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Inside this Issue 15 Knockout Workout

How Boxing Beats the Treadmill Everytime

20 SoFit City II

40 Soft Beautiful Skin with Diet

America's 1st Competition for City Health

28 4 Must-Dos

For a Relaxed You

40 Beauty Juice

For Glowing Skin

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21 Police Chief Builds a Stronger Deptartment

10 Aerobics vs.

Resistance Training

12 The Treadmill Says

You Burned How Many Calories? The Skinny on Cardio Machines & Calories

18 Treating Runners' Knee

fitprofile 21 Fittest in the Land

Police Chief Builds a Stronger Department

42 Avoid a Cakey Face

23 Home Away From Home

❝I grew up in a healthy

environment with my parents showing me the ropes to eating clean and staying busy. I love it now; exercise keeps me sane!

Kroc Center Provides Wellness Destination

25 Fitness Storm


Meet Kayla Rose

Discovering Your Passion & Purpose

— Kayla Rose, Fitness Storm


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15 Boxing the Utlimate Workout


For Mind, Body, and Soul

fitmind 30 Jungian Therapy and Dream-work at Shen Jing Holistic

32 Do Your Love Your Life?

Steps to Discovering Your Passion and Purpose

fitmoney 36 Getting Help from a

Financial Professional

44 Natural Weight Management

lookgreat 41 Two Make-Up How To's



Cardio vs. Weights

44 Metabolic Balance is Natural Weight Management

46 Partnership for Health

❝ Life can literally exhaust our delicate little ecosystems — mind, body and spirit can be put through the ringer. If we don’t give ourselves space and time to recalibrate and reboot our systems, we can easily burn out or have a nervous breakdown.

andmore 48 Miniature

Golf Tournament Vacaville Optimists


The Skinny on Cardio Machines

—4 easy steps to a more relaxed you



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Our Mission to You SoFit Magazine is the total resource for wellness and inspiration to live your best. In each issue we feature the people, and businesses that are making a difference in their communities. SoFit means better living. We bring together tips for emotional well-being, physical fitness, internal health, beauty and nutrition from experts who care. Our desire is not that you be so thin, but that you be so fit. Fitness is for every body, and everybody fits here.

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Welcome Guest Editor, Kristine Sagan


uch beautiful weather outside beckons us to get our families active and healthy! It’s great for us to eat healthy, work out, and stay fit so that we can

pass the importance of health and fitness on to our kids. Fitness is so important, but eating right is just as important. We planted our summer garden and the kids were excited to choose what to plant. So what if someone picked turnips? They can’t wait to watch the vegetables grow and try them all.My mother was a great example of making family fitness fun. We went on family bike rides, hikes, and when we rode our roller blades, she was right there with us. Now that the sun is shining, I want to get my kids off of the iPad and outdoors. My 4-yearold and 7-year-old girls just completed their third race. They know that Mom does it, so they wanted to be a part of it, too. They love getting the t-shirts and participant medals. It was a great feeling last year when my 3-year-old came in second to last, was handed her medal, and said, “We won, didn’t we Mom?!" The truth is that no matter how slow or fast you are, we are all winners when we involve our kids. The accomplishment they feel is my inspiration, and I know we are teaching them to grow up healthy.If you haven’t already, plan things your family can do together to be an active family. Talk about nutrition to your kids. Arm them with knowledge. When everyone is involved, we create fond memories and healthy habits. When more and more people participate in some sort of fitness, our families, neighborhoods, and even an entire city, can become healthier! The SOFITCITY 5K/10K Health Event, on September 28th, will be one such opportunity. From my family to yours, we wish you all the health and happiness you desire! We hope to

see you at the next race!


Kristine Sagan

SoFitCity Ambassador

Kristine Sagan


MIKE WEISS, M.S., ACSM-HFS In this issue: Treadmill & Calories


SoFit Magazine

Michael Cornwall, PhD/MFT


Susan Lucas, CMT

In this issue: Jungian Therapy

In this issue: Kroc Center/Benicia Police Dept.

In this issue: Partnership for Health

michael.cornwall.16 707-853-6808

Arturo Ramos 707.344.5460


Inspiration to Live Your Best TM

Marlena Stell, author In this issue: Two Make-Up How To's







Proceeds benefit the Solano Coalition for Better Healthʼs Solano Kids Insurance Program (S.K.I.P.) w w[501c3 w . s o ftax i t mID# a g94-3189914]



So what’s the deal about six packs? Why so obsessed? Is the six really so sexy? Fitness expert, Mike Shaw, says it’s the billion dollar home equipment industry bent on convincing us that hard abs will make us more attractive and in the end more loved …and for just twenty easy payments of $19.99, but only if you act now!


Abs are made in the Kitchen

Actually, every body has abdominals; whether or not you see them has to do with body fat, and unfortunately, your ab-gadget or sixpack-o-matic won’t get rid of body fat. America may never escape her six pack fascination, but if reducing body fat for health is the goal, let’s first consider the quality of the food we eat and less on the gimmicks, fads and gadgets.

Cardio vs. Weights 10 | Treadmills & Calories 12 | Treating Knee Pain 18 SoFit Magazine

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fit body body

A recent study conducted at Duke University set out to determine which of the two forms of exercise was most effective at decreasing body fat in overweight and obese adults. 10

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fit body body

vs Resistance Training Aerobics Study Shows Aerobic Exercise Better for Weight Loss By Sarah Dowling

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than one-third adults and almost 17 percent of youth are obese. And while community outcry for obesity pales in comparison to the community consciousness about certain cancers, obesity leads to a wide array of debilitating effects to include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and in a growing number of cases, death. A recent study conducted at Duke University set out to determine which of the two forms of exercise was most effective at decreasing body fat in overweight and obese adults. “Recent guidelines on exercise or weight loss and maintenance include resistance training as a part of the exercise prescription,” Leslie H. Willis, author of this study said. “Yet few studies have compared the effects of similar amounts of aerobic and resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight adults.” This study tracked over 200 obese adult participants, randomly assigning them to three different exercise regiments: 1. RT- consisting of only resistance training. 2. AT- consisting of only aerobic training. 3. AT/RT- a combination of both types of exercise. Participants continued with these regiments for a total eight months, and their progress was tracked and measured at the conclusion of the eight month trial. The AT featured the use of treadmills, elliptical trainers, cycles. The RT featured 3 days/week, 3 sets/day at about 8-12 repetitions using various lifting equipment, and the AT/RT was a combination of both methods. Willis states, “balancing time commitments against health benefits, it appears that AT is the optimal mode of exercise for reducing fat mass and body mass, while a program including RT is needed for increasing lean mass in middle-aged overweight/obese individuals.” The data, looking at RT, finds that although RT

SoFit Magazine

induced significant gains in lean body mass and strength, alone this type of training did not reduce body/fat mass in participants. “Given these observations, along with those from other studies, it may be time to seriously reconsider the conventional wisdom that RT alone can induce changes in the body mass or fat mass due to an increase in metabolism in overweight or obese sedentary adults,” Willis concludes reflecting on the results of the RT group.

states, “it appears that AT alone is the optimal mode of exercise for reducing fat mass and total body mass.”  Sarah Dowling is an avid fitness and health contributor, currently attending Sonoma State University. Review the study here:

AT decreased both body weight and fat mass significantly more than RT. Both modes had similar overall changes in body fat percentage, these changes occurred for two different reasons. AT decreased fat mass and significantly reduced visceral adipose tissue more than RT, while RT increased lean body mass.


Although both types of training have their benefits, sticking simply to RT does not result in weight-loss as much or in the same way as once thought. Its benefits, however, are remarkable. RT builds and healthy muscles and bones, and increases physical strength as well as endurance for life’s various challenges.

of Adults and almost 17% of youth are obese

When approaching a general fitness regimen, a combination of both strength training to build muscle and aerobic exercise to burn fat is best. But for pure fat loss, aerobic training wins out. “…balancing time commitments against health benefits accrued,” Willis

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fit body body


The Skinny on Cardio Machines and Calories


o the machine says you’ve burned how many calories? Have you noticed that the number of calories that the cardio machine reports you’ve burned depends on the particular machine you use?

If you have ever wondered about the accuracy of the reported values, why they vary so much, and if you can trust them – read on.

