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the best pre-trip packets and planning info in the business.’ Most booking agents promise that they’ll help you with the preparation for your trip. They promise detailed materials, only to email over an anemic “one-gear-list-fits-alldestinations” sheet of information. We’ve seen what most agents send out, and we agree that it’s pretty weak.

• Detailed, multi-paged gear & equipment lists • Guide-recommended fly patterns • T.S.A., travel, and airline tips • Detailed arrival and transfer information for each location • History of the country and the area you’ll be visiting • Packing notes and suggestions • Notes on the area fishery • Species-specific information and techniques

Here at Yellow Dog, we pride ourselves on providing the most detailed, intricate, and in-depth trip planning materials in the business. Trust us when we tell you that you’ve NEVER received materials anything like the ones that we send out!

• Suggestions for fishing and communicating with your guide

When you sign up for a Yellow Dog trip, you will receive a thick, comprehensive pre-trip planning folder full of detailed, relevant, and important information pertaining to your trip. We know that the key to a successful trip is pre-trip preparation, and we do this better than anyone! Some of the information and topics covered in our pre-trip packets include:

• Much more!

• Fishing technique information applicable to your destination • Notes on weather and seasonal conditions • Suggestions for gratuities and other useful information Give us a call today and discover what we call the Yellow Dog Difference! We promise you that once you receive your pre-trip packet, the first question that you’ll ask yourself is, “Why didn’t I book with these guys earlier?”


why book your next trip through yellow dog? We recognize that in the age if the internet, with “virtual everything” and “total connectivity,” the do-it-yourself option has never been easier. That said, it is important to ask yourself if “do-it-yourself” translates into “cheaper” and “better.” Do yourself a favor and take a moment to read the information below:

yellow dog’s services are always free to you!

When you book a trip through Yellow Dog, you NEVER pay more than if you book direct. You get hands-on assistance, honest information, local accountability, and excellent customer service – all at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. We’re paid commissions from the lodge on the back end, and there are no hidden fees, surcharges, or tacked-on expenses to use our services.

we don’t own the lodges we represent, and we don’t fixate on “exclusives”

Why is this important? When a booking agent has ownership in a lodge, or when they offer an “exclusive,” then guess what? They have an obligation to fill spots at those operations! Ask yourself this: Are those agents sending you to the destination that is the perfect match for what you’re looking for, or are they pushing you towards a lodge where they have a quota to fill? At Yellow Dog, we have a very simple philosophy. We don’t care WHERE you go, as long as it’s the right place and the right match for you.

fishing is what we do (’s all that we do!)

Here at Yellow Dog, we sell fishing. Period. Instead of trying to “be all things to all people” by offering Bolivian photo safaris, wine tasting mo-ped tours, or rhino hunts in addition to our fishing, we simply focus on what we know: fishing throughout the world. Our staff is comprised of long-time guides, former shop owners, former lodge managers, and people with a background in travel. For us, it’s not just a job, and our passion is not simply a catchphrase. Simply put, the Yellow Dog staff knows fishing, and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm, energy, and information with you in planning your next trip.

As we celebrate Yellow Dog’s 10th anniversary, there’s a reason that we’ve grown so quickly and come so far. Our customer base is incredibly loyal because we take great care of each and every person that we work with. After all, we realize that we’re not just dealing with your money when it comes to fishing trips – we’re dealing with your most precious commodity of all: your free time. Give us a call and discover for yourself what a booking company can and should be.



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Photos used throughout the catalog provided by various lodges and individuals, including Jim Klug, Scott Morrison, Bruce Chard, Brian O’Keefe, Cale VanVelkinburgh, Ian Davis, Robert Boyce, and others.

Throughout this Yellow Dog Travel and Trip Planning Guide, you will find a series of reference symbols that allows you to quickly and easily identify the amenities, options, and offerings that are important to you when researching a trip and selecting a destination.

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Cover photo by Jim Klug ( Photo credits throughout this publication: Ian Davis, Jim Klug, Cale VanVelkinburgh, Brian O’Keefe, Chris Lambert, and Scott Morrison. Certain photos provided by lodges and by Yellow Dog clients. All artwork and illustrations throughout catalog done by Ian Davis. Catalog design: Scott Morrison, Morrison Creative Company

From the waters of Southeast Alaska, west to

the Iliamna and Katmai regions, and deep into the wilds of the interior, Alaska offers wha t many agree is the finest freshwater fishin g in the world. Home to trophy rainbows, all five species of Pacific salmon, Dolly Vard en, char, lake trout, pike, and more, the fishin g opportunities in Alaska are endless. We have worked hard over the years to build a thorough and diverse Alaska program and feel confident that our line-up is the mos t comprehensive, the most varied, and the finest in the travel industry. If you’re thinking about a trip to Alaska, give us a call here at Yello w Dog. You’ll be glad that you did!



grosvenor lodge

[ Katmai Region, Alaska ] A remote and very private operation located on the narrows between Grosvenor Lake and Colville Lake, this lodge is a small, intimate fishing operation that accommodates a maximum of only six anglers per week. Guests can expect total seclusion, comfortable accommodations, and excellent fishing for rainbow trout, char, lake trout, northern pike, and sockeye salmon. The “home waters” of Grosvenor remain almost completely untouched by other area fishing operations. As an overall Alaskan destination, this lodge is truly a place you can call your own: isolated in the wilderness with great fishing, incredible views, and extensive wildlife.


Area feeder streams, the American River, and the “narrows” section directly in front of the lodge all receive tremendous runs of salmon smolt which in turn attract large concentrations of fish. This smolt run provides a very unique attraction that the guides at the lodge call the “Trout Boil.” The local waters have so many predatory fish crashing the smolt that on certain nights you can actually hear this “boil” as you sleep. Grosvenor Lodge also offers access to permit-controlled waters on the lower American River and optional daily fly-out trips to other area rivers upon request. 7 night / 7 fishing day packages (double occupancy) start at $4,295.00 per person.

alaska ~ 6

[ Katmai National Park, Alaska ] Since 1950, Kulik Lodge has been providing anglers with the finest Alaskan freshwater sportfishing available. After generations of pioneering both aviation and angling in the Bristol Bay area, Kulik Lodge today offers some of the best rainbow trout and salmon fishing found anywhere in Alaska. The lodge itself is situated on the banks of the Kulik, a phenomenal Alaskan rainbow river that provides extensive spawning grounds to hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon. This sockeye population in turn fuels an incredibly strong native trout population – rainbows that are large, healthy, and incredibly wild. As the very first sportfishing lodge in the area, Kulik Lodge was able to secure THE premier location for exceptional fishing, on a river that most lodges travel and fly great distances to fish. The lodge itself is located within the 4.2 million-acre Katmai National Park, and an extensive fly-out program allows guests quick and easy access to a large number of area waters, including the Moraine, Funnel, American, Battle, Ku, and more. These rivers and creeks boast stout populations of trout, char, and salmon, all surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in Alaska. Choose a daily fly-out, a long, hard day on the lodge’s home water, or create your own schedule that allows you to relax and enjoy the comfortable accommodations, excellent amenities, and untouched

wilderness that surrounds you. With numerous aircraft, experienced Alaskan pilots, and a great team of professional guides, Kulik not only ensures your safety but also provides fishing that is out of this world. In conjunction with their fly-out options, Kulik has river boats cached at various rivers and streams throughout the area - some accessible only through the lodge’s private permits. Other daily fishing options include raft float trips and walk/wade trips to remote streams. As an added bonus, the prime location on the Kulik River means that there is evening fishing available after dinner for additional hours on the water. If you are a fish-until-you-drop angler, this is a great option for your next Alaska trip! The historic main lodge at Kulik is constructed of local native spruce and boasts a large common room, stone fireplace, comfortable couches for lounging, a main dining area, and a full complimentary bar with cocktails, wine, and beer. Guest cabins facing Nonvianuk Lake are equipped with large space heaters, showers, private bathrooms, and a wader hanging/drying area. 7 night / 7 day packages (double occupancy) begin at $4,925.00 per person. Call for details.

alaska ~ 7


kulik lodge


alaska charter service

alaska west tent lodge

[ Southeast Alaska ] The coast of Southeast Alaska, home to a thousand islands, endless waterways, and very few roads, is a destination that is best explored by sea. The “Adventurous,” a full-service mothership operation that calls these waters home, is a 56-foot charter vessel designed and built specifically for diversity, mobility, and comfort. Fishing Southeast Alaska from this incredible mobile fishing platform gives you the opportunity to leave behind crowded fishing grounds as you embark on five day live-aboard excursions. The Adventurous provides access to remote and untouched fishing opportunities for all five species of salmon, halibut, a plethora of bottom fish species, and – most importantly – trophy steelhead. Utilizing the Adventurous as a vehicle to gain access to remote river mouths and streams, you will have the option of fishing different waters every day. If targeting steelhead, you can access miles of coastal rivers using custom-built jet boats, sight-fishing and exploring some of the wildest streams in Alaska. The Adventurous features three guest staterooms (each with two double beds), a comfortable main salon, a full kitchen, and the freshest seafood dinners you’ve ever had. With all of the luxuries of home, a professional crew, and exquisite meals, guests will experience a lot more than a standard Alaskan “fishing trip.” 5 night / 5 fishing day packages $3,895.00 per person.


alaska ~ 8

[ Kanektok River, Alaska ] Alaska West is by definition a remote wilderness fishing camp. You will sleep and eat in comfortable Weatherport tents. You won’t need a coat and tie for dinner, and you won’t have to worry about tracking mud on the carpet. No one will be offended by your cigar smoke or the drink that you spill laughing around the campfire. You will catch fish until your arms are sore and your back aches, and you won’t believe what a special area you are fishing. All in all, we consider this operation to be the very best value in Alaska – especially when you consider the quality of the fishing. The Kanektok River – home waters for Alaska West – is arguably one of the best places in the world to target king and silver salmon and the famous Alaskan “Leopard Bows” – spectacularly colored rainbow trout named for the amazing profusion of spots that cover their body. The nearby Arolik River offers private, secluded fishing and is limited to four rods per day. Accommodations while at Alaska West are in sturdy tents with carpeted wooden floors, heat, electricity, and beds with comfortable mattresses. Hot showers, sinks with hot and cold water, and outhouses are also a part of the amenities. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $4,900.00 per person.


#1: HOW



Release a Fish

1. FISH BARBLESS HOOKS ItÕ s easier to remove the hoo k from the fish’s mouth (and from the back of your guide’s hea d)!

2. AVOID FISHING W HEN WATER TEMPS ARE HIGH Trout need cool w ater to survive, and hi gh water temps lead to higher mortality ra tes.

3. LAND THE FISH AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE Fish heavier tippet, use a stronger drag setting, and work the rod to land the fish quickly 4. MINIMIZE YOUR HANDLING OF THE FIS H A rubberized net is recommended, and fis should never be ha h ndled with a dry hand.

alaska rainbow point lodge [ Iliamna, Alaska ] The Iliamna region of Alaska is home to the largest, most aggressive rainbows in North America: the famous and incredibly beautiful Iliamna “Leopard Bows.” Located in the very heart of this region is a small, intimate lodge with a great team of guides, a staff obsessed with great customer service, and a program that offers access to a number of world-class area fisheries. We consider this operation – Rainbow Point Lodge – to be among the very best small-lodge offerings in all of Alaska. The rainbow trout that call this area home are some of the largest trout found anywhere in the world. Their size and aggression are the reason that the nearby Copper River (the lodge’s home river) was the first river in the state to be designated a “fly fishing, catch and release only, trophy rainbow river.” It is this designation that has kept the fishing so spectacular. Most of the fishing out of Alaska Rainbow Point Lodge is done on the upper and lower sections of the Copper as well as the nearby Gibraltar River, another world-class rainbow trout fishery. If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate lodge option in the heart of Alaska’s rainbow country, then Rainbow Point is a great operation to consider.

5. FULLY REVIVE BEFORE RELEAS THE FISH IN Hold it uprigh G IT t in a gentle current facing upstream to al oxygen into th low e fish’s gills.

H QUICKLY 6. PHOTOGRAPH FIS Y AND CAREFULL , do so If shooting photos lifting the quickly and avoid e water th entire fish out of . le ib whenever poss

6 night / 5 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $7,250.00 per person.

alaska ~ 9


alaska sportsman’s lodge [ Kvichak River, Alaska ] While there are literally hundreds of fishing lodges scattered throughout Alaska, there are only a handful of truly great ones; the cream of the crop that are the absolute best at everything they do. Brian Kraft’s Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge is one of those – a full-service, fly-out lodge with an amazing location, a worldclass team of guides, and a line-up of amenities, accommodations, and equipment that’s as good – if not better – than anything you’ll find in this part of the world. Nestled high on the riverbank of the world-famous Kvichak River, Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge is ideally situated in the very heart of the Bristol Bay region. With annual salmon runs in the millions and resident rainbow trout in excess of thirty inches, anglers throughout the world see this specific area as home to the finest sportfishing in the entire region. The location of this lodge is one of the strongest attributes of this operation, and A.S.L. was built on the Kvichak River for three very important reasons. First, the Kvichak River has the largest salmon run in the world, with literally millions of fish swimming right past the lodge every summer. Secondly, the Kvichak River is home to some of the largest rainbows in the entire world. This is a known fact. The Kvichak will consistently produce rainbow trout in excess of 27” with fish over 30” caught on a regular basis.


The third reason is the close proximity to other excellent fishing streams that can be quickly accessed by using the lodge’s fleet of floatplanes, including the Moraine, Funnel, Ku, American, Kulik, Brooks, and many others. By locating the lodge on a trophy river such as the Kvichak, you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to fish every day during your stay at the lodge. The fishing is excellent on the lodge’s home river, and the location is very close to many of Alaska’s most famous fly-out rivers as well. All daily fly-outs are included in the package price The lodge can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests per night, and all of the cabins have hot water, private baths, and 24-hour-a-day electrical service. The main lodge has a beautiful and spacious dining room, a comfortable living room, a full bar area, a fly tying area, and a gift shop. The main lodge is spacious enough for all of the guests to stretch out and relax, yet intimate enough to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow guests and guides. Spend a week at Sportsman’s, and the only thing that you’ll worry about is how soon you can re-book for the following year! 7 night / 7 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $7,975.00 per person.

alaska ~ 10

[ Naknek River – King Salmon, Alaska ] The crystal clear Naknek River – recently named the “#1 Rainbow Trout River in Alaska” by Fish Alaska Magazine – begins its 35 mile journey to Bristol Bay within the massive Katmai National Park and Preserve. This amazing river is home to all five species of Pacific salmon as well as some of the largest rainbow trout in all of Alaska. Bear Trail Lodge – the sister lodge to Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge – is located on the banks of the Naknek only a few short miles from the town of King Salmon. The prime location of the lodge allows you to both fish for salmon that are fresh from the ocean and dime-bright, and for huge, trophy Naknek rainbows that feed aggressively behind spawning salmon and migrating smolt in the upper stretches of the river. Bear Trail consists of a very comfortable and inviting main lodge complete with a commercial kitchen, large dining room, relaxing living room, full bar area, and several large decks (complete with a hot tub) that overlooks the river. Each of the lodge’s guest cabins are well appointed with queen beds, private bathrooms, individual heaters, and comfortable couches. The entire lodge is connected by a boardwalk elevated 70 feet above the river, providing guests with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the views while reflecting on the adventures of the day. 4 night / 4 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $4,900.00 per person.

