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Grandfather Home News A Ministry Mending Families PANGSHUA KHANG, EDITOR

APRIL 2012


From the CEO: Hope for Each Child “ It will be challenging in many ways but through your continual support and prayers we will continue to succeed for the children under our care. ”


told that the abuse is their fault and begin to accept this. Children believe they are unlovable and that there must be something inherently wrong with them. Often children believe there isn’t a God or if He does exist He must not love them. Of course all of these lessons are false, but our children believe that they are a certainty. Unlearning these lessons and learning new ones can be a difficult process for them.

Here are some statistics about child abuse in America:

There is no simple solution or a one-size-fits-all approach. Care requires a multi-pronged approach. Here are ways we are fighting to give hope for each child:

Jim Swinkola, CEO hild abuse is a difficult issue for individuals to talk about. It is not because people do not care but because most of us care for children passionately. It is difficult to hear such horrid stories of abuse which are often accompanied by a feeling of “nothing can be done about it.”

• A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. • The total number of child abuse reports has increased 49% since 1986. • An increase in child abuse, (mostly in infants) is linked with the recent recession, in new research that raises fresh concerns about the impact of the nation’s economic woes. • The long-term effects are equally devastating; abused children are much more likely to repeat the cycle of abuse and abuse their own children, and/or become involved in the juvenile justice system, or not complete high school and have a mental health illness. Abuse teaches children many horrible lessons. They are often 2

• Continuum of Care: It is a term used to describe an array of services provided in various locations across NC to allow us to meet the evolving needs of our children. Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF) on the Banner Elk campus provide our most intensive care. In addition, there are lower levels of residential care on the campus. Our six regional offices serve many children in foster care and adoption services. • Treatment: While every program provides a treatment plan, it is up to staff to provide an effective plan supported by evidence. Our staff has the

necessary expertise and just as important, time to meet each child’s specific needs. • Opportunities for growth and new skills: By providing opportunities for children to learn and heal, we show them they are loved and important. We strive to develop areas where they can gain a sense of accomplishment. Spiritual growth is encouraged through attending local churches, bible study, motivational speakers and most importantly, Godly mentors and staff who invest in their lives. • Continuous improvement: Through tracking outcomes and program planning, we are able to continually assess the strength of programs and services to improve them. I believe we will reach an alltime census high in the next several weeks--meaning we will serve more than 315 children per day. We have been blessed with the opportunity to serve more children than we ever have in our history. It will be challenging in many ways but through your continual support and prayers we will continue to succeed for the children under our care.

What is your hope for each child? Join me in helping hurting children heal and thrive.

Child Now Before Us: A little girl’s healing journey

This section of the newsletter is dedicated to children who have come into our care and need your prayers. In February 2011, a beautiful 6-year-old girl named Asiana came to Grandfather Home for Children. She was admitted into the foster care program. Prior to coming to Grandfather Home, Asiana was placed in two other foster homes with her two older brothers. In these last placements, she behaved aggressively toward her brothers and the other foster children. To try and resolve her aggressive behavior, the Department of Social Services (DSS) decided to place Asiana into a foster home with no other children. She found her placement with one of our therapeutic foster parents, Alan and Laura. At first, the placement went extremely well. The family was very excited to have her in their home and gave her the one-on-one attention she desperately needed. They worked on her academic skills to prepare her for kindergarten, as she could not write her

name. Because things were going so well, the clinical team decided that Asiana should start receiving letters from her biological mother, who wrote to Asiana while she was incarcerated. Soon thereafter weekly phone calls to her biological brothers were started. Unfortunately, even with the help of her foster parents and intensive in-home workers Asiana was not fully prepared for

these transitions very well. The tantrums became more intense, she started throwing things when she became angry. She would make very hurtful statements and would try to hit, kick and bite people. After the first month of school, Asiana began to settle back down. Although the family has tried to keep her on a consistent schedule, Asiana will still go to the cabinets in the kitchen just to make sure there is food there. She has learned her colors and numbers up to 20 and now can write her name. She has made great progress in such a short time period. Asiana (right) enjoys playing with her Currently, a specialist neighbors, Madeline and Grace (above). in attachment disorders is helping Asiana and finding connection the foster family learn ways with her biological family again. to deal with her issues in a She began to backslide in her healthy manner. Last October, progress. plans for Asiana changed from Asiana started to act out. She reunification with her biological threw many temper tantrums mother to adoption! Alan and and became very disrespectful Laura love Asiana and wish to toward her foster parents. adopt her. The clinical team’s Things began to escalate once goal is also to have her be with she started kindergarten. In her siblings again. Today, Asiana addition to a new transition, is healing and thriving in this intensive in-home therapy environment of security and stopped. Asiana didn’t handle unconditional love. 3