OXYGEN UPTAKE, CALORIES, AND EXERCISE Whether stored in our body tissues or circulating in our blood stream the food we eat contains calories. For the calories to be expressed the food must be


metabolized or broken down. With the exception of short high intensity bouts of exercise, such as sprinting 100 meters, macronutrients(carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) require oxygen to be metabolized to provide the energy to not only move our legs on the treadmill, but to maintain the living condition: lungs inflating, brain functioning, and all the organ systems necessary to keep us alive. When we exercise our oxygen uptake increases in order to supply our skeletal muscles with the essential quantity of oxygen to satisfy the energy requirements consistent with the intensity of the exercise. As the demand for

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1502 Tennessee Street Vallejo, CA 94590



Specializing in:

oxygenated blood increases the heart responds by pumping faster and stronger. This is why heart rate is a common index of exercise intensity. Exercise scientists have devised equations based on oxygen uptake that can predict the energy spent from common modes of exercise: walking, running, stepping, and cycle ergometry. However, these equations known as metabolic equations are predictions which mean they contain an inherent percentage of error, typically in the range of 7% to 9% of the calculated value. So for those of you who are counting calories for weight management it is important to know that even under ideal conditions the

SoFit Magazine

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Pain Relief through Postural Alignment MyoKinesthetic (MYK) System Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Homeopathy Individual & Couples Therapy

Susan Lucas, Certified MYK Practitioner, 707-704-7315 Myra Nissen, CCH,RSHom(NA), 707-750-4455 Michael Cornwall, P.hD. MFT, 707-853-6808



fit body body reported figures can be close to +/- 10% from the actual values. Additionally, the accuracy range of the metabolic equations hinges upon whether or not the cardio machines have been calibrated. This is a possible reason why there exists variance in reported values among different machines despite adhering to the exact same workout.

“HOW MANY CALORIES DID I BURN?” There is an assumption with metabolic equations: that the body reaches steady-state heart rate, meaning that the heart does not fluctuate by more than six beats per minute measured over a three minute time interval. At the beginning of exercise and with a rise in intensity level the oxygen delivery system is responding to the skeletal muscles increased oxygen demands by adjusting different mechanisms including heart rate. Despite a relative rapid increase in heart rate a stabilizing period is necessary for the heart to accommodate the metabolic demands of the skeletal muscles. During this interval while the cardiovascular supply of oxygen is being met, the body uses different metabolic pathways along with percentages of macronutrients to supply the working muscles with energy. Failure to reach steady-state heart rate results in an over estimation of caloric expenditure. Another point to recognize is that cardio machines typically report total caloric expenditure which is the sum of the energy expenditures from

❝When we exercise our oxygen uptake increases in order to supply our skeletal muscles with the essential quantity of oxygen to satisfy the energy requirements consistent with the intensity of the exercise.❞ both exercise and resting metabolic rate (RMR). RMR is the rate of energy expenditure at rest, which is the minimum level required to maintain the living condition occurring with or without exercise. Only the net energy expended—total energy minus RMR—should be calculated for weight loss purposes. Remember it is always the calories we expend in excess of what is required to maintain the living condition and accomplish our daily tasks that determine the potential for weight loss. Certain factors also exist that can elevate heart rate producing a rise in temporary metabolism. For example if an individual is experiencing emotional stress, or affected by either the recent ingestion of stimulants (e.g., caffeine), or certain cold medications, then the total caloric expenditure of the workout would be greater than sessions without those factors.

“WHAT CAN I DO?” Now that you know what affects the reported number of calories spent follow these five steps for a more accurate reading:


Do not count the calories spent during the first 3 minutes of the exercise session—this is the period necessary to reach steady-state. For example: for a 30 minute workout choose 33 minutes, but don’t start counting calories until after 3 minutes have passed.

2 3 4 5

Choose manual setting holding speed and grade constant. Maintain speeds between 1.9-3.7 miles/hr for walking and 5-13 miles/hr for running. Perform exercise in a smooth and consistent fashion. Try not to use the handrails for support, rather use only as needed for balance.

560 First Street #D-200 • Benicia 707-373-9245

Michael D. Weiss M.S., ACSM-HFS, is an exercise physiologist and founder of Alta Health and Performance Solutions (Alta HPS) based in Benicia. He is a frequent lecturer, and a corporate fitness consultant who also provides customized training programs to endurance athletes. Call (925)997-3047 or email mweiss@ for more information.

Pilates Strength TRX Personal training Small group training


As a parting thought, despite the attraction of cardio machines and the many benefits of a fitness center, rest assured that by increasing your non-exercise physical activity (i.e., choosing stairs over the elevator, parking further away from the store, or opting to take your own groceries to your car) you will be well on your way to meeting your daily excess energy expenditure goals (150-400 Cal/day). 

Nancy Camilli-Hevener

Source: American College of Sports Medicine. ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. 8th ed., Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins; 2010.

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cover story

Knockout with Kristina C. and Coach Hammond

SoFit Magazine

Inspiration to Live Your Best TM


hen it comes to a grueling workout, few can object that boxing is one of the toughest workouts ever. But what about boxing makes it so much tougher than gym favorite, the treadmill? SOFIT visited the PAL Boxing Club located in Vallejo, California to learn more about the effectiveness of a boxing workout. Operated as a program of the Police Athletic League (PAL), under the guidance of manager Andrew Trujillo, the boxing club looks every bit the classic. There’s no kickboxing, no aerobics and no machines. It’s not dainty. It is real boxing. Pure and simple. The walls are covered with posters and personal photos of Trujillo with past champions from the high profile to the hyper local. “Every picture has a story,” he says. One of his best coaches is an alumnus of the PAL boxing program. His name is Roy Hammond and he was the youngest boy of eight children. His mother put him in boxing to



Kristina has recently added boxing to her knockout workout

Before long, he was nicknamed “Destroyan” Royan Hammond. It’s no secret that Hammond loves to fight, but he admits “that as a sport it’s grueling.” Before turning pro, Hammond worked as a brick layer. “I used to run 5-6miles every morning, go to work, and then go to the boxing gym for a tough workout,” says Hammond. “I did that for twelve years.” The work served him well. In 1983, Hammond was one of two amateurs selected to train at the Colorado Olympic Training Center in Colarado Springs. After losing his first international bout in Ugoslavia, Hammond returned with a vengeance fighting again in Argentina, London, France, Korea, winning countless awards and a Gold in the Asian Games held in Bangkok, Thailand. By the time he ended his career, Hammond had trained with Roy Jones Jr., Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Purnell Whitiker, Mike McCaullum, Meldrick Taylor, Loyd Hunnigan, and many others. But to the budding talent in Vallejo and to the adults he trains in American Canyon, Roy Hammond is a library of knowledge and vast experience. Boxing is a technical endeavor. Every punch can’t be a “haymaker”. To win you need to think, strategize, strike and defend, all under the stress of being hit in the face or body. You have to keep your guard up.

But is it the harder workout?

keep him out of trouble because he had been fighting so much at school. Roy is named after his father, Roy Chester Hammond. In fact, all of the children (in Foreman-like fashion) are named after their father: Royce Chester Hammond, Roycelyn Cheryl Hammond, Roy Christopher Hammond, Roi Celaine Hammond, Royette Carla Hammond, Royal Carlyn Hammond, Royan Charles Hammond, and Roycecia Cherie Hammond. “I was always a small kid,” says Hammond. “But when I started boxing, people found out and wanted to test me. So it kind of backfired on my mom,” laughed Hammond.


Roy says that any fighting-type workout is tough. And it’s true that several professional athletes from other sports do boxing workouts for the cross training. And why not? You need quick feet, quick hands. Can you dodge? Can you weave? If not, you’ll learn. The combination of all these factors can help improve performance under pressure and intensify your “fighter’s instinct.” It’s completely more relevant for life than any treadmill workout: boxing teaches you how to fight. A treadmill can only teach you…how to run away? Boxing is a constant practice of raising your awareness and focus despite the fatigue. A typical workout would include jump rope, various abdominal workouts, running and of course tons of bag work that is varied. You don’t get bored, “you just get stronger.”

What about women? Hammond trains several women, including his wife (and high school

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


By the time he ended his career, Hammond had trained with Roy Jones Jr., Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Purnell Whitiker, Mike McCaullum, Meldrick Taylor, Loyd Hunnigan, and many others.

