling them in your heart.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-61-3 RRP: £8.99

Travel Safely Within by Sue McFarlane

on Stony Ground

Since my other books “My Words for Living” and “Travel Safely Within” were published, words have continued to arrive; via pen, pencil, keyboard and dreams, never really stopping. A steady stream of ideas have washed into my consciousness, waiting to be written down and shared. My inspiration continues to be from many sources. This collection is a genuine mix of topics, emotional responses and calls to action. Each poem has a story within its form, of which there are new variants as I continue to experiment and develop as a poet.

have been very fortunate in making new contacts and enjoyed many memorable poetry opportunities.

As the reader, please try the words out loud, to help interpret them in your own way. Look for the beginning, middle and end to each story. The meanings might change along with your energy levels and mood but I trust you will find some new favourites amongst “Words on Stony Ground”; poems inspired by life, loss & love.

Publish date: June 2024

ISBN: 978-1-913794-67-5 RRP: £8.99

Poet Showcase ~ Sue McFarlane

After retiring from her own complementary therapies practice of over 20 years, Sue McFarlane has finally found her creative voice and explores many topics within this work. Born in East Yorkshire, now living in Nottinghamshire with her husband and three rescue cats, Sue enjoys rambling in the countryside, exploring nature, cooking and gardening.

The Blobbles by Kelly The Poet

A poetry book with over 100 positive and relatable poems inside from The Blobbles. If you have been going through a difficult time and need some comfort in your day then this book is for you. Find support in the words that you see on the pages and hope in the messages that you will read. Kelly has a way of writing poetry that resonates and helps you feel less alone. Don't read this book from cover to cover, it wasn't created to be read in this way. Instead you need to close your eyes and allow the poem to find you.

RRP: £8.99*

Badger and Butterfly by Kelly The Poet

Discover the poems that have helped thousands of others through this difficult time.

Find comfort in the words that you see on the pages and hope in the messages that you will read in this book.

Kelly has a way of writing poetry that resonates and helps you feel less alone.

'Life doesn't always get easier. We learn to adapt and cope. The thing that gets us through each day is a little word called hope.'

Badger And Butterfly is a book of poems that will help you feel more positive in your day.

RRP: £6.99*

Kelly The Poet

Kelly writes her poetry from her little home in South Wales. She lives there with her husband and their two children. She is a full time carer of her autistic son and writes around his care. Kelly started writing poetry after struggling with her mental health. Writing allowed her to express herself and also help others going through similar dark periods. She hopes to show others that there is always a way out, no matter how lost and alone you may feel. There is always a light waiting for you to find.

Kelly also creates 'pocket poems', which you can find below, and on the next page.

Badger and Butterfly
The Blobbles

Pocket Poems

Every pack of pocket poems contains 10 small cards, each with a a poem on. Each card has a blank back for you to write notes on, or your own poetry.

Each pack is stored in a handstamped, cotton muslin bag.

£6.99 each

Thoughts Amongst Flowers

Reflective Mind by Michael J Gardner AKA The Walking Poet

Although this book was written in a time of personal grief, it is not sad. The poems are reflections of my journey from grief to hope.

The underlying theme is about compassion, kindness, friendship and love. If you have them in your life you are blessed and have a true treasure in your life. So come and share this journey with me through a reflective mind.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-48-4 RRP: £6.99


From the Asylum by David Rollins

Experiences of living as a service user in a mental health ward in Leicester, the first written about a month after entry and the last after a year of discharge, expressed in Haiku.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-3-1 RRP: £6.99

Journey of the Mad by Julie Stacey

This book consists of a set of contemporary poems followed by haiku, a Japanese form of poetry. They will take you on a journey to the heights of mania and depths of depression and anxiety, displaying Julie's thoughts, feelings, fears, behaviour and insights. There is still some stigma attached to mental illness and this book aims to give a mind opening experience and a grasp of the difficulties that mental illness brings.