Make an Impact: Reaching Your Neighborhood

Children’s Needs List: Helping Provide Care We recently received a phone call about two 3-month-old twin boys, Mark and Zach. Little Mark had burns on the lower half of his body which resulted from a scalding bath. His current foster parents, the Hills, spent a great amount of time at the hospital with Mark. They fully embraced the challenge to learn how to treat his burns and eagerly received both infants home. Today, the two brothers are making great progress. Can you imagine all the critical things that are needed to care for two children at one time? This challenge to provide for hurting children is not uncommon for our ministry. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us meet the needs of the children we serve. Here’s how you can help us provide care.

You can purchase the items below or send funds for these things: Welcoming Bag $50 Tote bag or backpack with essential items like a Bible, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, age appropriate toys, etc. Basic Clothing Kit $100 A welcoming bag to include items from first list items above, plus two outfits (shirts, pants, underwear and socks) Full Clothing Kit $250 A welcoming bag to include first list items plus four outfits (light jacket, shirts, pants, underwear, socks, slippers and pajamas) 4

Grandfather Home for Children provides services in six regions across North Carolina. We are reaching over 60 counties across the state! Here are some simple things that individuals, churches and service groups can do to help the children in local neighborhoods.

• Pray for our children, foster families and staff. • Make emergency kits for new children who often arrive in our care with no clothing! • Sponsor a child’s birthday party • Provide gift cards to major chain stores. • Collect arts & craft supplies for the children’s use. • Host a collection drive for school supplies. • Become an Ambassador (a special liason) from your church, neighborhood or organization to this ministry. • Consider starting a Grandparents Club chapter! • Participate in the Presbytery-wide, annual special offering for Grandfather Home (Father’s Day Offering or Thanksgiving Offering). • Have a speaker from Grandfather Home share our story with your church. • Attend a “Circle of Courage” event to learn more about this ministry and tour the Hayes Campus in Banner Elk. • Provide good books and DVDs for children and teens (nothing R rated). • Contact our ministry today to become a foster parent. • Volunteer or intern with us in your local area! To learn more about how you can make an impact and get involved, please contact Mae Weed at 828-898-5465.

EVERLASTING TRIBUTES Everlasting tributes are special gifts of $1,000 or more, which are able to significantly touch the lives of our children. Healing services, not otherwise afforded, are provided. Everlasting tributes are listed in the newsletter for one year. Everlasting Honor Gifts Mrs. Carl B. Brown, Jr. Pamela Brown Vinson Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Milliken Foundation Family and Friends at Christmas Ed and Susan Hardin Josephine S. Leiser Josephine S. Leiser Foundation James M. McCarl Lucy F. McCarl Jo Morrison Kevin and Jeanne Poorman Corinne Phillips Jim Phillips and Cynthia Poortenga Dr. Richard A. Ray Regenia Clark Jim Swinkola Regenia Clark

Everlasting Memorial Gifts Evelyn Baird Truette Baird Eleanor Hayes Barnhardt Fred and Gwen Deaton Dr. Ward B. Breidenthal Marietta E. Breidenthal

Joel Becton Rose Holden Cole Carl B. Brown, Jr. Pamela Brown Vinson Jeff Byrd John and Judy Collins L. Jack Clark Bob and Carol Allen Regenia Clark Fred and Gwen Deaton M B Krupp Foundation Gary A. and Kay M. Smith Judge Christopher McLauchlin Collier Fred and Gwen Deaton Ira K. Davenport Allan Davenport Robert “Bob” Dick, III Camilla Dick Earl Durden The Durden Foundation, Inc. Dale Files Doris Files Greg and Saundra Files Mildred M. Gee Elizabeth Gee Frances Moore Hart Isabelle Stowe