See PAL Boxing

sweetheart) Renee. At 49 years old, Renee won first place in figure at the International Natural Body Building Association competition (INBA). Hammond also trains his mother who will be 90 years old this September. I have great pictures of my mother doing bag drills,” he said. “I’d like to see someone try to steal her purse!”

What makes Boxing so tough? The verdict according to “Destroyan” Royan Hammond: : Boxing is a gut check that tests your mettle and reveals your strength.




: Every boxer has been knocked down or knocked out…getting back up to fight again is one of the clearest metaphors for a successful life. : Ready to get sore in your core? Boxing works every muscle in your body including your legs, back and arms. A boxer’s workout has to be intense because fighting someone can be hell, so your preparation must be hell x 2. But, when Hammond trains clients for health and fitness, sparring isn’t necessary for a knockout workout. “You can run 500 miles on a treadmill,” he says that won’t compare with doing bag drills with him in less time. So if you’re tired of the treadmill, trade-in your kicks for some mitts and give boxing a shot. With a coach like Hammond, your body will have no choice but to get into rock solid, knock-out shape.  Adults interested in training with Coach Hammond Email RDhammond1994@ For more on Vallejo PAL Boxing programs for children 10-18 call Andrew Trujillo at (707) 552-1573.

SoFit Magazine

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354 Merchant Street • Downtown Vacaville 707.449.9266 • SoFitMag


fit body body


R Knee

unners’ By Curt Osuga, MSPT

Presented by Sutter Health

Wearing the right footwear when running—or doing any other repetitive activity—is vitally important to protect the entire body...


ike tennis elbow, you won’t find runners’ knee in any diagnostic reference guide, but it’s a condition many experience. It refers to a few things that can go wrong with the soft tissue around the knee and cartilage behind it—and it’s not limited to those who run.

behavior that caused it. In addition, they’re prolonging their recovery, since the longer muscles and joints are overused, the harder they’ll be to treat.

In a nutshell, runners’ knee is an overuse injury. It occurs when constant pressure results in a muscle imbalance that typically manifests as pain surrounding the kneecap. If the discomfort doesn’t resolve within two weeks, a doctor visit is probably warranted.

As with any overuse injury, we suggest treating it by following “PRICE”: protect, rest, ice, constrict and elevate. A six- to eight-week timeline is typical for soft tissue injuries to heal, and that can be problematic for hard-core runners; one of the hardest things we have to do is get them to temporarily stop running and use other muscles by cycling, stretching, doing yoga, or finding another short-term replacement activity.

Some people—avid runners, in particular—often try to run through the pain, but they’re only making the situation worse by continuing the same

In addition to simply resting the affected muscles and joints, runners’ knee sufferers can get help to protect themselves from recurrences. When we see


w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


fit body body patients who’ve been referred to us for physical therapy, we take a look at where the injury is, the positions of their feet and kneecaps, what kind of shoes they’re wearing to run—plus the shoe’s age and how it’s breaking down—and the surface on which they’re running.

❝As with any overuse injury, we suggest treating it by following “PRICE”: protect, rest, ice, constrict and elevate. ❞ Wearing the right footwear when running—or doing any other repetitive activity—is vitally important to protect the entire body, and we can suggest whether motion controlling or cushioning running shoes are best for each person. Unfortunately, you can’t have both elements in one shoe; the former are good at what they do because they’re harder, while the latter are more comfortable because they don’t provide as much support.


Helping you plan for your financial future.

As for specific therapy to support recovery—because either tight or weak muscles cause runners’ knee— we focus on recreating balance once we identify where the problem exists. If we do our job correctly by eliminating the imbalance and educating people on how to prevent the situation from happening again, we hope they have no need to see us for future treatment. All the components of our bodies do have an “expiration date,” and those who put undue stress on a particular joint or muscle are going to speed up the failure process. Knees are particularly susceptible to wearing down, and although runners’ knee is rather easily treated, it can be the start of a wear pattern that leads to cartilage issues and even joint replacement as an extreme. The takeaway: stop running when your knee hurts and get medical advice if the pain doesn’t go away on its own.  Curt Osuga is a physical therapist and rehabilitation manager affiliated with Sutter Solano Medical Center and Sutter Medical Foundation-West. He sees patients in Fairfield and his office can be reached at 707-432-2660.


5030 Business Center Drive Suite 110 Fairfield, CA 94534 Office: 707.439.3483 SoFit Magazine

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FITTER CITY presented by

SFC aiser Permanente Presents 2nd Annual County Race Registration Now Open at (Solano County, CA - September 28, 2013) Fitness challenges are hardly original, but a city versus city concept, just might be. Organizers of the SOFITCITY 5K/10K, presented by Kaiser Permanente, have launched new challenges for an even bigger celebration at the annual county competition walk/ run event held in Fairfield, CA on Saturday, September 28, 2013. SOFITCITY welcomes rival cities to compete for the largest number of finishers to win. New this year is an Armed Services Challenge, Police versus Fire Department Challenge, a Mayor’s Cup award and a costume contest. In addition to live music, 5K


and 10K Finishers can look forward to finisher medals at the conclusion of the race. “What’s great about this concept is that it’s inclusive,” says race director, Todd Rewick. “It’s a party for folks who like live music and dancing, it’s a kid’s event for children fundraising for their schools, and it’s a championship event for runners here for the medal or seeking a title.” “SOFITCITY was so much fun last year,” said Dilenna Harris, Kaiser Permanente Public Affairs Manager. “And we are proud to support the SOFITCITY mission to build a fitter Solano. We believe community-partnerships are the essence of a fitter community, and SOFITCITY is one of many local prevention-driven programs that we support.” Funds raised from registration benefit the Solano County Library Foundation and other area nonprofits that promote fit minds and fit bodies for a fitter community. For more information on this year's event, visit WWW.SOFITCITY.COM  MEDIA CONTACT Elicia Stewart SOFITCITY Captain 707.929.3565

Local teachers are raising school funds through SFC 20

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m



5k. 10k. 1 mile. LIVE MUSIC RACE Medals kid zone costumes


The FITTEST in the LAnd

Police Chief Builds a Stronger Department


By Jessica Lander Photos by Arturo Ramos Photography

With any job, finding the time to fit in a workout—between work, meals, sleep, family and social obligations—can be difficult. So imagine actually being encouraged to workout at work, without sacrificing your lunch. And no, you’re not a personal trainer. The Benicia Police Department is bringing new meaning to “on the job training,” giving their officers a choice between extending their lunch break or taking an extra 40-minute chunk out of their day to commit to their fitness—so long as it doesn’t interfere with their first commitment to keep the Benicia community safe. Benicia Chief of Police Andrew Bidou implemented this fitness initiative about four years ago, and the department’s gym facility now features equipment like weight and cardio machines and a flat screen TV that units use to follow workout programs like P90X.

❝ could be lifesaving...The responsibility of a police department to provide the tools for the officer to maintain that health throughout their career is very important.❞ Those situations range from chasing after suspects to jumping over fences and wrestling people resisting arrest, all with about 20-25 pounds of equipment around their waist.

Bidou joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and has always placed an importance on physical fitness. Today outside of his work, the 44-year-old regularly takes boot camp classes, plays tennis, bikes and if nothing else, will lace up his sneakers for a 10 p.m. run just to fit something in. So, it’s no surprise that he brings his wellness values into the workplace. The optional on-duty workouts, an idea he brought over from his time with the Newark Police Department, serves as a way to keep officers up with the psychological and physical demands of the job. “There’s physicality to the job, and the community has expectations of police officers that they can handle situations that require fitness,” said Bidou.

SoFit Magazine

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“Just lifting that in and out of a car all day long takes its toll,” he said.


SUSAN LUCAS Certified MYK Practitioner -


“A lot of times there’s no warm up, no stretching, you have cold muscles, stiff muscles and all of a sudden you have to jump to it,” he said, admitting that his department’s fitness culture could be a big reason that Benicia has a much smaller injury rating than the norm. As of now, no other police department in Solano County offers a similar inhouse, on-duty fitness program, but Bidou believes it’s about time.


“Every fire department since the beginning of time, they all have gyms to work out in during duty. I think it’s time that we recognize it’s also important for police officers. I don’t think it’s been mainstreamed, but i think it’s time we all in police leadership start to consider that,” said the Chief.


