Oklahoma Magazine April 2017

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Creating a

Dream Home By M. J. Van Deventer

Remodeling and renovation projects allow Oklahomans to create exactly the homes they want.

The conventional wisdom is you can’t always get what you want when buying a home, and it still holds true. But while buying a home involves compromise, renovation does not. Renovation gives homeowners a chance to remake their homes exactly to their specifications, and many Oklahoma homeowners are choosing to do exactly that. Here are two projects where people chose to create the home they wanted rather than compromise. THE RENOVATED FIREPLACE, ACCENTED WITH A DRAMATIC CEILING BEAM, ANCHORS THE FAMILY ROOM. THE KITCHEN’S LARGE CENTER ISLAND FEATURES A VEINED CALACATTA SIENA MARBLE SLAB THAT GIVES A NATURAL, YET HIGH CONTRAST, MODERN LOOK.

Project Modern Glamour

Photos by Ryan Wells, Flow Photography

An OKC renovation mixes contemporary and traditional design for a fresh, new look. He likes contemporary. She likes traditional. Both wanted a change in the interior design of their home, located in Mulholland, an upscale gated community in North Edmond. Their renovation wish was no small challenge for their interior designer, Carlin Blythe. Originally, the home was shrouded in dark brown tones. Rooms had a claustrophobic atmosphere as if these spaces were begging for more open, light-filled spaces. Mulholland homes feature tra



ditional architecture. “We couldn’t get too modern, so our solution was to meet in the middle with a contemporary look,” Carlin says. The transformation is worthy of superlatives – magnificent, astounding, amazing. The front door became the key to this home’s revival. “We changed it to a modern iron and glass door, compatible with the contemporary updates we made to the home’s interior,” Carlin says. The renovation went well beyond designing a new front door.

“They wanted to completely transform the entire home,” Carlin says. “We removed all the hardware, flooring and plumbing. We opened up some walls downstairs. In the living room, we took out a wet bar to create more open space in the public areas. We completely redesigned the layout of the kitchen as well as the master bedroom.” Beyond the front door, the entry was redesigned with a clean, formal look accented by a dramatic chandelier. “We changed the origi-