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Oct-Nov 2012

No. 21


Gossip No. 21

You don’t exist until they tAlk About you




Will Beirut someday be as hip as a European or an American city? Will Beirut’s streets one day make you feel brand-new just like New York’s? Will Beirut one day set fashion trends the same way Paris does today? Will Beirut attract international talent and beautiful

people who want to become superstars, the way LA has done for the past 60 years? We at Gossip are convinced that this will come to pass. Our Mediterranean city is poised to become the new century’s eldorado. So what should we do in the meantime? Keep loving, keep creating, keep moving. The future is already here.

Art Director

Laurent El Khoury

No. 21 Oct-Nov 2012

AG Joy


Natasha Dirany, Lucy Gillespie

PHOTOGRAPHERS The Cobrasnake, Tony Elieh, Raya Farhat, Romain Gavras, Napoleon Habeica, Ayla Hibri , Nini, Marco Pietracupa, Mason Poole, Bachar Srour





Rawan Al Kayat

PRODUCTION Fadi Maalouf, Anne-Marie Tabet



advertising department Melhem Moussallem, Gaelle Dalati, Pamela el Kahi

Tony Salamé Group TSG SAL Marwan Naaman Malak Beydoun


COPY Editor

WRITERS Grace Banks, LC Gates, Ziad Gedeon, Ruby Gotham, Sophy Grimshaw, Jean Pascal Grosso, Tala Habbal, Shirine Saad, Antigone Schilling

Serena Makofsky

Mouna Harati

CONTRIBUTING STYLISTS Jennifer Eymère, Anna Quérouil

RESPONSIBLE DIRECTOR George Chahine PRINTING Dots Where to find us 140 El Moutrane St., Fourth Floor Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, 961.1.974.444 Oct-Nov 2012


CAMPER BEIRUT SOUK S. Souk El Tawileh Street, Beirut central district. Tel: 01 99 11 11, ext: 568

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Oct-Nov 2012


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News | Blast

Rumors Text rawan al kayat

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Gossip No. 21

Citizens | Tom Hardy

Hardy heart Text Jean-Pascal Grosso

Sexy Hollywood star Tom Hardy makes us weak in the knees Tom Hardy is one of the most sought-after young actors working in Hollywood. Gossip caught up with the 34-year-old British hunk and asked him about his film icons, his movie roles and his wild past. 1. Are you ambitious? No! Honestly, it amazes me sometimes that I’m still part of the race, that I’m still alive even. The bit of talent I have was given to me, I don’t own it. I only try to make it grow by doing a bit of everything: writing, production, directing. I’m a lucky guy! 2. Do you have to be lawless to become an actor? Whenever I hear someone saying “I’m an anarchist!” they lose their credibility. Defying the system, and taking matters into your own hands, demands structure, intelligence and strength. The few people who manage to accomplish that usually keep their mouth shut. Being an actor is the same thing: don’t follow any rules, but stay true to yourself and to your job. In this business, you have people who adulate you, people who hate you and the rest couldn’t care less that you exist! 3. Does it bother you if you’re hated? It’s the same thing as love. It’s always better than indifference. Indifference is a total waste of energy. As for those who hate me, I guess it’s up to me to find a part that will make them buy a ticket to see one of my movies.

Gossip No. 21

4. You seem to be putting your body to the test for every role you play. I gained weight for Bronson, lost some for Warrior and then gained it again for The Dark Knight Rises. And now, diet mode is back on. I do it for two reasons. First, it’s by necessity. When a director asks me to lose or gain weight, I do it for the credibility of the character. On another note, I find it good for the mind. You feel ready for the part, to go all the way. 5. Who are your favorite actors? As a young kid my idols were Gary Oldman, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Gene Hackman. Big artists, but also real personalities! 6. As an ex-junkie and alcoholic, you’re very lucky to now have such an incredible movie career. I was lucky to meet people who really listened to me. I’ve been sober for 10 years. I tried everything. I was so far in that I had no choice but to shape up or die. The demons are always slumbering inside me, and that’s why I always force myself to stay on the right track. 7. Are you happy in Hollywood? I’m in a privileged position where I get to choose my scenarios, work with the people who fascinate me, gather teams and launch new projects in movies and TV. Ten years ago, all I wanted was to find work. So yes, I am taking advantage of the situation. Los Angeles can be a very sad city if you’re broke, unlucky and in despair. 8. You’re now filming Mad Max: Fury Road, a remake of the original Mad Max. I’m right in the middle of it actually. I let my beard grow to make it more realistic, even if everyone around me thinks it’s ugly. The first Mad Max was released the year I was born. I even named my first dog Mad Max. And today, it’s me who takes the wheel. Can you imagine? This is huge!


Citizens | Aaron Young

Bad, bad boy Text LC Gates Photos Laurent el khoury, Marco Pietracupa

Aaron Young’s art is as fiery as his smoldering blue eyes Aaron Young is no stranger to the spotlight. Since the San Francisco-raised artist first arrived in New York, his proclivity for action-packed shows and masculine-tinged aesthetics have garnered the attention of collectors, art dealers, and critics alike. He’s been dubbed a “performance art jock” by the New York Times and hailed as one of the “New Kings of the Art World” by Details magazine. Young’s quick rise to fame might have been catapulted by Chelsea buzz, but it most likely has something to do with his ability to spin theatrics into art that is both experiential and visually enticing. Of course, his rugged good looks, a close circle of friends made up of downtown artists, and a polished CV – complete with an MFA from Yale – didn’t hurt either. “I grew up in a small town outside San Francisco,” the 40-yearold artist told Gossip during a recent visit to Beirut. “I was a little kid with a video camera recording bikers on hot rods and living vicariously through them.” Young stepped, or rather accelerated, onto the New York art


scene with a dozen motorcycles revved and paint splashed across panels of plywood on the floor of the Seventh Regiment Armory for his piece “Greeting Card” in 2007. And the result was just as striking as the performance: a vast mesh of neon orange lines spread across the black surface. Maybe it’s these kinds of rough-and-tumble antics or his brazen play on American pop culture that has made many a journalist describe his work as “macho” and “aggressive.” And so it was fitting that actor James Franco invited Young, to participate in an exhibit last spring at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles that explored the themes of the 1955 classic film, Rebel Without A Cause. Young put together a video, “Grapevine,” in which the car that James Dean collided with is hoisted up on a crane and then placed in a 20-foot hole in the ground. But that wasn’t the only reason Young was in LA. Only a few days before the exhibition, “Rebel,” he presented six new pieces for a one-man show, “No Fucking Way,” at the Company Gallery. When he was in Beirut last May, Young auctioned off a painting of his during a fundraising gala for Heartbeat, the nonprofit organization that helps treat children with congenital heart disease. Produced in 2011, the work features burnt rubber and motor oil on red-plated brass panels. Young explains: “The painting shows you a reflection of yourself because you have to look inside yourself to give something back.” Oct-Nov 2012

Gossip No. 21


What to do | Amsterdam

Now, Amsterdam Text Shirine Saad

take a cool tour of the dutch capital The city of canals, coffee shops, tulips and window ladies is buzzing everywhere, from the newly developed Westergasfabriek to the hipster De Pijp neighborhood. Hop on a bike on a sunny day and discover the historical port’s hidden charms, far from the infamous Red Light district. Here are a few cool neighborhoods to explore. The North: Amsterdam’s Williamsburg

Take a ferry (with your bike) across to the Noord, where artists and creative professionals live in a friendly boho atmosphere. Start with a coffee or lunch at Hotel de Goudfazant, a trendy spot on the waterfront where regulars flock. This 1,200-squaremeter space, with its unpainted walls, rugged decor, red canteen chairs and wine glass chandeliers, seems just right for the local arts crowd. In summer, sit on a picnic table on the water and chill, Amsterdam style. For cocktails, check out IJ Kantine, an alltransparent brasserie also on the water. There’s sangria, Pimm’s, a huge terrace and, for winter, a fireplace to relax. The west: a dream cultural district

Amsterdam has recently redeveloped this vast area in the city’s western sector. Formerly inhabited by gas factories, the west is now a cultural park with avant-garde music venues and lots of cool shops, all combining to give the area a Marais-like vibe. Westerpark is a quaint hood with boutiques, a cinema and the famous Restaurant Amsterdam, a former engine room dating back to 1900 where young chefs now whip up delicious and affordable meals. At the Westergafabriek, a former industrial complex turned cultural mecca, there are bars, restaurants, offices for creatively minded companies and performance spaces. Flexbar is where you can get your groove back.