[ Iliamna Area, Alaska ] No See Um Lodge sits directly on the shores of Alaska’s Kvichak River, surrounded by thousands of miles of pristine waters, remote wilderness, and world-class fly fishing. No See Um has definitively earned the reputation of being one of Alaska’s finest fly-out lodges, and we agree that this operation is completely in a league of its own. Your hosts, the Holman family, have been in the business longer than almost anyone in Alaska, and they pride themselves on operating a safe, high-end, and thoroughly enjoyable operation. Located in the greater Iliamna region, No See Um concentrates primarily on rainbow trout. Artic char, Dolly Varden, grayling, and all five species of Pacific salmon are also available, depending on the time of season. With numerous float planes and jet boats, No See Um fishes the Kvichak, Moraine, Funnel, American, Kulik, Brooks, Battle, Talarik, and numerous other waters. One thing that we really like about their operation is that not only do you fly out every day (weather permitting), but the lodge planes do not leave your side once you are fishing. This ensures safety and consistently good fishing by providing the option of a quick and easy relocation if needed. Also, with the lodge being located directly on the banks of the Kvichak (seriously great home waters), there are never missed fishing days due to poor weather. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $6,750.00 per person.

alaska ~ 11


no see um lodge

bear trail lodge

mission lodge


[ Lake Aleknagik, Alaska ] Located in the heart of the world famous Bristol Bay region on the banks of picturesque Aleknagik Lake, Mission Lodge is hands down one of the nicest, best-run operations anywhere in Alaska. These guys definitely do things right! In a region that is loaded with fishing options, Mission Lodge’s fishing program covers an area up to 120 miles in any direction with the use of three DeHavilland Beaver float planes. Did we mention every fly-out day over the course of your week is included in your package? Over the course of a standard week, you can expect to fish a great variety of waters, from small creeks and streams to large rivers. Because the lodge maintains outpost camps with boats scattered throughout the region, and because of the variety of waters accessed and exclusive-use permits held by Mission (including a Togiak Refuge Permit), you will have daily access to the best fishing the region has to offer. Guest rooms are spacious and comfortable at Mission, and the bar area, dining room and common areas are exactly what you would expect from a highend Alaska lodge. Meals are prepared by a world-class kitchen staff, and the menu includes the kind of entrees you would expect to find in the finest restaurants in any large city. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages are $7,500.00 per person plus 5% tax.


alaska ~ 12

[ Naknek River – King Salmon, Alaska ] At the end of the road, at the end of the world, on the banks of the famous Naknek River sits Rapids Camp Lodge. While it is only seven miles from the town of King Salmon and just an eighty-minute flight from Anchorage, it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is the gateway to the entire Bristol Bay watershed and the 4.2 million acres of Katmai National Park, and no one offers you the level of access and availability to this region like the team at Rapids Camp Lodge. Regulars to Alaska know that air transportation is of the utmost importance when experiencing the very best that the region has to offer. That is why Rapids Camp has some of the best bush planes in the world. The lodge’s air fleet consists of four planes, including a DeHavilland Beaver on tundra tires, two Beavers on floats, and an Otter retro-fitted with a 1000hp turbine engine to increase performance and range. Through daily fly-outs and access to some of the best home water in the region, Rapids Camp delivers the total package: world-class salmon fishing, trophy rainbows, and a totally unique saltwater program unlike anything found at other area lodges. One of the more unique offerings available through Rapids Camp revolves around the halibut, ling cod

and saltwater silver fishing in Geographic Harbor. Over the course of a single week, you can combine a day or two of saltwater deep sea fishing with fly-outs to some of the best trout rivers in the world to experience the very best that Alaska has to offer. Situated directly on the banks of the Naknek, the lodge can accommodate a total of 16 guests per week in eight spacious, double occupancy rooms. Amenities include a workout facility, library, full bar area, wireless internet, and satellite TV. They also have the 2-bedroom “House on the Hill” that can accommodate an additional four people with one queen bed, two twins, and a full size sleeper-sofa. For meals, two gourmet chefs prepare everything from fresh salmon to succulent steaks, all served buffet-style in the lodge’s main dining room. The shore lunches are great as well, with the guides preparing fresh fish and other foods streamside along with fresh fruit, baked goods, and wine. All in all, Rapids Camp Lodge provides everything you need for a first-rate Alaskan adventure, including the finest rods, reels, tackle, waders, a fleet of float planes, modern jetboats, and some of the most professional guides in all of Alaska. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $7,295.00 per person.

alaska ~ 13


rapids camp lodge

other alaska options riversong lodge

david taylor’s reel adventures

[ Lake Creek Area, Alaska ]

Riversong Lodge is located at Lake Creek, a famous

[ Wood-Tikchik State Park – Bristol Bay, Alaska ] If you’re looking for a fish-until-you-

Alaskan fishing river offering all five species of salmon as well as rainbow trout, arctic

drop, fishing-focused wilderness Alaskan operation at a great price point, then this

grayling and northern pike. This beautiful lodge is located only 70 air miles northwest

might be the option for you. This wilderness tent-camp offering, located at Iris Point

of Anchorage on the southern bank of the Yentna River at the confluence of Lake Creek.

in Wood-Tikchik State Park, utilizes jet boats (instead of float planes) in a location that

Accessible by floatplane only, this is a quick and easy trip from Anchorage, making

is absolutely loaded with trout, char, Dolly Varden, and salmon. This is a hard-core

Riversong an ideal destination for a one day fishing trip, a weekend excursion, or an

fishing operation, with no fixed schedule and a program that is focused on the longest

easy add-on to a longer Alaskan destination lodge package. A wonderful destination

fishing days possible. Camp accommodations are in comfortable, heated Weatherport

for family trips, business meetings, or that individual trip that focuses on the overall

tents, and the food is as good and as plentiful as anything you’ll find in Alaska. .

Alaskan Experience.

6 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $4,000.00 per person.


4 night / 4 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,010.00 per person.

great alaska adventure lodge [ Kenai River – Kenai Peninsula, Alaska ] Located at the confluence of the Kenai and Moose Rivers on the Kenai Peninsula, this operation’s proximity to Anchorage allows for short, quick fishing trips or multi-day packages for single anglers, small groups, or large corporate retreats. It is the ideal base from which to explore the wonders of the Kenai region. Aside from offering world-class fishing for Kings, silvers, rainbows, and more, the lodge also boasts a great line-up of adventure activities for non-anglers and family members. This historic Lodge, base camp for early homesteaders and the Peninsula’s first float plane service sits in full view of the massive Harding Ice Field at the confluence of two mighty rivers. 5 night / 5 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,495.00 per person.


tordrillo mountain lodge [ Denali Region, Alaska ] A recent addition to the Yellow Dog program, this beautiful, high-end Alaskan operation is totally unique in the fact that guests can fish these area waters utilizing a combination of boats, helicopters, and float planes. Lodging and gourmet Alaskan meals are at the beautiful Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, located on quiet Judd Lake in the heart of the Alaska Range. The lodge is situated at the headwaters of the Talachulitna River, home to excellent runs of King, Sockeye, and Coho salmon, and strong numbers of resident rainbows. In conjunction with Chugach Powder Guides, the lodge also offers an incredible “Kings and Corn” summer action-adventure trip featuring King salmon fishing, corn-snow heli-skiing, and whitewater rafting. 6 night / 5 day packages (double occupancy) run $3,700.00 per person plus guided activity fees.

alaska ~ 14

If you can imagine fishing the premier rivers

a n i t n e arg

of Montana 50 or even 75 years ago, then you have a pretty good idea of what fly fishin g for trout in Patagonian Argentina is all abou t. For those looking for something a little more exotic, then the Golden Dorado fishing the Arge ntina offers explosive action and large, aggressiv e fish. All of the lodges and operators that we work with throughout Argentina offer exce llent fishing opportunities in areas that are extre mely beautiful and incredibly unique. This is a country with amazing culture, friendly people, an abundance of excellent food and wine, and fish that are wild, strong and fast..

[ Bariloche, Argentina ] Rio Manso Lodge is located in the heart of Argentina's Nahuel Huapi National Park close to the Patagonian city of Bariloche. The lodge is situated on the banks of Lake Hess and the Rio Manso, with a beautiful view of Mt. Tronador and its glaciers. Despite this remote setting, the lodge is only 90 minutes away from the Bariloche International Airport, making it very easy to access on a regular and direct basis. When fishing out of the lodge, guests have access to such diverse fisheries as the Rio Manso, Quieto, Pichi Leufu, and numerous area lakes.

and a spacious sitting area in front of a huge stone fireplace. Many nights it’s cool enough to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire while enjoying a full line-up of cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. Rio Manso's professionally trained chef has created a menu that reflects a worldly influence, with each dish featuring only the freshest of ingredients. One of the highlights at the lodge is a weekly Asado – a traditional Argentine grill that features such items as beef, lamb and pork. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,570.00 per person.

Each of the lodge’s eight rooms faces northwest, offering spectacular views of Lago Hess and the nearby Andes. The main lodge features a full fly tying area, a small bar,

argentina ~ 15


rio manso lodge


patagonia river guides [ Esquel, Argentina ] Arguably the most complete, comprehensive, high-end, and professional fishing operation in all of Argentina, Patagonia River Guides offers comfortable accommodations, the best in regional wines and local cuisine, and an endless frontier of incredible fly fishing. P.R.G.’s main lodge, Estancia La Paz, is located outside of the town of Trevellin directly on the banks of the Rio Grande River. This comfortable lodge includes such amenities as a beautiful dining room, a cozy “Angler’s Bar,’ spacious private cabins, and even an on-site masseuse. And while this lodge is nice enough to easily spend an entire week there, one of the unique offerings of P.R.G. is that they also have a second lodge, strategically located in the remote and wild Rio Pico Region to the South. This combination of two lodges means that you can fish two totally different regions over the course of your trip, from the isolated, remote waters of the Rio Pico region to the rivers and streams of Los Alerces and the numerous waters that surround Esquel. These multiple locations and the flexibility of the overall program ensures you will be fishing the right waters at the right times of the season. One of Patagonia River Guides' greatest strengths is their guide staff – the best in the Chubut Region. All have in excess of ten years of experience, speak excellent English, and have P.R.G.’s full fleet of trucks and boats at their disposal. A typical day of fishing


in Patagonia starts with breakfast around 7:00 AM, after which you will be met by your guide and depart to the river or fishing area of your choice. You will fish until around 1:00 PM, at which time you will enjoy a streamside lunch that includes the finest Argentine wines. The fishing day ends sometime around 7:00 PM when you are transferred back to the lodge for a hot shower and cold drinks. Later, you will enjoy a late dinner in-house, which allows for much longer days on the water. Your guides are personally available to host every meal, gathering, and event for the duration of your adventure. The Patagonian region of Argentina is typically fished from November through April, when many rivers in the North are still cold or frozen over. Located 45 degrees south latitude, the weather is very similar to what you would expect in Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho from June through October. Each of these trips is 100% custom designed and structured around your desires, expectations, time of year, and local fishing conditions. We can also accommodate non-anglers, with a wide range of activities such as sight seeing, rafting, bird watching, hiking, and tours of local cities and towns. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $4,550.00 per person.

argentina ~ 16

andes outfitters dorado [ Juramento River, Argentina ] The Juramento River in Northwest Argentina offers what may be the best and most reliable Golden Dorado fishing in all of South America. Long time Argentine outfitter Martin Carranza has recently secured a ten year permit that allows this operation to float and guide a 50-mile section of this amazing river. Compared to most Dorado rivers in the region, the Juramento is a small river, and sightfishing in clear water is one of the biggest draws of the fishery. Martin’s operation has established seven different floats along this section of river, meaning that you can easily enjoy different water each day over the course of a standard week. The water on the Juramento varies in clarity throughout the season, from crystal clear to slightly tea colored. Most of the fishing is done from rafts (negating long, technical casts), and most of the time you’ll fish very large streamers on eight to ten-weight rods. Dorado are an explosive, acrobatic species, and the sight of a Dorado taking your fly is incredible. If and when you have enough self control to strip strike and come tight on a fish, you can expect an exciting, all-out battle. With an incredibly aggressive personality and powerful jaws equipped with sharp teeth, Dorado behave in many ways like an ocean-fresh steelhead on steroids! The Juramento River season runs September 1st to December 15th, and March 15th to June 1st.

