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ONE OF US Keli Coughlin


THE ANTI-BRIDEZILLA planning under the budget with do-it yourself weddings




HORSE STAMP INN for guests who enjoy tranquility, beauty and luxury




ST. AUGUSTINE DISTILLERY CO. drink local...drink better




GO BOLD THIS SPRING fashion trends for 2013


FESTIVAL BREEDS cultural understanding


BEACHES ELITE MEET to have a ball for BEAM






AMELIA ISLAND WINE FEST celebrating Florida’s wines


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The First Coast Register is a bi-monthly general interest magazine published by The Ponte Vedra Recorder and OPC News, LLC. The magazine can be found throughout the upscale areas of greater Jacksonville. For advertising inquiries call 904.285.8831. Susan Griffin, Publisher Kelly Hould, Editor Rob Conwell, Circulation Manager Elizabeth M. Steif, Staff Writer Carrie Resch, Staff Writer/Sales Coordinator Ed Johnson, Senior Account Executive Kristin Flanagan, Account Executive Cary Johnson, Manon Zamora-Barwick, Publication Design April Snyder, Sales Assistant

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Photographer: Stewart Plemmons Model: Cara Murphy Dress Designer: Jennifer Chabri Set props: Sidney Cardel’s Cake and cake pops: AlleyCakes Dessert Company

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Art Antiques &2012

“Market Warriors” star offers insider tips on art collection and maintenance by NICOLE PASCALE Photo by Kelly Hould 6 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER

n the last weekend of November 2012, the Women’s Board hosted its annual Art & Antiques Show at the Prime Osbourne Convention Center in Jacksonville. Among the highlighted speakers at the show was Miller Gaffney, who gave a walking tour and lecture on collecting art. Gaffney, an alumnus of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, is featured on PBS’s “Market Warriors” and owns Miller Gaffney Art Advisory, offering appraisals, acquisitions, consultations and other advisory services. Gaffney’s lecture gave some pointers on collecting and maintaining an art collection. With pieces by Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol outperforming the S&P 500, art is becoming a highly competitive and collectible market on a global playing field. China has replaced the United States and United Kingdom as the biggest market for both private and auction art purchases. But how does one begin collecting art? Miller Gaffney offers a few tips for beginning and maintaining your collection: • The photography and print market might be best for young collectors. Only one out of 10 up-and-coming artists is successful, according to Gaffney. Hedge your bets by finding photographs and prints that speak to you. The photography and print market allows those on a budget to collect a piece that could gain in value with less risk. • Get advice from an appraiser. If you are looking to purchase a true investment piece, now is the time to find a reputable, certified appraiser or art consultant to ensure that your piece will be worth the money. Don’t wait until after the purchase.Your appraiser or consultant can do the research for you and check gallery prices and other records for comparable values. • Appraisals are necessary. This is necessary not only for your own peace of mind about the value of your art, but also for insurance. She suggests updating your appraisals every 3–5 years for the correct value of your art. • Ensure your art can be authenticated. Art without a certificate of authenticity can be worth nothing if it is a fake. It happens more often than you might think. See your appraiser about means of obtaining a certificate of authenticity. Pieces from certain artists may have a long authentication process. • Accidents do happen. The most common ways art is damaged is by accidental damage and breakage, fire or water damage and theft. Again, make sure your appraisals haven’t lapsed more than five years. Gaffney shared an anecdote about a housekeeper who shined up a brass piece of art that went in value from $10,000 to $200. Clear communication about your art with every person of your household is also a necessity. • Purchase pieces that ultimately make you happy. Art is not just an investment. Find what you like. Find what’s unique. Gaffney says,“Hone your eye and look for the timeless pieces that fit in any era or decade. Most importantly, don’t buy solely for investment but for what you personally love.” Above all, visit the next art show at your local galleries. You may not find the next Monet, but you may find art that you will enjoy for years to come. Nicole Pascale Interiors offers interior decorating services and antiques in Jacksonville, Fla. A carefully curated booth of vintage furniture and home décor can be found at Oak Street Vintage Mall in Batesburg, SC.Visit for more information.

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S t . A u g u s t i n e .F l o r i d a


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eli Coughlin grew up on the road. As the daughter of former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin, she moved around a lot when she was younger but came to Jacksonville to work as an athletic trainer at the University of North Florida. Her ties to the area strengthened as she became more involved with the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, an organization that helps families with children undergoing cancer treatment. 8 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER

She now serves as the executive director of the organization, with branches in Jacksonville and New York. Coughlin lives in Jacksonville Beach with her husband, who is a professor at UNF, and their two daughters. On the First Coast, the Jay Fund helps families with children in treatment at Nemours and Wolfson Children’s Hospital and recently helped fund a renovation at Nemours to make the patient waiting area more comfortable. In order


to make things like this possible, the Jay Fund hosts two large fundraisers in the Jacksonville area each year and are “essential sources for grant-making,” Coughlin said. The upcoming Wine Tasting Gala is scheduled for March 15 and will feature over 200 wines from around the world and food from over 30 area restaurants. Tom Coughlin will host the walkabout event. The Celebrity Golf Classic is scheduled for May, with dinner and a silent auction preceding a day of celebrities playing golf with each foursome that registers for the event. For more information about the Jay Fund, visit Tell me about your role with the Jay Fund and how you got involved. I’m the executive director, and I started as a volunteer before we had a staff, doing a little bit of everything! Now I play a role in fundraising and help oversee the giving side and act as the face of the organization. What did you do before you started working for the Jay Fund? I worked in sports medicine as an athletic trainer at the collegiate level. I worked at UNF and the University of Michigan with the swimming and diving teams, and I enjoyed the mentoring relationship with athletes. My current job is something that I fell into, but it’s become my passion as I started meeting families and learning their stories. What’s the best part of your job? Definitely the impact we make on families. I love getting