Jean Hasek Robert Hasek Maryann Hasek Robert Hasek Rev. Robert Johnston Fred and Gwen Deaton Edwin Lee Jones, Jr. Lou Jones Victor R. Kelly Barbara Kelly Carolyn H. King Kenneth King Riley King Cooper and Beth Hagerty George Laboda Children and Grandchildren Lee Lundy McKinley Lundy James S. Massarene Jacqueline Massarene-Lunardoni Dale Michael Jean Michael Francis Scott McElwee Nicholson Fred and Gwen Deaton Claybon and Sue Perry Greg and Saundra Files

Edna Church Pierson Ada C. Phillips A. Paul Priddy Jane Priddy Marye Priddy J. Robert Roughton, Sr. Marjorie Roughton Flora Davis Salyer Bob and Burma Lotts Frank Schrum Betsy W. Schrum Fred Slane Pat Ebert Katherine “Kitty” Stroud Fred and Gwen Deaton John Bynum Taylor Susan Carter Jane Madden Snyder Bob Snyder Pansy Louise Stafford Lew and Margaret Webb Charlie von Stein Gloria von Stein The Warriner Family Dorothy Smith-Fox


Honor and memorial gifts help support Grandfather Home for Children’s ministry to youth and their families. A memorial gift honors the memory of a departed loved one—a perfect way to express sympathy and appreciation in times of sorrow. Honor gifts remember and thank the living. This expression of thoughtfulness honors friends and family on special occasions in their lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and retirement. Investing in a young life through a memorial or honor gift is an appropriate way to remember someone and provide a lasting tribute to that memory. Received December 16, 2011 — March 15, 2012. Honor Gifts Bob and Ann Abel Barry and Bonnie Setzer Jackie Adams Barbara Lawrence Margaret Eury Agle Chris and Leslie Agle Richard Agle Richard Agle Chris and Leslie Agle Dr. and Mrs. Robert Alexander & Cole, Aiden, and Chloe Alexander John and Jeannette Alexander Mary Allissandratos and Family Wade Stroupe Chip and Suzanne Allran Wade Stroupe Armelda D. Barlow Howard and Jean Shannon John and Josephine Beall Brian and Christina Vanderbloemen Blair & Kim Beam and Grant Wade Stroupe H. L. Beam, III Wade Stroupe Jack and Helga Beam Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer John and Nancy Beard Barry and Bonnie Setzer Hazel Berry Scott Jones Alex Bittler Ralph and Denise Shell

Luke Bittler Ralph and Denise Shell Zach Bittler Ralph and Denise Shell John A. Bleynat John F. Bleynat John and Margaret Bleynat Truette Baird Kathy Blum Margaret Eury Agle Kathy Boone Deloris Pickens Scott and Christy Brannon Everette Hobson Bill Brooks Barry and Bonnie Setzer Lee and Leslie Brown Barry and Bonnie Setzer Elizabeth F. Buford Marjorie Wilkie Dean Bullis Barry and Bonnie Setzer Betty Burwell Wynne Cottrell Frances Campbell George and Martha Copes Margie Campbell Shannon Osborn Bob and Polly Capps Barry and Bonnie Setzer Bruce and Debby Carlton Barry and Bonnie Setzer John Carrier Glen and Nancy Brickey

John and Pat Carrier Charles and Kitty McBride John and Boots Carter Bob and Gwin Dalton John and Carol Carter Bill and Melanie Slagle Bruce and Gwynne Chadwick Kathryn Berrong Phil and Sharon Brackins Hunter and Brenda Chadwick Laura Chadwick Jones Martin and Tina Chadwick Richard Chadwick Tony and Paula Trivett Hunter and Brenda Chadwick Richard Chadwick Laura Chadwick Jones Martin and Tina Chadwick Hunter and Brenda Chadwick Laura Chadwick Jones Quick Chadwick Hunter and Brenda Chadwick Laura Chadwick Jones Richard Chadwick Laura Chadwick Jones Reuben and Mary Ann Chrestman Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Rev. Dr. Martin Christian Grays Chapel Church Harriett Coleman Howard and Maxine Nance Tom and Beverly Considine Barry and Bonnie Setzer

