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STILL LIVING THE DREAM Before I was a trip designer, I lived with my husband, Chip (now Outside GO’s CEO), in a wild and farflung place: Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa. Our home was a safari camp in the pristine wilderness in southeastern Kenya amongst Maasai tribespeople and thousands of animals, including some majestic blackmaned lions who roamed the camp at night. Today we call Santa Barbara, California, home, and it’s our goal every single day to share our expertise and spirit of adventure with friends and clients around the world. Please enjoy the samples of trips that follow, and seek more options at Outsidego.com. You’ll see where our roots still run deep in Africa, and in similarly dramatic locations around the world where natural wonders combine with creature comforts to create life-list adventure-travel experiences for you and yours.

Sandy SANDY CUNNINGHAM Co-founder & President

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Connor Miko


Sandy Cunningham Laura Gerwin Brittany Bengr y Paige Tully Jill Indovino Tasha Zemke PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY Laura Gerwin Lewa Conser vancy Ol Malo Giraffe Manor Lion Sands Treehouse Jao Camp Greystoke Mahale Camp Shipwreck Lodge Hacienda Zuleta Latitude 10 Hacienda Bambusa Awasi Patagonia The Magellan Explorer Longitude 131 Saffire Freycinet Capella Lodge Cape Pillar Lodge Hapuku Lodge Tutka Bay Ultima Thule Lodge Sheldon Chalet The Cliff House Jamtara Wilder ness Camp TO OUR READERS Outside GO invites you to share your reactions to our first volume of UNCHARTED. Letters are not for publication, but please include your address in case we need to contact you. By Mail: Reader Response Department, Outside GO, 400 Market Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501. By e-mail: travel@outsidego.com. ©2019 BY OUTSIDE GO All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written consent from Outside GO.

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CONTENTS 08 OUR ROOTS IN UNCHARTED SAFARIS Offering authentic, personalized safaris.


WALK WITH THE ELEPHANTS Follow Katie Rowe on her story of founding the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

22 MEET TULETO ‘JAMES’ SENGENY Maasai guide extraordinaire, part of the Uncharted family.

28 ECUADOR: A CONTINENT IN ONE SMALL COUNTRY Ecuador boasts the Galápagos Islands, portions of the Andes and the Amazon, and much more.


In one of the planet’s most extreme travel destinations, you need the most experienced hosts.


From mountains and the sea, to riverside glamping and sampling downtown Kiwi luxury.


Get away from the crowds and experience our favorite Alaskan backcountry on this 10-day trip.


An adventurous spin on the best of Ireland for a surprising, jam-packed week.


Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the Outside GO way to experience the hidden side of India.

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OUR ROOTS IN UNCHARTED SAFARIS We started in East Africa with a collection of lodges and camps that offered authentic, personalized safaris. We’ve taken that concept worldwide. At Ol Donyo Lodge in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Chip and Sandy Cunningham operated a lodge that was part of a safari collection called Bush Homes of East Africa. Guests would—and still do—spend two or three days each in a series of camps, lodges, and ranches that share a high standard of personalized, low-occupancy hospitality and guiding by expert naturalists. They also share a style that’s rooted in the romance of the original Out-of-Africa safaris, but that evolved with a post-hunting ethos of shooting pictures, not animals, and a post-colonial stance of partnership with local tribal communities. The Bush Homes are all located in or around national parks and reserves, private game ranches, and nature conservancies. They offer a variety of habitats and uphold principals that support wildlife conservation and cultural preservation, resulting in a low-impact guest experience both

excellent and ethical—and exclusive in the best sense of the word. The Cunninghams moved to the U.S., Chip’s home country (Sandy hails from Zimbabwe and South Africa), to become partners and eventual owners of Bush Homes. Expanding that concept to worthy destinations around the world, the company rebranded itself as Uncharted Outposts. In recent years, it joined with Outside magazine to create a wider variety of active experiences for their clients, and evolved into Outside GO. The outfit has routinely been recognized as being among the very best in the nature-travel business by such leading publications as Travel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler. You are not going to find another luxury adventure tour company with a personal history and track record to compare with Outside GO. GO 

Ol Malo, one of the original Bush Homes of East Africa.

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Your Kenya safari starts with an overnight at Giraffe Manor, one the original Bush Homes.

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It is absolutely impossible to narrow our trip to a single standout moment. The entire journey was one continuous jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience. - RICH & GINNY LINTING, GO TRAVELERS

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SAFARIS ARE FOR LOVERS Let us help plan your honeymoon, anniversary, or ultimate romantic adventure—where fantasies come true. African safaris are inherently soulful and spectacular sensory experiences, which makes them perfect for trips that place a premium on inspiring deep feelings for intimate companions to share. We know how to ensure suitable degrees of seclusion and privacy, and where to find extraordinary experiences that add that special sauce to any loving couple’s adventure. That might mean spending a night or two in sort of a treehouse under gauzy netting in a starbed, followed by a stay in an opulent lodge, and perhaps a classic tented camp.

about a couple of itineraries that combine the best of the wild and cosmopolitan worlds, capped by a bit of beach time on an exotic Indian Ocean shore.

We can set the stage wherever you choose to go, but you might start by dreaming

But romance is a private affair, so you’ll want to plan your own; we can help! GO

In southern Africa, you can indulge in Cape Town’s delicious wine country, spot wildlife in Kruger National Park’s luxe lodges, and then chill on the shores of Mozambique. In Tanzania, admire the wonders of the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti savannah, the lakefront bush of Tarangire National Park, and the impossibly stylish isle of Zanzibar.

Lion Sands Luxury Treehouse, South Africa. 

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// G O G E A R

Jao Camp, Botswana.

NEXT-LEVEL CAMP STYLE Jao Camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta continues to raise the bar. With one of Africa’s densest and most diverse concentrations of wildlife, the Okavango Delta is long on safari substance. But for the past couple of decades, the camps there have also been constantly one-upping each other on matters of safari style. When it opened in 1999, Jao Camp set a new standard for luxurious and tasteful camp design. With a reopening in mid-2019, after a rebuild and refurbish excecuted by the original architecture and design team, Jao sets the standard once again. Each of the seven accommodations includes a plunge pool, lounge and dining areas, kitchen facilities, en suite bathrooms with indoor-outdoor showers, and eco-friendly cooling and heating systems. The pair of two-bedroom villas also come with a private vehicle and guide, chef, and butler. Common areas will include not only a spa and gym, but a museum and gallery displaying botanical pressings, found objects (including items of scientific interest), and local animal skeletons (including a giraffe). Jao. It rhymes with wow.

BEST CATCH-ALL CHECKED BAG Every world traveler needs a catch-all duffel that can handle the unknowns of international travel. Our favorite is the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel series—specifically this 60-liter gem. Not only is this highly durable bag weatherproof and equipped with features like handy pockets and daisy chains, but it’s also the perfect size to pack on flights around the world to remote places like bush camps in Africa, where wheeled and hard-sided suitcases are a big no-no. Pick a color and get your order in!

PATAGONIA BLACK HOLE DUFFEL, 60L $150 (outsidego.com/gear)


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YOUR SECOND (AND THIRD) SAFARI Already been to Africa and looking to dive deeper into the bush? These trips go at least one step beyond. The craving to return to Africa can become so intense that the French even have a term for it: mal d’Afrique. So we offer a customizable portfolio of trips designed with return travelers in mind. A walking safari in Kenya with local Samburu people and a caravan of camels; a flying safari over the dunes of Namibia; and a weeklong exploration of Botswana’s most hidden corners in search of rare wild dogs—the possibilites are unlimited.