feedback and seeing their faces light up, whether they’re getting help or coming to one of the parties we have during the year to get the kids and their families out of their usual routine. We also have some kids who are former patients come back and volunteer; two of them are working on the wine tasting now, actually. How has the Jay Fund grown and what are you most proud of about it? It’s grown in size and scope; we started focused on helping families with household expense relief but we’ve expanded to cover the emotional things now too, as we’ve seen the sociological effects (of children undergoing cancer treatment). I’m most proud that we’ve never told our families “no.” Anyone who’s met our guidelines and needs help has gotten help. There’s very little red tape, and the help comes quickly when people need it. Tell me about your experience on “Cake Boss.” It was really fun to hear the contestants talking about concepts for the cake, and we got to meet with Buddy (Valastro). He showed us around the facility so we could see where they make the cakes. Everything you see on the show is what it’s really like! All the guys are big Giants fans, so they had fun too when they brought the cake to the event (the Jay Fund’s Ice Cream Social). Besides your work for the Jay Fund, what’s kept you in Jacksonville, and what do you enjoy about the area? I love the outdoor lifestyle and community here, and the friendliness of the people. Growing up with my dad as a football coach, I moved a lot as a kid, but Jacksonville feels like home to me and I feel settled here.

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The Anti-Bridezilla:

Planning under the budget with do-it-yourself weddings by TIFFANIE REYNOLDS

| FIProductions 10Robert FEBRUARYCapers - MARCHof 2013PRI RST COAST REGISTER

It could just be a poster by the reception entrance or the whole room of decorations, but more brides are taking charge of their budgets as well as the direction of the wedding by doing more of the planning themselves. Thanks to popular sites like Pinterest, brides-to-be are going more simplistic and crafty when it comes to decorations and theme. “Just with the economy being what it is, a lot of people are looking to see where they can do things themselves instead of hiring someone else to do it for them,” says Kim Schnepf of KIS Events in Jacksonville ( Heidi Fleming-Alexander, a friend and client of Schneph, took on the challenge of putting together the theme of her wedding herself. She and her husband wanted to save money for a house, and after looking at how expensive and shortlived her theme of flowers would be, she decided on something more unique and personal. “I was thinking, I love to fold origami. It’s something I’ve done since I was a child. And I would always fold them to give them away to people,” says FlemingAlexander. The biggest factor in putting it all together was time. They started to plan their wedding a year before the wedding date, and once the venue was picked out

for their reception, Fleming-Alexander spent hours every week folding origami cranes. It took her four minutes to fold one, once she became good at it, and she was able to fold enough to hang on the chandeliers, decorate their cake and even have one pinned on each man in their wedding party. Her only decor cost was paper, as well as other supplies needed to hang the cranes. But what helped her put everything together was assistance from friends and especially the event planning her husband did. “If my husband didn’t do the planning and it was all just up to me, I wouldn’t have been able to do as much decor as I did,” says Fleming-Alexander. Very few brides make their entire decor like Fleming-Alexander did. Most brides opt for making small parts of their wedding, like invitations, favors or a personalized sign or pendant. This is what is recommended by many wedding and event planners, as focus is essential for brides who want to leave most of the planning to themselves. Especially with the popularity of Pinterest, some brides can get overwhelmed in trying to make every idea they find online. “It’s starts getting really unwieldly when it’s like ‘I want this cool Pinterest idea that doesn’t really go with this cool Pinterest

Corinna Hoffman Photography

A Perfect Marriage Begins with

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Our labor of love

Shipra Panosian Photography

Our labor of love


Corinna Hoffman Photography

Robert Capers of PRI Productions idea, but I’m trying to make them all work anyway.’ The more clear point of view you have, I think the more successful you are,” says Schnepf. Because of this do-it-yourself approach, more brides are also hiring wedding planners for the day of their wedding, rather than planning it with them from start to finish. But these “day-of” wedding planners also require some planning on the part of the couple. Even if the planner is only hired to put together everything the day of, the couple needs to hire a wedding planner between a month and three weeks before the wedding date, according to Karen Erwin of St. Augustine Weddings and Events ( “The closer to the day, the less likely they will be able to find an event planner for their day,” says Erwin. Depending on how elaborate the theme of the wedding is, some couples even hire planners up to six months before the wedding date. But no matter how much brides decide to personalize their wedding, a central focus as well as flexibility in the details are important to pull it off, especially for couples

that are under a budget. Another trend, often with a DIY style, is vintage-themed weddings. This can take on many variations, from old-fashioned country to family tradition, as brides include heirlooms into their wedding theme. One variation that has become popular on the First Coast is Old Hollywood-themed weddings. Going back to the 1920s and ’30s, many weddings are adding touches in tribute to the glory years of Hollywood, from hanging chandeliers at outdoor weddings to adding tables that give guests a taste of the era. “There’s specialty tasting stations where your beverages are from that era.You might have a whiskey or a scotch or a rye or gin tasting station, where guests can try different types of liquors outside of the bar area,” says Erwin. Whether elegant and old-fashioned or simple and personal, many couples are reaching to these trends as a way to express their relationship and make their wedding really focus on them. It also makes their romance the center of the event.

At Salon Balance, we don’t simply have stylists or colorists, we have designers. Our highly trained, creative, and talented staff will work with you to create that perfect look that is uniquely you. We can travel to you on your special day if needed.


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First Coast S Latyns

Kaleigh and Wesley Norman, photographed by Devon Donnahoo Photography, were married at the idyllic Latyn’s Land-n in Yulee, Fla. This venue features a huge barn under majestic oak trees with a dock and natural spring-fed pond.Visit for details. Kaleigh wore Tara Keely by Lazaro gown from locally-owned Love, A Bridal Boutique, located at 434 3rd St. North in Jacksonville Beach. Call 904-242-9800 for more information.



The First Coast is home to a huge variety of venues and natural wonders that create beautiful backdrops for weddings and other special gatherings. No matter the season, no matter the style, the venues of the First Coast are unmatched in Florida and beyond.


photo courtesy of Tina Burleigh

Sterry Piano Company

The Mansion Special occasions deserve a special place.