David, Chad and Jansen Craig Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Donald and Jacki Craven David DeBruin and Elizabeth Taylor Jim Davis Vicki Heath Warren and Joan Davis Brenda Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeBerry Fred and Alice Stanback Ralph and Jane Denham Kent and Kittie Eubank Ridge and Betty deWitt Barry and Bonnie Setzer Tony and Debbie diSanti Barry and Bonnie Setzer Helen S. Duncan Barry and Bonnie Setzer Penny Edwards Harriett Coleman Howard and Maxine Nance Family and Friends at Christmas Mac and Kathy Gowin Anni Farmer Barry and Bonnie Setzer David Fenner and Gloria Baird Trey, Candee and Gabriel Spence Sergei and Dima Ferriera Jack and Jane King Greg and Saundra Files Rick and Tori Jannetta Joel Fleishman Fred and Alice Stanback Harriet M. Forbis Jerry and Kaye Morgan

Honor Continued Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fraser Bill and Kitty Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fraser Bill and Kitty Taylor Brenda Furman Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer The Garber Family Joseph Garber The Luis Garcia Family Deanne Garcia Jackie and Sylvia Garner Nick and Marie Wicker Carolyn Grady Mike and Cathy Grady Grandfather Home Staff Bodie and Jane Scott C. M. and Lynda Harris Glenn and Kim Davis Pricey Harrison Fred and Alice Stanback Ted and Tammy Heavner and Family Wade Stroupe Jason and Lydia Hobson Everette Hobson

Dorothy Lightfoot Rev. David Cagle David and Ethel Logan Barry and Bonnie Setzer Jim and Lucy McCarl John and Kinsey Brand Brian McGuire & Joe Haban, II Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Jill McGuire Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Mike and Ann McGuire Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Pat and Debbie McGuire Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Gretchen A. McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean Helen S. McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean Rick and Judith McLean Rick and Judith McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean Dr. and Mrs. Charles Midkiff Bob and Carol Mattocks Barbara Miller Whitton John Hearn Gene and Laurie Modlin Barry and Bonnie Setzer The Morrison Family Joseph Garber Jo Morrison Joseph Garber Larry and Anne Garber Tim and Samantha Moss & Madison, Landis and Chapel Wade Stroupe because I Martha Mullins "I like being a big brother 8 Barry and Bonnie Setzer get to help them." -Landon, age Joe and Georgia Mullins Gene and Brenda Hollifield Barry and Bonnie Setzer Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Clyde Murshison Hoppy and Shirley Huffman Tom and Margaret Fitz Barry and Bonnie Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Gary Murphy Susie Huffstetler Helen Margaret Gaskins Wade Stroupe Ron McLean and Carl Myrick Doug and Betty Hughes Jimmy and Joyce McLean Barry and Bonnie Setzer Maxine Nance Stewart Humphrey Harriett Coleman Broadus and Beth Brannon Peg Norris Laura Chadwick Jones Jack and Jane King Richard Chadwick Mike and Kaye Owenby Sydney and Shannon Jones Barry and Bonnie Setzer Bill and Lida Jones Betty Ann Painter Joe and Duree Joseph Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Barry and Bonnie Setzer Mary T. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Joyce. Liza Liz Parker and unborn sister Andy Parse John and Jeannette Alexander Kathy Parse Jan Karon Christie Parse and Gary Cook Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Kathy Parse Justin King Ken Peacock Jack and Jane King FUNN Sunday School Class Matt and Sarah King Ken and Rosanne Peacock Jack and Jane King Greg and Claudine Lovins Sam and Kelley King Pearce & Sarah’s Thanking Friends Jack and Jane King Roger and Georgia Hayes Bernice Kirkpatrick Mary Ann Riley Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Clay Poindexter Hans and Judy Kohler Fred and Alice Stanback Barry and Bonnie Setzer Richard and Patsy Pons Gary and Ann Leago Barry and Bonnie Setzer Barry and Bonnie Setzer John and Sallie Prince Mike Leago Joyce Guffey Barry and Bonnie Setzer Susan Prindle Dennis and Margaret Lehmann Mary Lancaster Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Puett Hans and Pat Lengers Don and Marion Stadler Barry and Bonnie Setzer Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Leonard Larry and Mary McNeill Fred and Alice Stanback Louise Rutherford Rick and Debbie Liddle Lydia Rayfield Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Wade Stroupe