And like the nature of his work, Bidou takes the health of his department very seriously.





Injury prevention is another goal, as Bidou explained that low back and knee injuries are common and most police agencies experience a 10 percent injury rate at any given time.

“I’m not trying to sound dramatic, but it could be lifesaving,” he said. “The responsibility of a police department to provide the tools for the officer to maintain that health throughout their career is very important.”  Jessica Lander is social media manager for TRX in San Francisco. Originally from Napa, California, Jessica’s obsession for all things healthy is rivaled only by her love of good food, and good wine. And she loves to write about both.

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m



Home Away From Home Kroc Center Provides Wellness Destination By Jessica Lander Photos by Arturo Ramos Photography


Suisun City’s Salvation Army Kroc Center is not your ordinary gym. There are no lock-in contracts as memberships renew on a monthly basis, and in addition to special facility features like a pool, basketball courts, a climbing wall and a Hot Hula fitness class, the Kroc Center is a community center first, a gym second. Run by Salvation Army Captains Jonathan Harvey and his wife Vickie, Kroc seeks to enhance the lives of its members beyond physical fitness. “This is a very different center. I don’t see us in any way being a competitor with the average health club because we’re so different from the average health club,” said Captain Harvey. “We’re not competing to get people on a treadmill, we’re really providing a place that is a community resource and really focuses on health and wellness in the entire body and the entire person.”

Enrichment programs for the mind, like art and music classes (even ukulele lessons). For the soul, there are worship programs, like bible study and youth groups.

would feature Katherine Waller and her family, grinning ear-to-ear. Since the center’s opening, she, her husband and three children have taken full advantage of the Kroc’s triple threat. “We do everything from youth groups to bible study, the rock wall, swimming lessons, the bounce house, we even had a birthday party here. We’re pretty much here every day,” she said. “It’s really like our second home. We plan our schedule around activities here because it’s become such a big part of our lives.” The Waller’s have struck gold. They achieve a total-life balance all in one place. “It’s kind of amazing, they’re not just a gym but it’s a community center and a church as well. It’s a really good balance of pulling it all together so they’re feeding more than just your soul, more than just your mind, more than just your body,” said Waller.

The entire person refers to the elements of body, mind and soul. Along with its champion fitness center, Kroc—which boasts nearly 5,000 members— offers enrichment programs for the mind, like art and music classes (even ukulele lessons). For the soul, there are worship programs, like bible study and youth groups. There’s plenty to go around for members of all ages and for the entire family to get involved with.

Other members, like Alfred Parish, have undergone extreme transformations in Katherine Waller and family one focused corner of the Kroc triangle. Parish will be celebrating his own milestone at the center’s one year anniversary party and quite a big one at that. By June, he hopes to have lost a total of 100 pounds since joining the year prior.

If the center were to hang up a poster to represent its wellness mission, it

Back then, Parish weighed 310 pounds. Dedicated gym sessions at least five

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money again. But not all members join Kroc with such an aggressive goal in mind. Rudy Sylvan, former NFL player for the Detroit Lions, always has, and likely always will, take his physical fitness seriously. Working out isn’t the hard part for Sylvan, it’s finding the time to workout with four kids. But Kroc is there to help. Sylvan relies on the center’s Child Watch program and Kids Fit class to allow him to fit in his gym time while knowing his kids are safe and engaged in a positive environment. But as a Fairfield native, he also cares about all of the local kids, who he says Kroc helps keep busy with its basketball courts—something missing at other area gyms. “The basketball courts and all of the other programs they have are good for the community because it gives the kids something to do. Otherwise, who knows, they’ll be out here on the streets doing whatever they want. It gives them somewhere to have fun.”

days a week that start at 5:30 a.m. helped him weigh in at 226 in April for a loss upwards of 80 pounds. “It’s made a lot of difference. With my sleep apnea, I was having trouble breathing and now I can bend down and tie my shoes. I used to have my grandchildren tie them for me, but now I can do that myself,” he said.

❝It’s made a lot of difference. With my sleep apnea, I was having trouble breathing and now I can bend down and tie my shoes. I used to have my grandchildren tie them for me, but now I can do that myself,❞ The 65-year-old used to workout routinely, but after the passing of his friend and wife, he put on the extra weight. The Kroc community and changes in diet have made nearly a 100-pound difference. “It’s hard to do by yourself. That’s why I go to the gym. I’ve got people to talk to and we’re all doing the same thing and I’m enjoying doing it. It’s boring by myself,” said Parish, who even after hitting the 100-pound mark, vows to never stop working out

No, they’re a community center. Jessica Lander is social media manager for TRX in San Francisco. Originally from Napa, California, Jessica’s obsession for all things healthy is rivaled only by her love of good food, and good wine. And she loves to write about both.

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m



Kroc doesn’t discriminate, providing the tools to enrich the lives of anyone. “We’re not a cookie cutter facility,” said Harvey.



Storm Meet Kayla Rose Photos by Jimmy Bui


At just 19years old, fitness phenom Kayla Rose is set to take the industry by storm. With a social media presence that is growing fast, and a commitment to defeating obesity, SoFit sat down with Kayla to talk fit philosophies, and tips on how she remains so fit. SoFit: So how did you get into fitness? Kayla: I have always been a fan of fitness and staying active for as long as I can remember, but I guess my upbringing is the reason. I grew up in a healthy environment with my parents showing me the ropes to eating clean and staying busy. I love it now; exercise keeps me sane! SoFit: How do you stay motivated? Kayla: Training for goals makes it a bit easier, like when training for the NPC Bikini Competition. Other than that, exercise acts as my happy pill; it prevents me from feeling depressed. Eating clean simply makes me feel more alive and energetic, as opposed to eating junk food. Junk food makes

SoFit Magazine

me feel sluggish and down. Not to mention eating clean has cleared my acne and any sort of sickness! SoFit: What’s your favorite exercise in the gym? Kayla: ABS, ABS, ABS! Oh I love working them abs, it feels the best to me. It varies though, one week I will be totally pumped and ready to kill legs, when other weeks I am ready to work shoulders. I love it all, some just more than others at times! SoFit: They say abs are made in the kitchen, what kind of diet are you on? Kayla: Oh how important the diet aspect is! 80% diet, 20% gym! I could talk for days about nutrition so I’ll keep it basic. Everyone’s body is so unique that it takes a lot of trial and error to find what diet and caloric intake works for an individual. To be honest, when I want to spice things up in my diet, Ripped Recipes is my go to site! I cook with coconut oil, not any of that non-

Inspiration to Live Your Best TM

stick spray. My vitamin & supplement intake consists of a Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, BCAA’s, CLA, L-Glutamine, Resveratrol, Glucosamine & Chrondrotin, Collagen. The list used to be huge, but has been cut over time.

❝Oh how important the diet aspect is!

80% diet, 20% gym!❞ SoFit: What kind of music keeps you moving during a workout? Kayla: Music is what makes the workout! A good dubstep, or electronic song is always my go to, but I will listen to anything with a beat that’s uplifting and gets my blood flowing. SoFit: What other athletes or fitness models inspire you? Kayla: Bella Falconi is who got me started in really being serious with my diet and lifting heavier. Kai SoFitMag


money Greene’s YouTube video is what helped me find that “mind muscle connection.” All of the people I follow on Instagram help to motivate me daily, keep me on track, and have been the biggest support group that I am so grateful to have!

❝Well, it is pretty basic:

factor! You can’t out train a bad diet. Go to the gym 5-6 days a week, really push yourself every rep! And of course having control of your mind for will power, self-discipline, dedication, persistency, and so on is important. But, remember we are all human, and we are not perfect. We all have “off-

days,” so don’t be too hard on yourself! Take baby steps.  Follow Kayla on Instagram @kkaylarose and on www.

eat clean, train hard, sleep, drink tons of water...❞

SoFit: What’s next for Kayla Rose, fitness or otherwise?


