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A newcomer to Memphis may not know Summer from Poplar (those are Memphis streets, by the way), but the new businesses, communities, and ideas popping up in every corner of the city mean there’s always something new for even the most seasoned locals.

experience like no other. With a very rich history and culture, every part of Memphis has a unique story to tell. State-of-the-art attractions such as the National Civil Rights Museum, Graceland, and STAX Museum, help narrate and preserve the history of Memphis and shares its importance and truth to the world.

Home of multinational headquarters such as FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper and ServiceMaster, Memphis is a major vessel connecting not only itself but the United States to the world. Known for originality and leading innovation, Memphis offers a mix of talent and expertise in industries including agriculture, transportation, medical, art, music, film, tech and much more. And to be honest, if you have an idea and enough commitment to bring it to life Memphis is the perfect place to birth your business. We have a vast amount of resources for individuals looking to take a leap and build their own business. From nonprofits such as StartCo and EpiCenter to monthly Lunch and Learn workshops hosted by the Greater Memphis Chamber, Memphis welcomes, encourages and supports entrepreneurship.

May be a big deal depending on where you’re coming from, but Memphis experiences all four seasons. The city’s natural landscape transforms from luscious green canopies preparing to age to an assortment of red, orange, and yellow just in time for fall to a refreshing winter breeze embracing the aurora of peppermint and cinnamon spice. Memphis residents live through each season and transition all the same, filling their calendars with various events, parades and festivals throughout the year. So be sure to bring your raincoat, snow boots and flipflops because this city has a lot for you to experience.

One thing that Memphis will be sure to show you in the words of thousands of Memphis Grizzlies fans is that “We Don’t Bluff.” In fact, most people travel to Memphis because of its authenticity knowing that any time spent here will be a true and honest

With a combination of data-driven insights and notes from the Memphians who bring this vibrant place to life, this guide will introduce you to the spirit of the city we know and love. Memphis has momentum... and you’re invited to be part of it.



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Greater Memphis Relocation Guide | 2019