Themed & Wedding Event Rentals St. Augustine, Florida 904-829-9829 16 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER



One of Northeast Florida’s newest wedding and private event venues, Crosswater Hall opened in 2010. Crosswater Hall is located in the Nocatee community adjacent to the Splash water park. Crosswater Hall includes Nocatee Room banquet facility, Seabreeze Room conference space and a bride’s room with a full-length mirror, private balcony and closet space. Crosswater Hall includes a caterer’s kitchen and has space to hold 180 guests comfortably in a party setting. The Green has space to accommodate 200 people. Have you wedding ceremony on The Green and your reception at Crosswater Hall or vice versa. The wedding venue gives you the freedom to make the day your own. photo on the left courtesy of Pure Sugar Studios


Horse Stamp Inn

The Horse Stamp Inn, located in picturesque Waverly, Ga., provides a beautiful backdrop for rustic weddings and romantic accommodations for the couple. Photos courtesy of Horse Stamp Inn.



Chelsea and Corey Cumbliss were married at the Keeler Property, photographed by Alex Michele Photography and assisted by Southern Charm Events in May 2012. Rustic and elegant, the Keeler Property is a farm-like 40-acre venue with close proximity to Jacksonville, I-10 and I-295.Visit Chelsea’s dress is by Kathy Ireland and comes from Love, A Bridal Boutique, a WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award winner in 2013. For more information, visit



For guests who enjoy tranquility, beauty and luxury Photos and story by LEIGH CORT • Photo above by CHRISTINE TIBBETTS


magine your cares melting away as you drive along Horse Stamp Church Road — making up for lost time in a place where time stands still. For over a century, families have been coming to the splendidly quiet Georgia coast to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. Enjoy the rural landscape; recharge and re-connect with one another while relaxing in the timeless beauty of Waverly, Ga.You’ve arrived at Horse Stamp Inn. Tom and Kris Hutcheson had a vision for their exquisite Horse Stamp Inn, a sanctuary where one can feel at peace. The inn is tucked away in a quiet little hamlet, located midway between the famous Golden Isles (Jekyll, St. Simons and Sea islands) and historic St. Marys. Nestled on a


secluded tree-covered property with expansive green fields, a rustic horse barn and artesian fresh water pond, you will drive through the gate and arrive at one of the most handsome Southern mansions that whispers “relax.”Tom and Kris await your arrival with cold lemonade and a genuine Southern warm welcome. Kris and Tom begin your day with breakfast prepared from fresh, locally produced ingredients. Dine in your room, on the verandah or in the warm and inviting kitchen. They promise warm baked goodies from their legacy of family recipes. Kris always enjoyed baking and surprising their family; now she shares her passion with bed and breakfast guests who are lured downstairs each morning by aromas from the oven

and coffeepot. A sampling includes: • Grilled Prawns and White Cheddar Grits with Tomato Jam • Caramelized Onion-Gruyere Cheese Scramble • Homemade Biscuits and Herb Sausage Gravy with Roasted White Cheddar Potatoes • Thick-cut French Toast with Cinnamon Syrup • Cream Cheese Blintzes with Blueberry Lemon Glaze Spend the morning exploring hidden nature trails or walk your horse around the lush manicured lawns. Unwind by the pool in the afternoon and don’t forget a dazzling starlit sky sitting by the bonfire late at night with friends and someone you love. Together the Hutchesons have designed an inn where simple pleasures mean so much. Moving to the Georgia coast from Denver, their dream was to create an environment that’s an oasis of tranquility where guests could visit and leave their cares behind. Kris says,“Our guests have time to daydream, read a book, pet a horse, gather eggs in the barn and even feed our chickens.”.Tom’s early impression of the inn and property were equally appreciated by Kris.“When I first drove up the driveway, I felt that I was home. I knew Kris would love the country around us, the land’s natural splendor and the beautiful house — not to mention her country kitchen!” How easy and fun it is to ascend to the second floor of the Horse Stamp Inn to your bedroom. The inn has a convenient and unique European-style elevator to make your arrival easy — or you can climb the grand staircase from Great Room to Balcony. The rooms and Sea Biscuit Suite at the Horse Stamp Inn reflect a style of decor and luxury that pairs perfectly with its famous horse namesake. Each accommodation offers their guests a Park Place collection king-sized bed and private luxurious bath. They are all tastefully outfitted in harmonious colors, handsome wall coverings, handcrafted furnishings and

thoughtful creature comforts to make each stay a beautiful memory. Sliding between the luxe 600 count linens, mounds of pillows, duvets, cotton quilts and feather bed tops, a night’s sleep at the Inn becomes a dreamy experience that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Bath products are plentiful, especially the fluffy hotel collection of luxury towels, while overhead heaters warm you after a shower or bath. Feel pampered in your comfortable sitting area with a country view, spacious closets and dresser, ceiling fan, flat screen TV, hair dryer, iron and highspeed wireless Internet. Cleverly, Tom and Kris chose seven famous horses to represent each room — five guest rooms and suites and two innkeeper quarters. DAWN RUN It was Dawn Run’s victory in the 1986 Cheltenham Gold Cup that really captured the racing public’s imagination. Dawn Run was a thoroughbred racehorse who remains the most successful mare in the history of National Hunt Racing as the only horse to have landed the Champion Hurdle/Cheltenham Gold Cup double and, amazingly, the only one to have completed the English, Irish and French Champion Hurdle treble! SEABISCUIT Named American Horse of the Year in 1938, Seabiscuit was one of the most remarkable thoroughbred racehorses in history. He was the long shot that captured America’s heart during the Depression. An undersized and overlooked race horse, his unexpected successes made him a hugely popular sensation when he won a “match race” against War Admiral (a fearsome stallion). His legacy has been immortalized in books and movies for more than half a century. CIMARRON During the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, the Cimarrons made their way into the wild. Any domesticated