The Jordaan: shopping frenzy

If you’ve had enough culture and are ready for serious action, head to the Jordaan for a shopping excursion. First, check in at the refined Canal House, a new boutique hotel decorated in black and jewel tones by design firm Concrete. Rooms have views on the canal and trees; the restaurant looks out onto the luxuriant garden. Head out to Spmrkt, a massive bunker-like store with black and white photographs, white walls and a very cool selection of designers from Martin Margiela to Raf Simons. There’s even a Topshop corner for Anglophiles. Hungry? Check out the artisanal and all-natural chocolates at Puccini. Huge but not too sweet or rich, each delicious chocolate holds a rich flavor: tamarind, pepper or Cointreau. Then go across the street to Repeynaer’s tasting room and buy some pungent, addictive cheese. You’ve now become Dutch at heart.

De Pijp: bohemian life

This former working class hood, now known as the local Quartier Latin, is where you’ll find artisanal cheese mongers, French bistros, cool coffee shops, lovely brown cafés, ceramic workshops and yummy mommies pushing their design strollers on quaint, narrow streets. There is also the Albert Cuypmarkt, a daily market (and Holland’s largest), where a huge choice of fresh fish, cheese, flowers and even clothes and perfumes are on offer. At the Blackboard Canteen, everything is black and sleek, and there are chalk drawings on the blackboard. Have a Clunito, a mojito in a jam jar. For beer lovers, the Heineken Experience, a museum in the former brewery, is just steps away.


Oct-Nov 2012

Music | Wanton Bishops

Dirty wicked beats Text Shirine Saad Photo Ayla Hibri

The Wanton Bishops are introducing new sounds to Beirut’s music scene “I like to think of our sound as the foreplay for two young people copulating after a gig,” says Nader Mansour, one half of the whimsically named Beirut band Wanton Bishops (“wanton” generally refers to immoral or promiscuous behavior). Mansour has also told a Daily Star reporter that the Wanton Bishops’ music sounds like a “Mississippi swamp alligator raping Queen Elizabeth.” With his filthy bravado, unruly beard and hoarse wail of a voice, Mansour is an odd hybrid between a Southern bluesman and a rock ‘n’ roller with an attitude. Whereas he cites blues legends Skip James and Robert Johnson as influences, his partner Eddy Ghosein is more of a Beatles and Rolling Stones fanatic. Their mad foot stomping, deafening harmonica and wicked beats make for a hard, bluesy sound, a mix of rusty nostalgia and crisp vitality. Established

Gossip No. 21

in Beirut in 2011, the band has just released their first EP, Bad Rhyme, and a series of live shows are kicking in – a welcome new energy in Beirut’s sometimes-hermetic music scene. Indeed, the Wanton Bishops don’t sound like any other Beirut band. They neither play neo-Oriental beats nor sing about the city’s oppressive reality, although Lebanon’s grittiness does make their music “nastier,” says Mansour, who comes from a long line of folk musicians. Rather, Mansour sings about pain, he says, which is universally the deepest emotion. In “Bad Rhyme,” he tackles obsessive love and lust: “Now the devil can take my soul/yeah the devil may take my soul/the devil may take my soul/so you dance with me a last rock ‘n’ roll/I wish I had a dime/for every time/I heard this bad rhyme.”


Citizens | Jonathan Zawada

“Glory Holes� exhibit

The Selby limited edition posters

Fashematical #2 zine

Le Dernier Jour de la Jeunesse logotype design


Oct-Nov 2012

Chester French album artwork The Presets album artwork

“Commonwealth Stacks” skateboard deck illustration

Pursuing the unexpected Text Serena Makofsky

Jonathan Zawada is a man of all artistic trades “Over Time” exhibit

You think you’re busy? Talk to Jonathan Zawada, a Sydneybased artist of many talents. In addition to creating and exhibiting his artwork, he illustrates album covers, handles graphics for books and magazines, makes theater posters, produces art scarves, does animations, designed glow-in-the-dark dresses, invented a typeface and created a wine label. Domestic duties call as well. Serving the needs of Phatskull, his studio cat, now takes second place to caring for his new baby boy. A penchant for change generates his mad pace. Zawada elaborates: “I guess boredom is what inspires the diversity of projects I work on. I really love learning new things, new people, new processes, new audiences, new software. I get really excited when I have an idea that I know is possible, but I don’t know exactly how and where I have to overcome some challenges in order to achieve the picture in my mind.” That mental picture is always changing. His style may be hyper-realistic for one project, and completely surreal and verging Gossip No. 21

on abstract for another. His openness regarding style stems from his creative process. Unlike some artists who jot down ideas or do sketches, Zawada prefers to work through his projects mentally. “Most of the work is done before I ever start drawing, painting or designing,” he explains. “I spend a lot of time letting ideas, briefs, concepts simmer in the back of my brain, while I’m not consciously thinking about them. I think a lot of my best work is done while I’m washing the dishes or doing the laundry. Once the initial kernel of an idea pops into my brain, I can then think about it further in more conscious conceptual and practical terms.” To see some of the artist’s latest projects would require a ‘round the world ticket. There’s his work on exhibit at Los Angeles’ Prism Gallery, the album art and related graphics for the new release by the Australian band The Presets and his new pieces for a show at San Francisco’s The Popular Workshop. Let’s just hope someone’s around to feed Phatskull.


Citizens | Tarek Moukaddem

a beirut high Text Natasha Dirany

Tarek Moukaddem snaps deeply personal shots of his native city If you’ve been to a party in Beirut during the last five years, you might have spotted Tarek Moukaddem. At least behind the camera. The art school graduate (ALBA) began documenting Beirut’s less “constipated” party scene at 18. Now 24, his photography portfolio spans fashion designers to high-profile brands, but he’s not ready to stop the party photography yet. “It’s very personal to me because it’s my crowd and my friends. Now you can see an evolution of a whole society over five years. All the faces, the stories, the fashion, the drama, the relationships,” he says. “It’s funny. Sometimes I make a grid, and you can see some people making exactly the same pose at 25 different parties.” This fall, Moukaddem takes over a converted warehouse in the Karantina district to open his own studio and exhibition space, “The Simple Space.” As well as his own work, he’ll be hosting workshops, exhibitions, dance performances, launches and, of course, “a lot of parties.”


“When you work six days in a row for 20 hours a day, if you don’t party you’ll go into a depression,” he says. Right now, his schedule is kept full shooting for fashion designers like Krikor Jabotian, Rabih Kayrouz, milia m and Azzi & Osta, rebranding television stations, preparing for an exhibition in Milan and working on a book with a Cairo-based publisher. His series of photos “Silk Thread Martyrs,” a collection and collaboration with young Palestinian fashion designer OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury for London Fashion Week in 2011, propelled his name into the international press, causing an off-runway stir with the emotive shots of NasserKhoury’s use of traditional costume, fabrics and embroidery. But Moukaddem is faithful to Beirut, and he isn’t tempted to search for more success elsewhere for the time being. “I enjoy the city. As much as you get lows, you get the most amazing highs,” he says. “Beirut is the only place where you can get highs this high. There’s something very magical. It’s not only related to parties, it’s related to everything.” Oct-Nov 2012

Gossip No. 21


melissa_wu_500x350_lib.indd 1-2

9/20/12 11:55 AM


Mugler jacket, Chanel earrings


Oct-Nov 2012

Etro dress under Olympia Le-Tan skirt, Tania Zekkout ruffled belt, Louis Vuitton necklace, Eden bracelet, Messika ring, DorĂŠ DorĂŠ tights, Marni shoes