Gavin Hayes Reese Bonnie Reese Mr. and Mrs. Hal Robertson Jerry and Kaye Morgan Alice Roess Barry and Bonnie Setzer Jim and Patsy Rose Barry and Bonnie Setzer Michael and Tracie Ross, and Matthew and Stuart Wade Stroupe Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ross Bill and Kitty Taylor Dotty Royston Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Brian and Julianne Sandlin Kathy Parse Terry and Heidi Sarantou Barry and Bonnie Setzer Marie Schulken Tony and Gail Cole The John M. Scott, III Family Stuart and Pat MacLean Mitchell and Nancy Setzer Barry and Bonnie Setzer Taja Bleu Setzer Barry and Bonnie Setzer Wanda Setzer Barry, Bonnie and Taja Setzer Phillip Shivell Tony and Gail Cole Mary S. Shook Nancy Vest Don and Margie Smith Lee and Scharme Prevost and Family Meredith Smith Clay and Dianne Querbes Tom and Sarah Speed Glenn and Kim Davis Linda Steen Barry and Bonnie Setzer Jim and Suzanne Stouffer The Art Barnes Family May Strain Bee and Martha Strain Sarah W. Strain Bee and Martha Strain Mary Sugg Styres Richard and Anna Bracey Lyn Sweet Elizabeth Thompson Ashlin Kate Swinkola Art and Lynne Scott Brian and Audra Swinkola Art and Lynne Scott Kiera Blaine Swinkola Art and Lynne Scott Cindy Taylor Barbara Lawrence Will and Cori Thompson Barry and Bonnie Setzer Tim and Anne Timberlake Bob and Carol Mattocks Mr. and Mrs. Bob Tonsfeldt Bill and Kitty Taylor Jim Townsend Cullie Tarleton Jim and Margaret Townsend Norman and Sandra Culbertson Jack and Catherine Trawick Steve and Jeannine Alley Randall and Libby Ward Barry and Bonnie Setzer Damon and Elizabeth Waters Barry and Bonnie Setzer Rev. Rob Westlund DT Savage Brenda White Wright Larry and Lois Clarke Jim and Barbara Whitton Fred and Alice Stanback Chris and Melanie Wilcox Glenn and Kim Davis

Ronnie and Karma Wilson Glenn and Kim Davis Rilda Wolf Andy and Elisabeth McGuire Memorial Gifts Robert E. “Bob” Agle Chris and Leslie Agle Richard Agle Dale Gordon Anderson Pete and Jeanne Williams Margaret Clark Arrington Joe and Ruth White Issac T. Avery, Jr. Marybell Avery Shirley Ballew Faye Perkins Martin S. “Scotty” Banner Martin Banner Mary Margaret Kiser Bausell Richard Bausell Carolyn Ann Behmer Tony and Gail Cole David Robert “Rob” Black Rosemary Troxler George H. Bleynat Lois H. Bleynat Audrey Perry Boynton Walter and Jane Hardin Gary Boynton Bill Boynton Marilyn Boynton Cyclone Brett Suzanne Cole Golfing friends of Bill Boynton Eleanor Hoey Bradshaw Simon and Churchill Thompson Billie Gabard Bridges Vic and Sally Miranda Jackson Buckalew Ed and Marilyn Gideon Sally B. Bullock Rev. Malcolm Bullock Camille Bridger Bunch Mary Lampley Robert Alexander Campbell Karen Campbell Mattie Carrier Glen and Nancy Brickey Elizabeth “Beth” Cole Jim Cole Christopher McLauchlin Collier Don and Loretta Hubble Mary Ann Viccora Connelly Dick and Olive Baird Debby Crane Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Crane, Jr. Charles E. Crews Mary Crews Ira Kay Davenport Allan Davenport Daniel Armstrong Davis Patsy Mullen John Paul Davis, Jr. Richard and Nicki Davis Robert “Bob” Dick John and Mary Wiley Dale Files Rick and Tori Jannetta William Edward “Ed” Foster Patricia Stouffer Manfred Franz Sandra Franz Phil Frasher Mary Styres James W. and Vivian S. Freeze Jimmy and Joyce McLean Victor H. “Vic” Garrou Ann B. Garrou Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Giles Elease Giles L. S. “Bill” Gilliam, Jr. Roy and Fran Campbell