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-1-0 RRP: £6.99

Three Insane Poets by David Rollins, Julie Stacey & David Parkin

The Three Insane Poets are David Parkin, who has an acquired brain injury, David Rollins, who has borderline personality disorder, and Julie Stacey, who has bipolar disorder. This collaboration is at times hilarious, poignant, and always thought provoking. All three poets live in Leicester.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-15-6 RRP: £6.99



Indigo Moods by Alison M Lowther

This poetry book is divided into four sections with each section addressing the different stages of the healing journey which we all go through in life. We are all in this life together. We are all endeavouring to make this world a more peaceful and pleasant realm in which to live rather than merely exist.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-3-5 RRP: £6.99

Poems of Lockdown by Nancy Williams

Eighty-Four Pins by Sarfraz Ahmed

Chosen at the midst of many years of writing poetry, Sarfraz's poems are observational, inspirational and abstract, taking a subject matter and making it relevant to every man, woman and child. Written from the heart and from the essence of the core of the things he loves, and that moves him. They are the passions that fill our hearts are defined through the eyes of a poet.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-5-9 RRP: £6.99

This collection of poems was written during the UK lockdowns to try and make sense out of what was happening, and express thoughts in meaningful and at times humorous ways.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-21-7 – RRP £6.99

My journey begins as a teenager struggling with eczema and experiencing mental illness. Expressed in poetic prose in its original form, giving a real insight, conveyed across five themes: What a Nightmare it has been, If Only I could, some Hope to change it all, Complete Faith for my spiritual needs and to escape into my Unreality.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-9-7 RRP: £6.99

Tangles + Knots by Pratibha Savani

Why I Have So Many Cats by Lisa J Rivers

Lisa has been owned by many cats and frequently has to explain how many she has and why she has them. You can read all about them in this bittersweet poetry book.

ISBN: 978-1-5028631-2-6 RRP: £5.99


Poetic Parodies by Kate

A short collection of poems that may bring a wry smile to people’s faces in a continuing challenging time.

ISBN: 978-1-9137940-7-1 RRP £4.50

Shirley poetically brings us examples of dysfunctional life, and shows how the contents may not necessarily reflect the container.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-3-2 RRP: £5.99

Inspirations of Life By Steve Miller

Join me if you will, on a spiritual journey through the years of which the highs, the lows and the experiences I have recorded as a book of poems. From my initial awakening and travelling through the years. This is my story in verse.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-8-0 RRP: £6.99

Words of My Mouth by Gabriel Eziorobo

Nigerian writer Gabriel explores the world around him in this selection of poetry.

ISBN: 9781548062880 RRP: £5.99

Fine Wine From Chipped Cups by Shirley Cawte


Danger in Paradise by Steve Barker

Three quick-witted and highly capable veterans, struggling with chronic PTSD, undertake a dangerous yet exhilarating mission which entails removing a drug gang from a private property on a small Caribbean Island. However, as the truth unfolds, things are not as simple as they appear on the surface!

ISBN: 978-1-9137941-0-1 RRP: £10.99

Danger on the Island by Steve Barker

Overwhelmingly captivating, Covert-Ops: Danger on the Island is a military thriller that uncovers the underbelly of the Isle of Wight and sheds some light on arms dealing, drug smuggling and people trafficking. Danger on the Island is sure to enthral, engage and resonate with the reader for a long time.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-25-5- RRP: £10.99

The Extraction by Steve Barker

The Golden Camel by Steve Barker

Steve and his pals, George, Simon and Derek head over to Mano, a small island off the coast of Oman, to investigate an Indian corporation, Golden Camel, and their operations It is believed that the company takes up to 80% of the employee’s income, and threaten them and their families if they refuse to work.