Gossip No. 21


Lanvin dress, Cartier ring and bracelet, Casadei shoes


Oct-Nov 2012

Versace dress, Aldo shoes, Cartier bracelet and earrings

Gossip No. 21


Dior top, Hakaan skirt, Viktor & Rolf belt (in her hands), Emilio Cavallini tights, Charlotte Olympia shoes


Oct-Nov 2012

Ermanno Scervino top and skirt, Dior earrings and bracelet, Gerbe & Gaspard Yurkievich tights, Charlotte Olympia shoes

Gossip No. 21


my fair lady Photos MASON POOLE Styling anna querouil

The Kooples overalls and top, La Halle! hat, Paule Ka basket, Burma ring, Dary’s bracelet, watch and gold ring, stylist’s own shoes


Oct-Nov 2012

The Kooples jacket, American Vintage top, Banana Republic shirt, Acquaverde pants, Louis Vuitton hat, Cosmoparis case, Burma brooch, Dary’s watch, bracelet and ring

Gossip No. 21


Claudie Pierlot jacket, Iro shirt, Paul & Joe pants, Brigitte Campagne hat, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, vintage Chanel pin, Burma ring


Oct-Nov 2012

Esprit jacket, Tommy Hilfiger top, Lacoste pants, Claudie Pierlot hat, Mysuelly belt, Chloé bag, Dary’s ring, Louis Vuitton shoes

Gossip No. 21


Roseanna jacket, Paul & Joe top, Sud Express pants, Dary’s brooch, ring and watch, Sonia Rykiel belt, Céline bag


Oct-Nov 2012

Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket, Pepe Jeans fur jacket, Armand Ventilo top, Diane von Furstenberg pants, Sonia Rykiel belt and shoes, Burma brooch and ring, Brigitte Campagne bag, March LA.B watch

Gossip No. 21


Jil Sander top and brooch, Pringle of Scotland shirt, Essentiel pants, Claudie Pierlot hat, Yves Salomon shawl, Mysuelly belt, Burma ring


Oct-Nov 2012

Pablo by Gérard Darel jacket, Diega shirt, Pepe Jeans top, Diesel pants, Dary’s pin, rings and brooch, Mysuelly belt, Le Tanneur bag, Mellow Yellow shoes

Gossip No. 21


Style | trends

modern bourgeoise

she’s got the look Photos napoleon habeica Styling anna quérouil

which fall trend appeals to you most?

Pablo by Gérard Darel jacket, Equipment top, J Brand jeans, YSL belt, Dior ring, Rupert Sanderson shoes


Oct-Nov 2012

officer vixen

Swildens coat, Morgan dress, Maxmara hat, Stuart Weitzman boots

Gossip No. 21

white ingenue

Mademoiselle Tara sweater and hat, Cacharel pants, Laurence Dacade shoes


tartan toots

Charlie Joe top and sweater, American Retro pants, Mysuelly belt, Mellow Yellow shoes


cocoon cutie

Vince coat, A.L.C. bodysuit, Falke high socks, Stuart Weitzman booties

Oct-Nov 2012

baroque belle

Claudie Pierlot top, Alice + Olivia pants, Dary’s metal headpiece, Tosca Blu pearl headpiece, Dary’s necklace, Marni shoes

Gossip No. 21

lusty librarian

Esprit cardigan, Paul & Joe sweater, Bérangère Claire top, Cop-Copine pants, Cutler and Gross eyeglasses, Dary’s necklace, Paule Ka shoes


psychedelic siren

Carven top, miu miu pants, Selima Optique sunglasses, Mellow Yellow shoes


fashion huntress

Barbour jacket, Equipment top, Isabel Marant shorts, Kenzo sunglasses, Acne boots

Oct-Nov 2012

ruby rebel

Le Mont St. Michel coat, Carven sweater, KitsunĂŠ turtleneck, J Brand jeans, Emma G booties, Carven bag

Gossip No. 21

disco diva

Kenzo sweater, Comptoir des Cotonniers skirt, Joncs Bambou earrings and necklace, Diane von Furstenberg clutch, Laurence Dacade booties


STYLE | hats

1 Yara is wearing Pucci

to hat and to hold Photos bachar srour Styling mouna harati

4 Aida is wearing Prada

lebanon’s hippest ladies model the latest hat styles available at aïshti stores

7 Anita is wearing Pucci


Oct-Nov 2012


3 Sophie is wearing Gucci


Julia is wearing Stella McCartney

6 Maria is wearing Burberry


Kika is wearing Borsalino

9 Fabienne is wearing Balenciaga

Gossip No. 21

Myrna is wearing Burberry



trending for fall Styling mouna harati

three style hits you just can’t miss yellow on the go

miu miu Prada

Balenciaga miu miu


Carven Delfina Delettrez




velour vision

Emporio Armani Carven Burberry Delfina Delettrez

Paul & Joe

miu miu

Tory Burch

Paul & Joe

Elise Dray

metallic mystique



Jil Sander


Marc Jacobs



Marc Jacobs


Tory Burch

YSL Oct-Nov 2012

Beirut Souks, Souk El Tawileh Also available at all A誰zone stores in Beirut, Dubai and Amman

Hollywood Resurrection The new film directed by James Franco Episodes at

Style | MY WEEK

my fashion diary Photos NINI Styling MOUNA HARATI

gossip’s former Junior Art Director Melanie dagher, 22, likes to stand out in a crowd. here’s a peek into her closet


Cotton by Autumn Cashmere top, Rebecca Taylor shorts, Chloé shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad cover


Diesel shorts, Jonathan Simkhai top, Maison Martin Margiela bag, Dsquared boots, model’s own sunglasses



Jonathan Simkhai top, Genetic Denim jeans, model’s own shoes, Chloé bag

Oct-Nov 2012


Current/Elliott jeans, McQ by Alexander McQueen top, Stella McCartney shoes, stylist’s own belt, Jil Sander bag, model’s own sunglasses

wednesday Holy Tee top, Jonathan Simkhai skirt, ALC jacket, Chloé shoes, MSGM clutch

sunday saturday

Jonathan Simkhai dress, model’s own shoes, Chloé bag

Gossip No. 21

Elizabeth & James pants, Theory top, Maison Martin Margiela bag, model’s own shoes


Style | Love bites

TV junkie Text tala habbal

Our favorite moments from the hottest, steamiest, most addictive TV shows

worst mother From lying to her daughter about the true identity of her father, to having her own son beat up in prison, manipulative and vengeful ice queen Victoria Grayson on Revenge is one bad momma!

best punch Californication made kinky sex popular long before Fifty Shades of Grey. Sixteen-yearold Mia throws one hell of a punch in the classic scene of hers and Hank’s first sexual encounter. Beat it, girl!

best tease Any woman who wants to tease her man could learn a thing or two from Mad Men’s Megan in the fifth season premiere. When Don Draper comes home to find his wife cleaning, she drops her robe and proceeds to drop on all fours, as she tells her husband he doesn’t deserve to look at her.

trashiest reality show There are reality shows, then there are really, really, really trashy reality shows. And only one show comes to mind when thinking trashy: Jersey Shore. This one even has girls peeing on the street. Classy.


best relationship evolution From the first episode of awkward doggystyle sex to a series of continued nostrings-attached sexual trysts, Hannah and Adam’s relationship in the HBO series Girls reads like a modern-day Cinderella tale of wonderful friends-with-benefits sex. How very 2012.

best sexting moment What do you do when your non-boyfriend/ fuck-buddy sexts you a picture of his penis in the middle of the night only to quickly text you back that it was meant for someone else? Well, if you’re Lena Dunham in Girls, you sext back a pic of your boobs to make the situation all the more awkward.

best revenge Payback’s a bitch, and if you’re on Amanda Clarke’s shit list in Revenge, watch out! While trying to avenge her father’s wrongful death, the manipulative Amanda infiltrates an entire family and stops at nothing to take down anyone who stands in her way.

best theme song “Bad Things,” the eerie theme song for HBO’s True Blood, is actually a 2005 country music single by Jace Everett. The deep, haunting voice in the song saying “I wanna do bad things with you” captures the essence of the show.

