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Faux Fun & 6x6 Auction Catalog February 2022

This auction includes 25 “Faux Fun” spoofs on masterpieces and 231 Artworks that are 6” x 6” Online Auction February 2022. All proceeds benefit the

Exhibition January 18 – February 19, 2022 Grants Pass Museum of Art 229 SW G Street Grants Pass, Oregon 541-479-3290 GPMuseum.com

We created this online book so you can view the art up close. (For those of you not living near Grants Pass). This is a great time to jot down the numbers of the art you want to bid on. The link to the auction can be found at www.gpmuseum.com The auction opens February 1st at noon Pacific Time and closes on February 19th at midnight Pacific Time. We want to thank all of the artists who donated their work. A list can be found at the end of this book. Thank you to Evergreen Federal Bank for sponsoring this exhibit/fundraising event.

And thanks to all of you for supporting the arts and our museum.

Item 1 American Gothic Catherine Wiley Acrylic, 19 ½” x 19 ½” inches

Everything is better with dogs.

Item 2 Three Ages of Women Jennifer Bagwell Acrylic and Gold Leaf, 29 ¼” x 25 ½” Here the older woman is Georgia O’Keeffe, the middle-aged woman is Frida Kahlo, and the young girl is a young Judy Chicago. Judy Chicago exhibited at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in 1986.

Item 3 The Calling of Bernie’s Mittens Kristen O’Neill Acrylic, 31” x 37 ¼” The Calling of Saint Matthew by Caravaggio gets a meme twist with the addition of Bernie Sanders.

Item 4 Dutch Absinthe Robert Koch Acrylic, 25 ¼” x 19 ¼” Grants Pass’ own Dutch Bros influence makes an appearance (and in item #13).

Item 5 The Starry Night After Vincent Mabrie Ormes Oil, 16” x 21”

Item 6

Fab Four Musicians Judy Crum Watercolor, 22 ¼” x 12 ¼” Picasso’s Three Musicians meet the Beatles.

Item 7

Van Gogh Amid Sunflowers Tommi Drake Acrylic, 23 ½” x 18 ½”

Item 8

Item 9

Moda Lisa Melissa Vierra Mixed Media, 20” x 16”

Why Dogs Don’t Play Poker with Cats Nancy Sterling Digital Print, 16 ¾” x 19” Framed

Item 10 The Great Wave of Omicron Tina Albrecht Watercolor, 19 ¾” x 23 5/8” Hokusai’s Great Wave is updated to current events with Omicron overtaking Delta.

Item 11 Mona Lisa Helen Holmes Colored Pencil & Ink, 10 7/8” x 9” Item 12 Girl with a Pearl Earring Madeline Holmes Colored Pencil, 9 3/8” x 7 3/8”

Item 13 Nighthawks Helen Holmes Pastel, 10 7/8” x 14”

Item 14 Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper Judy Elliott Silk Painting, 12” x 12” An ostrich shows up here in this play on Degas. Judy loved ballet when she was younger.

Item 15 The Houses of Parliament Acrylic Sarah Jay Esmay, age 10 Acrylic, 18 ½” x 22 ½” Monet did many versions of the Houses of Parliament. Here Sarah Jay creates one of her own.

Item 16 Lunch on the Grass Pam Gatten Watercolor and Ink, 11 7/8” x14 7/8” Edouard Manet’s Le De’Jeuner sur l’erbe is updated and modernized here. Guaranteed to be less controversial and more relaxing than the original.

Item 17 Whistler’s Mother Pam Gatten Watercolor and Ink, 11 ¾” x 17 ¾” Thank goodness someone finally got something for this mom to watch. For a hundred years she’s just been looking forward, past that gray curtain.

Item 18 Metafini Wedding Portrait Janet Higgins Oil, 23” x 18 ¾” Mark Zuckerberg marries himself in the Meta-verse, with that strange dog of his at his feet.

Item 19 Sunday Afternoon Cindy Kahoun Acrylic, 12” x 9” A detail George Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte is updated to a more modern woman. Goodbye bustle, hello dragonfly tattoo.

Item 20 Flamingos with Orcas Denise McElney Acrylic on Gesso Board 22 ¼” x 26 1/8”

We’re really enjoying these orcas!

Item 21 The Moth’s Ball Rose Saenz Acrylic, 13 ½” x 11 ½” When she was a young girl, the original Van Gogh painting stopped Rose in her tracks. She has loved it since, and wanted to spoof it for this Faux Fun exhibition and auction. Really, the only kind of moth you should welcome into your home.