Tanzania in particular offers a variety of remote habitats that beckon anyone who’s already responded to the call of the wild. Mahale National Park is the heart of chimpanzee country. Katavi is a primeval wilderness park, and the vast Selous is simply one of the continent’s legendary reserves. You’ll surely find something in our selection that will ensure bragging rights among any group of Afrophiles. GO

Greystoke Mahale Camp, Tanzania. 

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Kenya camel safari.


SHIPWRECK LODGE You might have noticed that we love our Uncharted Outposts to pack a serious wow factor. A stellar example: Shipwreck Lodge in Namibia. It’s comprised of 10 quirkily designed rooms inspired by the storied past of the Skeleton Coast, where many a ship met its fate. Perfect for honeymooners and families alike, this camp shares the Skeleton Coast National Park with a surprising diversity of species, including desert-adapted elephants and one of only two lion populations in Namibia.

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Katie Rowe is the Mother of Elephants in northern Kenya and founder of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Your visit, as a supplement to a stay at Sarara Camp, supports their vital conservation efforts.

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as beading, honey harvesting, recycling, and reseeding grass and planting trees. And of course tourism is currently the driving force of the economy, and it doesn’t work without conservation. Tourism is a means toward effective conservation in that it provides a huge Conservation is the absolute core objective in incentive to protect nature. This, in turn, imour lives at Sarara, alongside community em- proves the livelihoods of the Samburu people powerment. Right now we employ 50 people through healthier grasslands for their cattle to graze upon. from the local community in projects such Sarara Camp has a long legacy of conservation, stemming from its beginnings with wildlife defenders Piers and Hilary Bastard and Ian Craig. How does conservation play a role in life at Sarara today?

ď Ł

Feeding time for the youngsters.

ones benefiting from their elephants through employment and the income tourism brings. The Samburu have lived alongside wildIt was a community-driven inspiration, as the life for centuries, sharing resources such as local Samburu people wanted to keep north- water and grazing; they have always loved and respected their elephants. This was their ern elephants in the north of Kenya where they belong, on their home ground. They are drive—we were just a partner to help them achieve it. their rightful protectors and should be the What inspired you to open the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in the Matthews Range?

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// G O G E A R

Is there anything cuter than a baby elephant? 

Behind the scenes.

SHARPEST BINOCULARS FOR YOUR BUCK Reteti is the first community-owned and -operated wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Why is that important? The Namunyak community is breaking ground and stereotypes with this project, not only by having a community-owned and -operated elephant care and re-wilding sanctuary—and proving that a community can achieve these sorts of goals—but also in employing and promoting a female presence in the Reteti team. Traditionally, women in Kenya are married young and aim to have as many children as possible, often between five and 10. Empowering women is going to be what can counteract the increasing pressure placed on this fragile landscape. We are opening a door to a world of possibilities where women are equally entitled to working on their own land, protecting their own wildlife. Reteti is changing the way these communities relate to wildlife, and this brings a sense of pride and responsibility to the women working at the sanctuary. They know that by working with the elephants, their efforts are reducing poaching and human-wildlife conflict. GO

If there’s one piece of analog technology we still don’t leave home without, it’s a pair of binoculars. Whether you’re scanning for baby elephants on the distant plains from the deck of your tent in Tanzania or observing endangered condors in Ecuador, there’s only one way to get the best view. Our go-to pair is the Zeiss Terra EDs in 10x42 magnification. Compact, lightweight, and durable, these trusty binocs work well even in low light to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars 10x42 $450 (outsidego.com/gear)

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Cape Town and its environs combine hip cosmopolitan culture with stunning natural beauty.

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GO TRIP 6 TRIP: Experience Southern Africa: The Ultimate Family Safari WHEN TO GO: Year-round. WHAT IT’S ABOUT: This itinerary is a sampling of southern Africa’s best, and it is all fit for the entire family. GO TO: Cape Town, Sabi Sands, Tanda Tula, Mozambique PRICES STARTING AT: $9,545 13 Days / 12 Nights

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Breakfast in the bush.

MEET TULETO ‘JAMES’ SENGENY Maasai guide extraordinaire, part of the Uncharted family. Outside GO is defined not only by beautiful locations worldwide, but by the guides who make adventures in these remote places extraordinary. There is no better example than Tuleto “James” Sengeny, who has been guiding with our team for over 20 years. James developed his keen tracking skills at a young age, and he has since become one of the premier guides in all of Africa. He still lives in the Mara, and he will introduce you to it as he would a guest of the family. And he will personally escort and guide your party to Kenya’s other prime locations as well. GO 22 | U N CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

Tuleto and Chip.

FAMILY PLANNING Take your family vacation to new heights with an East African safari that combines exquisite wildlife viewing and Maasai culture. It’s hard to imagine a family trip that would be more educational, fun, and create more of a bonding experience than an East African safari. That’s why multigenerational family adventures are among our favorite trips to organize here. Kenya and Tanzania are strongly

recommended because of the plethora of wildlife in the parks, and the rare opportunities to connect with Maasai and Samburu culture. No matter the traveler’s age, this is trip-of-a-lifetime material, perfect for creating lasting family memories and images.



Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

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MACHU PICCHU, PERU O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 25


Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peruvian Andes.

Howler monkey in the Amazon of Peru.

26 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

EPIC JOURNEYS IN LATIN AMERICA Machu Picchu. The Galápagos Islands. The Amazon, the Andes, and Patagonia. Civilizations ancient and modern, exotic wildlife on land and sea—and some of the hospitality world’s coolest eco-outposts. It’s no wonder that some of our favorite trips are found in the grandeur and diversity of Latin America. The region commands the attention of any culture-vulturing nature traveler who wants to go on a thrilling, fulfilling adventure. And the time zones are travel-friendly from North to South, so far-out trips can happen within a week or 10 days. We offer you the keys to these kingdoms, one at a time or in combination. As GO Traveler Brad Hardie reported upon return from Ecuador, “In my opinion, what you did for us wasn’t a vacation, it was a life-changing event.” GO

Kayaking the Marble Caves of Patagonia. 

O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 27


Cotopaxi volcano.

ECUADOR: A CONTINENT IN ONE SMALL COUNTRY No larger than Nevada, Ecuador boasts the Galápagos Islands, portions of the Andes and the Amazon, indigenous and Hispano cultures, all hubbing around a captivating capital city, Quito. Incredible taken one at a time, the country’s individual attractions become even more spectacular in combination. We will arrange for you to spend several days in each locale experiencing the wildlife and landscapes and culture with top-notch guides and recharging with local cuisine and ultra-luxe base camps each night. You can try to see it all, or visit select destinations. 28 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

At the end of your journey, you are sure to feel you’ve left a part of your soul in Ecuador, and taken part of Ecuador’s with you. Here’s a choice itinerary, as a conversation starter: You kick things off with a stay at either La Selva Amazon Ecolodge or Mashpi Lodge. Both are nestled into remote jungle settings full of wildlife, and we can work with you to pick the best choice for yourself and your traveling companions. After three days in the thrillingly biodiverse jungle and an overnight in historical Quito, it’s onward to the Galápagos Islands.

You’ll spend four days at the Galápagos Safari Camp, the perfect place to experience this otherworldly destination. The tented camp is one of the first of its kind in Latin America, and it follows the African safari tradition in which guests enjoy total comfort under canvas while encountering nature in its purest form. The ultimate place to end your Ecuadorean adventure, Hacienda Zuleta is set in the giddy heights of the Andes. The hacienda and its working farm have been in the family of the late Galo Plaza Lasso, a former president of Ecuador, for more than 100 years. Miles of meandering roads through lush pastureland, pine trees, and a eucalyptus forest make the valley of Zuleta a paradise for outdoor activities. Spend time horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and bird-watching around this incredible property. GO

// G O G E A R


 

Roundup at Hacienda Zuleta.