coolest father and daughter Someone call social services! With a penchant for sex, drugs and alcohol, Californication’s Hank Moody isn’t exactly the ideal father figure. But somehow this sexaholic manages to create a tight bond with his daughter Becca that no amount of shameless fornicating can break.

best sex scene Who would have ever imagined that vampires could be so sexy? Eric and Sookie’s first raunchy True Blood romp has to be one of the hottest sex scenes in TV history.

best pet Leave it to the medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones to make owning a pet dragon the next hot thing. What could be cooler than your very own fire-breathing puppy?

most evil character Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey is one of those TV characters we love to hate. From public executions to decapitated heads on sticks, the entertainingly evil Joffrey tortures and sexually humiliates character after character.

best intro of a new character Talk about a grand entrance! Mitch and Cam’s adopted Vietnamese baby Lily gets a grandiose Broadway-worthy introduction to the music theme from The Lion King on Modern Family.

best décolleté That accent, those curves, that bosom. Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara proudly exposes her double D assets on episode after hilarious episode of the hit show, showing off the best décolleté on primetime.

best cliffhanger Mad Men’s season five finale ended with a bang, leaving women everywhere at the edge of their seats wondering if Don Draper had gone back to his philandering ways. Will he or won’t he? We’ll have to wait and see.

best remake Fans of Dallas may have been worried when they heard a remake was in the works, but the new soap has successfully maintained the same feel as the wildly popular original. JR Ewing is as evil as ever.

Oct-Nov 2012

Wireless | Blogs

Do it yourself, baby Text Lucy Gillespie

Check out Gossip’s favorite DIY fashion blogs

Park and Cube

Style Reload

Scouring the magazines for the picks of the highest-profile pack, Virginie Peny paves the way for serious devotees to set up their own bespoke couture studios. Her intricate ideas are beautifully laid out with easy-to-follow instructions that yield exotic results (such as a futuristic necklace or a pleated summer jacket). Simple, elegant embellishments (the feather dress) transform the quotidian to casual catwalk. For the time-poor, she provides DIY to-go with her online shop. >

DIY is just one facet of this gem of a blog, whose happy inspirations come from occasional orgies of observation. Serendipitous snapshots of vivid detail include a vintage bicycle in London’s Portobello Market, whose basket is filled to the brim with lavender and whose rider teeters on the pedals in fuchsia stilettos. Projects tap the vein of fragile, feminine flourishes, all staggeringly simple: a whisp of pink weave braided into the coiffed back of an elegant up-do; a two-tone cardigan made from cleaving and switching the halves of two Uniqlo basics or a lace bodice, ribbon-bound with gold safety-pins. >

Studs and Pearls

Intrepid beginning DIY-ers would do well to collect technique here: Studs and Pearls offers a crash course in a range of basic ways to produce elegant, eye-catching pieces of an urban folksy variety. Long abandoned bootleg jeans are reborn with a side-hem of stamped golden triangles. A garden-variety denim jacket is made moddish with a full-back collage of retro scrips and scraps. Ribbons are crafter Kirsten’s specialty – velvet or leopard print woven into rhinestone bracelets, braided into necklaces and hairpieces or stitched artfully onto the hems of once-drab dresses. > Taylor and Demolish

Militant feminist fashion-fighter meets downon-the-farm in Taylor and Demolish’s strut-worthy ensembles. The devil’s in the urban-sweet details; dinosaur-tails of golden studs hem the necklines of gauzy blouses, off-selvage patches in drainpipe jeans and hand-sewn lace collars morph high-street generics into high-end double-takes. Candy’s sweet/sleek attitude comes off best in the flowing florals shorn into cut-out crops that frame her Olympic-quality abs – or yours. Her intuitive stepby-step instructions are a doss to follow. >

Gossip No. 21

A Pair and a Spare

Woodland elf meets party pixie in this perpetual summer garden party. This serotonin-sparking blog is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks to bedazzle the humdrum. Helpful hint posts such as “How to Choose Fabrics” or “How to Mix Florals” aid trendsters, while well-written patterns (Circle Skirt, Patterned Palazzo Pants) tickle those girly urges for signature statement pieces. Chic and cheerful writer and curator, Geneva, lives particularly lovely; her décor and flower photo-boards are a must-steal for any would-be hostess. >


Style | Survey

Welcome to my world Text mouna harati Photo Tony elieh


Lebanese fashion entrepreneur Louise Doumet offers Gossip a glimpse into her universe

Name, age and profession

Louise Doumet, 26, co-founder of Lebanese fashion website Lebelik.

Favorite shoes of the season

Favorite movie



Favorite shampoo

I’m waiting for Karoline Lang to launch her new winter collection. I love her taste and high heels.

Whatever I see in front of me when my hair is wet.

Designer of the moment

Favorite website


5 and, the lifestyle’s blog of Lebelik. I love it. It actually has a lot of daily readers.

My Fair Lady. I watched it on the plane back to Beirut. I love it. I never get enough of it.


Favorite band

Of the moment and of all times, Johnny Farah! For me, he is an angel designer.



Your scent U2. Because they remind me of fun moments spent with people I cherish very deeply.

Oui! by Lancôme


Favorite nightspot

9 Favorite jewelry designer

Wynwood in Miami.

Apart from those on Lebelik you mean? Vhernier.


Favorite TV channel


I very rarely watch TV. Still, I have Fashion TV on when I have lunch at home. I watch Euronews in the morning for an overview of what’s happening, follow the designers on Lebelik when they are guests on any channel and practice my Spanish on TVE.

Favorite fall trend

13 14

Favorite dessert

15 Least favorite trend I love soft leather jackets, wide pants for women, sheer scarves, Oriental earrings, long necklaces, long skirts and super-feminine coats.


Nothing comes to my mind right now, but I very strongly dislike the UGG trend.

My very own chocolate cake, Reine de Saba.

Oct-Nov 2012

Style | London streets

All good in the hood Text Grace Banks

London takes boutique shopping in a new direction Creating cutting-edge looks is London’s strength. The chic of Londonites has a vibe unlike any other city style. And now these fashionistas have found a hub, a place to nurture their fashion creativity. And while they’re at it – shop. The shop in name is The Goodhood Store, a retail destination that has all the answers. Located in the cobbled alleyways of Shoreditch, this is a place where London’s most fashionable go to shop the city’s essential looks. Goodhood pride themselves on stocking the store with trends that come straight from the streets of London. “Street style is constantly referenced in our buying,” owners and style obsessives Kyle and Jo state. And they’re right, the store does represent everything that is different about London fashion. This isn’t bossy catwalk style, this is true London fashion coming straight from the most up-andcoming scenes. Their well edited selection of designers reflects this hometown feel – Dr. Martens sit cozily next to Norse Projects and APC Madras pieces, along with collaborations between the store itself and agenda setting brands such as R Newbold. This East London approach to fashion has made Goodhood a firm favorite with chic shoppers in the know. Show some trend bravery and head down. And if that’s not an option, they ship internationally. Check out Goodhood’s round-up of hot London street looks.

London gals

Baggy denim is a big look for women. Pairing it with colorful marl and Nike air max distinguishes this look as high fashion with a Dalston twist.

Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble is a famous style blogger. Clashing tartan is very her – and incredibly British!

Gossip No. 21

London chaps

Fashionable men in London have a uniform: premium denim, statement top, jewelry and up-tothe-minute footwear. It works, so we stick to it.