With the treatment of its employees in question, the team make a plan to set up a rescue mission for the family member of a new client.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-51-4 – RRP: £10.99

In the heart-stopping fourth book of the Covert-Ops series, "The Extraction," the skilled team of covert operatives finds themselves thrust into their most dangerous mission yet. Held captive by a ruthless Drug Cartel, innocent lives hang in the balance, and it's up to this relentless group of heroes to infiltrate the Cartel's stronghold and bring them back to safety.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-65-1 - RRP: £10.99

Crime -f ighting

The Adventures of Maddie and Liv by Daniel J Hainey

Maddie and Liv are two ordinary schoolgirls, but as crime in their town rises they realise that their law enforcement parents are not handling matters so decide to train in martial arts to become vigilantes.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-2-9 RRP £8.99

Joining G.U.A.R.D by Daniel J

Crime -f

For most teenagers the start of the school holidays is the best time of the year. However, for Maddie and Liv, crime doesn’t stop for the holidays. Plans become disrupted when they meet the mysterious government agency known as G.U.A.R.D. Will they join the agency or will they face the consequences? With the loss of their parents and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager: How can these two cope with Romanticism, mercenary armies, essay deadlines; along with the cuts, bruises and blood that comes with vigilantism, long distance relationships and cults? What will break them first?

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-4-1 RRP: £8.99

The Final Mission by Daniel J

It’s been over twenty years since Maddie and Liv first joined G.U.A.R.D. However, neither woman was the same as they were when they first joined the mysterious organisation. In fact, they couldn’t be more different. Maddie quit, started a family and hasn’t spoken to anyone in over a decade. Liv continued the vigilante lifestyle and it was taking its toll. A series of events involving Maddie’s wife would either bring the sisters together, rip them further apart or kill them..

ISBN: 978-1-913794-17-0 RRP: £8.99

Artemisa Cannot Stop Killing People by Daniel J Hainey

Artemisa wants nothing more than a peaceful life. However, when you can kill with a single touch, the U.S. government is never going to let that happen, they're going to imprison you and have you committing assassinations as soon as you can stand. When Artemisa finally escapes the U.S. government only to wind up in the employment of a crime family, she learns that sometimes peace can only come after completing a kill list. When everyone is dead, then maybe she can rest and have a chance at happiness. When you're death incarnate, peace is the goal.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-1-7 RRP: £9.99

A CaseforLineLarsen

Line Larsen is fresh out of college and working for a law company. Despite the nonchalant attitude of her boss, Line becomes engrossed in the first case she encounters, that of the suspected murderer, Kari Normann. Line believes that Kari is innocent and, while juggling her personal life in the big city of Oslo, investigates the case further.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-04-0 RRP: £8.99

Life gets more serious for Line Larsen, as she juggles her private life, her everchanging work life and a case investigating her boss’ infidelities for her latest client, and his wife, Heidi Hansen. Kenneth Hansen, Line’s boss, is disgruntled about her work ethics and reassigns her away from the office, not trusting her motives. Her crush, Thor, has unofficially moved in with her, bringing more baggage than expected, causing Line to fall hard from cloud nine. …and then there’s a murder, too close to home, thrown into the mix!

ISBN: 978-1-913794-08-8 RRP: £8.99

Heidi Hansen by Lisa J Rivers

My Name is Ophelia by Elle Bor

Some deaths don't leave corpses. . . Ophelia thrives on a dangerous fixation but her obsession is hardly a measure to her true madness. Rather, a cruel history follows her, as she is being hunted, but she hardly understands the weight of that reality.

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-9-6 RRP: £8.99

A Bag of Souls by Peach Berry

The Aldwark Tales by Richard Tyndall

A selection of scary stories set in the fictional town of Aldwark, where black dogs roam and museums are haunted.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-1-3 RRP £8.99

Spine-tingling Gothic Victorian horror writer Peach Berry brings you tales of the devil, along with a soul collector and a 'house of screaming skulls.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-1-7 RRP: £9.99


Oblivion by Steve P Lee

Sergeant Mint Harris is chief of police in Charlestown, a settlement on Obsirion II, a planet colonised 50 years ago by the British Corporation. Nothing much happens there, and she likes it that way. However, a murder is reported, and other strange things are brought to her attention. Is there a connection? Life in Charlestown is about to change, rapidly and irreversibly. The repercussions could impact all of humanity. Can Mint keep a grip on the developing situation, and how will it end?