Farm to table cuisine at the hacienda.

Dubbed the Mother of All Boots, the waterproof Merrell Moab 2 Mid won’t balk at challenging terrain. Durable leathers combined with a supportive footbed and Vibram traction offer support, while breathable mesh lining ensures you don’t overheat. A rubber toe cap provides extra protection in rocky landscapes, and the midrise cuff is perfect for keeping your ankles in line. The best part is how comfortable they are straight out of the box!

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot $130 (outsidego.com/gear)

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30 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

We had such an amazing time. It was everything we were hoping for: relaxing and beautiful, peaceful yet energizing. With both our work schedules as crazy as they are, it truly was the perfect trip to clear our minds and enjoy ourselves. We can’t wait to look into planning our next adventure. - RYAN NORYS AND KRISTEN CHURLONIS, GO TRAVELERS O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 31


Exclusive accommodations at Latitude 10.


COSTA RICA: BEACH BOUTIQUE MEETS JUNGLE LODGE This boutique resort was created by two expat friends who decided to plant roots in order to host their friends and family. It didn’t take long before they opened their doors to discerning guests searching for the perfect Costa Rican beach retreat away from the crowds. With only five open-air casitas, Latitude 10 retains that wonderful private-home feel while upholding a commitment to sustainable hospitality. The property is 100 32 | U N CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

percent free of single-use plastics and contains a native plant nursery to regenerate nearby forests. With howler monkeys supplying jungle noises, surf right out the door, yoga sessions, horseback riding, and snorkeling, it will be easy to fill your time at Latitude 10. But you’ll still have time to relax in a hammock with a cold cerveza. GO

GLAMPING IT TO MACHU PICCHU There’s an overabundance of ways to trek to Peru’s World Heritage site—and this is the most comfortable one. This adventure follows the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, but with a twist. You’ll journey under your own power in the traditional fashion from the beautiful Mollepata Valley to the summits and valleys surrounding Mount Salkantay and on to the legendary city of Machu Picchu. But instead of roughing it by the trailside, you’ll kick back each evening in one of five newly opened outposts perfect for resting and refreshing after a long day’s hike. It’s not just the geodesic domes that make this journey special—it’s the exquisite traditional dishes you’ll be served along the way, the knowledgeable and capable guides who’ll lead you along historic trails, and the local people you’ll get to know as you stroll through remote towns that make this journey unforgettable. Perfect for singles, couples, friends, and families, this Machu Picchu experience is what bucket-list trips are made of.

O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 33

L AT I N AMERICA 34 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

THE LIFESTYLE GURU WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH PERU Amy Silverman had an action-packed anniversary trip with her husband, Kevin Mashburn. Take her word for it. You just returned from a 12-day trip to Peru. Tell us, why did you pick this destination?

our absolute favorite moment was on the way down from visiting Chinchero in the Sacred Valley. We were surrounded by farmlands with potato flowers in bloom as far as we could see, with the peaks of the Andes as the backdrop. Both of us love photography so we jumped out of the van and were able to head into the fields and explore and take pictures. It was one of those experiences in life that was really unique and fulfilling and I know we will always carry it with us.

When we were trying to plan where we wanted to go, a few acquaintances of ours had recently returned from Peru. They said what an amazing place it is and how we had to see Machu Picchu, so we acted impulsively and decided to go. How can you go wrong with a country that has amazing food, beaches, the Amazon River, the Andes, and a crazy amount of history? It has something for everyone and it’s been on our What was the most unexpected part of your trip? bucket list for a while now. We also had a huge goal to travel with Outside GO, being huge OutDefinitely swimming in the Amazon. We were side magazine readers. When we saw there was on a skiff on one of the black-water tributara trip available, we decided to make it happen. ies and we were allowed to just jump in! There were even pink dolphins swimming just 20 feet Was there a special occasion for trip? from us, which made the experience even more Yes! We were traveling to celebrate our five-year exciting. It was something that neither of us expected to do and it was one of the highlights wedding anniversary. of our trip! It looks like your itinerary was filled with evAmy, you’re something of a fitness sensation onerything from hiking around Machu Picchu to line. Can you give us a few tips for staying fit exploring the Amazon. What was your favorite while traveling? moment? That is a tough one! We saw and experienced so much, from the sun setting on a skiff on a remote tributary of the Amazon River with the jungle coming alive, to hiking Huayna Picchu with super-narrow steps at the top that have been there for over 500 years. For us, though, 

I get asked this question a lot and the answer is pretty simple. Every time I travel I want to enjoy myself and immerse myself in the culture and food of the place that I am visiting—but I do not want to feel poorly on my trip or when I come home because I overindulged. 

Amy on the jungle highway. O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 35


AMY’S FITNESS TIPS FOR TRIPS To keep myself on track I follow a few simple rules (to the best of my ability): 1. WORK OUT DAILY I download my home-based workouts to my iPad or iPhone, and I push play every day, even if I am tired or not feeling it. It helps me maximize my enjoyment of my trip because I can eat as much as I want guilt-free knowing I put in a good calorie burn beforehand. I don’t want my clothes to stop fitting halfway through my trip! 2. MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES I live by the 85/15 rule—I eat right 85 percent of the time and eat what I want the other 15 percent of the time. When I travel I make sure to eat as many farm-to-table options as possible. Peru was amazing for this—the food was delicious and they are very conscious when it comes to growing and preparing their ingredients. We did not have one bad meal there. As long as you’re eating whole foods, even if you put on a few extra pounds, it’ll shed within a week when you get back home to your meal plan. 3. GET SOME SLEEP! Sleep is so important to fitness, energy, mood, and my overall level of enjoyment when I am at home and traveling. I make sure to get to sleep at a reasonable hour when possible and take naps if I need to. When I run myself ragged I will overeat and eat foods that are not good for me because my body is just craving extra fuel. On vacation people are running around trying to do everything as well as staying up late partying, and they seem tired the entire trip. The key is to relax, take it all in, and treat yourself well. For more tips, check out Amy’s blog at amysilvermanfitness.com. GO 36 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Peak-bagging in Peru.

Amy with a colorful new friend.

It was one of those experiences in life that was really unique and fulfilling and I know we will always carry it with us.



// G O G E A R

Immerse in the romance, life, and lore of Colombian coffee country on foot, horseback, and mountain bike. If you’re not a coffee lover already, Hacienda Bambusa will surely turn you into one. Because it’s about much, much more than just the bean and the brew. It’s about experiencing traditional South American plantation life in rustic high style, with lots of activities both cultural and sportive and, of course, as highly caffeinated as you care to take it. The eight-room hacienda is nestled into verdant grounds in a region that’s home to over 160 species of birds. Its menu of activities includes tours of working coffee villages, culinary workshops, mountain biking, horseback riding, and a visit to a botanical garden and butterfly house. No charge for refills. 


Hacienda Bambusa.

BE PREPARED WITH A BOMBPROOF RAIN JACKET Any outdoorsperson knows it’s foolish to embark on a mission without a rain jacket stashed in your pack. Whether you opt to tie this one around your waist or bury it beneath snacks, we love Arc’teryx’s bombproof Beta AR. This hip-length Gore-Tex jacket will keep the elements at bay for hours with the help of a helmetcompatible (read: perfectly adjustable) hood. And unlike many cheaper jackets we’ve tried, the Beta AR won’t start to seep through after it’s been used for a season, but will keep on keeping you dry for countless adventures to come.

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket $575 (outsidego.com/gear)

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 37



From the barren Atacama Desert to the peaks of Patagonia, our Chilean adventure hits the highlights.

