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Hsiao-Ron Cheng

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Graphic & Illustration Aga Szajerka 6 Daisy-May Green 12 Karol Korneliusz Banach 20 Onur Küçükyılmaz 28 Hsiao-Ron Cheng 38 Alex Coroll 52 Marta Krzeszowska 56

Paiting Justyna Sirecka 32

Architecture Olaf Piwowar 44

“ROE”; mixed technique; 21x29 cm; 2012


in the world of

roes AGA SZAJERKA Recently she lives in Paris. She loves meeting people and travel by hitchhiking. She graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw - Degree at the Faculty of Graphic Design. Her passion is oil painting, although often originally connects them with the technique of collage. He likes to observe. Themes of the journey is the subject of many of her paintings. She is seeking her own way and place not only on Earth, but also in the art world.





series “ROE”; mixed technique; 21x29 cm; 2012



series “ROE”; mixed technique; 21x29 cm; 2012



DAISY-MAY GREEN She is a freelance illustrator working in the UK. Having graduated from Falmouth University she has gone on to focus upon both children’s and adult picture book illustration. Working both digitally and using print methods such as screen printing and lino cut,

her images aim to capture a nostalgic sense of wildness and animality that we all love from our childhood illustrated heroes. Illustrating mainly animals, she enjoys creating weird and wonderful worlds in which these characterful species can live in.

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ART! 19


“DZIADY”, illustration



BANACH REMEMBER! He is a student of 2nd year of Graphic Desgin at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. He is the voice of young polish illustrators representing new aesthetics in a graphic design and an illustration. One of the most promising rising artists in Poland.



Why the graphics? How did it start? When I was a kid I drew cars and the like. Along with the drawing love to Lego came to me. Well, but crayons won.

What is your direction when you pick a subject of your works? Where do you get inspiration? I try to draw inspiration from everything - whether it be something seen on the internet, or the situation encountered in the grocery store. An important role is also music - it is such a mover to work :) Rock, jazz, black rap or electronics - everything that goes into the ear is good! Oh, and even when I look at the work of others, how they work, I get a kick to move and do something.

You wrote on your website that you come from a small town, where people do not understand your drawings. Are these situations more you discourage or motivate to continue working? Unjustified criticism, justified criticism or praise - which is pushing to develop the most? With the misunderstand I meant that someones have seen (and probably still see) in my work some childish scribbles. Well, okay, but I did not want to stay there, drew me on, so I left. Such situations, criticism - it is a motivation then I try to draw even more. If someone praises - it is very nice.

You are a student of the second year of graphics - whether you have your ‘master’? Ola Niepsuj. She is a titan of work with limitless imagination and humor.

Are there people around you who inspire and motivate you to work? If yes - who are they? I am inspired by my girlfriend! And often my friends from faculty and lecturers motivate me to work.


What area would you be engaged in if not the graphics?

I think it would be an architecture. And if I has a good hearing and if I was younger, then I would like to be a pianist :) But the truth is that I love the graphics and I can not see myself doing anything else.


previous prage: “NINE”, illustration; left page: “THUG” , illustration; right page: ““SELF 69”, illustration;




Do you have another destination which you would like to achieve? Yes! I think the targets are needed and they often make you get up in the morning and say ‘you need to do!’ So, my target is to become an illustrator, so always try to do something, show my works, drill the subject and try to get closer to this...

Your dream job - what would it look like? Hmmm... I have no idea! I think I am still too young for such a dream...

What graphical techniques you value most? Are there any that you have not had the opportunity to try it, and you really want? I appreciate a screen printing.

The ideal studio - is there such for you? You need something like this or you draw when and where it will go? I draw where and when I can, but perfect studio - the best. I love watching tumblr of interior design, certainly something I found for myself.

What are your plans for the future? For now I want to draw as much as possible and to show. What it will happen - we will see :)



left page: “LUCKY” , illustration; right page: ““WEST”, illustration;



Onur Küçükyilmaz He was born 2nd August, 1988 in Silifeke, Mersin in Turkey. He started to study at Adana Anadolu Güzelsanatlar Lisesi and after that he studied at Üniversitesi Eskisehir at the Faculty of Graphich Design. He grot his master degree at Grahpic Arts in ASP Wroclaw. ,


“WAR CRIMINAL”, screen printing, 100x70 cm;



painting - surfaces world under a brush



Justyna Sirecka (born 1989), 3rd year student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, in workshop of prof. Andrew Klimczak - Dobrzaniecki. In 2012 she took part in the Inter-college project “Bliskoznacznie” (double-sided, one-time transfer student art Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Wroclaw); painting project in a free workshop of Maja Godlewska (Assistant Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History, University of North Carolina) capped by an exhibition of “freestyle”, presented their work in club & gallery “Falanster”.This year, she was participating in the review of figurative drawing Universities of Art (Poland, Czech


Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Japan, USA) “Figurama” organized by the two institutions Prague. “It is important to stay somewhere. Referring relationship with the environment I was looking for a more sensitive and appropriate forms, which I keep in mind, it could be just about anything. Battered, glossy paper of the candy looks beautiful in the face of the asphalt mat. I paint based on the variety of experiences that are activated in me an impulse, emotion. Essence of how it works and why.” said Justyna Sirecka about her own creativity.


previous page “BLACK MOON”, oil painting, 90x190 cm; top “CRATers”, oil painting, 110x115 cm;



“RED MOON”, oil painting, 110x150 cm;






previous page “TAILS”, oil painting, 100x100 cm; top “TAILS 2”, oil painting, 70x140 cm;



Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a Taiwanese artist living in Taipei, Taiwan. She attended Taiwan University of Art from 2007-2010, receiving her BFA in Fine Art. Her work alludes to the deformation that physically separates children from plants and animals. The environments and situations that she paints are of-

ten of surrealist nature, reminiscent of school, and partly based on phantasy. Hsiao-Ron’s aim is to create more complex worlds with complicated stories of childlike and cruel creatures, showing different kinds of the fragile and oppressive anima in life.






you can find Hsiao-Ron Cheng here: 41



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in the watercolor & architectural world


Olaf Piwowar Olaf Piwowar is a 24 years old architect, but in the field of creativity he finds no limitations. He has always been looking for a way to express himself and to use his abilities - from music, through watercolor, to recent fashion explorations... to name just a few. At a glance it may all appear secluded, but mastering every new thing makes him see better how complementary they are to each other.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? I’m constantly left dumbfounded by where my inspirations come from, it has never been a person though. It could be an architectural object, a landscape, sculpture, painting, music, literature, fashion collection... and these are just the obvious ones. I’m absorbing inspirations from all around, saving them on the hard disk of my memory and merging into an emotional background needed for creation.

winning the world champion title in footbag freestyle few years ago. It made me realize that hard work can take you anywhere in the world, but the achievement itself is not as rewarding and satisfying as the whole process of self-developement, which leads you there.

What would you pick if not architecture? I’m really glad that I’ve picked architecture, even though it took me years to understand its true value. There are many paths I could have gone instead, especially any creative media, but the highly intelectual approach in creating a better world is why I’ve choosen this one.

What is the role of drawing for an architect? It’s essential. Drawing is the architect’s language, without of which he’d be speachless. It carries an idea, therfore it’s never going to be replaced by a computer mouse, which is just a practical tool to digitalize that idea.

What is your biggest success, something which you are proud of? Probably the ability to keep an open, self-distanced mind toward learning something from any life experience. As such I’d consider for example


The biggest dream in your career - what is it? To live in an environment exclusively designed and created be two forces - mother nature and... me.

Do you imagine an architect’s work without the possibility to draw? Could you imagine a singer without a voice? I can’t even imagine starting to work on any project without a sketch - and I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem of my imagination.




previous page “Wroclaw climates (6)”, watercolor, 56x42 cm; top “HAVANA climates (7)”, watercolor, 54x34 cm; next page “HAVANA climates (1)”, watercolor, 56x36 cm;






Is drawing enough for you to express yourself? If not, what would be enough? Always looking for the best way of self-expression, I’ve been trying a lot of things, as none were enough - including drawing, nonetheless surely an important tool. The more ways of expression I come across, the less possible it seems to fully express myself. It occurs as a time pursuit. Which graphic technique is the most interesting for you? Nothing is even comperable to watercolor, which fascinates and hypnotizes me from the first moment I’ve tried it - absolutely magical! The most difficult paint medium to master, never fully pre-

dictible, nor possible to copy – and very few artists can do it well. It allows me to make monochromatic, architecturally graphic scenes in a way expressing me best. Is there one which you haven’t tried and you want to? Spray paint! With reference to sculpture and street art and... watercolor-ish attitude to it. Unusual surfaces could be good in that purpous. What is your advice for young artists? When they stand on the beginning of their career and they don’t know what they should do? Assuming an artist has an exact idea what to do

previous page “HAVANA climates (8)”, watercolor, 54x34 cm; top “HAVANA climates (2)”, watercolor, 50x70 cm;



and does it well, as opposed to a dreamer, the tricky part is not to compromise between doing what you love and being paid for it. I’d like to believe it’s enough to push the limits at what you’re good at, but sometimes you also need to seek for appreciation and fight for it.

tectural experience, so it’s my long term plan. The current period of my life stands for self-developement and explorations. At the moment I’m working on a fashion collection, which is just a puzzle in a big plan, but gives me much more than I expected.

Do you have some plans for the future in the architecture? Or maybe in other subject? It takes many, many years to gain serious archi-

The best place for working is... ? A space in time, between your mind and soul, when you do what you love.

ARCHITECTURE The worst work - what is it? Being forced to do something what you like in a way you hate it.This is why I’m jumping on different fields of creativity and creation - unchallanging architectural projects can be a real pain in the ass. How much time an artist needs for developing his own career? Obviously it differs depending on the field of interests, individual abilities or just luck... but I like to think we develope all our lifes, and the best reward would be the satisfaction of our own work (being self-critical). What is the role of a luck in career? As in life - huge. When you think about it, it’s overwhelming... so the best thing you can do is to do your thing the best you can, work very hard, seek opportunities and be patient. Do you belive in luck? I prefer to believe in myself and my hard work. Do you think you have luck? I’m trying to appreciate everything that I’ve got... and when I think of all the talents and opportunities I got, it would’ve been an unfair ingratitude not to consider myself a lucky person.

“HAVANA climates (4)”, watercolor, 56x40 cm;




It is about mapping our personal identity in a visual form. Namely, Alex takes pictures of his body and modify them depending on which “creature” he would like to depict. He always has been fascinated by multiple contradictory personalities that coexist inside of us.That is a reason why he decided to visualize them as a way to materialize the immaterial

qualities. Alex used photos, ink pen and watercolor for this project. He believe that everyone can relate to these humans and recognize their own pensonal sides or characters in the collage. Full goal is to make at least ten.

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ALEX COROLL Alex was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. He has MA in grapic design from St. Joost Art Academy in Holland and MFA in Experience design from Konstfack in Sweden. He lives in Stockholm and works as a graphic designer and illustrator.




“GONE”series of self-potraits; mixed techniques;



MARTA KRZESZOWSKA She is a student of graphic design at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and a scholar of Kyung Hee University in Seoul. She said that her art is a personal statement of her tangled emotions and spiritual experiences. She wants to turn into herself and release from within what defines her. She try figure out who she is. She used her nickname MRTH. You can find her works here:


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