Kayla: I will be competing in the Miss California Pageant 2014, representing the fight against childhood obesity in America. I believe that habits are developed young, so if we can teach young children to develop a healthy diet and lifestyle, ultimately we can change our society to be healthier and more active in the fut ure! SoFit: Any tips for readers who want to get in shape? Kayla: Well, it is pretty basic: eat clean, train hard, sleep, drink tons of water, etc. Diet is the main

Now offering Nutritionally Supervised HCG Weight Release Program

Natural Health And Wellness Center, Inc Valerie Ozsu, MSN, CNM, NP Pro EFT / Matrix Practitioner Nutrition Response Testing 524 Merchant Street. Ste A Vacaville, CA 95688 707.474.9670 • 707.631.1048

Get a complete nutritional evaluation for $100! (Normally $120 - that is a $20 savings!)

Would you like to attract more health in your or your family’s life? Natural Health and Wellness Center can assist you in restoring and improving your health from Menopause/PMS symptoms, infertility issues, insomnia, weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, ADD/ADHD/ASD, fibromyalgia, stomach and joint pains, post cancer treatment nutrition, allergy clearing and more... Saliva Testing now available for hormone evaluation. Official Water Station for the best alkaline healing water in town only $5/gallon.


w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


do you see? Even though its cliché it’s true. How you look at a situation defines the situation, and informs your response. And it’s your response that creates the present. Psychologists suggest imagining a problem situation under a positive light and exploring proactive responses. If you applied this philosophy to your current work, relationship, or financial problem – how might it change your response?



4 Steps to Relax 28 | Jungian Therapy 30 | Do You Love Your Life? 32 SoFit Magazine

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fit mind body

4 L

Easy Steps to a

more relaxed You

By Cherie Roe Dirksen

Life can literally exhaust our delicate little ecosystems — mind, body and spirit can be put through the ringer. If we don’t give ourselves space and time to recalibrate and reboot our systems, we can easily burn out or have a nervous breakdown.

Relax and Treat Yourself to Some Time-Out This is just a simple reminder that you need to take time out to honor yourself. This could be taking a few days out to go vegetate in the countryside to pampering yourself with a full body massage.

Even the little things like making time to meditate or to sit with your feet up and relax can help you to rest your physical vessel and revitalize the mind.

Pull Your Resources For those of you who have children and are rolling their eyes at me thinking, ‘what am I going to do with the kids?’ — make a plan! Get a babysitter in for a couple of hours, call in that favor from your best friend or neighbor, got a partner? Strike a deal. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — you will find a way, believe me.

4 3 1 2

We very seldom give ourselves the chance to take a 2 hour sofa holiday.

No Money for a Spa Treatment?

Nature Walk

If you don’t have the time for a retreat or the money for a spa, here is a list of things you can do right now that cost nothing or very little:

Stretch those legs and get some fresh air into your lungs. Walking in nature is a great way to unwind and de-stress.


Is there anything better in this world than to soak in a bubble or aromatherapy bath? Don’t forget to light some incense and candles. Make it a special ‘you’ time — when you do this you are surreptitiously telling yourself that you are worth it.


2 Hour/One Day Couch Potato

We very seldom give ourselves the chance to take a 2 hour (or a whole day for the child-free among you) sofa holiday. Sometimes this can be just the medicine your tired body needs to catch up and catalyze some action. Put guilt on the top shelf for a day and get out the duvet and bunny slippers — where’s that tub of ice-cream?

20 Minute Meditation

Never underestimate the power of having a quick meditation session. When you do this you reconnect with your core and/or higher self and give your mind a much-needed time-out from the mind chatter.

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m

Go on, pamper yourself — you deserve it! 

Cherie is a full time artist, writer and blogger on all topics from health, beauty and more. Follow her at SoFitMag

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fit mind body

Jungian Therapy and

Dream-work at Shen Jing Holistic

Explores our Deepest Concerns, While Enhancing Daily Emotional Freedom By Michael Cornwall, PhD/MFT


ur bodies, minds, emotions, souls and spirits, are present with our every living breath. Our health and happiness depend on us integrating all aspects of our being. My approach as a Jungian therapist for over thirty years has been to help others find their own deep emotional and sovereign truth as they move towards personal freedom. We all struggle in a very competitive culture to keep our inner sense of purpose and well-being. The potential emotional richness of daily feeling happiness, joy and serenity, is often undermined by inner feelings of inadequacy, shame, fear and guilt. We sometimes may be very hard on ourselves; putting ourselves down, and even harshly judging our own best efforts. We also can turn to many ways of distracting and numbing ourselves, to avoid touching down into painful emotions connected to our families and loved ones. But our dreams can be a deep and guiding source of self-knowledge. They carry the emotionally charged symbolic content that informs us of what we need, and what we don’t need in our waking lives.

Balancing our outer lives with the uniquely personal needs of our soul is a challenge we all face. I like the approach of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung that recognizes the complexity of who we are. My mentor, Dr. John Weir Perry, was with Jung in Switzerland, and taught me that personal freedom is available to us if we seek it earnestly. I am very happy to be a wellness partner with my friends Susan Lucas and Myra Nissen at Shen Jing Holistic in Benicia. We three share the same strong beliefs about the whole person being honored as they seek healing and growth. I wish you all the best  in your seeking of expanded health, vitality and joy. Michael Cornwall, PhD/MFT is a Jungian therapist with over 30 years experience. He is a Bay Area and Esalen Institute conference and workshop leader, exploring archetypal and heart-centered approaches to therapy. Michael is available for individual and couple’s therapy that includes dream-work, using a sliding scale fee, at Shen Jing Holistic in Benicia. Please visit my website at or call 707-853-6808.

If you would like to find a surer connection with your inner compass, I would like to help you. Life sometimes can be very difficult and we can benefit from empathic support. Sometimes big transitions feel overwhelming, or confusion about what to do in relationships or at work can be a real obstacle to peace of mind.


w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


Transforming people into happier, healthier individuals in mind, body and spirit through dance and fitness.

â??Balancing our outer lives with the uniquely personal needs of our soul is a challenge we all face.â?ž

848 Alamo Dr Vacaville, CA 95687 (707)761-5214

West Coast Swing Salsa Ballroom Zumba TRX Cardio Kickboxing Pi-Yo-Cal

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fit mind body

Do You Love Your Life? Steps to Discovering Your Passion and Purpose By Ken Wert

“You don’t have to wait for something to come along, to land in your lap, to make itself known. You can create something from scratch, just the way you want it, from your own passionate imaginings.”   —Barrie Davenport

missing, like your life is the equivalent of drinking watered-down milk at room temperature?

Passion Requires Action What would you say (and more importantly, what would you DO) if I told you that you could start living a life of deep passion, doing what you love and loving what you do? Would you be interested to know how?


re you doing what you love to do? Do you wake up in the morning excited about the prospect of getting back to what fills your heart and moves you?

Or is life a grind? Do you dread Mondays and thank God when it’s finally Friday? Are you trapped in a life that seems to have ambushed you? Do you daydream of a different life? Of someone else’s life? Or maybe you’re feeling like there’s something


Would you take action on it?

“We must act out passion before we can feel it.” —Jean-Paul Sartre Would you start to fill your life with more passion and purpose and meaning? Keep in mind that passion is not the product of wishing; it’s the product of doing.

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m

That’s what divides the world, you know. There are those who wish and dream and never take their lives out of park. Then there are those who figure out what they want, shift into gear and hit the gas. Deep down, who do you yearn to be?

The Sadness of an Unlit Candle Candles are meant to be lit. They are created for the very purpose of giving light. Decorative candles that sit on shelves gathering dust, never doing what candles were meant to do, are a sad sight to me. They remind me of people who place themselves on shelves and never light the wick of their own lives. A person’s life is meant to be lit too, filling life with light like candles fill rooms. What is the flame in your life? Is it lit? Is there light and heat? Or has the wick of passion been allowed to go out? SoFitMag

fit mind body “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela Look at passion as though it were a living, breathing thing. If you feed it, it will grow and thrive and expand, filling your life with joy and happiness. If you don’t, it will eventually do what all living things do when they are not fed. The saddest thing to me is to meet a musician who no longer plays music or a poet who has never written a poem or a dancer who never signed up for a class or put on dance shoes or walked onto a stage. Unmet and undiscovered passions are flames that are never lit and happiness that is never realized.

“When you have a sense that your passion has meaning and impacts others in a positive way, it will energize and fulfill you more than you could ever expect.”