Item 22 The Bear’s Kiss Lea Bumbesti Fuller Acrylic, 12” x 9” Grants Pass’ love of bears and our bridge comes out in this version of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.

Item 23 The Scream Trish Chancellor Oil Pastel, 24” x 20”

Definitely some Grants Pass twists in this one.

Item 24 The Creation of Adam Trish Chancellor Acrylic, 13 5/8” x 16 5/8” Mr. Kitty loves to reach out his paw.

Item 25 Courbet Contemplates the Origins of the World Timothy White Acrylic, 20” x 16” The Desperate man seems to have some company….

28 29 30

31 32 33

34 35 36

Cedric Van Eenoo, Untitled #1, Mixed Media on Canvas Cedric Van Eenoo, Untitled #2, Mixed Media on Canvas Cedric Van Eenoo, Untitled #3, Mixed Media on Canvas

Jorge Rivas, Geometry C-19A, Acrylic on Canvas Eric Miranda, IG: Myster-E13, Acrylic on Canvas Jorge Rivas, Geometry C-19B, Acrylic on Canvas

Alison Kelly, Emily, Acrylic on Canvas Alison Kelly, Joe, Acrylic on Canvas Alison Kelly, Vickie Lee, Acrylic on Canvas

37 38 39

Abby Lazerow, Morning: Gold Beach, Oil on Wood Panel Karen Johnson, Flutterby, Mixed: Paper, Felt, Acrylic, Wire, Beads on Wood Nancy Sterling, Summer Breeze, Mixed Medium

40 41 42

Anneli Anderson, Garden Symphony, Acrylic on Panel Brian Testa, Massapequa, Acrylic on Canvas Kathryn Ann Myers, Three Graces, Acrylic on Canvas

43 44 45

Mary Chant, To Scale, Acrylic on Canvas Mary Chant, Moonshine, Acrylic on Wood Mary Chant, Some Things Were Said, Acrylic on Wood

46 47 48

Mary Korbulic, Mountain With Hat, Photo Pam Gatten, Sit a Bit, Watercolor Pencils and Ink Trish Chancellor, Sunshine, Acrylic

49 50 51

Pam Gatten, No Way Out, Ink Carla J Griffin, Fog Rising I, Watercolor Karen O'Brien, Open Eyes, Mixed Media

52 53 54

Pam Gatten, Spring Must Be Here, Watercolor and Ink Pam Gatten, Bartlett, Graphite Pencil Jane Tujak, Perfect Orange, Photography



55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63


Tracy Fredrickson, Misty Morning, Watercolor Pam Gatten, Norway Reflections, Watercolor and Ink JR Raysin, Winter Mouse, Graphite Ronny East, Cubic Headspace, Colored Pencil on Paper JR Raysin, Little Nuthatch, Graphite Pam Gatten, Last Bloom, Watercolor and Ink Karen O'Brien, Disguises, Mixed Media Carla J Griffin, Clear Cut Scars I, Watercolor Pam Gatten, Seashell by the Sea Shore, Watercolor and Ink









64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72






Ilene Gienger-Stanfield, Dove Duo, Oil Carla J Griffin, Clear Cut Scars II, Watercolor Sherrill Brumbach, Changing Seasons, Watercolor Pam Gatten, The Last..., Ink Trish Chancellor, Happiness, Acrylic Jane Tujak, Sunburst, Photography Rick Petrea, They Shoot Out The Lip, Mixed Media on Paper Marjorie Brown, Ornamental Cabbage, Watercolor Pam Gatten, Marbled Paper, Marbled Paper Ink 71


73 JR Raysin, Two Sunflowers, Ink 74 Karen O'Brien, Blue Look, Mixed Media 75 Ted Demetriades, Ms. Duck, Photography

76 Jane Tujak, Love, Photography 77 Pam Gatten, Line Man, Ink 78 Jason Bly, Figure Sketch (After Alma Tadema), White & Black Charcoal on Gray Paper

79 Sidney Halling, Morning Blackbird, Acrylic 80 Carla J Griffin, Fog Rising III, Watercolor 81 Courtney Denise Lipson, You Get A Cookie, Prisma Pencils on Board

82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90




T.K. Arndt, Cymbidiums in Ink, Pen & Ink Mary Korbulic, Lenticulars at Alabama Hills, Photo T.K. Arndt, Winter Pine, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Tracy Fredrickson, Doodles, Watercolor T.K. Arndt, Wisteria I, Watercolor Nancy Brown, Citrus, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Gel Medium, Metallic Paper on YUPO Marjorie Brown, Oklahoma Summer Sun, Watercolor, Colored Pencil Pam Gatten, Portrait of Grace, Photo of Pastel David Carmack Lewis, Relic, Walnut Ink & Watercolor on Paper