38 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

GO TRIP 14 TRIP: Iconic Extremes of Chile WHEN TO GO: September-May WHAT IT’S ABOUT: An exclusive, personally guided adventure into the country’s epic landscapes. GO TO: Atacama Desert, Santiago, Torres Del Paine National Park PRICES STARTING AT: $9,295 9 Days / 8 Nights

If there’s one thing that Outside GO does a spectacular job of arranging, it’s the intersection of luxury and adventure. - ERIN LADD, GO TRAVELER

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 39


CHILE AT ITS MOST SPECTACULAR From the bone-dry Atacama Desert to the alpine magnificence of Patagonia, with private guides and the ultimate in lodging, this is the best the country has to offer. Between the Atacama Desert and Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park, Chile lays legitimate claim to a pair of the planet’s most outstanding natural attractions. And though they are as geographically distinct from one another as could possibly be, they are linked by a pair of equally outstanding properties—Awasi Atacama and Awasi Pata40 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

gonia—that ensure that you will experience the best that Chile has to offer in the best way possible. The only way to improve upon our nine-day Iconic Extremes of Chile itinerary would be by adding a stay in the Patagonian Lakes District, at Uman Lodge, also considered among the handful of Chile’s finest.

Awasi Atacama, a Relais & Chateuax property, is just a stone’s throw away from the center of historic San Pedro de Atacama. Spend your days exploring the world’s driest desert in your personal four-wheel-drive vehicle, spying on flocks of flamingos, laughing at the guanacos munching on desert flora, riding bikes across expansive landscapes, and more. Awasi Patagonia is the perfect complement to her sister property. Located within a native lenga forest with jaw-dropping views of Torres del Paine National Park, these 12 contemporary villas constructed of wood and glass are a modern reinvention of classic estancia outposts. Each villa is staffed with its own expert guide and equipped with a four-wheel-drive vehicle to take you on far-flung adventures. GO  

Awasi Patagonia.

In the Atacama, one of the world’s great deserts.



Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

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POLAR 42 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

WILDLIFE ABOUNDS IN THE ARCTIC Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 43


GOING TO POLAR EXTREMES Antarctica is The Great Unknown. It lurks at the bottom of our world maps, calling to travelers of intrepid spirit. It lacks a native population—a trait not shared by any other continent. The only people to tell its stories are explorers, scientists, and adventurers. A cursory glance across the terrain might make you believe there is little there to see or do, but those who make the journey to Antarctica can assure you that it is so much more than what initially meets the eye. No mere sightseeing trip, an Antarctic cruising expedition is an immersion in an otherworldy environment that has a transformational power of place. To the north, Arctic travel shares many characteristics with its polar opposite and promises exposure to Inuit culture and wildlife on a grand scale, in the water and on land and by helicopter. Rather than cruising, you’ll stay in lodges established by a family a of polar explorers. Entering the polar world promises a depth of natural beauty that’s experienced only by a privileged few. We invite you to join their ranks. GO

44 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

ď ˘

Riding fat tires in the Northwest Passage.

O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 45


A waddle of penguins. 

46 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Antarctic access.

WHY TRAVEL TO ANTARCTICA WITH US Outside GO’s Laura Gerwin is a seasoned Antartcia logistics and transportation expert. You want her to plan your trip. After having personally spent more than 30 months in Antarctica over the last decade, I can say with certainty that no one does Antarctica like we do. We have access to places—like the U.S. research center at the South Pole, where I used to work—that no other tour company can offer. You can climb Mount Venison, camp in a luxury outpost by a penguin colony, and charter a private expedition vessel staffed by expert naturalists who provide any level of scientific

knowledge you desire to learn. If you are seeking a destination absolutely incomparable to anywhere else on the planet, this is it. Outside GO offers the ultimate Antarctic experience—we can even fly you across the Drake Passage so you can spend your valuable time experiencing the world’s best expedition boats, getting you closer to the unique landscape you’ve traveled so far to see. 



Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

1.888.870.0903 O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 47


 

So many penguins.

Vernadsky Research Base.

The austral summer, December through February, is a magical time on the Antarctic Peninsula. The sun illuminates the textures of the ice nearly 24 hours a day. Luxury expedition cruising with Outside GO offers the opportunity to enjoy and explore one of the most remote lands on the planet. Spend your days creating extraordinary memories playing in Mother Nature’s home with your friends and family. Your Zodiac will zoom among turquoise icebergs, though expanses of ice floes, and over wildlife-filled waters. Hike the peaks of mountains dotted with penguins. Explore history frozen in time as the polar explorers left it. Kayak between floating ice formations and listen to the sound of silence. Gain an understanding of some of the most fascinating science being conducted on earth in the cavities between an ice shelf and the seabed, and look deep into space with the neutrino telescope. Antarctica is a destination for the curious 48 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Whale watching in Antarctica.

and passionate traveler—a special type of person who has the willingness to take time to reflect, the humility to realize that nature is in control, and the flexibility to make the most of this spectacular experience. Here you can forget the outside world and breathe deeply. Feel inspired by the extreme beauty and fresh frozen air of faraway landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else in the world. A journey to the Ends of the Earth is one that will make you feel alive, refreshed, and inspired. Discover a place that is far more than the mind can contemplate. Experience the magic of Antarctica. I look forward to making your Antarctic dreams come true! GO Regards,



Andre Belem leading the charge. 

Just chillin’.

COOL AS A CUCUMBER Equipped with advanced degrees in all things Polar, Andre Belem loves to share his territory with curious guests. With an impressive bio that includes a Ph.D. in both polar and physical Oceanography, a leadership role at the Oceanographic Observatory, research writing on climate change, and many Antarctic expeditions, Andre Belem is what we like to call a five-star guide. He is an expedition guide on the M/V Ocean Nova, the ship used in many of our adventures to Antarctica, and posesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things Antarctic.

In Andre’s hands, science and tourism are cool companions. “I have been guiding on the M/V Ocean Nova for eight years and I just love that ship,” he says. “The bridge is always open and the officers are always smiling with affection for the crew and hotel team, there’s absolutely fabulous food, and the always-pleasant company of everyone on board. Working on an expedition ship with such flexibility and good humor is really a prize for me.” GO Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 49



From breaching whales to dramatic sunsets, Antarctica is unlike anywhere else on earth.

Antarctica has this mythic weight. It resides in the collective unconscious of so many people, and it makes this huge impact, just like outer space. It’s like going to the moon.

50 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e


Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 51


BOUTIQUE CRUISE, POLAR EXPEDITION Journey into the Polar Circle aboard one of our select luxury cruising vessels. We offer a handful of outstanding Antarctic excursions, and this exemplary 10-day itinerary promises to take you as deep into the Polar Circle as ice conditions and weather allow. The adventure begins with an overnight stay in the Chilean town of Punta Arenas, where you can experience Patagonian culture and history. The next morning your flight will take you over the Drake Passage to start your grand adventure into Antarctica. After the flight to King George Island, you can visit Chile’s Frei Station and Russia’s Bellingshausen Station, then hop on a Zodiac bound for your expedition vessel. With a maximum of 67 passengers, the Ocean Nova feels more like a private yacht

than a cruise ship, which allows for efficient disembarkation so you can spend less time onboard and more time exploring. Passengers enjoy a glass-enclosed observation lounge, spacious dining room, bar, library, and even a small gym. The Nova provides boots for all passengers for wet landings, as well as all the gear for different modes of exploration. The next six days will be spent cruising the South Shetland Islands and west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, with the goal of reaching the Polar Circle. Peer off the bow as it slices like butter through thick icy fjords; disembark with your expert polar guide to mingle amongst the curious penguins, 

52 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

The Magellan Explorer, a state-of-the-art small ship.