The Passion of Purpose So stop living life in neutral and start living with your foot on the gas. It doesn’t have to be pushed to the floor; just enough to move you forward and get your blood pumping a bit. Light the flame of purposeful living. Don’t wait. Start filling your life with whatever meaning and passion it lacks. Every day you don’t, you delay doing what you were created to do. If you don’t know what excites you, that’s fine. Experiment! Pick something up and give it a try (artistic, expressive, athletic, entrepreneurial, technical, mechanic, spiritual, moral, developmental, whatever). If it doesn’t float your boat, set it down and try something else. If that doesn’t, try again.

We pride ourselves in educating our clients on safe and moderate tanning and the benifits of Vitamin D from sunlight.

—Barrie Davenport


Steps to a Passionate, Purpose-filled Life

1. Discover what makes you tick Choosing to fill your life with what makes your heart beat will transform it. You will be filled with more energy and love and excitement. You will be driven to do and create and discover. You will feel the warm blood of purpose course through your veins, adding meaning and value to your life. You will be happier, more fulfilled, more in love with the life you lead. Does the prospect of a more passion-filled life excite you? Enough to do something about it?

La Lumiere European Tanning Salon

So, what floats your boat? If you know, you know. But if you don’t, you may find yourself living in the shadow of relentless sameness, spinning wheels, going nowhere, unfulfilled, unexcited, frustrated, bored. If that’s the case, start exploring possibilities. Try new things. Talk to new people about what they love. Read. Learn. Discover. Make a list of interests or even potential interests and see if something stands out. As you expose yourself to opportunities and look into what’s out there, dive head first into what moves you.

Keep that beautiful summer glow year round.

2525 A Springs Rd, Vallejo | 707.554.1919 | SoFit Magazine

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fit mind body “Finding and living your passion isn’t a linear process. Sometimes you have to test and try various things before you find what really makes your heart sing.” —Barrie Davenport

It might be dance. It could be music. Perhaps it’s business or sales or working with your hands or movie production or foster care or graphic design or marketing or acting or politics or blogging or martial arts or the cause of happiness. You’ll never know what gets you up and out of bed in the morning until you explore your possibilities. I’ve tried sports, guitar and piano. I’ve worked with abused children, trained in three different martial arts and created two board games. I’ve tried my hand at writing a novel, drafting post cards, and teaching myself to paint with water colors so I could write and illustrate a children’s book. I’ve read over a thousand books on history, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, biography, politics, government, economics, management, leadership, happiness and other self-help topics. I’ve traveled and served and have made my life a grand experiment. I started teaching high school a decade ago. Some of these experiments were, well, less than successful. Others have paid the bills. Some I’ve liked and others loved. Then I stumbled onto blogging. And I knew I had found my passion. I love to write. And to write about topics that truly matter in ways that helps others fills me with a deep kind of satisfaction. I’ve enjoyed so much of my life, but now have something that drives me, that surges through me, that excites me. My whole life led me here. Without the trials and errors, and the attitude that produced them, there’s no way I would have ever attempted blogging.

or write or sing. Even if it’s only a few minutes here and there. Life is lived in the moments, so fill them with passion and your life will be more passionate. You don’t have to get paid for it. You just have to do it. Set aside time when phones are turned off and email is ignored and purpose is fulfilled. Then as circumstances allow, stretch the moments.

3. Sign up for my friend Barrie Davenport’s Passion Course Sometimes we have seemingly insurmountable obstacles that get in the way of pursuing new ideas and exploring possibilities. We tell ourselves it won’t work or that we wouldn’t be able to make it work even if in theory it otherwise would. We tell ourselves we’re too busy or it’s too expensive or we’re too old or too sick or lazy or tired or inadequate. We fear taking that essential step and so we leave

But that’s not what we’re all about. That’s not what life was created for. That’s not the life you were meant to live. Sometimes we just need a good kick start. If that’s all you need to take a step toward the unmet passions of your life, that’s awesome! Go get to the work of building a life you’re deeply happy about living. But if you need more–a push, some direction, help, a community, a mentor and coach, try my friend  Barrie Davenport  whose life work is helping people find and live their passions. It can change your life in unbelievable ways. Passionately. And forever. YOUR TURN!

2. Make a date with what you love to do

What’s your passion? Have you found something (several things?) that gets you excited about life? How did you discover it? How are you using it? Please share it with me on twitter, @ KenWertM2bH. 

Make time for doing what moves you. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of doing all the things that have to get done, living paycheck to paycheck, always running, always behind, never really enjoying life, never having time to pursue your passion.

Ken Wert is a husband, father of two, a religious guy, a high school teacher, a student of happiness, and a pretty decent dude. He is also founder of M2BH, Follow Ken for insights on fulfillment, happiness and inspiration to live your best.

So schedule it! Calendar in park days, play dates, concerts, field trips to nature centers and howto workshops and seminars. Schedule time to practice the flute or climb a mountain or paint


our lives unexplored, undiscovered, uncreated. We believe the lies we tell ourselves and so we stay in the shadow of our own lives. We leave the wick unlit. The purpose unsought. Passion unknown.

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


SoFit Magazine

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fit money body

Getting Help

from a

financial professional By Theodore J. Spinardi

â??When considering employing a financial professional, try to determine whether the individual or firm has experience dealing with situations similar to yours. â?ž 36

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m


fit money body ❝If you have substantial assets, you may require someone with a broader range of expertise than would be needed if your finances were relatively simple.❞


Are you suddenly on your own or forced to assume greater responsibility for your financial future? Unsure about whether you're on the right track with your savings and investments? Finding yourself with new responsibilities, such as the care of a child or an aging parent? Facing other life events, such as marriage, divorce, the sale of a family business, or a career change? Too busy to become a financial expert but needing to make sure your assets are being managed appropriately? Or maybe you simply feel your assets could be invested or protected better than they are now. These are only some of the many circumstances that prompt people to contact someone who can help them address their financial questions and issues. This may be especially true for women, who live longer than men on average and therefore may face an even greater challenge in making their assets last over that longer life span. In fact, one survey found that women often value advice from a professional in their financial decision-making even more than men do.*

ongoing basis and assess how they might affect your portfolio.  A financial professional may be able to help you see the big picture and make sure the various aspects of your financial life are integrated in a way that makes sense for you. That can be especially important if you own your own business or have complex tax issues.  If you already have a financial plan, a financial professional can act as a sounding board, giving you a reality check to make sure your assumptions and expectations are realistic. For example, if you've been investing far more conservatively than is appropriate for your goals and circumstances, either out of fear of making a mistake or from not being aware of how risks can be managed, a financial professional can help you assess whether and how your portfolio might need adjusting to improve your chances of reaching those goals.

Why work with a financial professional?  A financial professional can apply his or her skills to your specific needs. Just as important, you have someone who can answer questions about things that you may find confusing or anxiety-provoking.  When the financial markets go through one of their periodic downturns, having someone you can turn to may help you make sense of it all.  If you don't feel confident about your knowledge of investing or specific financial products and services, having someone who monitors the financial markets every day can be helpful. After all, if you hire people to do things like cut your hair, work on your car, and tend to medical issues, it might just make sense to get some help when dealing with important financial issues.  Even if you have the knowledge and ability to manage your own finances, the financial world grows more intricate every day as new products and services are introduced. Also, legislative changes can have a substantial impact on your investment and tax planning strategy. A professional can monitor such developments on an

SoFit Magazine

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fit money body When should you consult a professional? You don't have to wait until an event occurs before consulting a financial professional. Having someone help you deve!op an overall strategy for approaching your financial goals can be useful at any time. However, in some cases, a specific life event or perceived need can serve as a catalyst for seeking advice. Such events might include:

 Marriage, divorce, or the death of a spouse  Having a baby or adopting a child  Planning for a child's or grandchild's college education  Buying or selling a family business  Changing jobs or careers  Planning your retirement  Developing an estate plan  Receiving an inheritance or financial windfall Making the most of a professional's expertise  You'll need to understand how a financial professional is compensated for his or her services. Some receive a fee based on an hourly rate (usually for specific advice or a financial plan), or on a percentage of your portfolio's assets and/or income. Some receive a commission from a third party for any products you may purchase. Still others may receive some combination of fees and commissions, while still others may simply receive a salary from their financial services employer. Don't be reluctant to ask about fees; any reputable financial professional shouldn't hesitate to explain how he or she is compensated.  Even if you're a relative novice when it comes to finances, don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand what's being presented to you. You're not being rude; you're simply trying to prevent misunderstandings that could backfire later.  Don't let yourself be pressured into making a financial decision you're not comfortable with or don't understand. This is your


money, and you have the right to take whatever time you need. However, give yourself a deadline for your decision so you don't get caught in "analysis paralysis."  If you think your financial life simply needs a checkup rather than a complete overhaul, you'll need to clarify the areas in which you're looking for assistance. That can help you decide what type of advice you're looking for from your financial professional, though you should also pay attention to any additional suggestions raised dunng your discussions. Your plans should take into consideration your financial goals, your time horizon for achieving each one, your current financial and emotional ability to tolerate risk, and any recent changes in your circumstances.