91 92 93

Mary Nash, Twister on Edge, Ink on Bristol Board Mary Korbulic, Sunrise in the Deschutes, Photo T.K. Arndt, Pink Rose, Watercolor

94 95 96

Pam Gatten, Abstract Chaos, Oil, Pastels, Ink, Watercolor T.K. Arndt, Cattleya Duo, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Tracy Fredrickson, Spring in Amsterdam, Watercolor

97 98 99

Carol Davis, Winged, Acrylic T.K. Arndt, Bronze Bamboo, Watercolor David Carmack Lewis, Fire Ring, Walnut Ink & Watercolor on Paper

100 101 102

Ted Demetriades, Autumnal, Photography David Tiedemann, Welcome Shade, Oil on Canvas Judy Benson LaNier, Pink Gerbera, Photography

103 104 105

T.K. Arndt, Gold Cattleya, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Ted Demetriades, Tracks, Photography T.K. Arndt, Little Blue Bamboo, Watercolor

106 107 108

Kari Westphal, Peaceful Escape Painting #1, Watercolor and Ink Ted Demetriades, Sentinel, Photography Judy Benson LaNier, Clark, Photography

109 110 111

Ted Demetriades, Shooting Star, Photography Marjorie Brown, Spring Blooms, Watercolor, Colored Pencil Ted Demetriades, Sun Worship, Photography

112 113 114

David Tiedemann, Mt. Rainier, Oil on Canvas Barb Hochberg, Stay Calm, Mixed Media David Tiedemann, Mustard Field, Oil on Canvas

115 116 117

T.K. Arndt, Bamboo Study, Watercolor Jennifer Weigel, Kansas Family Portrait, Acrylic and Oil Paint Pen Brian Testa, Untitled #1, Acrylic on Paper

118 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126





Tyler Brumfield, Pop Abstraction #6, Laser Jet Print Marianne Nielsen, Pretty Pansies, Watercolor Ted Demetriades, Colorburst, Photography Barb Hochberg, Model T Ode to Mr. Ford, Mixed Media Ted Demetriades, The Dance, Photography Ted Demetriades, Vortex, Photography Ted Demetriades, Beaded Web, Photography Pam Gatten, What Should We Do Now? Ink on Canvas Paper Mary Korbulic, Pelican in Breeding Plumage, Photo





127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 127



Ted Demetriades, Garden Gate, Photography Marianne Nielsen, Daises at Dawn, Watercolor Marianne Strehler, Japanese Vase, Colored Pencil Ted Demetriades, Mushrooms on Mars, Photography Mary Korbulic, Watcha Lookin' At? Photo Marianne Nielsen, Roadside Roses, Watercolor David Tiedemann, Viral Spiral, Air Brush Mary Korbulic, Rialto Jellyfish Close Up, Photo Marianne Nielsen, Winter Apples, Watercolor 128






136 137 138

Marianne Strehler, Plane Landing, Monoprint Marianne Strehler, Submarine, Monoprint Penelope DiGennaro, Orange Lily No. 2, Pen and Ink

139 140 141

Marianne Nielsen, Cosmos, Watercolor Marianne Strehler, The Creature, Acrylic Marianne Strehler, Thru the Looking Glass, Acrylic

142 143 144

Marjorie Brown, Anacortes, Watercolor, Colored Pencil Pam Gatten, Can it Open? Graphite Pencil Marianne Nielsen, Dogwood Days, Watercolor

145 146 147

Daniela Edstrom, Awakening, Mixed Media on Bristol Board Daniela Edstrom, Impulse, Mixed Media on Bristol Board Tracy Fredrickson, Tangerine Hibiscus, Watercolor

148 149 150

Rosemary Eichorn, Patchwork Quiltlet, Textile Rosemary Eichorn, Unlocked Memory, Mixed Media Rosemary Eichorn, Free Motion Quiltlet, Textile

151 152 153

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Festive Expressions 4, Watercolor Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Festive Expressions 2, Watercolor Rosemary Eichorn, Little Melt-Down, Mixed Media