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a fabulous mix of vintage, fashion, and bridal jewelry, accessories, furniture, chic décor and more JACKSONVILLE BEACH 21 12th Street South • 904-249-6444

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The Shoppes of Avondale

3543 St. Johns Avenue


SHOPPES OF AVONDALE 3639 St. Johns Avenue • 904-232-8866


Horse Stamp Inn 2418 Horse Stamp Church Road Waverly, Georgia 31565 (912) 882-6280



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animal that has escaped is also synonymous with the American Mustang. Symbolizing the freedom of the “Wild West” in North America, the Mustang (originating from the Spanish word mestena) can be identified as a group of wild horses. APRIL LOVE In the middle of a Lexington, Ky., horse farm, the 1957 American musical “April Love” enchanted audiences with its exquisite images of race horses and country settings. Sulky horse racing was the popular pastime in this beautiful corner of the world for actors Pat Boone and Shirley Jones. He is sent to work on his distant family’s farm but before long, he’s devoting himself to the task of training a horse to become a winning trotter. Based on an early 1940s novel “Phantom Filly,” who can forget the Academy Award nominated song of 1957 “April Love”? SUGARFOOT Git along little Sugarfoot! This adorable cartoon horse first made its Hollywood appearance in the 1954 cartoon “A Horse’s Tale.” He then charmed his way into the hearts of movie fans as a supporting character in the Woody Woodpecker movies. Famed American cartoonist, animator, film producer and director Walter Lantz was Sugarfoot’s and Woody Woodpecker’s creator. His legacy of animation found his beloved Sugarfoot in dozens of award-winning films. BUTTERMILK A beautiful light buckskin Quarter Horse with dark points, cowgirl star Dale Evans fell in love with Buttermilk who appeared in all but six of the “Roy Rogers Show” episodes from 1951-1957. As a colt,“Taffy” was rescued by a cattle farmer who bought him from a horse trader. Trained to be a competition horse, he had a friendly and affectionate disposition. He was noticed in a rodeo in Nebraska and brought to Hollywood where Dale Evans renamed him Buttermilk. He was one of the most recognized celebrity horses of his era. SADLER’S WELLS Undoubtedly the best thoroughbred sire that France, Great Britain and Ireland have ever seen, Sadler’s Wells left a wonderful legacy of racing horses of the 21st century. The son of Northern Dancer, he was bred in Kentucky and sired 323 stakes winners during his long racing career. His offspring won a record six Breeders Cup events. His own racing career as a 3-year-old in 1984 witnessed Sadler’s Wells winning 24 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER

the Derrinstown Stud Derby Trial, the Irish 2,000 Guineas, the Eclipse Stakes and the coveted Phoenix Champion Stakes. The Horse Stamp Inn offers guests, especially wedding guests, exquisite photo and party settings. They have quickly become one of the Southeast’s popular private wedding destinations. With 16 acres of lush grounds and the serenity of nature, brides often picture themselves wearing a gown and cowgirl boots! The Hutchesons invite brides to create their own romantic setting — under the majestic oak trees and in the colorful gardens, country Artesian pond, rustic barn and majestic fountain. They’re delighted to recommend florists, caterers, musicians and tent and party rentals — all the professional people who make planning a wedding look easy. Balancing the inn’s elegant furnishings with picturesque grounds and unparalleled personal service, it’s unmatched anywhere on the south Georgia Coast for country charm and exclusive wedding solitude. INN AMENITIES: • Oversized accommodations, exquisite country views • Artesian pond stocked with bass, bream and freshwater trout • Private16x32’ pool with comfy pool chaises and chairs • Horse-friendly stable — four-stall barn with tack/saddle room. • Large chicken coop for fresh farm-to-table eggs • Brick fire pit for bonfires, picnics and cooking fresh-caught fish from the pond! • Farm-to-table breakfast featuring family favorite dishes that also respect guests’ dietary needs • Picturesque fountain for special events • 21’ boat, 2012 Nautic Star XS2000 — Provides seating for eight and has 30 gallon fresh fish well. 150 HP outboard for waterskiing and tubing. It’s a great sightseeing boat to cruise on the Intracoastal Waterway for barrier island day-tripping HOW TO FIND THE HORSE STAMP INN: For nearly 10 years, the state of Georgia planned to build an exit on Interstate 95 for Horse Stamp Church Road. Its timely opening has coincided with the Horse Stamp Inn’s debut. Whether driving north or south on the interstate, it’s a short 3.5-mile journey to the Horse Stamp Inn. Although the Horse Stamp Inn is far from reality and a world apart, the Hutchesons’ warm welcome will make guests feel like they’re coming home.

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Private Beach Club,World-Class Golf & Tennis

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Remodeled by Elwood Collier and only gently used for a year. 4BR/ study/5BA, screened pool and spa. Incredible 9.5” plank-wood floors, Wolf range, Sub-Zeros, 2 dishwashers, wine cellar. $1,149,000

La Playa Oceanfront Condo with Private Garage

Quiet, 18-unit boutique condo nestled in a residential area of South Beach. Coveted ground-floor unit overlooking miles of ocean. 1,500 sf, 3/2, covered lanai, pool. Garage plus reserved space. $465,000

Susie Mullinax Realtor® 904.910.1121

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PonteVedra Beach, Florida

North Island Estate

Family-friendly 6,944 sf traditional on a quaint cul-de-sac. 6/5.5, office/ study & huge playroom. Screened outdoor area with fireplace, summer kitchen, pool and spa. 4-car garages. $1,499,000

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litz and glam will take the stage on the First Coast during the third Jacksonville Fashion Week, scheduled for March 27–30. The multi-event fashion production will include several pre-events, an industry panel discussion, runway shows and an accessories showcase. More than 15 local, regional and national fashion designers will be featured during the course of the week, including Hutch by Daniel Saponaro, Erin Healy and Mia Merritt, as well as Banana Bread Baby, Xempt, Chabri, Sandra Alford and Lisa Kaminski. Participating in the emerging designers competition this year are Carla Weaver, Lindsey Knox, Katrina Parman, Lorena Knezevic and Alvin Clinch Jr. JFW will kick off March 27 with an industry panel and cocktail reception. The panel will feature Jenn Talley, digital editor


for Teen Vogue. On March 28, an accessories showcase and shopping event will feature designers Lacey B Design, Mel Boteri, Crystal Addiction and YuZu Zen Scarves. The Emerging Designers Showcase will be held on March 29, and the Featured Designers Runway Event will cap off the week on March 30, with an official wrap party to follow. All events will be held at The Museum, a new event venue located at 4160 Boulevard Center Dr. in Jacksonville. Tickets for all events go on sale Feb. 15 and are available online at www. This year, JFW selected three local charities to benefit from ticket sales: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Dignity U Wear and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. For more information and a complete schedule, visit www.

