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SEPTEMBER 2012 EXHIBITIONS AT THE GRANT BRADLEY GALLERY 1 St Peter’s Court Bedminster Parade Bristol BS3 4AQ Open Mon-Sat 10-5 T. 0117 9637 673 W. E.

SEPTEMBER 2012 EXHIBITIONS This September the Grant Bradley Gallery is pleased to present four exhibitions by Gordano Textile Artists, Anna Warsop, Norma Rowe and Sandra Cocks. Our main space will display work from members of Gordano Textile Artists. Formed in 1997, the group work with stitch to explore and push the boundaries of textile art. In our mezzanine space Anna Warsop exhibits a series of recent landscape paintings and collagraphs. With their aerial perspective, the forms seen below become abstracted and a combination of collagraph and painted techniques bring the view to life. Norma Rowe uses heavily applied oils to create a sense of depth and texture in her quiet, contemplative landscapes. Sandra Cocks paints in both oil and acrylic to produce unplanned, unstructured semi-abstract urban and rural scenes. EXPLORATIONS........1-5 ANNA WARSOP.........6-7 NORMA ROWE..........8-9 SANDRA COCKS.......10-13




‘Abstract’ by Ira Wood, Stitch and painted textiles £60 Each artist in this group of fourteen maintains her own individual style, with stitched textiles which have been evolving and developing since the formation of the group in 1997. Their aim has always been to work to the highest standard while looking to explore new avenues and push boundaries. Some continue to refine and perfect their acquired style, some relish every chance to experiment with new products or techniques. Every exhibition reveals the diversity of their constant exploration, pieces which can take many hours, weeks or even months to complete. The group meet monthly for mutual encouragement and discussion. One of their aims is to inspire a younger generation to keep alive and discover the joy of the tradition of stitched textiles. 1

‘Lightning Whelk’ by Ira Wood Stitch textile £250


‘Rocky Coastline’ by Ira Wood Stitch and painted textiles £350 3

‘Penwith’ by Debby Bird, Embellished fibres £120

‘Cornish Gardens’ by Debby bird Embellished fibres £130



‘Contrasts’ Collagraph/Ink £495 My work can be described as abstract landscape, each piece of work showing a variety of interpretations of aerial landscapes. The inspiration comes from my passion for travel, taking hundreds of photographs from the airplane window. These photographs form the basis of reference for my work. In this exhibition I have brought together both elements of my artwork, painting and print making. I attempt to bring the colours and structures of the landscapes to life, using the printmaking technique of collagraph combined with acrylics and oil paints.

‘Glimpse’ Acrylic on canvas £595


‘Misty Moorland’ Mixed media £80 Quiet and contemplative landscape paintings by Norma Rowe, utilizing heavily applied acrylic to create a sense of depth and texture. ‘Largely self-taught, I began painting in earnest about 8 years ago. I soon found I was looking at everything in nature with a view to how I would paint it, often taking photographs which I would later use to help me recreate a tranquil scene or an uplifting view.’

‘Misty Dawn’ Mixed media £80 9

SANDRA COCKS WORDS BY KATE GARDINER Sandra is the Grant Bradley Gallery’s chosen artist for September, where she will be exhibiting a collection of lino prints and oil and acrylic paintings. She originally studied A’ Level Art and then Art and Design at the University of Worcester before teaching art in comprehensive and special schools. During this time she didn’t focus much on her own work but during the 80’s and early 90’s she started to do courses again and continue her own practise. At a life drawing class she made friends with a ceramicist which lead to the two of them sharing a studio at the Walled Garden in Wrington for many years. During this time she started exhibiting, firstly at the Cube Gallery and then at affordable art fairs. Teaching got put to one side and she moved out of the studio at Wrington and built her own loft studio at home. She still teaches art on a part time basis, at nursing homes, and loves to see the residents lose themselves in the artistic process, much as she does whilst at work in her loft. More recently she has exhibited at the RWA and the Black Swan in Frome. Influenced by the work of the German Expressionists, she started printing at Spike Print Studio, working initially with etchings, then wood and linocuts. Her lino prints always contain a narrative, starting with a figure, taken from a newspaper cutting or other source. She will cut this out and make a print, not knowing how the picture will end. During the process of working on the linocut the title will come to her and only then does she know how to complete the piece. In the piece ‘Shoppers’ a collection of black figures go about their business; are they going shopping or coming back from it? Did they enjoy it or was it a chore, what are they thinking? These are some of the questions posed for the viewer. Sandra speaks of the influence of Francis Bacon and Walter Sickert in her work.

Her paintings are a combination of abstract and figurative; they convey strength, depth and intensity using a limited palette with flashes of rich colour. Her aim is to create a space for the viewer to enter and explore. You might feel as if you recognise the places in her paintings; urban edgelands or seascapes, but all her work is from the imagination. She works with layers of colour and texture to create beauty in isolated scenes. The cranes in one of the pieces are strong; they could be abandoned artefacts or there to start a new development. This ambiguity is beguiling but the titles will help you in your journey of appreciation of these atmospheric and solid works.


‘Shortcut’ Acrylic £325


‘Estuary’ Mixed media £290



8 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2012

For more information please contact: T. 0117 9637 673


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Arts magazine created by The Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol, featuring the work of its September 2012 exhibitors.