// G O G E A R

Aboard the Magellan Explorer.

seals and seabirds; grab a kayak to venture into secluded inlets; and trek to the top of snow-covered hillsides for unique viewpoints. These guides are the best in the business and they are eager to share their passion and knowledge of this part of the world with you. The expedition team will set the specific voyage route based on local conditions and will take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature. Flexibility is the key to a successful voyage in this part of the world! Back in Punta Arenas, relax and reflect on a trip that took you places you never could have imagined. GO

WARM TO THE CORE The vest is the unsung hero of the cold weather traveler’s kit. Built to keep your torso warm without overheating you (and making you sweat!), this down sweater vest from Patagonia has a recycled windproof ripstop shell with 800-fill traceable down, so that your conscience is as comfortable as your core. A contoured fit, long hem, and multiple pockets lend a stylish look that doesn’t skimp on performance.

Patagonia Down Sweater Vest $180 (outsidego.com/gear)

Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 53


Arctic Watch Lodge.

THE REALLY GREAT WHITE NORTH In one of the planet’s most extreme travel destinations, you need the most experienced hosts. Meet the Webers. When you’re venturing hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle into largely uninhabited territory in order to have some of the rarest nature experiences the planet has to offer, you want to go with hosts and guides who have earned the title of polar explorer many times over. You want to go with the Webers, who pioneered commercial trekking and hospitality in the Arctic. Richard Weber holds the record for completing the most treks to the North Pole. Among many other world records and firsts, he led the first commercial trek to the North Pole, in 1993, and has led hiking and kayaking trips on Baffin Island. 54 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Josee Auclair, Richard’s wife, is a former member of the Canadian cross-country ski team who has led all-women treks to the pole and accomplished many firsts herself. So Richard and Josee’s sons, Nansum and Tessum, come by their guiding, kayaking, hiking, skiing, and photography skills naturally. They can even take you heli-skiing on Baffin Island, the most northern location in the world for that sport. To accommodate hardy guests with a hunger for real adventure, the Webers have established two base camps in prime locations where they can share their expertise and the awe-inspiring environs.

Tessum Weber, expert Polar guide. 

Polar bear sunbathing.

Weber Arctic chopper.

Nestled along the shore of the Northwest Passage, Arctic Watch Lodge is surrounded by the high tundra of uninhabited Somerset Island. This 16-room camp is composed of comfortable tents with private facilities, and is only open in July and August. Long days in the midnight sun are a whirlwind of pure Arctic exploration, including ATV rides in bear territory, hiking the bluffs of the Northwest Passage, fishing for arctic char, and kayaking with beluga whales. Arctic Haven’s season runs from late August to late September. Set on the shores of Ennadai Lake, the 12-room lodge shares territory with the Inuit community and a huge migratory caribou herd. Helicopter-supported activities include fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, and being enchanted by the mystical northern lights. GO Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 5 5



Unrivaled wildlife viewing, fishing, and photo opps put the Arctic at the top of our bucket list.

56 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

The Arctic is one of the last unspoiled areas on earth. It’s somewhere everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. - RICHARD WEBER, POLAR EXPLORER + COFOUNDER OF WEBER ARCTIC

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 5 7


58 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e




60 | U N CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

Local fauna in the Blue Mountains of the Wolgan Valley, not far from Sydney.

Longitude 131, with Uluru looming.

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.

It's no overstatement to observe that until you've been Down Under, you simply haven't seen the world. That's especially true for nature travelers. The two nations offer up a compelling array of travel experiences, from safaris in the outback to spectacularly secluded island hideaways and cosmopolitan city scenes. Although these countries may seem light-years away, an overnight flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco will have you waking up in Sydney or Auckland before you know it. Myriad options for adventure abound in these locales. Australia is so vast that it almost begs to be approached piecemeal, and here we present an inspiring sample trip for island lovers who want to experience Sydney, too. But our New Zealand trip hits most of the country's key locales. Bear in mind that, as for all our trips, we would be thrilled to help customize the perfect adventure for you, your interests, and your time frame. GO Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 61


THE ULTIMATE AUSSIE ISLAND EXPERIENCE A taste of Oz: A city of four million souls, an island with fewer than 400 residents, and the wild frontier of Tasmania. This expertly crafted itinerary captures the essence of life on Australia’s remote islands. You’ll hike, snorkel, kayak, and sail your way through some of the most surreal landscapes Down Under on this 11-day adventure. Before you hop into your small plane out of Sydney to explore Australia’s island

 

Overview of the Saffire Freycinet resort.

Kayaking the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

62 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

wonders, there are a few urban delights you need to experience. In the historic Rocks District, full of cobblestone culde-sacs and inviting pubs, you’ll find your luxurious Sydney accommodations—the Langham. Ice cream (or oysters) at Bondi Beach, strolling the magnificent Botanical Gardens, and a yacht cruise around Sydney Harbour will fill the beginning of your stay. 

Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island.

// G O G E A R

PROTECT YOUR PEEPERS WITH THESE STYLISH SUNNIES Smith is a tried-and-true brand in the outdoor world, and it’s had plenty of experience testing which styles work best on the water. Its solution to glare and harsh rays are the Longfin Chromapop sunglasses. With antireflective and polarized lenses, smart side shields for added protection, and of course temple and nose pads to prevent slippage, these are our go-to sunnies for the beach. Just don’t forget your Croakies for floating power!

Smith Longfin Chromapop Sunglasses $140

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 6 3


Bay of Fires lodge hike.

Saffire Freycinet spa.

Then it’s away to Lord Howe Island, 300 miles off the coast. Discover rich green forests, relax on tranquil white beaches, snorkel the unique wonders of the reef, or bike around the island like a local to see what life is like for the 360 people who call this paradise home. Next, you’ll head to Tasmania—and one of the last undeveloped frontiers in the south64 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Marine dock at the Capella Lodge.

Delicious meals, extra points for presentation.

ern hemisphere. With everything from wombats to whales, mountain biking to coastal treks, Tasmania (“Tassie” to the locals) is truly a bucket-list destination. Explore Hobart before staying at the astounding Saffire Freycinet, where you’ll kayak Coles Bay, enjoy private picnics on the beach, and sail along the coast for a new perspective on the Island of Inspiration. GO


ULURU, IN HIGH OUTBACK STYLE At Australia’s finest tented camp, Longitude 131, take epic hikes and immerse yourself in a heroic heritage. While we have quite a few epic base camps in Australia, Longitude 131 is our favorite one under canvas. Tucked away in the bush beneath the imposing face of Uluru, or Ayers Rock, Longitude 131 takes its name from its location in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Immerse yourself in

the landscape and its history during your stay beneath the Australian skies. Whether you spend your time learning ancient Aboriginal stories or exploring the stunning flora and fauna with expert guides, this is one Down Under destination that is quite simply unparalleled.

Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 65


TASMANIA’S BURLY THREE CAPES LODGE HIKE Built for those who like to live life on the edge, this fourday walking experience is nothing short of breathtaking. Often, the best way to experience a place is slowly, and in this case, with a good pair of hiking boots. Join expert guides on this brand-new four-day adventure along the spectacular coastal trails of the Tasman Pen66 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

insula. You’ll hike 30 miles in total, through dramatic landscapes as seabirds soar overhead and the Southern Ocean crashes below against the highest dolerite cliffs in the southern hemisphere.

Cape Pillar Lodge.

The lodge's stylish interior.

Of course, as on any Outside GO trip, you’ll hardly be roughing it! You’ll arrive by foot at two brand-new lodges, Crescent and Cape Pillar, architectural beauties that offer the perfect indulgence after your days on the trail.



This is one of our few set-departure trips, so get in touch to schedule your perfect adventure Down Under with this as the perfect centerpiece or extension. GO

Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

1.888.870.0903 Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 67



Explore some of Australia’s best-kept offshore secrets.