What to do | 24 hours

24 hours in Edinburgh Text Lucy Gillespie

From Halloween to Hogmanay, chilly days make way for lingering nights that snap, crackle and pop with an ethereal buzz in Edinburgh, the United Kingdom’s most mystical metropolis. A mere 24 hours provide ample time to feast your senses on the flavors and festivities of legendary Celtic hospitality. 7-8:30am: Violet Bank House When wintering in Scotland, do as the Windsors do at the Violet Bank House Bed & Breakfast, far from the madding crowds and hidden among the heather and crisp Highland air. Enjoy glowing decanters of whisky waiting in the lounge and the succulent feast that is breakfast. Wary wanderers will be sweetly sated by homebaked scones, but brave hearts are best rewarded with native fare: kedgeree, black pudding and haggis. > 167 Lanark Rd. West, Currie, 9-10:30am: Calton Hill Brace yourself for a sharp, steep shock – daunting though it may be midwinter, regal Calton Hill is a must-climb. Catch your breath midway to gawp at the glorious Victorian Gothic turrets of parliament. Ascend the never-ending stone stairs of the Nelson Monument for earth-shaking panoramas of bustling Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle, eerie Arthur’s Seat and the sea. Casual wear is recommended for the return journey: it’s fun to run, but better to lay down in the grass and roll. 11-11:30am: Chocolate Soup A certifiably insane bowl of liquid decadence is exactly what you’ll need to thaw and revitalize. Stop in at Chocolate Soup for a velvetine white hot cocoa or a sublimely gooey dark chocolate muffin. > 2 Hunter Square. Noon-1:30pm: Edinburgh Castle Resting high above the city, Edinburgh Castle is the original mythic castle of old, built up over the centuries and weathering the scars of historical battles, reigns and victories. The pristine majesty of the 12th-century St. Margaret’s Chapel and the shiverinducing vaults of David’s Tower scream Hogwarts inspiration, while the exhibits within, displaying Scotland’s Crown Jewels, spin juicy yarns of scandals, skirmishes and curses.


2-3:30pm: Lunch at The Grain Store Bare stone walls, glowing wooden floors, elegantly dressed shaker tables and vast windows humbly adorned with violet sprigs barely betray the culinary extravagance within. Start with the ceviche (buttery Orkney scallops, storm-tossed with lime and coriander), or the poached lobster (twinned with an orgasmic bisque). Then go for the roast grouse, cut with sharp lashings of plum tatin, or the full-bodied confit of hare, neatly balanced with celeriac and chanterelle. > 30 Victoria St., 3:30-5:30pm: Shopping in Old Town Spill out of The Grain Store onto Victoria Street, the heart of Edinburgh’s high-end fashion district. Long-standing legend Herman Brown ( is a treasure chest of eccentric, highly desirable vintage finds. Scour the melodramatic Totty Rocks ( for definitive coats and bags, while magical millinery Fabhatrix ( is choca-bloc with hand-stitched would-be heirlooms. Nearby Cookie (29 Cockburn St.) hoards a smorgasbord of cocktail dresses, from glam to whimsical. A visit to Geoffrey Kilts (www.geoffreykilts. is obligatory for all those wishing to show Scottish allegiance with a bespoke tartan. 6-7:30pm: Storytelling Festival October, with its waning days and teething weather, shows the city at its most mystical: the original inspiration for mythic legends and nightmares. The annual Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival celebrates this by welcoming storytellers from across the globe to infuse the city’s natural mysticism with new lore. > 8-10pm: Dinner at Number One From the moment you are tucked in, you are overcome with anticipation – like being strapped into a roller coaster. Of the starters, the sauté of foie gras (with peach, gingerbread and truffle) is a welcome firework spray of flavors, while the buck roe deer, with blackberries and beetroot, is as crisp, sunny and stirring as an autumn day. For the ultimate ride, opt for Michelin-starred chef Jeff Bland’s six-course tasting menu. > 1 Princes St., 10:30-11:30pm: Whisky sampling at Bow Bar Most visitors to Edinburgh would walk right past this modest locale. Serious Scotch whisky (and ale) aficionados fill the unadorned, utterly authentic pub, which boasts a cache of over 200 amber rarities, including Port Ellen, brewed in a long-since shuttered distillery. > 80 West Bow. Midnight-3am: Clubbing at Cabaret Voltaire Riotous carousing is a sure thing at this self-professed temple of “jiggery pokery.” The glam cave-of-wonders, resplendent with hanging teasets, gives off the impression that a bunch of punks hijacked a Regency Georgian mansion, from the ballroom down to the scullery. The music is suitably off-kilter – a mad mix of electro-indie, disco, psychedelic, R&B. I could go on, but better you should hear for yourself. > 36-38 Blair St.,

Oct-Nov 2012

Citizens | Sara Conca

“The Shaman”

Alchemist’s touch Text LC Gates

Model-turned-artist Sara Conca creates offbeat, unusual work Sara Conca is a painter with an alchemist’s touch. When she has something specific in mind, no material is off limits. But more often than not, she turns to base metals or natural minerals to achieve a desired effect. As if channeling Jackson Pollock, she creates large-scale pieces that involve precise and dramatic actions: layering, grinding and mixing. Though one painting differs from the next, Conca favors organic forms set within a bold color palette. I met up with Conca at the penthouse suite of one of her collectors, menswear designer Michael Reslan. She had just returned from her home in upstate New York after a solo show at a gallery in Woodstock. Reslan has amassed a large number of Conca’s work, specifically her Plexi series (paintings on Plexiglas), which was recently exhibited at Chelsea’s Able Fine Art Gallery. Raised in South Florida, Conca first delved into painting when she arrived in New York in the early ‘90s, after living in Paris for several years. “When I found abstract, I wasn’t confined anymore,” says Conca. “It was an immediate release.” Gossip No. 21


A self-taught artist, she doesn’t hesitate to go outside the box and use unconventional materials. For one piece, she crushed up gold mica flakes that she found in her house, stuck them in her coffee grinder and made them into paint to create a specific texture. For her Gold Layered series, Conca sprayed her paintings with 18-karat gold she found at an automobile shop. The steps that followed involved an intricate process of layering and leafing. While this play on light is particularly prominent in the series, it’s also a thread that connects all of her work. “I just like the effect of the gold on the light and how it changes,” says Conca. Conca now splits her time between the city and upstate New York, where she recently bought and restored a 19th-century house. But new exhibits keep her on the road. In September, she flew to Seoul for her first show in Korea. And she’s already thinking about her next series. “I want to use raw chrysocolla and then grind it up,” says Conca. “It will be these greens and blue. It’s going to look insane!”


Nightlife | São Paulo

Party Destination:

São Paulo

Text Lucy Gillespie Photos the cobrasnake

A Paulistano is nothing if not intense. Intellectual, international, sophisticated workaholics all – not to mention the most beautiful people in the world. No wonder, then, that São Paulo’s party scene is famously fierce. After savoring the national dish, Feijoada, in the Eden-like open garden of Restaurante Figuiera Rubaiyat, leave the world behind at SubAstor and sample mixologist Marcio Silva’s top-secret concoctions

Lions Nightclub

Retro wallpaper, gruesome faux-Caravaggio and resolute grimaces of stuffed and mounted game are some elements of the décor at this happening joint. A stiff drink, poured with a wink by a tamed Adonis bursting from his civilized vest was enough to make me feel at home. Looking around, the crowd is older and the emanating vibe is all lazy ease, born ready. Deeper in, the requisite laser show pulses to signature soul, funk and R&B. I could definitely get used to this. > 277 Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 01317.000,


Oohs and Aahs abound as you totter, Naomi Campbell-like on too-high stilettos, through the mirror-tiled tunnel entrance, and into a lounge as spastically spangled as an ‘80s roller rink. Disco is deceptively intimate – myriad shiny silver surfaces multiply multitudes of scantily clad, bronze-burnished bodies. Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the brightest stars of São Paulo’s high society. Park on a squashy sofa with a basil caipirinha, or stake your claim to the dance floor and boogie to electronica, punk or (naturally) classic disco spun by such vets as Paolo Pacheco and Gustavo Jr. – pied pipers to supermodel patron Gisele Bündchen. > 160 Rua Professor Atílio Innocenti, Itaim Bibi, 04538.000,


Casa 92

Big-mouthed Brazilians have trouble holding back on national secrets, like this jewel of a club. Tim Burton meets The Great Gatsby meets Hunter S. Thompson at this cabana throwback house party – in an actual house! Fairy lights lead the way from bedroom to bedroom to lounge, to kitchen, where wide-grinning chefs foil-wrap delectable food and dole out saquirinhas (Japanese caipirinhas) from charmingly mismatched jugs. A rotation of regular DJs cycle through retro, disco and rock sounds, with golden threads of samba, swing and percussion. > 92 Rua Cristóvão Gonçalves, Largo da Batata, 05426.050,