7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,950.00 per person.

fly fishing patagonia [ Esquina, Argentina ] When most fishermen hear the name Patagonia, they typically conjure up images of the region's incredible trout fishing. What they don’t always think of is the Golden Dorado fishing and wing shooting that takes place further to the north. For that reason, Yellow Dog is proud to offer packages with Fly Fishing Patagonia for those looking for a cast-and-blast trip of a lifetime. Catching a Golden Dorado on the fly is an incredibly visual experience, as these large, voracious fish will often leap six or seven times during a battle. These aggressive Dorado are freshwater salmanoids with teeth, requiring steel leaders and stout 8 to 10-weight rods. With a customized package, you can also combine your Dorado fishing with the region's world-famous wing shooting for ducks, dove, and perdiz. Accommodations are at Estancia Pelada, a beautiful Spanish-Colonial ranch located on the banks of the Corriente River, roughly 35 kilometers north of Esquina. Guests stay in elegant, European-designed rooms, all with private baths and access to the ranch’s riverside pool and beautiful veranda. Meals are served in traditional Argentine fashion and include a variety of fantastic wines from Mendoza. 6 night / 5 ½ fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,240.00 per person. Call for details and additional bird hunting rates

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chocolate lab expeditions [ Patagonia, Argentina ] Anglers who have long fished the western United States know how good isolated waters, hard-to-reach places, and private-access trout fishing can be. With that in mind, imagine fishing uncrowded, protected, and secluded rivers and streams in Patagonia, Argentina – waters home to the size and numbers of wild trout that have long made this area famous among anglers. This region of Patagonia is home to Ron and Vanessa Sorenson’s Chocolate Lab Expeditions, a unique outfitting service offering a great combination of exceptional fishing, unique accommodations, private access, delicious food, and the authentic culture and hospitality of Patagonia. C.L.E. is based in the town of San Martin de los Andes, close to the larger city of Bariloche. This area is renowned within trout fishing circles as home to such legendary rivers as the Traful, the Collon Cura, The Chimehuin, the Limay, and the Malleo. The estancias (ranches) that hold the private access rights to many of these hallowed waters are the very ones that C.L.E. has partnered with to offer the best packages available in the region. Large browns and rainbows dominate the various rivers, streams, and lakes found throughout the area. The waters are all rich in aquatic life and largely undisturbed by the pressures of people. Hatches of mayflies, caddis, and various stoneflies offer anglers productive dry fly fishing for most of the season, while nymph and streamer fishing is effective throughout the year. Whether your interest lies in fishing small


waters with attractors or sight fishing to trophy trout, each package and itinerary will provide a number of options to choose from. Aside from fishing waters with the finest hatches in all of South America, the cornerstone of Chocolate Lab’s operation is the wide variety of waters and accommodations that they offer. This allows them to provide clients with the very best fishing at any given point in the season combined with a truly authentic Argentine experience. Guests stay in comfort at a variety of private estancias located throughout the region and enjoy colorful local meals with the best Argentine wines. We believe that Ron Sorensen and his team of experienced, local guides are some of the best in this part of the world. We especially like the fact that they will accommodate you every step of the way – from the moment you arrive in Argentina right up until the time that you leave. Every single trip with Chocolate Lab is 100% customized, meaning that your itinerary will be personally suited to your style, expectations, and budget. Their season typically runs December through April, and early reservations are recommended. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) run from $2,225.00 to $4,500.00 per person, depending on type of trip, accommodations, etc. Call for details.

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For many savvy and experienced

anglers, Chile has become the ne w frontier for trout fishing – especially when it comes to large fish, remote settings, and some of the most spectac ular scenery in the world . In most areas, the region’s rugged nature and inaccessibility have ke pt the fisheries largely untouched and prot ec ted, the result being on e of the world’s fin est freshwater fisherie s. As exotic and rem ote as it is affordable, Chile is a great option for trout anglers looking for a new frontier as we ll as non-anglers lookin g for a new advent ure.


[ Cerro Castillo Mountain Range - Coyhaique, Chile ] With over 25 years of experience, Nic Fin Lodge and Outfitters offers one of the most diversified fly fishing programs in all of Patagonia. Since Nic Fin is not locked into one single river system, they are more mobile and flexible than many of the traditional “fixed lodges.” As a result, guests can expect to fish a huge variety of still and moving waters during their stay in Chile. From the stunningly beautiful National Park of Cerro Castillo to the Simpson Valley and throughout the Valley of the Moon, there is so much water that it would be virtually impossible to fish it all in a single season - much less a single week!

Lodge, located in the Cerro Castillo National Park area. Each room features a fire place, two oversized twin beds, and a private bath. Breakfast, dinner, and cocktails are served in the lodge “Chilean style,” and feature amazing food and the finest Chilean red and white wines. Monday night guests will experience a traditional Asado – the Patagonia version of a barbeque. Tuesday through Saturday will be in the town of Coyhaique at Nic Fin’s family-owned lodge. Each room has a fire place and two oversized twin beds. 6 night / 5 fishing day package (double occupancy) $4,100.00 per person.

On Sunday and Monday of each week, guests stay at Nic Fin’s private Tamango Lake

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nic fin outfitters


cinco rios lodge [ Coyhaique, Chile ] Situated directly on the banks of the Rio Simpson, Cinco Rios Lodge offers one of the finest locations and most professional fishing programs in all of Patagonian Chile. Located above the historic city of Coyhaique, this full service lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests per week. The program at Cinco Rios combines the very best of what Chilean fisheries throughout the region have to offer, from the meandering spring creeks of the Pampas to the crystal clear waters of the western rainforests. All of these waters are surrounded by towering mountains and peaks, soaring glaciers, and some of most spectacular scenery found anywhere in South America. During the week at Cinco Rios, anglers are transported daily by four wheel-drive vehicle to rivers and streams (some of them in nearby Argentina) on trips that range from thirty minutes to slightly over an hour. The lodge fishes numerous public waters in the area including the La Paloma, Simpson, Mañihuales, Aysen, Megote, Guillermo, and De Leon. The lodge also has access to a number of private rivers and streams that are fished exclusively by Cinco Rios clients. All of the area waters offer diverse fishing,


from exciting dry fly action to challenging sight-fishing in pristine, clean waters. Typically, anglers can expect two jet-boat days on the Paloma and Azul, two raft-float days on the Simpson or Mañihuales, and two walk-in days on the small freestone streams. The lodge’s guides, usually a mix of native Chileans and Americans, all have multiple years of experience fishing and exploring these waters. Cinco Rios features a large, new main lodge and cabins that can accommodate 12 anglers per week. The lodge’s main Quincho (great room) provides guests with the perfect setting to relax, swap fish stories, and make plans for tomorrow’s fishing. Also located in the main building is the dining room, where breakfast and dinner are served and where guests prepare their individual streamside lunches and meet for social hour after fishing. All in all, Cinco Rios offers one of the best overall values in all of Patagonia, with great fishing, amazing accommodations and amenities, and one of the finest locations in the region. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,675.00 per person.

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[ Puerto Montt, Chile ] Here at Yellow Dog, we’ve been fortunate enough to fish a lot of amazing places over the years. And of all the places that we’ve visited throughout the world, we can tell you that there is nothing we’ve found that is as unique and one-of-akind as Nomads of the Seas – an incredibly high-end liveaboard fishing and adventure program that allows anglers to fish and travel throughout Chilean Patagonia as never before. Utilizing the versatility of a custom-built 150-foot live-aboard vessel (the Atmosphere), helicopters, and numerous drift boats, jet sleds, and zodiacs, Nomads offers a complete aero-maritime transportation system unlike anything found in the world of fly fishing. With the finest in equipment and a staff comprised of more than thirty guides and crew members, Nomads delivers an adventure that is truly one of a kind. The Nomads fishing program relies on a cutting edge transport system that includes two Bell 407 helicopters, 6 jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and dozens of other smaller watercraft. This amazing diversity of equipment allows Nomads to penetrate a previously inaccessible region of Patagonia and offers easy access to a number of secluded rivers, lagoons, lakes, and mountain fisheries. Having the privilege to reach spots which have never been touched by other anglers is just one of the many amazing aspects of this fishing program.

Nomads’ mothership – the Atmosphere – offers the perfect combination of substantial exploration capabilities and high-end, full-service live-aboard accommodations and amenities. We can tell you that life on board the Atmosphere is as good as it gets! The ship is fully equipped as to guarantee a pleasant, exciting, and safe voyage through Patagonian waters. The Atmosphere’s overall capacity is 28 passengers (including and a maximum of 18 anglers) and an additional 32 crew members, which the vessel is capable of transporting in all types of weather, seas, and visibility conditions. Each cabin on the ship (10 standard cabins and 4 deluxe cabins) has been specially designed to give passengers the privacy and comfort they need. Nomads has made a great effort to provide passengers with natural and tasteful interiors, to make you feel just as if you were home. You’ll also experience five-star, attentive service during your entire trip. Patagonian food preparations will be presented in frequent gourmet events throughout the week-long journey aboard, and every delicious meal (including your daily streamside lunch) is paired with the finest Chilean wines. This trip is highly recommended for couples, and anglers are encouraged to bring non-anglers, who can easily partake in Nomads’ world-class Eco-Adventure program. Week-long packages run $7,500.00-$15,000.00 per person. Please contact Yellow Dog for rates and seasonal packages.

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nomads of the seas

brazil & n o z a m a e th


alk about the “new frontier” of fly fishing! Fishing the waters of the Amazon basin is one of the most exciting and unu sual angling experiences available, with trophy peacock bass, payara, pirahna, pacu , aruana and numerous other exotic spec ies found throughout the region. Both of our Brazilian operations offer excellent accomm odations and amenities in beautiful areas that are both isolated and protected. Mor e than just a great fishing trip, a trip to the Ama zon is a travel adventure that you will rem ember for the rest of your life.


river plate outfitters

[ Amazonia – Manaus, Brazil ] Since 1992, River Plate Outfitters has pioneered fishing throughout the Brazilian Amazon while at the same time setting the standard for customer service, comfort, safety, and fishing productivity. They have also created the most unique and impressive infrastructure of any operation in the Amazon utilizing an amazing network of float planes and highly mobile fly-in floating cabins. These custom-built, floating accommodations allow you to cover an amazing amount of water by continuously moving and relocating over the course of a week. Why is this important? In this part of the Amazon, high mobility and the ability to bypass low waters are the keys to exceptional peacock bass fishing. Sport fishing yachts and larger commercial fishing boats and barges must stop whenever and wherever low water prevents passage. With River Plate, these limitations are never a factor.


The highly mobile floating cabins are usually located many hours upriver from other locations and operations. Drawing only 4 inches of water, these “strings” of floating cabins continuously navigate past shallow water natural barriers and sand bars in comfort and style. River Plate uses three state-of-the art turbo prop Cessna Caravan floatplanes to whisk guest directly from Manaus to the mobile floating cabins. Once there, you will awake each morning next to remote lagoons and white sand beaches in the savagely beautiful Amazon rainforest. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,650.00 to $4,250.00 per person. Call for details.

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T.s.a. tips for easIeR TRavellIng

traveling with In accordance with T.s.a. guideline and Regulations, ted. Anglers permit still is items ed -relat fishing most outdoor gear and removal of avoid to trip each should carefully prepare and pack before ited items prohib dering surren or ge bagga ed prohibited items from check point. check ty securi at the t on Reels nes allow reels to be brough g to

Most airli Accordin y-on luggage. backing ARE board in carr d an e lin ith w s the T.S.A. reel e only places h security. Th allowed throug ever had a problem with ve where we ha lems) have heard of prob racas, en ev r (o is th Ca d an BC r, ve been in Vancou know why the Venezuelan e e (W a. Venezuel t’s up with th cult, but wha cops are diffi t guys?) or Canadian airp

agua boa amazon lodge [ Amazonia – Manaus, Brazil ] The Amazon Basin is the world’s largest river system. It contains 10 percent of the world’s fresh water and without question a huge percentage of the world’s toughest freshwater gamefish. Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located on a quiet stretch of the Agua Boa, a crystal clear river with a white sand bottom and endless sight fishing opportunities. Situated 200 miles northwest of Manaus deep in the jungle, this river region is almost entirely uninhabited and extremely well-protected. This has created a situation where large populations of trophy fish (including three species of peacock bass) have been allowed to develop over the years without pressure from local netters or gear fishermen. As a result, the peacocks in this area are among the largest in the world. The lodge is a spacious facility that features a large dining room, a bar and game room, wireless internet, and a swimming pool. Accommodations are in air conditioned bungalows that each feature two double beds and a private bathroom. Combine the quality of the accommodations with the small capacity at the lodge and you will not find a better value anywhere in the Amazon. Spend a week fishing the Agua Boa and chances are good that you’ll return with stories of stripped reels, destroyed tackle, and memories of giant peacocks that couldn’t be stopped.

Fishing Rods

Rods are permitted by the T.S.A. as carry-on and checked bag gage. Definitely check with your air carrier, however, to confirm that rods and rod cases fit within the airline’s own size limitations for carry-on items (4-piece tub es are best). Ultimately, it is the carrier’s decision (and that of the surl y stewardess with the demean or of a Vegas pit boss) as to whethe r or not rods can be brought on boa rd.

Tackle and Other Fishing Equipment

Most fishing equipment, incl uding tools, large hooks, scissors, pliers, etc. should be placed in your checked baggage – esp ecially those items that can be considered sha rp and dangerous. According to the T.S.A. guid elines: “Expensive reels or fragile tackle suc h as flies should be packed in your carry-on bag gage.”

Other Important Carry-On Items

Here at Yellow Dog, we alw ays recommend carrying on a small gear bag (which can also be used as a boat bag) containing such important items as reels, sunglasses, camera, your per sonal toiletries kit, and a set of fishing clothes. Tha t way, if your checked luggage is lost or delayed for a day or two, you will at least be able to fish unt il it arrives!

7 night / 6 fishing day lodge package (double occupancy) is $5,500.00. Houseboat package is $4,600.00. Call for details.

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We like to think that the country of Belize was

created with the fly fisherman in mind. From the northern waters that surround Ambergris Caye, south to Turneffe Atoll and all the way to Placencia and Punta Gorda, Belize offers world-class fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and more. Safe, clean and friendly, this English-speaking country is a short and easy trip from the U.S. Yellow Dog was “born” in Belize, and now – ten years later – we feel strongly that no one does it better. When it comes to species, fishing scenarios, guides and lodges, our Belizean line-up is the best in the business.



belize river lodge

[ Belize City, Belize ] In the early 1960’s, sportfishing legend and lodge owner Vic Barothy came to Belize (then known as British Honduras) from Cuba, searching for the ideal setting for a new fishing operation. He found what he looking for on the lush, green banks of the Belize Olde River, naming his new operation Belize River Lodge. Almost fifty years later, the lodge is still going strong, offering anglers great access to several rivers, creeks, the Barrier Reef, and the mainland’s vast offshore system of flats and mangrove cayes. Fish species generally found in the area include bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook, cubera snapper, jacks, barracuda, grouper, and more. Experienced, professional, and well-established, Belize River Lodge is an excellent option for anglers looking for a diverse and comfortable Caribbean fishing experience.


Conveniently located only minutes from the International Airport amongst palm, coconut, mahogany, logwood, and mango trees, the lodge offers the easiest and quickest access of any fishing operation in Belize. The location makes this operation ideal for a week-long fishing package or a quick weekend getaway. The main lodge houses the kitchen, dining room, a well-stocked fly tying area, lounge, a screened-in porch, and a self-service bar. The dining room is the main social area for the lodge – for years home to some of the finest food, socializing, and angling stories in all of Belize! 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,470.00 per person.

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[ Turneffe Atoll, Belize ] Located 30 miles off the coast of Belize, Turneffe Atoll has been recognized for over 20 years as one of the top flats fishing destinations in the world. The largest atoll in the Western Hemisphere, Turneffe offers a fantastic variety of saltwater flats fishing as well as a diverse number of activities for non-anglers and divers looking for a relaxing and secluded tropical vacation.

long been a favorite of industry “insiders” from throughout North America and serious anglers who have fished throughout the world. Simply put, this operation knows how to do things right. The quality of their fishery, the lodge’s commitment to excellent customer service, and an industry-leading environmental and conservation ethic make this lodge one of our favorites.

