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Spice I t Up

Looking to get creative in the kitchen? Here are some of the spices and ingredients the cooks use in their recipes and more information about them.


Ginger is mainly used in sweet delights such as ginger ale or gingerbread in Western cultures, but many others add its hot, fragrant taste to meat, fish, soups and curries.

Saffron Coriander

The leaves are known as cilantro, but coriander seed, whole or ground, produces different tastes to different people. At its best, coriander has a refreshing, citrus-like flavor. Others, however, have described the taste as “soapy.”

Azafran, or saffron, has a complex flavor that many people may describe in various ways, although many say it’s slightly bitter and semisweet. It also gives food a distinct yellow-orange coloring.


Cumin may be most familiar as an essential spice in South Asian and Latin American cuisines, but it can also be found in some cheeses and traditional French breads. Cumin has a bitter taste when eaten raw but, when cooked, lends a warm and earthy taste to food.


A staple in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking, turmeric is commonly used with savory food. In South Africa, turmeric is used to give a golden color to white rice.


While not a common meat in the United States, goat is used heavily in Africa, Asia, South America and Central America. Savory and less sweet than beef, goat has become more available – check with your local butcher.


Belonging to the banana family, plantains are starchy and low in sugar, and require cooking before eating. Plantains are popular in western African and Caribbean countries.


No matter the size of a grocery store, sometimes it doesn’t have what you need. These stores specialize in stocking diverse ingredients.



Laxmi Spices of India

5555 E. 41st St.

7847 E. 71st St.

Middle East Market

7282 S. Lewis Ave.

Las Americas

Hornbill Oriental

5459 S. Mingo Road 2118 E. Third St.

Oklahoma City Super Cao Nguyen

Mediterranean Imports and Deli

5620 N. May Ave.

2668 N. Military Ave.

El Mariachi Supermercado

3810 NW 39th St.

Sabri Foods

Spices of India

3020 NW 16th St.

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