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drink local… drink better.

t’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder — but what about waiting for something that doesn’t exist yet? I’ve been yearning for the future since the moment I heard about plans for a spirit distillery in St. Augustine. I first received a news release in May 2012, letting me know that former Marker’s Mark master distiller Dave Pickerell would be joining forces with “a production distillery in downtown St. Augustine” called, aptly, the St. Augustine Distillery Co. The distillery, the release promised, would produce small batch whiskey and rum, vodka, gin and fruit liquors using locally sourced fruit, grain, sugar cane and botanicals. A week later, Philip McDaniel, founder and co-owner of the St. Augustine Distillery Co., sent an email to my publisher. “Of course,” he wrote,“if you or anyone from the paper is heading down to St. Augustine, please let us know and we’d be happy to give you a tour of the building.” Kindly, my publisher forwarded the email to me. I replied to McDaniel in what can only be described as the email equivalent of jumping up and down in gym glass saying “ooh ooh pick me, pick me!” To say that my interest was piqued would be an understatement. LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE. McDaniel sent me background information about the planned distillery, and the focus on local and sustainable production was immediately apparent. Throughout the country, it’s becoming clear that sustainable production will play a role in the future of our foods. “People want to know more and more what they’re eating,” McDaniel said.“We’ve seen it in wine. Now there are innovators



saying,‘What can we do with spirits?’” McDaniel sought local growers with sustainable farming models for ingredient sources. Thanks to help from Slow Foods First Coast and UF/IFAS Extension in St. Johns County, McDaniel was introduced to several local farmers, including Francisco Arroyo of KYV Farm. KYV is one of the only all-organic, non-GMO farms in the region. Even better, KYV’s owners readily embraced the risks and challenges of harvesting and transporting heirloom sugar cane stock, as well as planting, growing, harvesting and milling the cane on its 80-acre farm in St. Johns County. McDaniels and Arroyo have worked closely, choosing five varieties of sugar cane — all heirloom — for potential use at the St. Augustine Distillery Co. Each species is at least 50 years old, but some could be 100–200 years old, McDaniels said. “(Arroyo) has taken a lot of risk to help us plant cane this year,” McDaniels said.“We would’ve bought them elsewhere but we wanted to use this as a way to return to St. Johns County for some of the traditional cane. It fits in perfectly with our mission,” At KYV, Arroyo led us back to the rows of recently planted sugar cane. I was surprised when Arroyo dug up what I thought would be a seed or bulb to reveal a segment of adult cane. Growing sugar cane begins with planting the cane itself. “At the end of harvest, we’ll try them and see what tastes best,” Arroyo said.“At the end, the flavor is what counts.” The sugar cane will likely be harvested in November, he said. The first year will have the lowest yield, but each year the cane gets bigger and denser. “It’s a work in progress,” Arroyo said.“A pilot program.” Arroyo, who moved to Florida from Puerto Rico in 2006, be-

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gan farming in his back yard. Now for Arroyo and his wife Vivian Bayona, it’s a full-time gig. “In the beginning, we’ll use 5 to 10 percent from KYV,” McDaniel said,“but hopefully we’ll be able to increase that.” McDaniel, who moved with his family to St. Augustine in 1994, is obviously passionate about his mission. With a background in sales and marketing, McDaniel was able to retire early and became a full-time dad. However, now that the kids are grown, McDaniel said that there was “no way I could sit at home.” “We wanted to find the best people to make the best spirits,” McDaniel said.“That’s what is going to give it its personality.” With a lineup like theirs, the spirits are sure to have plenty of personality. The management team includes Mike Diaz, CFO; Dave Pickerell of Maker’s Mark fame as a master distiller; Jake Norris, whiskey distilling specialist and founding distiller of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey; Carl Kanto, rum distilling specialist; and Claud Mann, botanical expert for vodka and gin and TV celebrity chef. That’s a whole lot of personality for one distillery, and we haven’t even gotten to the location yet. The location helps, too. FOCUS ON HISTORY. The St. Augustine Distillery Co. is located in the historic Ice Plant building on 110 Riberia Street, just a short drive from KYV Farm in downtown St. Augustine. The historic land the distillery inhabits was developed in the late 1800s and was part of a what was originally a series of buildings owned by St. Johns Light & Power. On the earliest map, the distillery’s building is curiously labeled “engines and dynamos.” Various maps through the 1930s show additions and expansions, including a narrow two-story building that will be used as a separate complementary business owned and operated by Ryan Dettra on the shared property. Lines on early 20th-century maps denote a railway that snaked around the building.