The diversity of the fishing easily sets this operation apart from other Caribbean destinations, and the year-round possibilities of catching bonefish, permit, and tarpon on any given day makes Turneffe Flats one of the Caribbean’s best bets for a flats grand slam. Situated in the middle of the pristine Turneffe ecosystem, the lodge is ideally located to take advantage of the atoll’s 250 square miles of flats, reefs, lagoons, and astonishingly rich marine habitat. Bonefish and permit thrive on the area’s expansive flats, and tarpon and other species can be found in the deeper cuts and lagoons that surround the many islands of the atoll. One of the bonuses of staying at this operation are the huge home flats that surround the lodge, collectively the best wading flats in all of Belize.

The social center for Turneffe Flats is the spacious, air-conditioned main lodge. A predinner gathering in the lodge for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments is customary, and the screened verandah is a wonderful place to enjoy the tropical evenings with new and old friends. Individual, air-conditioned guest rooms (newly renovated for 2010) are located directly on the beach, and all offer panoramic views of the nearby coral reef. Yellow Dog is proud to be Turneffe Flats’ largest booking agent, and we send so many of our clients here with good reason. Turneffe is ideal for anglers of all skill levels and experience, and the fishing is consistently good throughout the year. On top of that, the lodge offers a large number of activities designed specifically for non-anglers, including the very popular “Atoll Adventure” package

How good is the quality of the fishing and the overall operation? Let’s put it this way … when guides, outfitters, and fly shop owners from throughout the world take their annual saltwater vacation, this is the place where many of them go! Turneffe Flats has

7 night / 6 fishing day fishing packages (double occupancy) $3,345.00 to $3,900.00 per person, depending on time of year. Call for details.

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turneffe flats lodge

three amigos live aboard

Accommodations with Three Amigos are aboard the mothership, “The Host,” a spacious and comfortable “mobile lodge” that transports a maximum of 8 anglers per week. The concept with this operation is that every morning you will wake up to new flats right outside your window. With no long rides to reach the fishing grounds, you can simply step into your guide’s boat and be on the flats and fishing within minutes. The interior of the boat is fully air conditioned, including all sleeping cabins, the dining room, and the bar. The interior of the boat is fresh and clean, and overall you can expect great food, a warm, welcoming staff, and access to some of the best waters in Belize and Honduras, home to some of the finest food, socializing, and angling stories in all of Belize! 7 night / 6 fishing day packages run $3,898.00 for Belize and $4,495.00 for Honduras (per person). Please call for details.

inn at robert’s grove [ Placencia, Belize ] Placencia is perhaps best known for the impressive numbers of permit that inhabit the area’s huge chain of cayes and flats. An alternative to the area’s many “no-frills” lodge operations, the Inn at Robert’s Grove is one of Belize’s most complete seaside resorts, capable of catering to serious anglers while at the same time satisfying the vacation wishes of non-anglers and family members. This area of Southern Belize offers a wide range of fishing options including extensive offshore saltwater flats, mangrove islands, the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and a plenitude of backcountry rivers and lagoons. Aside from its famous permit fishing, this area is also home to strong numbers of baby tarpon, snook, and schools of bonefish – perfect for those anglers interested in pursuing the elusive grand slam. Nestled on fifteen lush acres between the Caribbean Sea and the Placencia Lagoon, The Inn at Robert’s Grove is situated on one of the nicest white sand beaches in all of Southern Belize. For non-anglers, the resort offers a wide range of complimentary activities and amenities that the whole family can enjoy, including three freshwater swimming pools, tennis courts, rooftop hot tubs, two restaurants, and a fleet of kayaks, wind surfers, sailboats, and bicycles. Far and away one of our very favorite destinations for couples, larger groups, and families. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,084.00 to $3,226.00 per person. Please call for details.

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[ Placencia, Belize ] For years, anglers have flirted with mothership and liveaboard operations in the Caribbean, often-times returning disappointed with the quality of the boat, the poor fishing, and the low caliber of the guides. After exploring and researching these live-aboard options for years, we have finally found one that is every bit as good as it claims to be – Three Amigos Flyfishing. An exciting new mothership operation run by long-time industry veteran Bob Stevenson, Three Amigos offers direct and diverse access to the the finest waters in Southern Belize as well as the Bay Islands of Honduras. We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with this operation from the beginning, and we were there on the maiden week-long voyage to see things for ourselves. We can tell you first-hand that this is a very legitimate, quality operation that is well-suited for the adventurous angler.


el pescador lodge [ Ambergris Caye, Belize ] El Pescador Lodge, in business for over 35 years, is one of the most famous fly fishing lodges in all of Central America. Situated on Ambergris Caye, an easy 15 minute flight from Belize City, the lodge offers year-round fishing for the “Big Three” – tarpon, permit, and bonefish. Long one of our favorite saltwater destinations, the Ambergris area is perfect for the beginning saltwater fisherman and the experienced veteran alike. There are a number of fishing options available for those staying at El Pescador. You can fish for bonefish on the area’s numerous flats, or target schools of permit that cruise between many of the smaller islands. Perhaps the most popular fishing at El Pescador, however, is the sight-fishing for tarpon. Offering the largest “classic-style” tarpon flats in the world outside of South Florida, the Ambergris area is one of the few spots in the Caribbean where tarpon can be sight-fished year-round. With tarpon that range in size from 20 to 200 pounds, this is one of the best places in the world to target “silver kings” on a fly.


Built in a tropical-colonial style, this family-run and family-friendly lodge sits directly on the beach, 2.6 miles north of the happening little beach town of San Pedro. El Pescador offers quality food, a friendly, attentive staff, and a team of guides who have more experience fishing the waters of northern Belize than anyone. The rooms at the lodge are clean and quiet, and all have individual bathrooms with showers, air conditioning, and ceiling fans. For guests who prefer a higher degree of luxury or are interested in more private and spacious accommodations, the lodge also offers packages in the El Pescador Villas, ideal for couples, families, or small groups of friends. Amenities at the resort include a fully-stocked “Angler’s Bar,” three swimming pools, wireless internet, workout area, volleyball courts, a casting area, and a fly shop that stocks all of the saltwater essentials. The location of the lodge is fairly secluded, yet close enough to town to offer great access to a host of restaurants, shops, and bars. San Pedro is a great vacation beach town with the best nightlife in all of Belize! 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,295.00 per person.

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Photo: Alan Kuhre

garbutt brothers lodge [ Punta Gorda, Belize ] Finally! The finest guides in the Punta Gorda region have opened their own fishing-focused lodge operation, a beautiful new facility located in the town of Punta Gorda on the banks of Joe Taylor Creek. This is a true fly fishing operation built by anglers for anglers – a comfortable and welldesigned lodge that serves as the perfect base-camp from which to fish the rich, permit-filled waters of Southern Belize. The Punta Gorda region is still home to what we consider the finest permit fishing in the world. The new lodge – owned and operated by the well-known Garbutt Brothers and run by the entire Garbutt family – offers the most comprehensive fishing program in the area. For many saltwater anglers, catching a permit on a fly is truly the “Holy Grail” of fly fishing, and the waters of Punta Gorda have as many – if not more – permit than any place we have ever seen. We make no qualms about the fact, however, that Punta Gorda is primarily a permit fishing destination and one that is best suited for those who understand and appreciate the challenges of this type of fishing. If you’re serious about catching permit on a fly and want to fish with Southern Belize’s “A-Team,” then the Garbutts are the guides you want. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,865.00 per person.

[ Placencia, Belize ] The name Placencia has for years been synonymous with world class permit and tarpon fishing, and the area is home to some of the finest, most experienced guides in all of Central America. Not only is this a great place to fish, but this is a place where you can really LEARN the intricacies and details of flats fishing from some of the best guides in the business. Really the only complaint that anglers have ever had about fishing the waters of Placencia was that each morning and afternoon required a long run from town on the mainland to the prime fishing areas offshore. Whipray Caye – and its prime location on a tiny, private island eight miles off the coast – solves that problem! While fairly basic and rustic in nature, Whipray is comfortable, economical, and strategically located – the ideal destination for hard-core anglers looking to maximize their time on the water and take advantage of the area’s premier permit fishing. Aside from permit, the area also offers shots at bonefish, tarpon, the occasional snook, and numerous other species. Why settle for a long boat run each morning to reach the best fishing waters when you can stay in the middle of it all? One of the best values anywhere in the Caribbean. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,885.00 per person.

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whipray caye lodge


hink “Bonefish” and you immedia tely think of the Bahamas. In fact, the people of the Bahamas love their bonefish so much that the fish even appears on the country’s money! An island nati on comprised of over 700 individual islands, the Bah amas offers the largest, most productive systems of bonefish flats in the world. A short hop from Flor ida and other areas of the U.S., the Bahamas is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or a week-long fishing pack age. From basic fishing lodge accommodations to high-end resort packages, we offer more than 20 different options in our Bahamas line-up: the most com prehensive and diverse program in the world of fly fishing travel!

s a m a h a b


abaco lodge

[ The Marls - Abaco, Bahamas ] One of the nicer overall operations in the Bahamas, the brand new Abaco Lodge is the perfect destination for those seeking “just a little more” from a bonefish destination. Strategically located in the highly productive Marls area on the eastern side of Abaco, this new, high-end lodge offers immediate access to an extensive and well-protected flats system and amazing numbers of bonefish. Because of this key location within the Marls themselves, there is very minimal running time to the flats each day, something that will absolutely maximize your fishing time over the course of a week.

and sofas you can literally disappear in. Large picture windows overlook the Marls and the lodge’s dock, and there is a unique outdoor patio with a bar and large sitting area. Adjacent to the main lodge and the patio is a small freshwater pool and outdoor fire pit. All of the guest rooms at Abaco Lodge are single occupancy, each with a private bathroom and a large deck overlooking the flats. All rooms have thermostat-controlled A/C, queen sized beds, plenty of storage for gear and clothing, and a sliding screened door with direct access to the common deck area. Hands down one of the nicest lodges in the entire region.

The newly remodeled main lodge and accompanying rooms are very well designed. The main lodge features an inclusive, well stocked bar, a large dining area, satellite TV,

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (single occupancy rooms) $5,963.00 per person.


bahamas ~ 30

black fly guest house

[ Sandy Point - Abaco, Bahamas ] The laid back fishing settlement of Sandy Point, located on the southern tip of Abaco Island, is home to some of the best bonefishing found anywhere in the Bahamas. Sitting directly on a beach overlooking its own picturesque flat, Rickmon Lodge has been in the bonefish business since 2000, and the lodge’s founder, head guide, and owner – Ricardo Burrows – has fished the waters around Sandy Point for more than 30 years. Along with Ricardo, the lodge employs ten friendly and experienced Sandy Point guides, all of whom pride themselves on their bonefishing skills and local knowledge.

[ Abaco, Bahamas ] Located on southern end of the Marls of Abaco, the new Black Fly Guest House is a great option for families, couples, and small groups of angling friends, an atmosphere that is both intimate and private. This beach house sleeps six very comfortably, overlooks the ocean, and is a close run to some of Abaco’s finest flats. The house is clean, well appointed, and spacious, and the beach is less than 100 yards from the house. All meals are prepared inhouse by a local chef, and the menu can be customized to meet the tastes and requests of the group.

The flats of Abaco, most of which are easily waded, are made up of hard, white sand and turtle grass. Bonefish average three to four pounds, and fish in the doubledigits are found on a regular basis. Off the west coast of Abaco lie Gorda Cay and Mores Island, renowned for holding large bonefish as well as good numbers of permit on beautiful, sandy-white flats. They are recognized as two of the best places in the Bahamas to specifically target permit. On calm days, these islands are an easy run from the lodge and well worth the trip! Wireless internet access is available in the lodge’s common room, and all the rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, and cable TV.

As nice as the house itself is, however, the strongest attribute of this operation is the guide team, headed by Capt. Clint Kemp and Paul Pinder, two of the most in-demand and well respected guides in all of the Bahamas. Paul, Clint, and their entire guide staff know this area incredibly well, fishing Cherokee Sound, the Southern Marls, Sandy Point, and several of the small islands off the mainland on a regular basis. The waters that they focus on are uncrowded and pristine, presenting excellent opportunities for big bonefish, occasional permit, and numerous other species. We view this operation as a great option that allows you to experience the best of Abaco in a private, non-traditional, guest house setting.

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,820.00 per person.

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,750.00 per person.

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rickmon bonefish lodge


pelican bay bonefishing

north riding point club

[ Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas ] We appreciate how tough it can be for many anglers to balance their annual fishing trip with the vacation demands of family. For this reason we are proud to feature Pelican Bay Resort in our lineup, an operation that couples an outstanding fishing program with all of the comforts and amenities of a family beach resort. For anglers new to saltwater flats fishing, Pelican Bay is a good place to learn and a destination that can provide action your very first time out. More experienced anglers can choose to pursue a trophy bonefish or permit, or take advantage of Pelican Bay’s offshore program for dorado, blackfin, skipjack tuna, and numerous other hard-fighting species.

[ Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas ] In a country that has a well-deserved reputation for the best bonefishing in the world, Grand Bahama is one of the finest destinations in the Bahamas. The north shore of Grand Bahama is home to several hundred square miles of flats, inlets, and mangroves. This huge area of fishing grounds, where you are unlikely to see another boat all day, is packed with bonefish. In fact, it is not uncommon to see thousands of bones per day fish that are less pressured and therefore more likely to take a fly.

The bottom line is that Pelican Bay enables avid fishermen to provide their family with a wonderful Caribbean beach vacation with absolutely no compromise to the quality of their fishing. Situated at the entrance to Grand Bahama’s Bell Channel, Pelican Bay sits adjacent to both the white sands of Lucaya Beach and Count Bassie Square. This area of the island offers a wide selection of restaurants, bars, duty-free shopping, casinos, golf, water sports, and evening entertainment. Whether you are a die-hard angler seeking serious fishing opportunities or someone who desires a quality vacation for non-angling companions and family, then Pelican Bay is the ideal choice in the Bahamas

North Riding Point Club is located on six acres of pristine, beach-front property on the southern shore of the island. This is a private club that offers spacious and luxurious accommodations in a quiet and secluded location. There are a total of five guest rooms, four of them situated in two separate cottages and one in the main lodge. Each room contains two queen-sized beds, a full bathroom, and air conditioning. The rooms also have large screened-in patios facing the beach. Freeport, the second largest town in the Bahamas, is a short 30-minute boat ride away, and non-anglers will find a host of additional activities in the area including snorkeling, SCUBA diving, shopping, nature tours, horseback riding, nightlife, and golf.