Oct-Nov 2012


Deep in Barra Funda – a phantom of a former industrial neighborhood filled with dark alleys and abandoned warehouses – we waited in trepidation. Swallow the red pill, topple down the rabbit hole – inside you are yanked onto the astral plane, where pulsing laser lights become indistinguishable from the stars you see when you squeeze your eyes shut. This is the Imax of the clubbing experience. Dreamt up by DJ Renato Ratier, D-Edge is a pied-à-terre for passing DJ dignitaries such as Richie Hawtin and Marco Bailey. Come on Thursday for Moving – the nuit blanche party that provides a tasting menu of sounds from Electro-Rock to Jazzanova. > 170 Alameda Olga, Barra Funda, 01155.040,

Honorable Mentions SubAstor

The twin therapies of boho-chic surroundings and provocative cocktails (by award-winning mixologist Marcio Silva) are a sure-fire warm-up to the night out. Caffeinate with the ladylike Earl Grey (tea-infused gin, lemon zest) as you plot forthcoming events. > 163 Rua Delfina, Vila Madalena, 05443.010. Alberta 3

Bar Secreto

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies. This is all I can say about how I came to be whisked past the hopeful throng, under the ironically tacky awning and into hoppin’ Pinheiros’ crown-jewel of a club. The soft glow of sconce candles leads to a room that is the dictionary definition of Clandestine. From the buttery black leather of the burly sofas, to the miraculously polished dance floor that shimmers like sun-lit water (no wonder this is where Madonna let Jesus into her life), Bar Secreto is a bar to build a dream on. Share a sly cigarette with royalty, croon a karaoke ballad with U2 or take part in a venue-wide game of Telephones – all is possible if you can just get on the list. > 97 Rua Alvaro Anes, 05421.010,

An homage to Bob Dylan, and to blues, this down-home dive-bar is filled with enough plaid and skinny jeans to make a hipster’s eyes well up. The intimate upstairs bar is the place to be for chance encounters, while the downstairs dance floor thrums with indie mash-ups, including calypso and blues. > 272 Avenida São Luis, 01046.000, Love Story

Skip the sightseeing, and head straight to this grab-bag melting pot of a club, where locals of every social milieu mix and mingle well into tomorrow. The music (techno and house) is merciless, the décor forgettable, but the behavior – well, it’s not for the faint of heart. > 232 Rua Araújo, República, 01220.020, Clash Club

Hop, skip and jump with São Paulo’s most spirited of partygoers at this candy-colored techno temple. It’s a therapeutic night of old-school bopping. Tuesdays bring out the R&B – a rarity in a city that thrums on synthetic beats. Dress code strictly “caj.” > 969 Rua Barra Funda, Santa Cecília, 01152.000,

Gossip No. 21


Music | Karim Douaidy

Strummer boy Text Natasha Dirany Photo tony elieh

From New York, musician Karim Douaidy thinks of Beirut and revisits famous songs Karim Douaidy is no amateur YouTuber broadcasting live from his Cheeto-encrusted couch. A music technology student at New York University, the Lebanese guitarist has dreamt up a cover of “Bad Girls” that takes MIA’s desert-thumping electro and rearranges it into a spun-out, finger-bending ride through ‘70s prog rock and classical flamenco. “There is something really exciting about revisiting famous songs. It usually starts by spotting a lick I find interesting,” says Douaidy, who gave Madonna and Justin Timberlake’s “4 Minutes” and Myriam Klink’s tragically famous “3nter” a similar treatment. Born in Paris to Lebanese parents, Douaidy now lives in New York’s Chelsea district, and his music has that global, viral feel. “What drives me forward I guess is the thought that I can share my music with thousands of people…just with a mouse click,” he says. “I’ve been receiving heartwarming messages


from friends and strangers from across the globe. Just picturing them on their laptop or in their living room, listening to one of my songs exhilarates me!” YouTube clips aside, Douaidy’s original songs will form the basis of his debut album, A Countdown to Genesis, slated for release in 2013. But the question of how to label his own sound still stumps him. One friend suggested “acoustic progressive folkmenco,” which still doesn’t quite catch all his influences. Raised on a healthy diet of Santana, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson, he now listens to Sigur Rós, Ziad Rahbani, Paco de Lucía, Tool, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh and Radiohead. Lebanon is a big influence too. He spends his time hanging out in the West Village’s jazz haunts, but still pines for Beirut’s je ne sais quoi. “I miss my family, my friends, the humor, the food, aimless nocturnal driving, the late nights in Gemmayze, the early mornings at Raouche...simple things like that.”

Oct-Nov 2012

Music | albums

Back to cool Text serena makofsky

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire The vocal gymnastics on the title track – which also features Nicki Minaj – set the tone for this powerful release. Keys shows her range here, shifting from rapping to soaring ballads, and it’s epic. Fans reap the benefits of what was an eye-opening journey for the singer. She revealed in her online diary, “…before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked in a cage... It was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!”


Grizzly Bear ShieldS Warm fuzzy guitar sounds emanate from the Brooklyn band’s dreamy follow-up to Veckatimest, but front man Ed Droste says, “The good news is we’re not doing Veckatimest Part II.” The lead single, “Sleeping Ute,” is a standout for Daniel Rossen’s masterful guitar work and its unusually energetic vibe. The remaining tracks have a languid psychedelic feel, staying comfortably mid-tempo.

The xx Coexist London’s low-key trio has generated its share of buzz since its debut single of 2009. The schoolyard chums have a way with a groove, swaying toward sweet melancholia with “Chained” and, on the opening track “Angels,” drifting from bare minimalism to an unnerving intimacy. It’s proof positive that you don’t need grand crescendos to craft a memorable song.

Daddy Yankee Prestige If packed shows and Latin Grammy awards aren’t enough to prove there’s life after “Gasolina,” consider the speculation of fans over Daddy Yankee’s recent predilection for tropical urbano over reggaeton. Then there’s the fact that the single “Lovumba” eschews street sound in favor of mambo, calypso and soul. As the artist says: “Reggaeton [is] beyond the genre, it’s a lifestyle.”

Gossip’s stylish assistant editor Rawan Al

Kayat, 24, wants in on the action. So she de-

cided to share her list of favorite tunes. Work it girl, and strut your stuff on public access.

“Gangnam Style” by Psy “Cow palace” by Session Victim “Inspector Norse” by Todd Terje “Shining Star” by Nneka “Hall Of Fame” by The Script featuring “Seconds” by Ghost Loft “Summertime Sadness” (Reich & Bleich Remix) by Lana Del Rey

No Doubt Push and Shove It’s been a decade since No Doubt released an album, but the wait has resulted in some intriguing musical experiments. You get the trademark dance pop and ska, but also some funk, hip-hop lyricism and, yes, the strains of dubstep. Some may find the switching up schizophrenic, while others appreciate, in Gwen Stefani’s words, the attempt to “nudge their way” into multiple formats.