Two of the sister buildings were torn down in the 1950s, leaving behind the large factory that will house the distillery. Permitting and zoning have been especially difficult and time-consuming at the historic site, McDaniel said, but the St. Augustine Distillery will add parking for visitors, trains and trolleys. As for the building itself, the north wall contains the original brick and McDaniel’s crew is restoring original windows and elements throughout. Their mission of sustainability does not stop with their spirits — the team is working to recycle and repurpose any materials that come out of the building during demolition. The St. Augustine Distillery will be included as a tour stop on the popular Old Town Trolley Tours and Red Train Tours, and will be open to the public for tours. “We want to be a center of entertainment, education and experience,” McDaniel said.“Hopefully people will leave here having heard how craft spirits are different.” Visitors will enter through the side of the building and “punch in” at an old time clock. A small museum will orient visitors to the process and to what they’re about to see, and visitors will view a short film about spirit production. McDaniel and his associates made two trips to Kentucky before designing the museum to visit bourbon distilleries there and see what they liked about existing visitor experiences. They used this inspiration to determine what would make the best experience for visitors to the St. Augustine Distillery Co. After orientation, the tour will continue in the distillery, where guests will learn about mash, fermentation and distillation. McDaniel gave me an in-depth look at how my favorite spirits were made and I took plenty of notes. However, I would certainly flunk a test on the subject and will leave you to your future tour to learn the finer points of spirit production. The distillery will include a 2,000-pound processor from the late 1800s that McDaniel found on, of all places, Craigslist. The

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team also found an antique bottle filling machine. After seeing the machinery and learning about the production of spirits, visitors will then enter the bottling room where they can watch the barreling process. (On a side note: One thing McDaniel observed around the country was community bottling parties popping up in Denver, Portland and other innovative wine and spirit areas. He said producers would put the word out via social media that they were going to host an open evening of bottling for locals. Show up, eat pizza with the spirit makers and sign your own bottle. I cannot wait for the St. Augustine Distillery Co. to hold something similar. Once the distillery opens, I’m sure I’ll be monitoring Facebook constantly, hoping to secure my spot. Hey, McDaniel: Pick me, pick me!) After the bottling room, guests will enter the area they’ve most likely been waiting for all along: the tasting room. Eventually the St. Augustine Distillery Co. hopes to end the tour with a bottle shop and retail store that will specialize not only in what the distillery itself produces but also will offer obscure spirits, bitters and lengtheners. “We’re showing the public how craft spirits are made,” McDaniel said,“and this will show what to do with them.” PINING FOR THE FUTURE. McDaniel hopes to work with bartenders throughout the First Coast to learn exactly what their customers have been looking for. Because of the small size of the production, the St. Augustine Distillery Co. will be able to craft signature spirits for area businesses in order to cater to the tastes of their clientele. It makes me wish I ran a bar — or at least worked at one. “We’ll make a vodka and gin and look locally for flavoring,” McDaniel said, waxing poetic about orange peels, local Satsuma, Datil peppers and other unique flavors created on a small scale.

“We’ll be reaching out to locals for flavor inspiration,” McDaniel said.“We’ll customize anything for the local market.” Unfortunately for us consumers, the custom spirits will be somewhere down the line. Most fortunate for us, however, even the generic product from the distillery is incredible. McDaniel has worked with his partners in what can only be described as special spirit alchemy to produce a few barrels of young whiskey that mirrors what they expect to produce at the St. Augustine Distillery Co. I am honored to be one of the lucky few to share a sip. The extra work, in my opinion, was worth it. The local market will not be disappointed. Products will include whiskey (white dog and bourbon), rum (clear, spiced and aged), vodka (infused) and gin (juniper and infused). After opening, it will take a year to a year and a half of production in order to fill up the barrel area inside of the distillery. The distillery has worked with manufacturers on U.S. soil as often as possible, buying American products even when it’s meant waiting longer for machinery. Their column/kettle pot still is a special acquisition, made in Louisville by Vendome Copper and Brass Works Inc. The distillery will not be open to the public until late 2014 or early 2015, depending on when different parts arrive and how fast they are able to start production. “We’re going to work at it as hard as we can, every day,” McDaniel said. Whiskey, however, is not something to be rushed.You’ll have to be just as patient as I am. You can follow the progress of the St. Augustine Distillery Co. on Facebook (as long as you don’t take my spot at the bottling party) by visiting

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ì [Racism] is not about how you look, it is about how people assign meaning to how you look.î - Robin D.G. Kelley

MOSH exhibit makes history in Jacksonville by KELLI MCDANIEL


acksonville has made history as the first city in the state to host the award-winning exhibit “RACE: Are We So Different?”The traveling project explores the origins of race and racism and people’s perceptions of the subjects. The exhibit opened at the Museum of Science and


History on Jan. 25 and will remain open until April 28. The project was developed initially by the American Anthropological Association in 2007. It was created to help individuals better understand race and racism through scientific, historical and cultural perspectives.



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Two years ago Mayo Clinic approached MOSH with the idea to participate in the project and bring the exhibit to Jacksonville, said MOSH Director of Operations and Curator Christy Leonard. “The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said. “People come see the exhibit and learn a lot from it.”The biggest reaction is how much the community wants to be involved in the project. People are “excited and hungry” for an exhibit like this, Leonard said. The exhibit explores many themes to illustrate to an audience the many different aspects of race and racism. There are mini exhibits filled with interactive elements to demonstrate the misconceptions people have about different races and racism. The history of race and human variation are told through the exhibit’s multimedia features, discussion areas, photography and interactive panels. Leonard said the main thing she hopes people take away from the exhibit is more open dialogue about race and race relations. She hopes people will be more comfortable talking about the subjects. “This is an exhibit that lives on the floor—but also throughout this the city as well,” Leonard said. MOSH and a wide variety of area partners have created additional programming and activities throughout the 13- week period that the exhibit is on display. “The amount of programming happening alongside the exhibit is amazing,” Leonard said.“(The project) couldn’t be possible with our programming partners.” A complete list of additional events as well as more information can be found at