68 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e


While it was surreal to spot manta rays swimming below our glass-bottomed boat and snorkel with green sea turtles, my favorite part of this adventure was flying to and from the island in tiny airplanes and sitting up front for the best view. - WHITNEY JAMES, GO Traveler

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 6 9


Helicopter ride over Milford Sound.

IN NEW ZEALAND, YOU CAN DO IT ALL If you can’t decide between the mountains and the sea, or between riverside glamping and sampling downtown Kiwi luxury, this is the trip for you. Join us on this 10-day adventure through the North and South Islands of New Zealand. We take in the best of both worlds by perfectly balancing cool city pleasures with remote glamping adventures steeped in nature. You’ll hop back and forth between cozy safari-style tents and freshening up at 70 | U N CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

our favorite boutique hotels in the hearts of Christchurch and Queenstown, while your days will be filled with privately guided experiences such as sailing the Bay of Islands and Milford Sound and hiking to hidden waterfalls deep within ancient forests.

Hapuku stags.

Hapuku Lodge winery experience.

Fresh seafood at the Hapuku.

After arriving in Auckland, you’ll take a short flight over to Kerikeri. You’ll spend the next three nights in a cozy and handsome canvas tent by the river, outfitted with king beds topped with feather duvets and blankets—perfect for keeping the cool New Zealand night air at bay. Nestled into a private corner of a 150-acre organic farm, each tent exudes luxurious style and adventurous spirit. Take the remainder of the day to get settled in and acquaint yourself—maybe with a private outdoor bath that overlooks the Takou River, shaded by ancient pohutukawa trees. In the morning you’ll set off to the world-famous Bay of Islands on a truly epic day filled with swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and of course plenty of fresh, tasty food to fuel your adventures. 

// G O G E A R

STREAMLINED DESIGN, THOUGHTFUL FEATURES, RUGGED MATERIALS Evergoods' CTB40 pack is designed to be their jack of all trades bag—this bad boy thrives in any situation. The CTB40 is loaded with features that make travel hasslefree and organized. Pack light or pack heavy, the CTB40 has an adjustable interior that accommodates blazers, boots, climbing equipment, or camping gear—as long as you’re on the move, the CTB40 has got your back.

Evergoods CTB40 pack $289 Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 71


After a short stopover in Christchurch at the cool Hotel 115, you’ll hop aboard the TranzAlpine scenic train for a wonderful five-hour journey to your glamping spot for the next few nights—Hurunui Jacks. Here, luxury canvas tents rest on secluded footprints on the banks of the Kaniere River, tucked away into an ancient forest surrounded by national parkland. Bush robins, bellbirds, and native wood pigeons greet you as you step into a mossy world of rimu, matai, and totara trees. For those who want to add a dose of classic New Zealand adrenaline to their journey, we’ve got just the formulation for the finale of your stay. Let’s just say it involves a helicopter, a glacier, and, if you’re into this kind of thing, jumping out of a plane or off a bridge. Celebrate with a bottle of local wine for the ultimate adventure lover’s bucket-list trip to New Zealand. GO 

Vineyard in the Bay Of Islands. 

72 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

Paroa Bay.


YOUR BIRDHOUSE BY THE SEA In the town of Kaikoura, on the South Island of New Zealand, Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses is a prime perch between the mountains and the ocean. Made up of five tree houses, each named after a resident bird (such as Piwakawaka, the fantail, and Korimako, the bellbird), as well as a redesigned lodge and newly refurbished Olive House, Hapuku is our go-to adventure hub on the South Island. During your stay, hit the trails on a mountain bike or on foot, help pick olives, get to know

the farm’s private herd of deer, or take a botanical tour of the native bush with a picnic basket in hand. Those ready for adventure on the water might learn to surf at the famed Mangamaunu surf break, go whale watching for the permanent population of bachelor sperm whales and local dolphins, or go deepsea fishing.

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 73



Combine cosmopolitan urban experiences with remote adventures steeped in nature.

74 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

GO TRIP 58 TRIP: Luxury Glamping and Cool City Digs in New Zealand WHEN TO GO: Year-round. WHAT IT’S ABOUT: An adventurous blend of some of New Zealand's coolest base camps. GO TO: Auckland, Kerikeri, Christchurch, Greymouth, Queenstown PRICES STARTING AT: $5,997 11 Days / 10 Nights

The whole trip was a total blast and came off without a single hitch. All food, all flights, all transfers, all rooms were perfect. A first for me in over 50 countries of travel. - SANDRA SNABL, GO TRAVELER

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 75


76 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

ALASKA’S KATMAI NATIONAL PARK Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 77

NORTH AMERICA 78 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAY FROM IT ALL There’s a common misconception about adventure travel—that in order to be wild, exciting, memorable, and world-class, it needs to take place on a distant continent. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Embark on a closer-to-home journey to Alaska or British Columbia to experience some of our favorite wilderness experiences on the planet. You’ll hand-feed rescued moose in the Last Frontier, and walk alongside wild grizzlies

Mountain goats.

Paddling the Alaskan wilderness.

in the Great Bear Rainforest. These legendary destinations feel as remote as the farthest camps in Africa, even though they are awaiting your visit in our very own North American backyard. GO

O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 79



Aerial of Tutka Bay.

Winterlake float plane dock.

Get away from the crowds and experience our favorite Alaskan backcountry on this 10-day trip. We take you through a sensational mix of Alaskan landscapes, from the glaciers and coastline of Kenai Fjords National Park to a stone’s throw from Denali’s summit. You’ll explore the cityscape of Anchorage, the waterfront of Seward, and the historic gold-panning town of Talkeetna; kayak through glacial waters near whales and sea otters; hike through ancient forests where grizzlies 80 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

and wolves share your trail; hand-feed resident moose at a conservation center; and more. With a dose of romance in glass-domed luxury railcars as well as remote wilderness cabins, this trip is ideal for couples and equally great for small families— or even the solo traveler hoping to cross the Last Frontier off his or her bucket list.

You’ll arrive in Anchorage and have some time to explore the city at your leisure before the adventure gets underway the following morning. You’ll rise early to travel to Seward along the scenic Turnagain Arm, an official All-American Road with incredible Alaskan wilderness views. Enjoy a stop at the 200-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where injured and orphaned animals are rehabilitated. That afternoon, continue your travels to the Kenai Peninsula, home to Resurrection Bay and surrounding sublime mountains. Drop your things at your lodging for the night, Seward Harbor 360, before getting to explore the waterfront on your own for the remainder of the day.

// G O G E A R

On day three, take to the water on your Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge vessel for a journey through Kenai Fjords National Park. Whales, sea otters, puffins, and sea lions call this area home, and if you’re lucky you might spy them all. You’ll stop at a tidewater glacier before arriving at the shores of a remote lodge, where you’ll stay for the next two nights. 

BEST CAMERA FOR CAPTURING WILDLIFE (AND EVERYTHING ELSE) This full-frame beauty features 45.7 megapixels with nineframes-per-second continuous shooting, 4K video and slowmotion capabilities, and the power to make 8K and 4K timelapse movies. Nikon’s D850 has the lowest ISO (64) of any DSLR or mirrorless camera, and with a tilting touchscreen and excellent battery life, it can compete with the most advanced cameras available today. But it’s our favorite not only because of all these tech specs! We are huge fans of wildlife photographer David Yarrow, and knowing he has one of these in his kit is an inspiration.

Nikon D850 $3,299 (outsidego.com/gear)

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 81


Ultima Thule Lodge.