154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162


157 160

Mahara Sinclaire, Untitled, Purple Cabbage Sauerkraut Juice, Pen, Rhinestone Penelope DiGennaro, Orange Lily No. 1, Pen and Ink Daniela Edstrom, Crescendo, Mixed Media on Bristol Board Karen O'Brien, Bliss, Mixed Media Virginia Vovchuk, Girl at the Mission, Watercolor Tammy Gragg, Still Life with Pear, Watercolor with Cold Wax Pam Gatten, Persimmons Ripening 2, Watercolor Pencils and Ink Sarah Jay Esmay, Orange Desert, Acrylic Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Festive Expressions 6, Watercolor









163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171


Marianne Nielsen, Wild and Red, Watercolor Mary Korbulic, Mobius Arch, Photo Marcia Yerman, Triangle Hoedown, Acrylic and Gouache Taylor Weston, Eyeliner, Print Kari Westphal, Peaceful Escape Painting #2, Watercolor and Ink Marianne Nielsen, Mums in Pink, Watercolor Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Festive Expressions 1, Watercolor Marianne Nielsen, Daisy Delight, Watercolor Marianne Nielsen, Shasta Daisy, Watercolor








173 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180




Cindy Triplett, Soft Summer, Watercolor T.K. Arndt, Cattleya Quttata V. Leopoldii, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Marianne Strehler, Little Cutie, Colored Pencil Tyler Brumfield, Pop Abstraction #8, Laser Jet Print T.K. Arndt, Gold Bamboo, Watercolor Theo Eichorn, Knife on the Edge, Graphite Pam Gatten, I'd Rather Be Needlepointing, Watercolor and Ink Brian Testa, Untitled #2, Acrylic on Paper T.K. Arndt, Wisteria II, Watercolor






181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 184




Judy Benson LaNier, Lilac-Breasted Roller, Photography David Tiedemann, On My Mind, Air Brush Mary Korbulic, Rialto Jellyfish Stranded, Photo Nancy Brown, Anthocyanins, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Gel Medium, Metallic Paper on YUPO David Carmack Lewis, Lake Fire, Walnut Ink & Watercolor on Paper Pam Gatten, What?!!!, Copy of Newspaper Collage Cindy Triplett, Desert Scape, Watercolor Judy Benson LaNier, Wishing Weed 2, Photography Pam Gatten, Spent Rose, Watercolor, Pencils, Ink 185




190 191 192

Marianne Strehler, The Coffee Pot, Acrylic Jane Tujak, Cool, Photography Cetywa Powell, Museum of Words, Photography

193 194 195

Mary Korbulic, Sun Flowing Through Lake of Fog, Photo David Tiedemann, Static in My Attic, Air Brush Marianne Strehler, All Tangled Up, Acrylic

196 197 198

Marianne Nielsen, The Sentinel, Watercolor Marianne Nielsen, Pretty in Pink, Watercolor Cetywa Powell, The Alamo Reimagined, Photography


200 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207


Joseph Holmes, Goose, Markers Carol Davis, Precious, Acrylic Marianne Strehler, Hilltop City, Acrylic Pam Gatten, Marbled Paper Squared, Marbled Paper Ink Rosemary Eichorn, Vintage Quiltlet, Textile Marianne Strehler, At Attention, Acrylic Jane Tujak, Painted Dahlia, Photography Cetywa Powell, Discovering Words, Photography Leo Tujak, Dahlia, Photography








208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 211




Rita Alves, Generic Bar Graph #5, Oil on Canvas, American Flag, Class III Reflective Material, Glitter Karen O'Brien, Hark, Mixed Media JR Raysin, Black & White and a Touch of Blue, Ink Marianne Strehler, Two Mandarins, Colored Pencil Pam Gatten, Look Deeper, Graphite Pencil Leo Tujak, Flowers III, Photography Karen O'Brien, Eyes So Innocent, Mixed Media Artemis Laura Schatzkin, Black Rabbit #4, Graphite on Black Watercolor Paper JR Raysin, Angel-Winged Butterfly, Ink 212




217 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 220


218 219 Marjorie Brown, Dusk, Watercolor, Colored Pencil Pam Gatten, Zip Up, Graphite Pencil Pam Gatten, Spread Daises, Watercolor and Ink Sidney Halling, Autumn Park, Acrylic Marianne Strehler, Fenced In, Acrylic Sarah Jay Esmay, Tornatoes, Acrylic Marjorie Brown, Plowed Fields, Gesso, Watercolor, Colored Pencil Sherrill Brumbach, Up Close and Personal (Artic Fox), Watercolor Leo Tujak, Dahlia 78, Photography 221




226 226 227 228


Erva Zabel, Specimens, Mixed Media Julie Rae Bickle, Untitled #1, Acrylic Pour, Resin Jason Bly, Iris, Encaustic, Oil on Ceramic Tile



Artist: Carole Hayne 229. Spring Reeds Vase, Clay, 5” tall


231. Wind Blown Ring Box, Clay Outside dimensions are 2” x 2” x 1.75”


230. Madrone Series Bowl, Clay, 6” across

Items 250-258 are a special treat. These are a group project from Ms. Wilborn’s 2nd Grade Class at Rogue River Elementary. We are so happy they created art for our auction.