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fashion trends for 2013

Go bold this spring by KELLY HOULD


oing bold is not just a vague, intangible idea this season. New York runways saw incredible splashes of color, exotic prints and eyecatching stripes mixed with unconventional materials for spring 2013. Although not all runway trends will translate easily to your closet, it pays to keep an eye on what high-end fashion designers are doing now to predict what will be hot in the retail market this spring. Parse through the latest design trends and you’ll be sure to find ideas that work well in your everyday life as well as pieces you already own and can wear in new ways. BOLD GRAPHICS AND STRIPES You might be rolling your eyes when you read that stripes are a big trend this season, but hold your judgment for just a moment. Stripes have been trending for as long as most of us can remember. However, this spring designers focused on stripe color and proportion to make their work stand out from past stripe trends. In past seasons we’ve seen a revival of rugby stripes (broad and bold with two colors alternating) and naval stripes (often thinner stripes, usually neutral layered with red or navy blue). Last year runways also featured some multi-colored stripes with an ethnic textile influence — these will still be hot this year. However, the big changeup this year was strong color layered with white in thick stripes. Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfigger and Diane von Furstenberg featured pieces with these stripes on a variety 36 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER

of textiles. Silhouettes varied, but keep your pieces sleek this season in order to avoid resembling a circus tent. Designers also turned the stripe trend upside down, so to speak, creating many pieces utilizing a thick vertical stripe, which is new to the runway. Horizontal stripes are perhaps easier to work into your own wardrobe, but look to integrate one or two quality garments that utilize the vertical stripe for maximum versatility. Bold graphics are again a trend, going hand in hand with the eye-catching stripes. Designers like Marc Jacobs showcased graphic black and white patterns from head to toe. Hopefully you still have some of these in your close from the winter that can easily transition into your spring wardrobe. Pair a bright or black and white graphic pencil skirt with a subdued short-sleeved top for an easy office outfit. BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT Love it or leave it, hot and neon hues are still splashed across runways everywhere. Although head-to-toe neon pink has its home in collections by Derek Lam, DKNY or Helmut Lang, it may be a bit more difficult to make these eye-popping colors work in your daily wardrobe. Luckily, Pantone has made predictions for spring colors that work with any skin tone and won’t make you look like a traffic cone. According to, the spring 2013 colors will be: dusk blue (a frosted, darker-than-baby blue), tender shoots (think bamboo green), lemon zest (a mellow yellow), linen (a lighter version of khaki), poppy red (a true orange-red), nectarine (a slightly less saturated standard orange), Monaco blue (a true blue), African violet (basically lilac), grayed jade (think of the color of succulents) and emerald green. All greens are on the table this season, so if you have invested in a few key mint pieces over the last few years, don’t ditch them yet. Sorbet pastels are a good variation from the neon trend that has persisted over the past few seasons, and a bright mint is easy to work in. Crisp white, although not normally

thought of as a “bright” color, was also present on the runway. Think as white as white can get — not quite the soft white that was very popular this winter. Layer crisp white pieces as you would your bright colors: sparingly and not from head to toe. Look for key pieces (white denim or a white blazer, for instance) to layer with other neutrals and with blue denim to keep your look flattering but timely. BOUDOIR-INSPIRED DESIGN Lace and bows, when used correctly and sparingly, can be nice additions to wardrobes this spring. Designers like Vera Wang, BCBG and Donna Karan brought boudoir-inspired offerings to the table with sophisticated lace panels and delicate detailing, both in dresses and separates. To keep from looking like you actually stepped out of a boudoir, look for tailored and oversized intimate-inspired pieces and limit the look to just one piece per outfit. EXOTIC PRINTS AND TEXTILES Beading is to spring as sequins are to winter. Lines like Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang drew influence from India, the Middle East and Russia on many of their signature runway looks this season and utilized intricate beading and embroidery as well as Eastern-inspired textiles with bright colors and unexpected fabrics. Leather made a strong presence on the runway in edgy collections by Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, as well as in many more traditional collections. Use these fashion trends sparingly to avoid an outfit that looks like a costume. Tailored leather shorts, a bead-embellished top or a bold textile skirt are all easy ways to incorporate the trend without overwhelming your look. A NEW TAKE ON A SHORT LOOK Although shorts are a staple of most Floridians’ closets, the short silhouette made a huge comeback on runways this year.


Designers paired shorts with unconventional staples such as knee-skimming shorts with relaxed tops or short shorts with suit tops. I probably don’t need to explain to anyone on the First Coast how best to wear shorts, but just in case: Shop for shorts that flatter your shape and keep a comfortable length without riding up.You may want to invest in a short suit this season if you’d like to be a member of the avant garde. To make the most of your dollar, however, invest in a few high-quality appropriate-length shorts and wear the trend with other separates you already own. THE FINISHING TOUCHES Finally, a look at accessories. Nail art continues to be a huge trend on runways and in real life. More and more women of all ages are indulging in a bit of tongue-in-cheek nail play with fun designs that range from a simple two-color French manicure to more outrageous caviar style three-dimensional manicures. If you don’t want to make the plunge into nail art, can’t stand the trend itself or simply can’t paint your nails neatly to save your life, solid nails in dark navy, dark purple and pale neutrals were popular on runways this spring and translate easily into normal wear. Statement sunglasses were a huge hit in shows this season — the more outrageous the better. Like neon, this is a trend that designers simply cannot seem to get enough of. Invest in one pair of high quality sunglasses with a classic silhouette (think round, aviator or wayfarer) that has the type of UV protection you need to keep your eyes safe. Because there are so many sunglasses manufacturers, you can invest much less in trendy statement sunglasses for specific outfits or just for one season — but remember that these cheaper alternatives may not always offer the same protection as your go-to high quality pair.