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-2-0 RRP: £8.99

The Department 44 Files by Steve P Lee

Follow Roman as he reviews the Department 44 Files, searching for evidence of Varla K’dyamon activity, while in private he grows ever closer to his old boss. However, everything may not be as it first appears.

ISBN: ISBN: 978-19999445-4-4 RRP: £8.99

Assault on Charlestown by Steve P Lee

Roman and Mint continue to work for Department 44, desperately seeking knowledge and weapons that may allow them to combat the threat posed by Tiada Vejour. But, they aren’t the only ones hard at work on Obsirion II; plans and projects are coming to fruition in Charlestown. The malevolent alien still plans to enslave the entire population of the planet and call surviving members of its clan to a vast source of energy.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-1-2 RRP £8.99

Rival Distress by Steve P Lee

The British Corporation Research Ship Attenborough picks up a distress signal from a rival research vessel whilst en route to a new star system. Odd discoveries and encounters in Triton Rising leave the narrator intrigued and disturbed in equal measure. The author lets his imagination run riot alongside some hard science in these and other speculative/sci-fi stories.

ISBN: 978-1-9160800-5-8 RRP: £8.99

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Covid-Nineteen Lives by Lisa J Rivers

A collection of nineteen short stories depicting the impact of a pandemic amongst a diverse group of people around the globe, written during #NaNoWriMo in November 2020.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-6-6 RRP: £7.99

I Rest My Case by Truth C Matters

And the Crows Began to Wonder by Laura Billingham

What does a writer do in lockdown when paid work is drying up? Unleash the creativity - that's what! Utilising prompts from readers, Laura decided to challenge herself to write a new short story every day during May 2020.

'And the Crows Began to Wonder' is the result. 31 stories covering a wide range of genres.

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-7-4 RRP £8.99

An emotional collection of eight short stories about life in Africa, with issues including human trafficking, the money crisis and political turmoil.

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-7-5 RRP: £9.99

The voices in this collection speak from the most unlikely of locations: the British-Jamaican queen of chic who hosts, reluctantly, from her premises in Suzhou, China, the Biblio-Bar International Literary Festival. In Bandar Seri Begawan, there is the young Englishman who falls in love with a rich Bruneian murderess, and can never leave. Then, there is the past, that other country we so seldom manage to escape, as in the tale of Charlie Moncrief, the ruined libertine, reduced to servitude by the man he once teased mercilessly.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-1-1 RRP: £11.99

A collection of short stories ranging from pure fiction to quirky observations on aspects of contemporary life. Written over a long period of time, their purpose is to amuse – while at the same time raising questions about current issues, attitudes and ideas.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-58-3 RRP: £10

Short Stories

Red Flags By James Nelson Roebuck
The Kram Kollection by Kram Rednip

A Time for Grace by Laura Billingham

After a turbulent few years, Grace pays a visit to her one remaining blood relative, her elderly uncle. Whilst there she discovers an ancient wooden chest and is catapulted 800 years back in time to Medieval France. She finds love but the danger of war looms. Can she return to her own time and what is the link between herself, her alter ego in the past and the handsome man she is compelled to marry?

ISBN: 978-1-9993550-7-4 RRP £8.99

Thomas, who was an Irish boy living in England, loses his faith and then his strict Catholic family. He attempts to rebuild his life and meets a young woman who could potentially be a significant person in his life.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-4-8 RRP £8.99

And God for His Own by Sean P Gaughan

The Coach by Michelle DuVal

Michelle combines humour with spice in this book .

'The Coach', a steamy tale about Debbie, a successful high ranking professional ladies turned coach, who meets Brad, known to others as being a young stud, her newest student. can her unique coaching methods help Brad rise to the top?