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,525.00 to $3,370.00 per person. Call for details

7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) start at $4,200.00 per person, depending on season.


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(Weightless vs. Bead Chain Eyes vs. Dumbbells)

When it comes to selecting the correct size for a bonefi sh or permit fly, a good general rule is the shallower the water, the smaller the fly. Regardless of the SIZE of fly, however, the weight and sink rate is crucial. When fishing any saltwater flats destination, your permit and bonefish fly boxes should contain flies with at least three differ ent sink rates: unweighted, slightly weighted, and heavy .

Ò UnweightedÓ Skinny Water Flies:

out eyes or Tied as light as possible, usually with e patterns in thes Fish s. eye in with plastic bead cha s where the extremely shallow water or over flat er that is less turtle grass is thick. (Usually in wat than one foot deep.)

Ò Slightly WeightedÓ Flies:

north andros lodge [ North Andros Island, Bahamas ] Phillip Rolle and his experienced guide staff are among the finest guides on Andros Island, and their prime location in the small settlement of Nichols Town allows them to concentrate their fishing primarily on the expansive Joulter Cayes fishing grounds on the northern part of Andros. A collection of islands and small cayes, the Joulters are famous for endless, white sand, hard-bottomed flats that are ideal for extensive wading. This is some of the finest terrain on earth for stalking tailing bonefish in skinny water, and Phillip’s overall program is one of the best values anywhere in the Bahamas. Lodging is in Phillip’s newly remodeled guest house, ideally set up for groups of four to six anglers. The guest house, a short one minute walk from the beach, is located on a small side street in the settlement of Nichols Town. The town is laid back, safe, and friendly, and the guest house is the perfect place to enjoy a postfishing cold Kalik beer and freshly-made conch salad. The three bedroom house is clean and comfortable, designed for those who care more about fishing and less about high-end amenities. Most importantly, it is only a 15 minute drive from Kemps’s Bay, the gateway to the Joulters and the boat ramp where you will begin most days. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,140.00 per person.

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Ò HeavyÓ Flies:

Effective in water that is greater than two feet deep. Be sure that the heavy category includes smaller hook sizes as well as larger patterns.


Use standard bead chain eye s or micro-barbell eyes. These flies are design ed for water that is one to two feet deep, wh ere turtle grass and coral may or may not be an issue.

The concept of matching you r fly’s weight to the water depth and conditions is a simple one. In skinny water, very little weight is required to sink the fly a few inches , and a delicate presentation is ess ential. When fishing deeper water situations, the splash of a fly is much less perceptible, and a weighted fly is the only thing that can get to the bottom fast enough.


stafford creek lodge

kamalame cay resort

[ Andros Island, Bahamas ] For anglers seeking first-rate accommodations and some of the best guides and bonefishing in the Bahamas, we put Stafford Creek Lodge at the very top of the list. Head guide and owner Prescott Smith is one of the most experienced and respected guides in the Bahamas, and over the past fifteen years, he and his staff have developed one of the best-run lodges and most highly acclaimed fishing programs in the region. With Stafford Creek Lodge as your base camp, you can explore the area’s numerous creek systems, inland lakes, the famous West Side of Andros, and the wilderness of the Joulters to the north. Where, when, and how you fish each day is always designed to maximize your success at landing bonefish, permit, tarpon, and a variety of other species. The lodge’s specialized programs and instructional techniques are designed to meet the needs and expectations of all skill levels, from beginner to expert. With veteran guides, a superior staff, and high-end equipment that includes top-ofthe-line Maverick Skiffs, Stafford Creek offers anglers one of the finest experiences available anywhere in the Caribbean. Guests stay in large, comfortable cottages, and the food at the lodge is excellent. Stafford Creek is a small operation, accommodating a maximum of eight anglers at a time, which means that early bookings are highly recommended. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $4,743.00 per person.


[ Andros Island, Bahamas ] Of the numerous bonefish destinations on Andros and throughout the Bahamas, none offer the elegance, the privacy, and the high-end amenities of Kamalame Cay. This 97-acre private island resort is the perfect retreat for couples and families seeking a unique Caribbean destination capable of catering to both anglers and non-anglers alike. From small bungalows to private homes, there are seven different lodging options at Kamalame, allowing you to customcreate the perfect accommodation package for you, your family, or your group. Kamalame also offers a full-service spa built directly over the water – the nicest in all of the Bahamas. The resort’s huge, private beach is so inviting and pristine that it was featured on the cover of the 2005 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. One great thing about the fishing at Kamalame is the close proximity to the Joulters Cays, an area that may offer the most productive bonefishing in all of the Bahamas. The nearby town of Red Bays also allows easy access to Andros' West Side. For those who wish to chase bonefish on their own or for short periods of time, the expansive home flats on the backside of Kamalame are easily accessed via golf cart and wading. This is far and away the nicest, most romantic “fishing destination” that we’ve ever seen! 5 night / 4 fishing day “Standard Suite” packages (double occupancy) start at $2,887.00 per person. Please call for details.

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[ Andros Island, Bahamas ] Andros Island’s Charlie Neymour is one of the finest, most in-demand guides in all of the Bahamas. We can tell you that when you’re fishing the waters of Andros, Charlie and his hand-picked team of guides are the guys you want to be fishing with! Whether fishing the nearby waters of Andros’ North Bight or the remote West Side where bonefish reach world-class size, this is a guide team that can deliver. In 2009 Charlie and his wife Fatiha opened their new lodging and fishing operation in the town of Behring Point. Now, with new accommodations and a great new location, the overall package that Big Charlie’s is offering is better than ever. The new guest house is located on the banks of Cargill Creek and can accommodate up to eight guests at a time. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, television, and a private bathroom. The new dining room and bar area sits adjacent to a large patio, and both offer waterfront views of the creek. As before, the menu is a combination of classic Bahamian dishes and various international cuisine, all prepared by Charlie’s wife and co-host at the lodge, Fatiha. This is one of the best values in the Bahamas and one of the top options for those looking for a hard-core fishing-focused package. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,495.00 per person.

[ North Bight – Andros Island, Bahamas ] Andy Smith is hands-down one of the finest guides in the Bahamas. Collectively, his experience, skills, and professionalism are unmatched. In 2009, after years of planning and construction, Andy completed and opened one of the nicest small-lodge operations we’ve ever seen. Extremely well-situated on its own private island in the very heart of the North Bight, Broad Shad Cay offers what many consider to be the best location on Andros. The beautiful new lodge consists of two bedrooms, a main dining room and lounge area, and a wrap-around deck offering unbeatable views of the surrounding waters. Other amenities include satellite TV, air conditioning, and a productive wading flat right in front of the lodge. In fact, you can scan the home flat for bones right from the deck while enjoying a post-fishing beverage from the all-inclusive bar. This one-of-a-kind destination is situated equidistant between the east and west coasts of Andros. Since the tides come from both coasts, this location allows anglers to fish optimum tides throughout the day with minimal running time in the boat. Small and exclusive, Broad Shad Cay offers a great location, first-rate accommodations, and the opportunity to learn the finer aspects of flats fishing from Andy and his hand-picked team of guides. Capacity is limited to four guests per week. 6 night / 5 fishing day package (double occupancy) $4,968.00 per person.

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big charlie’s guest house

smith’s broad shad cay

andros south lodge [ Andros Island, Bahamas ] Andros South Lodge is located in the remote settlement of Kemp’s Bay on the southeastern shore of South Andros Island. This particular area of Andros is home to an amazing number of tidal creeks and inland flats that provide incredible habitat for hungry bonefish of all sizes. The primary focus of Andros South is to provide the best possible bonefish experience in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. And with one of the most experienced guide staffs in the area, you will be fishing this large and diverse habitat in the most effective manner possible. Along with the ability to cater to the most experienced saltwater anglers, Andros South’s guide staff can also accommodate the inexperienced or first-time saltwater angler with instruction on casting, hooking, and fighting fish. After each productive day on the water, you return to the lodge for cocktail hour at the lodge’s “wet-bar” located directly on the beach. When the sun goes down, everyone adjourns to the dining room for homemade meals of local seafood, lobster, chicken, and conch. Cigars, cocktails, and conversation can be enjoyed on the main patio before retiring to your own single-occupancy, private cabana to prepare for the next day’s fishing. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (single occupancy) $3,850.00 per person.

tiamo resort

To minimize fishing pressure on the area’s pristine and highly-productive flats, Tiamo will only accommodate a maximum of four anglers per week. One of our very favorite destinations for couples trips, this is the perfect destination for the Bahamas vacation you’ve been meaning to take or for the Caribbean honeymoon you’ve always dreamed about. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) start at $2,812.00 per person. Call for details.

andros island bonefish club [ Andros Island, Bahamas ] One of the most famous and well-established lodges in the Bahamas, Andros Island Bonefish Club is a great destination for anglers looking for a classic Bahamian bonefishing experience. Due to an enormous offering of flats, creeks, cays, cuts, mangroves, and fertile fishing grounds, Andros is arguably the best island in the Bahamas for anglers seeking both numbers and size. If you are a serious angler looking for big bones, then the North and Middle Bight of Andros can deliver. If you’re a first-time saltwater fisherman or an intermediate angler looking to improve, then Andros is an ideal destination due to the sheer number of bonefish that inhabit area waters. Anglers new to fishing for bones can be taken to areas of the island where they can tune their skills on small to medium-sized fish all day long. The Bonefish Club is well equipped for comfort and features air conditioned rooms, private baths, satellite TV, internet access, and an indoor and outdoor waterside bar. Wade fishing can be found a short walk from the lodge at the mouth of Cargill Creek, making it possible to fish on arrival and departure days or after daily guide hours (for those who just can’t seem to get enough!). The lodge can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time, making this a great destination for corporate retreats and larger groups. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,145.00 per person.

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[ Andros Island, Bahamas ] Experience pure relaxation, wonderful accommodations, gourmet food, and world class bonefishing at one of the Caribbean’s most unique and beautiful nature resorts. Located on South Andros, Tiamo has recently reopened after more than a year of being closed for major renovations and a massive property-wide facelift. Re-opening in 2010, the new Tiamo is one of the finest and most high-end small lodges found anywhere in the Caribbean. Tiamo remains at the forefront of what’s known as globally responsible tourism, and they have successfully proven that creating an environmentally conscientious tourism establishment can be accomplished without sacrificing the quality of the experience that they provide for guests. There are no roads that lead to Tiamo, and the only way to get there is via a scenic 15-minute boat ride through the sparkling green and blue waters of the southern bight. Guests reside in private beach bungalows – quaint on the outside and very comfortable within.


stella maris resort

crooked island lodge

[ Crooked Island, Bahamas ] Located on the northern end of the Bahamas’ Long Island, Stella Maris is an "elegantly casual" resort that caters not only to the serious flats angler, but to families, large groups, significant others, and non-anglers as well. Stella Maris is located on a very private 3,000 acres, with a variety of accommodations and activities to suit any type of traveler. If you are looking for a romantic vacation, family retreat, corporate function, or a larger group experience, then Stella Maris has all the bases covered. From clean and comfortable lodge accommodations to four-bedroom oceanfront houses with a private pool, you can customize your lodging at Stella to match the specific needs of your group. Non-anglers can enjoy scuba diving, guided snorkeling, land tours, sea-kayaking, tennis, and much more.

[ Crooked Island, Bahamas ] Crooked Island is one of the least-visited and most productive fisheries in the Bahamas, located about as far from the U.S. mainland as one can get and still be in Bahamian waters. The location of Crooked is important when you consider that weather patterns for the island are usually more consistent and warmer than other Bahamian islands, especially throughout the winter and early spring season. The average bonefish in these waters run three to five pounds, and anglers will find themselves casting to larger fish on a regular basis. Imagine wading pristine flats that seem endless with no other anglers in sight! Aside from the fantastic bonefishing, permit can be found during most months of the year and the guides on the island are eager to fish for them. You can also experience the thrill of offshore fishing for wahoo, dolphin, grouper, snapper, jacks, mackerel, sharks, and more.

When is comes to the quality of the fishing, Long Island still ranks as one of the best-kept secrets in all of the Bahamas. The bonefishing on the island’s uncrowded flats can honestly be described as incredible. Schools of bonefish in the Stella Maris area can number anywhere from 40 to over 400, with fish ranging in size from two to over ten pounds. These schools can be found on the flats year-round due to the southerly location of Long Island and a warm, consistent North Equatorial current. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) start at $3,295.00 per person. Please call for details.


In such a remote area, it can be extremely difficult to operate a professional lodge at such a high level. Crooked Island Lodge, however, gets the job done. The expansive lodge grounds include a pleasant swimming beach with a shaded Tiki hut, and sea kayaks to tour the coast and visit the historic lighthouse. All of the guest rooms sit at the tip of Crooked’s Pittstown Point, providing direct ocean views from every room. 7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $2,995.00 per person.

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other bahamas offerings mount pleasant lodge

[ Andros Island, Bahamas ] One of the best do-it-yourself, fish-on-your-own options anywhere in the world of saltwater flats fishing. This economical Yellow Dog offering allows direct access to mile upon mile of flats, making it a great destination for anglers interested in wade fishing on their own for bonefish. For those looking for a fully guided package, Mount Pleasant can also arrange guided fishing for any or all of your days at the lodge. Accommodations are in spacious cottages with full kitchenettes, A/C, private bathrooms, and shared living rooms for socializing and lounging. 7 night / 6 day self-guided package (double occupancy) $1,470.00 per person

mayaguana bonefishing

[ Mayaguana, Bahamas ] Another fantastic do-it-yourself tip option, Mayaguana offers great fishing for large bonefish on one of the most remote and least-visited islands in all of the Bahamas. With only 300 people on the entire island, this is a destination that is definitely out there! Here, there are great opportunities to wade fish on your own and access productive flats and a vast creek system via canoe. An ideal destination for competent anglers comfortable with finding and catching bonefish on their own. Comfortable accommodations, a great price, and some of the nicest people anywhere in the Bahamas.

nassau day trips

[ Nassau – New Providence, Bahamas ] When visiting Nassau or Paradise Island on a cruise, family vacation, or a business trip, you can now enjoy world-class fishing for some of the biggest bonefish found anywhere in the Bahamas. It is a common misconception that because of the development on Nassau, there are no bonefish to be found. Fish with Captain Clint Kemp from Secret Soul Flyfishing for one day and that misconception will very quickly correct itself! Nassau is home to plenty of big bonefish that – surprisingly – see very little angling pressure. Full or half days are available, and all equipment, flies, food, and drinks are included.

acklins island lodge

[ Acklins Island, Bahamas ] Acklins Island Lodge is completely surrounded by over 1,500 square of miles of shallow water flats that – compared to other destinations – see very little fishing pressure. As a result, this area is home to fantastic numbers of happy, naive bonefish. This is one of the better overall values in the Bahamas, and one that is ideally suited for anglers who love to wade fish. Since Acklins is located so close to Crooked Island, anglers may also choose to combine these two destinations to create a customized combo week of fishing both locations.