“Hollywood” by Rac featuring Penguin Prison “Feel Again” by OneRepublic “When She Was Mine” by Lawson “Turn Around” by Connor Maynard featuring Ne-Yo “HYFR” by Drake “If Your Girl Only Knew “ (Finnebassen remix) by Aaliyah

Green Day Dos! You knew it was coming. The second segment of the thrash/pop/punk group’s trilogy has everything you could hope for: distorted production, raucous vocals, garage guitar sounds and, according to the band, “songs about sex.” It all lands right where Green Day intended, “Somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles,” though things take a serious turn in “Amy,” a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Gossip No. 21

“Just Another Day” by John Secada “Give Your Heart a Break” by Demi Lovato “Vital Signs” by Roy Malakian “Drops of Jupiter” by Train “ Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin “ Lights” by Ellie Goulding


Citizens | Mena Suvari

American beauty Text Sophy Grimshaw

Hollywood star Mena Suvari tells Gossip about her new movie The Knot, her interest in fashion design and her love of travel

Smoldering actress Mena Suvari gained international attention back in 1999, when she appeared in American Beauty as the sexually precocious Alexandra Hayes, and in American Pie. Since then, she’s had a string of hits, including the American Pie sequels, and memorable TV stints on Six Feet Under and American Horror Story. She has starring roles in two upcoming films, The Knot and Last Stop. 1. What can you tell us about your new movie, The Knot? It’s a film by Noel Clarke who I am a huge fan of. He’s really talented. It’s written and produced by him, and he also stars in it. It’s a bit different from his other films like Kidulthood. It’s more of a romantic comedy. It centers around two people and all of their friends coming together for their wedding, and a lot of quirky things happen in the run-up to the ceremony. I play one of the bridesmaids, the cousin to the groom. 2. What was the experience of filming it like? It was a lot of fun! We filmed it in London, and I was there for about three weeks, staying at a hotel in Soho, which was great. I love London so much, but I hadn’t been there in years. A friend of mine was in town for a few days, and on a sunny day we walked all the way out to Hyde Park and saw the memorial to Princess Diana. That was beautiful. London’s changed a lot since I’d last been there, but at the same time it always feels familiar. 3. You must spend a lot of time away from home, how do you handle that emotionally? Well that’s definitely one of the huge blessings of what I do for a living, being able to have a great time working in different cities and places all the time. I think the best thing that anyone can do is travel and see how other cultures live; travel enriches your life. I’d love to see Florence and Venice, for instance. I haven’t been to those cities. 4. What’s your family’s ethnic background? My name, Suvari, is Estonian. My dad was born in Pärnu. He came to the United States right after the war, with like, a dime in his pocket. I haven’t been to Estonia yet. One of my brothers has been. I’d like to go. I was born in Rhode Island, and my family lived on St. John, in the US Virgin Islands, for a year. I moved around a lot. We used to travel to Germany when I was younger.


5. You work a lot. Do you get any free time for yourself? I’m the kind of person who loves feeling productive, and I’m always doing something. If I’m not on set filming then I’m probably doing press or I’m at a photo shoot. Down time is hard for me. I love to feel creative. I’ve been getting into photography a lot more. I also love fashion, and I’ve been working on design ideas and things like that over the years. I’ve done a couple of collaborations for charity, which was awesome. I created a scarf collection with Echo a while back, and I was really proud of that. 6. Are you planning to get more into fashion design? I live my life day by day. At this point I know what I’m doing at the beginning of next week, but not much beyond that. I don’t know what I’m doing next year, but I just know there will be a lot of travel. 7. How about appearing on the stage? A lot of Hollywood stars do that. I’ve never done theater, and I’m open to it, if it were the right thing for me. At the same time, I’d love to do more comedic work. Working on The Knot was a lot of fun for me – just having a great time on set. Oct-Nov 2012

Movie | Pulse

Love, death row and shipwrecks Text RUBY GOTHAM

on the big screen

The Paperboy

Welcome to director Lee Daniels’ follow-up to his much-acclaimed 2009 Precious – and it couldn’t be more different. Set in a swampy Florida town in 1969, the movie follows journalist Ward James (Matthew McConaughey) – along with his younger brother Jack (Zac Efron) – who returns home to write an article on Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack), a redneck local sitting on death row for the murder of the sheriff. Enter the convict’s strange, tacky yet still alluring pen-pal girlfriend Charlotte Bless (Nicole Kidman), who’s determined to free her “innocent” jailed Romeo. Ward begins to believe Van Wetter may indeed be falsely incarcerated while Jack becomes smitten with Charlotte. Grab a cool drink, sit back and enjoy this over-the-top, pulpy Southern film noir.

Jack and Diane

Anna Karenina

Cloud Atlas

Life of Pi

In this romantic drama, street-smart Jack (Riley Keough) and naive Diane (Juno Temple) are both teenage girls, and Manhattan is their playground. At its core, the film is a first-blush-of-love story between two opposites. From the moment they lock eyes, the chemistry is off the charts. But as the innocent Diane explores her raging adolescent sexuality, violent changes manifest in her body – horror film style! Worth a watch.

Keira Knightley takes on Leo Tolstoy’s aristocratic Russian adulteress in the latest remake of the classic romantic tragedy. Jude Law is Anna’s husband, Matthew Macfadyen her womanizer brother and Aaron Taylor-Johnson her dashing lover, Count Vronsky. Director Joe Wright succeeds in capturing the novel’s most famous line: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

A brilliant ensemble cast (Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon) star in this epic drama/mystery/romance based on interconnected stories that transcend time and place. Although at times confusing, the basic thrust of the film is there: every action we take has consequences – good, bad and unimaginable. The nested stories stretch from mid-19th century South Pacific to post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

Director Ang Lee does 3D justice to Yann Martel’s bestselling novel of the same name. Pi Patel, son of a zookeeper, sits at the center of the magical tale. When a shipwreck hits the freighter carrying Pi and his family as they move from India to Canada, he finds himself adrift in a lifeboat for months on end. He is not alone, however: four companions are with him – a zebra, hyena, orangutan and Bengal tiger.

flicks to download

Dark Shadows

Giant Mechanical Man


Last Call at the Oasis

Take This Waltz

Your Sister’s Sister

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton team up again in this campy soap set in 1972. Depp plays a vampire returning home to his family after 200 years.

Two sensitive types fall in love and take on the brutal world (and the local zoo) in this offbeat rom-com. He’s a silver-painted street mime and she’s a just-fired temp.

Interwoven stories of couples from all walks of life – and countries. Starring both familiar (Rachel Weisz, Jude Law) and unfamiliar faces.

This enviro-doc takes a look at the global water crisis by talking to experts in Las Vegas, Australia and Palestine. Filled with fascinating facts about H20.

Michelle Williams plays a married woman who finds herself attracted to a neighbor. No good or bad guys here – just interesting, flawed characters.

Emily Blunt and Rosemarie Dewitt shine in this indie dramedy, where the lives of two sisters (one gay) and two brothers (one dead) become intertwined.

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Power driver Text Antigone Schilling

Jenson Button, the world’s hottest British Formula One driver, sits down with Gossip for an intimate chat

1. What would you have done if you hadn’t become a racecar driver? I was destined to do this my entire life. I couldn’t do anything else. 2. Was it a choice? Yes, I had a go-kart when I was eight years old, but I didn’t drive it well. When I turned 11, my father told me to give it up, so I became determined to succeed. My family didn’t force me into anything. It was a real choice I made. 3. Do you practice any other sport? I love cycling, swimming and running. I’ve done a triathlon, I’ve participated in competitions in the United Kingdom, Monaco, Australia and Miami. I like other sports a lot, but I would never be among the best.


4. How important is nutrition for you? I’m a big guy, so I really watch my weight. A few years ago, I met a specialist who analyzed my habits. It turned out I was eating double the amount of carbohydrates that I should have been. I lost 30 percent of my body fat in three weeks. In the morning I eat eggs. I prefer fruits, brown rice (never white) and sweet potatoes. 5. What’s your favorite city? I like big cities. My favorites are Rome, Florence and Tokyo. 6. What’s your favorite type of music? I love Kings of Leon, and I have a soft spot for Snow Patrol. My favorite is Chasing Cars. It reminds me of my first ever Grand Prix in 2006. 7. What’s your favorite type of movie? I like action movies. James Bond flicks starring Daniel Craig. 8. What’s your favorite color? Light blue. Like the sky and the sea. It’s the color on my helmet. Oct-Nov 2012

Wireless | Bulletin


Bang & Olufsen’s new Play line complements the company’s established audio and visual equipment, but with a younger generation in mind

Beolit 12 > < BeoTime

The Beolit 12 is perfect sound quality on the go, with a battery that lasts up to eight hours. And, it’s eyecatching. The mobile speaker system allows you to take your favorite music with you anywhere you go.

Inspired by Mozart’s Magic Flute, this alarm clock makes it a little easier to get up in the morning. The sleek design encompasses amazingly useful features, all controllable with just one hand: alarm, sleep timer and snooze via motion sensor.