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-2-4 RRP: £8.99

For the Love of Tom by Michael Keene

In wartime England (1914-18), homosexuality was punishable by law. Despite this, Bryan falls for fellow soldier Tom whilst in the trenches. Does Tom feel the same way? How will Bryan's family respond to his sexuality?

ISBN: 978-1-9999445-0-6 RRP: £8.99

the books on this page are sexually explicit-------------------------

The Other Life by Michael


Professional photographer Gino heads to the mountains in an attempt to write his first book and have a break from his lover, David. However,. it seems like someone is more interested in writing his book than he is, giving a whole new meaning to the word ghostwriter.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-1-8 RRP: £8.99

Overture and Beginners by Betty Valentine

My name is James Porter but the world knows me as Allan. I am and always have been happily gay. I have no problem with this whatsoever. If anyone else finds it awkward then that is their problem, not mine!I am a short, tubby little actor who won’t see sixty again. I also happen to be famous. Some years ago I kicked the last younger lover out of my bed. Plenty of them have used my mattress as a springboard to higher things, treading on me in the process. I decided to stop looking for ‘the one’ and to keep my relationships on a more casual basis. Of course when I stopped looking I found him, in a place I had never even considered looking. I almost lost him a couple of times along the way but I got him back again. This is our story.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-0-4

RRP: £8.99

The Whole of Boredom by James Nelson Roebuck

Alistair Morgan is a hard man. Teenage thug, soldier and nightclub bouncer, he did too much, too young, most of it bad. It haunts his sleep. But now he’s gone and got himself an education. Reinvented himself as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. It’s 1992 in Saudi Arabia. The money’s good but the place can send you off your head.

To make matters worse, he’s ended up working with a bunch of oldsters who don’t seem to need much help in going off theirs. Somebody has to keep the wheels on the bus, but why does it always have to be Ali Morgan? And then, there are these women who keep falling in love with him, who he can’t love back? It’s enough to make a poor boy cry. Except he’s never cried in his life. Maybe that’s the problem? Perhaps if he could soften up a bit, learn how to love, the nightmares might go away?

ISBN:978-1-9162766-7-3 RRP: £10.50

Just turned seventeen, David Smith is a bright, working-class youth from a small industrial town. Fussed over by parents and teachers alike, he has a place at Oxford almost guaranteed. This is unfortunate, since what he really wants to do is drop out and set up a hippy commune with his three best mates. Then, through a chance encounter with Henry, the runaway half-French son of one of the town’s wealthier families, what seemed an impossible dream begins to turn itself into messy reality. In the course of a debauched weekend and one long summer living in a field in France, David emerges from the chrysalis of his boyhood self and takes flight…

ISBN: 978-1-913794-11-8 RRP: £9.99

Big in a Small Town by James Nelson Roebuck

Vincent Claret, frontman of the wild British cult band, The DoDos, has returned from a 36-year long exile, seemingly unchanged. This is disturbing news for his old band mates. In their different ways, they have each become ‘pillars of the community’ in the small town to which they returned after the band imploded in 1984. Sex, drugs, madness and manslaughter were what finished it off. The end was messy in the extreme, and Vincent got the blame. Now he's back, they’re going to have to take some of it themselves.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-53-8 RRP: £10

also by James (see page 34 )

Insect Youth by James Nelson Roebuck

Nature Boy by Mike Herring

Gillies knows no other life, except the naturist lifestyle with his family. As he matures, he becomes curious about the possibility of another way of life and ventures past the mountains to a nearby village.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-7-9 RRP: £8.99

Winding Down by Lisa J Rivers

Samantha Waters is a forty-something wife in a loveless marriage, and desperately looks for a way out in this black comedy.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-5-5 RRP: £7.99

Searching by Lisa J Rivers

Following on from Samantha's story (Winding Down), those around her attempt to search for clues, all for different reasons.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-5-6 RRP: £7.99

Other books by Lisa

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