Half day guided trips are $500.00 for one or two anglers. Full day trips are $650.00.

7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) $2,314.00 per person.

deadman’s caye

bair’s bonefish lodge

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,180.00 per person.

7 night / 6 fishing day package (double occupancy) start at $4,250.00 per person.

[ Long Island, Bahamas ] Located in the middle of the Long Island chain, Deadman’s Cay Lodge offers year-round fishing with private accommodations, experienced local guides, and one of the best price-points in all of the Bahamas. Remote, low-profile, and economical, Deadman’s is not a 5-star lodging operation by any stretch of the imagination. With very little fishing pressure in this particular area, however, you can experience great fishing on thousands of acres of flats where it is unusual to even see other anglers. The guides are hard working and the bonefish are plentiful, so expect long days on the water!

[ South Andros Island, Bahamas ] Ideally situated on South Andros midway between the South Bight and Grassy Creek, Bair’s Lodge accesses some of the most remote flats and productive fishing areas in the entire region. One of the nicest, high-end operations in the Bahamas, the lodge limits occupancy to twelve anglers per week, enabling the staff to provide exceptional personalized guest service. In addition to the comfort of the dining room, sitting room and bar, the lodge’s superb menu includes beautifully prepared Bahamian specialties that concentrate on the area’s magnificent fresh seafood.

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7 night / 6 fishing day non-guided package (double occupancy) $1,300.00 per person.


rom the turquoise waters of Asc ension Bay to the mangrove lagoons of Cam peche to the incredibly rich waters of the Sea of Cortez, the fishing opportunities throughout the Yucatan region and the Baja Peninsula are incredibly diverse. An easy and economical trip from anywhere in the U.S., a fishing trip to Mexico is ideal for the first-timer, for the ang ler looking for a family/fishing vacation, or for the seasoned, experienced angler looking for grea t action. Whether you’re interested in fish ing the southern waters of the Yucatan or the East Cape waters of Baja, we offer the finest operatio ns in the region.



pesca maya lodge

[ Ascension Bay - Yucatan, Mexico ] Situated in the middle of the 1.3-million acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Pesca Maya Lodge offers a great fishing program, good food, a variety of accommodation options, and one of the finest values found anywhere in the world of saltwater flats fishing. Pesca Maya first opened its doors in January of 1996 and has since established itself as one of the Yucatan’s most popular fishing destinations. The lodge property is located 90 miles south of Cancun on a long, narrow strip of barrier beach that is virtually surrounded by the waters of Ascension Bay and the Boca Paila flats and lagoons.

Pesca Maya offers the best of both fly fishing worlds. Whether you are wading the immense expanse of Ascension Bay’s flats for schools of bonefish and permit or casting in area lagoons for tarpon, snook, or barracuda, this is an ideal fishery for novice and seasoned saltwater anglers alike. The “typical” conditions encountered when fishing the Ascension Bay area are exactly what many anglers hope for. Bright sun, white sand flats, and crystal clear water all combine to create ideal conditions for both sighting and stalking fish. With hundreds of square miles of flats, it is not uncommon to see bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and barracuda all in the same day. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,080.00 per person, all inclusive.


mexico/yucatan ~ 40

[ Xcalak - Yucatan, Mexico ] Located on the far southern tip of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is the small fishing village of Xcalak (Ish-ca-lack) and the waters of Chetumal Bay. The largest bay in the entire Yucatan, Chetumal is nearly twice the size of Ascension Bay, its famous neighbor to the north. This area is home to endless, white-sand flats and healthy populations of Yucatan bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, jacks, and many other species. The world's second longest barrier reef begins along this stretch of Mexico's Caribbean coast, which means that the diving and snorkeling here is also spectacular – rich with coral and a large variety of tropical fish. This is an excellent fishery for all skill levels, from the novice angler looking to cut their teeth daily on bonefish, or the serious angler searching for shots at trophy permit. On calm days the oceanside flats and drop-offs can provide excellent sight fishing opportunities for permit schools and large migratory tarpon. If the wind does become a problem, the lagoons behind Xcalak provide shelter as well as productive fishing for baby tarpon and snook. In addition to fishing from the lodge’s 23 foot skiffs (pangas), Chetumal also offers some of the best wade fishing in the Yucatan. All-in-all, this is one of the strongest saltwater operations that we work with in regards to diversity of species and varied fishing scenarios.

Costa de Cocos Lodge is an operation that we have been working with here at Yellow Dog for the past five years. Each year we have seen our business with Costa grow, the result of a great lodge program, a great fishery, and owners that really know how to take care of their guests. Just north of the Belizean border, the lodge itself is set amidst picturesque coconut groves at the end of a very long road. The area’s jungle, rich with wildlife, is the lodge's back yard, and the Caribbean Sea is literally on the front steps. In fact, permit and bonefish are regularly caught directly in front of the lodge. Guests stay in one of 16 individual private cabanas, each featuring a private bathroom, dual ceiling fans, wireless internet, and daily maid service. After a long day of fishing, you can relax on the lodge’s main deck, enjoying a cold drink and fresh appetizers from the kitchen. The lodge's fully stocked bar is always open and cold cervezas are available anytime. Aside from offering great customer service, the lodge also operates with a dedicated and impressive environmental conscience on all levels. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $2,995.00 per person.

mexico/yucatan ~ 41


costa de cocos lodge




(...and get him to eat!)

s This is the million dollar question, and if anyone figure for bucks big pay we’ll this one out, let us know – the answer! In all seriousness, however, there are a – few key things to remember when casting to permit fish. g feedin and fish, g rapidly moving fish, cruisin

Ò MovingÓ Permit

These fish are toug h – no doubt abou t it. A cast at movin is a long shot, but g fish worth it on the of f-chance that one eat. Present your might fly 10 to 20 feet, allow well in front of the fish, anywhere from ing the fly to sink the bottom, slowl to the bottom. On y crawl the fly in ce on an effort to attra fish’s attention. ct the

Ò CruisingÓ Permit

These are typically slowermoving fish that may or may not be fee ding. cruisers, lead the fish by five With to ten feet, allowing the fly to sink to the bottom directly in front of the permit. Occasionally a cruising fish will spot the fly as it descends, rac ing forward to eat.

Ò TailingÓ Permit

t the most exciting These guys presen rtunity for the and promising oppo permit is digging g ilin angler, as a ta ttom and usually food off of the bo . When casting ey pr focused on its ftly drop your fly to a tailing fish, so front of the fish in et fe two to three k to the bottom. If and allow it to sin e the fly, crawl it se t no the fish does re his attention befo slowly to attract ain. Say ag ss nle tio mo sit allowing it to for an eat! a prayer and hope


playa blanca [ Espiritu Santo Bay - Yucatan, Mexico ] For anglers looking to combine quality fishing with a private, all-around tropical beach vacation in a totally secluded setting, Mexico’s Playa Blanca may be the place. Located approximately 120 miles south of Cancun and 10 miles south of sister lodge Casa Blanca on the private island of Punta Pajaros, the lodge offers direct access to one of the largest protected marine reserves in the world. Playa Blanca is an adventure resort which offers the same great fishing program as Casa Blanca, with an assortment of additional adventure activities for non-anglers as well. This is a slightly more luxurious beach resort perfect for families or couples looking for the ideal Caribbean getaway. Non-angling activities at the lodge include sea kayaking, naturalist excursions, snorkeling, beachcombing, bicycling, and on-site Mayan Ruins. Rather than fishing Ascension Bay to the north, anglers staying at Playa Blanca have near-exclusive access to both Espiritu Santo Bay and the vast Santa Rosa Lagoon system – expansive, untouched fisheries home to large numbers of bonefish, permit, baby tarpon, snook, and numerous other shallow water species. This area receives very little angling pressure over the course of the year, making it an ideal destination for anglers who prefer fishing in solitude. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,545.00 to $4,365.00 per person, depending on season.

mexico/yucatan ~ 42

Photo: Dan “Rooster” Leavens

[ Ascension Bay - Yucatan, Mexico ] Located on the southern edge of Mexico’s Ascension Bay, Casa Blanca Lodge has long been recognized as one of the world’s best saltwater flyfishing destinations. Here at Yellow Dog, we consider Casa Blanca to be among the very finest lodges and fishing programs found anywhere in the Caribbean. In fact, this is one lodge that we use as a “bellwether” operation in order to evaluate and rate all others!

consistent action all year long. As for permit, it can be argued that at certain times of the year this part of the Caribbean may boast the world's largest population of these elusive and difficult fish. You can target numerous other fish species as well, including snook and large numbers of both baby and medium-sized tarpon. We believe that the waters surrounding Casa Blanca offer the light-tackle saltwater fisherman one of the most diverse selections of game fish in the world.

Completely surrounded by world famous Ascension Bay, Casa Blanca’s crystalclear waters are home to impressive numbers of game fish that can almost always be found pushing water, tailing, or cruising across white sand and turtle grass flats. When conditions are right, an angler can cast to bonefish, tarpon, snook, permit, jacks, barracuda, cubera snapper, mutton snapper, sharks, and several different reef species in a single week of fishing. This kind of angling diversity makes Casa Blanca the ideal destination for novice saltwater anglers and seasoned flyfishermen alike. The quality of the accommodations and food, the caliber of the guides, and the overall atmosphere of the lodge all combine to create an experience that we are both proud and excited to endorse.

Included in your stay is a private air charter from Cancun direct to Casa Blanca’s own airstrip, which means that no long, bumpy drives are required to access the lodge. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the Casa Blanca staff with a cold margarita and shown to your comfortable, spacious, and air conditioned room. In the main lodge you will find a well-stocked bar and a friendly, accommodating bartender. After a full day on the water, this is the perfect place to relax and trade stories with fellow anglers and friends. In the dining room, as you might expect, the house specialty is fresh seafood, usually lobster, snapper, or conch. You will always find the day's catch delicious and skillfully prepared.

For bonefish, the waters of Ascension Bay are home to large schools that provide

7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,545.00 to $4,365.00 per person, depending on season.

mexico/yucatan ~ 43


casa blanca lodge


campeche tarpon

isla holbox tarpon

[ Campeche - Yucatan, Mexico ] Located on the northwestern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche has received a good deal of attention over the past couple of years as the Caribbean’s number one hotspot for baby tarpon. Yellow Dog is proud of the fact that we were the first booking company to “introduce” this fishery, and we feel strongly that we represent it better than anyone! Simply put, Campeche offers some of the finest and most consistent fishing for baby tarpon that we have found anywhere in the world. With an extensive mangrove lagoon structure stretching to the north for more than 120 kilometers, the fishing for tarpon in the 5-to-20 pound range can be fantastic.

[ Isla Holbox, - Yucatan ,Mexico ] Located off the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Isla Holbox has established itself as one of the Caribbean’s top fisheries for trophy tarpon. A small, out-of-the-way island with beautiful white sand beaches, Holbox is surrounded by some of the most productive tarpon habitat found anywhere in the Caribbean. Anglers can find tarpon of all sizes throughout the year and strong numbers of larger fish in the 75-to-180 pound range during the spring and summer months. And while there are a small number of other fish species in the area (including snook), this is primarily a tarpon-focused destination.

Campeche is a great stand-alone trip for both anglers and non-anglers, as well as an excellent add-on trip for those visiting Ascension Bay or Isla Holbox. We can easily arrange a two, three, or four day package that can be added to the front or back end of any other regional Yucatan trip. With a large variety of touring activities, cultural sites, Mayan ruins, and day trips, Campeche is well-suited for non-anglers and non-fishing spouses looking to accompany an angler. This colonial city was designated a United Nations’ World Cultural Heritage for Humanity (UNESCO) site in 1999, making it a very unique and special place to visit.

Holbox is a picturesque island with just one village and less than 1,500 people. Holbox Flyfishing Lodge is the only property on the island dedicated to fly fishing enthusiasts and their non-fishing partners. It is located on the main Holbox beach, a short walk from the town square and only minutes from numerous restaurants and bars. All of the rooms feature air conditioning and comfortable furnishings. A continental breakfast at the lodge will start your day, and lunch is served on the boats on fishing days. Happy hour includes signature hors d'oeuvres, and dinner is on your own in one of the town’s many restaurants.

5 night / 4 fishing day packages start at $1,880.00 per person. Seasonal specials may apply. Call for details.