Each color represents a student and their additions to the piece. Students used their knowledge of color mixing to create their own unique color. They considered their knowledge of patterns, shapes, and lines to work together and create these pieces of community art.

Artists Who Donated Work for this Auction. Thank You Amazing Artists! 2nd Grade Class from Rogue River Elementary, Ms. Wilborn’s Class, Rogue River, OR Tina Albrecht, Grants Pass, OR Rita Alves, Portland, OR Anneli Anderson, Happy Valley, OR T.K. Arndt, Grants Pass, OR Jennifer Bagwell, Grants Pass, OR Julie Rae Bickle, Grants Pass, OR Jason Bly, Wichita Falls, TX Corbin Brashear, Williams, OR Marjorie Brown, Grants Pass, OR Nancy Brown, Austin, TX Sherrill Brumbach, Grants Pass, OR Tyler Brumfield, Forest Grove, OR Lea Bumbesti Fuller, Grants Pass, OR David Carmack Lewis, Portland, OR Trish Chancellor, Grants Pass, OR Mary Chant, Vancouver, WA Judy Crum, Grants Pass, OR Carol Davis, Grants Pass, OR Ted Demetriades, Grants Pass, OR Penelope DiGennaro, Grants Pass, OR Tommi Drake, Grants Pass, OR Ronny East, Union City, NJ Daniela Edstrom, Allenstown, NH Rosemary Eichorn, Grants Pass, OR Theo Eichorn, Grants Pass, OR Judy Elliott, Grants Pass, OR Sarah Jay Esmay (age 10), Murphy, OR Tracy Fredrickson, Grants Pass, OR Pam Gatten, Grants Pass, OR Ilene Gienger-Stanfield, Phoenix, OR Tammy Gragg, Long Beach, MS Philip Gresham, Raleigh, NC Carla J Griffin, Grants Pass, OR Sidney Halling, Canyonville, OR Carole Hayne, Merlin, OR Janet Higgins, Grants Pass, OR Barb Hochberg, Grants Pass, OR Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Phoenix, OR Helen Holmes, Grants Pass, OR Joseph Holmes, Grants Pass, OR Madeline Holmes, Grants Pass, OR Karen Johnson, Grants Pass, OR

Thank you for being a supporter of the arts.

Cindy Kahoun, Grants Pass, OR Alison Kelly, Madison, MS Robert Koch, Grants Pass, OR Mary Korbulic, Gold Hill, OR Judy Benson LaNier, Talent, OR Artemis Laura Schatzkin, Oakland, CA Abby Lazerow, Ashland, OR Courtney Denise Lipson, Bellingham, WA Denise McElney, Grants Pass, OR Eric Miranda, Portland, OR Kathryn Ann Myers, Portland, OR Mary Nash, Vienna, VA Marianne Nielsen, Grants Pass, OR Karen O'Brien, Grants Pass, OR Kristen O’Neill, Grants Pass, OR Mabrie Ormes, Ashland, OR Rick Petrea, Savannah, GA Cetywa Powell, Austin, TX JR Raysin, Grants Pass, OR Jorge Rivas, Allentown, PA Rose Saenz, Grants Pass, OR Tony Sheets, Murphy, OR Mahara Sinclaire, Los Angeles, CA Kim Sterling, Grants Pass, OR Nancy Sterling, Grants Pass, OR Marianne Strehler, Grants Pass, OR Brian Testa, Massapequa, NY David Tiedemann, Grants Pass, OR Cindy Triplett, Ashland, OR Jane Tujak, Floral Park, NY Leo Tujak, Floral Park, NY Cedric Van Eenoo, New York, NY Melissa Vierra, Grants Pass, OR Virginia Vovchuk, Tumacori, AZ Jennifer Weigel, Newton, KS Taylor Weston, New York, NY Kari Westphal, Seattle, WA Timothy White, Williams, OR Catherine Wiley, Grants Pass, OR Marcia Yerman, Bronx, NY Erva Zabel, Grants Pass, OR

Visit GPMuseum.com Feb 1- 19, 2022 for a link to the auction

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