BeoPlay A3 >

With this unique speaker frame, your iPad instantly becomes a music system or mini-TV for any room in the house. The versatile frame means no matter how you turn it, flip it or stand it, the magnificent sound quality magically adjusts.

< EarSet 3i

< BeoPlay A8

Mount it on a wall or place it on a shelf or table and the result is the same: powerful sound that adjusts sound reproduction to its position in the room. And, equally important, this wireless music system looks great.

Incredible acoustics, stylish and crafted to match the contours and curves of the ear. With these dynamic, full-tone loudspeaker earphones, you can execute any music or phone function from a handy control button with an integrated microphone.

best of the BLOGS That’s the life

Fashion at any cost

Indie reality

All things luxury populate this beautiful blog. You’ve got stylish Louis Vuitton watches, limited edition Ferraris, the world’s most expensive arguileh pipes, Chateau Petrus wines and JK Rowling’s 40-foot tree house, built for her kids. Born Rich encapsulates the high life you’ve always wanted to lead.

A lively blog that focuses on fashion but encompasses various other disciplines (like art, design, music and film), Coûte Que Coûte is a veritable capsule of pop culture. You can even shop for the latest by the world’s hippest designers, including Rick Owens, Maison Martin Margiela, Jil Sander and Gareth Pugh.

A Filmmaker’s Life provides insight into the day-to-day experiences of an indie LA filmmaker. Jacques Thelemaque, one of LA’s great indie film figures, pens this current, informative and fascinating blog, which also provides info about the latest screenings in the City of Angels.

YOUTUBE CLIPS Sigur Rós – Varúo

Antony and the Johnsons – Cut the World

Absolutely Fabulous Olympic torch relay

Catherine tate – The Offensive translator

American artist Ryan McGinley directed the haunting music clip for Icelandic band Sigur Rós’ single, “Varúo.” Shot entirely in Manhattan, the video follows a young girl as she skips around the city in slow motion. McGinley described the clip as his “poem to New York.” Magnificent.

Antony Hegarty’s deceptively soothing vocals provide the backdrop for this shocking video in which a group of female office employees slash the throats of their male bosses (one of whom is Willem Dafoe). “Cut the World” is not for the faint of heart.

Patsy and Edina are back sweetie darling, and this time they’re dishing to Channel 4 reporter Paraic O’Brien about London’s biggest event of the past summer: the Olympics. Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are as funny as ever as they break many rules while holding the torch.

There’s nothing politically correct about this clip. Katherine Tate takes on a translation assignment and makes fun of a bunch of nationalities: French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, you name it. Possibly the funniest sketch of the year. But wait, this is not my sandwich!

Gossip No. 21


Green | ecobuzz

Ecobuzz Text Ziad Gedeon

Your private space should be a model of sustainability. From the chair you sit on to the ambient temperature inside, you can design your abode in a way that leaves a lighter carbon footprint

Sinful seating

Created in Senegal, from recycled bottles and plastic bags, the Taboo Chair from Recycle Furniture Design shows how trash can be transformed into a fashionable and useful product.

Cardboard box

The Nothing office is a cardboard setup conceived by Dutch designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg. A work desk, shelves, stairs and even a meeting table have been created from cardboard – an amazing feat!

Green window

Solar pavilion

Dubbed as the Solar House 2.0, the modular Endesa Pavilion in Barcelona’s Olympic port boasts “solar brick” to protect against too much sun, while optimizing energy and space. Photovoltaic panels, side panels and visors also help manage energy, so does the digitally designed wooden skin. In theory, this house could keep on growing like a mushroom and still look good.

Wooden wonder Lee Jae-Hyo created the ultimate biomorphic chair, made of sculpted wood logs. Although it uses the humblest of materials, the comfy Pine Chestnut Chair raises your ecological profile by a couple of notches and adds a touch of sleek design to your living space.

It’s a whole garden that sits right outside your windowsill. The Volet Vegetal features pots that you can fill up with your favorite flowers, aromatic herbs and any other plant. The whole panel folds up on really hot or stormy days, creating a more intimate interior with your very own green wall.

Green beauty

Hip organic makeup brand UNE has just introduced the Green Pride Volume Mascara. This amazing new mascara will make your lashes 14 times thicker and is designed to last up to 16 hours. The organic formulation is certified by Ecocert.

Trashy swim

Always dreamed of a pool, but dreaded its ecological implications? Louisa Dawson took an old dumpster and transformed it into her own mini-pool, aptly named the Dumpster Pool. A stainless steel ladder and engaging tiles contrast fashionably with the gritty exterior.

Gossip No. 21

Write and plant The best thing to do when your pencil gets too short is to… plant it! You can turn the Sprout Pencil around, stick it in a pot, water it, and you’ll eventually get a fabulous houseplant. The idea originated in a product design course at MIT, when students created the cedar-wood pencil with a water-activated stub.

Light up the bottle

British firm DeGross Design and Innovation has thought up a new way to re-use discarded bottles. With Utrem Lux, the company has created a plant/lamp hybrid: the lamp is suspended over the base of the bottle (now a sort of vase/planter box) lighting up the room and shining on the plant below.


what to do | street art

graffiti over a white wall Photos raya farhat

the beirut art center’s “white Wall” exhibit showcases the work of graffiti artists from lebanon and around the world


Oct-Nov 2012

What to do | Event mania

datebook Text RAWAN AL KAYAT

Through October 19 Art Factum Gallery, Beirut

October 4-6 platea, jounieh

October 5-7 Zouk Mikael, Lebanon

October 5-7 Beirut

From a Distance

lord of the dance

Oktoberfest 2012

Share Beirut

“From a Distance” is a solo photography exhibit displaying the works of Austrian-Lebanese photographer Tanya Traboulsi.

Michael Flatley’s epic masterpiece comes to Lebanon. The show blends Celtic dance with a mixture of traditional and modern Irish music.

This year’s beer festival, Oktoberfest 2012, is held at Zouk Mikael’s old souks, from 7pm to midnight. Entrance is free.

This public, free and hybrid event blends an Internet-related daytime conference with a music festival by night.

October 7 Hollywood Bowl, California

October 12 Beirut

October 13 Beirut Forum

October 17-20 Beirut Souks

Florence and the Machine

Rock Lebnani Festival


Beirut Fashion Week

Catch this English indie rock band as they perform huge hits like “Shake it Out,” “No Light No Light” and “Spectrum.”

This music festival, which brings together Lebanese rockers and their fans, includes different rock styles, with both Arabic and English songs.

The United Kingdom’s hot alternative band performs hits like “Everybody’s Changing” and “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Beirut’s leading showcase for fashion innovation attracts the most influential media, buyers, style leaders and opinion formers.

opens on October 18 Masrah al Madina, Beirut

October 25 Beirut

November 11 Beirut

November 12 Madison Square Garden, New York

Reasons to be Pretty

Sky Fall

BLOM Beirut Marathon


Adapted to Arabic, Neil LaBute’s open-ended play centers on the relationship of four friends and lovers and stars Nadine Labaki.

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in Skyfall, the 23rd movie in the longestrunning film franchise of all time. This is the film’s world-premiere.

The challenging BLOM Beirut Marathon, now in its 10th year, attracts over 35,000 runners from more than 71 different countries.

The world’s top female recording artist performs in the Big Apple as part of her mythic MDNA world tour. She’s a girl gone wild.

November 22 Dubai Media Center

November 22 New York

November 23 Dubai World Trace Center

November 28 BIEL, Beirut

Jennifer Lopez

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade



J.Lo stages her first-ever Middle East concert as part of the Dance Again tour. She performs super hits like “On The Floor.”

Now in its 86th year, this glorious New York parade ushers in the holiday season with amazing shows and celebrity appearances.

The man behind the year’s biggestselling single performs his charttopping hit, “Somebody I Used To Know,” live in Dubai.

Legendary singer and composer Sting sings his greatest hits with a five-piece band. This is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime concert.

Gossip No. 21


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