5 night / 4 fishing day package $1,795.00 - $2,395.00 per person, depending on season. Please call for details.


mexico/yucatan ~ 44

baja mexico offerings reel baja

[ East Cape – Baja, Mexico ] With crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and over 850 different species of fish, Baja’s East Cape is a special place that easily ranks as one of the world’s most productive fly fishing areas. The Reel Baja is a year-round guide service based on the East Cape’s Sea of Cortez, one hour north of the famed Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas. Reel Baja offers experienced and talented guides who specialize in targeting gamefish while fishing from the beach, by utilizing inshore pangas, and by fishing offshore in larger cruisers. For multi-day packages, Rancho Leonero Beach Resort serves as our East Cape fishing headquarters and home base, with spacious guest rooms, delicious food, a swimming pool, and an East Cape location that is second-to-none. 4 night / 3 day fishing and lodging packages begin at $1,250.00 per person. Please call for details.

baja anglers

[ Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ] For decades, Cabo San Lucas has been a popular destination for friends or family to gather and enjoy majestic beaches, fun nightlife, golfing, and – of course – great fishing. Located in the heart of Cabo, Baja Anglers is a guide and charter operation specializing in fly and light tackle fishing. Whether you’re looking for a day trip to compliment a family vacation, or a week-long hard core fishing package, Baja Anglers can make it happen. The fishing in the area is exceptional, as this part of the Sea of Cortez is basically a giant fish trap, where warm waters with shrimp, squid, sardines, and other food flow to Pacific predators like blue and black marlin, yellowfin tuna, dorado, wahoo, roosterfish, jack crevalle, Sierra mackerel, and many other species. Day trip packages (for one or two people) are $660.00.

mexico/yucatan ~ 45


rom the postcard-perfect waters of the Los Roques archipelago to the bluewat er mecca of Guatemala to the legendary wat ers of the Seychelles, we offer a number of fantastic saltwater fishing opportunities and destinations that many would consider “off the beaten path.” The regions and operatio ns featured in this section are all home to amazing numbers of saltwater fish, from bonefish, perm it, and tarpon to giant trevally and milkfish, to sailfish, dorado, and marlin.

y t l a s r e oth favorites guatemala

sailfish bay lodge

Photo: Mango Creek

[ Iztapa, Guatemala ] Over the past several years, Guatemala has gained an international reputation as home to the largest year-round concentrations of billfish – particularly Pacific sailfish. Along this portion of the Central American coast, strong ocean currents turn back after hitting the coast of El Salvador and create an enormous, naturally occurring eddy rich in both bait and pelagic fish. It is here that billfish and many other sportfishing species are found in great numbers, and the reason that the fishing is so good. In addition to the always abundant sailfish population, you may also have the opportunity to hook dorado, tuna, blue and black marlin, roosterfish, and jack crevalle. If you’re looking for great bluewater and big-game action, then Sailfish Bay Lodge is at the top of the list – for both the first-time bluewater angler and the


seasoned veteran. This is an action-packed, high excitement fishing experience! The lodge, located in the coastal town of Iztapa, is a deluxe beachfront resort that can accommodate up to 16 anglers at a time. With air conditioning, a private pool, and a full outdoor bar and eating area, you are able to relax at the end of each day in a secluded, safe, and comfortable environment. Packages, corporate outings, and special events can easily be arranged for groups of all sizes. 5 night / 4 day fishing and lodging packages begin at $2,366.00 per person. Please call for details.

guatemala ~ 46

crocodile bay resort

The resort is situated on 44 acres of manicured gardens on the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf) and offers anglers accommodations that are a step-up from standard fishing lodges found throughout the region. From individual rooms to private villas, and an array of amenitis that include everything from in-suite jacuzzis to a 5,000 square foot luxury spa, Crocodile Bay can easily accommodate non-anglers and spouses as well. Combine the great fishing with an amazing line-up of more than 25 individual activities, including horseback riding, zip lining, sea kayaking, and jungle hikes. Easily accessed from San Jose, all resort packages include direct flight transfers from San José to the Osa Peninsula. 5 night / 4 day fishing and lodging packages begin at $2,595.00 per person. Please call for details.

rio colorado lodge [ Rio Colorado, Costa Rica ] Archie Fields' world-famous Rio Colorado Lodge is situated on the Caribbean coast at the mouth of Costa Rica’s Colorado River. For decades, this area has laid claim to the best river mouth fishing in the world for trophy tarpon and snook. It is recognized by many serious anglers as THE place to land a trophy fish on a fly or with light tackle. The average size of the tarpon jumped in this area exceeds 80 pounds, and fish in excess of 200 pounds have been landed. When the conditions are right, you can jump eight to ten fish in a single day. Make no mistake: this is not Florida Keys-style tarpon fishing on the flats, but rather deep, murky water fishing with heavy, sinking lines. Expect to make a lot of casts, and know that every fish that you hook will be large! The entire Rio Colorado Lodge complex is built on stilts (elevating it from the ground), and totally covered (shielding it from the rain). There are 18 comfortable, air conditioned rooms that feature private baths, hot showers, electric fans, and daily maid service. Meals at the lodge are served family style, and the cuisine has earned high praise from guests from around the world. There is a comfortable recreation room, a well-stocked tackle shop, a complete bar, outdoor lounging areas, and a very interesting “lodge zoo.” 6 night / 5 day fishing and lodging packages begin at $2,750.00 per person.

costa rica ~ 47

costa rica

[ Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica ] Located on the Osa Peninsula – Costa Rica’s most pristine region and (according to National Geographic) the most “biologically intense place on Earth” – Crocodile Bay Resort offers what may be the finest sportfishing/adventure tour combo package found anywhere. With a fleet of more than 40 inshore and offshore fishing boats, an arsenal of high-end fishing equipment, and fast, deep-water access from their 850-foot private pier, Croc Bay is the ideal location for your next bluewater fishing trip. Anglers will delight in the diversity of offshore big game fishing for marlin, dorado, sailfish, tuna and wahoo, and marvel at the selection of inshore fishing that include roosterfish, snapper, snook, and more.


alphonse island - fly fish seychelles [ Alphonse and St. Francois Atolls, Seychelles ] The Seychelles offer what many believe is the best saltwater flats fishing in the world. Having fished these waters ourselves, we agree 100% with this incredibly bold statement! Yellow Dog is proud to have teamed up with Fly Fish Seychelles Ltd., the most experienced team of Seychelles destination experts in the world. The focus of this team of experts – Seychelles veterans Vaughn Driessel, Aline Quinard and Peter Rippin – is the legendary Alphonse Group, a remote and stunning collection of three small islands. Here, guests spend a luxurious week on Alphonse Island, travelling daily to fish the expansive flats and reefs of nearby St. Francois and Bijoutier. St. Francois Atoll alone is a vast expanse of flats totaling more than 10,000 acres. This may not sound like a huge area when compared to the vast public access acreage of other flats destinations, but within this private atoll, fishing is limited to only ten rods per week. This exclusivity and the total protection of the unique fishing resource ensures an angling experience unlike any other. Apart from the phenomenal bonefishing, the Alphonse group offers one of the most diverse shallow water “sightfishing” fisheries in the world, where crystal-clear waters and beautiful white sand flats are home to numerous trevally species, triggerfish, permit, milkfish, barracuda, and a virtually inexhaustive list of other flats and reef species. With a record of more than 60 different species landed on the fly, this is arguably the most diverse fishery in the world.


Each morning, upon entering the St. Francois lagoon, you will be transferred to your skiff with your guide for the day. Guiding takes place on a rotational basis allowing anglers to experience all aspects of the fishery. Virtually all fishing for bonefish and trigger fish is done while wading, with two anglers fishing simultaneously. Casting from the boats for large trevally and milkfish is the norm, and the skiffs are also used for chasing down big fish once hooked. All accommodations on Alphonse are in private chalets with comfortable beds, open air showers, A/C, and direct access to the beach. All transportation on Alphonse is via bicycle, and there are excellent home flats where anglers can fish on their own late into the evening. The menu at Alphonse features exceptional European and Creole food served by a gracious staff in beautiful surroundings. After dinner each evening, guests can retire to their chalet for an early night, or sip a cocktail or two in the bar. The Seychelles is served by direct flights from London, Paris, Dubai, and Johannesburg. From the U.S. you fly to Paris, London, or Dubai, and from there take an 8-10 hour flight to Mahe. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (single or double occupancy) $7,350.00 per person. Seasonal specials may apply. Call for details.

seychelles ~ 48

[ Los Roques, Venezuela ] Arguably one of the world’s most beautiful saltwater destinations, the archipelago of Los Roques, Venezuela is a protected natural marine park that is home to some of the best bonefishing on earth. If you make a list of the destinations that you absolutely have to visit and fish in this lifetime, then Los Roques definitely needs to be included – probably at the very top! Unlike most traditional bonefishing scenarios where you fish skinny-water flats to tailing fish, Los Roques offers a totally different angling experience. Unmatched anywhere else in the world of saltwater fishing is the Venezuelan bonefish’s aggressive, predatory nature. For that reason, it is common to stalk bonefish in this area by walking the beaches in search of cruising bonefish that are feeding on minnows, the main food source for these Venezuelan bones. Violent attacks on your baitfish and minnow imitations will immediately affirm that you have never seen bonefishing action like this before! For those looking for more traditional bonefish action, the archipelago is also home to numerous classic-style “pancake“ flats that offer excellent action for tailing, shallow water fish that range in size from three to over ten pounds. Whether you are walking the beaches or wading the flats, 99% of the fishing here is done on foot, away from the boat. Those that love to wade fish will be right at home on Los Roques.

Numerous schools of bonefish, large cruising singles and doubles, and low overall fishing pressure generally translate to easy hook-ups for beginners and legendary days for more seasoned anglers. We are proud to be working with Sightcast Outfitters, we’re happy with the overall excellence of the operation, and we feel strongly that they are the very best in the Los Roques area. Over the past few years, they have risen to the top with regards to the quality of their program, the capability of their guides, and the unyielding dedication to great customer service. First-rate guides, long days on the water, and clean, reliable boats make Sightcast an excellent choice for even the most discerning and demanding angler. Accommodations with these packages are at the comfortable and stylish Posada Acuarela, an operation that gives the small island an air of sophistication. Acuarela offers the nicest rooms on the island and food that you would expect from a high-end restaurant in any major U.S. city. Other features include air conditioning, hot water, plenty of cold beer, and a great location in the center of Gran Roque. 7 night / 6 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,755.00 per person.

venezuela ~ 49


sightcast outfitters


ong considered the “holy waters” of trout fishing, the rivers of Montana, Idaho, and the northwest offer some of the finest fishing, most prolific hatches, and most beautiful scenery in the world. Whe ther you drive or fly, come alone or bring the entire fam ily, trout fishing in the American West is close, easy , and affordable. For those looking at other areas in the country, we also offer redfishing in Louisiana, striper fish ing in New England, bass in Minnesota, and numerou s flats species in the Florida Keys. Wherever you trav el in the United States – from day trips to week-long pack ages –Yellow Dog is the company that can set you up with a fantastic domestic fishing experience.

s e t a t s d unite

Photo: Cale VanVelkinburgh


louisiana flywater

[ New Orleans & Southeast Louisiana ] To say that the shallow-water coastal fishery just south of New Orleans is unique would be an understatement. It would be like saying that the food in New Orleans is "pretty good" or that Mardi Gras is a "decent" party. Capt. Alec Griffin’s Louisiana Flywater specializes in sight fishing shallow water flats for redfish and numerous other species in the area’s ever-changing maze of bayous, bays, and ponds. This phenomenal team of guides live in Louisiana, fish in Louisiana, love Louisiana, and can't wait to share it with you. From the time you step off the plane until the time you step back on, you'll be catered to with an unmatched level of Southern Hospitality that includes luxury transportation, plantation lodging just minutes from the fishing grounds, authentic Cajun cuisine that rivals anything in the area, and year-round world-class saltwater fly-fishing.


Although the primary target and major draw to Southeast Louisiana for fly fishing enthusiasts is the red drum or “redfish,” other species such as speckled trout, black drum, sheepshead, and even Jack Crevalle can be targeted in the in-shore waters of this amazingly versatile fishery. No matter which way you cut it, the fishing in Southeast Louisiana rivals any saltwater sight fishing, anywhere. Louisiana Flywater specializes in multi-day individual and group packages, although they can accommodate day trips and other itineraries as well. 4 night / 3 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $1,550.00 - $1,770.00 per person, depending on time of year. Please call for details.

united states ~ 50

[ Freeport, Maine ] Arguably the best kept secret in the world of East Coast saltwater fly fishing, Maine's Casco Bay offers what many believe is the most consistent fishery for striped bass and bluefish anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard. Capt. Eric Wallace of Coastal Fly Angler focuses on the middle to lower half of Casco Bay, primarily fishing the inshore flats and shallows. Aboard an Action Craft skiff, you will fish most of your day in less than five feet of water, taking advantage of the currents that wash over the flats and bring stripers into skinny-water feeding zones. Eric is hands-down the best fly fishing guide in the area, and he knows what it takes to put his clients on fish! With countless acres of flats, there's no other place like this in striper country: active fish, no crowds, and a beautiful setting. Day trips are $425.00 - $600.00 (1 or 2 people) and multi-day packages begin at $1,200.00 per person.

[ Central Oregon ] Whether you’re looking for a one day guided Deschutes trip, private lake fishing, or a multi-day camping and float trip, Deschutes Angler offers a variety of world-class fishing and guiding options. This is an operation with a passionate guide staff, an amazing level of technical competence, and a willingness to teach and instruct on everything from the intricacies of river fishing to the dynamics of Spey casting. Whether you’re looking to fish for chrome-bright, hard-fighting steelhead with floating lines and light Spey rods, or pursue wild Redside trout with a dry fly, Deschutes Angler can guide you on the area’s waters, instruct you on applicable techniques, and set you up for success. For a change of pace from the river, Deschutes Angler also books over thirty private lakes, Guided day trips $475.00- $560.00 per day for either one or two people, depending on type of trip and time of year. Call for more details.

united states ~ 51

trouthunter lodge [ Last Chance, Idaho ] The Henry's Fork of the Snake River deserves its status as one of the most famous trout streams in the world. Much of the water has the look and characteristics of a giant spring creek, and the river’s prolific hatches and strong populations of large trout combine to make this one of the West’s top dry fly fisheries. Situated directly on the banks of the Henry’s Fork is TroutHunter Lodge, our numberone choice for guided fishing and lodging in eastern Idaho and the Yellowstone region. TroutHunter offers complete fishing packages that include comfortable accommodations, a fully stocked fly shop, a fullservice bar, and the best food on the river. Each TroutHunter Lodge package is custom-structured to meet your expectations, putting you on the right waters, with the right flies, at exactly the right time of the year. 6 night / 5 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $1,932.00 per person.


coastal fly angler

john & amy hazel’s deschutes angler

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[ Twin Bridges, Montana ] In the heart of Rocky Mountain trout country at the confluence of the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers, you will find the sleepy town of Twin Bridges, Montana, home to the Stonefly Inn. When it comes to Western trout fishing, many anglers consider this destination and overall location one of the very best. With one of the finest guide staffs in the area and a focus on “doing things right at all times,” the Stonefly Inn guides anglers on the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Ruby, and Madison Rivers, along with a handful of spring creeks and several stretches of private water scattered throughout the area. Rainbows and browns are plentiful in these fisheries, and the diversity of fishing scenarios and types of waters is impressive. When you stay at the Stonefly Inn, you will enjoy clean, freshly remodeled cabins that will make you look forward to returning from your day on the water. In a time of fast food, roadside motels, and less than friendly service, these are "the other guys" that do it right. The Inn features six cabins and can accommodate a maximum of twelve anglers. Each cabin has two queen beds, satellite TV, telephones, and Wi-Fi access. All-inclusive package include lodging, all guided fishing, all meals, equipment, flies, and private water access fees. 5 night / 4 fishing day package $1,999.00 per person. Call for pricing on other trip packages.

united states ~ 52

gallatin river lodge

[ Ennis, Montana ] Built on the banks of the Madison River three miles north of the small town of Ennis, Madison Valley Ranch provides fishermen an ideal base for wade or float fishing the waters of southwest Montana. Offering guided fishing on the upper and lower Madison River as well as day trips to the Beaverhead, Ruby, Big Hole, Gallatin, and Yellowstone, Madison Valley Ranch is among the nicest and best-run operations in all of Montana. Most of the guided fishing at M.V.R. is done from drift boats. This is a great way to fish, but if you prefer wade fishing, the guides will plan your floats so you can get out and do as much wading as you like. Catering to both the seasoned veteran and the first time fly fisher, the guides of M.V.R. tailor each trip based on your fishing skill level and your expectations. They want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible, and they do this by being honest, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

[ Bozeman, Montana ] On a 350 acre ranch just outside the town of Bozeman sits Gallatin River Lodge, a full-service fishing lodge that is the ideal choice for fishing the waters of Southwest Montana. Within easy striking distance of the lodge you can fish the Yellowstone River, the Lower Gallatin, the Upper and Lower Madison and numerous private spring creeks and lakes – all less than an hour’s drive from the lodge. As for “home waters,” a short walk across the meadows on the lodge’s property leads to two miles of private access on the Gallatin River, an excellent section of water for both brown and rainbow trout. Horseback riding trips into the backcountry to fish for native cutthroats can also be arranged.

