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Corporate Gifting and Incentive Program 2019



Greenline Corporate Incentives and Solutions • Greenline offers a curated assortment of some of the best brands in Technology and Lifestyle. • Our team will work with you to develop strategies and solutions to enhance your customer experience and improve your program ROI. • Greenline’s Apple Partnership as an authorized distributor allows us to deliver best in class products for your needs.


Brands with a emblem on the bottom left corner of the slide can be customized to better fit your corporate gifting needs.

B&O delivers simple standalone products with clear and simple operations – portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent highquality experiences. View their collection here

ADAM elements thinks from the angle of everyday utility combined with aesthetics to produce peripheral products for use in your daily life.

View their collection here

Oakywood’s mission is to provide the world with exquisite, unique wooden accessories and wooden decor that is not only aesthetically pleasing, modern and original - but functional as well. Oakywood was born from the passion for extraordinary design and handmade wood crafting traditions.

LuMee is the revolutionary, illuminating cell phone case with front facing, adjustable LEDlights for brighter selfies and video chatting in any lighting. LuMee can also function as a lighted makeup mirror or flashlight.

View their collectionhere

The company Gramas built its roots on challenging the standard silicone phone case by creating a high quality alternative, or as they call it, The Grand Masterpiece. The cases and organizers from Gramas are designed to be the masterpiece of all phone cases providing style, quality and protection. View their collection here

MobyFox creates high quality Watch Faces and Straps. They feature Retro games such as Galaga and Pac-Man as well as styles like Pineapple andPizza. They further support this through theirapp which allows for custom Apple Watch Faces.

View their collection here

SLG Design

We are entering a revolutionary era where technology will be thrilling, innovative and useful all at the same time. AeroSystem’s ambition is to unite different yet complementary worlds: design and technology, the past and the future, materials of the third millennium with those of the past centuries, and even more: to generate curiosity, wonder and passion

View Their Collection Here

View their collection here

Smartphones have become an essential part of our life. When your mobile is not on, you feel like you have lost your connection to the world. It’s annoying to run out of power when you need it the most. Avoid this experience by carrying MojiPower external batteries with you! MojiPower offers a set of cute and funny external batteries of all tastes. Just pick your favorite! View their collection here

Wraps Wristband Headphones are the Anti-Tangle Storage Solution with Superior Sound. They don’t just look great, they sound great too! View their collection here

The original BentoStackis a storage case inspired by the modern Japanese lunch box re-designed specifically to hold Apple accessories for travel and workspace organization. Now with a certified Qi Charger and Power Bank built into the TopCover, you can set up your work space anywhere, no wires and no need for an external powersource! View their collection here

Born in New Zealand, raised in wild weather. The perfect environment in which to re- think the umbrella. Our rugged isolation encourages innovation. Blunt continues in this tradition. Rethinking the umbrella. View their collection here

View their collection here

Air Selfie is the newest gadget that has been designed for all your photo and selfie taking needs. With its live feed view and ability to takehigh quality photos from unique angles, Air Selfie is the gadget you need to bring your photos to the next level. View their collectionhere

Native Union combines the finest materials, functional design, and considered details to create products thatset you apart from the ordinary. View their collectionhere

A revolutionary Bluetooth Speaker that integrates with a functionalcarry-on suitcase for a powerful Hi-Fi quality portable loudspeaker. View their collectionhere

Opkix is working on developing the world’s smallest, simplest, and smartest microvideo cameras. View their collectionhere

The headphones of the future, created for gaming, collaborative spaces, professional calls and known for their legendary sound. View their collection here

Compatible with iPhone andAndroid, the SkyClip is the world's first mounted airplane holder for smartphones to enable travelers to work or play while on-the-go. No matter where you're headed, the SkyClip is the perfect gadget to support your smartphone andensure you have a pleasantflight.

View their collection here

Philo combines hi-tech products with Italian engineering to create a stunning lifestyle collection that matches your personal style while fitting yourneeds. View Their Collection Here

Tile is the quintessential tracking device for all of your products. Utilizing a small Bluetooth device and their network of users you can find your lost or stolen goods anywhere! View their collection here



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Greenline Corporate Gifting Catalog 2019  

Greenline Corporate Gifting Catalog 2019