William R. “Bob” Guffey Joyce Guffey John Guignard Jerry Pressley Lewis B. Guignard Jerry Pressley William “Bill” Guignard Jerry Pressley Margaret Hall Chris and Helen Baucom Albert F. “Al” Hardman Nancie Kurtz Jack H. Hinds Patricia Hinds Douglas Hodges Wanda Hodges Hindman Ramona Hoyle Winfred and Frankie Muse Stephen Curtis Hoyle Bob and Lois Dodson Major Jimmy O. Huffman, Sr. Truette Baird Bennie J. Jones Ralph and Denise Shell Frank J. Jones, Jr. Ralph and Denise Shell Roy S. Jones Mary Styres Ruth Kerley David and Gloria Fenner Lue S. Khang Hal and Melanie Fenner Sam and Venus Kindle Eula K. Carroll Robert Paul Lambdin, Sr. George and Carolyn Terrell Lois Jane Loeblein Belden Tri-State Building Materials Valerie Chandler Diener Brick Company Jim and Barbara Norman Terry and Susan Swaim Jill Veber

"My dad says Im a Princes princesses always have bubs and -Cecelia, age 5 bles."

Edward L. Loehr, Sr. Jim and Gina Bigger Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson Dia Nichols High County State Bank Mike Longardt David and Nancy Page Robert “Kyle” Martin Steve and Mary Kelly Jack Masters Robert and Lynne Bass Tom and Cindy Baur Peggy Beaman Gary and Sandy Brown Ginger Rutherford Julie Maupin Tony and Gail Cole Mary Beth McCall Tammy Click Betty Combs Janet Day Mary Knight Northwest Basketball Officials Association Abigail Blair “Abby” McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean Webb A. and Violet C. McLean Jimmy and Joyce McLean

The mission of Grandfather Home for Children is to find and support a safe family setting in which each child can remain free from abuse and hurt. Across the state there are dedicated staff and passionate foster parents who directly provide care for hurting children. Discover a few exciting ways how our ministry is making a big impact on many young lives.


blooms ACROSS NC

• In the Smokey area, nearly 70 children are served. • The Winston-Salem team continues to hold a social skills group for our children. They are broken into their age groups and participate in ageappropriate activities. Through this experience, children are able to learn valuable life skills while having fun! • Youth, ages 13-21, participate in an Independent Living Program (based in Charlotte), which runs for 10 months. This program allows interactive activities like modeling, dynamic group discussion, and assessment. Other components include learning communication skills, daily living skills, money management and self-care. Check out our 2012 Event Calendar (on right) to discover how you can get involved or support in this shared ministry.

Memorial Continued Charles Vernon & Martha Luther McLoud Barbara-Ann Zizzi Martha Luther McLoud Dennis and Susan Harvey Sally Kirby David and Vicki Miller Mary Rolofson Christophe and Tasha Roth Florence Spivey Robert L. Merian Sadie Merian Mr. and Mrs. Ro Millen Mike and Carole Simpson Mary Cole Moore Steve Moore Eleanor Moss Mary Styres Ann Murchison Tom and Margaret Fitz George Donaldson Murphy Ronald D. Hartgrove Brian Anderson Nicholson Cosmo Mendolla and Anntoinette Ryals Lena Helen Carter Noe Willie and Shirley Cradic Paul and Linda Rutledge Sherrie Rutledge Allie Holland Odum Allen and Celia Hunter William George Owen The Anna Mackley Family Shirley Page David and Nancy Page Claybon and Sue Perry Rick and Tori Jannetta Essie Lee Porter William Porter