You’ll journey to Alyeska on your way to Denali, the crown jewel of any Alaskan adventure. Along the way, stop at Happy Trails Kennel, where you’ll be greeted by dozens of excited sled dogs and learn about the Iditarod. A flightseeing tour takes you as close as six miles from Denali’s 20,310-foot summit to enjoy tremendous views of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and glaciers. Within Denali National Park, lucky travelers will spot moose, caribou, wolves, sheep, and of course bears during a sixhour sightseeing drive through the park. The following day, pick and choose from different activities like hiking, panning for gold, and visiting a local musher. You can also head out on mountain bikes or pack a rod for some catch-and-release fishing for rainbow trout. As with all of our Alaska trips, the wildlife and wilderness views are not guaranteed, because they depend on weather and luck—but we think that’s what makes any journey to Alaska so special. GO 82 | UN CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

 

Hiking near Ultima Thule.

Bathing in spring weather.


COZY DIGS IN RUGGED ALASKA Sheldon Chalet is one Denali base camp that combines plush indulgence and extreme adventure in exquisite balance. Originally built in 1966 by the legendary pilot Don Sheldon and his wife, Roberta, the newest evolution of Sheldon Chalet was crafted by their children for a more luxurious experience that retains the spirit of adventure established by their parents. Set at 6,000 feet on the flanks of Denali, Sheldon Chalet lets you spend most of your time mesmerized by the views. When it’s

time to brave the elements, skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding are available just outside the front door, and access to some of the most pristine helicopter-access hiking, fishing, and skiing in North America isn’t far beyond. Warm up each evening in the sauna, or sip an Alaskan brew while watching the stars begin to peep through the alpenglow as your chef prepares local specialties in the open kitchen.

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 8 3



Experience Alaska’s greatest landscapes by air, land, and water.

84 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e


We floated over lumbering grizzlies the size of Volkswagen buses and landed on the water alongside a swimming moose. We touched down on mountaintops and glaciers, getting out to hike and explore and picnic in areas few can ever access. - SANDY CUNNINGHAM, GO PRESIDENT

Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 8 5



86 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

Perhaps it was then that I first became obsessed with British Columbia.

THE GREAT CANADIAN SAFARI Outside GO’s founding family explores the newest offerings on North America’s Pacific coast. BY SANDY CUNNINGHAM

Our roots are in the Bush Homes of East Africa, a boutique collection of privately owned ranches committed to preserving the wildlife and culture surrounding them. Now we have a North American equivalent, an exquisite network in British Columbia comprising Siwash Lake Ranch, Nimmo Bay Resort, and Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Perfect for a two-week family adventure! We drove, flew, kayaked, boated, rode bikes and horses, rafted, fished, and floated our way through one of the most breathtaking and enchanting places on earth. Our great Canadian safari started with a spectacular drive through the Vancouver fjords and sounds and through the deep valleys of Whistler and surrounding snowy peaks before dropping down into the endless golden prairies— speckled with coniferous forests and many lakes—of Cariboo County. It was here we stayed at the first of the three Outside GO Outposts: Siwash Lake Ranch. 



Paddling at Nimmo Bay. 

Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

1.888.870.0903 O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 87


Renowned for horseback riding, five-star wilderness adventures, pasture-to-plate cuisine, and lavish safari tents, Siwash Lake Ranch specializes in high-energy family holidays. We spent our first night above the barn in a gorgeous family suite listening to clucking fat hens and a band of pink pigs. Our last two nights were spent nestled in the forest in tents complete with hot outdoor showers and plump beds we never wanted to leave. We learned archery with a top-notch guide, we shot targets and clay pigeons in the forest, we fly-fished, and paddleboarded. We were restored with fresh and delicious meals crafted by a talented chef. We returned to Vancouver through beautiful river valleys and took a small plane to Vancouver Island, where to my husband’s absolute delight, we boarded a Grumman G-21 Goose. We flew out across the ocean over a myriad of vast and unsettled islands and sounds. As we approached, we skimmed the

88 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

treetops until we plunked down softly in the water at Nimmo Bay. We had found heaven. There is nothing I can say about Nimmo Bay Resort that can convey my family’s complete and utter wonderment at this remote outpost and our affection for the staff, the guides, and the owners. Every lick of the place is sheer rustic perfection. If there was something to do at Nimmo, we did it, and with abandon. We trekked over the spongy forest floor and rappelled down the cliffs; we scoured the bays for the ever elusive “spirit bear”; we fished, kayaked, and picnicked on remote islands; we had morning yoga classes and massages. We hopped on board a helicopter and flew, skimming trees and pristine mountain rivers, setting down on the top of a glacier so the kids could roll around in the snow and make snow angels.

S’mores station at Nimmo Bay.

The Cunningham family exploring the Pacific by helicopter.

It didn’t hurt that this is where my two daughters saw their first black bear.

On our second day at Nimmo we were honored to be a part of a First Nations ceremony led by the charismatic chief Mike Willie, who has spent the past decade recording the stories and legends of his people and teaching the younger generation to preserve and protect its heritage. This was an unexpected highlight for our family. If Nimmo Bay and Siwash Lake Ranch weren’t enough to turn us into total B.C. junkies, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge hooked us completely. Imagine your own private Grand Teton National Park. We explored the forests and rivers on bikes and rafts, hiked and rode Icelandic ponies. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge harks back to the old-school national-park lodges of North America when they were still small, intimate, and rustic. The lodge is privately owned by three partners, one of whom

Black bears in the wild.

lives on-site and is among the world’s greatest raconteurs and heli-skiing operators. We were spoiled by a fabulous, performing Irish chef who made succulent racks of lamb and mouthwatering picnics. Tweedsmuir has a winter side as well as its summer one—Bella Coola Heli Sports. The operation boasts the largest heli-skiing tenure in British Columbia. The chopper is captained by the legendary King Richard, who brings over 30 years of ski-filming and heli-skiing experience to the middle of nowhere, B.C. These three lodges, like our other North American Outposts, are exclusive destinations that book up several seasons in advance. So get in touch with us soon to start planning your stay. You will be glad you did! GO O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 89



Explore remote country with abundant wildlife, exclusive lodges, and activities galore.

90 | U N CHA RT E D Vo l . O n e

GO TRIP 28 TRIP: The Great Canadian Safari WHEN TO GO: April-October WHAT IT’S ABOUT: The best of British Columbia scenery, wildlife, and hospitality. GO TO: Vancouver, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Nimmo Bay. PRICES STARTING AT: $9,595 9 Days / 8 Nights

Thanks to our expert guides, we were safe to spend a moment less than 30 feet away from a grizzly to get the perfect photo. - WHITNEY JAMES, GO TRAVELER

Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 91


92 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

KILLARY HARBOUR, IRELAND Ou t s i d e G O . c o m | 9 3


Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Scotland.

94 | UN CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

At Gleneagles countryside estate in the Scottish highlands. 

EMBARK ON AN ODYSSEY FULL OF CASTLES, CHARMED CITIES, AND MOODY COUNTRYSIDES All of Europe teems with history and culture, but let’s face it, the continent now suffers from a certain sameness in terms of typical touristic travel. That’s not how we roll! We can help you navigate a couple of select destinations that have retained their distinctive flavors and offer easy access to unexpected backcountry activities. We’ve identified outposts and itineraries in Ireland and Scotland to bring you the best of the best in adventure as well as history and culture. The Emerald Isle evokes a powerful reaction. Even those who haven’t visited love it, and those who have are forever enchanted. Nearby Scotland is no less charming, with its whisky tastings, wilderness areas, and beguiling version of the English language. Can’t decide which one to visit? Do them both! GO

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The Cliff House dining experience.

Classic Irish pub music session.