The food at the lodge is first-rate, and the kitchen staff takes pride in serving wholesome, hearty, and healthy meals. Throw in the complimentary beer and wine and you will leave the dining room satisfied and happy every time. For a western family vacation, M.V.R. offers non-angling activities that include horseback riding, touring Yellowstone National Park, hunting, hiking, and sightseeing.

With a Jacuzzi tub in each of its six suites and in-room massages available, your room at Gallatin River Lodge is the perfect place to return to after a long day on the water. Exceptionally comfortable accommodations are matched by the outstanding cuisine. The Gallatin River Grill and Bar has rightfully earned its reputation of serving the best food in Bozeman, with a menu featuring a wide range of entrees and appetizers plus nightly specials for you to choose from. The full menu is included in all lodge packages, allowing you to enjoy whatever you may desire from this well-known, full-service restaurant!

6 night / 5 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $3,420.00 per person.

6 night / 5 fishing day package (double occupancy) $3,105.00 per person.

united states ~ 53


madison valley ranch

absaroka beartooth outfitters


[ Greater Yellowstone Area, Montana ] Located in a remote and isolated setting eight miles north of Yellowstone National Park, Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters offers isolated wilderness fishing from a well-established and comfortable backcountry camp. The camp itself can only be accessed by a day-long horseback ride through some of the most beautiful and remote terrain in the northern Rockies. Once there, you can fish a number of high country lakes, small streams, and the Hellroaring River for native cutthroat trout. Almost all of the fish in this area are caught using dry flies, making this the ideal destination for those who love to catch fish on the surface using light rods and large attractor flies. Camp accommodations consist of roomy carpeted wall tents. Each tent sleeps 2 to 4 people on cots with comfortable foam pads. The camp also features hot showers, which are much appreciated after a day on the trail or a day spent fishing at high altitude! Each night at camp you will enjoy a roaring fire and hearty meals prepared by the camp chef. For those looking to combine scenic horseback riding, a multiday camping experience, and great backcountry fishing, this is one adventure that should seriously be considered. Due to the remote location of this operation, the season is limited to July through early September. 5 night / 5 fishing day packages (double occupancy) $1,900.00 per person.


smith river float trips [ Central Montana ] There is one trip that the entire Yellow Dog team looks forward to every spring: one that many of us who live in Montana consider the best trip of the year. We’re talking about a multi-day float trip on the Smith River. A fully-guided float trip on the pristine, protected, and isolated waters of this river is 60 miles long and winds its way through a scenic and remote canyon over the course of five days. The Smith is primarily a brown trout fishery, although there are smaller populations of rainbows, cutthroat, and brookies as well. While releasing 20 to 30 fish in a day is common at certain times of the year, many anglers find that the fishing runs second to the overall atmosphere and beauty of the river and its phenomenal limestone canyon walls. When you arrive in camp at the end of each day, spacious two-person tents are already pitched, camp is set up, dinner is cooking, and the drinks are ready. A hearty and delicious streamside meal will provide the perfect end to a day in the wilderness. Stare into the campfire, enjoy a glass of whisky or wine, and think about the rises of the day, the “one that got away,” and the hook-ups to come in the morning. Swap stories with your friends and watch the last flicker of sunset slip below the cliffs of the river canyon. 5 night / 5 fishing day package $3,700.00 per person.

united states ~ 54

bighorn river lodge

[ Northwest Montana ] The northwest corner of Montana is far less traveled (and less fished) than the rest of the state - a rugged and remote region where the spine of the northern Rockies crashes directly into old-growth Pacific rainforest. This area of Montana is home to mile upon mile of productive, uncrowded trout water and to Linehan Outfitting Company, hands-down one of the best-run guide and outfitting operations in the region. In business since 1993, Tim Linehan has Montana Guide of the Year and Orvis Guide of the Year awards to his name, and both he and his wife Joanne have been recognized for their numerous accomplishments throughout the fly fishing industry. While the guides of Linehan Outfitting spend most of their time on the “home waters” of the Kootenai River, they also offer trips on the Clark Fork and a number of other waters throughout the area. Aside from single and multi-day trips, they also offer lodging packages in cabins on the Yaak River and at the Kootenai River Lodge, located on the banks of the Kootenai River in Libby, Montana. Day trips are $400.00 - $450.00 (1 or 2 people) and multi-day packages begin at $1,400.00 per person.

[ Ft. Smith, Montana ] Fly Fisherman Magazine once described Bighorn River Lodge as “the best lodge on the best fly fishing river in the world.” This first class facility is located directly on the banks of the Bighorn, a clear, cool tailwater river that hosts thousands of rainbow and brown trout per mile. Here you can fish long days for large, wild trout – returning each evening to enjoy the comforts and amenities of the nicest lodge in the area. The professional guides of B.R.L. know the river like the inside of their own fly boxes and are at home working with both first-timers and seasoned anglers. The lodge – under new ownership and management since 2008– features five private bedrooms, a common area with a river stone fireplace, a fully-stocked fly shop, and expansive decks to enjoy the Montana scenery during the summer months. The bedrooms are comfortably furnished, and no two rooms are back to back, guaranteeing you a quiet and restful sleep each night. Firstclass accommodations, great food, hard-working guides, and one of the most productive fisheries in the West make this a lodge you’ll want to return to. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend fishing escape or a long week on the water, the ‘Horn offers consistent action and big fish twelve months a year. 5 night / 4 fishing day package (double occupancy) $2,540.00 per person.

united states ~ 55


linehan outfitting

southwest montana


[ Bozeman, Montana ] There is no state in the lower-48 that can rival Montana when it comes to trout fishing. The scenery, diversity, and sheer number of rivers, streams, and backcountry opportunities have long made Montana the mecca of U.S. fly fishing. For that reason, Yellow Dog offers custom-built packages for anglers looking for the ultimate Big Sky fly fishing experience. Yellow Dog is born and bred in Montana. We live here and fish these waters, and we can put our knowledge to work for you. Rather than working with one single outfitter out of Bozeman, we’ve organized a team of the area’s finest guides, outfitters, and lodging options – a network that ensures that you’ll be matched with the best guide, on the best waters, at exactly the right time of year. Simply put, when you book your Southwest Montana trip through Yellow Dog, you can rest assured that you’ll be fishing with the top professionals in the business. Trips are available for groups of all sizes, and each package is custom-tailored based on time of year and waters fished. Whether you’re looking for a single day trip while visiting the Bozeman area, or planning a week-long trip to sample a variety of area waters, contact us and let us begin planning your next Montana adventure. Daily rates are $450.00 for up to two anglers. Call for package details and additional rates.


kelly galloup’s slide inn [ Upper Madison River, Montana ] Located on the banks of the Madison River, one of the most famous blue-ribbon trout streams in the world, Slide Inn’s 1,100 feet of river frontage provides some of the finest fly-fishing opportunities found anywhere in the country – a place where you can literally step out of your cabin and catch wild rainbows and browns on the world-famous Madison. Only a 30 minute drive from the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park and just 40 minutes from the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Slide Inn offers access to the best western trout fishing in the United States. Close to famous rivers such as the Firehole, the Madison, the Gardiner, the Gibbon, and the Gallatin, the Slide Inn also puts you 15 minutes away from five of the best western lakes for trophy trout fishing: Henry's, Hebgen, Quake, Cliff, and Wade. Each of the cabins at Slide Inn feature several beds, private bathrooms, full kitchens, and porches overlooking the river. Kelly Galloup is one of the best-known fishing personalities in the Western United States; a great outfitter who runs a first-rate, fishing-focused lodge and guide operation. 6 night / 5 fishing day packages $1,995.00 per person.

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other destinations and lodge offerings Aside from the operations included in the pages of this catalog, Yellow Dog is also proud to work with the following lodges and operations: For details on every lodge and operation that we do offer, please visit belize city day trips [ Belize City, Belize ] If you’re visiting Belize City for a short period of time – be it a cruise ship stopover or day added to either end of a fishing trip to another destination in Belize – we offer a fantastic day-trip option.

cancun-playa-tulum day trips [ Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico ] A great day trip package that will pick you up at any hotel in the area and transport you by van to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve and Pesca Maya Lodge. Breakfast, lunch, beverages, boat and guide, equipment, and round-trip transportation are all included.

three amigos honduras [ Roatan & Guanaja – Bay Islands, Honduras ] Fish the Bay Islands aboard “The Host,” a spacious and comfortable mothership that transports up to 8 anglers a week to water that no existing lodge can realistically reach. Wake up every morning to new flats right outside your window. brooks lodge [ Katmai National Park - Alaska ] The gateway to Katmai National Park, Brooks Lodge is the ideal location for both the do-it-yourself angler and those looking to do more than simply fish. This historic lodge is also home to the best brown bear viewing in all of Alaska.

robert’s caye [ Placencia, Belize ] Located 10 miles off the coast of Placencia, Robert’s Caye is a private island retreat that offers the same service, amenities, and operations as its first class parent resort, The Inn at Robert's Grove. An ideal option for honeymooners and hard-core anglers alike.

dave brown outfitters [ British Columbia and Alberta – Canada ] D.B.O. offers complete guide services on a number of famous (and some not-so-famous) Western Canadian rivers such as the Bow, Crowsnest, Oldman, Waterton, Red Deer, Elk, Kootenay, Wigwam, Bull, Columbia, and St. Mary Rivers.

spey lodge [ Skeena Region – British Columbia, Canada ] The Skeena River and its tributaries bring back year-round runs of salmon, steelhead, and trout to the system that – combined – offers the largest runs of wild fish in North America! Utilizing two separate locations in the area, Spey Lodge offers great all-inclusive programs.

wollaston lake Lodge [ Saskatchewan, Canada ] In the remote reaches of Canada’s serene northern wilderness lies one of the best freshwater fisheries in the entire world - the incomparable Wollaston Lake. The "Grand Slam" of Canadian freshwater fishing, including Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye and Arctic Grayling. tierra del fuego lodge [ Tierra Del Fuego Region – Chile ] The new lodge offering from Mark Kniprath – owner of Heart of the Andes Lodge for many years. Fish for giant sea-run browns from the Rio Grande in one of the most remote settings in all of South America. tarponville lodge [ Manzanillo, Costa Rica ] If you’re looking for a remote Caribbean tarpon fishing destination that offers great value and an impressive number of medium-tolarge-sized tarpon, then Manzanillo, Costa Rica might be the place for your next trip. the great sailfishing company [ Iztapa, Guatemala ] The Great Sailfishing Company has been providing economical all-inclusive sportfishing trips in Guatemala for many years. Each package is 100% customized to make sure your overall Guatemalan experience is the best it can be. martin langland guide services [ Christchurch - New Zealand ] Martin and Peter Langlands are two of the finest guides in all of New Zealand. We can easily arrange for a single day of guided fishing out of Christchurch, or we can organize an all-inclusive, multiday fishing and lodging package.

fiordland lodge [ Lake Te Anau - Southwestern Region, South Island ] A great New Zealand lodge option that will satisfy couples, honeymooners, and families just as much as it will the hard core angler looking for the ultimate New Zealand angling experience.

moosetrack adventures [ Boundary Waters, Minnesota ] Located in northeastern Minnesota, Moose Track offers guided packages in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provencal Park. Combined, this area offers over 2 million acres of pristine wilderness fishing for smallmouth bass, largemouth, pike, and musky.

t.c.o. central pennsylvania fly fishing [ Central Pennsylvania ] Located in the center of Pennsylvania, T.C.O. is surrounded by five of the East’s most revered limestone trout fisheries; historic streams dominated by wild brown trout that will challenge your skills and awe you with their beauty.

For detailed information on any of these lodges, including rates, amenities, travel details and dozens of photos, please visit

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top family & couples destinations At Yellow Dog Flyfishing, we appreciate how tough it can be for many anglers to balance their fishing addictions with the vacation demands of a family or a significant other! The lodges and operations listed on this page offer totally legitimate fishing opportunities while at the same time catering to non-anglers and family members with a variety of activities and options.

top couples destinations:

Mission Lodge (Alaska) ...............................................................................................Pg. 12

top family destinations:

Rapids Camp Lodge (King Salmon, Alaska) ..............................................................Pg. 13

Chocolate Lab Expeditions (San Martin de los Andes, Argentina) .........................Pg. 18

Rio Manso Lodge (Bariloche, Argentina)...................................................................Pg. 15

Cinco Rios Lodge (Coyhaique, Chile) .........................................................................Pg. 20

El Pescador Lodge (Ambergris Caye, Belize) ............................................................Pg. 28

Nomads of the Seas (Puerto Montt, Chile) ................................................................Pg. 21

Pelican Bay Resort (Grand Bahama, Bahamas) ........................................................Pg. 32

Turneffe Flats (Turneffe Atoll, Belize) .........................................................................Pg. 25

Stella Maris Resort (Long Island, Bahamas) .............................................................Pg. 38

The Inn at Robert’s Grove (Placencia, Belize) ............................................................Pg. 27

Campeche (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico)....................................................................Pg. 44

Kamalame Cay Resort (Andros Island, Bahamas) ....................................................Pg. 34

Baja Anglers (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) ....................................................................Pg. 45

Tiamo Resort (Andros Island, Bahamas) ...................................................................Pg. 37

Crocodile Bay Resort (Oso Peninsula, Costa Rica) ...................................................Pg. 47

Crooked Island Lodge (Crooked Island, Bahamas) ...................................................Pg. 38

Gallatin River Lodge (Bozeman, Montana)................................................................Pg. 53

Playa Blanca Lodge (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico) ....................................................Pg. 42

Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters (Big Timber, Montana) .............................................Pg. 54

Fly Fish Seychelles (Alphonse Island, Seychelles) ...................................................Pg. 48

Smith River Float Trip (Central Montana) ..................................................................Pg. 54



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