Clyde Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Gladys Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Herman Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Linda Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Loyd and Helen Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Paul Rhyne Mike and Carole Simpson Frederick Richard “Dickie” Ribet Kathy Parse Margaret H. Riden Carol Parent Jane Robinson Richard Zakour Doris Ross Nancie Kurtz J. Robert Roughton, Sr. Marjorie Roughton George Barron Rowe Bill Boynton Grace Newton Sain Loyse Hull Smith John M. Scott, III Stuart and Pat MacLean Nancy Segal Carol Parent Harold N. “Bud” Shell Ralph and Denise Shell Nancy Cloer “Bo” Shell Ralph and Denise Shell Myrtle Rose Shutt Kaye Shutt Robert Lee Shutt Kaye Shutt Jesse Lee Smith Harold and Alice Durham

Jane Madden Snyder Joanne Boswell Bill and Louise Munden Betty Neu Dr. William Gilbert Spencer Beaver and Daisy Robinette Mabel Stack Jack Elledge Dorothy Stahl The Art Barnes Family Dorothy Elizabeth Huff Staley Bobby and Shirley Clodfelter Marion Stone Marcelle Stone Samuel B. Strain, Sr. Bee and Martha Strain Frankie Street JA Street Trust Jearline Webster Talley Joe and Ruth White JoAnn Tenney Dale and Linda Patterson Rev. Willis Thompson Neill and Marie Salmon Phoebe Wakefield Ann Williams Dr. Charles E. Waldner, Jr. Marjorie Waldner Lois Inez Westbrook Don and Loretta Hubble Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Whitlock Mary Fleenor Kenneth F. Wiblitzhouser Sue Wiblitzerhouser Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wilson Steve and Pam Wilson Fred S. and Elizabeth L. Wright Charles and Ann Wright

Save the Date: Mark Your Calendars!

April 13, May 4, June 1 and September 7 Circle of Courage

Saturday, May 26 Wildcat Lake Opens

Friday, June 1 Children’s Trust Society Dinner

June 23-24 Tennis Tournament at Yonahlossee Club

Saturday, July 28 Grandfather Home Festival

Sunday, July 29 Homecoming Picnic

September 23-24 22nd Annual Children’s Golf Classic at The Elk River Club

May 18, 2013 Centennial Celebration Opening Kick Off

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. Deb Anderson Blowing Rock, NC Mrs. Carol Allen Blowing Rock, NC Mrs. Melanie Fenner Banner Elk, NC Mr. Carroll Garland Foscoe, NC Mr. Philip Myers Banner Elk, NC Mrs. Jane Scott Kingsport, TN Mr. Steve Shelton Linville, NC Mrs. Sherry Walker Boone, NC Mr. Cliff Williams Sugar Mountain, NC Dr. James Wood Johnson City, TN


Praise Report: Three Sisters Search for a forever Home

This section of the newsletter is dedicated to children who have made tremendous strides in healing! Kendra, Angel and Megan are a sibling group that came to us in October 2009. They were ages 4, 6 and 12. Their mother struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues. Due to problems with the home environment, the girls experienced severe neglect and abuse. Megan, the oldest, was often left alone with her siblings. At a very young age, she became the caretaker of her sisters. Angel had educational delays. Kendra dealt with extreme anger issues and would threaten and hurt younger children. Soon all three girls were involved with therapy. Unfortunately, their progress in therapy was slow. They then moved into a pre-adoptive home

(outside Grandfather Home’s care) in August 2010. Eight months later, that family transferred to our agency. The gains that the girls were making in that home were remarkable! Megan was blossoming into a young woman and had many friends. Angel started receiving academic awards in school for her great performance. Kendra began

learning to manage her anger in healthy ways. All three girls made amazing growth but sadly a few months ago, their foster mom Jane discovered some major medical conditions which will prevent her from providing the girls with the special care they deserve. Earlier this year, we found a wonderful adoptive family who we hope will be able to care for these girls. Several visits were arranged to ensure that this would be a good fit. A few weeks ago the girls moved into this new home. We are excited to see that these precious girls will be adopted into their forever family soon. Please continue to pray for these girls.

Grandfather Home News, April 2012 Edition  

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