Oklahoma Magazine December 2016

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Great Companies to work for Continental Resources

OKLAHOMA CITY www.contres.com New workers are thrown right into the mix at Continental and fully expected to bring their new ideas to the fore. Continental works closely with colleges and universities with petroleum engineering, geology and related majors to recruit employees. This approach reflects the philosophy of chairman and CEO Harold Hamm, who has directed Continental since its founding in 1967.

Devon Energy


OKLAHOMA CITY www.devonenergy.com Devon’s guiding principles for an employee are: always do what’s right; deliver results; be a team player; and be a good neighbor. The result is a culture of achievement that has garnered frequent industry awards since Devon began in 1971. Devon also contributes resources to science, technology, engineering and math programs in schools because it sees the economic growth and prosperity associated with those fields. Central to that mission is the Devon Science Giants program, which provides strategic, inventive, hands-on curricula to STEM teachers.

EOG Resources

OKLAHOMA CITY www.eogresources.com EOG stands for energy, opportunity and growth, which comprise the company’s vision for employees. EOG’s decentralized corporate structure encourages collaboration and many cross-functional teams of scientists and engineers. Employees have open lines of communication with everyone, especially face-to-face conversations. This participatory approach encourages workers to propose innovative ideas that will be heard, analyzed and acted on.

Magellan Midstream Partners

TULSA www.magellanlp.com More than half of Magellan’s employees work in operations and production. The average tenure for all workers is 12 years, 17 years for managers and supervisors, and 20 for directors. Safety, efficiency, honesty and responsibility are at the core of this spinoff from the Williams Companies, especially when it comes to workers. Magellan, which owns the longest refined petroleum products pipeline system in the country, can tap into nearly 50 percent of the nation’s refining capacity.

OGE Energy

OKLAHOMA CITY www.oge.com OGE, founded in 1902, places a premium on employees demonstrating teamwork, integrity and public service. Many of OGE’s 2,500 workers fully participate in company programs such as Lend-a-Hand and Cool Zones to give back to the community. OGE also has partnerships with many schools through its Teacher Grant Program, Fourth Grade Electrical Safety Program, Prairie Project and Positive Tomorrows.



Oilfield Pipe and Supply

DEWEY www.oilfieldpipe.com This quiet company, with 155 full-time employees, is modestly one of Dewey’s largest employers as it supplies any pipe needed in the energy industry, from steel casing to coil form. It’s been fabricating large steel-rolled and welded pipe since 1986.

bonuses, matches employees’ charitable contributions, has tuition reimbursement, offers discount stock purchases and reimburses those with gym memberships. Workers may submit feedback, suggestions and complaints online. A SemGroup official writes that the company garners loyalty because of “our transparency and casual work environment.”


Cardinal Engineering/ Enviro Clean Cardinal


Guy Engineering Services

TULSA www.oneok.com Originally an intrastate natural gas pipeline company, ONEOK is one of the nation’s premier energy companies. Its 2,380 full-time employees “strive to better not only their company but also the communities in which they live,” a ONEOK official writes. ONEOK recognizes that its success in the future depends upon embracing the unique perspectives of a diverse entry-level pool. ONEOK hires from universities, technical schools and other venues to create a comprehensive, inclusion strategy for business and employee relations. ONEOK assists employees with professional development to advance their careers.

TULSA www.semgroupcorp.com The 1,100 full-time employees at SemGroup arrive everyday to an inviting, inclusive, team-oriented workplace. Workers stay on an average of five years and many have decades of experience in the energy industry. SemGroup grants performance-based

OKLAHOMA CITY www.cardinalengineers.com Cardinal, a civil engineering powerhouse, provides transportation design, land planning, utility study and design, and site development. Corporate sibling Enviro Clean Cardinal is one of the most comprehensive environmental and civil engineering service firms along the Gulf Coast and throughout the Midwest. Enviro Clean has more than 150 employees with additional offices in Tulsa, Norman, Ada, Yukon and Woodward. Members of its executive team have, individually, decades of experience in their respective specialties, be it air-quality practices or hydrogeology.

TULSA www.guyengr.com Guy designs roads for the state of Oklahoma, its municipalities and all 77 counties. It also provides bridge inspections, surveying and mapping services. The work is serious because of its importance to having safe thoroughfares, but Guy’s 35 full-time employees