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St. Aug



Film Fe and sto

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resent s



20 dive

rse film


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Actors, writers and directors wined and dined after film screenings in the courtyard of the Lightner Museum in January. The night was one of four events for the sponsors and participants of the St. Augustine Film Festival. Each event was also open to the public, for a ticket price. The third annual St. Augustine Film Festival received a crowd equal to the last two festivals combined. Out of the 20 foreign and local films shown over the weekend of January 17–20, nine films were sold out. “We’re doing better on the word of mouth,” said Gregory von Hausch, director and CEO of the festival. Roohangiz Shams, from Iran, directed two of the 20 films showcased in the St. Augustine Film Festival. Among films from countries such as Spain, Italy and France, these two short films are the first that the festival has had from the Middle East. Shams, who has worked in Iran’s film industry for 25 years, directs

numerous short films that have been viewed in festivals in Iran as well as the United States. Her film “A Glass of Milk” received first place in best foreign film and second place in best feature film category at the Lake Charles Film Festival in Louisiana. Both films have also received several nominations at the John Paul International Film Festival and the Miami International Film Festival. The main message in Shams’ two films is kindness. The director uses children characters to deliver this message. She says it’s because people connect with children easier than they would an adult who was doing the same act. “Children are more pure, compared to adults. So, people believe in them more easily, or better, than the message through the adult because of the purity in the spirit of the children,” said Rozina Behrooz, who translated for Shams. “There’s absolutely no politics involved. It’s just purely a story of these people,” said von Hausch. Because of a low economy and government restrictions, Shams has to be a little more creative when making a film. Even subject matter for a film has to be carefully selected and portrayed in front of the camera. Shams’ biggest challenge is the finances she has to work with. Without these restrictions, Shams says she would invest in better equipment to tell her stories with more complexity. “We can use better techniques. Use better situations,” said Shams. Despite the large turnout, this is the last year in the festival’s contract. There has been no announcement yet of the contract being renewed.

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Atlantic Beach • Baldwin • Green Cove Springs • Jacksonville • Neptune Beach • Orange Park • Ponte Vedra Beach FIRST COAST REGISTER | FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 39

The theme of the night:“Black-tie optional. Flip-flops required.” One Ocean Hotel Resort and Spa was host to the Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry’s (BEAM) 3rd Annual Beach Ball event. Guests were greeted at the door with the smiles of mermaids and lifeguards, as they entered beachthemed rooms. “This is one of the biggest events of the season for one of the best causes ever. We’re always proud to be a part of it,” said Jacksonville Beach mayor Charlie Latham. Kara Tucker, the Vice Mayor of Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach city council members were also in attendance. Jacksonville Beach Women’s Club also joined in the festivities.“We’ve been supporters of BEAM for many years. There are always on our list of donors,” said club President Joyce Argyle. Kurtis Loftus, Guinness Book of World Records achiever for longest surf session, designed the BEAM logo that was used on the custom Govino wine glasses provided. The silent auction offered the best of services and products ranging from health, beauty, sports, travel and entertainment. Among the items auctioned was an autographed football signed by Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, valued at $300. Golf for four by the Golf Club at North Hampton and a one hour massage by Sole Spa were other services donated to the auction. Jaguars announcer Brian Sexton, also a resident of Atlantic Beach, served as auctioneer for the live bidding portion of the event. Exclusive getaways were the hot commodities up for grabs when the first destination, a sunset dinner cruise for 12, was sold to the highest bidder. The cruise was valued at $6,000 and sold for $3,500. One of the travel destinations sold would fulfill any surfer’s dream: A weeklong stay at Casa Wahoo at the Surf Sanctuary in beautiful Nicaragua sold for $3,500. According to the organization’s website, BEAM’s mission is to keep families in their homes and keep them self-sufficient. BEAM offers a wide-range of services to families in the Atlantic Beach area. The annual event was hosted at One Ocean in Atlantic Beach. According to the organization’s website, BEAM’s mission is to keep families in their homes and keep them self-sufficient. BEAM offers a wide-range of services to families in the Atlantic Beach area.

beaches elite meet to have a ball for BEAM Photos and story by NAOMI BERMUDEZ

Mermaids and Lifeguards 40 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER

Top of Page: BEAM Committee Members Left: Paul and Annette Ross Above: Cloud 9


sweet harmony

Celebrating another year in


he Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s Anniversary Gala began the year in grand style, with a “Black and White” gala dinner and after-concert party on the beautifully decorated stage of the Moran Theater. The evening was highlighted by Itzhak Perlman’s special performance with the Jacksonville Sym-


phony in Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. The sold out concert was sponsored by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, along with guest artist sponsor Brooks Rehabilitation. Wayne and Delores Weaver served as honorary cochairs of the gala, which was presented by US Assure and Stellar Foundation.

Top photo: Douglas and Gail Worth, Norman and Diane Cannon Middle left: Helen Morse and Fritz Skeen Middle right: Betty Lu and George Grune Bottom photo: Connie Green and Robert M. Carter, Jr.



Photos and story by CA

Top: Rob and Becky Stanborough, St. Augustine Above: James and Suk Mihay, Westside Left: Agape and Debra Salako, Southside 44 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 | FIRST COAST REGISTER




hen Yun Performing Arts brought classic Chinese culture back to Jacksonville January 29-30 at the Time-Union Center. Shen Yun is a performing arts company started in New York in 2006. The last time Shen Yun made a stop in Jacksonville was 2010. The show includes a variety of art forms including Chinese opera singing, an orchestra comprised of traditional orchestra instruments combined with Chinese instruments, and Chinese classical dance showcasing 5,000 year old Chinese culture. Three different companies of equal size tour the world simultaneously. Each year the company produces an entirely new show. The impressive show seemed to delight audience members of all ages. Hopefully, it won’t be another three years until this Chinese-inspired masterpiece has another return visit to Jacksonville.

Right: Don and Mary Valente, Mary Tiller and Maria Valente Below: Jim and Judy Woodford, San Marco


celebrating florida’s wines

Amelia Island Wine Festival:



ine lovers gathered on a sunny afternoon in late 2012 to enjoy award-winning Florida wines and meet the vintners who make them at the Amelia Island Wine Festival. The event featured more than 100 different wines to sample, making it the perfect place to find a favorite locally-grown and crafted wine. Many of Amelia’s respected local restaurants had a presence at the event as well, presenting special dishes. Restaurants included Bar Zin Café, Cio, Espana and Salt, the signature restaurant of the Ritz Carlton.

Left: Elizabeth and Linda Gamble

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