THE EMERALD ISLE, REDISCOVERED This eight-day itinerary puts an adventurous spin on the best of Ireland for a surprising, jam-packed week. Of course, Ireland is known for rolling hillsides, misty coastlines, lively cities full of friendly citizens, and traditional music sessions in local pubs. We capitalize on these assets and sprinkle a little GO magic on your day by day to create an emerald journey you and your family won’t soon forget. The adventure begins the moment you step off the plane. Drop your bags at the cen96 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

trally located, five-star Merrion Hotel, meet your guide, and get introduced to Dublin’s colorful streets and landmarks. Ready to really hit the ground—or, rather, water— running? Take the city tour by kayak on the River Liffey. Then immerse yourself even deeper in Dublin life with a pub tour, courtesy of a few local guides to ensure you hit the best spots in town, not just where the tourists go.

Wicklow National Park.

Then it’s off to the Cliff House in Ardmore Bay, where you’ll hike the Comeragh Mountains, fly-fish for salmon along the River Blackwater, ride horses along the beach and backcountry trails, or rev a quad bike through the countryside at Castlemartyr. The Kingdom of Kerry and Killarney National Park finish off the itinerary, making this trip a true outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Bike across Beara Peninsula, feast on lunch beneath the

ruins of the Inisfallen Monastery, and take in Ross Castle as you paddle your kayak across still waters. Finally, you’ll hike up to the holy summit of one of the highest mountains in Ireland, Mount Brandon. Cap it all off with an evening in Dingle for some traditional music and a pint in a quintessential Irish pub. We’ll have made sure you’ve earned it—and that you’ll remember Ireland as one of your favorite places in the world. GO Ou t s i d e G O. c o m | 97


HISTORY, WHISKY, & WILDERNESS There’s lots more to Scotland than golf: It’s a distinctive destination for sophisticated sportsmen and women. Spend 12 days exploring Scotland’s most breathtaking regions, like Cairngorms National Park and Glencoe, with the help of expert guides who know just which trails, coastlines, and cityscapes will be the perfect match for you and your companions. You’ll hike to hidden lochs, wander along riversides to remote waterfalls, and climb to stunning vistas. When you’re not on the trail, you’re sea kayaking with porpoises and puffins on the horizon, or zipping along the Warming up. 

Scotish Highland Steer, Alladale Wilderness Reserve.

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coast in a private Zodiac. Treat yourself and reward all your efforts with private whisky tastings, library tours, and a guided history walk in Edinburgh for the perfect cultural supplement on this ramble through Scotland’s best. As on every GO trip, all hiking- and bikingtrail difficulty levels can be suited to your personal needs to make this the perfect trip for you. GO


SCOTLAND OFF THE GRID The 23,000-acre Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands is an untamed beauty. With conservation and restoration at the forefront of its mission, Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a hidden gem. The outpost offers three ways to experience Scottish hospitality—luxury accommodations in the seven-room lodge, two rustic-chic cottages, and a

shockingly comfortable bunkhouse deep in the backcountry. The choice is yours. Take a guided hike to look for red deer and golden eagles, go mountain biking and cast a line for brown trout, or go whisky tasting. Cheers!



Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

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Scotland might be a small country, but there’s no shortage of sights to see and things to do.

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GO TRIP 63 TRIP: Irish and Scottish History, Castles, Whiskies, and Walks WHEN TO GO: March - September WHAT IT’S ABOUT: An active cultural adventure full of historic highlights. GO TO: Dublin, Donegal, Derry, Glasgow PRICES STARTING AT: $6,375 10 Days / 9 Nights

The view from our soaking tubs and living room was really only something that you see online and think to yourself, ‘That must be Photoshopped. No place exists like that.’ - ROBERT STORCK, GO TRAVELER

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THE SERAI DESERT CAMP, INDIA O u t s i d e G O . c o m | 103


TIGERS, TEMPLES, PALACES, AND TENTED CAMPS A country of over one billion people, India can be challenging for even the most seasoned travelers. Let us help you negotiate the palaces, markets, and lesser-visited wilderness areas. Our Indian partner, a leading conservationist, offers the utmost in luxe hospitality, from exotic cities to wildlife reserves. We can assure that you will travel in safety and com-

fort while having authentic experiences that bring you the ultimate adventure in an endlessly fascinating land that will reward your every curiosity. GO ď Ł

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A Bengal tiger in Ranthambore National Park.



Every Outside GO trip can be 100% customized for you. Inquire today!

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THE ROYAL TREATMENT, WITH ECO BONA FIDES Envision a safari that begins and ends in world-historic cities, with visits to world-class jungle and desert lodges in between. This is the way to do India. His grandfather was a conservationist known as the Tiger Man of India. His father was a pioneer in the field of ecotourism. And Amit Sankhala himself has gained international recognition as a visionary nature and culture tour operator and lodge owner. For a fivestar India safari, you simply could not be in better hands. You’ll start off at the elegant Imperial New Delhi, riding a rickshaw through hidden

Mihir Garh hotel, Jodhpur.

106 | U N CH A RT E D Vo l . O n e

alleyways full of jewels and curiosities, sightseeing and shopping before heading into the bush. In Kanha and Pench National Parks, tigers and leopards prowl, and wildlife drives are reminiscent of African safaris. Then you’ll take to the desert at an exclusive luxury tented camp that will have you feeling like royalty. Finally, arrive in Jodhpur to explore palaces and museums full of historical treasures, and dine with a local family for a touch of home. 

// G O G E A R


Experience Jamtara Wilderness Camp.

Tea time in your tent.

If you’re going for distance, these 15x56 Maven B4 binocs are a great choice. You’ll get 15 times the viewing power of your naked eye with no compromise in quality, thanks to the Maven’s Abbe-Koenig prism system. With superior low-light performance, edge-to-edge clarity, and a socket for mounting this fivepounder on a tripod, it’s a top choice for wildlife aficionados hoping to capture every detail of their next safari. An ergonomic design makes balancing them by hand a breeze too, even with the large size.

Maven B4 15x56 $1,400 (outsidego.com/gear)

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INDIA One of the highlights of this journey is a stay at the Serai—a luxury desert camp and spa. Located on a 100-acre estate, its 21 guest suites perch on bases of beautiful Jaisalmer stone surrounded by a surreal landscape of creamy sand. You’ll spend two days here, exploring nearby sights like Jaisalmer Fort, built in A.D. 1156 and now a World Heritage Site, before enjoying evening sundowners on the dunes. Take a “gypsy” jeep on a 45-minute adventure drive through scrub, sand, and stone past the rural villages of Rajasthan. Then climb aboard a camel for the final approach to the dunes, where champagne and a private dinner await. GO 

Taking in the passing sights.

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A leisurely break in the bush.

Bengal Tiger slinking through the bush.


WHERE THE BIG CATS ROAM Situated in the village of Jamtara in India’s Pench National Park, Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the Outside GO way to experience the hidden side of India. Rich in biodiversity, Pench National Park was designated a tiger reserve in 1992 and is home to the highest density of herbivores in all of India. Leopard, tiger, jungle cat, wild dog, sloth bear, wild boar, mongoose, and guar (also called Indian bison) are also all found in the area. During your stay at Jamtara Wilderness Camp, you will get to experience jungle safaris every morning and afternoon with resident naturalists and guides. Return to your tented safari suite each night, or stay on the open-air machaan platform on a local farmer’s land, a traditional overnight with a romantic twist.

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Navigate the palaces, markets, and lesser-visited wilderness areas of India.


You really pulled out all the stops for us. Every, and I mean every, detail was so beautifully handled.

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GO TRIP 35 TRIP: The Ultimate Palaces, Outposts, and Wildlife Reserves of India WHEN TO GO: Year-round WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Do India with a dose of luxury on this 13-day adventure through two national parks and plenty of palaces and vibrant cities. GO TO: Delhi, Kanha National Park, Pench National Park, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur PRICES STARTING AT: $12,997 13 Days / 12 Nights

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