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W H AT W E ’ R E E AT I N G Couscous Cafe’s lamb kabob sandwich offers a taste of Morroco. J. CHRISTORPHER LITTLE


Lamb Kabob Sandwich Couscous Café

Moroccan dishes served simply is the mission of Couscous Café, and for three years, the small eatery has made good on that promise. Tagines, kebabs and plenty of vegetarian options fill the expansive menu, and zeroing in on the perfect meal is a difficult task. The lamb kabob sandwich is one option that doesn’t disappoint. Tender, juicy lamb is topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and a Moroccan sauce and wrapped in soft bread. Served with fries, it’s an ideal mix of the familiar and the exotic: A taste of the Mediterranean in OKC. 6165 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City.


We’ve survived Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings, but Christmas is coming, and hopefully, the goose is the only thing getting fat. While Thanksgiving is essentially just one big meal, Black Friday ushers in an entire season of blissful eating and opportunities to pack on the pounds. However, with a little planning and just a smidge of willpower, you can enjoy all of your favorite goodies without feeling like jolly old St. Nick himself. With all of the holiday parties, cooking and baking, you can easily consume way more calories than you ever intended, not to mention fat and an unhealthy dose of sodium that can lead to water retention and make you feel even more bloated.

Steamed Mussels KEO

Steamed mussels is one of the simplest dishes to master, yet few home cooks ever attempt it. But why bother when KEO serves such a tasty Asian version of the classic? Fresh mussels are steamed in a broth fortified with red curry and white wine. Coconut milk and fresh Thai basil add freshness to this dish, which is listed on the appetizers menu but could easily be consumed as a light supper. The mussels are outstanding, but the star of the dish is the broth, spicy with curry and salty from the mussels’ seawater brine. Be sure to sop or slurp every last drop. 3524 S. Peoria Ave.; 8921 S. Yale Ave., #A, Tulsa. Steamed mussels are served with a garnish of cilantro and charred bread at KEO. PHOTO BY NATALIE GREEN.



Even with all there is to do during the holidays, be sure to add these things to your healthy eating to-do list. Do give your diet a break. Trying to lose weight while goodies abound will just be an exercise in frustration. Do take time to exercise. Since the holidays can be stressful even under the best circumstances, take a few minutes to go to the gym or take a quick walk. Even if it’s cold outside, you’ll feel invigorated and will have less guilt about little indulgences. Do eat every meal. Skipping meals will only make you prone to overeating on high-calorie treats later. Plus, eating regularly will help maintain blood sugar. Do have a healthy snack before going to a party. Eating a piece of fruit or even a bowl of soup beforehand may make you less likely to over-indulge. Do share a healthy dish. Be sure to include recipe cards as well. Do forgive yourself. Even if you do fall off the proverbial bandwagon (or sleigh) tomorrow is a new day. And one more: Do enjoy the holidays with family, friends and great food. – Jill Meredith

2013 December Oklahoma Magazine  

Great Companies To Work For Featuring QuiBids’ Matt Beckham, Bama’s Paula Marshall and 54 Oklahoma Companies

2013 December Oklahoma Magazine  

Great Companies To Work For Featuring QuiBids’ Matt Beckham, Bama’s Paula Marshall and 54 Oklahoma Companies