❝One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to be prepared to manage your finances responsibly. ❞

 Don't assume you have to be wealthy to make use of a financial professional. While some do focus on clients with assets above a certain level, others do not.  Think about the scope of the services you'll need. Do you want comprehensive help in a variety of areas, or would you be better off assembling a team of specialists? Do you need an ongoing relationship, or can your needs be taken care of on a one-time basis? If you're a relative novice or having to deal with decisions you've never had to make before, someone with broad-based expertise might be a good place to start.  Even if you feel you need detailed advice from several different specialists--for example, if you own your own business-consider whether you might benefit from having someone who can coordinate among them. A financial professional can sometimes be a gateway to other professionals who can help with specific aspects of your finances, such as accounting, tax and/or estate planning, insurance, and investments.  If you want comprehensive management, you may be able to give a financial professional the independent authority to make trading decisions for your portfolio without checking with you first. In that case, you'll likely be asked to help develop and sign an investment policy statement that spells out the specifics of the firm's decision-making authority and the guidelines to be followed when making those decisions. If you feel that consulting an expert can be helpful, don't postpone making that call. The sooner you get your questions answered, the sooner you'll be able to pay more attention to

w w w. s o f i t m a g a z i n e . c o m

❝Even if you see investing as overwhelming or complicated and boring, you need to know the basics behind a well-thought-out ­ at investment strategy — least enough to protect yourself from fraud and/or communicate effectively with a financial professional or spouse. ❞ the things--family, friends, career, hobbies--that an organized financial life can help you enjoy.  *February 2012 survey of 1,150 affluent individuals conducted by Spectrem Group, a research/consulting firm focused on the affluent and retirement markets.

Ted Spinardi is the founder and Senior Managing Director of Summit Wealth Management. Summit Wealth Management specializes in custom portfolio management, retirement planning, and trust administration. He can be reached at or 707-4393483 for a complimentary initial consultation. SoFitMag


Well no…but most


Is Tanned Skin Healthier?

think it looks healthier.

In a telephone survey, conducted by the

American Academy of Dermatology, 61% of

women and 69% men believe that tanned skin looks healthier

and more beautiful. If brown or golden skin is your thing consider

self-tanners or bronzers, but whatever your complexion always wear creams that provide ample sun protection.

Daily Beauty Juice Recipe 40 | Two Make-Up How To's 41 SoFit Magazine

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look great body


beauty juice

❝Once you conquer your mind you can conquer your body…and anything else you set your mind to.❞


Soft Beautiful Skin With Diet

By Kayla Rose

You want clear, soft, and glowing skin like a baby’s bottom? Then, eat clean, drink lots of water, and JUICE, everyday. Not to mention how energetic you'll feel from this as well! It is really not that time consuming people! Besides, if you really wanted the benefits of it, you'd make time for it.  1 scoop Spirulia

 Handful of Ice

 2 leaves Kale

 Water or Almond Milk or Rice Milk (measure to desired consistency/ less will be thicker like a smoothie)

 1 bit leaf Chard  1/2 cup Spinach  1/2 Cucumber  1 medium Carrot  Choice of 1 piece of fruit to sweeten ~ Apple/Banana/Mango/ Berries/Orange

I usually measure by eye, depending on how much juice I want that day. I use a VitaMix blender so I can get every bit of the veggie and not miss any nutrients; in other words I don’t “juice”, but if juice is your preference, Juice baby! Remember, to live lean, you got to eat clean, and train mean. Once you conquer your mind you can conquer your body…and anything else you set your mind to. Living this lifestyle can be hard at times, especially with the environment we live in that makes it easier to access junk food instead of healthy food. Just stay strong, fight the temptation and don’t give up! If it were easy, everyone would do it!  Kayla Rose is a fitness model and health activist. Follow Kayla on Instagram @kkaylarose and on kaylarosefitness


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Two Make-Up How To's By Marlena Stell


How to Apply Bronzer Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to pull out those bronzers! The trick to applying bronzer is to pick the best shade and apply sparinglytoo much and you’ll look dirty, and the wrong shade will make you look like an oompa loompa… I apply my bronzer somewhat differently than other makeup artists as I like my bronzer to be a bit darker to give me a suntan look, but here’s my tips for applying bronzer: ◗ Using either a contour brush or a rounded face brush to apply just under the cheek bones, then blend upwards onto the cheeks ◗ You can also apply bronzer along the temple and top of your forehead to give a sun kissed glow ◗ Pick your correct shade- you want something that is just 2-3 shades darker than your skin

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◗ It is up to you if you want a shimmery bronzer or a matte finish one- shimmery ones will give a nice glow, but it can also emphasize pores


European Skin Care & Wellness Center 5030 Business Center Dr. Ste 390 Fairfield, CA 94534 T (707)428-3444

Specializing in Medical Skin & Body Treatments Massage & Wellness Hypnotherapy Treatment




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My favorite matte bronzers:

My favorite shimmery bronzers: NARS Laguna Bronzer

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

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Sephora Sculpting Disk Cargo Matte Bronzer

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

Too Faced Carribean in a Compact

Best tools for applying bronzer:

MUG Deluxe Contour Brush

MAC Small Contour Brush


How to Avoid a Cakey Face You know we’ve all at one time or another applied too much foundation or concealer and ended up with what I like to call “Cakey Face”. This is a common dilemma when it comes to makeup, so here’s my easy steps in how to get more natural looking skin!


Apply a face primer

Benefit the POREfessional

See eligibility rules at


This step helps prime your skin just as paint primer preps your walls before applying paint: it smooths out the surface filling in pores and making the surface smoother for the foundation. Primers have just recently become standard in makeup products- one of the first ones was the Smashbox Photofinish. This works well if you have dry skin, but I find it too oily looking on combination to oily skin. (check out my article from awhile back on “Choosing your Best Face Primer“) Here are my current favorites:

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector

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MAC Matte Cream



Favorite tool:

Don’t apply too much foundation


This is the key step! ONLY apply powder to the areas on your face that tend to get oily- usually the “T zone”. If you have dry skin, you may even be able to skip powder altogether. The trick is to also apply powder in a thin layer- I find the best way to do this is to use a thin, flat sponge.


Mist setting spray

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin

My favorite sponge: NYX Medium Powder Puff

This step is optional- I just do this step if my skin looks a bit dry after applying powder. My absolutely favorite product of all time is MAC’s Fix Plus spraysimply mist it all over your face after your makeup is done. It will give a subtle glow to the skin and help “melt” the powder into your foundation. If your skin is oily, I would skip this step as it can make it look more oily at the end of the day…

MAC Fix +

Favorite dewy looking foundation:

Private studio offering private and small group sessions in ◗ Pilates Watch the videos here. How to Apply Bronzer

◗ Resistance Training

Avoid a Cakey Face

◗ Indoor Cycling ◗ Circuit Training


◗ Private Pilates Reformer ALWAYS remember to apply makeup in thin layers at a time- you can always add more, but it’s very difficult to take away. I really hope this helps you all in your quest of getting flawless looking skin! Stay happy and healthy!


Marlena Stell is the CEO of MakeUp Geek, LLC the largest makeup education website in the United States. Marlena now conducts makeup seminars in Chicago, NYC, LA, Dallas, Houston, and Sacramento. Visit her at


Beauty Blender

Now I realize that if you want full coverage or have many blemishes you’d like to cover, the first thing you think is to apply a fair amount of foundation. This will cover the blemishes BUT will also risk the chance of piling up and looking very mask like. The better option is to apply a thin layer just to even out your overall skin, then go over with concealer on just the blemished areas. On my clients I really like using the Beauty Blender (see my video on how to use it here: Beauty Blender Review) because it applies a thin layer and makes it easier to melt the foundation into the skin. It is best used damp as the wet sponge thins the foundation slightly.

Apply powder only to oily areas

Individual. Needs. Customized.

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e all have heard that a “balanced metabolism” is desired for optimal health, weight, and well-being. What does that mean? I looked up the meaning of each word in the medical dictionary on my shelf. The definition of balance is “the harmonious adjustment of related parts.” The definition of metabolism is “the phenomena of transforming food-stuffs into complex tissueelements and complex substances into simple ones in the production of life sustaining energy.” A balanced metabolism can be defined as, “the harmonious phenomena of transforming food into life sustaining energy.”

THE KEYWORD IS FOOD Every body has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy

metabolism. To support this process we need to supply the body with adequate nutrients. The best source of these nutrients is wholesome natural food.

WHAT FOODS ARE BEST? We are individuals, each with our unique needs. No one food may be the best for everyone. Metabolic balance® offer’s a proven holistic and scientific approach to determine the best foods tailored to each person’s unique body chemistry. It allows your body to function they way it should, fueled on good quality food, the right kind, in the right amount, at the right time. Over time with a well-balanced metabolism you will develop inner signals to be able to choose the foods that contain exactly these building blocks that you need. Metabolic balance® is a sophisticated program

“This is the single most useful dietary advice I have received – it is been very helpful for me.” — Karen Allen, San Francisco, CA


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OTHER’S EXPERIENCE USING METABOLIC BALANCE® The proof is in the results, people have discovered a sense of well being, a clear mind, improved sleep, less joint pain, balanced cholesterol, reduced blood sugar, and much more.

“Metabolic balance® is the most rewarding investment in my health that I have ever made. The personalized food plan is easy to follow… loosing weight, feeling full of energy and getting rid of arthritis were great side benefits.” —Jacqueline Thalberg, Richmond, CA

“Takes the guesswork out of what to eat and what to buy. It is less time consuming and made me more organized in my kitchen and in my day-to-day life.” developed by German medical doctor, Dr. Wolf Funfack and his team of physicians and nutritional scientists. It is based on 20 years of clinical research and practical experience. Metabolic balance® has created over 700,000 unique plans in Europe and the program is available in almost every country. You get a meal plan with the best foods to balance your metabolism, a fourphase program of how to best use those foods, and personalized coaching. Hippocrates said, “Your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food.” 

—J. D., Vallejo, CA (Wife and mother of 3, ages 6, 3 & 1.)

Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA) offers metabolic balance® and classical homeopathy at Shen Jing Holistic in Benicia. She can be reached at 707-750-4455. Visit www.MyraNissen. com. Mention this article when you sign up and receive one free coaching session worth $100.


James H. Riley, CFP®, EA

Investment Management-Financial Planning

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Partnership for


Shen Jing Holistic


Specialists Join Forces to Create Purposeful Living for Abundant Health

By Susan Lucas, CMT


n 2004 I started a journey in massage and bodywork that quickly turned into a new direction in life. Over the next 2 years I studied skin care and massage, achieving the status of National Certification in Massage Therapy & Bodywork in 2006. After working in the spa and fitness industry, and with a chiropractor as a massage therapist, I started my own business as Shen Jing Holistic in 2010.

to maintain balance. Unfortunately, that may mean a physical compensation, when one muscle works harder than another to “compensate” for the affected muscle’s decrease in strength. As a body worker, I identify the root imbalances, using posture as my main guide and MyoKinesthetic (MYK) treatments for pain relief, together restoring the body’s natural balance and structure.

Shen Jing comes from Chinese, meaning heart and spirit. Holistic is defined as the functionality of each part to make the whole. For me, Shen Jing Holistic is just now beginning to become what I have always envisioned as a collaboration of health and wellness, with partners that can provide treatments and services that heal the whole body, structurally, physically and emotionally, from a heart-centered philosophy.

My mission for Shen Jing Holistic is “Purposeful Living for Abundant Health” for every client to live a life of happiness, health and fulfillment. But I admit that my work is mostly focused on the structural body and does not always address the physical and emotional state of my clients. Every individual has the capacity to experience health and abundance in their life, but to achieve that you have to make good choices and have a support system beside you to stay on track.

I often tell my clients, “The body is all connected”, after they comment about soreness in an arm when it was the shoulder pain that prompted them to get a treatment. When we get hurt or experience pain, our brain does its best


That is why it is my honor to welcome Myra Nissen, Classical Homeopath and Michael Cornwall, P.hD. MFT as partners at Shen Jing Holistic.

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health watch Myra’s work addresses the physical aspects of the body using the Metabolic Balance nutrition program and her extensive knowledge of Homeopathy. I have experienced many benefits personally from being on the Metabolic Balance program, the most significant to me being clarity of thought and sustained energy throughout the day, simply by eating foods that give me the best nutrition possible. It was through my connection with Myra and the education she was able to give to me that I have been able to experience those benefits. Michael is a therapist, who has been involved in public care for more that 30 years. He is a specialist in Jungian therapy and focuses mainly on providing individuals and couples support when life and circumstances throw our world out of balance. All of us experience emotional trauma at some point, but don’t always know where to turn for help. Michael is dedicated to your support from a place of love and caring. Together, I feel that Myra, Michael and I have a great opportunity to serve our community by bringing awareness to people through our various areas of expertise and creating a new, higher standard for health care. We look forward to providing you the best treatments available so that you can experience abundant health in all areas of your life.  Susan Lucas, CMT and owner of Shen Jing Holistic in Benicia, CA has been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2006, has a Florida Massage License, California Massage Certification and specialized training in The MyoKinesthetic System, Pre- and Perinatal Massage, Thai Massage and Reflexology. To schedule an appointment for postural assessment and a treatment call or email your request: 707-704-7315,,

Shen Jing comes from Chinese, meaning heart and spirit. Holistic is defined as the functionality of each part to make the whole.

SportRehab Physical Therapy using Pilates for Rehab

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We offer classes for men, women and children who want to increase fitness or are 50 pounds or more over desired weight. Exercises are low impact, relatively safe and appropriate for anyone from 10-100.

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2013 Vacaville Optimists serving all of Solano County

Miniature Golf Tournament


he Vacaville Optimist club, one of more than 2,900 clubs worldwide, serving all of Solano County will be holding a Miniature Golf Tournament on Friday, August 2nd on the awesome green, at Scandia Family Fun Center located at 4300 Central Pl. in Fairfield. This will be the first year the Vacaville Optimists will be raising funds used to support and conduct more service projects to help the kids of Solano County. This is a perfect opportunity for family and friends to participate in a fun event together while raising awareness for child based projects in Solano County. The Vacaville Optimists are known for “Bringing out the Best in Children” by volunteering first and fundraising when necessary. Among their yearly activities are; donating a tree to Vacaville’s Opportunity House’s Festival of Trees, Celebrating our youth in various schools humanitarian efforts including but not limited to JOI,(Junior Optimist International) programs, essay and oratorical contests, volunteering for our children’s well being, and raising money for Solano County’s youth living with Cancer. Please join us in honoring our youth by playing a round of golf with your loved ones, have a great Summer time lunch, and win amazing raffle prizes. Tickets are $10.00

per person. Tickets are available at Bounty Books located at 877 Merchant St. in Vacaville or by calling the Clubs president, Christina Baird at 707-738-9962. Donations are appreciated for raffle prizes as well as for ticket sales.  For more details, find us on our Facebook event page, Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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There is no “I” in team. On the field or in the clinic, we do better working together. And at Sutter Health, working together means hundreds of doctors and clinicians collaborating together on your care, to help you attain your health goals...whether it’s recovering from a torn ACL or helping your child breathe easier on the field. It’s how you plus us and we plus you.

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WHAT MAKES A GREAT TRAUMA CENTER? 15 WORLD-CLASS NEUROSURGEONS. When seconds count, you need the right team at the ready. Our Vacaville Medical Center goes far beyond the basics, with a high-end neurosurgery unit that can take nearly instant action. Fifteen neurosurgeons in Solano County and Sacramento offer our trauma center coverage, backup and deeper specialty expertise on demand. At Kaiser Permanente, we’re taking trauma care to the next level, and we’ve been helping Solano County thrive for 65 years.


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